Contract Dashboard

3662446-A2 Labour Hire $419,430.00Department of Health 2020-03-02 Calleo Resourcing Pty Ltd
3791677 Labour Hire $303,536.64Department of Health 2021-07-05 Ignite Limited
3791666 Investigations Review $198,755.32Department of Health 2021-07-05 Ernst and Young
3736195-A2 Provision of Legal Services $229,825.00Department of Health 2020-12-08 HWL EBSWORTH LAWYERS
3640548-A1 MANAGEMENT OF CONTROL DATA SET AND DATA VALIDATION $899,823.30Department of Health 2019-09-27 National Prescribing Service Limited
3791658 Labour Hire $125,646.35Department of Health 2021-07-06 Kelly Services Australia Pty Ltd
3612933-A1 Business Advisory Services Supporting Provider Viability $14,642,100.00Department of Health 2019-06-28 PRICEWATERHOUSECOOPERS
3599465-A1 Provision of data analytics services to support health provider compliance $28,644,470.00Department of Health 2019-07-01 Quantium Health Pty Ltd
3791675 Labour Hire $60,000.00Department of Health 2021-07-12 Randstad Pty Limited
3791673 Labour Hire $38,500.00Department of Health 2021-07-14 Face 2 Face Recruitment Pty Limited