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3731628 Professional Services $44,550.00Clean Energy Regulator 2020-11-11 TRKN Consulting
3731624 Panel Member $11,388.00Clean Energy Regulator 2020-11-12 Anna Louise Gazzard
3731625 Panel Member $11,388.00Clean Energy Regulator 2020-11-12 T M DAVISON CONSULTING PTY LTD
3729972 EQUIFAX Insolvency and Land title searches $13,500.00Clean Energy Regulator 2020-10-23 Equifax Australia Information Services and Solutions Pty Ltd
3729975 MAG annual subscription $13,200.00Clean Energy Regulator 2020-09-01 MARKET ADVISORY GROUP PTY LTD
3729974 International Transaction Log Annual Fee - UNFCCC $53,000.00Clean Energy Regulator 2021-01-01 United Nations Geneva
3729976 Professional Services $144,540.00Clean Energy Regulator 2020-11-02 The Mullion Group Pty Ltd
3731626 Panel Member $11,388.00Clean Energy Regulator 2020-11-12 B. A. KEATING
3729971 NearMap software $181,912.50Clean Energy Regulator 2020-11-01 NearMap Pty Ltd
3676736-A1 Fixed Line Telecommunications including carriage $53,545.00Clean Energy Regulator 2020-04-01 AAPT Limited