Contract Dashboard

3606167-A2 Professional Services $309,234.78Department of Health 2019-07-01 MetaCorp Pty Ltd
3696865 Due Diligence Services for 2020 Frontier Health and Medical Research Program Stage Two $447,455.00Department of Health 2020-07-01 Health Technology Analysts Pty Ltd
3695657 Reprint Eat for Health and Physical Activity Guidelines Resources $37,202.00Department of Health 2020-06-27 UNION OFFSET CO. PTY. LIMITED
3695053 Labour Hire $131,084.80Department of Health 2020-07-01 KOWALSKI RECRUITMENT PTY LTD
3696890 Labour Hire $29,348.55Department of Health 2020-07-01 The Trustee for Capital Recruit Unit
3624343-A1 Health Products Portal $2,345,915.00Department of Health 2019-05-04 Projects Assured Pty Ltd ATF Project
3695670 Design of a Client-Focused ICT Data Solution $608,142.00Department of Health 2020-07-01 APIS Group Pty Limited
3694838 Labour Hire $305,573.40Department of Health 2020-07-01 HAYS SPECIALIST RECRUITMENT (AUSTRALIA)
3694846 Labour Hire $46,000.00Department of Health 2020-06-29 HAYS SPECIALIST RECRUITMENT (AUSTRALIA)
3694886 Health Technology Assesment $36,300.00Department of Health 2020-06-25 HEALTHCONSULT PTY LTD