Contract Dashboard

3792592 Indicator tube gas $13,860.00Department of Defence 2021-06-23 DRAEGER AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3777355-A1 Security Monitoring Equipment $150,645.00Department of Defence 2021-05-13 SECOM TECHNICAL SERVICES PTY LTD ATF SECOM TECHNICAL SERVICE
3792526 Procurement of Air Conditioning Filters. $11,863.50Department of Defence 2021-06-25 PACIFIC AERODYNE PTY. LTD.
3793293 Specialist Equipment $15,896.50Department of Defence 2021-06-25 SHORE HIRE PTY LIMITED
3659267-A2 Development Project $831,976.06Department of Defence 2020-02-07 UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY SYDNEY
3793138 Marine Fuel $70,848.00Department of Defence 2021-07-01 SEA SWIFT PTY LTD
3793213 Community Support Coordination Program $29,000.00Department of Defence 2021-07-01 PUCKAPUNYAL AND DISTRICT NEIGHBOURHOOD CENTRE INC
3793291 Cultural Immersion Training $21,725.00Department of Defence 2021-05-10 KAPANI WARRIOR PTY LTD
3792957 Contractor Support Services $333,632.04Department of Defence 2021-06-09 BAE SYSTEMS AUSTRALIA
3792192 Telecommunications Services $35,840.00Department of Defence 2021-07-01 CELCOM MOBILE SDN BHD