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3792406 Comcover   $152,936.00Fair Work Commission 2021-07-01 COMCOVER
3792407 Comcover $281,503.00Fair Work Commission 2021-06-07 DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE
3790852 Bowali Visitor Centre Septic Upgrade $210,637.90Director of National Parks 2021-05-31 Aquatreat NT Pty Ltd
3791720 East Alligator Ranger Station Upgrade – House Design $116,809.00Director of National Parks 2021-06-11 Troppo Architects Pty Ltd
3791716 East Alligator Consultancy Design Services $193,616.50Director of National Parks 2021-06-14 Cardno (NT) Pty Ltd
3788300 SFIA License $411,867.32Digital Transformation Agency 2021-06-30 The SFIA Foundation
3790990 Professional Services for the Chair of the Integrity Sub Committee (ISC) $43,000.00Department of Veterans' Affairs 2021-02-01 MR ANDREW J STUART
3790991 APNA will provide on-line education and training services for practice nurses involved with delivering of the Coordinated Veterans' Care (CVC) program. They will also deliver communications to Practice Nurses about the CVC Program and the expansion to include White Card Holders who have a mental health condition from 1 July 2021 $275,046.75Department of Veterans' Affairs 2021-05-31 AUSTRALIAN PRIMARY HEALTH CARE
3790684 Clinician, located in QLD $250,000.00Department of Veterans' Affairs 2021-07-06 JPS MEDICAL RECRUITMENT
3791032 Corporate Membership to IPAA FY 21/22 $35,200.00Department of Veterans' Affairs 2020-07-01 IPAA - ACT DIVISION