Contract Dashboard

3758907 Training Course Support Services $603,075.14Department of Defence 2021-03-09 KPMG
3758861 Sports Equipment and Accessories $91,839.00Department of Defence 2021-03-22 LIFE FITNESS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3758885 Office Furniture $27,005.95Department of Defence 2021-03-23 WINC AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITED
3758768 Laboratory and Scientific Equipment $1,111,049.57Department of Defence 2021-03-24 FURNACE ENGINEERING PTY LTD
3748305-A1 Construction Support Services $634,512,352.41Department of Defence 2021-01-25 LENDLEASE BUILDING - NCIS-3 CWF PTY LIMITED
3758223 Lubricants $16,608.33Department of Defence 2021-03-16 INTERCHEM PTY LTD
3758780 Business Support Services $79,750.00Department of Defence 2021-03-19 GROUND EFFECTS CONSULTING
3758508 Plastic Target Frames $513,522.90Department of Defence 2021-03-25 STERLING PRODUCTS PTY LTD
3624010-A3 External Security Vetting Services $9,860,849.13Department of Defence 2019-08-12 BARRINGTON PERSONNEL SECURITY PTY LIMITED
3758751 Chemical Science Services $81,871.02Department of Defence 2021-03-22 CHEMSKILL