Contract Dashboard

3689094-A4 Project Management / Delivery $2,086,438.24Department of Defence 2020-06-09 BROOKFIELD JOHNSON CONTROLS P/L
3734471 Project Management $115,393.30Department of Defence 2020-12-01 AUGILITY
3659246-A1 Installation of wireless networking $134,290.40Department of Defence 2020-02-06 COBS TELSTRA
3674729-A1 Provider and Industry Partner $958,931.70Department of Defence 2020-03-25 RPS AAP CONSULTING PTY LTD
3733900 Building Works $194,637.61Department of Defence 2020-11-25 BROADSPECTRUM (AUSTRALIA) PTY LTD
3733898 Compliance Works $732,919.55Department of Defence 2020-11-25 SPOTLESS FACILITY SERVICES PTY LTD
3649983-A2 Construction Support Services $456,313.19Department of Defence 2019-12-17 BROADSPECTRUM (AUSTRALIA) PTY LTD
3661153-A1 Software Services $477,554.71Department of Defence 2020-02-10 IONIZE PTY LTD
3659236-A2 Learning and Development $1,293,300.01Department of Defence 2020-02-07 EKO SYSTEMS PTY LTD THE TRUSTEE TRUSTMS
3733589 Power Distribution Unit $42,251.01Department of Defence 2020-11-26 OWEN INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD