Contract Dashboard

3731711 Labour Hire $45,045.00Department of Home Affairs 2020-11-18 HUDSON GLOBAL RESOURCES
3731708 IT Computer Services $255,937.00Department of Home Affairs 2020-11-17 DELL AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITED
3731699 IT Software Maintenance $289,302.11Department of Home Affairs 2020-11-12 FUJITSU AUST LTD
3731707 Personnel Recruitment $344,575.00Department of Home Affairs 2020-11-17 HOBAN RECRUITMENT PTY LTD
3443606-A4 Hardware & Software for In-Vehicle Tracking $5,151,942.84Department of Home Affairs 2017-06-28 THALES AUSTRALIA LIMITED
3731709 Long Term Lease Vehicle $40,500.00Department of Home Affairs 2020-11-02 SG FLEET AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITED
3731701 ICT Contractor Services $167,062.50Department of Home Affairs 2020-11-16 MODIS STAFFING PTY LTD
3628969-A1 IT Software Licence $1,169,181.75Department of Home Affairs 2019-09-26 ACRONYMIT PTY LIMITED
3731705 Management Training and Mentoring $64,817.28Department of Home Affairs 2020-10-24 PROVIDENCE CONSULTING GROUP PTY LTD
3589063-A2 COMPUTED TOMOGRAPHY X-RAY TECHNOLOGY $147,993.47Department of Home Affairs 2019-04-18 APAC SECURITY P/L (F AUD)