Contract Dashboard

3685284 Training $46,665.31Department of Defence 2020-05-26 FUJITSU AUSTRALIA LIMITED
3684249 Repair and Recertification of Ladders $15,526.50Department of Defence 2020-05-12 BALE DEFENCE INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
3680242-A1 Maintenance and Servicing $104,635.32Department of Defence 2020-04-28 FORDHAM ENGINEERING
3684821 Health Services $10,000.00Department of Defence 2020-02-03 WMH HEALTH & ERGONOMICS
3684157 Combat System Integrator Initial Services Contract - GST Payment $961,193.94Department of Defence 2020-05-19 LOCKHEED MARTIN AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3684096 Driver Simulator Support Contract $21,345,464.32Department of Defence 2020-06-30 UNIVERSAL MOTION SIMULATOR PTY LTD
3684221 Vehicle repairs. $16,890.93Department of Defence 2020-05-09 JUNGHEINRICH AUSTRALIA
3684238 Military Equipment Repairs $29,597.31Department of Defence 2019-09-25 THALES AUSTRALIA
3684233 Military Equipment Repairs $14,927.50Department of Defence 2020-04-14 THALES AUSTRALIA
3684162 Warship Asset Management - GST Payment $23,542.13Department of Defence 2020-05-15 BAE SYSTEMS AUSTRALIA LTD ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE