Contract Dashboard

3730924 The purchase of military spares $13,090.00Department of Defence 2020-11-05 MILSPEC SERVICES PTY LIMITED
3731465 Hire of Electornic Messaging Board $20,418.64Department of Defence 2020-11-17 COATES HIRE PORT AUGUSTA
3731299 Equipment Transportation $67,361.25Department of Defence 2020-11-16 TRG TRANSPORT PTY LTD
3730571 Charter Flight Services $55,194.82Department of Defence 2020-11-05 AIRNORTH FI
3730653 Support and Maintenance $150,055.10Department of Defence 2020-07-14 F1 SOLUTIONS PTY LTD
3477419-A3 COMMS equipment $7,430,178.08Department of Defence 2017-12-19 FMS ACCOUNT RESERVE BANK OF AUSTRALIA
3730670 Catering Services $50,000.01Department of Defence 2020-11-01 REALITY BITES CATERING TRUST
3730929 Upgrade of fire suppression system on military wat $31,790.00Department of Defence 2020-11-04 HIGH PRESSURE PLUS AUSTRALIA PTY
3730870 Aeronautical Life Support Equipment $11,836.00Department of Defence 2020-11-04 SURVITEC GROUP AUSTRALIA
3731413 Delivery of Training $10,757.66Department of Defence 2020-12-01 SCIENCE APPLICATIONS INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION