Contract Dashboard

3724837 Fibrous cord $17,556.00Department of Defence 2020-10-06 INTANDEM
3724484 Replacement of Underground Power Cables $610,197.02Department of Defence 2020-10-15 BOEING DEFENCE AUSTRALIA LTD
3724801 Light chemilumescent red $59,400.00Department of Defence 2020-10-06 J. BLACKWOOD and SON PTY LTD
3724738 Tooling $13,978.58Department of Defence 2020-10-01 MILSPEC SERVICES PTY LIMITED
3725049 Pneumatic Tyres $17,394.30Department of Defence 2020-10-19 MICHELIN AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3724579 Software Licence $10,538.00Department of Defence 2020-10-16 BRUKER PTY LTD
3724471 Aircraft Maintenance and Repair Services $1,100,000.00Department of Defence 2020-09-14 AIRBUS AUSTRALIA PACIFIC LIMITED
3724457 Solidworks Weldments Training $17,600.00Department of Defence 2020-10-14 INTERCAD PTY LTD
3724779 Electronic Component $13,039.84Department of Defence 2020-10-09 MILSPEC SERVICES PTY LIMITED
3725289 Laboratory and Scientific Equipment $11,652.74Department of Defence 2020-10-19 THERMO FISHER SCIENTIFIC PTY LTD