Contract Dashboard

3793186 Scholarship Agreement $20,000.00Department of Defence 2021-07-01 EDITH COWAN UNIVERSITY
3560659-A1 Repair / maintenance / technical assistance $226,099.98Department of Defence 2018-12-11 JENKINS ENGINEERING DEFENCE SYSTEMS PTY LTD
3793235 Community Support Coordination Program $48,000.00Department of Defence 2021-07-01 EAST SALE FAMILY GROUP INC
3792530 Marine transport $44,221.23Department of Defence 2021-06-24 WILTRADING STACE PTY LTD
3669013-A2 Information Technology Advisory Services $3,414,752.00Department of Defence 2020-03-10 GULANGA GROUP PTY LTD
3792123 Communications Devices and Accessories $11,627.00Department of Defence 2021-06-21 LENCOM ANTENNAS PTY LTD
3792549 Lifting lug project. $23,430.00Department of Defence 2021-06-21 MATTHEW BEETHAM PTY LTD
3792099 Delivery Transformation Executive $1,584,000.00Department of Defence 2021-06-21 OKAMI KEY DIGITAL PTY LTD
3793106 Legal Services $33,221.81Department of Defence 2021-06-18 AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT SOLICITOR - MATTER OPERATING ACCOUNT
3672484-A1 Hire of Forklift $23,483.09Department of Defence 2019-12-02 LENCROW PTY LTD