Contract Dashboard

3685100 Provision of design services $12,219.90Australian Federal Police 2020-05-20 NBN Co Ltd
3685111 Provision of training $55,000.00Australian Federal Police 2020-06-01 Visual Analysis Pty Ltd
3624311-A1 Provision of communication services $460,305.60Australian Federal Police 2020-01-10 NextGen Networks Pty Limited
3685112 Supply of first aid equipment $48,583.70Australian Federal Police 2020-05-21 AFM Engineering Pty Ltd T/As S8 Products Group
3685123 Supply of tyre deflation devices $37,708.00Australian Federal Police 2020-05-21 Breon Enterprises Pty. Ltd. T/as Breon Defence Systems
3685127 Supply of printing services $22,115.01Australian Federal Police 2020-05-13 New Millennium Print Pty Ltd
3685126 Provision of legal services $20,000.00Australian Federal Police 2020-05-21 Genevieve Cleary
3685116 Supply of software $77,000.00Australian Federal Police 2020-05-22 Steamboat Data Systems Inc
3685099 Supply of open source research database estimated $21,000.00Australian Federal Police 2020-06-01 Middle East Media Research Institut
3685098 Provision of software subscription $33,000.00Australian Federal Police 2020-05-28 Nearmap Australia Ltd