Contract Dashboard

3659981 Computer Equipment and Accessories $10,393.16Department of Defence 2020-02-07 HP PPS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3660005 Fabrication Services $34,165.01Department of Defence 2020-02-12 DAWSONS ENGINEERING (NQ) PTY LTD
3622775-A2 Property Maintenance $69,969.20Department of Defence 2019-07-01 KEPI INTERNATIONAL SOLUTIONS LTD
3659858 Communications equipment $17,636.63Department of Defence 2020-01-28 BOEING DEFENCE AUSTRALIA LTD
3659452 Parts for a ship. $296,389.27Department of Defence 2020-01-30 NAVANTIA AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3659486 Personal safety and protection $10,076.00Department of Defence 2020-01-30 AMARE SAFETY PTY LTD
3659460 Test Set $62,370.00Department of Defence 2020-01-29 DRAEGER AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3659418 Cylinders $19,778.00Department of Defence 2020-01-31 MSA (AUST.) PTY. LIMITED
3659924 Network Equipment and Accessories $79,108.15Department of Defence 2020-02-13 AFL TELECOMMUNICATIONS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3659200 Hardware Services $20,793.34Department of Defence 2020-02-07 COBS TELSTRA