Contract Dashboard

3695900 Software Support $257,905.80Department of Defence 2018-12-18 COMMVAULT SYSTEMS (AUSTRALIA) PTY LTD
3522206-A5 Domestic Lease $50,084,664.66Department of Defence 2010-02-01 CANBERRA AIRPORT PTY LTD
3695860 Software Licence Renewal $584,856.80Department of Defence 2020-09-01 THE MATHWORKS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3695814 Real Life Support $1,162,456.00Department of Defence 2020-07-01 UK MINISTRY OF DEFENCE
3696344 Military Equipment Repairs $32,227.87Department of Defence 2020-06-19 THALES AUSTRALIA
3695541 Procure Gilkes Pumps $25,868.70Department of Defence 2020-06-29 NORSHIP MARINE
3696346 Military Equipment Repairs $17,805.68Department of Defence 2020-06-18 THALES AUSTRALIA
3696394 Valve refueliing $18,531.05Department of Defence 2020-05-27 CHIEF FLUID SYSTEMS PTY LTD
3695840 Archiving Services $26,400.00Department of Defence 2020-07-01 IRON MOUNTAIN AUSTRALIA GROUP PTY LTD
3413636-A1 License and Design Fees $127,663.80Department of Defence 2017-03-24 BALARINJI