Contract Dashboard

3684332 Coupling Half Self-Sealing $10,491.54Department of Defence 2020-05-15 PENSKE POWER SYSTEMS PTY LTD
3684739 Training $131,203.29Department of Defence 2020-02-10 AMC SEARCH LIMITED
3685008 Protected Windscreen $64,639.65Department of Defence 2020-05-26 RHEINMETALL MAN MILITARY VEHICLES AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3684758 Small Arms Ammunition $13,219.20Department of Defence 2020-05-28 DSG TEC USA, INC.
3684889 Prefabricated Hanger $994,400.00Department of Defence 2020-05-26 ABLE INDUSTRIES ENGINEERING PTY LTD
3684841 Computer Equipment $35,154.90Department of Defence 2020-05-25 DATA 3 GROUP
3645876-A1 Research Services $254,199.99Department of Defence 2019-12-04 CIRRUS REAL TIME PROCESSING SYSTEMS PTY LTD
3383462-A13 Support Equipment $22,681,800.34Department of Defence 2016-10-11 RUAG AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3684824 Research Agreement $174,820.80Department of Defence 2020-05-15 UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY SYDNEY
3684287 Ladder $10,010.75Department of Defence 2020-04-01 BEAVER ENGINEERING PTY LTD