Contract Dashboard

3695462 RONIN Licence $17,600.00Geoscience Australia 2020-05-18 UMBRELLA DIGITAL PTY LTD
3695405 Graduate Training $18,500.00Geoscience Australia 2020-06-11 DEFINE POTENTIAL PTY LTD
3695445 Solaris Decommisioning $61,600.00Geoscience Australia 2020-05-29 Red Hat Asia Pacific Pty Ltd
3695466 Scanning of legacy seismic data microfilm holdings $55,000.00Geoscience Australia 2020-05-05 Grace Records Managment (Australia) Pty Ltd
3695468 Retsch Camsizer P4 $149,136.90Geoscience Australia 2020-05-04 MEP Instruments Pty Ltd
3684436-A1 Analysis XRD Samples $35,230.69Geoscience Australia 2020-06-25 Bureau Veritas Minerals Pty Ltd
3697000 Creating culture change workshop and resilience sessions $18,425.00Geoscience Australia 2020-06-23 Life Unlimited Health Solutions Pty Limited
3695459 CO2 and CH4 soil flux meter $165,000.00Geoscience Australia 2020-05-22 LI-COR, Inc
3695426 4 days of Gocad training, 1 day of training preparation $18,612.00Geoscience Australia 2020-06-04 Mira Geoscience Asia Pacific Pty Ltd
3695377 Sample Analysis $18,418.40Geoscience Australia 2020-06-23 Department of Industry Innovation and Sc