Contract Dashboard

3668852 Provision of training $140,000.00Australian Federal Police 2020-01-30 College of Policing Ltd
3668868 Provision of training $79,992.90Australian Federal Police 2020-03-20 The Trustee for The ECV Trust T/a Electrical Compliance Victoria
3668866 Provision of corporate membership fees $13,500.00Australian Federal Police 2020-03-01 Copenhagen Institute for Futures St
3668871 Provision of survey and report services $39,171.00Australian Federal Police 2020-03-16 Colmar Brunton Pty Limited
3668840 Design for Melb Office Minor Refurb $22,000.00Australian Financial Security Authority 2020-03-20 Capezio Copeland
3668839 Mail Digitisation Services $50,000.00Australian Financial Security Authority 2020-03-25 Decipha Pty Ltd
3668888 Recruitment Cost for the position of CFO $17,293.10Australian Institute of Family Studies 2020-03-01 Camden Search
3669207 Contractor to Undertake Level 3 Restoration Works $90,000.00Australian National Audit Office 2020-02-25 Projex Building Group Pty Ltd
3669215 Excelerated Consulting Pty Ltd - Software Licenses $43,141.78Australian National Audit Office 2020-04-01 Excelerated Consulting Pty Ltd
3669210 ANAO Parliamentary Survey - JCPAA Memebers $17,050.00Australian National Audit Office 2020-03-05 ORIMA Research