Contract Dashboard

3791825 Business Analyst $346,919.76Department of Defence 2021-07-20 WHIZDOM PTY LTD
3791819 Aviation Fuel $3,563,643.60Department of Defence 2021-07-01 VIVA ENERGY AVIATION PTY LTD
3791568 Training Services $920,000.00Department of Defence 2021-07-02 AMW PROFESSIONAL SERVICES PTY LTD
3793143 Interim Project Team $1,148,267.51Department of Defence 2021-07-01 ROB DOBSON & ASSOCIATES PTY LTD
3686570-A1 Legal Services $90,339.71Department of Defence 2020-05-28 ASHURST AUSTRALIA
3780347-A1 Aviation Fuel $232,836.12Department of Defence 2021-06-07 AMPOL AUSTRALIA PETROLEUM PTY LTD
3792196 Rations $70,000.00Department of Defence 2021-07-01 LACTALIS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD - RAAF
3558279-A1 Infrastructure Recovery Program $4,811,244.87Department of Defence 2015-04-07 RPS AAP CONSULTING PTY LTD
3792152 Recruitment Services $120,000.00Department of Defence 2021-07-01 GILLIAN BEAUMONT RECRUITMENT PTY LIMITED
3666388-A1 Project Support Services $1,167,590.01Department of Defence 2020-02-27 CONSUNET PTY LTD