Contract Dashboard

3494591-A1 Electrical and Communications Works $47,445.20Department of Defence 2018-03-20 STOWE AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3685150 Roofing and cladding material $15,070.11Department of Defence 2020-04-16 LYSAGHT
3685298 Medical Training $20,176.00Department of Defence 2020-05-20 AUSTRALASIAN COLLEGE OF PARAMEDICIN
3684349 Procurement of C27J Aircraft spares $140,778.00Department of Defence 2020-05-15 MHD-ROCKLAND INC
3558228-A1 Information Communication Technology Research Services $203,293.34Department of Defence 2018-11-01 GARTNER AUSTRALASIA PTY LTD
3684765 Fuel Testing $19,800.00Department of Defence 2020-05-22 INTERTEK TESTING SERVICES (AUSTRALIA) PTY LTD
3685163 Professional Coaching Services $10,057.50Department of Defence 2020-03-01 GO SHOOTING STARS DISCRETIONARY TRUST
3685166 Publication $30,898.78Department of Defence 2020-05-27 PRIMETRICA, INC.!DBA TELEGEOGRAPHY RESEARCH!DIV TELEGEOGRAPHY
3595740-A1 Project Activities $572,000.00Department of Defence 2019-05-15 UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY SYDNEY
3685237 Software License $56,213.04Department of Defence 2020-05-31 GENERAL DYNAMICS MEDIAWARE