Contract Dashboard

3454272-A1 Stationery and Office Supplies $796,104.00Bureau of Meteorology 2017-09-07 Complete Office Supplies
3724901 Freight and Courier Services $608,904.82Bureau of Meteorology 2020-10-01 Toll Transport Pty Ltd
3724317 IT Hardware $55,475.64Bureau of Meteorology 2020-10-13 Ethan Group
3724303 Contract Labour Hire - Business Analyst $247,093.77Bureau of Meteorology 2020-10-05 Talent Street Holding Pty Ltd
3724708 Contract Labour Hire - Business Analyst $228,000.00Bureau of Meteorology 2020-09-01 M&T Resources
3702509-A1 Sydney Office Consolidation Project $3,300,000.00Bureau of Meteorology 2020-06-15 Broadspectrum Property Pty Ltd
3724510 LTO 5,6,8 Tapes $99,429.00Bureau of Meteorology 2020-10-16 Prodata Pty Ltd
3724320 Willis Island Remediation Works – Advisory Services $61,500.00Bureau of Meteorology 2020-10-15 GHD Pty Ltd
3724522 Router $11,818.33Bureau of Meteorology 2020-11-01 NTT Australia Pty Ltd
3717866-A1 Capital Expenses $1,839,200.77Bureau of Meteorology 2020-07-24 Broadspectrum Property Pty Ltd