Contract Dashboard

3730581 Audio Visual Hardware Services $33,984.95Department of Defence 2020-11-13 RUTLEDGE ENGINEERING AUST PTY LTD
3730902 Truck Repair $10,215.87Department of Defence 2020-11-04 RGM MAINTENANCE PTY LTD
3730615 Professional Engineering Services $1,014,750.00Department of Defence 2020-12-07 X-MIDAS ENGINEERING PTY. LTD.
3730685 Education and Training Services $22,876.38Department of Defence 2020-11-16 SAI GLOBAL LTD
3730592 Publicaiton Services $10,472.00Department of Defence 2020-11-09 INTERNATIONAL FORWARDERS AND CUSTOMS BROKERS ASSOCIATION
3662981-A2 Support to Independent Assurance Review and Smart Buyer Program Projects $82,860.05Department of Defence 2020-02-26 FIELD, WENDY JANE
3730936 Lubricating oil $30,104.45Department of Defence 2020-11-03 BP AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3730980 COMPUTER ACCESSORIES $32,538.00Department of Defence 2020-11-02 CAMBRIDGE TECHNOLOGIES
3730878 Valve Regulating Fluid $12,177.00Department of Defence 2020-11-02 JAPAN MARINE ENGINEERING COMPANY
3666063-A2 Refurbishment $2,491,225.46Department of Defence 2020-03-06 ADVANCED CONCEPTS AND TECHNOLOGIES INTERNATIONAL, LLC