Contract Dashboard

3668436 Military Consumables repairs $27,907.88Department of Defence 2020-03-09 THALES AUSTRALIA
3668425 Regulating Valves $43,492.02Department of Defence 2020-03-11 FRONTLINE AUSTRALASIA PTY LTD
3668098 Emergent ATE Repairs $347,716.21Department of Defence 2020-03-20 BAE SYSTEMS AUST LTD - CONTRACTORS AREA
3668289 Ground Handling $19,214.09Department of Defence 2020-02-20 EXECUJET AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITED
3668124 Professional Engineering Services $204,699.00Department of Defence 2020-01-01 OPTUS NETWORKS PTY LTD
3413393-A3 Fuel for Ferry Flights $1,318,426.33Department of Defence 2017-03-24 AIR7000 P8 POSEIDON
3668451 Inspect and Repair $62,337.95Department of Defence 2020-03-13 GLOBAL DEFENCE SOLUTIONS PTY LTD
3668430 Repair of watercraft $17,870.00Department of Defence 2020-03-09 MALBAR MARINE ELECTRICS PTY LTD
3668251 Delivery of Training $73,527.99Department of Defence 2020-03-23 INTERACTION CONSULTING GROUP P/L LIMITED
3668131 Aircraft Engine Rebuild Services $1,469,741.83Department of Defence 2020-03-20 GENERAL ELECTRIC INTERNATIONAL INC