Contract Dashboard

3790513 External Conference $11,000.00Australian Institute of Criminology 2021-06-22 Conference Design Pty Ltd
3790514 Video & Editing Services $11,484.00Australian Institute of Criminology 2021-06-18 Crux Media Pty Ltd
3790512 Research $33,000.00Australian Institute of Criminology 2021-06-30 The University of Queensland
3751391-A1 Legal Services $20,700.00Australian Financial Security Authority 2021-02-05 Australian Government Solicitor
3793422 Legal Services $12,700.00Australian Financial Security Authority 2020-05-11 Australian Government Solicitor
3534227-A4 Supply of marine software $79,200.00Australian Federal Police 2018-07-01 RPS Australia West Pty Ltd
3790450 Provision of software services $1,705,000.00Australian Federal Police 2021-06-25 Modis Consulting Pty Ltd Ajilon Australia
3515983-A2 Provision of legal services $49,300.11Australian Federal Police 2018-02-08 Andrew Peter Yuile
3790441 Supply of software licences $52,975.00Australian Federal Police 2021-06-24 Secure Hub Pty Ltd
3677257-A6 Supply of software and support $2,650,583.00Australian Federal Police 2020-04-24 GraphAware APAC Pty Ltd