Contract Dashboard

3684420 Labour Hire $45,000.00Department of Health 2020-05-26 FinXl Professional Services Pty Ltd
3685444 Key Performance Indicator Development $71,563.00Department of Health 2020-05-28 Aspex Consulting Pty Ltd
3684415 Oxoid Plate Media Standing Order $45,000.00Department of Health 2020-07-01 Thermo Fisher Scientific Australia
3583720-A1 Activities relating to Gestational Diabetes budget measure - BabySteps Project $175,714.00Department of Health 2019-04-04 Diabetes WA
3606160-A1 Anti-Phishing Suite Licence $79,981.00Department of Health 2019-06-27 Baidam Solutions Pty Ltd
3685440 Provision of Communication and Awareness Services for Opioid Reform Project $566,500.00Department of Health 2020-05-20 National Prescribing Service Limite
3685473 Makwara Solutions Consultancy $215,380.00Department of Health 2020-05-25 Makwara Solutions Pty Ltd
3683799 Laboratory Equipment $192,028.10Department of Health 2020-05-05 Flowtech Scientific Pty Ltd
3683819 Provision of Legal Services $20,600.00Department of Health 2020-05-19 Australian Government Solicitor
3683840 Management/Facilitation Services to Consult with Indigenous Australians - National Stillbirth Plan $20,000.00Department of Health 2020-05-19 Congress Of Aboriginal Torres Strai