Contract Dashboard

3758902 Construction and Maintenance Support Services $10,087.12Department of Defence 2021-03-23 TECHO ENGINEERING
3758426 Sewage Treatment Plant Improvements $893,180.15Department of Defence 2021-03-23 NAVANTIA AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3757911 Submarine Design Contract $93,600.03Department of Defence 2021-02-22 NAVAL GROUP
3758900 Storage Containers $12,516.90Department of Defence 2021-03-22 DEXION STORAGE CENTRE
3758823 Audio and Visual Presentation and Composing Equipment $51,501.98Department of Defence 2021-03-22 ONE DIVERSIFIED
3758798 Laboratory and Scientific Equipment $92,610.10Department of Defence 2021-03-17 SCIENTIFIC SOLUTIONS AUSTRALIA
3758895 Training Aid Support $122,070.84Department of Defence 2021-03-26 RED TEAM TRAINING SOLUTIONS PTY LTD
3758898 Floor Coverings $330,706.18Department of Defence 2021-03-25 BIKE TRACK, INC.
3758773 Scholarship Agreement $36,000.00Department of Defence 2021-03-09 SWINBURNE UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY
3758643 Contractor Support $12,000.00Department of Defence 2021-03-24 J W OPERATIONS