Contract Dashboard

3734359 Provision of Mental Health Modelling Services $996,952.00Department of Health 2020-11-03 KPMG
3580838-A1 Bond University Society of Health for Indigenous and Rural Experience RHC $39,600.00Department of Health 2019-03-25 BOND UNIVERSITY LIMITED
3734366 Labour Hire $171,072.00Department of Health 2020-12-07 Makwara Solutions Pty Ltd
3733665 Provision of Legal Services $12,185.00Department of Health 2020-11-26 Australian Government Solicitor
3733677 Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee Evaluation $24,750.00Department of Health 2020-11-26 The Trustee for Hill and Olson Family Trust
3733681 Project Management Services $51,480.00Department of Health 2020-11-25 Tanner James Management Consultants Pty Ltd
3733657 Provision of Legal Services $10,000.00Department of Health 2020-11-13 Australian Government Solicitor
3733686 World AIDS Day Breakfast 2020 $33,000.00Department of Health 2020-11-23 AUSTRALIAN FEDERATION OF AIDS
3733673 Development $16,465.00Department of Health 2020-11-04 The Australia and New Zealand School of Government Limited
3733682 Freight, Delivery and Warehousing Services $295,000.00Department of Health 2020-06-26 SADLEIRS TRANSPORT CO (W.A.) PTY LTD T/A Sadliers Global Logistics