Contract Dashboard

3792623 Proportioner foam liquid line type $10,703.00Department of Defence 2021-06-22 TRINITY FIRE SERVICES PTY LTD
3792162 Training goods $57,519.00Department of Defence 2021-07-02 FACTORY SOUND SALES PTY LTD
3792579 Antenna $15,294.07Department of Defence 2021-06-24 AERO DEFENCE PTY LTD
3791619 Aerospace systems and components $93,281.55Department of Defence 2021-07-02 STANDARDAERO
3792955 Aerospace Systems and Components $13,300,012.94Department of Defence 2021-07-01 SIGMA BRAVO PTY LTD
3792514 Aeronautical Life Support Equipment $201,600.91Department of Defence 2021-06-24 GENTEX AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3793272 Special warehousing and storage $27,500.00Department of Defence 2021-07-01 TOLL TRANSPORT PTY LTD
3792555 Ladder $20,700.90Department of Defence 2021-04-29 BEAVER ENGINEERING PTY LTD
3630487-A1 Provision of Electricity Services $405,483.75Department of Defence 2019-07-01 CARNEGIE CLEAN ENERGY LIMITED
3793302 Equipment Hire $30,000.00Department of Defence 2021-07-01 CROWN EQUIPMENT PTY LTD