Contract Dashboard

3684747 Fresh Rations $40,508.32Department of Defence 2020-04-30 DICK STONE PTY. LIMITED
3545463-A1 Support Services $1,097,448.00Department of Defence 2018-07-01 CAPDA
3685177 Fresh Rations $28,252.54Department of Defence 2020-04-30 BIDFOOD AUSTRALIA LIMITED
3684866 Gymnasium Equipment $63,951.00Department of Defence 2020-05-26 PRECOR AUSTRALIA
3652372-A1 Building Works $1,119,515.72Department of Defence 2020-01-08 V2R PROJECTS PTY LTD
3684802 Advisory Services $61,827.48Department of Defence 2020-01-28 KPMG AUSTRALIA
3613884-A4 Information Communication Technology $12,165,771.88Department of Defence 2019-07-01 ERNST & YOUNG
3619634-A1 Research, Scientific, Engineering and Other Technical Services $896,900.00Department of Defence 2019-07-22 CONSILIUM TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD
3565722-A7 Support Services for Service Integration Management Services $36,638,089.86Department of Defence 2018-12-19 KINETIC IT PTY LTD
3685198 IBM Cognos Report Writing to Support Travel reporting $101,398.00Department of Defence 2020-07-01 CORNERSTONE PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT CONSULTING PTY. LTD.