Contract Dashboard

3758237 Procurement of C27J Aircraft Spares $54,943.63Department of Defence 2021-03-15 MILSPEC SERVICES PTY LIMITED
3758183 Marine Watercraft Hardware $21,512.48Department of Defence 2021-03-16 AMI MARINE
3758718 Domestic Leasing $33,744.90Department of Defence 1999-06-01 TORRES STRAIT ISLAND REGIONAL COUNCIL
3758516 Forklift Lease $90,240.01Department of Defence 2021-03-22 ADAPTALIFT HYSTER
3758626 Freight Forwarding Service $22,877.35Department of Defence 2021-03-23 TOLL PRIORITY
3758662 Motor Vehicles $224,867.71Department of Defence 2021-03-24 THALES AUSTRALIA
3758790 Bus Duct Design Services $37,400.00Department of Defence 2021-03-22 AJF ELECTRICAL DISTRIBUTORS
3758482 Replacement of Air Traffic Control Radars $150,915.26Department of Defence 2021-03-17 HENSOLDT SENSORS GMBH - AUD
3758904 Prefabricated Wooden Products $44,176.00Department of Defence 2021-03-22 INTEGRA PACKAGING PTY LIMITED
3758234 Fleet Spares $73,779.52Department of Defence 2021-03-16 THALES AUSTRALIA LIMITED