Contract Dashboard

2527871-A5 Software Support and Maintenance Services for the Intranet and Website for Squiz plus, incorporating Funnelback. $462,000.00Federal Court of Australia 2014-07-01 Squiz Australia Pty Ltd
3685396 Wall mounted hand sanitiers $22,776.98Federal Court of Australia 2020-05-27 SK CORPORATE MARKETING
3684511 Annual Subscription Legislative Alerts and Research $16,521.00Federal Court of Australia 2020-07-25 Anstat Pty Ltd
3684442 Open Geospatial Consortium Membership 20/21 $19,000.00Geoscience Australia 2020-05-15 Open Geospatial Consortium Inc
3684431 CNC milling machine $132,000.00Geoscience Australia 2020-05-21 Hare & Forbes Pty Ltd
3684422 Storage Facilities Hire $13,320.39Geoscience Australia 2020-05-26 Rocky Lerch
3684455 Web Application penetration test of DEA hotspots $16,500.00Geoscience Australia 2020-03-30 Ionize Pty Ltd
3684439 Observatory Network ISO6 CKI Cocos(Keeling) Islands SLA $11,110.00Geoscience Australia 2020-05-19 HAPPY JACKS CKI PTY LTD
3684459 evokeAG Conference Sponsorship $17,600.00Geoscience Australia 2019-08-29 RURAL INDUSTRIES RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION
3684425 Development of Exchange Format Standard (S-121) $70,000.00Geoscience Australia 2020-05-22 IDON Technologies Inc