Contract Dashboard

3695776 Ground Fuel $1,269,729.96Department of Defence 2020-07-01 CALTEX AUSTRALIA PETROLEUM P / L
3695604 Commercial Vehicles $513,892.50Department of Defence 2020-06-26 SGFLEET
3686679-A1 Information Communication Technology Removal and Destruction Services $176,000.00Department of Defence 2020-05-28 SECURE HARD DRIVE DESTRUCTION PTY. LTD.
3695597 Modernised Submarine Communications System - Engineering Services $250,000.00Department of Defence 2020-07-01 ENVISTA PTY LTD
3695801 Technical Support Services $17,050.00Department of Defence 2020-06-01 ITC AUSTRALASIA PTY LTD
3695799 Consultant to Undertake Mapping Mrocesses in Holocentric $77,704.00Department of Defence 2020-08-03 CHARTERTECH PTY LTD
3695872 Computer Programming Support $220,422.00Department of Defence 2020-07-01 RHEINMETALL DEFENCE AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3695850 Procurement of Furniture $13,017.62Department of Defence 2020-06-26 WINYA INDIGENOUS FURNITURE PTY LTD
3491923-A2 Physical Conditioning & Injury Management Support Services $571,053.72Department of Defence 2018-02-05 EVELYN M EDWARDS
3565211-A3 Software Services $913,512.58Department of Defence 2018-12-17 CONSILIUM TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD