Contract Dashboard

3553977-A1 Data room services for Visa Transformation Project $48,400.00Department of Home Affairs 2018-11-18 MINTER ELLISON
3685496 IT Software Support and Maintenance $24,564.10Department of Home Affairs 2020-06-27 CLOUDTEN INDUSTRIES PTY LTD
3685494 IT Software $30,000.00Department of Home Affairs 2020-07-01 PRICEWATERHOUSECOOPERS LLP
3685511 IT Hardware Equipment $12,958.00Department of Home Affairs 2020-05-25 The Trustee for Forward IT (Austral
3685483 Personal Protective Equipment $22,865.00Department of Home Affairs 2020-05-06 JEZRO PTY LTD
3685484 IT Software $12,100.00Department of Home Affairs 2020-06-25 JEYLABS PTY LTD
3685489 Identify and Assess Capability $429,416.90Department of Home Affairs 2020-05-04 SENSING PTY LIMITED
3685508 Translation Services $62,334.45Department of Home Affairs 2020-05-11 Language Partner Pty Ltd
2202601-A7 Provision of English Language Training for Foreign Immigration Officials $5,483,880.09Department of Home Affairs 2014-03-18 THE UNIVERSITY OF ADELAIDE
3685488 IT Computer Services $21,450.00Department of Home Affairs 2020-04-30 IBM AUSTRALIA LTD