Contract Dashboard

3791811 Aviation Fuel $2,340,877.97Department of Defence 2021-07-01 AIR BP
3791857 Noise Assessment Services $13,156.00Department of Defence 2021-09-15 HIBBS & ASSOCIATES PTY LIMITED
3791582 Materials Investigations $178,491.16Department of Defence 2021-07-12 FORTBURN PTY LTD
3734508-A2 Management Support Services $1,315,394.49Department of Defence 2020-11-30 ELMTEK PTY LTD
3653841-A5 Management Advisory Services $744,792.88Department of Defence 2019-11-05 RANDSTAD PTY LIMITED
3792104 Project Services $4,968,721.59Department of Defence 2021-07-01 PRICEWATERHOUSECOOPERS CONSULTING (AUSTRALIA) PTY LIMITED
3792114 ICT Technical Writing Services $536,250.00Department of Defence 2021-06-15 CALLIDA CONSULTING
3745416-A1 Civil Works $13,600,321.90Department of Defence 2021-01-21 SHAMROCK CIVIL ENGINEERING PTY LTD
3792598 Antenna $10,961.75Department of Defence 2021-06-22 THALES AUSTRALIA LIMITED
3793092 Diesel & Unleaded Petrol $684,136.91Department of Defence 2021-07-01 AMPOL AUSTRALIA PETROLEUM PTY LTD