Contract Dashboard

3725074 Repair of Navy Launching Equipment $10,570.03Department of Defence 2020-08-03 THALES
3725295 ICT Equipment $172,293.12Department of Defence 2020-10-15 NTT AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3707248-A1 Non-Advocate Services $115,500.00Department of Defence 2020-07-27 SHEOAK INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD
3724795 The purchase of military spares $11,016.28Department of Defence 2020-10-07 PPG INDUSTRIES AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3725281 Research Agreement $49,500.00Department of Defence 2020-10-15 WESTERN SYDNEY UNIVERSITY
3725047 Vehicle Hire Services $23,925.78Department of Defence 2020-10-20 STEALTH ELECTRIC BIKES PTY LTD
3724828 Repair of military vehicles or components. $24,225.30Department of Defence 2020-10-08 MITCH'S DIESEL SERVICES PTY LTD
3724758 Medical Equipment $10,847.10Department of Defence 2020-10-08 BRAYCO GLOBAL PTY LTD
3725027 Legal Services $100,000.00Department of Defence 2020-10-21 AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT SOLICITOR - MATTER OPERATING ACCOUNT
3724489 Aircraft Spares $100,597.69Department of Defence 2020-10-15 LEONARDO SPA AIRCRAFT DIVISION