Contract Dashboard

3685103 Supply of computer equipment $118,536.29Australian Federal Police 2020-05-25 Data #3 Limited.
3685102 Supply of shredders $12,750.00Australian Federal Police 2020-05-19 Kobra Shredders Australia Pty Ltd
3685095 Provision of audit services $17,050.00Australian Federal Police 2020-06-01 Ernst & Young
3684703 AFSA Website Rebrand Work $30,195.00Australian Financial Security Authority 2020-05-22 EY Digital Pty Ltd
3684699 Symantec Endpoint Protection $42,262.00Australian Financial Security Authority 2020-06-05 Data#3 Limited
3562800-A2 APS 4 Governance Officer $254,239.39Australian Financial Security Authority 2019-01-02 Hays Personnel Services (Aust) PL
3590455-A2 Network Engineer $519,231.50Australian Financial Security Authority 2019-05-08 Hays Personnel Services (Aust) PL
3684399 Provision of network security equipment $429,111.54Australian Fisheries Management Authority 2020-06-01 Canberra Data Centres (CDC)
3684404 Provision of electronic records management solution $158,718.00Australian Fisheries Management Authority 2020-05-15 STLP Consulting Pty Ltd
3684400 Provision of server hardware support $33,805.95Australian Fisheries Management Authority 2020-06-01 Dell Australia Pty Limited