Contract Dashboard

3658867 Labour Hire - Temporary Contractor $300,000.00Department of Agriculture 2019-10-31 AUREC PTY LTD
3659070 Labour Hire - Temporary Contractor $135,000.00Department of Agriculture 2019-12-02 Horizon One Recruitment Pty Ltd
3519997-A1 eRecruitment Management System $414,515.20Department of Agriculture 2018-07-01 Acendre Pty Ltd
3620473-A1 Contractor services $100,000.00Department of Communications and the Arts 2019-08-08 First People Recruitment Solutions
3659920 Marine fuel $2,000,000.00Department of Defence 2020-02-07 VIVA ENERGY AUSTRALIA LTD
3658942 ILS Contractor for Land 400 Phase 3 $189,503.60Department of Defence 2020-02-10 QINETIQ PTY LTD
3659101 Port Agency Services $10,166.88Department of Defence 2019-12-17 INCHCAPE SHIPPING SERVICES L.L.C
3659199 Information Technology Services $1,235,806.00Department of Defence 2020-01-21 OOBE PTY LTD
3659102 Embroidery Machine $18,463.41Department of Defence 2020-02-11 ECHIDNA SEWING PRODUCTS
3659911 Legal Services $15,455.00Department of Defence 2020-01-08 HWL EBSWORTH LAWYERS HWL PRACTICE TRUST, BOB GARDINI ATF