Contract Dashboard

3730654 Cabling Works $21,139.50Department of Defence 2020-11-11 COBS TELSTRA
3730585 Specialist Training $17,670.24Department of Defence 2020-11-13 FRANK MOHN SERVICES AS
3730991 Chemicals For Water Purification Equipment. $11,993.73Department of Defence 2020-11-05 PALL AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3731296 Electronic equipment $197,923.00Department of Defence 2020-11-13 VICOM AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITED
3730597 Hardware, Software and Support $26,967.38Department of Defence 2020-11-16 COBS TELSTRA
3730618 Adjustable Height Stage Deck $19,847.31Department of Defence 2020-11-16 TRANSTAGE
3730632 Computer Equipment and Accessories $275,375.28Department of Defence 2020-11-16 RUTLEDGE ENGINEERING AUST PTY LTD
3730937 Purchase of cooler fluid. $11,850.96Department of Defence 2020-11-02 MILSPEC SERVICES PTY LIMITED
3730641 Computer Equipment and Accessories $57,200.00Department of Defence 2020-11-13 HP PPS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3730545 Removal of Explosive Ordnance System. $28,881.60Department of Defence 2020-11-06 BAE SYSTEMS AUSTRALIA DEFENCE PTY LIMITED