Contract Dashboard

3790674 Action Application Live Solution to support Open Arms Demand Drive Financial Management Model (Project Lighthouse) $71,713.25Department of Veterans' Affairs 2019-07-29 TIMESITE AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3791017 Renewal of lease for 966 Wynnum Rd Cannon Hill Repository for a further 2 years with 1 x 2 year option to exercise.This option has a 6 mth notification period.This contract includes the provision of 2 year option included.TRIM ref 21474657E refers to existing lease - new lease entered into prior to expiry. $626,767.00Department of Veterans' Affairs 2022-01-01 MRS XIAOHONG DARVENIZA
3791018 Renewal of Suites 6-8 17 Conway St Lismore (VAN/OA) for a further 12 month.1 x 12 month option to exercise.This contract includes rental for the exercise period plus car parks for the rental period and exercise period.This contract also takes into account an amount of $166K already been allocated due to hold over. $361,651.00Department of Veterans' Affairs 2020-07-01 PIDCOCK REAL ESTATE
3790676 Athena Licence and Software Renewal 2020-2021Athena Support Services $435,600.00Department of Veterans' Affairs 2020-07-01 ATHENA SOFTWARE
3791033 Annual Membership - Executive Learning Group $13,750.00Department of Veterans' Affairs 2021-07-01 WHON P/L
3791023 Rent for VAN/Open Arms 129 Horton Pd Maroochydore1/7/2020-30/6/2022 with a 1x12 month option $333,097.00Department of Veterans' Affairs 2020-07-01 TILMERE P/L
3790682 Clinician, located in QLD $250,000.00Department of Veterans' Affairs 2021-06-22 JPS MEDICAL RECRUITMENT
3791020 Renewal of current VAN/AO lease at 17 Victoria Av Broadbeach for a further 12 month period.1 x 12 month option to exerciseThis contract includes the rental for exercising an additional 12 mths and also car parks for current lease and additional 12 mths. $507,462.00Department of Veterans' Affairs 2021-06-01 COLLIERS INTERNATIONAL (BRISBANE) P/L
3790683 Clinician, located in QLD $250,000.00Department of Veterans' Affairs 2021-07-06 JPS MEDICAL RECRUITMENT
3790688 Counsellor, located in QLD $217,976.66Department of Veterans' Affairs 2021-06-28 JPS MEDICAL RECRUITMENT