Position Supplier Total Contract Value
1Dmojsf Official Australian Account$10,122,179,088.77
2The Pharmacy Guild Of Australia$4,500,451,227.99
3Broadspectrum (australia) Pty$2,984,946,085.66
4FMS Account$1,634,593,308.13
5ASC Pty Ltd$1,381,046,568.27
6Raytheon Australia Pty Ltd$1,084,025,411.45
7Boeing Defence Australia Ltd$1,029,667,680.48
8Spotless Facility Services Pty Ltd$885,392,577.85
9NOVA Systems Australia Pty Ltd$779,520,846.50
10BAE Systems Australia Defence P*$714,712,972.73
11Thales Australia$667,386,050.00
12Compass Group Defence$587,650,489.31
13LEND Lease Building Contractors$587,337,655.26
14Airservices Australia$553,035,007.68
15Wilson Security Pty Ltd$511,003,341.82
16MSS Security Pty Limited$505,240,685.92
17Harris Communications (australia)$475,632,164.23
18Veolia Environmental Services$475,123,134.47
19Elbit Systems Ltd$459,336,134.48
20Northrop Grumman Australia$404,619,831.36
21Canstruct International Pty Ltd$385,000,000.00
22CHC Helicopters$363,878,866.39
23AOT Group Limited$344,215,010.97
24Naval Group$339,994,867.65
25CEA Technologies Pty Ltd$333,885,815.64
26ABT Associates Pty Ltd$316,416,471.32
27Medibank Health Solutions Pty Ltd$313,500,000.00
28IBM Australia Ltd$309,340,994.36
29Technical & Further Education$306,809,045.00
30BAE Systems Australia Ltd$305,097,354.99
31Canberra Airport Pty Ltd$302,259,214.98
32Central Healthcare Services Pty$298,330,686.37
33Laing O'rourke Australia$262,084,053.61
34Navantia SA$259,860,648.24
35Palladium International Pty Ltd$257,473,906.79
36HAYS Specialist Recruitment$239,512,054.69
37FMS Account Reserve BANK Of Australia$217,096,199.85
38Caltex Australia Petroleum P / L$213,691,124.53
39Australian Volunteers International$209,000,000.00
41Settlement Services International$205,961,000.00
42Cardno Emerging Markets (australia) Pty Ltd$183,584,486.80
43Serco Citizen Services Pty Ltd$183,040,724.40
44Australia POST$182,411,966.99
45TOLL Priority$182,073,753.80
46Leidos Australia Pty Limited$178,234,807.87
47COBS Telstra$178,207,959.41
48Dentsu Mitchell Media Australia$172,217,106.10
49Air7000 P8 Poseidon$170,216,308.15
50SAAB Australia Pty Ltd$166,089,279.52
51Airbus Group Australia Pacific *$165,064,190.58
52TAFE Queensland$163,804,155.00
53Adult Multicultural Education$160,416,526.00
54Glaxosmithkline Australia Pty Ltd$159,906,049.50
55Chandler Macleod Group Ltd$156,670,436.21
56NATO Seasparrow Surface$154,746,213.73
58Hawker Pacific Pty Ltd$153,699,054.11
59Department Of Finance$149,199,756.78
60Datacom Connect Pty Ltd$146,823,854.99
61Digitalglobe, INC.$146,671,965.99
62Adecco Australia Pty Ltd$145,856,634.07
63Penske Power Systems Pty Ltd$142,769,306.60
64ST Hilliers Property Pty Limited$141,829,791.03
65VIVA Energy Australia Ltd$137,609,093.31
66Adagold Aviation Pty Ltd$136,510,253.99
67Fujitsu Australia Limited$136,185,205.84
68European Southern Observatory$129,217,000.00
69Melbourne Polytechnic$126,788,745.00
70CSC Australia Pty Ltd$125,980,663.26
71LEND Lease Building Pty Ltd$125,149,108.70
72GHD Australia Pty Ltd$121,660,000.00
73Harris Corporation!dba Electronic Systems, Radar!reconnaissance &$119,128,693.03
74DHL Global Forwarding$112,717,071.35
75Brookfield Johnson Controls P/L$112,108,087.36
76Aurecon Australasia Pty Ltd$111,874,444.03
77Data#3 Limited$111,696,663.08
78Accenture Australia Pty Ltd$110,427,074.24
79ACL Pty Ltd$108,858,249.00
80Hewlett Packard Australia Ltd$106,086,865.64
81DELL Australia Pty Ltd$105,555,605.71
82Australian Red Cross$104,343,011.00
83Ernst & Young$104,208,694.38
84Australian Defence Apparel$103,696,475.71
86Sonic Healthcare Limited$101,943,867.30
87Dimension DATA Australia Pty Ltd$101,916,592.48
88Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu$99,616,466.20
89Jones LANG Lasalle (act) Pty Limite$99,119,359.13
90Seqirus (australia) Pty Ltd$98,784,200.01
91Colliers International$98,256,168.36
92F K Gardner & SONS Pty Ltd$97,171,214.47
93SG Fleet Australia Pty Limited$96,811,919.45
94Coffey International Development Pty Ltd$96,711,007.85
95Australian Healthcare Associates$96,251,634.60
96Gateway Building Nominees Pty Ltd$96,215,357.00
97Australian Government Solicitor$94,460,137.34
98Aecom Australia Pty Ltd$93,574,345.85
99Pfizer Australia Pty Ltd$92,850,000.00
100Paladin Solutions PNG Ltd$89,243,817.76
101Konica Minolta Business Solutions$88,307,449.62
102GHD Pty Ltd$87,707,712.72
103Babcock Pty Ltd$87,669,550.92
104XTEK Limited$85,952,103.67
105Point Project Management$84,295,533.94
106Northrop Grumman Integrated$83,080,479.16
107National Australia BANK$83,008,737.98
108Talent International (act) Pty Ltd$82,607,446.79
109Oracle Corporation Australia Pty Ltd$82,568,585.30
110NOVA Defence Pty Ltd$82,154,565.10
111Tandou Ltd$81,999,888.40
112Qinetiq Pty Ltd$80,791,488.58
113SAP Australia Pty Ltd$79,393,750.84
114Eastern Australia Agriculture Pty Ltd$78,891,300.00
115Manteena Security (aust) Pty Ltd$78,438,276.88
116Paxus Australia Pty Limited$77,944,318.54
117NIOA Trading$76,868,231.99
118ERM Power Retail Pty Ltd$76,360,029.65
119Serco Australia Pty Limited$76,199,433.80
120Department Of Human Services$75,370,261.70
121Department Of Immigration And Border Protection$74,060,397.04
122MDA Ltd$73,678,000.00
124EMC Global Holdings Company$72,107,819.01
126TAFE SA$69,715,326.00
127Lockheed Martin Australia Pty Ltd$69,616,931.71
128Staples Australia Pty Limited$69,371,167.28
129Technology Service Corporation$68,388,590.41
130Converga Pty Ltd$68,292,582.71
131BP Oil$67,922,775.01
132Department Of Employment$67,734,914.00
133Verizon Australia Pty Ltd$67,378,796.65
134Gowthpoint Properties AUST$65,123,787.70
135Norship Marine$64,099,751.85
136Jayde Transport$63,542,017.42
137Leonardo SPA Aircraft Division$63,421,000.89
138Investa Limited Funds Management Ltd$62,906,022.20
139Department Of Foreign Affairs And Trade$62,702,181.12
140Peoplebank Australia Ltd$62,621,503.90
141Microsoft Pty Ltd$62,324,369.27
142Jacobs Australia Pty Ltd$62,173,290.50
143Atlantic & Peninsula Australia$62,081,308.08
144Scope Global Pty Ltd$61,986,590.28
145Rockwell Collins Australia Pty Ltd$59,939,629.88
146Teekay Shipping (australia) Pty Ltd$59,596,965.75
147Ajilon Pty Ltd$57,862,368.52
148Kellogg Brown & ROOT Pty Ltd$57,663,383.74
149Badge Constructions QLD Pty Ltd$57,161,147.47
150Sitzler Pty Ltd$56,279,312.40
151PWC Strategy&(australia)pty Ltd$54,764,718.22
152Djerriwarrh Employment &$54,565,974.00
153Accenture Australia Holdings$52,708,004.98
154Teradata Australia Pty Ltd$52,557,196.59
155Shape Australia Pty Ltd$51,407,925.23
156Southern Cross Computing Pty Ltd$51,083,814.62
157Optus Networks Limited$50,727,972.88
158Origin Energy Electricity Limited$50,689,167.73
159The Whitelum Group$50,499,835.75
160Cardno Emerging Markets USA, Ltd$50,318,170.99
161Commonwealth BANK Of Australia$50,223,307.76
162Stellar ASIA Pacific P/L$49,821,080.87
163Clarius Group Limited$49,488,887.37
164Colin JOSS & CO. PTY. Limited$49,171,389.64
165Programmed Professionals Pty Ltd$48,269,569.76
166TOLL Remote Logistics Pty Ltd$47,821,212.30
167SME Gateway Pty Ltd$47,219,891.45
168Pawleena Pty Ltd$46,967,453.00
169Complete Office Supplies Pty Ltd$46,522,803.88
170Probe Group Pty Ltd$46,124,997.50
171Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles$45,580,462.42
172Compas Pty Ltd$45,556,131.65
173Human Psychology$45,431,400.00
174Chemring Australia Pty Ltd$43,661,896.72
175National Health CALL Centre Network$43,243,157.00
176The Trustee For ATO Gosford UNIT Trust$42,906,136.00
177DEKA Australia ONE GMBH$42,793,613.41
178P&O Maritime Services Pty Ltd$42,475,990.89
179Eads-casa (servicio Posventa)$42,110,931.72
180Ambulance Service Of NSW$42,000,000.00
181MTC WORK Solutions$40,309,746.00
182Ambulance Victoria$40,000,000.00
183Clicks Recruit (australia) Pty Ltd$39,878,477.82
184Watpac Construction Pty Ltd$39,682,402.20
185Synergy Group Australia Pty Ltd$39,438,981.13
186Barpa Construction Services$39,378,242.88
187Optus Billing Services Pty Ltd$38,889,381.82
188Australian National University$38,714,081.61
189Water Corporation$38,532,993.00
190Cowater International Inc$37,070,000.00
191Clayton UTZ$36,852,745.27
192Central TAFE$36,315,319.00
193Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation$36,271,277.20
194REDR Australia Ltd$36,154,596.00
195Envista Pty Ltd$36,019,189.73
196The Social Research Centre$35,943,683.66
197National Measurement Institute$35,774,295.62
198Whizdom Pty Ltd$35,697,726.70
200Queensland Ambulance Service$34,000,000.00
201Austal Ships Pty Ltd$33,864,666.83
202University Of Melbourne$33,835,259.92
203DXC Connect Pty Ltd$33,511,605.75
204Morpho Australasia Pty Ltd$33,375,845.39
206Aurec Pty Ltd$32,855,944.91
207Boeing CO The - KENT$32,718,955.50
208APIS Group Pty Limited$32,570,894.60
209Honeywell Ltd$32,253,695.50
210Jones LANG Lasalle (nsw) P/L$32,248,777.08
211Finite Group APAC Pty Ltd$32,141,227.04
212Intelsat General Corporation$31,996,745.76
213Emerging Compounds Treatment$31,975,471.19
214Bechtel Management Pty Ltd$31,699,263.01
215Boston Consulting Group$31,698,764.66
216AGIS Group Pty Ltd$31,554,382.49
217Airflite Pty Ltd$31,312,347.30
218Dialog Pty Ltd$30,973,414.83
219Golder Associates Pty Ltd$30,656,167.16
220Jakeman Business Solutions$30,469,732.49
221Teekay Shipping (australia) Pty Ltd$29,904,071.80
222Ethan Group Pty Ltd$29,504,693.07
223Encore IT Services Pty Ltd$29,451,994.35
224Esri-australia Pty Ltd$29,336,575.93
225Schiavello International Pty Ltd$29,099,591.31
226MAX Solutions$28,405,983.46
227Jacobs Group (australia) Pty Ltd$28,371,170.42
228Hitachi DATA Systems Australia$28,322,796.12
229Bioverativ Australia Pty Ltd$28,177,380.00
230Sunsuper Pty Limited$28,130,000.00
231Randstad Pty Ltd$27,854,675.91
232Rubikon Group$27,823,505.50
233Cordelta Pty Ltd$27,674,375.97
234Broadspectrum Property Pty Ltd$27,601,495.20
235Hudson Global Resources (aust) Pty Ltd$27,037,513.63
236Dexus Property Services Pty Ltd$26,830,670.26
237Cubic Defence Australia Pty Ltd$26,777,062.78
238Datacom Systems (act) Pty Ltd$26,698,244.16
239NTT COM ICT Solutions (australia)$26,346,322.14
240General Dynamics LAND Systems$26,313,907.99
241The Trust Company$26,137,485.24
242ADCO Constructions Pty Ltd$26,053,426.71
243Naval SHIP Management$25,971,255.17
244Skytraders Pty Ltd$25,855,562.53
245Craig International Ballistics Pty$25,672,522.67
246Harrenvale Australasia Pty Ltd$25,237,184.85
247Kongsberg Protech Systems$25,000,000.00
248Garden Office PARK$24,969,424.01
249DTZ Pty Ltd$24,947,149.47
250Dexus CPA Pty LT$24,771,617.04
251Leidos Pty Ltd$24,695,389.01
252DCA No 1 Trust & DCA No 2 Trust$24,646,536.66
253Jenkins Engineering Defence$24,348,755.36
254General Dynamics Mission Systems, I$24,294,687.72
255HP PPS Australia Pty Ltd$24,051,877.97
256Queensland Tertiary Admissions$24,000,000.00
257Walker Collins ST. Building 4D Pty Ltd$23,866,091.04
258Aecom Services Pty Ltd (formerly Called: URS Australia Pty LTD)$23,856,208.70
259AIR Affairs Australia Pty Ltd$23,790,240.45
260South Metropolitan TAFE$23,693,884.00
261Pricewaterhousecoopers Consulting$23,680,510.06
262Investa Nominees$23,673,262.03
263Greythorn Pty Ltd$23,430,288.79
264Hitech Group Australia Limited$23,324,560.43
265The Camerons Group$23,146,179.70
266Australian Institute Of Health And$23,086,714.01
267SAS Institute Australia Pty Ltd$22,837,561.69
268Ajilon Australia Pty Ltd$22,769,709.46
269Vision BOX Australia Pty Ltd$22,656,213.88
270Teach For Australia$22,523,600.00
271Steps Group Australia Limited$22,444,662.80
272Lorica Health Pty Ltd$22,255,641.71
273Odense Maritime Technology A/S$22,184,630.54
274L-3 Oceania$22,059,131.10
275Tetris S.a.s$21,902,272.49
276BECA Consultants Pty Ltd$21,884,578.89
277Department Of Commuications And The ARTS$21,879,992.02
278JDA Wokman Ltd$21,669,496.38
279Prepack Ltd$21,644,496.86
280DFP Recruitment Services Pty Ltd$21,354,192.42
281Enfold Projects$21,183,823.44
282Indra Australia Pty Limited$21,133,172.12
283NSW Rural Assistance Authority$20,875,000.00
284VIVA Energy Aviation Pty Ltd$20,851,226.69
285Red HAT Asia-pacific Pty Ltd$20,795,960.27
286Sikorsky Aircraft Australia Ltd$20,628,424.66
287University Of NEW South Wales$20,574,441.76
288RUAG Australia Pty Ltd$20,310,714.15
289Anspec Pty Ltd$20,106,327.93
290Objective Corporation Limited$20,089,032.36
291Thyssenkrupp Elevator Australia$20,073,778.18
292BMT Design & Technology Pty Ltd$19,765,496.19
293Hansen Yuncken Pty Ltd$19,687,698.62
294Group 10 Consulting Pty Limited$19,486,101.32
295Netapp Australia Pty Ltd$19,465,708.35
296Survitec Group$19,446,907.15
297NBN CO Limited$19,227,999.99
298General Dynamics Mission Systems,!i$19,174,604.59
299Oakton Services Pty Ltd$19,123,726.93
300Capgemini Australia Pty Ltd$19,080,235.98
301SRC AUS Pty Ltd$19,061,588.96
302Daronmont Technologies Pty Ltd$19,013,227.17
303KING & WOOD Mallesons$18,972,212.45
304Canberra Consulting Pty Ltd$18,893,814.22
305ASG Group Limited$18,736,279.52
306Jones LANG Lasalle Pty Ltd$18,690,444.18
307Linfox Australia Pty Ltd$18,673,252.59
308CAE Australia Pty Ltd$18,560,304.51
309OMNI Executive Pty Ltd$18,466,197.83
310The Boeing Company!dba Boeing!div$18,429,541.51
311Chartair Pty Ltd$18,426,772.42
312Duratec Australia Pty Ltd$18,412,883.54
313Havas Worldwide Australia Pty$18,132,476.90
314Bureau Of Meteorology$17,995,504.62
315Milspec Services Pty Limited$17,921,421.52
316Callida Consulting$17,839,238.74
317GPT Funds Management Limited$17,727,697.09
318ENT. Services Australia Pty Ltd$17,644,073.24
319AAI Corporation!dba Textron Systems$17,441,311.24
320ASP SHIP Management Pty Ltd Sirius$17,354,553.78
322CC Pines Pty Ltd$17,083,154.41
323Walter Gregory Cecil Dunsdon, IAN Geoffrey Dunsdon & Donald Scott Dunsdon$16,977,600.00
324Willemsen Property Corporation Pty$16,822,230.76
325Expal Systems, S.A.$16,685,403.44
326Unisys Australia Ltd$16,675,438.03
327Sigma Bravo Pty Ltd$16,666,185.14
328Sofrina Pty Ltd$16,532,697.48
329MVS Valuers Australia Pty Ltd$16,500,000.00
330Serco Defence$16,436,771.61
331Citrix Systems ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$16,376,458.02
332ADAM Smith International (australia) Pty Ltd$16,333,932.80
335Clanwilliam Investments$16,071,705.93
336SMS Consulting Group Ltd$16,063,622.53
337CFM International, INC.$16,047,662.53
338Fincantieri S.p.a.$15,970,032.26
339Projects Assured Pty Ltd ATF Projec$15,963,791.46
340Ashurst Australia$15,938,895.34
341Veritec Pty Ltd$15,743,134.72
342HK Logistics Pty Ltd T/A HK Shipping International Pty Ltd$15,737,303.57
343The University Of Queensland$15,679,714.09
344Eylex Pty Ltd$15,662,506.25
345DHL Express Australia$15,653,339.66
346SRC Solutions$15,491,974.80
347Department Of The Attorney General$15,458,524.33
348TAE GAS Turbines Pty Ltd$15,433,410.86
349Australian Trust For Conservation$15,419,050.49
350AMA Projects Pty Ltd$15,400,838.15
351ICON CO (qld) Pty Ltd$15,348,645.88
352Gartner Australasia Pty Ltd$15,341,029.86
353Sparke Helmore$15,331,353.89
354The University Of Wollongong$15,195,887.79
355Centrelink FMS Shared Services$14,971,707.00
356BAE Systems Surface Ships Limited$14,971,544.09
357360 Capital Investment Management Ltd$14,965,355.05
358Ultra Electronics Avalon Systems$14,916,706.49
359Recoveries Corporation Pty Ltd$14,871,077.01
360M &T Resources Pty Ltd$14,844,986.41
361Navantia S A$14,609,529.53
362Lockheed Martin Australia$14,599,288.07
363Airbus Defence And Space S.a.u.$14,580,819.03
364ATOS (australia) Pty Ltd$14,561,096.33
365General Electric International Inc$14,482,142.54
367Primewest Funds Ltd$14,369,971.54
368Infront Systems Pty Ltd$14,342,030.43
369Pilbara Education Regional Office$14,156,942.00
370Technology ONE Ltd$14,031,060.65
371SOS Recruitment$13,970,151.99
372Remote Pty Ltd$13,910,183.03
373UXC Consulting Pty Ltd$13,824,971.02
374Pegasystems Limited$13,820,398.00
375Aristech Pty Ltd$13,725,293.00
376Kelly Services Australia Pty Ltd$13,694,451.65
377TATA Consultancy Services Limited$13,600,000.00
378Digital Transformation Agency$13,571,416.11
379Rubik3 Pty Ltd$13,508,823.23
380Sanofi-aventis Australia Pty Ltd$13,452,700.00
381ACER Computer Australia Pty Ltd$13,422,248.62
383CIT Solutions Pty Limited$13,343,609.17
384Victoria International Container TE$13,309,264.00
385AMW Professional Services$13,221,435.08
386First People Recruitment Solutions$13,164,147.44
387James Fisher Australia T/A JFD$13,050,091.85
388IT Newcom Pty Limited$12,990,510.84
389Micreo Limited$12,988,992.82
390Techpoint Consulting PTY. Limited$12,955,381.85
391Aquaterro APS$12,943,795.26
392Victorian Cytology Service Inc$12,878,469.00
393Horizon ONE Recruitment Pty Ltd$12,714,620.07
394Drake Australia Pty Ltd$12,691,827.00
395Illuminated Solutions Pty Ltd$12,652,943.60
396Coffey Enviroments Australia$12,645,054.00
397Providence Consulting Group Pty Ltd$12,592,439.39
398The Trustee For Harris HMC Interior$12,485,897.71
399NOUS Group Pty Ltd$12,442,343.11
400CA (pacific) Pty Ltd$12,400,617.70
401Future People Pty Limited$12,367,703.35
402IQON Pty Ltd$12,360,933.54
403TIWI Partners$12,256,968.86
404Fulton Hogan Pty Ltd$12,192,331.49
405Keane Consulting Pty Ltd$12,168,486.73
406University Of Sydney$12,163,252.44
407BAE Systems Australia$12,151,617.59
408Meggitt Training Systems$12,136,675.71
409Birdon Pty Ltd$12,055,330.44
410ALL Graduates Interpreting & Translating Services$12,000,000.00
411Fivium Pty Ltd$11,999,328.01
412Frazer-nash Consultancy$11,864,660.88
413Rolls Royce Australia Services P$11,815,709.80
414Brooke Institute Pty Ltd$11,669,146.74
415Nexter Munitions$11,636,643.10
416Bruel & Kjaer EMS (australia) Pty$11,603,101.62
417Built Pty Ltd$11,551,438.21
418ASIO AUST Security$11,547,780.00
419Helmsman Services Pty Ltd$11,529,919.48
421JPO Project Pammandi Cbass Embassay$11,465,512.99
422ASIA Pacific Aerospace$11,436,847.00
423Monaco Hickey Pty Ltd$11,306,365.40
424Kobold Group Limited$11,291,174.99
425Westpac Banking Corporation$11,261,250.00
426ST JOHN AMB AUS - WA AMB SVC Inc$11,249,000.00
427Acronym Integrated Technology Pty Ltd$11,245,091.17
428Datapath Australia Pty Ltd$11,227,389.42
429DUN & Bradstreet Australia Pty Ltd$11,220,531.03
430Opstar Pty Ltd$11,210,402.23
431Minter Ellison$11,193,846.94
432Isentia Pty Limited$11,170,048.43
433PSG Holdings$11,091,552.20
434Concur Holdings$11,065,675.24
435Greening Australia Limited$11,000,000.00
436Providence Consulting Group PL$10,930,212.98
437Sypaq Systems Pty Ltd$10,893,027.33
438Kinetic Defence Services Pty Ltd$10,827,132.45
439Face2face Recruitment Pty Ltd$10,816,660.10
440Redback BOOT Company Pty Ltd$10,757,754.67
441Thomson Reuters (professional)$10,650,655.30
442Stephen Edwards Construction Pty Ltd$10,647,110.00
443The Recruitment HIVE Pty Ltd$10,627,011.98
444UK MOD C-130j FOMS$10,624,387.00
445RTB Holdings P/L ATF Biggs Family$10,579,682.70
446Oakton Contracting & Recruitment PT$10,417,013.59
447Patella Properties Australia Pty Ltd$10,416,854.27
448Noakes Group Pty Limited$10,326,574.94
449Avaya Australia Pty Ltd$10,283,283.75
450Chubb FIRE And Security P/L$10,206,812.72
451Infinite Consulting Pty Limited$10,201,068.45
452International SOS (australasia)$10,183,628.28
453World Agroforestry Centre$10,111,211.00
454FUJI Xerox Australia PTY. Limited$10,096,345.39
455FUJI Xerox Businessforce Pty Limited$10,085,069.05
456Omaha IT Services Pty Ltd$10,069,416.97
457ISPT Pty Ltd (064 041 283) AS Trustee For ISPT 50 Lonsdale Street Property Trust$10,001,219.00
458RORK Projects Pty Ltd$9,974,239.88
459Sliced TECH Pty Ltd$9,892,085.02
460OOBE Pty Ltd$9,891,435.40
461The University Of Adelaide$9,868,840.20
462The RAND Corporation (australia)$9,801,595.18
463FLIR Unmanned Aerial Systems AS$9,667,813.35
464LRT Developments$9,624,000.23
465Melbourne Business School$9,585,892.27
466Gillian Beaumont Legal$9,555,900.92
467Macquarie Telecom Pty Ltd$9,443,652.43
468GMT Canberra Pty Ltd$9,397,009.45
470Sirras Consultants$9,286,146.10
471HWL Ebsworth Lawyers$9,269,622.64
472Proximity Advisory Services Pty Ltd$9,215,601.42
473International Paints$9,213,572.72
474Deakin University$9,195,655.69
476Compass Group (australia) Pty Ltd$9,168,210.37
477Elbit Systems Of Australia Pty Ltd$9,079,642.78
478Haulmark Trailers (australia) P*$9,079,408.44
479SA Ambulance Service-central A/C$9,000,000.00
480Cabcharge Australia Pty Ltd$8,990,381.69
481Career Employment Australia$8,982,713.00
482Rheinmetall Simulation Australia$8,921,118.86
483Swinburne University$8,916,786.02
484Linda WYSE & Associates$8,907,478.00
485Corrs Chambers Westgarth$8,896,566.44
486Adobe Systems Software Ireland LIMI$8,869,817.43
487S & A Contracting Pty Ltd$8,835,629.62
488Protiviti Pty Ltd$8,834,763.55
489ASC International FZE$8,831,874.81
490Ocean Software Pty Ltd$8,791,768.76
492Jeppesen Sanderson, INC. DBA Jeppes$8,778,646.57
493Hoban Recruitment Pty Ltd$8,776,195.76
494BDC (act) Pty Ltd$8,772,409.80
495Explosive Protective Equipment$8,767,459.05
496OWEN International Pty Ltd$8,757,172.17
497ICON Water Limited$8,752,151.76
498KIAH Consulting$8,720,383.91
499University Of The Sunshine Coast$8,658,912.36
500V2R Projects Pty Ltd$8,644,986.11
501Power And Water Corporation$8,627,800.00
502Forward IT$8,608,767.45
503Johnson Winter & Slattery$8,541,413.01
504Aerosafe RISK Management Pty Ltd$8,535,231.01
505Index Consultants Pty Ltd$8,529,997.98
506BOX HILL Institute Of TAFE$8,485,910.28
507Department Of Social Services$8,450,528.60
508LEND Lease REAL Estate Investments Limited$8,407,113.00
509B.m.d. Constructions PTY. Limited$8,402,133.81
510Australia And NEW Zealand Banking Group Limited$8,373,750.00
511NUIX Pty Ltd$8,357,056.00
512AUST Institute Of Family Studies$8,321,750.60
513Northrop Grumman International TRAD$8,317,052.07
514Perpetual Trustee Company Ltd$8,249,147.24
515Veritas Storage (singapore) PTE Ltd$8,245,491.27
516Mcarthur (qld) Pty Ltd$8,240,816.55
517Enterprise Architects (vic) Pty Ltd$8,240,476.62
518Mercedes-benz Australia/pacificp$8,230,972.23
519Affinity Constructions Australia$8,159,962.57
520Electroboard Solutions Pty Ltd$8,134,768.66
521Serco Sodexo Defence Services$8,084,900.00
522Brien Holden Vision Institute Foundation$8,030,000.00
523Medic Oncall$8,013,447.16
524Scientific Management Associates$7,993,444.64
525Zenith Interiors Pty Ltd$7,984,400.50
526Sirras Consultants Pty Ltd$7,972,690.07
527University Of South Australia$7,943,297.22
528Gibbs & COX, Inc.!div Finance &$7,930,008.46
529Cisco Systems Australia Pty Ltd$7,862,443.79
530CCH Australia Limited$7,821,988.84
531Colmar Brunton Pty Ltd$7,812,058.63
532Queensland CANE Growers$7,810,000.00
533JNC Group Australia Pty Ltd$7,800,328.79
534Lexis Nexis$7,725,273.86
535Department Of Finance$7,702,178.00
536Murdoch University$7,678,629.20
537DOF Management Australia Pty Ltd$7,619,758.44
538Palantir Technologies Australia$7,600,000.00
539Fugro LADS Corporation Pty Ltd$7,594,466.30
540On Q Recruitment Pty Ltd$7,551,742.42
541CPB Contractors Pty Limited$7,515,010.73
542Ricoh Australia Pty Ltd$7,503,701.99
543Philip CHUN And Associates Pty Ltd$7,500,064.00
544Aspen Medical Pty Ltd$7,414,140.90
545Perpetual Trustee CO. Ltd For Abacus Group$7,382,146.78
546Deutsche BANK AG$7,315,000.00
547Duratec Australia (ES) Pty Ltd$7,307,174.60
548Salesforce Australia Pty Ltd$7,305,323.14
549ISG Information Services Group$7,276,275.83
551Viasat, INC.$7,254,960.58
553Henry Davis YORK Lawyers$7,184,465.50
554Aviair Pty Ltd T/AS Slingair Pty LT$7,176,489.90
555Vmware International Limited$7,172,704.09
556Australian Commission On Safety And$7,169,000.00
557Wipro Technologies Australia P/L$7,156,402.00
558Redcliffe International (shipping)$7,126,248.14
559Karlka Recruiting Group Pty Ltd$7,107,031.80
560Australian Federal Police$7,082,719.31
561The Trustee For Thinkplace UNIT TRU$7,071,747.20
562Yamba Welding And Engineering$7,048,807.56
563Quintus Technologies AB$7,030,400.00
564Department Of Veterans Affairs$7,026,006.65
565Parsons Brinckerhoff Australia Pty$7,006,244.88
566Predicate Partners Pty Ltd$7,003,508.08
567Bemac Security P/L$6,978,661.85
568Department Of Health - Metropolitan$6,939,892.00
569Partners In Performance$6,920,413.90
570Shamrock Civil Engineering$6,886,511.46
571Vincent Nicole Butcher ATF Butcher$6,886,035.68
572Bidfood Australia Limited$6,878,621.72
573Speedcast Australia Pty Ltd$6,863,412.41
574Erapsco!dba Sonobuoytechsystems$6,814,355.46
575MOVE Dynamics$6,801,416.59
577University Of Tasmania$6,792,436.86
578Macumba Investments$6,790,231.92
579ISPT Custodians Pty Ltd$6,773,355.02
580Jones LANG Lasalle (qld) P/L$6,761,094.88
582PUCH Construction & Building Pty LT$6,722,558.47
583Insitu Pacific Pty Ltd$6,705,943.95
584The Institution Of Engineers AUST$6,673,361.63
585Compass Group Remote Hospitality$6,636,636.00
586Pinnacle People$6,600,000.00
587Rutledge Engineering AUST$6,583,143.12
588Tallbrook Pty Ltd$6,557,100.00
589DMV Consulting$6,547,742.00
590D2D CRC LTD.$6,512,809.60
591Samknows Limited$6,495,000.00
592Integrated Technical Management$6,473,783.91
593Cirrus REAL TIME Processing Systems$6,451,844.48
594Origin Energy$6,449,511.00
595Effectiva Pty Ltd$6,443,945.63
596Meyer Vandenberg Lawyers$6,439,873.65
597Geospatial Intelligence Pty Ltd$6,375,698.72
598Software AG Australia Pty Ltd$6,374,906.13
599South Australian Murray-darling Basin Natural Resources Management Board$6,368,620.63
600MSA (aust.) PTY. Limited$6,362,653.29
601Australian Bureau Of Statistics$6,348,808.58
602KANE Constructions Pty Ltd$6,343,026.21
603Status Employment Services$6,338,568.00
604Deloitte Consulting Pty Ltd$6,312,086.31
605Charterpoint Pty Ltd$6,306,890.01
606LINX Stevedoring Pty Ltd$6,279,742.99
607Australian Crime Commission$6,238,994.00
608Vaisala Pty Ltd$6,236,429.36
609Dimensional Developments Australia Pty Ltd$6,233,015.00
610GJ&K Cleaning Services Pty Ltd$6,230,462.00
612Damen Shipyards Gorinchem$6,216,380.28
613Connexxion Pty Limited$6,178,569.39
614UGL Engineering Pty Limited$6,164,121.70
615BEAK Engineering (aust) Pty Ltd$6,149,094.00
616Minelab Electronics Pty Ltd$6,130,169.22
617Centacare Employment And Training$6,124,674.00
618Boeing Company, The!dba Boeing!div$6,108,248.40
619BOC Limited$6,104,012.77
620Origin Energy LPG Limited$6,098,376.40
621University Of Western Australia$6,076,786.51
622DLA Piper$6,041,402.80
623Australian Public Service$6,016,684.35
624Manpower Services (aust) P/L$6,005,483.30
626NSW DEPT Of Education & Communities$5,956,000.00
627BMF Advertising Pty Ltd$5,897,336.47
628Global Defence Solutions Pty Ltd$5,890,332.39
629Kamiros Investments Pty Ltd$5,881,515.00
630LEND Lease Engineering Pty Limited$5,865,603.80
631Crown Management Consultants$5,835,959.34
632Northrop Grumman M5 - USD$5,823,539.78
633Helicopter Resources Pty Ltd$5,810,690.69
634The Trust Company (australia) Ltd$5,806,933.00
635OPC IT Pty Ltd$5,792,159.08
636Intech Solutions Pty Ltd$5,786,880.13
637JPG Partners Pty Ltd$5,773,775.72
638Norton ROSE Fulbright$5,772,370.41
639Driver Education Centre Of AUST$5,761,294.06
640OPEN TEXT Pty Ltd$5,737,591.88
641Department Of Prime Minister And Cabinet$5,719,959.20
642Nuctech Sydney Pty Ltd$5,704,868.68
643CGG Aviation (australia) Pty Ltd$5,702,828.90
644Effective People Pty Ltd$5,692,858.35
646DNV GL Australia Pty Limited$5,679,055.65
647Enwerd Pty Ltd$5,672,669.25
648Teledyne Defence Australia$5,670,442.80
649Juilliard Corporation Pty Ltd$5,660,082.00
650Redback Consulting Pty Ltd$5,651,704.30
651Greenbox Systems$5,648,711.86
652FN Herstal$5,635,280.76
653Zodiac Milpro Australia Pty Ltd$5,597,822.20
654Western Power$5,589,157.20
655Bendigo Kangan Institute$5,554,139.49
656Noetic Solutions Pty Limited$5,527,750.98
657CHM Corporate Health Managment P/L$5,500,000.00
658Cistech Solutions$5,487,248.86
659The Trust Company (australia) Limited In ITS Capacity AS Trustee Of Century PEAK Trust$5,482,307.67
660Amazon WEB Services, INC.$5,477,754.35
661DC And SM Family Trust$5,477,371.00
662Nortec Staffing Solutions$5,429,995.00
663The Trustees For Crossfire Australi$5,426,782.20
664RMIT University$5,417,711.80
665KJ ROSS & Associates Pty Ltd$5,400,359.30
666CPT Global Australia Pty Ltd$5,335,583.01
667ROB Dobson & Associates Pty Ltd$5,325,382.86
668Trustee For Secom Technical Service$5,314,522.94
669Daracon Contractors Pty Ltd$5,275,000.00
670Gulanga Group Pty Ltd$5,262,198.17
671Shelde Pty Ltd$5,239,428.40
672FDC Construction & Fitout (qld) P/L$5,233,900.10
673Canberra DATA Centres Pty Ltd$5,223,326.46
674Concur Holdings (netherlands) B.V$5,218,180.00
675Advanced VTOL Technologies Pty Ltd$5,212,226.76
676RPS Australia WEST Pty Ltd$5,208,456.16
677Servegate Australia Pty Ltd$5,196,294.59
678AXIS Building Group$5,178,564.05
680Orima Research Pty Ltd$5,152,216.05
681CH2M HILL AUST Pty Ltd$5,135,576.00
682Simon National Carriers$5,132,546.50
683Mcmahon Services Australia Pty Ltd$5,113,462.48
684Amnesium Pty Ltd$5,102,335.74
685Meditrend Pty Ltd$5,090,943.90
686C'wealth Director Of Public Prosecu$5,067,139.68
688SMYL Community Services$5,049,625.00
689Senversa Pty Ltd$5,034,282.25
690Fassmer, FR. GMBH & CO Schiffs- UND$5,022,072.00
691FR. Luerssen Werft GMBH & CO. KG$5,022,072.00
693Iccpm Solutions Pty Ltd$5,010,217.27
694M3 Engineering &$5,008,312.97
695Australian Receivables Ltd$5,000,000.00
696Callida Indigenous Consulting Pty$4,998,508.54
697Schiavello Construction (vic)$4,993,481.00
698AUST Nuclear Science And TECH Organisation$4,990,361.55
699Barbador Pty Limited$4,969,823.30
700Office Of Parliamentary Counsel$4,938,571.40
701University Of Technology Sydney$4,927,615.28
702Veritas (australia) Pty Ltd$4,910,214.66
703Inmarsat Navigation Ventures Limited$4,900,000.00
704Compuware Software Group$4,878,723.30
705Ultra Project Services Pty Ltd$4,875,815.95
706Dassault Systemes Australia Pty Ltd$4,872,534.70
707Project Coordination (australia)$4,856,125.45
708Queensland University Of Technology$4,847,882.43
709Cornerstone Performance Management$4,844,023.01
710F1 Solutions Pty Ltd$4,842,484.33
711Birdanco Nominees Pty Ltd$4,808,744.82
712Terrex Pty Ltd$4,770,223.26
713FM Projects Australia Pty Ltd$4,713,637.64
714Sonic Healthplus$4,676,116.09
715Business Aspect$4,665,351.70
716General Dynamics European LAND$4,662,650.08
717Epi-use Australia Pty Ltd$4,655,613.14
718Townsville CITY Council$4,629,975.00
719Platypus Outdoors Group Pty Ltd$4,627,913.92
720Thomson Aviation Pty Ltd$4,621,210.16
721Horizon Communication Group Pty$4,616,291.00
722Careymc Pty Ltd$4,581,444.18
723Ringir Pty Ltd$4,566,100.00
724Relegen Pty Ltd$4,563,052.39
725Saltbush Consulting Pty Ltd$4,555,187.37
726RXP Services Limited$4,553,442.83
727Mcgrathnicol Advisory Partnership$4,550,641.42
728CORE Integrated Solutions Pty Ltd$4,538,680.26
730Varec, INC.$4,514,777.82
731European Molecular Biology$4,502,000.00
732ALLY Group Pty$4,494,508.51
733Craig JOHN Williams$4,483,290.00
734Challenger LIFE Nominees Pty Ltd$4,469,152.39
735IOM - 00905963$4,466,000.00
736Mitso Consulting Pty Ltd$4,464,540.27
737DDLS Australia Pty Limited$4,432,449.52
738Sturdy Framac$4,426,393.96
739The Frame Group Pty Limited$4,426,090.78
740Warsash Pty Ltd$4,407,579.72
741Hammond Street Developments Pty Ltd$4,383,210.20
742DFAS Cleveland$4,379,308.98
743Randazzo Investments$4,365,564.92
744HBS Group$4,356,660.88
745Appian Software Switzerland LLC$4,351,991.00
746Intract Australia Pty Ltd$4,343,512.36
747Acendre Pty Ltd$4,341,594.81
748Grosvenor Management Consulting P/L$4,311,120.70
749Frontier Group Australia Pty Ltd$4,307,063.14
750Reeves International$4,297,718.59
751Capability Driven Acquisition$4,296,413.02
752ACIL Allen Consulting Pty Ltd$4,294,330.65
753WFEL Limited$4,291,108.92
755Southtech Systems Pty Ltd$4,268,688.46
756DRS Network & Imaging Systems, LLC$4,263,729.81
757GEL GOV Group Pty Ltd$4,263,477.41
758Lendlease Building Pty Limited$4,250,498.75
759L3 Technologies, Inc.!dba$4,233,166.01
760UXC Limited$4,232,919.74
761MOOG Australia Pty Ltd$4,211,256.50
762Department Of Agriculture And$4,194,576.49
763Symantec ASIA Pacific P/L$4,189,888.39
764Curtin University Of Technology$4,182,725.30
765Codan Limited$4,173,317.80
766Zancott Knight Facilities Managemen$4,163,019.91
767Melaleuca Refugee Centre$4,156,000.00
768Motorola Solutions Australia$4,151,362.81
769Infosys Technologies Limited$4,147,943.42
770Engineering & Scientific Systems PL$4,137,986.69
771Nepean Engineering And Innovation Pty Ltd$4,115,150.00
772HTR Group Pty Ltd$4,101,766.65
773Coffey Projects$4,101,680.00
774Queensland Urban Utilities$4,096,742.00
775Thales Australia - Lithgow$4,080,579.95
776Consilium Technology Pty Ltd$4,056,435.56
777Taylor Nelson Sofres AUST P/L$4,056,321.40
778Department Of Employment$4,053,000.00
779Keysight Technologies Australia$4,045,225.70
780RGM Maintenance Pty Ltd$4,037,274.23
781Deloitte Access Economics$4,012,856.54
782Revolution IT Pty Ltd$4,001,908.60
783International Livestock Research Institute$4,000,000.00
784Canprint Communications Pty Limited$3,990,218.49
785Server Racks Australia$3,990,016.06
786SMG Properties Pty Ltd$3,983,161.27
787SHL Australia Pty Ltd$3,964,402.50
788J Walter Thompson Australia$3,957,472.20
789AAD Nominees Pty Ltd$3,926,698.00
790Quintessencelabs Pty Ltd$3,925,554.71
791Northern Territory Of Australia$3,907,843.89
792The Architecture Practice$3,906,138.00
793Dixon Appointments$3,905,439.51
794Razor IT Systems Pty Ltd$3,897,379.45
795Vmware International Limited$3,897,183.36
796Wipro Limited$3,894,526.93
797Education Services Australia Ltd$3,891,740.68
798Scaletta Armoring Corporation$3,889,740.76
799Griffith University$3,871,033.18
800Sunraysia Institute Of TAFE$3,860,000.00
801DMTC Limited$3,850,000.00
802BMT WBM Pty Ltd$3,828,093.50
803HALL Contracting Pty Ltd$3,816,927.75
804Thoughtworks Australia Pty Ltd$3,807,074.30
805RWM Italia SPA$3,805,480.94
806Equator Corporation$3,800,000.00
807Liquid Interactive$3,790,600.00
808Arrpwere Consulting Pty Ltd$3,782,899.92
810Defcon Technologies Group Pty Ltd$3,754,816.82
811Department Of Natural Resources And Mines$3,749,147.00
812Military And Aviation Spares P$3,748,788.19
814Birch Creek HILL Investments Pty Ltd$3,728,500.00
815Reserve BANK Of Australia$3,725,478.51
816University Of Newcastle$3,718,549.00
817Elmtek Pty Ltd$3,693,716.54
818Sydney Water$3,690,000.00
819C.A. Property Group Pty Ltd$3,680,296.28
820Maser Defence Pty Ltd$3,675,366.42
821IA Group Pty Ltd$3,674,959.97
822Clough Projects Pty Ltd$3,664,597.22
823Nextgen Networks Pty Ltd$3,659,880.81
824Carbon Media Pty Ltd$3,653,602.00
825CRC CARE Pty Ltd$3,650,825.79
826Geoscience Australia$3,650,009.78
827Auslink Investment Management Ltd$3,646,381.97
828Colliers International$3,644,948.88
829Pilatus Aircraft Ltd$3,638,546.39
830Mhd-rockland Inc$3,627,109.62
831CRAY INC.$3,624,930.21
832CPIF No 3 Pty Limited$3,623,600.00
833BLUE Swimmer Consulting Pty Ltd$3,619,162.15
834Healthconsult Pty Ltd$3,613,086.02
835Department Of The Environment ABD Energy$3,609,084.04
836Datadirect Networks Inc$3,602,060.00
837Defence Liaison Services Pty Ltd$3,599,731.83
838Phoenix Management Services$3,595,342.88
839REEF And Rainforest Research Centre$3,589,300.00
840Rohde And Schwarz (aust) Pty Ltd$3,539,873.23
841Finxl Professional Services Pty Ltd$3,535,693.55
842Cablex Pty Ltd$3,533,233.77
843DMAA Seaforce Pty Ltd$3,533,072.91
844BOSS Constructions (act) Pty Ltd$3,523,592.69
845ASPL Australia Pty Ltd$3,521,128.60
846Mesja Pty Ltd$3,511,639.00
847GEAE Holdings Inc$3,510,811.10
848The Trustee For The Sellar Family$3,504,877.84
849Australian Human Rights Commission$3,503,585.15
850Fletcher Morobe Construction Limite$3,493,311.48
851Procurement Australia$3,492,125.87
852Magspec Airborne Surveys Pty Ltd$3,483,951.89
853Selex ES GMBH$3,466,661.76
854Yokine Investments$3,462,860.75
855CITY Of SWAN$3,462,140.21
856Codarra Advanced Systems Pty Ltd$3,431,891.65
857Tuckley Investments$3,427,121.81
858Dexus Funds Management Limited$3,417,561.00
859Consunet Pty Ltd$3,410,628.30
860Varley Group$3,406,852.90
861BAE Systems Information And Electro$3,406,570.81
862Forms Administration Pty Ltd$3,406,401.93
863Monash University$3,403,865.57
865VAN DEN BERG Design TEAM Pty$3,389,980.30
866Jones LANG Lasalle Advisory$3,389,978.28
867IRON Mountain Australia Group Pty Ltd$3,370,059.26
868Procurement Professionals Pty Ltd$3,343,323.51
869AEP Currie Pty Ltd$3,338,202.36
870Podcon Pty Ltd$3,338,000.00
871DEPT Of Primary Industries And REGI$3,333,629.00
872RON Allum Deepsea Services$3,332,120.00
873Toowoomba Regional Council$3,329,427.95
874Ebsco Australia$3,328,816.01
875Supacat Pty Ltd$3,327,431.92
876Department Of Industry$3,321,213.77
877Pacific Marine Batteries Pty Ltd$3,312,548.68
878Georgiou Group Pty Ltd$3,306,145.29
879SRA Information Technology Pty Ltd$3,304,305.02
881Ergon Energy$3,296,794.16
882SA Water$3,296,037.54
883TBWA Melbourne$3,293,458.15
884Seqirus Pty Ltd$3,291,491.68
885Emantra Pty Ltd$3,291,390.54
886J3seven Pty Ltd$3,284,974.00
887Leonardo MW Ltd$3,277,032.90
888Staff Check Pty Limited$3,272,787.21
889Thermo Fisher Scientific Australia Pty Ltd$3,267,510.87
890KENN Borek AIR Ltd$3,247,606.76
891GRA Supply Chain Pty Ltd$3,239,639.98
892NPS Medicinewise$3,229,898.69
893DEWC Pty Ltd$3,223,395.70
894LSC Psychology Pty Limited$3,220,094.01
895Entco Australia Pty Ltd$3,219,469.18
897Volvo Commercial Vehicles Towns*$3,205,889.95
898GMV Aerospace And Defence S.A.$3,200,000.00
899Dynatrace Asia-pacific Pty Ltd$3,189,015.64
900Frontline Safety Australia Pty Ltd$3,181,577.47
901ROLL INN Pty Ltd$3,180,450.85
902Telethon Institute For Child$3,175,595.32
903Australian Council For Educational$3,166,407.94
904Department Of Agriculture And Fisheries$3,163,526.20
905Intravision Pty Ltd$3,162,296.82
906Informatica Australia Pty Ltd$3,159,756.03
907Charles Sturt University$3,157,838.00
908NTP Pty Ltd$3,152,727.68
909Trapeze Group ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$3,150,918.00
910Australian Forensics Services$3,147,571.51
912Jayrow Helicopters Pty Ltd$3,129,208.16
913Ciena Corporation$3,116,290.19
914MEAT & Livestock Australia Limited$3,104,116.55
915The Dumonde Group Pty Ltd$3,102,539.56
916Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems AUST$3,101,144.81
917F K Gardner & SONS P/L PROJ A9032$3,090,985.30
918DBA SANS Institute$3,082,844.76
919Navantia Australia Pty Ltd$3,076,217.16
920Dynama Solutions Pty Ltd$3,072,229.60
921Charterhouse Medical Pty Ltd$3,067,919.40
922Metronode Pty Ltd$3,055,121.03
923Bluefin Resources Pty Ltd$3,049,074.10
924B2cloud Pty Ltd$3,047,000.00
926Pellicano Investments 3 Pty Ltd$3,034,387.95
927Pharmaceutical Society Of$3,015,032.90
928Freightquip Pty Ltd$3,014,386.33
929Trimcast Products Pty Ltd$3,013,134.96
930AUS CTRE Posttraumatic M/h-nab ACC ONLY$3,001,720.01
931Servegate Australia$2,995,539.36
932Bruce HICK Electrical DATA Pty Ltd$2,975,568.21
933PT Batara MEGA Krida Kencana$2,975,430.00
934Dynamo Recruitment Pty Ltd$2,972,855.00
935Oliver Wyman Pty Ltd$2,972,350.00
936Procurement And Contracting Group$2,968,399.50
937Mykra Building Services$2,966,122.75
938Centrix - PM (aust) Pty Ltd$2,965,418.80
939Electrotech Australia Pty Ltd$2,962,335.42
940PMB Defence Engineering Pty Ltd$2,956,215.49
941Futura Defence Limited$2,955,712.00
942Cosmic TECH Solutions Pty Ltd$2,954,865.60
943Invocare Australia Pty Limited$2,954,301.87
945Intergraph Corporation Pty Ltd$2,951,918.86
947H I Fraser Pty Ltd$2,917,580.89
948Childers Nominees$2,917,103.00
949Defense Finance And$2,910,957.10
950Cubic Defence NEW Zealand Ltd$2,910,851.97
951Inspired CORP$2,907,106.56
952Elevations Exhibitions And Design Ltd$2,906,920.00
953Equity Partners$2,905,021.47
954Lionbridge Technologies, Inc$2,900,000.00
955Helmsville ATF Helmsville Trust$2,889,175.85
956Scaletta Moloney Armouring Corporation$2,886,198.08
957Gayford Investments Pty Ltd$2,881,701.70
958PALL Australia Pty Ltd$2,872,557.76
959Promontory Australasia (sydney) Pty Ltd$2,869,980.00
960Health Education And Training Insti$2,865,951.00
961Gartner ROSE Pty Ltd$2,862,244.36
962Cogito Group Pty Ltd$2,856,741.98
963BIG N Pty Ltd$2,854,155.00
964Lisant People Solutions Pty Ltd$2,849,519.20
965Vocus Pty Ltd$2,841,301.10
966J. Blackwood And SON Pty Ltd$2,827,377.88
967Security & Technology Services$2,827,258.75
968Converge International$2,826,589.70
969Interaction Consulting Group$2,825,033.94
970Bhagwan Marine Pty Ltd$2,815,502.40
971UOM Commercial Ltd$2,811,727.70
972First Grade Group Pty Ltd$2,806,678.52
973Pricewaterhousecoopers Indigenous Consulting Pty Limited$2,802,054.50
974The Mathworks Australia Pty Ltd$2,800,161.19
975Snadame ATF Terrett Invest UNIT TR$2,788,552.56
976Cogent Business Solutions Pty Ltd$2,777,325.64
977BNY Trust Company Of Australia LIMI$2,770,252.42
978Mcgirr Information Technology$2,763,777.80
979DPM Conferencing Pty Ltd$2,756,512.46
980HAP SENG Commercial Vehicle SDN BHD$2,754,241.30
981Defendtex Pty Ltd$2,753,959.99
982Campbell PAGE Limited$2,753,678.71
983Education And Training Directorate$2,751,898.00
984Semantic Sciences Pty Ltd$2,747,800.00
985Mills Oakley Lawyers$2,738,289.20
986Snc-lavalin RAIL Transit Pty Ltd$2,725,580.00
987Complete Parachute Solutions,$2,723,263.76
988Construction & Building Design P/L$2,715,807.37
989L-3 Communications Australia$2,702,764.06
990Yellow EDGE Pty Ltd$2,699,661.79
991Epicon IT Solutions Pty Ltd$2,697,343.88
992ZF Australia Pacific Pty Ltd$2,697,072.39
993Martin-baker Australia Pty Ltd$2,693,578.56
994Cocos Islands Co-operative Society$2,690,459.74
995The Boeing Company - AUD (westpac)$2,690,055.93
996Merkon Constructions Pty Ltd$2,688,345.00
997Inmarsat Solutions B.V.$2,678,558.06
998Simon George And SONS Pty Ltd$2,676,030.91
999Audio Visual Imagenation Pty Ltd$2,672,552.86
1000Sensory7 Pty Ltd$2,669,928.87
1001Civilcraft Pty Ltd$2,664,264.17
1002Onpoint 365 Pty Ltd$2,661,985.41
1003Bosch Automotive Service Solutions$2,660,725.30
1004Attorney-general's Department$2,658,984.60
1005BALE Defence Industries Pty Ltd$2,649,126.25
1006Correct Communications Pty Ltd$2,649,046.61
1007Collection House Limited$2,648,726.30
1008Jeppesen Sanderson, Inc.!dba Jeppes$2,642,790.83
1009SNP Security$2,640,808.78
1010Allen-vanguard Corporation$2,639,380.20
1011People Measures P/L$2,636,228.09
1012Flight DATA Systems Pty Ltd$2,631,683.08
1013Devsgroup P/L$2,628,362.00
1014Inchcape Shipping Services - Dubai$2,622,357.73
1015International Center For Living Aquatic Resources Management$2,599,135.00
1016QIC Noosa Civic Pty Ltd$2,598,987.94
1017Rehab Management$2,596,824.00
1018SOIL And Groundwater Pty Ltd$2,596,125.29
1019MELD Studios Pty Ltd$2,595,771.60
1020Bytecode Pty Ltd$2,570,875.07
1021Point Trading$2,563,066.68
1022Calytrix Technologies Pty Ltd$2,559,218.50
1023Touchpoint Technology Pty Ltd$2,550,352.51
1024Currie & Brown (australia) Pty Ltd$2,550,269.59
1025Envirolab Services Pty Ltd$2,545,681.00
1026Group314 Pty Ltd$2,541,440.00
1027LES Australia Pty Ltd$2,536,035.88
1028UCI Projects Pty Ltd$2,532,520.10
1030Elasticsearch Pty Ltd$2,525,798.62
1031Altis Consulting Pty Ltd$2,516,170.00
1032Adobe Software Ireland Limited$2,516,166.12
1033Aus-meat Limited$2,500,000.00
1034Mullane Maintenance Pty Limited$2,500,000.00
1035National Convention Centre$2,499,325.99
1036ABB Enterprise Software Pty Ltd$2,490,099.88
1037Innovative Business Computing Pty$2,485,160.12
1038Mission Australia Early Learning$2,484,606.80
1039ROSS Human Directions Limited$2,478,312.40
1040Plaut IT (australia) Pty Limited$2,468,353.87
1041Freebody Cogent Pty Ltd$2,466,963.54
1042RPV Consultants Pty Ltd$2,452,406.75
1043Holocentric Pty Ltd$2,451,785.09
1044Kyocera Document Solutions$2,449,877.18
1045Silicon Graphics Pty Ltd$2,438,116.60
1046APP Corporation Pty Ltd$2,437,573.60
1047Cubic Defence NEW Zealand Limited$2,434,428.15
1048Burdeshaw Associates LTD.$2,433,177.40
1050Shearwater Solutions Pty Ltd$2,421,625.42
1051Veolia Water Solutions &$2,417,486.38
1052Qioptiq Ltd$2,412,399.54
1053UVS Pty Ltd$2,408,068.68
1054Bureau VAN DIJK Electronic$2,404,697.66
1055Applied Horticultural Research Pty Ltd$2,402,802.60
1056Davidson Trahaire Corpsych Pty$2,401,301.05
1057Aviall Australia Pty Ltd$2,398,580.51
1058Barrington Personnel Security$2,397,692.02
1059Essence Communications$2,393,981.80
1060The Trustee For The Knowles$2,393,040.10
1061Andrew Engineering Pty Ltd$2,392,842.06
1062Software Education$2,392,034.50
106333 Creative Pty Ltd$2,389,172.76
1064Mipec Pty Ltd$2,388,004.00
1065M5 Network Security$2,387,221.31
1066Textron Systems Australia$2,386,433.97
1067ZEN EX Machina$2,376,378.40
1068Excelerated Consulting Pty Ltd$2,372,111.14
1069Veritas Storage (singapore) PTE Ltd$2,363,179.96
1070Skytem Australia Pty Ltd$2,358,966.52
1071Nihilent Australia Pty Ltd$2,352,048.43
1072Downer EDI Engineering Electrical$2,350,741.31
1073University Of Canberra$2,344,792.91
1074Downer EDI Works$2,340,593.54
1075SEM FIRE & Rescue Pty Ltd$2,337,878.21
1076LBE Technology$2,334,590.04
1077ISI Pty Ltd$2,330,768.00
1078Aurion Corporation Pty Ltd$2,326,074.22
1079Wormald Australia Pty Ltd$2,325,189.46
1080Visual Analysis Pty Ltd$2,325,125.24
1081Crown Vetting Pty Ltd$2,323,376.18
1082Standard AERO Australia$2,314,436.59
1083Optum Health And Technology (australia)$2,314,408.51
1084Integral Technology Solutions Pty Ltd$2,302,729.00
1085Downer EDI Engineering Power$2,298,429.10
1087Central Engineering Pty Ltd$2,293,000.60
1088Alexander Family Trust$2,287,401.11
1089Australian Maritime Systems Ltd$2,272,022.13
1090Australian Target Systems$2,260,764.21
1091PAC FIRE Australia$2,260,742.55
1092Samantha Crompvoets Pty Ltd$2,260,720.00
1093Inforail P/L$2,254,560.00
1094Mineral Resources Lihir Pty Ltd$2,254,292.40
10951448 Pty Limited$2,238,666.94
1096Monarch Building Solutions Pty Ltd$2,227,613.30
1097Injury Treatment Pty Ltd$2,226,824.01
1098Aurecon Australia Pty Ltd &$2,222,558.23
1099Wisdom Learning Pty Ltd$2,219,692.29
1100Boeing Australia Component$2,219,670.16
1101Hunter Water Corporation$2,219,497.19
1102PEP Worldwide$2,215,858.91
1103IPAR Rehabilitation Pty Ltd$2,215,380.70
1104Swordfish Computing Pty Ltd (atf)$2,208,275.58
1105Bridge IT Engineering Pty Ltd$2,204,038.66
1106Evolve Scientific Recruitment Pty Ltd$2,203,263.52
1107Global Access Partners$2,200,000.00
1108Access Testing Pty Ltd$2,198,626.90
1109LIFE Fitness Australia Pty Ltd$2,192,168.99
1110HDT Expeditionary Systems, INC.$2,190,616.77
1111Lucid Projects (australia) Pty Ltd$2,184,945.00
1112Hoskins Contracting Pty Ltd$2,180,482.52
1113PRO Leaders Academy Pty Ltd$2,178,330.00
1114WEBB Henderson$2,177,610.00
1115NEC Australia Pty Ltd$2,171,738.13
1116The Boeing Company!dba Boeing$2,160,996.51
1117Stowe Australia Pty Ltd$2,128,489.67
1118SAAB Dynamics AB$2,124,962.45
1119Office Partners International Pty L$2,123,622.20
1120National Mailing & Marketing PTY.$2,119,510.55
1121Logistic Solutions Australasia$2,107,380.84
1122ROY Morgan Research$2,104,378.93
1123Virgin Australia Regional Airlines$2,100,000.00
1124AMP Capital Investors Limted$2,100,000.00
1125Attained Success Pty Ltd$2,100,000.00
1126Agora Consulting Pty Ltd$2,099,700.00
1127Roadwork Industries$2,095,806.36
1128Department Of Mines, Industry Regulation And Safety$2,090,002.00
1129Paraflare Solutions Pty Ltd$2,088,218.00
1130South Regional TAFE$2,087,109.00
1131Energyaustralia Pty Ltd$2,086,396.67
1132Schiavello Systems ACT Pty Ltd$2,085,842.69
1133Kabed Consulting Pty Ltd Family Trust$2,085,808.00
1134Bellchambers Barrett Pty Ltd$2,085,216.40
113525 Grenfell Street Adelaide REAL Estate Netherlands B.V.$2,084,692.76
1136SEA Swift Pty Ltd$2,081,723.71
1137Australian Airports Association$2,080,000.00
1138DRC Drilling Pty Ltd$2,075,000.00
1139BULL And BEAR Special Assignments P$2,074,297.96
1140Ertech Pty Ltd$2,072,654.10
1141AERO Parts Australia Pty Ltd$2,066,047.17
1142Pegasystems Pty Limited$2,064,260.00
1143Datapath, Inc.!dba Datapath$2,043,952.96
1144Royal Canin Australia Pty Ltd$2,036,691.69
1145IAN Johnston & Associates Pty Ltd$2,033,144.43
1146IVE Group Australia Pty Ltd$2,032,914.44
1147ELA Motors$2,025,011.97
1148Allocate Software Pty Ltd$2,018,944.34
1149BAE Systems (operations) Ltd-lifcap$2,017,732.08
1150Monterey Technologies, INC.$2,017,232.17
1151Advanced Personnel Management$2,012,424.00
1152Aviation And Maritime Systems Pty Ltd$2,003,486.00
1153CTO Group$2,002,523.66
1154The Right Pitch$1,996,500.00
1155National TEST Pilot School Inc$1,994,803.20
1156Waterway Constructions Pty Ltd$1,992,383.90
1157Motor Accidents (compensation) Commission$1,987,327.10
1158Thycon Industries Pty Ltd$1,984,645.30
1159Message Stick Communications Pty Ltd$1,982,200.00
1160Simbiant Pty Ltd$1,977,232.49
1161Icognition Pty Ltd$1,975,112.15
1162Lazard Pty Ltd$1,975,000.01
1163Commando Logistico$1,973,124.65
1164Xenon Systems Pty Ltd$1,972,947.14
1165Safetrust Pty Ltd$1,972,300.00
1166JOB Futures Ltd AKA Coact$1,966,931.88
1167Balsa Rejus Pty Ltd$1,966,438.50
1168Provet Pty Ltd$1,963,000.01
1169Venus Communications$1,956,223.50
1170MSA & Associates Pty Ltd$1,954,968.68
1171GOAL Professional Services Pty Ltd$1,951,788.80
1172COX Inall Change Pty Ltd$1,945,867.73
1173Hibbs & Associates Pty Limited$1,941,400.63
1174Gateway Providores Pty Ltd$1,937,439.34
1175Camcode Australia Pty Ltd$1,936,007.26
1176WEIR Minerals Australia$1,935,911.16
1177Cre8ive Australasia Pty Ltd$1,935,316.20
1178Rapid Technology Group Pty Ltd$1,935,269.43
1180Ninaman PTY. Ltd$1,932,232.13
1181Grollo Aerospace Pty Ltd$1,925,000.00
1182Mckinsey Pacific RIM Inc$1,916,200.00
1183Nazdin Pty Ltd$1,915,210.00
1184Design Craft Furniture Pty Ltd$1,906,868.44
1185IKAD Engineering$1,904,520.09
1186Schiavello Construction WA Pty Ltd$1,900,000.00
1187World Intellectual Property Organisation$1,899,117.31
1188Colliers International Project$1,896,966.50
1189Westfield Management$1,895,451.61
1190Sirva Pty Ltd$1,893,619.86
1191Walpett Engineering Pty Limited$1,893,164.00
1192Knight Frank Australia Pty Ltd$1,892,500.00
1193Tunstall Australasia Pty Ltd$1,889,546.77
1194Canberra Queanbeyan Cleaning$1,885,564.96
1195Commvault Systems (australia)$1,875,442.00
1196Horizon Power$1,873,619.64
1197Vicom Australia Pty Limited$1,871,242.16
1198Rolfe Property Services Pty Ltd$1,871,211.03
1199SEA BOX International Pty Ltd$1,868,231.26
1200Business Aspect Pty Ltd$1,867,841.91
1201Trustee For Jenzcorp Trust$1,865,902.60
1202LIFE Journey International$1,864,500.00
1204Silver Spirit Partners$1,855,882.52
1205Arrow Projects Pty Ltd$1,854,171.45
1206Qliktech Australia Pty Ltd$1,851,180.06
1207Colin Trapp & Associates PTY. Ltd$1,846,294.58
1208Airboss Defense$1,844,212.82
1209Southwest Research Institute DBA S$1,841,589.69
1210The Citadel Group Limited$1,840,046.50
1211Indigenous Professional Services$1,840,010.45
1212Bellinger Instruments Pty Ltd$1,839,558.39
1213AXON Public Safety Australia Pty LT$1,839,510.30
1214Experian Australia Pty Ltd$1,832,032.39
1215Winya PTY. Ltd$1,831,637.89
1216Agile Digital Engineering Pty Ltd$1,827,736.84
1217Conference Logistics$1,816,000.00
1218Charter Mason$1,813,739.54
1219Dairy FOOD Safety Victoria$1,811,993.70
1220Simjet Training Systems Pty Ltd$1,807,250.01
1221Mellori Solutions Pty Ltd$1,794,537.51
1222Acquia Inc$1,793,908.29
1223FIVE D Holdings RENT ROLL (83664963$1,788,133.07
1224DHI Water And Environment Pty Ltd$1,784,547.40
1225Eomap Australia Pty Ltd$1,781,065.00
1226KING & WOOD Mallesons$1,770,425.77
1227Towers Consulting.com$1,767,096.29
1228Fortburn Pty Ltd$1,765,858.99
1229Secora Consulting, Australasia$1,763,290.92
1230Strategic DATA$1,760,197.56
1231Earlybird Marketing And Events$1,760,000.00
1232The Procare Group Pty Ltd$1,756,183.99
1233MBDA UK Ltd$1,754,037.10
1234Myriad Technologies Pty Ltd$1,753,776.75
1235Eb2b.com Pty Ltd$1,750,320.00
1236Raytheon Company DBA Raytheon$1,749,902.19
1237Graymorr Consulting$1,749,355.93
1238Central Queensland University$1,743,590.20
1239Wilson Hammond Group Pty Ltd$1,742,347.21
1240Adelphi Digital Pty Ltd$1,740,432.94
1241Wiley Subscription Services Inc$1,738,674.00
1242Robert Walters Pty Ltd$1,738,659.05
1243BAE Systems Information$1,736,088.08
1244On Island Health Service Accreditat$1,735,340.00
1245Southern WIRE Industrial Pty Ltd$1,735,327.00
1246Safran Electronics And Defence$1,733,558.12
1247COPE Sensitive Freight$1,730,208.80
1248Gerbridge LLC$1,727,932.55
1249Moray And Agnew Lawyers$1,726,779.87
1250The Trustee For Aladn Business Trust Trading AS Aladn Systems Solutions Pty Ltd$1,726,742.00
1251Beaumont LAW$1,726,497.51
1252Ecowise Services Australia Pty Ltd$1,721,292.87
1253Solar Living Homes$1,719,076.75
1254Gichner Shelter Systems$1,718,790.94
1255AAPT Limited$1,715,228.38
1256IPA Personnel Pty Ltd$1,712,941.28
1257Science Applications International Corporation$1,710,302.92
1258Gravity Consulting Services Pty Ltd$1,708,630.00
1259Kinetic Fighting Pty Ltd$1,705,071.30
1260Government Of South Australia Primary Industries And Resources$1,701,094.80
1261Akubra HATS Pty Ltd$1,696,805.00
1262Kahker Investments$1,696,698.19
1263Alexander And Lloyd Australia Pty Ltd$1,693,837.20
1264Puzzle Partners Consulting Pty Ltd$1,693,659.50
1265Willyama Indigenous ICT Services$1,692,140.01
1266ASC AWD Shipbuilder Pty Ltd$1,691,013.35
1267Stornoway Maintenance Pty Ltd$1,690,659.96
1268Gordon And Jackson Barristers T/A$1,688,524.74
1269Red SEA Housing Services CO Ltd$1,688,007.58
1270Karobran Nominees Pty Ltd$1,678,995.00
1271AFL Telecommunications Australia$1,676,394.01
1272Lockheed Martin Corporation$1,676,287.62
1273Atlassian Pty Ltd$1,673,287.60
1274Austroads Ltd$1,672,000.00
1275Armoured Specialty CARS International$1,664,839.83
1276Coolamon Advisors Pty Ltd$1,657,763.46
1277HALL & Watts Australia Pty Ltd$1,653,848.49
1278Computershare Communication Services Pty Limited$1,651,424.16
1279Matthews PEGG Consulting PTY. LTD.$1,650,702.53
1280FEI Australia$1,650,000.00
1281International Maize And Wheat Improvement Center$1,649,999.00
1282US Department Of Defence$1,645,600.10
1283EGON Zehnder International Pty Ltd$1,644,794.00
1284Waters Australia Pty Ltd$1,642,920.88
1286OPEC Systems Pty Ltd$1,630,757.01
1287Bryant QLD Pty Ltd$1,629,580.70
1288SAI Global Limited$1,626,695.07
1289Empired Limited$1,623,736.22
1290Stewart & Heaton Clothing CO P/L$1,622,752.48
1291Davenport Campbell & Partners Pty Ltd$1,617,369.00
1292Naval SEA Systems Command$1,617,205.75
1293Momentum The Power Of Natural Think$1,615,167.14
1294Precedence Health CARE Pty Ltd$1,606,646.47
1295Pacific Energy Aviation Ltd$1,605,590.70
1296Sporco Investments$1,604,019.00
1297SHAW Building Group Pty Ltd$1,603,845.32
1298GATR Technologies, INC.$1,600,183.13
1299I.d.s. Consultants Pty Ltd$1,598,480.00
1300DVR Engineering Pty Ltd$1,596,840.03
1301Dexata Corporation$1,596,461.82
1302Accuweigh Pty Ltd$1,584,495.00
1303Aura, S.r.o.$1,583,617.53
1304Mitsubishi Australia Limited$1,581,890.13
1305Beyond BLUE$1,580,026.80
1306Kordamentha Pty Ltd$1,578,275.45
1307Complex Civil Pty Ltd$1,574,776.40
1308Vincents Assurance & RISK Advisory$1,572,659.51
1309Australian Institute Of Management$1,571,504.68
1310FIRE Rescue Safety Australia PT*$1,569,732.93
1311Indue Ltd$1,560,000.00
1312Communicorp Group Pty Ltd$1,559,688.10
1313Centre For International Economics$1,559,517.45
1314Sonartech Atlas Pty Limited$1,557,140.84
1315XVT Solutions Pty Ltd$1,554,267.75
1316Plant Health Australia Limited$1,553,341.00
1317Southern Cross Computer Systems$1,553,117.90
1318Union Offset CO. PTY. Limited$1,552,706.51
1319Copyright Agency Ltd$1,544,964.92
1320Agilent Technologies Australia Pty$1,544,780.36
1321QUBE Ports & BULK$1,544,330.09
1323Pen10 Services Pty Ltd$1,540,656.70
13243D Systems Asia-pacific Pty Ltd$1,539,602.90
1325Jirgens Contracting Pty Limited$1,538,149.34
1326Grace Records Management$1,534,538.90
1327Frontline Australasia Pty Ltd$1,533,656.33
1328ESS Earth Sciences UNIT Trust$1,533,465.00
1329YTEK Pty Ltd$1,531,696.70
1330AUST GOVT Actuary$1,526,155.12
1331AVID EPG Group$1,525,091.38
1332ATEK Pty Ltd$1,518,422.40
1333Broens Pty Ltd$1,516,789.78
1334J.h.l. Civil Pty Ltd$1,514,700.00
1335ACT Emergency Services Authority$1,500,000.00
1336Laser Plumbing Newcastle Central$1,500,000.00
1337Telecom TEST Solutions$1,499,377.00
1338Macro Recruitment$1,498,511.37
1339Department Of Primary Industries PA$1,497,350.00
1340SOS Marine$1,493,181.14
1341Asian United FOOD Service$1,492,142.43
1342Adena UNIT Trust$1,488,595.79
1343UNI Of NEW England$1,488,234.91
1344Sensis Pty Ltd$1,487,479.96
1345Atlas Elektronik UK Limited$1,486,696.21
1346AUST Institute Of Marine Science$1,485,678.70
1347Affinity Constructions Australia$1,484,552.29
1348E-serve Pty Ltd$1,484,419.20
1349Aerospace & Mechanical Consulting$1,482,165.30
1350Executive Intelligence Group$1,478,190.01
1351Schneider Electric Buildings Australia$1,476,102.12
1352Australian Communications And Media Authority$1,473,184.10
1354Engility LLC$1,467,824.28
1355Airbus Defence And Space GMBH$1,464,785.54
1356Ekistica Pty Ltd$1,464,732.00
1357Raytheon Australia Pty Ltd - AUD$1,460,096.59
1358Civil Property Group Pty Ltd$1,459,763.80
1359Marsh Pty Ltd$1,456,998.44
1360C5 Management Solutions Trading AS$1,452,000.00
1361Vetting Solutions Australia$1,451,888.26
1362Protek ( AUST ) Pty Ltd$1,448,809.65
1363HWLE Consulting Pty Ltd$1,448,578.57
1364Acspro Pty Ltd$1,447,160.00
1365Department Of Health$1,445,927.00
1366Terrequip Pty Ltd$1,444,813.22
1367GN Clearing$1,443,033.00
1368AMOG PTY. Ltd$1,441,626.48
1369Dynamic Business Systems Pty Ltd$1,441,351.96
1370Orijen Pty Ltd$1,441,040.00
1371Centium Software Pty Ltd$1,440,809.66
1372Finity Consulting Pty Ltd$1,437,434.00
1373Social Ventures Australia$1,436,327.50
1374Elabor8 Pty Ltd$1,436,006.00
1375CODE ZEN Pty Ltd$1,431,444.25
1376Data#3 Limited$1,430,550.82
1377The Trustee For J A & J A Super FUND$1,429,781.64
1378Purdon & Featherstone$1,429,662.32
1379Online 89$1,428,680.00
1380Towers Watson Australia Pty Ltd$1,425,925.00
1381Michelin Australia Pty Ltd$1,425,781.28
1382Finkisoft Pty Ltd$1,423,802.60
1383Marathon Targets Pty Ltd$1,421,268.00
1384Baker And Mckenzie$1,421,200.00
1385Trustee For The SA Trust T/A$1,420,000.00
1386Markerry Industries Pty Ltd$1,419,461.01
1387Inside Policy Pty Ltd$1,416,950.00
1388Shoalhaven CITY Council$1,416,404.31
1389FFG Flensburger Fahrzeugbau Gesells$1,416,018.71
1390Frankadvice Pty Ltd$1,413,673.60
1391SAFT Batteries Pty Ltd$1,413,535.09
1392Universal Weather And Aviation,$1,411,130.30
1393GTB Hurstville Pty Ltd$1,410,314.11
1394Inchcape Shipping Services (dubai)$1,409,677.49
1395Kowalski Recruitment Pty Ltd$1,408,345.89
1397Emanate Technology Pty Ltd$1,401,519.60
1398Praesidium Global Pty Ltd$1,400,752.74
1399Corroboree SNP$1,400,000.00
1400DJ Bassett Nominees$1,399,198.69
1401Umwelt Australian Pty Ltd$1,396,817.13
1402Moray And Agnew Lawyers$1,392,999.37
1403BECH TECH$1,392,046.53
1404Westforce Construction$1,391,729.90
1405Harris Corporation!dba Harris RF$1,391,483.67
1406Ducon Building Solutions$1,387,564.76
1407Simulation Solutions Australia$1,384,330.60
1408FLIR Systems Australia Pty Ltd$1,376,111.51
1409Article ONZE Tourisme$1,375,996.88
1410GPT Property Management P/L$1,374,000.00
1411Lastek Pty Ltd$1,373,768.11
1412World FUEL Services (australia)$1,373,040.00
1413North Australian Helicopters$1,370,499.60
1414AMC Projects Pty Ltd$1,369,936.00
1415FOLK Pty Limited$1,366,837.86
1416MURU Group Pty Ltd$1,366,420.00
1417CBA Strategic IT$1,366,075.69
1418SMG Health Pty Ltd$1,365,833.00
1419Swell Design Group$1,365,785.36
1420Toshiba Australia Pty Ltd$1,362,600.00
1421Cutthru Pty Ltd T/AS Pollinate$1,361,277.50
1422Mastersoft Group Pty Ltd$1,360,303.65
1423Advanced Concepts And Technologies!international, Llc!dba$1,359,847.09
1424Australian Medico-legal Group Pty Ltd$1,358,750.00
1425Alluvial Pty Ltd$1,354,313.33
1426VTS Canberra Pty Ltd$1,354,292.35
1427Helicopter Support Solomon Islands$1,352,000.00
1428HAY Enterprises (nsw) Pty Ltd$1,350,297.51
1429Russell Kennedy Lawyers$1,346,855.61
1430Deutsches Zentrum FUER Luft- UND RA$1,343,301.95
1431MWA Systems Pty Ltd$1,343,135.07
1432James COOK University$1,342,544.90
1433Sander Geophysics Australia Pty Ltd$1,342,276.46
1434Aarnet Pty Ltd$1,339,736.72
1435ISPT Pty Ltd$1,339,034.93
1436Acker Pty Ltd$1,338,423.30
1437Crowe Horwath Canberra$1,337,412.00
1438Convergence Associates$1,331,836.00
1439Parakeelya Pty Ltd$1,327,640.27
1440Talent International Holdings$1,325,353.60
1441R.M. Williams Proprietary Limited$1,319,175.00
1442Primewest Funds Limited, The Trustee For 60 Light Square Trust$1,318,893.50
1444Orora Specialty Packaging Group$1,316,016.00
1445DC Services (NQ) Pty Ltd$1,315,806.36
1447Australian Human Resources Inst.$1,313,135.35
1448Indian Ocean Oil Company Pty Ltd$1,313,123.00
1449Lvjian Australia Investment Pty Ltd$1,311,826.85
1450Medimobile Pty Ltd$1,311,199.99
1451South EAST Melbourne Primary Health Network$1,310,478.40
1452Aspect Furniture Pty Ltd$1,309,436.82
1453N.t.p. Fleet Management PTY. LTD.$1,307,385.98
1454Global Switch Property (australia) Pty$1,307,324.10
1455Saatchi & Saatchi Australia Pty Ltd$1,305,610.90
1456Refactor Solutions Pty Ltd$1,305,060.00
1457QIRX Pty Ltd$1,304,104.45
1458The Salvation ARMY ATF The Salvation ARMY (nsw) Property Trust$1,303,427.76
1459Milin Transport$1,299,335.26
1460Portion PACK Foods Pty Ltd$1,292,775.00
1461Southern Cross University$1,287,465.60
1462Vivid Indigenous Service Pty Ltd$1,286,756.02
1463Chilled Australia Pty Ltd$1,284,734.00
1464LAW In Order$1,279,171.11
1465Synergy FIRE & Security Pty Limited$1,277,972.30
1466Kleenheat GAS$1,277,100.00
1467Interactive Pty Ltd$1,275,500.31
1468Wavefield Pty Ltd$1,269,605.00
1469Datavoice Canberra Pty Ltd$1,267,951.70
1470Merrill Lynch$1,265,000.00
1471Ionize Pty Ltd$1,264,944.00
1472GHD Services Pty Ltd$1,264,808.82
1473Inovor Technologies$1,264,715.20
1474XACT Consultants Pty Ltd$1,264,692.00
1475Startech IT Consulting Pty Ltd$1,264,120.88
1476DEPT Local Govt, Sport & Cultural I$1,255,110.00
1477WHON Pty Ltd$1,254,728.05
1478Axiom Associates Pty Ltd$1,254,725.00
1479Point River Networks Pty Ltd$1,252,731.04
1480Rocket Software Pty Ltd$1,252,616.98
1481Dreamtime Supply Company Pty Ltd$1,251,984.00
1482Global Sustainable Energy Solutions P/L$1,251,565.10
1483Rural Assistance Commissioner$1,250,000.00
1484QRAA T/A Queensland Rural Adjustment Authority$1,250,000.00
1485JOHN STAR Pty Ltd$1,249,840.36
1486JNJ Electrics Pty Ltd$1,249,525.20
1487PM Logic$1,249,082.49
1488Shopping Centres Australasia Property Group RE Limited$1,246,859.22
1489Health Network Northern Territory Ltd$1,239,559.20
1490SEA To Summit Pty Ltd$1,238,624.86
1491Denrith Pty Ltd Trading AS Divall's Earthmoving And BULK Haulage$1,233,841.40
1492NTT COM ICT DC Solutions$1,232,731.86
1493Solinnov Pty Ltd$1,230,631.04
1494Heidrick & Struggles Australia Pty$1,229,903.40
1495Konekt Australia Pty Ltd$1,228,764.70
1496CMC Indigenous Services Pty Ltd$1,226,608.96
1497TECH Mahindra Limited$1,221,053.80
1498Adams And CO Constructions Pty Ltd$1,221,000.00
1499Carfi Psychological And Rehabilitation Services$1,220,910.00
1500Robinson RYAN Pty Ltd$1,219,900.00
1502Origin Energy Limited$1,215,999.87
1503NEF Consulting$1,213,174.00
1504Marine Power International P/L$1,203,749.35
1505Tobias And Tobias Pty Limted$1,200,468.80
1507Envoltec Pty Ltd$1,199,271.03
1508ASI Solutions Pty Ltd$1,195,844.43
1509Pharmaceutical & Medical Profession$1,192,786.84
1510Pharmacodynamic Solutions P/L$1,192,196.00
1511LA Trobe University$1,192,091.10
1512Implementation SOFT Australia Pty Limited$1,192,070.59
1513JWS Research$1,191,520.00
1514HALL & Partners / OPEN MIND Pty Ltd$1,189,985.20
1515Perth Airport Pty Ltd$1,186,607.46
1516Interiorco FG Pty Ltd T/A Zenith FG$1,183,516.00
1517SELL & Parker Secure Destruction$1,183,281.52
1518Synertec Pty Ltd$1,181,194.00
1519Clear Horizon Consulting PTY. LTD.$1,174,653.39
1520Amare Safety Pty Ltd$1,173,955.45
1521Gentex Corporation!dba Western$1,173,149.54
1522UMW Toyota Motor SDN BHD$1,171,749.95
1523Trend Micro Australia Pty Ltd$1,169,308.55
1524AERO And Military Products P/L$1,165,355.90
1526Systematic Software Engineering$1,163,042.06
1527RPC Technologies Pty Ltd$1,161,394.67
1528Ogilvy & Mather (sydney) Pty Ltd$1,160,136.23
1529Private Individual-singapore$1,159,281.44
1530Rojone Pty Limited$1,158,884.82
1531Tonic Health Media P/L$1,157,952.51
1532PFD Foods Pty Ltd$1,156,886.95
1533Rolls-royce Corporation$1,156,038.60
1534RPS Australia EAST Pty Ltd$1,155,302.63
1535Toronto Dominion Australia Limited$1,155,000.00
1536DOLL Martin Associates Pty Ltd$1,152,010.00
1537Neuro Leadership Institute$1,150,984.00
1538TRL Technology Limited$1,150,405.88
1539The Pearson Corporation Pty Ltd$1,149,538.76
1540Spinach Advertising Pty Ltd$1,147,487.24
1541Iocane Pty Ltd$1,146,835.47
1542OZ Vetting Services$1,144,048.03
1543Bastion Insights Pty Ltd$1,142,898.50
1544DWPL Nominees Pty Ltd$1,142,350.89
1546Linkedin Singapore PTE Ltd$1,140,287.02
1547Fleming Psychology Services Pty Ltd$1,138,946.16
1548Alliance Consulting Group Pty Ltd$1,138,646.71
1549Marketo, INC.$1,136,741.32
1550Strategic Reform Pty Ltd$1,133,548.00
1551Noske-kaeser Marine Australia PT$1,132,781.09
1552Bevington Consulting Pty Ltd$1,132,691.00
1553Trustee For Qanstruct (aust)$1,132,423.60
1554Lockheed Martin AUST P/l-aud$1,131,212.22
1556Reeflections Pty Ltd$1,130,035.87
1557Major Training Services Pty Ltd$1,128,558.34
1558Ninetwofive Interiors Pty Ltd$1,127,463.40
1559Balfran Removals$1,124,926.94
1560KEY Vetting Services$1,123,467.68
1561YAEL Bright Consulting Pty Ltd$1,122,260.00
1562Taylored Offshore Services$1,122,000.00
1564Supacat Pty Ltd$1,119,638.80
1565Vipac Engineers And Scientists Ltd$1,118,772.41
1566IT Power (australia) Pty Limited$1,117,222.84
1567Intelligent Surveillance - 53120276$1,110,748.42
1568Elgas Ltd$1,108,825.00
1569Department Of Transport$1,106,476.00
1570Diners CLUB Pty Ltd$1,103,850.00
1571Progressive Training WA Pty Ltd$1,103,579.00
1572ABLE Industries Engineering Pty Ltd$1,101,041.34
1573Aspen Corporate Health$1,100,670.49
1574Abacus Crafted 1 Pty Ltd$1,100,000.00
1575National Australia DAY Council$1,099,890.00
1576K&L Gates$1,099,466.17
1577Zentner Shipping Pty Ltd$1,099,100.94
1578Shell Malaysia Trading SDN BHD$1,098,857.90
1579A.S. Harrison And CO Pty Limit$1,097,412.95
1580LEAP Australia Pty Ltd$1,097,406.28
1581Clearswift PYT Ltd$1,097,250.00
1582Chartsmart Consulting Pty Ltd$1,095,548.00
1583Curijo Pty Ltd$1,093,848.57
1584Advisian Pty Ltd$1,093,724.85
1585Australian Bedding Company Pty Ltd$1,092,878.78
1586Solutions FROM Silicon$1,092,709.20
1587Royal Flying Doctor Service Of AUST$1,091,206.43
1588Information Professionals Pty Ltd$1,090,572.04
1589Communio Pty Ltd$1,090,421.52
1590KING Leopold AIR Pty Ltd$1,089,675.00
1591YWCA Canberra$1,089,000.00
1592Winangali Pty Ltd$1,088,720.01
1593RISQ Group$1,088,664.50
1594Parmalat Australia Pty Ltd - ARMY$1,087,329.99
1595Brewster Hjorth Architects$1,086,683.65
1596MXA Consulting Pty Ltd$1,086,247.30
1597South Australia Rural Health Network$1,084,644.00
1598Citrix Systmes ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$1,074,370.20
1599Sound Advice$1,074,096.41
1600Bendelta Pty Ltd$1,069,590.51
1601Richdata Pty Ltd$1,068,328.53
1602O'connor Marsden & Associates$1,066,727.15
1604Capital Psychology And$1,064,946.00
1605Australian Radiation And Nuclear$1,063,870.81
1606Northern Territory AIR Services Pty$1,062,441.39
1607Decmil Australia$1,061,884.91
1608Edith Cowan University$1,061,759.59
1609Redpath Technical Services Pty Ltd$1,061,653.25
1610Prepack Limited - AUD$1,061,598.82
1611Tanner James Management$1,060,643.56
1612Nintex Pty Ltd$1,058,915.06
1613IHS Global PTE Ltd$1,056,434.38
1614Coregas Pty Ltd$1,055,209.51
1615Chief Fluid Systems Pty Ltd$1,054,056.05
1616PORT Jackson Partners Limited$1,053,745.00
1617Electro Mechanical Systems Pty Ltd$1,051,875.00
1618Lloyd's Register International$1,049,956.80
1619NEXA Group Pty Ltd$1,049,754.20
1620Changepoint Canada ULC$1,047,653.22
1621Paper Giant Pty Ltd$1,045,469.00
1622Macdonnell Shire Council$1,044,394.08
1623Business Credits$1,044,083.76
1624Department Of Education & Training$1,043,030.95
1625Forcefield Services$1,040,763.82
1626Western Queensland Primary CARE$1,038,477.00
1627Guida Moseley Brown P/L$1,037,732.36
1629Black SWAN International$1,036,206.94
1630Coffey Services Australia Pty Ltd$1,035,045.00
1631The Australian Psychological Societ$1,034,129.40
1632Claricent Pty Ltd$1,029,710.00
1633Devers LIST Pty Ltd$1,029,677.74
1634RISK Management Technologies$1,029,381.70
1635Allegis Group Australia Pty Ltd$1,029,332.25
1636MDA Systems Ltd$1,029,253.02
1637PRO AV Solutions$1,027,947.13
1638NGS Global Pty Ltd$1,026,910.20
1639Relken Engineering Pty Ltd$1,024,368.65
1640Haskoning DHV UK Limited$1,023,904.10
1641Livingstone Shire Council$1,023,411.74
1642Bohemia Interactive Simulations$1,023,132.49
1643Murumal Pty Ltd$1,021,318.65
1644Integrated Design & Engineering$1,020,297.72
1645Myall VALE Pastoral CO Pty Ltd$1,017,623.94
1646Katherine Aviation Pty Ltd$1,017,460.00
1647LC & RJ Parker & A & L Simeoni$1,017,332.58
1648Babel Street$1,017,296.72
1649HIQ Systems Pty Ltd$1,017,169.58
1650Horticulture Innovation$1,014,970.00
1651Ogilvy Public Relations$1,014,853.25
1652CITY WEST Water Ltd$1,010,000.00
1653CPM Reviews Pty Ltd$1,008,430.91
1654Aqueous Solutions Pty Ltd$1,005,116.20
1655Biotext Pty Ltd$1,004,722.71
1656T&S Signcraft Pty Ltd$1,004,575.00
1657Program IT Pty Ltd$1,003,634.96
1658The World Vegetable Center$1,003,410.00
1659Dhhs-acute HLTH SVS Grp-ambulance$1,000,000.00
1660Damco Australia$1,000,000.00
1661International FOOD Policy Research Institute$1,000,000.00
1663Promet Valves Australia Pty Ltd$996,167.65
1664TAFE NSW$996,090.46
1665Thomas Duryea Logicalis Pty Ltd$995,975.55
1666Exelis Australia Pty Ltd$995,783.59
1667Hawker Richardson$995,772.56
1668Smiths Detection (australia) P/L$995,704.27
1669F S Solutions (act) Pty Ltd$995,195.46
1670Urbis Pty Ltd$995,122.83
1671Kitbag Consulting Pty Ltd$994,816.47
1672Statt Consulting Limited$994,500.00
1673IBM Global Financing Australia Limited$994,346.32
1674NSW Government Schools$994,000.00
1675The Trustee For CHOI Ropiha Fighera UNIT Trust$992,758.80
1676Torque Software$992,474.31
1677DOG Force Group Pty Ltd$992,339.00
1678Intevac Vision Systems$990,841.37
1679Rivernorth Pty Ltd$990,000.00
1680Uscentaf HQ 380th AIR Expeditionary WING$988,792.50
1681NGS Global Pty Ltd$987,158.05
1682Scotwork Negotiating Skills$985,213.77
1683Triforce Services Australia Pty Limited$984,467.92
1684Crown Equipment Pty Ltd$984,094.82
1685AIR Target Services Pty Ltd$983,930.39
1686Pearson Engineering Ltd$983,603.55
1687Ballistic Systems Pty Ltd$982,779.70
1688Xanalys Pty Ltd$979,170.50
1689Redbay Consulting$979,115.50
1690ARUP Pty Ltd$978,101.95
1691Indianic Group Pty Ltd$977,547.78
1692Media Manoeuvres$976,156.80
1693Deloitte Consulting Pty Limited$975,779.68
1694AFW Pty Ltd$973,109.28
1695CFMC Consulting (trading AS Sodia Pty LTD)$972,191.00
1696OLD Parliament House$971,692.42
1697Australian Skills Quality Authority$970,000.00
1698Defire (act) Pty Ltd$968,310.00
1699TASK Management Solutions Pty$966,328.96
1700TNT Australia$965,477.67
1701DTI Corporation Australia Pty Ltd$963,612.01
1702ZERO Latency Pty Ltd$959,851.20
1703Foresight IT Consulting Pty Ltd$959,450.00
1704BIG SKY Publishing Pty Ltd$956,039.54
1705A E Atherton & SONS Proprietary LIM$955,438.84
1706Systematiq Pty Ltd$955,356.35
1707Wilson Psychology Pty Ltd$953,626.40
1708M & J Chickens (WA)$950,206.68
1709Portcullis Consulting Pty Ltd$950,095.02
1710Relocation LAWS Pty Ltd$949,698.28
1711Hames Sharley$949,296.70
1712State Library Of Western Australia$948,042.00
1713DAON (australia) Pty Ltd$948,024.85
1714Global Experience Specialists, INC.$946,571.00
1715Amanda O'rourke Executive Search$946,298.00
1716Rockys OWN Transport CO$944,881.44
1718Workplace Research Associates Pty L$944,119.27
1719Springcity Pty Ltd$943,852.61
1720Marathon Tyres Pty Ltd$943,835.98
1721Praxis Consultants Pty Ltd$941,867.63
1722CES Civil NQ Pty Ltd$940,083.76
1723Victoria University$938,438.30
1724Australian Animal Health Council Limited$938,385.40
1725RCR Resolve FM Pty Ltd$936,248.75
1727Transport For NSW$935,000.00
1728Ergonomie Australia PTY. Ltd$934,600.01
1729WE Al-li Pty Ltd$933,120.00
1730Queensland FIRE And Emergency$932,135.05
1731Construction Control Australia Pty Limited$931,763.18
1732T. T. Building Consultants Pty Ltd$930,114.00
1733Armtech Pty Ltd$929,197.02
1734Mcarthur (vic) Pty Ltd$928,290.06
1735Greater Engineering Services$926,901.91
1736Content Security Pty Ltd$925,472.63
1737Ibisworld Pty Ltd$923,547.09
1738Enprocon (qld) Pty Ltd$922,836.44
1739Oshkosh Airport Products LLC - AUD$920,685.67
1740Waidt Services Australia Pty Ltd$920,171.63
1741Darwin International Airport$918,129.06
1742Mercer Consulting (australia) Pty Ltd$917,524.75
1743Softtest PAYS Pty Ltd$917,378.00
1744Super Global Services Pty Ltd$916,025.81
1745Merilla Pty Ltd$913,596.77
1746Vector Group Company Limited$911,406.96
1747Department Of Environment LAND$910,233.91
1748Riverina Water$910,000.00
1749Goodrich Corporation$906,311.05
1750Trustee For Amacs Investment Trust$905,625.23
1751Commence Communications Pty Ltd$903,129.70
1752Techsafe Australia Pty Ltd$902,781.00
1753Bradmint Pty Ltd$902,110.44
1754Planex Sales Pty Ltd$901,504.96
1755International Crops Research Institute For The ARID Tropics$900,000.00
17572XM Technology Pty Ltd$895,014.28
1758Russell Rural Contracting$892,804.79
1759National Centre For Vocational$890,945.00
1760Australian Strategic Policy$890,560.00
1761North EAST Water Corporation$888,484.97
1762Para-guard Pty Ltd$886,813.78
1763GPX Surveys Pty Ltd$886,563.48
1765IBT Wizard Pty Ltd$884,681.11
1766Gibbs & COX, Inc.div Finance &$884,664.00
1767TEI Services Pty Ltd$884,528.94
1768Maxilift Australia Pty Ltd$884,313.10
1769First Australians Capital$883,800.00
1770Health Technology Analysts Pty Ltd$882,750.00
1771Navin Officer Heritage Consultants$879,895.50
1772O And S Holdings (vic) Pty Ltd$879,183.00
1773Western Technical & Electrical CONT$878,765.00
1774KING Content$877,373.20
1775Columbia Helicopters, INC.$876,308.17
1776Aviko Pty Limited$876,040.00
1778Evolve FM$875,210.11
1779Cash's Awards And Promotion$874,483.28
1780Sapere Research Group Ltd$872,871.02
1781Benalla Rural CITY Council$872,495.73
1782Metromatics Pty Ltd$872,224.65
1783CEB Inc$872,217.00
1784Thomson Reuters (professional) UK LTD.$869,805.02
1785Australian Catholic University Limited (acu)$868,849.00
1786Finlay Consulting$867,600.00
1787Galent Pty Limited$866,880.00
1788Civilplus Construction Pty Ltd$862,546.97
1789Public Sector Training Solutions PL$862,080.41
1790Mager Constructions Pty Ltd$861,898.41
1791DICK Stone Pty Ltd$860,366.44
1792GML Heritage Pty Ltd$859,278.46
1793Royal Australasian College$858,678.26
1794NSW Premier's Department$858,359.60
1795TOX FREE Australia Pty Ltd$857,587.83
1796Newgate Communications Pty Ltd$856,607.16
1797Itree Pty Limited$856,101.00
1798Pitney Bowes Software Pty Ltd$855,677.45
1799United Technologies Corporation!dba$855,491.00
1800Think HQ Pty Ltd$855,423.00
1801Huntsman Firearms Pty Ltd$854,163.92
1802Northern Stevedoring Services Pty Ltd$854,010.00
1803International Organisation Development Limited (IOD Parc)$853,428.81
1804JM AUTO Gallery SDN, BHD$853,398.44
1805At3am IT Pty Ltd$852,817.00
1806Royal WOLF Trading Australia$850,818.06
1807Woolworths Financial Services$850,700.00
1808Allied Technology International$850,229.61
1809IHS Australia Pty Ltd$848,726.02
1810IE ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$848,653.37
1811Commsnet Group Pty Ltd$846,622.65
1812Custom Designed Solutions Pty Ltd$846,593.39
1813Salora Station Pty Ltd$846,282.80
1814EBOR Computing$845,399.30
1815Sherrin Rentals Pty Ltd$844,888.00
1816Flinders University$844,672.71
1817BLUE LAKE Consulting Pty Ltd$843,700.00
1818SAFE T CARD Australia$842,006.25
1819Nallawilli Technology Pty Ltd$840,732.56
1820AERO Defence Pty Ltd$840,478.79
1821Oxide Interactive Pty Ltd$838,734.90
1822Comprehensive Health Solutions$838,437.60
1823Trustee For The Plummer And Butler$836,820.00
1824Airnsea Safety Pty Ltd$836,170.55
1825Roper GULF Shire Council$833,674.21
1826Kastro Astypalea Pty Ltd$830,480.00
1827Textron Systems Electronic Systems$830,115.10
1828Jervis BAY Territory Administration$829,843.50
1829Project Outcomes Pty Ltd$828,894.89
1830Kofax Australia Pty Ltd$828,214.80
1831Third Horizon Consulting Pty Ltd$827,469.15
1832Doyle Plant HIRE Pty Ltd$825,664.05
1833Sprinq Pty Ltd$824,500.00
1834RP DATA Pty Ltd$822,026.92
1835Southern Marine Shiplift Pty Ltd$820,450.95
1836Phoenix Geophysics Limited$820,380.00
1837LIST A Barristers$820,353.75
1838Sheepmeat Council Of Australia$820,089.60
1839LIST G Pty Ltd (barristers)$818,763.00
1840Congress Rental$817,410.72
1841Fredon Industries$816,572.43
1842Energy Market Consulting Associates$815,018.20
1843Vasco DATA Security Australia P/L$814,990.06
1844Olympus Australia Pty Ltd$813,698.00
1845Vetec Security Pty Ltd$813,063.90
1846NMO Health Pty Ltd$812,860.71
1847Ocular Robotics Limited$812,314.80
1848SJ Lockwood Nominees Pty Ltd$812,150.20
1849RCON Shopfitters And Construction$811,618.17
1850AML Global Limited$811,423.00
1851Transport Industries Skills Centre$809,342.50
1852Aitec Pty Ltd$809,095.25
1853Oshkosh Defense, LLC$809,037.86
1854Gatekeeper Vetting Pty Ltd$809,001.69
1855Programmed Electrical$807,943.27
1856Visco Security Vetting Pty Ltd$807,504.50
1857Enzyme International (aust) P/L$807,435.00
1858FTI Consulting Technology (sydney) Pty Ltd$807,377.20
1859IIT Training Pty Ltd$806,364.53
1860Blink Technology Australia Pty Ltd$806,248.94
1861Saildrone Inc$806,032.24
1862A E Smith & SON (NQ) Pty Ltd$805,684.00
1864Spatial Information Systems$803,770.00
1865Allied Pickfords Business Relocatio$802,700.50
1866ARIA Project Management Solutions$802,700.00
1867Vivid Property Services Pty Ltd$800,000.00
1868Recruitment Management Company$799,379.44
1869MBDA UK Ltd (MOD Stores)$799,232.78
1870M.J. Nielson PTY. LTD.$799,010.00
1871PPG Industries Australia Pty Ltd$798,629.03
1872Federal Resources Supply Company$797,958.70
1874QIC Robina$796,829.41
1875CEB International Holdings Inc$795,751.00
1876Vista Clara Inc$793,693.60
1877Mountcastle Pty Ltd$791,446.63
1878Generation-e Productivity Solutions Pty Ltd$790,121.86
1879The Benchmarque Group$789,250.00
1880Humphrey LAW And CO Pty Ltd$787,003.19
1881Versatile WAY Pty Ltd$786,740.40
1882Haymans Electrical$786,713.87
1883Servicenow Nederland B.V.$785,183.02
1884Squiz Australia Pty Ltd$784,035.00
1885IHS Global Limited$783,144.00
1886CDTS Australia Pty Ltd$781,564.17
1887Australian Survey Research Group Pty Ltd$781,488.60
1888A.c.n. 613 066 541 Pty Ltd$773,824.00
1889Vincenzo Callipari$773,418.00
1890Asura Group Pty Ltd$772,304.00
1891The Polaris Marine Trust No 1$771,884.38
1892Stirling Global$771,529.74
1893Arthur J. Gallagher & CO (aus) Ltd$770,323.92
1894FISH Ageing Services Pty Ltd$768,381.70
1895The Hackett Group Australia Pty Ltd$767,550.00
1896Cardno Ecology LAB$767,478.80
1897CPA Australia$767,251.42
1898Social Compass$764,480.00
1899ADEC Australia$764,211.54
1900Forestry Research, Development And Innovation Agency$762,926.00
1901Murcotts Driving Excellence Pty Ltd$762,768.00
1902Ethos CRS Consulting Pty Ltd$762,422.55
1903The Trustee For BDNA Trust T/AS$762,080.00
1904Pragmateam Pty Ltd$760,382.74
1905APH Catering And Events$759,908.80
1906Eniquest Pty Ltd$759,754.05
1907MRB Communications Pty Ltd$759,638.27
1908Rocket Software Inc$759,396.00
1909Dedicated Systems Australia Pty Ltd$758,018.80
1910National Instruments$757,812.73
1911TPG Network Pty Ltd$757,006.65
1912NEW Intelligence$756,903.99
1913Cubic Defense Applications, INC.$756,848.60
1914SGS Radiation Services$756,773.50
1915QUAD Services Pty Ltd$755,361.65
1916MB Psychological Services Pty Ltd$754,980.44
1917Designing IT Solutions Pty Ltd$754,380.00
1918YNOT Consulting Pty Ltd$752,266.68
1919Talent International (vic) PL$751,740.00
1920A23 Pty Ltd$751,258.40
1921Antoun's Construction Pty Ltd$750,954.21
1922Environmental Resources$750,692.86
1923Lyppard Australia Ltd$750,000.00
1924Environmental Accounting$750,000.00
1925South Pacific Regional Environment Programme$749,888.00
1926Jacana Energy$749,856.40
1927Bunzl Brands And Operations PT$748,501.51
1928OPEN DOOR Coaching Group$747,851.81
1929BRAD Cleveland Company LLC$746,932.94
1930Arcitecta Pty Ltd$746,383.00
1931Biometix Pty Ltd$746,140.00
1933Directions For Change$744,261.00
1934The Trustee For Mcgovern Superannuation FUND$744,150.00
1935Australian Taxation Office$743,756.07
1936DEPT Of Finance, Services And$743,468.02
1937Department For Child Protection$742,900.56
1938Episerver Inc$742,739.83
1939600 Machine Tools Pty Ltd$740,878.60
1940AMR Interactive Pty Ltd$738,632.00
1941Laundry LANE Productions Pty Ltd$738,014.66
1942Prism Defence Pty Ltd$738,008.58
1943Computer Systems Australia Pty Ltd$737,359.15
1944Central Desert Shire Council$737,160.20
1945BAYU Purnama SDN BHD$737,000.00
1946Brisbane Convention And Exhibition Centre$736,166.51
1947Helmsman International Pty Ltd$733,995.50
1948Hensoldt Sensors GMBH$731,654.01
1949Sandilands Psychological Services$731,367.44
1950Konarg Pty Ltd$730,664.00
1951ONE Identity$729,869.00
1952Interdell Developments Pty Ltd$729,797.00
1953Firmus Consulting Pty Ltd$727,879.40
1955Optimal Health & Performance Pty$727,164.40
1956G4S International Logistics (australia) Pty Ltd$726,845.00
1957QP3 Consulting$726,843.71
1958Silicon Graphics Inc$725,945.00
1959Grosvenor Engineering Group$725,660.49
1960BOND University Limited$725,570.16
1961Northrop Grumman$725,477.49
1962Shire Of Christmas Island$724,487.00
1963Pricewaterhousecoopers Securities$721,964.00
1964Spearpoint Solutions & Technology$721,839.40
1965Kidde Aerospace & Defence Pty Ltd$721,708.30
1966Houston KEMP Pty Ltd$721,701.05
1967TINA Marley Psychologist$721,500.00
1968Macartney Australia Pty Ltd$721,200.65
1969Furnace Engineering Pty Ltd$720,634.94
1970Thales Australia Ltd - EUR$720,076.97
1971Southern Cross Industrial Suppl*$718,805.06
1972KENT Removals And Storage$718,348.49
1973Gilimbaa Pty Ltd$717,759.20
1974Pyramid Corporation Pty Ltd$716,909.72
1975BLUE Environment Pty Ltd$716,779.00
1976Kobre & KIM LLP$716,416.89
1977Marsden Jacob Associates P/L$715,892.01
1979Boston Consulting Group$715,051.00
1980TMN Simulation$715,000.00
1981BCT Solutions Pty Ltd$713,419.18
1982Margaret Moynahan$711,792.00
1983Kfive Pty Ltd$711,091.70
1984Dectris Ltd$710,650.00
1985Queensland Airport Lighting$709,204.05
1986Aerosure ASIA Pacific Pty Limited$707,173.38
1987Griffin NRM Pty Ltd$706,550.24
1988Pacific Brands Workwear Group P*$706,431.60
1990F.J. Harris Shipbuilding Consultant$705,882.53
1991ELTA Systems Ltd$703,427.71
1992Axiom Precision Manufacturing$700,864.32
1993Johnson & Johnson Medical Pty Ltd$698,284.29
1995See-out Pty Ltd$698,000.00
1996Spectrum Australia Pty Ltd$697,505.71
1997ALS Laboratory Group Pty Ltd$697,029.27
1998Ausland Property Services Pty Ltd$696,414.37
1999Clyde & CO$696,324.94
2000ETMC Technologies Pty Ltd$695,890.38
2001Callida Resourcing Pty Ltd$695,107.64
2002Institute Of Public Administration$694,910.01
2003Sarris Properties Pty Ltd$694,761.00
2004Developing Markets Associates Ltd$694,375.00
2005Royce Communications Pty Ltd$694,325.00
2006ISW Solutions$693,560.13
2007DMG MORI Australia Pty Ltd$693,275.98
2008EPPS Software Pty Ltd$693,141.82
2009Baker And Provan Pty Ltd$692,533.17
2010DEPT Of Training & Workforce Develo$692,228.00
2011Iinet Limited$691,128.00
2012Noggin Pty Ltd$690,792.40
2013Tetris Design & Build$690,688.99
2014A.G. O'connor Pty Ltd$690,439.20
2015Fendercare Australia Pty Ltd$688,743.00
2016Diskdome PTY. Limited$687,582.04
2017Honolulu Airport Hotel$687,555.11
2018Michelle Wilcock Consulting$686,950.00
2019Peter Stevens Motorcycles Pty Ltd$686,675.71
2020LAND Rover Australia$686,531.98
2021Pacific Aerospace Consulting Pty$686,356.11
2022Tubarao Investments$685,740.00
2024Frontier Economics Pty Ltd$684,917.50
2025Vectra Corporation Limited$684,443.10
2026Intersective Pty Ltd$683,584.00
2027QT Canberra$683,071.38
2028Mpower Projects Pty Limited$682,795.54
2029Communication Knowhow$682,267.51
2030STR Global$682,179.00
2031Abrotat ATF The Smith Barry No 1 T$681,951.82
2032Semaphore Alliance Pty Ltd$679,448.00
2033Woods Bagot Pty Ltd$677,734.47
2034PLAN Group Pty Ltd$677,666.13
2035Britton Maritime Systems Pty Ltd$677,642.45
2036Business Information Services (nsw) Pty Ltd$677,539.95
20374cabling Pty Ltd$677,495.16
2038Avepoint Pty Ltd$677,451.61
2039Grant Thornton (melbourne)$677,318.00
2040Decipha Pty Ltd$674,942.35
2041TRAM Australia Pacific Pty Ltd$674,269.86
2042Balance Recruitment UNIT Trust$673,977.67
2043Nature Foundation Of SA$673,550.00
2044DEPT Of Water & Environmental Regul$672,142.00
2045Delta Electrics$671,190.30
2046Bushfire And Natural Hazards$671,000.00
2047Coates HIRE Operations Pty Ltd$670,587.58
2048ECA, Queensland Industrial Organisation Of Employers$670,406.00
2049Udemy, INC.$670,000.00
2050Pivotal Business Technology P/L$669,964.24
2051Liberate Elearning Pty Ltd$668,694.47
2052Defence Business Solutions Pty Ltd$668,068.42
2053Smarter Contracting Pty Ltd$667,704.00
2054Grace Removals Group$667,689.38
2055General Dynamics Mediaware$666,523.26
2056Tecon Australia Pty Ltd$665,600.00
2057Aurify Constructions Pty Ltd$665,432.02
2058Perform ZONE PTY. Ltd$663,168.00
2059Arrow Bronze$662,696.00
2060Appsium Pty Ltd$661,423.00
2061Communications & Power Industries Australia Pty Ltd$661,174.04
2062Australian PUMP Industries PTY.$661,080.20
2063The Galleria Investments LLC$660,750.00
2064Sydney Airport Corporation$660,731.72
2066Nectaria Nominees Pty Ltd$660,000.00
2067HILL Executive Group Pty Ltd$658,737.50
2068JJM Holdings Pty Limited AS Trustee For The Moulds Family Trust$658,504.00
2069Montpellier Supagro$658,328.85
2070Capital Civil Contractors PTY. Ltd$657,995.03
2071Lockheed Martin Corporation!dba$657,981.40
2072AAI Corporation DBA Textron Systems$657,911.86
2073JOHN Fargher And Associates Pty Ltd$657,302.80
2074FAIR WORK Ombudsman$657,231.00
2075MP Group Of Companies$656,596.60
2076Giltedge Property Pty Ltd$656,322.00
2077Eurofins MGT$656,000.00
2078The Trustee For GLG Greenlife Group$654,666.46
2079Pierce Constructions$654,135.13
2080Customer Driven Solutions Pty Ltd$653,720.00
2081Healthcorp Pty Ltd$653,709.16
2082Unify Solutions Pty Limited$653,597.50
2083JOHN Halley$652,800.00
2084Radtronics P / L$652,247.77
2085Queensland Breathing Systems$651,536.86
2086The Trustee For Chesterton UNIT Trust T/A Colliers Internati$651,138.40
2087Light Aircraft Pty Ltd$649,063.32
2088DLC Australia Pty Ltd$649,000.00
2089Waters, Christopher Graham$648,500.00
2090C R Kennedy$648,280.39
2091Upton Martin Consulting$647,400.00
2092Advanced Solutions International$646,676.90
2093Baseline Commercial Furniture (act) Pty Ltd$646,301.79
2094Ultra CARE Cleaning Services$646,274.16
2095Townsville Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Cultural CEN$645,546.00
2096Lander & Rogers Lawyers$644,872.55
2097George MARK And Christine Joyce POP$643,905.99
2098Adacel Technologies Limited$642,690.87
2099MTP Services$642,014.35
2101Space-time Research Pty Ltd$640,585.00
2102BVN Architecture Pty Ltd$640,458.50
2103O2C Solutions$639,904.50
2104Cooperative Research Centre For$638,770.00
2105Holding Redlich$638,232.79
2106Paper Australia Pty Ltd$637,406.00
2107Standards Australia Limited$636,900.00
2109KORD Defence Pty Ltd$634,986.00
2110FBG Group Pty Ltd$634,789.39
2111TP Human Capital Pty Ltd$634,601.23
2112Berkeley Information Technology$634,011.76
2113KORN Ferry International Pty Limited$633,600.01
2115Commerce Decisions Pty Ltd$633,545.99
2116Veitch Lister Consulting Pty Ltd$633,336.00
2117Pathtech Pty Ltd$633,204.00
2118ARA Manufacture Pty Ltd$632,772.00
2119AERO Refuellers$632,174.39
2120Wilde And Woollard Consultants Pty Ltd$631,360.00
2121Ground Effects Consulting$630,879.70
2122Lifeflight Medical Pty Ltd$630,810.00
2123The Connection Coach Pty Ltd$629,260.27
2124DLG Shape Pty Limited$629,241.52
2125Qualtrics, LLC$629,064.00
2126Optimum Buisness Consulting Pty Ltd$628,080.30
2127Spatial Vision Innovations Pty Ltd$624,793.23
2128TOP CUT FOOD Industries (melb)$624,508.67
2129Prime Psychology Pty Ltd$623,500.00
2130Viocorp International Pty Ltd$623,322.70
2131Kobra Shredders Australia Pty Ltd$623,209.71
2132Lifelink Communications Pty Ltd$622,669.00
2133Priority Electrical Services$622,422.90
2134Henchman Products Pty Ltd$622,149.82
2135Manuka Psychology$620,800.00
2136ACT GOVT - Transport Canberra And CITY Services$620,576.47
2137PUMA Energy PNG Limited$620,000.00
2138Deloitte RISK Advisory Pty Limited$618,318.00
2139Armor Composite Engineering Pty$617,650.00
2141Amber Technology Limited$616,817.26
2142Allsafe Lifting Equipment Pty LT$616,313.79
2143Australia Pacific Airports (melbour$616,244.04
2144GREG O'mahoney$615,801.00
2145Symbio Laboratories$615,000.00
21464impact Pty Ltd$614,530.99
2147The Trustee For Industry Superannuation Property Trust No 1$614,299.00
2148Capitano Trust & Stubbs Super FUND$613,292.90
2149Central LAND Council$612,650.96
2150MEGA Fortris Australia Pty Ltd$612,600.00
2151Burning Glass International$611,000.00
2152Corporate Compass Pty Ltd$608,743.20
2153Econnect Solutions Pty Ltd$608,608.00
2154Australian Computer Society Inc$607,107.01
2155FITT Resources Pty Ltd$605,710.56
2156Apriva ISS, LLC$605,548.80
2157Exclaim IT Pty Ltd$603,372.00
2158Testpro Pty Ltd$603,310.26
2159DKSH Australia Pty Ltd$603,139.20
2160Mitch's Diesel Services Pty Ltd$602,975.75
2161HPI HIGH Pressure Intrumentation GE$602,676.36
2162Bruel & Kjaer Australia$602,552.33
2163CIC Technology Pty Ltd$602,437.75
2164Access Macquarie Limited$601,549.94
2165Aerospace And Defence Products$601,337.00
2166Makwara Solutions Pty Ltd$600,825.01
2167Deloitte RISK Advisory Pty Limited$599,503.00
2168Forster Helicopters Pty Ltd$599,368.00
2169National Portrait Gallery$598,950.00
2170IDEC Solutions Pty Ltd$598,683.76
2171The Information Management Group$598,145.01
2172Triumph GEAR Systems, Inc.!dba$598,115.88
2173NGIS Australia Pty Ltd$598,048.00
2174Ministry Of Defence T/A Defence$597,290.03
2175Lachlind PARK ATF KUHN Stewart WOR$596,416.00
2176Quinn Truck Services Pty Ltd$595,648.79
2177Skillsoft ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$595,140.79
2178Thistle Island Management Association Incorporated$594,000.00
2179Farage Holdings Pty Ltd$593,580.04
2180GFK Australia Pty Ltd$593,558.10
2181Steyr Motors Australia$593,386.22
2182Wallis Consulting Group$591,666.70
2183The Australian Centre For Social$591,170.00
2184Nexus Vetting$591,044.85
2185Clifford Hallam Healthcare$590,545.39
2186Sashi Maharaj$589,533.00
2187Reino International Pty Limited$587,337.21
2188Stylecraft Australia Pty Ltd$586,640.67
2189Raytheon Canada Limited DBA Elcan$585,959.23
2190Office Of Environment And Heritage$585,630.01
2191Aeronautical & General Instruments$585,556.52
2192Queensland State Archives$585,294.56
2193Forefront Analytics Pty Ltd$584,954.47
2194Moray And Agnew Lawyers$584,545.68
2195RCR Haden Pty Ltd$583,962.49
2196Workpac Pty Ltd$583,272.00
2197Interact Injury Management$582,749.00
2198Endurequip Hoists Pty Ltd$582,582.00
2199Radiography Services Pty Ltd$582,573.72
2200Farrier Swier Consulting$582,390.56
2201Screencraft Media Pty Ltd$582,106.16
2202Eveille Consulting$581,799.99
2203Special Broadcasting Service$581,499.50
2204NSW Dept. Of Justice$581,306.16
2205Jones LANG Lasalle Indonesia$581,282.86
2206Sutherland Instrument Service$581,276.85
2207National Economic Research Associates Inc$581,077.29
2208CBIT Pty Limited$579,912.17
2209Dreamtime Creative Pty Ltd$578,796.11
2210Balance Internet Pty Ltd$578,600.00
2211Yarra Valley Estate$577,850.00
2212BLP Training And Services P/L$577,434.00
2213FIRE Alarm Monitoring Services$577,198.95
2214Logistic Engineering Services P/L$576,952.12
2215ARTD Pty Ltd$576,189.10
2216Concrete Partners Pty Ltd$576,071.88
2217EL ES DE Engineering Pty Ltd$575,382.50
2218Lightforce Australia Pty Ltd$574,938.80
2219Batchelor Institute Of Indigenous$574,689.84
2220Suntrix Pty Ltd AS Trust For SUN Trust$573,302.00
2221Workspace Commercial Furniture$573,070.40
2222Thomson GEER$572,298.00
2223MWH Australia Pty Ltd$571,244.56
2224P. Blashki And SONS Pty Ltd$571,219.06
2225Smartcomms Pty Ltd$570,951.07
2227ASD Technology Pty Ltd$569,961.64
2228Cyberanalytics Pty Ltd$569,920.00
2229Medland Corporate Property Pty Ltd$569,741.00
2230Micro Systemation$569,096.00
2231Downunder Geosolutions Pty Ltd$568,733.91
2232Infosurety Pty Ltd$566,077.60
2233Altair Engineering Software$566,014.90
2234Flight Options$565,730.00
2235GSE Services Pty Ltd$565,505.18
2236Right NOW Office Renovations &$564,592.01
2237APS Homes (SA) Pty Ltd$564,212.00
2238AB Sciex Australia Pty Ltd$562,383.10
2239Technology Communications Management Pty Ltd$561,863.50
2240Praeco Pty Ltd$561,655.93
2241Canberra Language School$560,650.76
2242Boral Construction Material$560,239.89
2243Cunningham Lindsey$560,000.01
2244Cairns Convention Centre$559,245.90
2245Access Control Engineered Systems P$558,857.40
2246Globalpos Pty Ltd$558,295.87
2247Agfa-gevaert Ltd$558,091.22
2248The Rehabilitation Company Pty Ltd$557,674.01
2249Veerpoint Pty Ltd$557,018.00
2250LOWY Institute$556,966.20
2251Turner & Townsend Thinc$556,566.66
2252BEN Baden Services Pty Ltd$556,537.38
2253Resolve Software Group$555,700.49
2254Teledyne WEBB Research$555,636.34
2255Service Quality Pty Ltd$555,291.00
2256Mannnorth Pty Ltd$555,060.00
2257SOUL Machines Limited$554,470.00
2258Susan Allen & Associates Pty Ltd$554,180.00
2259DEPT Of Justice & Attorney General$553,852.12
2260Auswide Management$553,669.86
2261Automotive Corporation (M) SDN BHD$553,521.44
2262Morris Walker Pty Ltd$553,228.00
2263Isode Limited$551,375.55
2264Adelaide Research & Innovation P/L$551,210.00
2265Cowan Manufacturing Pty Ltd$550,993.90
2266PAUL E Sullivan$550,242.00
2267Beaver Engineering Pty Ltd$550,229.17
2268MING FENG Packaging$550,101.36
2269EC&V Pty Ltd$550,000.00
2270Office Of The Australian$550,000.00
2271CTE Projects Pty Ltd$550,000.00
2272Trade Import Services$550,000.00
2273Epsilon Knowledge Pty Ltd$549,710.92
2274J Furhpy & SONS Pty Ltd$549,247.00
2275Rheinmetall Landsysteme GMBH$548,140.37
2276Ngamuru Advisory Pty Ltd$548,116.10
2277Holco FINE MEAT Suppliers$548,000.00
2278Technology, People And Governance Solutions Pty Ltd$546,975.00
2279Gpsat Systems (aust) Pty Ltd$546,951.90
2280Interchem Pty Ltd$546,947.30
2281Humphreys Advisory Pty Ltd$546,336.00
2282Tibco Software (ireland) Limited$546,229.57
2283NM Beasley Psychology Services$545,925.50
2284STAR Track Express$545,876.96
2285Torres Strait Island Regional Council$545,277.43
2286Snap-on Tools (australia) Pty Ltd$544,633.50
2287Katrina Pty Ltd$544,511.00
2288Mulesoft INC.$544,508.46
2289Identity Continuum$544,500.00
2290Department Of The Premier & Cabinet$544,264.00
2291Mozaic Management Consultants Pty Ltd$543,785.00
2292Global Community Resourcing Pty Ltd$543,620.00
2293Mackay Consolidated Industries$542,100.90
2294Synergy Group Australia Limited$541,684.41
2295Officemax Australia Limited$540,911.96
2296NSW Ministry Of Health$540,892.04
2297Jumbana Pty Ltd$540,617.43
2298Search365 Pty Ltd$540,485.00
2299Wildara Australia Pty Limited$540,102.00
2300Jaspara Pty Ltd$539,193.76
2301Protecht.erm Pty Ltd$538,153.30
2302Avnet Technology Solutions (aust)$537,677.87
2303Universal Systems Ltd^dba Caris$537,370.84
2304LINK Learning Pty Ltd$536,740.00
2305Onigroup Pty Ltd$536,657.99
2306Angel Labs, LLC$535,044.00
2307Southern Cross Science Pty Ltd$534,928.00
2308Allen & Clarke$534,632.36
2309Liquid Learning Group Pty Ltd$534,577.62
2310Nivani Ltd$534,562.00
2311Soteria Solutions Pty Ltd$533,291.00
2313MONT Adventure Equipment Pty Ltd$532,115.52
2314Yuras Business Gateway Pty Ltd$531,640.00
2315Brentwood Engineering Pty Ltd$531,215.00
2316Thomas J Eccles$530,949.37
2317BANG The Table Pty Ltd$530,420.00
2318Launch Recruitment$530,407.95
2319Colliers International (nsw) Pty Limited$530,389.96
2320Australian Valuation Solutions Pty Ltd$529,430.00
2321Talentpool Recruitment Pty Ltd$529,267.58
2322Websecure Technologies$529,026.72
2323Allstruct Pty Ltd$528,731.49
2324Strategic Leadership Pty Ltd$528,190.00
2325Berendsen Fluid Power Pty Ltd$528,111.99
2326I&TC Solutions Pty Ltd$528,000.00
2327Splunk INC.$527,922.84
2328Siemens Healthcare Pty Ltd$525,000.00
2329Secure EDGE Technology$522,689.50
2330PMP Ltd - PMP Digital$522,264.83
2331LAW & Development Partners Pty Ltd$522,001.48
2332Phase 2 Constructions Pty Ltd$521,790.10
2333MRF Motor Bodies Pty Ltd$521,461.60
2334Nexon ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$521,439.20
2335Marklogic Corporation$520,497.00
2336Placard Pty Ltd$520,038.20
2337Daily Press Pty Ltd$520,000.00
2338HR Orbit Consulting$519,805.00
2340Fulcrum Management Pty Ltd$519,485.89
2341Natural Power Solutions Pty Ltd$518,857.90
2342Mcarthur Management Services (SA) P/L$518,693.62
2343Hotel Realm Pty Ltd$517,306.93
2344Graeme Mcleod Mechanical P/L$516,541.74
2345Griffin Psychology Clinic$516,400.50
2346I F Edenzon Consulting LLC$516,216.55
2347Zonge Engineering And Research Organization (aust) Pty Ltd$516,200.40
2348Catalyst Interactive Pty Ltd$516,005.16
2349Benito Caruso$515,962.00
2350Bolts & Industrial Supplies Pty Ltd$515,694.31
2351Red SEA Housing Company PNG Limited$514,268.16
2352TPR Systems$514,090.50
2353Thales Australia$513,853.44
2354Pacific Commercial Diving Supply$513,839.76
2355Bureau International DES Poids ET Mesure$512,638.66
2356Context Matters Pty Ltd$512,494.32
2357Viasat INC.$512,294.00
2358Komatsu Forklift Australia Pty L$512,101.92
2359Microflite Helicopter Services$511,436.01
2360Vencore Services And Solutions, Inc$511,120.73
2361Elcom Technology Pty Ltd$511,101.95
2362Jconsulting Pty Ltd$511,079.00
2363Urban Circus$511,000.00
2366Robin Alwyn Davies Pty Ltd$508,918.41
2367Unitronix Pty Ltd$508,594.58
2368Griffin Marine Services Pty Limited$508,159.05
2369Airbiz Aviation Strategies Pty Ltd$508,150.01
2370OUR Community Pty Ltd$507,600.00
2371Linkedin Singapore PTE Ltd$507,184.90
2372Rightquip Pty Ltd$506,461.50
2373Tiger International$506,305.66
2374Pudman Training Group Pty Ltd$505,865.59
2375The Boeing Company DBA Boeing$505,128.96
2376ACT Chief Minister, Treasury And EC$504,842.00
2377Flexera Software Pty Limited$504,542.94
2378Ferno Australia Pty Ltd$503,870.10
2379Trelleborg Flexible Containment$503,211.73
2380Strategic Development Group Pty Ltd$502,914.97
2381Bio-rad Laboratories Pty Ltd$501,473.60
2383Leonhard KURZ (aust.) Pty Ltd$500,500.00
2384Goodman Property Services Pty Ltd$500,423.77
2385The Trustee For Debra Nominees No 2$500,000.00
2386Thinkplace Trust$500,000.00
2387Christopher Stephen$500,000.00
2388GEE JAY DEE Enterprises Pty Ltd$500,000.00
2389Illuminating Solutions Pty Ltd$499,979.17
2390Kartoza Pty Ltd$499,720.00
2391KRSP Pty Ltd$499,251.50
2392Simeonov Civil Engineering Pty Ltd$498,862.10
2393Jones LANG Lasalle (thailand)$498,709.88
2394Sirsidynix Pty Ltd$498,502.20
2395Videocraft Equipment Pty Ltd$496,691.05
2396Callington Haven Pty Ltd$495,000.00
2397Wavelength Pty Ltd$494,826.14
2398The Trustee For Axium Solutions Trust$494,587.50
2399Trustee For Davell No 2 Trust$494,550.00
2400NSW FACS$493,348.23
2401Versalux Pty Ltd$492,267.93
2402Prominent Press Pty Ltd$491,994.53
2403CFO EDGE Pty Ltd$491,130.00
2404Federal GOLF CLUB$490,868.33
2405Wreck BAY Aboriginal Community CNL.$490,675.32
2406Creative Content Media$490,340.00
2407Better Network Services$489,979.60
2408Honeywell International Inc.!dba$489,512.84
2409Addcom Contact Solutions Pty Ltd$489,461.29
2410CHAT House Research Pty Ltd$489,453.35
2411Audit Staff$489,250.00
2412Qinetiq Target Systems Canada Inc$488,724.49
2413Australian Security Industries PTY.$488,580.51
2414Siggins Miller Consultants PTY. Ltd$488,470.30
2415URSA Clemenger Pty Ltd$487,243.90
2416PT. MPP International Developments$484,707.81
2417Lavers Psychology & Consulting SERV$484,700.00
2418WEST Arnhem Shire Council$484,456.24
2419Definiti Pty Ltd$484,266.82
2420National Archives Of Australia$484,233.22
2421BLUE STAR Australia$484,058.40
2422Dovef Pty Ltd$483,758.23
2423Archtis Pty Ltd$483,503.54
2424Kokatha Martin Joint Venture$483,253.10
2425Ebiquity Pty Ltd$482,771.50
2426Tascon Constructions Pty Ltd$482,303.05
2427CEB INC.$481,480.92
2428Rudds Consulting Engineers$480,683.00
2429Catapult BI Pty Ltd$479,952.00
2430Medical Insurance Australia Pty LIM$478,200.00
2431LKS Constructions (WA) Pty Ltd$477,314.41
2432Axios Systems Pty Ltd$476,625.00
2433Makwara Solutions$476,290.37
2435Lauren Middleton Consulting$475,479.00
2436Ausvet Pty Ltd$475,349.50
2437Pindock Consulting Pty Ltd$475,200.00
2438Snapcracker Research & Strategy Pty$474,969.00
2439Australian Institute Of Management$474,000.00
2440Vista Advisory Pty Ltd$473,973.00
2441Enable Solutions$473,616.00
2442Fisheries Research And DEV Corporation$472,809.00
2443NP Aerospace Ltd$472,755.11
2444Being Human Pty Ltd$472,540.00
2445Rockwell Collins$472,322.27
2446Aerospace Medical Services Pty Ltd$472,265.70
2447Itcom Australia Pty Ltd$472,045.20
2448Australian Fisheries Academy Ltd$472,000.00
2449P2 Group Australia Pty Ltd$470,114.00
2450Steve GRAY Consulting Trust$469,796.40
2451Fenton Strategic Communications P/L T/AS Fenton Communications$469,700.00
2452CAPS Australia Pty Ltd$469,398.19
2453BLUE LION Moving Service Pty Ltd$468,972.70
2454Westbourne Consulting Pty Ltd$468,940.00
2455Instron Pty Ltd$468,534.22
2456Hibbard Consulting Pty Ltd$467,962.00
2457Infofocus Australia Pty Ltd$467,928.30
2458Servian Pty Ltd$467,337.50
2459Helsco Pty Ltd$466,627.47
2461HL Pharma Pty Ltd$466,480.86
2462NSW Rural FIRE Service$466,223.60
2463Intelsat LLC$466,111.43
2464Barkly Shire Council$465,837.36
2465Herbert Smith Freehills$465,267.00
2466Altia Solutions Limited$465,216.36
2467The Curious FISH Coaching, Training$465,200.00
2468Robert JOHN Halsey(emeritus Profess$465,200.00
2469Photomapping Services Pty Ltd$464,371.55
2470Johannsen Automotive Pty Ltd$464,000.00
2471Kokatha Pastoral Pty Ltd$463,525.70
2472Presence Of IT (ocl) Pty Ltd$463,320.00
2473Veldeman Australia$463,177.11
2474Tresys Technology, LLC$462,888.63
2475Dexus ONE Pty Ltd$462,541.00
2476Enersys Australia Pty Ltd$462,528.00
2477ALL Aspects Recruitment And H R Services$462,469.10
2478Raytheon Company!dba Raytheon$462,082.95
2479GASS Petroleum Consulting Pty Ltd (trustee For The Avijegon Family Trust)$462,000.00
2480Human Systems Group Pty Ltd$461,685.35
2481Clevertar Pty Ltd$460,000.00
2482Southern Cross Equipment Pty Ltd$459,950.89
2483Daraco Services Pty Ltd$458,700.00
2484Kardex VCA Pty Ltd$457,853.59
2485Print Media Group$457,735.50
2486Australian Digital Technology Pty Ltd$457,600.00
2487COX Purtell$456,931.65
2488The Trustee For Tennant Creek Offices UNIT Trust$456,864.22
2489Robiz Consulting Pty Ltd$456,000.00
2490Staging Connections$455,728.97
2491Activ8 MIND$454,800.00
2492Kordia Limited$454,196.00
2493Aerospace Composites Pty Ltd$453,626.80
2494DT Hobbs Pty Ltd$453,511.30
2495Physio And Speech PATH ADV SVCS$453,256.60
2496ACS Australia$452,786.10
2497Miltect Pty Ltd$451,598.74
2498Closed LOOP Design Pty Ltd$450,226.90
2499Lawfirst Pty Ltd T/AS Bennett & CO$450,000.00
2500Maritime Project Management Pty Ltd$450,000.00
2501DAJ Solutions Pty Ltd$450,000.00
2502FOI, Totalforsvarets Forskningsinst$450,000.00
2503Allen-vanguard Ltd$449,996.81
2504Certara Australia Pty Ltd$449,973.70
2505The Stanley Hotel & Suites$449,764.66
2506Factiva Limited$449,508.00
2507The ANNA Centre Pty Ltd$449,500.00
2508Hydro Industries$448,492.00
2509Iceoxford Limited$447,732.00
2511Ewater Ltd$446,913.50
2512Sharon ROWE Pty Ltd$446,673.75
2513RTDS Technologies Inc$446,530.71
2514JOHN Weaver$445,562.00
2515Instinct And Reason Pty Ltd$445,291.00
2516INO Contract Furniture Pty Ltd$445,251.40
2517SEER Security Pty Ltd$445,115.00
2518Spear Of FAME Pty Ltd$444,548.50
2519Scientific Devices Australia P/L$443,841.12
2520Razorback Solutions Pty Ltd$443,675.65
2521James Machinery P/L$443,481.50
2523Blackdog And Associates Pty Ltd$442,277.00
2524Inloc International Pty Ltd$442,082.10
2525Dysen Pty Ltd$441,714.60
2526ANNA Gibert$441,457.50
2529United Technology Solutions$440,726.55
2530Value Management Consulting P/L$440,638.00
2531Yarrabee Consulting$440,599.00
2532Aurora Furniture$440,442.00
2533Physio In Motion Pty Ltd$440,318.15
2534PAUL And WEBB Pty Ltd$440,000.00
2535Belle-laide Events Pty Ltd$440,000.00
2536Epica Solutions Pty Ltd$440,000.00
2537Innovative Manufacturing CRC Limite$440,000.00
2538CAN DO Multi-task Maintenance$440,000.00
2539S J French$440,000.00
2540China Matters Ltd$440,000.00
2541HKM Solutions Pty Ltd$439,462.26
2542DEX Australia Pty Ltd$439,450.00
2543Raging Digital$439,375.00
2544Sharp Corporation Of Australia Pty Ltd$439,299.85
2545Micro Focus Pty Ltd$438,995.37
2546IBL Software Engineering$438,963.00
2547FDC Construction & Fitout (SA) Pty Ltd$437,908.40
2548The TAX Institute$437,539.98
2550BAC Systems Pty Ltd$436,728.60
2551James Robert Hillman$436,000.00
2552Gerard Anthony Mcevilly$434,331.00
2553Hofmann Engineering Pty Ltd$433,804.80
2554Pharmglobal Pty Ltd$433,525.17
2555Taylor FRY Consulting Actuaries$432,730.00
2556Pegasus Aeromedical Consulting Pty$432,685.42
2557UTS Geophysics Pty Ltd$432,517.42
2558Performance Drivers$432,463.68
2559AADI Defence Pty Ltd$432,300.00
2560JOHN Morris Scientific Pty Ltd$431,694.14
2561Jesmie Mulla Contracting Trust$431,218.31
2562Jankel Australia Pty Ltd$431,208.81
2563VEEM Engineering Group$430,313.60
2564Berwick Consulting Pty Ltd$429,990.00
2565Quantum CORE Solutions Pty Ltd$429,792.00
2566Ithaca Group Pty Ltd$429,671.00
2567Raymond Mallon$429,427.24
2569Schneider Electric IT Australia P/L$428,308.48
2570Orion Solar Pty Ltd$428,274.00
2571Catch Recruitment$428,043.00
2572MJF And Associates Pty Ltd$427,999.99
2573Rossarden Pty Ltd$427,900.00
2574Arthur Raymond Moses$427,785.96
2576DE POI Consulting Pty Ltd$427,324.00
2577DBA E3 Engage Educate Employ$427,235.20
2578B Online Learning Pty Limited$427,072.70
2579Tectonica Australia Pty Ltd$427,018.45
2580World Customs Organization$425,077.25
2581Structurflex Ltd$425,073.44
2582Iaccm Pty Ltd$424,500.00
2583KM Clinical Psychology Pty Ltd$424,321.96
2584KMR Consulting Pty Limited$424,160.00
2585Kingston Industries Pty Ltd$423,749.77
2586Pursuit Technology$423,653.00
2587Institute For Urban Indigenous HEAL$423,500.00
2588Sentio Consulting$423,264.00
2589Chemistry Centre (WA)$423,000.00
2590Kobold Group Ltd$422,624.97
2591Baseline Industries Pty Ltd$421,718.10
2592Australian Private Hospitals Association$421,658.44
2593Tekno Pty Ltd T/A GAIA Resources$421,273.36
2594Australian Energy Market Operator$420,375.05
2595Australian Trade Training College L$420,000.00
2596Avanti Psychology$420,000.00
2597Microstrategy Pty Ltd$419,558.94
2598Territory Broadcasting Pty Ltd$419,055.94
2599Valiant HIRE Pty Ltd$419,017.69
2600Seismic ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$417,915.30
2601Cellebrite ASIA Pacific PTE Ltd$417,736.64
2602HMD Services Pty Ltd$417,505.00
2603Queensland Police Service$417,367.95
2604Australian Building Surveying Servi$416,416.00
2605SUE Adams Coaching And Facilitation$416,364.56
2606First Reign SDN BHD$415,824.00
2607Ivanti UK Limited$415,368.68
2608Fencewright ATF The Trusee For$415,250.00
2609Bullivants Pty Ltd$414,875.33
2610MDA Information Systems LLC$414,572.40
2611Southtech Professional Services$414,112.72
2612Tier-3 Pty Ltd$414,025.24
2613Waratah Partners Lawyers & Consult$413,645.60
2614ORC International Pty Ltd$413,440.10
2615Bestech Australia Pty Ltd$412,710.10
2616Recordpoint Software Pty Ltd$412,280.00
2618Babylon Industries Pty Ltd$411,818.78
2619Australian FUEL Cells Pty Ltd$411,796.54
2620BAE Systems National Security Solut$411,190.05
2621Delib Australia Pty Ltd$410,960.00
2622Fleet CREW$410,138.60
2623IUCN - The World Conservation Union$410,000.00
2624Benmax Pty Ltd$409,904.00
2625IDS Australasia Pty Ltd$409,696.93
2626Australian College Of Rural$409,580.02
2627@rossiters Pty Ltd$409,378.20
2628Formrite Group$408,840.30
2629Sailpoint Technologies, INC.$408,790.22
2630Technocrat Holdings Pty Ltd$408,650.00
2631Solutech (act) Pty Ltd$407,816.20
2632Object Point Pty Ltd$407,808.50
2633Meltwater Australia Pty Ltd$407,786.90
2634RVK Pty Ltd$407,616.00
2635BLUE Visions$407,500.00
2636Hobart FOOD Equipment Pty Ltd$407,440.00
2637Aerospace Australia Ltd$406,270.88
2638Konecranes Pty Ltd$405,300.00
2639IMI Systems Ltd$404,969.05
2640Fishwell Consulting$404,858.96
2641Prinoth S.p.a.$404,303.21
2642Manuka Projects Pty Ltd$404,234.00
2643The AIR Doctor$404,196.10
2644All-build Commercial Interiors P/L$404,043.75
2645Omera Partners Pty Ltd$403,800.00
2646API Ltd$403,717.91
2647JJ Richards And SONS Pty Ltd$403,492.85
2648Programmed Skilled Workforce Limited$403,434.59
2649Isobar Communications Pty Ltd$402,900.33
2650Healthcare Management Advisors Pty$402,779.00
2651Consulting 4 Nurses Pty Ltd$402,495.40
2652Marque Consulting (act)$402,393.00
2653EDI Solutions Pty Ltd$401,949.98
2654Transformed Pty Ltd$400,341.91
2655Westfield Shoppingtown Carousel P/L$400,315.70
2656Hender LEE Electrical$400,153.26
2657M And A MEAD Investments Pty L$400,098.36
2658Lasercraft Australia Ltd$400,000.00
2659Joanna Finlayson Psychologist$400,000.00
2660E-campus Australia$400,000.00
2661Bioplatforms Australia Ltd$400,000.00
2662Calvert, Gillian$400,000.00
2663Intertek Testing Services$399,960.10
2664Tasmanian Ports Corporation$399,708.59
2665Plain English Foundation Pty Ltd$399,701.50
2666Humanitarian Advisory Group Pty Ltd$399,479.21
2667Rodenprint And Packaging$398,476.98
2668W And F Pascoe$398,256.17
2669Colda Constructions Pty Ltd$398,200.00
2670Domain Tools, LLC$398,142.00
2671Philip Edwin HIND$398,000.00
2672Inlogik Pty Ltd$397,063.22
2673Engineering Maintenance & Logistics$397,040.01
2674Information Integrity Solutions$396,900.00
2675Kettering Marine Pty Ltd$396,822.72
2676Parachutes Australia Pty Ltd$396,724.74
2677Finmeccanica SPA$396,515.30
2678North Construction & Building$396,422.39
2679Murawin Pty Ltd$396,000.00
2680Doyal Executive, Accounting And Finance Recruitment$395,765.29
2681Pitney Bowes Australia Pty Ltd$395,582.40
2682STEM Industries Pty Ltd$395,365.52
2683Rindin Enterprises Pty Ltd$394,358.16
2684AE Smith$394,320.30
2685NURV Enterprises Pty Ltd$393,600.14
2686Canberra Consulting Resources Pty Ltd$393,008.00
2687Geoplex Products Pty Ltd$392,959.33
2688BEAK Engineering (aust) Pty Ltd$392,866.73
2689Snowrock International Pty Ltd$392,052.10
2690Australian Network On Disability$391,169.82
2691Deniliquin Offices Pty Ltd$390,234.11
2693GX Technology Australia Pty Ltd$389,488.00
2694Wintersteiger AG$388,933.97
2695The Trustee For Killarney Trust$388,850.00
2696Ozrunways PTY. LTD.$388,799.84
2697GENG Pty Ltd$388,520.00
2699Cpdlive.com Pty Ltd$387,300.00
2700Mongodb Ltd$387,183.63
2701SQ *hoffmann Trenching$387,170.26
2702AGL Sales Pty Ltd$386,831.42
2703Vantage Point Consulting Pty Ltd$386,700.00
2704JOHN Robinson Consulting Services$386,421.00
2705National Association Of Testing$385,455.52
2706Elaine Pressman$384,774.00
2707EAST WEST Engineering$384,642.06
2708Private Individual - Dubai$384,501.00
2709Intalock Technologies$384,439.57
2710JDS Australia Pty Ltd$383,800.02
2711Court Services Victoria$383,139.95
2712NSW Health Pathology$381,078.00
2713Pernickety Pty Ltd$380,850.00
2714Peter Jensen$380,532.00
2715ONE Loose Screw$380,196.00
2716Horton Media Australia Limited$380,000.00
2717Zinfra Pty Ltd$379,957.26
2718IPP Consulting Pty Ltd$379,903.30
2719Leica Microsystems Pty Ltd$379,846.50
2720Nakama Sydney Pty Ltd$379,794.00
2721PICO Australia Pty Ltd$379,383.66
2722Pinpoint Talent Pty Ltd$378,950.50
2723Schlumberger Australia Pty Ltd$378,510.13
2724Capability Partners Asset MGMT$378,400.00
2725EQV Associates Pty Ltd$378,316.40
2726PITT Group Pty Ltd$378,167.25
2727Fortis Consulting Pty Ltd$378,097.90
2728The Trustee For William & Ingrid$378,043.38
2729The Trustee For SJC Trust$377,600.00
2730Simuserv Pty Ltd$377,539.80
2731SME Gateway$377,520.00
2732Accessuts Pty Ltd$377,462.70
2733Omnilink Pty Ltd$377,210.26
2734AMA Security Group$377,203.00
2735SABA Software (australia) Pty Ltd$376,906.13
2736HBA Legal$375,000.00
2737Glenavon Enterprises Pty Ltd$375,000.00
2738Citibuild Pty Ltd$374,626.17
2739Weibel Scientific A/S$374,491.33
2740BILL Andrew And Associates$374,000.00
2741Duesburys Nexia$373,890.00
2742Criterion Solutions Pty Ltd$373,541.78
2743Callaghans Marine Services$373,405.76
2744Emona Instruments Pty Ltd$372,518.30
2745Creative Universe Pty Limited$372,329.70
2746Dentons Australia Pty Ltd$372,326.50
2747The Faith Agency AS Trustee For The Faith Agency UNIT Trust$372,227.90
2748Brintons Pty Ltd$372,020.00
2749Elton Consulting$371,793.00
2750Aboriginal Business Advisory Service$371,513.00
2751Systra Scott Lister Australia Pty L$371,498.03
2752Macquarie University$371,424.00
2753Komatsu Australia Pty Ltd$371,391.33
2754International Centre For$371,318.19
2755Dangfam Pty Ltd$371,250.00
2756Quality Machine Tools$370,940.90
2757LIFE Technologies Australia Pty Ltd$370,561.60
2758Embedded Logic Solutions$369,919.00
2759Hitachi Construction Machinery *$369,077.65
2760NDY Management Pty Ltd$368,787.00
2761Arinc Incorporated!dba Rockwell Collins Information!management$368,770.34
2762Lawler JOHN$368,520.00
2763The Trustee For Quattro Consulting$368,368.00
2764Marie Boland$368,250.00
2765The Mullion Group Pty Ltd$367,910.00
2766Metroid Electrical Products$367,730.00
2767Institute Of Quality$366,950.00
2768Black CAT Systems Pty Ltd$366,839.00
2769Equilibrium OMG Pty Ltd$366,645.00
2770Pullman Brisbane KING George Square$366,354.62
2771Steve Ayling And Associates$366,326.80
2772Intercad Pty Ltd$366,104.20
27731ST CALL Consulting Pty Ltd$365,925.23
2774NEW Start Australia Pty Ltd$365,916.10
2775Phase ZERO Consulting Services$365,610.00
2776Trelleborg Engineered Productsau$365,393.60
2777Interactiveinc Pty Ltd$365,167.00
2778Cardinal Point Captains$365,114.13
2779TIP TOP Bakeries$365,000.00
2780TMS Consulting$364,438.74
2781Language Professionals$364,000.00
2782Ministry Of Defence-defence$363,503.17
2783Gidarjil Development Corporation Ltd$363,440.00
2784Northern LAND Council$363,256.74
2785RCS Management Consulting$362,831.26
2786Corbett & Associates Pty Ltd$362,587.27
2787Laerdal Pty Ltd$362,513.94
2788Michiel Jordaan$362,500.00
2789FIRE & Safety Services CO PYT Ltd$362,423.60
2790Incite Solutions Group Pty Ltd$362,065.60
2791Consolve Pty Ltd$362,000.00
2792Grifols Australia Pty Ltd$360,197.55
2793Julian T Brophy$360,000.00
2794Pacific Manpower (png) Limited$360,000.00
2795Lasersan Australasia Pty Ltd$359,562.50
2796TOP END Nurses Pty Ltd$359,349.61
2797Colliers International (newcastle) Pty Ltd$359,332.00
2798Cantlie Recruitment Services$359,314.40
2799ITE Australia Pty Ltd$358,886.01
2800AMS Trust$358,671.01
2801Workplace Training Advisory Australia$357,983.00
2802Turallo Pty Ltd$357,891.09
2803EM Solutions Pty Ltd$357,654.00
2804Taylor Professional Services Pty$357,500.00
2805Worleyparsons Services Pty Limited$357,015.70
2806Artis Group Pty Limited$356,537.94
2807The Trust Company (RE Services)$356,419.51
2808Michael Green Pty Ltd$356,233.18
2809Kincrome AUST Pty Ltd$356,088.28
2810Australian Warning Systems Pty$355,987.51
2811Profusion PAC Pty Ltd$355,788.40
2812Ralph Neumann Consulting Pty Ltd$355,553.30
2813Topsoft Pty Ltd$355,051.36
281470:20:10 Solutions$355,040.00
2816Inmarsat Australia Pty Ltd$354,770.71
2817Kamirice Pty LTD.$354,710.40
2818Thema Consulting Pty Ltd$353,875.50
2820Singleton Council$352,936.62
2821Quantum Technology Pty Ltd$352,859.35
2822Workplace Integrity Pty Ltd$352,840.00
2823Moreton Advisory Pty Ltd$352,589.99
2824Australian Antarctic Division$352,292.00
2825NADA Vellnagel Pty Ltd$352,240.44
2826Continusec Pty Ltd$352,000.00
2827Australian Academy Of Science$352,000.00
2828Class-complete LOCK & SAFE Services$351,960.51
2829Applied Machinery Australia$351,939.50
2830Power Initiatives$351,898.68
2831Markwell And Associates$351,780.00
2832Delfasco LLC$351,699.30
2833HALE & Twomey Limited$351,537.82
2834Stirling International$351,082.85
2835Nearmap Australia Pty Ltd$350,636.00
2836Fleming Dynamics Pty Ltd$350,381.90
2837The Trustee For Clarke Family Trust$350,244.56
2838Hyatt Hotel Canberra$350,041.82
2839Bluebird Consultants Pty Ltd$350,037.64
2840Winangali Logistics Pty Ltd$349,910.00
2842Robertson FUEL Systems, L.l.c.$349,504.02
2843The Mitre Corporation$349,333.27
2845Dezign Interiors$348,387.02
2846Goodyear And Dunlop Tyres$348,106.00
2847Information Engineering Technology$348,031.08
2848Kimberley Lehmann$347,809.80
2849Queensland Institute Of Medical RES$347,566.03
2850Twoscots Recruitment Pty Ltd$346,868.37
2851RCR O'donnell Griffin Pty Ltd$346,760.89
2852Hastwell IT$346,694.78
2853GOV LAW TECH Services P/L$346,560.00
2854Blackheath Economics Limited$346,150.39
2855Balmoral Grove Enterprises Pty Ltd$346,150.00
2856A J Dever$346,000.01
2857Phillips KPA Pty Ltd$345,780.00
2859Metis Business Consulting Pty Ltd$345,400.00
2860Vodafone Hutchison Australia P/L$345,000.00
2861Wiltrading Stace Defence Pty Ltd$344,899.72
2862Eaton Industries Pty Ltd$344,862.18
2863Silverstone EDGE Pty Ltd$344,630.00
2865Health Policy Analysis Pty Ltd$343,590.50
2866Australian National Audit Office$343,182.22
2867PY KU Aboriginal Corporation$343,144.82
2868HR Connexions Pty Ltd$343,000.00
2869Ipsos Public Affairs Pty Ltd$342,385.30
2870Silverglo Stainless Steel Pty LT$342,336.50
2871FCO Services$342,253.05
2872BMD Urban Pty Ltd$342,117.44
2873Thomson Reuters$342,094.28
2874Corporate Scorecard Pty Limited$340,970.00
2875ECA International$340,930.00
2877Login VSI B.V.$340,419.74
2878Korn/ferry International Pty Ltd$340,000.00
2879Skill HIRE$340,000.00
2880Williamson TOOL & Engineering P/L$340,000.00
2881DICE Renascent$339,916.50
2882Fyusion ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$339,729.44
2883FORM ONE Inc$339,540.72
2884Datacom Systems Pty Ltd$339,484.20
2885Ministry Of Defence T/A Defence BUS$338,894.32
2886Aeropower Pty Ltd$338,586.00
2887Specialist Marine Services Pty$338,418.12
2888Australian Sports Commission$338,321.93
2889Progress Consulting Group$338,316.73
2890The Trustees Of The British Museum$338,237.78
2891Prologic, INC.$337,145.82
2892NATO Bices Agency (nba)$337,058.02
2893Power On Australia Pty Ltd$336,436.75
2894Magnum Superannuation FUND$336,062.00
2895WELL HUNG Glass & Aluminium$336,016.44
2896PBS Project Pty Limited$335,848.87
2897CDRU NSW Pty Ltd$335,500.00
2898Silversun Pictures AS Trustee For Silversun Pictures UNIT Trust$334,174.84
2899Giraffe Visual Communication$334,067.31
2900Fitzgerald Technologies Pty Ltd$333,902.80
2901Transmain NQ$333,620.32
2903KIPP & Zonen ASIA Pacific PTE Ltd$332,096.51
2904Three AS ONE Consulting Pty Ltd$332,000.00
2905Kloud Solutions Pty Ltd$331,815.00
2906Facet Consulting Pty Ltd$331,760.00
2907Intrec Management Pty.ltd.$331,753.40
2908Metacorp Pty Ltd$331,600.01
2909Burgess Strategic Consulting P/L$331,212.50
2910Health STEM Solutions Pty.ltd.$330,969.88
2911Tarcus P/L$330,704.00
2912HEX RAYS SA$330,561.04
2913Galexia Pty Ltd$330,459.80
2914The C.d.c.s Trading Trust$330,284.05
2915Nyungga Black Group Pty Ltd$330,000.00
2916Allianz Worlwide Prtnrs(home MTC)$330,000.00
2917Mirvac REAL Estate Pty Ltd$330,000.00
2918Precision Consultancy$330,000.00
2919Avdata Australia$330,000.00
2920Stirling Andersen Pty Ltd$330,000.00
2922Stephen Lloyd SC$329,253.01
2923GE Energy Measurement & Control Pty$329,075.67
2924Vitality Works$328,886.89
2925Helimods Pty Ltd$328,794.80
2926RSM Australia Pty Ltd$328,750.00
2927TOLL Personnel Pty Ltd$328,579.32
2928LEX Australia Pty Ltd$328,240.00
2929Sustineo Pty Ltd$328,000.75
2930695 Bourke ROAD Pty Ltd ATF 695 Burke ROAD UNIT Trust$327,565.92
2931Direct Ergonomics Pty Ltd$327,187.57
2933Arrowsmith And Grant Refrigera$326,023.50
2934OPRA Projects$325,812.20
2935Department Of Senate$325,704.00
2936Haydon Agricultural Contractors$325,644.00
2937The SAX Institute$325,551.60
2938Mainstay IT Pty Ltd$325,545.00
2939FORK Force Australia Pty Ltd$325,433.90
2940Skylineglobe Australia Pty Ltd$325,415.20
2941Western Australia Museum$325,343.00
2942Medvet Science P/L$325,045.35
2943Jackman Waugh Technology Solutions$324,793.15
2944Geometry Pty Ltd$324,500.00
2945OCTO Consulting Pty Ltd$323,945.68
2946Forecast International INC.$323,903.78
2947WFEL Limited - AUD$323,705.18
2948Building4business Pty Ltd$323,515.00
2949IPA Personnel Services Pty Ltd$322,913.74
2950Secure Systems Ltd$322,905.00
2951Meyer Vandenberg Pty Ltd$322,490.00
2952Marshalls Transport Pty Ltd$322,470.50
2953Investech Services Pty Ltd$322,300.00
2954Solomon Kitano Mendana Hotel$322,047.90
2955CITY Of Wagga Wagga$322,000.00
2956Abacus TWIN Waters Resort Pty Ltd$321,843.50
2957Tilmere P/L$321,811.28
2958MCR Computer Resources Pty Ltd$321,684.71
2959JR Global Logistics Pty Limited$321,343.00
2960Entrust Ltd$321,043.03
2961Jankel Armouring Limited$320,954.59
2962Peter Hackshall$320,000.00
2963Jaylon Industries Pty Ltd$319,630.30
2964DATA Analysis Australia Pty Ltd$319,442.09
2966Delta Hospitality Supplies$319,000.00
2967Sofraco Engineering Systems Pty$318,549.64
2968Bloomberg Finace LP$318,329.05
2969Engineering Analysis Services$318,300.02
2970EW Pty Ltd$318,236.00
2971Scubatek Australia Pty Ltd$318,190.90
2972Reward Distribution$318,143.56
2973Astrite Pty Ltd$318,099.10
2974Maree Petersen T/A Petersen INK$318,031.95
2975David Gillard Consulting Services P$317,450.01
2976Interconnect Systems Pty Ltd$316,975.56
2977Computer Frameworks Pty Ltd$316,800.00
2978Porter Novelli Australia Pty Ltd$316,689.00
2979Corporate Executive Board$316,685.00
2981Workspace Creations$316,578.74
2982TOM Calma$316,500.00
2983Infocapital Pty Ltd$316,286.85
2985Resolution Consulting Services Pty$314,624.20
2986Financial Counselling Australia$314,490.00
2987Economic Regulation Authority$314,385.94
2988Scitech Pty Ltd$314,189.64
2989I.T. Executive Consulting PTY. LIMI$314,143.50
2990Requal Business Services Pty Ltd$313,909.40
2991Hi-tech Metrology Pty Ltd$313,830.00
2992Reimage - Sustained Asset Services P/L$313,503.00
2993TRIO TEST And Measurement Pty Ltd$313,314.15
2994Morison Consulting Pty Limited$313,227.73
2995Electronic Power Systems Pty Ltd$313,137.00
2996EOS Defence Systems Pty Limited$312,908.80
2997Beretta Australia Pty Ltd$312,451.43
2998Monica Skjerve$312,051.00
2999Little Cloud Technology Pty Ltd$312,000.00
3000University Of Southern Queensland$311,995.00
3001Boxing Clever Pty Ltd$311,740.00
3002Beasley Intercultural PTY. LTD.$310,866.50
3003Tennant Australia Pty Ltd$310,656.50
3004KPMG Financial Advisory Services$310,446.27
3005Disability Services Commission$310,123.00
3006Gardner, IAN Victor$310,000.00
3007Kitoro NO. 57 Trading AS Pacific$310,000.00
3008Pageup People Pty Ltd$309,743.60
3009LAND AIR SEA Space$309,621.40
3010Josamila Pty Ltd$309,000.00
3011ALFA Laval Australia Pty Ltd$308,863.85
3012Value Sourcing$308,743.01
3013ABC Rehab-hanivoile Pty Ltd$308,716.43
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3016Pacific TUG (aust) Pty Ltd$308,000.00
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3018PFM Advisory Services Pty Ltd$307,100.00
3019Axiom Forensics Pty Ltd$307,019.20
3020Parare Consulting Pty Ltd$307,000.00
3021Philip Leeson Architects Pty Ltd$306,814.00
3022STAR Electrical CO Pty Ltd$306,600.44
3023BRS Consulting$306,392.01
3024Murray-darling Basin Authority$305,979.57
3025Office Of The Official Secretary To The Governor-general$305,800.00
3026Adactin Group Pty Ltd$305,745.00
3027Kassulke Constructions Pty Ltd$305,670.02
3028Musteys Earth Moving$305,635.00
3029PEAR TREE Psychology$305,393.80
3030Australian Business Telephone CO.$305,317.32
3031The Corporate Executive Board$305,008.71
3032Ellipsoid Solutions Pty Ltd$304,886.40
3033Ghost CRAB Pty Ltd$304,886.40
3034Sdormer Pty Ltd$304,886.40
3035Farcove Pty Ltd$304,886.40
3036Silkdent Trust$304,886.40
3037Coherent Scientific Pty Ltd$304,636.20
3038Artillion Pty Ltd$304,150.00
3039Stret Pty Ltd$304,062.00
3040Stockwell Bretton Group Pty Ltd$303,965.00
3041Accelerate Occupational Rehabiltation$303,912.00
3042INFO Access Group Pty Ltd$303,776.12
3043Melbourne Pathology$303,600.00
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3045Persec Solutions Pty Ltd$303,502.19
3046Rivernet Communications Pty Ltd$303,380.00
3047Hitec CNC Machine Tools$303,270.00
3048Pharmaventures Ltd$302,323.50
3049Walsh & Associates$301,840.00
3050G E Sharpe And Company$301,487.49
3051Inchcape Shipping Service Pty Ltd$301,017.60
3052BDBC Pty Limited$300,999.99
3053Centre For Appropriate Technology Inc$300,634.40
3054TIER 1 Procurement$300,561.99
3055Dormer Projects Pty Ltd$300,000.00
3056Shanghai Centre$299,079.30
3057Private Individual - Mumbai$298,996.92
3058A. Noble And SON Ltd$298,860.52
3059Victoria DALY Shire Council$298,587.83
3060Australian Prudential Regulation Authority$298,457.00
3061MR Robert Ritchie$298,300.00
3062Silverwater Welding Supplies$298,260.80
3063Ernst & Young$298,104.00
3064Liverpool CITY Council$297,979.65
3065HAHN Electrical Contracting$297,950.40
3066Aussafe Consulting P/L$297,865.59
3067Avnet Electronics Marketing$297,863.18
3068Norman JOHN O' Bryan$297,600.00
3069Analytic Advantage Australia Pty$297,423.37
3070The Gallup Organization Pty Ltd$297,033.00
3071ACT Community Services$297,005.00
3072Mememe Productions Pty Ltd$297,000.00
3073Anchor Systems Pty Ltd$297,000.00
3074RMIT Publishing$296,899.36
3075J M Cavanagh Pty Ltd$296,623.00
3076Sando Australia Pty Ltd$296,460.00
3077Sense Industries Pty Ltd$296,392.92
3078BMU Professionals Pty Ltd$295,900.00
3079DALY River/port Keats Aboriginal LAND Trust$295,874.05
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3081Alexis Y Mohay$295,186.00
3082Grand Hyatt Melbourne$294,846.35
3083Legal Transcripts Pty Ltd$294,000.50
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3085University Of Western Sydney$293,777.14
3086Empire Careers NSW$293,382.90
3087Keyholder Pty Ltd$293,321.60
3088RICE Daubney$293,252.67
3089AAI Corporation - AUD$293,201.98
3090Recruitment Solutions$293,044.75
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3092Bloomberg Finance LP$293,006.58
3093Multicultural Marketing And Management$292,850.80
3094Capezio Copeland Pty Ltd$292,849.00
3095Approach ICT Pty Ltd$292,168.80
3096The Trustee For WJB Trust$292,019.00
3097KATE Williams SC$292,000.00
3098Crown Melbourne Limited$291,917.78
3099ANTI Cancer Council Of Victoria T/A$291,916.01
3100Laser Plumbing Goondiwindi$291,557.21
3101The LONG VIEW Consulting Pty Ltd$291,412.00
3102RM Consulting Group Pty Ltd$291,150.00
3103Actum Consulting$290,700.00
3104Alfasi Equipment HIRE Pty Ltd$290,654.75
3105Canvas Contracting Pty Ltd$290,510.00
3106FIRE And Safety Australia Pty Ltd$290,000.00
3107Cromwell Northbourne Planned Investment$290,000.00
3108Drummond Street Services$289,476.00
3109Mendelssohn Pilot Supplies Pty Ltd$289,300.11
3110Envision I.T. Pty Ltd$289,190.00
3111Shining Knight Indigenous Services$288,932.18
3112Pebcac Pty Ltd$288,002.00
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3114Flexihire Pty Ltd$287,736.51
3115Anderson, Jennifer$287,635.44
3116Datacom Information Technologies Pty Ltd$287,440.00
3117Janusnet Pty Limited$286,007.30
3119DR R Stafford - Stafford Medical P/L$285,554.14
3120Rhumbline Advisory$285,000.00
3121ARA Electrical HIGH Voltage Service$284,976.41
3122Kristine Battye Consulting Pty Ltd$284,948.42
3123Statewide Oil Distributor$284,906.02
3124Ferrier Hodgson (vic)$284,817.00
3125Truechoice Solutions, INC.$284,620.18
3126Event Planet Pty Ltd$284,599.90
3127Rockhampton Regional Council$284,591.41
3128Mei-jung FU$284,457.00
3129The Institute Of Executive Coaching$284,225.05
3130Federal Resources International$283,905.00
3131The Trustee For Power Protect Trust$283,780.35
3132Medical AIR Pty Ltd$283,200.00
3133Janine COLE$283,052.00
3134Steadfast ICT Security$282,758.30
3135FAR North Queensland Ports$282,634.80
3136Mainpeak Pty Ltd$282,445.46
3137Healthcare Australia$282,000.00
3138MG Electrical Services Pty Ltd$281,923.14
3139D R Harvey Consulting Pty Ltd$281,664.49
3140Matrium Technologies Pty Ltd$281,600.00
3141Peekay Consolidated Pty Ltd ATF GK Simkiss Family Trust$281,549.12
3142TR Civils (act) Pty Ltd$281,436.93
3143VOS Construction And Joinery Pty Ltd$281,025.80
3144Alinta Consulting Pty Ltd$280,855.00
3145Incat Crowther Pty Ltd$280,800.21
3146Porter Plant$280,516.99
3147Resource EDGE Pty Ltd$280,500.00
3148P & R Solutions Pty Ltd$280,254.48
3149Round Table Management Consulting$280,000.00
3150Colliers International (victoria) Pty Limited$279,804.96
3151TAS DEPT Of Premier & Cabinet$278,961.01
3152Barmco MANA Mcmurray$278,815.20
3153Secure BITS Pty Ltd$278,520.00
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3155AGL South Australia Pty Limited$278,000.00
3156Tresscox Lawyers$277,889.30
3157Symantec Website Security Solutions$277,660.00
3158Derwent Executive Pty Ltd$277,445.70
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3160Greens LIST Barristers$276,915.98
3161Pacnet Services (A) Pty Ltd$276,867.67
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3166Berrico Consultants$276,109.31
3167Property Advisory Australia Pty Ltd$275,340.00
3168ALS Water Resources Group$275,308.68
3169Rhombus Technologies Australia$275,294.80
3170H Polesy And CO Pty Ltd$275,220.00
3171Applied Infrared Sensing$275,084.70
3172Tracey Mcaskill$275,050.00
3173Andrew Kirkham$275,000.00
3174ASC Shipbuilding Pty Ltd$275,000.00
3175PHC Projects Pty Ltd$275,000.00
3176Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundati$275,000.00
3177Black EME Pty Ltd$275,000.00
3178BAE Systems Applied Intelligence Pty Ltd$275,000.00
3179Baulderstone Hornibrook Queensland$275,000.00
3180RPL Projects$275,000.00
3181Dovagem Pty Ltd AS Trustee For The Trchala Family Trust T/AS Pinpak$275,000.00
3182Allclean Pty Ltd$274,995.20
3183Department Of Environment Water And$274,787.83
3184Fluke Australia Pty Ltd$274,659.00
3185Saber Astronautics Australia$274,606.20
3186Jebel Consultant Group Pty Ltd$274,560.00
3187Gosource Pty Ltd$274,200.00
3188Readspeaker Pty Ltd$274,164.08
3189Australian Maritime Safety$273,506.97
31902II Inc$272,966.24
3191Bayley & Associates Pty Ltd$272,964.00
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3193Techmark Pty Ltd$272,080.00
3194Williams Podiatry Pty Ltd$272,070.32
3195DPRA Australasia Pty Ltd$271,927.37
3196Woolcott Research Pty Ltd$271,909.00
3197Newspec Pty Ltd$271,311.30
3199Servicenow Australia Pty Ltd$270,761.92
3200Bridge Toyota$270,600.00
3201Executive Leadership Australia P/L$270,571.40
3202Evans-smith & Dando Pty Ltd$270,418.00
3203Savills (nsw) Property Management Pty Ltd$270,327.00
3204Value Adviser Associates P/L$270,180.00
3205Taikoo HUI (guangzhou) Development CO., Ltd Mandarin Oriental Hotel$269,750.00
3206Essendon Executive PTY. LTD.$269,500.00
3207Huntington Ingalls$269,456.00
3208Cultural Partners Australia (nsw)$269,390.00
3209Focus Fitout Specialists$269,284.26
3211Northport Marine Services$268,535.65
3212Cartwright Advisory Pty Ltd$268,400.00
3213COE, Rodney TA RBC Environmental$268,396.60
3214Millward Brown Australia$268,290.00
3215Parker Hannifin (australia ) PT*$268,282.42
3216Townsville Clinical Psychology SERV$268,218.78
3217Superior FOOD Group Pty Ltd$268,203.87
3218Sitback Solutions Pty Ltd$268,092.00
3219SUEZ Recycling & Recovery Pty$267,654.17
3220Segovia Dragon Holdings Pty Ltd$267,520.00
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3222Lexmark International (australia)$267,101.38
3223C.I. Maintenance Services Pty Ltd$266,891.50
3224Apollo Australia Pty Ltd$266,884.86
3225Syarikat Henson Enterprise$266,425.87
3226Treas NYC, NEW YORK NY US$266,404.91
3227Ozwinds Melbourne$266,139.36
3228Crawford & Company$265,246.50
3229Ntegrity Pty Ltd$265,145.00
3230GREY Advantage$265,139.99
3231Young's LIST$265,000.01
3232Renascent Constructions (victoria) Pty Ltd$264,769.37
3233Insync Technology Pty Ltd$264,762.12
3234Young's LIST$264,710.00
3235Laser Shot, INC.$264,471.60
3236C3 Business Solutions Pty Ltd$264,399.30
3237Seyfarth SHAW Australia$264,319.30
3238Hamilton Stone Pty Ltd$264,055.00
3239GT Carpet Service Pty Ltd$263,846.76
3240Hertz Australia Pty Ltd$263,819.98
3241A.G. Coombs Advisory Pty Ltd$263,802.00
3242Netzsch Geraetebau GMBH$263,120.00
3243Sheila WEBB Super FUND$262,866.29
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3245Western Advance Pty Ltd$262,563.55
3246Aquasora Pty Ltd$262,500.00
3247Wangaratta Coachlines Pty Ltd$262,131.63
3248National Promotions Australia Pty L$262,002.51
3249Concept Partners Pty Limited$261,989.80
3250Office Of Sport$261,398.00
3251Alpha Flight Services Pty Ltd$261,188.98
3252Richard NEIL Morgan$261,000.00
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3254Mcinnes Wilson Lawyers P/L$260,876.00
3255Epicor Software (aust) P/L$260,366.25
3256Stenning And Assoc$260,326.00
3257Australian Futures Project Limited$260,315.00
3258Concur Technologies$260,241.00
3260EAST Coast Maritime Pty Ltd$260,060.00
3261Samuel Vandongen SC$260,000.00
3262Central Gippsland Region Water$260,000.00
3263People Foundations Consulting Group P/L$259,956.00
3264Mckenzie Investment Trust & The Promogear Trust$259,886.00
3265Oakley Greenwood P/L$259,875.00
3266OLIN Australia Ltd$259,814.50
3267Holland Medical Pty Ltd$259,545.00
3268Schneider Electric$259,450.84
3269Cogility Consulting Pty Ltd$259,284.72
3270Right LANE Consulting Pty Ltd$259,202.00
3271Protec Pty Ltd$258,773.31
3272ANRI Instruments & Controls Pty Ltd$258,588.00
3273Ideation Product Solutions Pty Ltd$258,429.55
3274Department Of Corrective Services$258,085.00
3275Fraser And Mountain Pty Ltd$257,929.10
3276Kinsman Legal Services Pty Ltd$257,880.00
3277Cardiac Science Australia Pty L*$257,566.93
3278A And G Price Ltd$257,566.32
3279Secure Aviation Group Pty Ltd$257,350.00
3280Extreme Gecko Services Pty Ltd$257,000.00
3281Quality Management Solutions$256,861.26
3282Elsevier B.V.$256,502.25
3283Elizabeth ANNE Cheeseman$256,500.00
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3285Hoffman Donohue Pty Ltd$256,249.91
3286BDO EAST Coast Partnership$256,100.00
3287K J Wnekowski Pty Ltd$255,561.72
3288Biofouling Solutions Pty Ltd$255,485.35
3289Porvair Filtration Group Ltd$255,465.00
3290Fredon Technology Pty Ltd$255,391.41
3291Total Freight Solutions$255,132.15
3292Christie's Pty Ltd$255,128.30
3293Orbus Software$255,109.00
3294Profundis Pty Ltd$255,044.40
3295KATE Blackford Slack$255,000.00
3296Eastern Health$254,815.00
3297Georges Computers And HIFI$254,661.51
3298Bluescope Distribution Pty Ltd$254,569.70
3299Wartsila Australia Pty Ltd$254,279.08
3300Comfortdelgro Corporation Australia Pty Ltd$254,103.52
3301Wecal Pty Ltd$254,100.00
3302AMC Search Limited$254,037.01
3303A And D International Pty Ltd$253,746.06
3304BAE Systems (operations) Limited$253,460.00
3305Iridescent Pty Limited$253,440.00
3306ADT Security$253,327.57
3307Vicki Brown$253,275.00
3308Painaustralia Limited$253,000.00
3309Evteq Pty Ltd$253,000.00
3310Rydges World Square Sydney$252,835.00
3312DR Warren Harrex Pty Ltd$252,803.57
3313Schiavello Systems (SA) Pty Ltd$252,206.90
3314Previous NEXT Pty Ltd$251,948.40
3315Robert HALF Australia Pty Ltd$251,682.40
3316Mcnair Ingenuity Research Pty Ltd$251,503.50
3317Red29 Pty Ltd$251,472.75
3318FIRE Protection Association$251,465.00
3319FN Herstal SA$251,415.50
3320Rotech Australia Pty Ltd$251,412.69
3321Melbourne Exhibition And$251,402.51
3322Prodata Pty Ltd$251,394.00
3323B.c.a. National Training Group Pty$251,255.40
3324Careers Multilist Limited$251,179.14
3325A J Barnes Pty Ltd$251,032.15
3326Terra Firma Pty Ltd$250,800.00
3327Cognicity Pty Ltd$250,250.00
3328Church HILL Electrics Pty Ltd$250,228.22
3329HBA Consulting Pty Ltd$250,140.01
3330Jackson Management Consulting$250,023.73
3331International Potato Center$250,000.00
3332Torzyn Pty Ltd T/A Print Junction$250,000.00
3333Australian Marine Complex - C U F$250,000.00
3334Department Of State Growth$250,000.00
3335Felix Sedal$250,000.00
3336Keylink Technology Australia P/L$249,980.50
3337International Center For Tropical Agriculture$249,956.00
3338Yulella Holdings$249,955.63
3339The Worldfish Centre$249,877.00
3340Boeing Company, The DBA Boeing DIV$249,864.96
3341White Knight Accounting Pty Ltd$249,634.00
3342Nature Pty Ltd$249,370.00
3343FORD Kelly Excutive Connection Pty$249,286.00
3344Dezigna Impression Pty Ltd$248,899.24
3345Thales UK Limited DBA Thales UK Ltd$248,799.02
3346NERA Australia Pty Ltd$248,763.00
3347ONE Sportswear Pty Ltd$248,585.88
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3349Zenoss INC.$247,965.00
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3352Tupicoffs Pty Ltd$247,775.00
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3363ETM Perspective Pty Ltd$246,536.40
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3369AME System Pty Ltd$245,771.50
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3382ACT Parliamentary Counsel's Office$243,763.00
3383VIBE Hotel Canberra Airport$242,849.71
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3387Maccor, INC.$242,445.08
3388Electrocom Solutions Pty Ltd$242,144.90
3389Raffles Legal Group P/L T/AS$242,000.00
3390Daimler Trucks Adelaide$242,000.00
3391IMP Group Pty Ltd$241,507.15
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3397Fairfax Media Publications Pty Limited$240,788.00
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3402GT Software Inc$240,000.00
3403W.D. Ambrose$240,000.00
3404Cancer Council Queensland$239,921.00
3405Chant LINK And Associates$239,855.99
3406Myriota PTY. LTD.$239,729.60
3407Stripy SOCK Pty Ltd$239,650.00
34081spatial Australia Pty Ltd$239,547.00
3409Ruswin Integrated Solutions$239,500.00
3410Tableau International, U.C.$239,410.99
3411ICE Demolitions & Asbestos$239,291.80
3412Duggans Pty Ltd$239,181.80
3413Christmas Island Engineering$239,172.60
3414Promega Corporation$238,810.00
3415Initial Hygiene$238,637.00
3416DWE Systems PTY. Limited T/AS$238,274.30
3417Ninti ONE Limited$238,185.60
3418C.I Medical Pty Ltd$238,000.00
3419Achermann Enterprises Pty Ltd (ACN 076 532 315) AS Trustee For Achermann Investment Trust$237,758.17
3420Windsor & Associates (holdings) Pty Ltd$237,710.00
3421TONI Therese Sunol$237,600.00
3422NIU FORD$237,515.36
3423ARTS Ready Education And Employment$236,836.00
3424Ivica Krile$236,600.00
3425University Of Oxford$236,588.78
3426Graham Partington$236,500.00
3427Easec Pty Ltd$236,367.00
3428Programmed Electrical Technologies$236,102.63
3429Sensei Productivity Pty Ltd$235,785.00
3430Indigenous Advancement Partners Pty Ltd$235,681.40
3431LNB Computing Consultancy Pty$235,664.00
3432LEAP Pty Limited$235,532.00
3433US Department Of Energy National RE$235,250.02
3434Border Builders And Plumbers Suppli$235,200.45
3435The RITZ Carlton, Bangalore$235,029.00
3436Clarke Diesel Repairs$235,014.91
3437Walking With Wisdom Pty Ltd$234,750.00
3438Actian Australia Pty Limited$234,495.36
3439Floyd Group Pty Ltd$233,904.70
3440Lithium Technologies Inc$233,790.00
3441BEST Practice Consulting$233,777.67
3442Uniquity Pty Ltd$233,607.00
3444Porteous, Robert KARL$233,500.00
3445Clearz Pty Ltd$233,481.33
3446Decision Technology Pty Ltd & Hedland First National$233,466.00
3447Arinex Pty Ltd$233,293.04
3448Gardner Denver Industries Pty LT$233,271.61
3449FAL Lawyers$233,040.42
3450Australian Associated Press Pty LIM$233,031.82
3451Forpoint Solutions Australia Pty Ltd$232,952.00
3452FATS Digital Services Pty Ltd$232,748.80
3453Thesoco Pty Ltd$232,640.95
3454L-3 Communications Corporation!dba$232,639.70
3455Salsa Digital$232,608.00
3456Thomson Environmental Systems$232,383.80
3457Glory Property III Investment Pty Ltd$232,210.00
3458The Liebe Group Incorporated$232,176.23
3459Objective 3D Pty Ltd$231,935.33
3460Interlogis Consulting PTY. LTD.$231,309.53
3461Kembla CORP Pty Ltd$230,928.88
3462Securities Industry Development$230,720.00
3463Outback Imaging Pty Ltd$230,309.20
3464Mechdyne Corporation$230,201.20
3465The Trustee For Round Family Trust$230,141.69
3466TAS Water$230,000.00
3467Sheedy, Stephen Charles$229,900.00
3468Inaphase Pty Ltd$229,898.90
3469Geoffrey Earley$229,764.15
3470Attwood Solutions Pty Ltd$229,680.00
3471Craig Robert Strike$229,460.00
3472RIAN Industries$229,187.20
3473CCA Software$229,000.34
3474The Technique Group International P$228,939.70
3475Trisigma Pty Ltd$228,678.92
34763dmind Solutions Pty Ltd$228,562.01
3477Hastwell Pty Ltd$228,400.79
3478Concept HR And Payroll$228,225.49
3479Klepper PTY. Ltd$228,188.41
3480Vincents Assurance And RISK Advisory$227,883.50
3481Mount Lofty House$227,731.05
3482Lange Consulting & Software$227,681.90
3483Kulbardi Pty Ltd$227,640.48
3484TIM North Marine Pty Ltd$227,546.00
3485Michael Green Pty Ltd$227,468.01
3486SKF Australia Pty Ltd$227,260.72
3487Sprout Social, INC.$227,177.11
3488Ascender Learning$227,115.95
3489Capital Analytics Pty Ltd$227,040.00
3490CREA Laboratory Technologies P/L$226,949.50
3492Gregory Commercial Furniture P/L$226,850.53
3493Lodestar Advisory Services Pty Ltd$226,845.30
3494Bruker Pty Ltd$226,723.20
3495Taunbill Holdings Australia$226,708.90
3496RORK Projects Pty Ltd$226,539.45
3497Atlas Geophysics Pty Ltd$225,834.40
3498Stealth Surveillance Systems (A*$225,726.50
3499Suicide Prevention Train PROG P/L$225,500.00
3500The Royal College Of Pathologists O$225,420.80
3501Exhibition Centre$225,210.84
3502Serenidad Consulting Pty Ltd$225,011.00
3503Almont Corporation Pty Ltd$225,000.00
3504Gerson Lehrman Group, Inc$225,000.00
3505GRID Communications Pty Ltd$224,976.50
3506Converged Communications Network$224,785.02
3507ICE Engineering (vic) Pty Ltd$224,510.00
3508Stephen Illes Farago T/AS Agile Economics$224,224.00
3509Alfex CNC Australia$224,125.00
3511ICC Sydney Pty Ltd$223,861.32
3512Pacific Aerodyne Pty Ltd$223,680.00
3513Armament Systems And Procedures*$223,352.20
3514Crecare LLC$223,223.41
3515James Excavations$223,000.00
3516The Rehabilitation Specialists$222,982.95
3517Hytec Interior Solutions$222,813.47
3518Northrop Consulting Engineers$222,640.00
3519Wdscott ASIA Pty Ltd$222,320.00
3520OPUS International Consultants$222,266.00
3521Garth Jones Pty Ltd AS Trustee For Garth Jones Pty Ltd Retirement FUND$222,213.46
3522Mckay Associates Pty Ltd$222,156.00
3523Psytech Ltd$222,076.39
3525SODA Strategic$221,930.50
3526SR (aust) Pty Ltd$221,760.00
3527Pamille BERG Consulting Pty Ltd$221,600.01
3528L&H Group$221,512.38
3529E&L Future Pty Ltd ATF Neish Superannuation FUND$221,114.70
3530Piction.com Pty Ltd$221,100.00
3531Ixsurvey Australia Pty Ltd$220,962.33
3532CODE FROM The Corner Pty Ltd$220,825.00
3533Outdoor Tactical Pty Ltd$220,767.32
3534Funnelback Pty Ltd$220,461.56
3535Howells' LIST Barristers$220,384.31
3536Cairns Regional Council$220,342.50
3537Quantium Health PTH Ltd$220,000.00
3538PEAK Performance PM$220,000.00
3539Tierra Health Pty Ltd$220,000.00
3540Shaws Darwin Transport$220,000.00
3541Spectral Dynamics Pty Ltd$220,000.00
3542Victorian Responsilbe Gambling Foundation$220,000.00
3544MALE Champions Of Change Limited$220,000.00
3545Pavilion On Northbourne$219,963.60
3546Murwillumbah Adult Education Centre Inc$219,692.00
3547Geophysical And Environmental Research And Services Pty Ltd$219,588.76
3548GRID Security Services P/L$219,227.00
3549RYAN Reeves$219,010.00
3550Draeger Safety Pacific Pty Ltd$218,767.62
3551Amazon WEB Services$218,589.45
3552Trijicon, INC.$218,471.19
3553Synergy Group Audit Pty Ltd$218,418.00
3554Digitus Information Systems Pty Ltd$218,416.00
3555Trang Imagineering Pty Ltd$218,178.40
3556ARIS Consulting Pty Ltd$217,800.00
3557Craig RICE$217,650.00
3558Merrow Consulting$217,549.40
3559F J Byrne Consulting T/as.$217,500.00
3560National Forensic Science Technolog$217,481.58
3561MOCO FOOD Services$217,449.99
3562Lubans Projects$217,448.00
3563Geelong Ports Ltd$217,165.00
3564Turner & Townsend Pty Ltd$217,164.60
3565Miles Morgan$216,880.70
3566ICON Agency$216,778.10
3567Makwara Solutions Pty Ltd$216,526.60
3568GREG Cornish Signs Pty Ltd$216,511.79
3569Hydranet Pty Ltd$216,480.00
3570Schiavello (act) PTY. LTD.$216,125.80
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3576Farron Research Pty Ltd$215,495.00
3577Hastings Deering (aust) Pty Ltd$215,490.41
3578Vision Australia$215,427.25
3579LLC "laboratory For Electromagnetic Innovations",$215,000.00
3581Flite PATH Pty Ltd$214,885.00
3582Fairfax Media Management Pty Ltd$214,830.00
3583Device Technologies$214,639.04
3584Datacom Technical Security Services$214,629.01
3585Kahne O'hanlon$214,610.00
3586Technical Assessing (vic) Pty Ltd$214,500.01
3587The Splendid Projects Company Pty Ltd$214,370.00
3588Statistisc Netherlands$214,365.53
3589CVSG Asset Services Pty Ltd$213,969.80
3590Language Partner Pty Ltd T/AS Etranslate.com.au$213,938.40
3591Auricht Projects$213,840.00
3592Schmidt U. Bender GMBH & CO. KG$213,377.74
3593ARC Public$213,270.00
3594The Property Collection$213,219.62
3595CAT Rental Power$213,138.72
3596ALA Moana Hotel$213,025.34
3597Department Of Environment And Herit$213,000.00
3598Cocos Communications And IT Pty Ltd$212,954.04
3600Transact Capital Communications$212,555.00
3601Trustee For Sayle Family Trust No 1$212,355.00
3602Pattemore Constructions Pty Ltd$212,325.52
3603Frestems OY$212,250.16
3604Ultra Electronics Sonar Systems$212,187.89
3605Certus Solutions Pty Ltd$212,177.03
3606Studio Thick Pty Ltd$212,115.45
3607Institute For Social Development Studies (isds)$212,069.00
3608Remote Civil Pty Ltd$212,000.00
3609Cinden Lester Communications$211,511.00
3610PBC Services Pty Ltd$211,464.00
3611Applied CCM$211,322.31
3612KT Advisory GMBH$211,200.00
3613Fouray (payroll) Pty Ltd$211,200.00
3614Webber Quantitive Consulting Pty Ltd$211,200.00
3615PM IT Pty Ltd$211,200.00
3616Egremont Group Limited$210,969.20
3617Vector Pacific Pty Ltd$210,823.11
3618Independant Rentals$210,617.77
3619Peruvian Institute Of Mining Engineers (iimp)$210,332.00
3620Raytheon Canada Limited DBA Elcan O$210,259.09
3621Streamsets Inc$210,196.45
3622UNE Partnerships Pty Ltd$210,135.47
3623Deborah Vertessy & Associates Pty L$210,100.00
3624AIR Frontier Pty Ltd$210,000.00
3625P & D Envirotech Pty Ltd$209,848.65
3626Independent Corporate Property$209,750.00
3627EJ2 Communications Inc$209,571.12
3628Safe-tec Locksmiths Pty Ltd$209,513.70
3629Timothy Murphy$209,500.00
3630Editor Group$209,414.00
3631IAN Mcphee Consulting Pty Ltd$209,300.00
3632Pacific Science Solutions PTE Limited$209,162.68
3633Interlink Roads$209,000.00
3634KATE Warren & Associates Pty Ltd$209,000.00
3635Spring Green Consulting Pty Ltd$209,000.00
3636Sante Corportion Pty Ltd$208,884.00
3637Mistral Syndication No 1 P/L$208,884.00
3638Island Petroleum Services$208,807.20
3639Citadel Systems$208,472.00
3640TIWI Islands Regional Council$208,146.96
3641Michael O'meara$208,000.00
3642Piening Holdings Pty Ltd$207,897.20
3643Super K Group$207,820.80
3644Paddy Pallin Adventure Equipment$207,816.77
3645Avalon Airport Australia Pty Ltd$207,728.38
3646MRI (aust) Pty Ltd$207,579.62
3647GBC Fordigraph Pty Ltd$207,500.80
3648Airspeed Pty Ltd$207,442.05
3649Morningstar Australasia Pty Ltd$207,405.42
3650Projecttma Pty Ltd$206,814.00
3651Geyer Pty Ltd$206,789.00
3652Qualtrics LLC$206,489.41
3653KUL Technologies Pty Ltd$205,880.00
3654Sense Of Security Pty Ltd$205,606.00
3655Australian Vaccine Services Pty Ltd$205,585.85
3656RBB Economics Australia$205,410.00
3657CRB Solutions Pty Ltd$205,264.40
3658OBAN Consulting Pty Ltd$205,259.00
3659Murdi Paaki Regional Enterprise$205,225.70
3660PCA People$205,201.43
3661Briarbird And CO Pty Ltd$205,150.00
3662Applied AGED CARE Solutions Pty Ltd$205,084.01
3663NPF Industry Pty Ltd$204,999.00
3664MARK Gurry & Associates$204,600.00
3665United Terex, INC.$204,502.32
3666Knuckey Family Trust$204,400.00
3667Gastops Ltd$204,330.36
3668Cameron And CO Architecture$204,158.00
3669Robert Brennan & Associates$204,139.87
3670University Of Wisconsin$204,118.00
3671Salsa Internet Pty Ltd$204,008.00
3672SML Enterprises Pty Ltd$203,876.20
3673Spill Station Australia Pty Ltd$203,823.52
3674Clarivate Analytics$203,550.00
3676H.C. Bradford And Associates Pty Ltd$203,500.00
3677Westrac Equipment Pty Ltd$203,459.51
3678Jennifer ANN Ramson$203,350.00
3679Applied Virtual Simulation Pty Ltd$203,303.00
3680Virtual Simulation Systems Pty Ltd$203,073.20
3682Eggler Enterprises Pty Ltd$202,559.50
3683Lavey, Jo-hannah AMY$202,288.00
3684The MAY Group$202,191.45
3685Harsha Consultants Pty Ltd$202,000.00
3686Cloverdale Commercial Cleaning Pty$201,961.50
3687Bailey Special Projects$201,900.60
3688ASIA Pacific Simulation Alliance Pty Ltd$201,807.05
3689Tnale Projects Pty Ltd$201,666.00
3690Qantas Airways Ltd$201,471.89
3691Quark Software Inc$201,339.27
3692Electricity Generation And Retail Corporation$201,202.36
3693Kodak (australasia) Pty Ltd$201,005.40
3694KNOW YOUR DATA Pty Ltd$200,646.35
3695Turbosoft Pty Ltd$200,609.75
3696The Welding Institute$200,585.04
3697Bulbeck Envirosolutions Pty Ltd$200,424.40
3698Assuritas Pty Ltd$200,200.00
3699Mamatha Bettegowda$200,200.00
3700Cybertrack Trust$200,157.88
3701MSC Software (S) PTE Ltd$200,109.59
3702Allstaff Australia$200,000.00
3703PAUL William Carlile$200,000.00
3705DURO Consulting Pty Ltd$200,000.00
3706NOSH Pty Ltd$200,000.00
3707JOHN Murray Accredited Adjudicator$200,000.00
3708Paykel SDS Pty Ltd$200,000.00
3709Harcor Security Seals Pty Ltd$200,000.00
3710Bloomber Australia Pty Ltd$200,000.00
3711Raging Digital$200,000.00
3712Kelly And Windsor Australia PTY*$199,999.80
3713Everedgeip Australia PTY. LTD.$199,870.00
3714Vcorp Consulting Pty Ltd$199,800.00
3715SMEC Australia Pty Limited$199,408.00
3716BSM Impact Pty Ltd$199,397.00
3717Wagnitz Building Services$199,269.93
3718Mogues Enterprises Pty Ltd$199,200.00
3719Hartek Pty Ltd$199,100.00
3720Shine Recruitment Pty Ltd$199,000.00
3721SYFA Solutions$198,750.00
3722Ambition Recruit Pty Ltd$198,549.57
3723Clarivate Analytics (US) LLC$198,193.10
3724AJM BROE Investments Pty Ltd$198,086.43
3725Arcadis Australia Pacific Pty Ltd$198,007.70
3726PHIL Large ML Consultancy Pty Ltd$198,000.00
3727Motorbis Pty Ltd$198,000.00
3728Queensland Linen Services PTY. LTD.$198,000.00
3729Raysien Pty Ltd$198,000.00
3730Sarlat Consulting - Sungai Petani PTY. LTD.$198,000.00
3731LION Dairy & Drinks$197,952.00
37324datahall 1 P/L$197,758.15
3733Patriot Alliance$197,653.50
3734Static Power Pty Ltd$197,624.90
3735Dexion Acacia Ridge$197,598.50
3736Accessing Health Pty Ltd$197,578.23
3737Built QLD Pty Limited$197,538.15
3738Icelab Pty Ltd$197,472.00
3739IPMS Pty Ltd$197,448.62
3740Matthew Clissold$197,340.00
3741Universal Express$197,330.00
3742Velseis Processing Pty Ltd$197,279.50
3743Qualtrics LLC$197,095.25
3744NEC IT Services Australia Pty Ltd$196,905.42
3745TOLL Dnata Airport Services$196,773.50
3746HART Security Australia Pty Limited$196,670.00
3747Cloudera Inc$196,453.18
3748Aquion Pty Ltd$196,393.59
3749Workskil Australia Incorporated$196,330.37
3750Rider Levett Bucknall$196,310.00
3751Ruswin Vetting Services Pty Ltd$196,200.40
3752Kleine Stone Pty Ltd$195,768.00
3753Adelaide Crane Maintenance P/L$195,518.29
3754Mettler-toledo Limited$195,417.60
3755Glasshouse Advisory Pty Ltd$195,259.80
3756Wilson Parking Australia$195,190.00
3757Liquip International Pty Ltd$194,966.16
3758SGS Economics And Planning$194,953.00
3759The IT CLUB House$194,758.25
3760Paper Monkey$194,564.00
3761WEST DALY Regional Council$194,514.41
3762EMSS Electric Motor Sales$194,366.70
3763WTP Australia Pty Ltd$194,245.00
3765Human Solutions Of North America,!i$194,032.04
3766Jesuit Social Services$193,908.00
3767Madec Australia Limited$193,870.00
3768Laser Electrical Goondiwindi$193,790.00
3769K.J. Textiles Pty Ltd$193,600.00
3770BAMA Projects Pty Ltd$193,377.23
3771Institute Of Public Works Engineeri$193,300.00
3772Migration Policy Institute$193,026.00
3774Wilton Hanford Hanover$192,961.60
3775Welch Allyn Australia Pty Ltd$192,862.69
3776Advantage Injury Management Services$192,562.00
3777Aarhus Universitet$192,500.00
3778Startup Muster$192,500.00
3779Purcell Consultants Pty Ltd$192,499.99
3780National Gallery Of Australia$192,446.00
3781KWC Engineers$192,423.78
3782SEDA Services$192,258.00
3783Design Managers Australia Pty Ltd$192,028.00
3784Tonkin & Taylor Pty Ltd$192,000.00
3785Mytravelresearch.com Pty Ltd$191,827.00
3786Lowe, Katherine Michelle$191,622.00
3787Intercontinental Hotel$191,569.42
3789Private Individual.$191,132.80
3790Tibco Software (ireland) Limited$191,045.02
3791Smsglobal Pty Ltd$190,716.83
3792Forensic Interview Solutions Pty LT$190,696.01
3793PAC PLUS$190,617.18
3794Providence Trust$190,554.00
3795Exxonmobil Aviation$190,300.00
3796Kalibrate Pty Ltd$190,122.31
3797Miele Australia Pty Ltd$190,099.80
3798TOLL North Pty Ltd$190,080.00
3799BY Jingo Business Services Pty Ltd$190,080.00
3800ABM Intelligence Ltd$190,000.00
3801Streamlining Innovations$190,000.00
3802PORT Lincoln Diving Services$189,982.05
3803Company Directors$189,940.86
3804Jacobs Radio (australia) Pty Ltd$189,860.00
3805Attorney General's 'D' Branch$189,797.00
3806Singtel Optus Ltd$189,699.80
3807Aaronia AG$189,629.66
3808Hills Holdings Limited$189,399.06
3809Schiavello Systems (WA) Pty Ltd$189,318.80
3810French Tourist Bureau Pty Ltd$189,000.00
3811Prenax Pty Ltd$188,817.12
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3813Aboyne Analytics Pty Ltd$188,650.00
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3815IPP Technologies Pty Ltd$188,320.00
3816Bosch Security Systems Pty Ltd$188,305.98
3817Forrestdale Services$188,301.00
3818South Ocean Investments Pty Ltd$188,186.42
3819ENTH Degree Pty Limited$188,072.50
3820Quaternary Resources Pty Ltd$187,995.18
3821S And B Projects Pty Ltd$187,880.00
3822Kelly Perrott$187,499.99
3823Auscript Australasia Pty Ltd$187,399.40
3824Leigh Kelly Agencies Pty Ltd$187,369.88
3825ACRA Machinery Pty Ltd$187,232.10
3826Plugged In Pty Ltd$187,220.00
3827Gregory J Ireland Psychologist$187,000.00
3828RON Fisher Investments Pty Ltd$187,000.00
3829Tracey Summerfield$187,000.00
3830Pakana Services Ltd$186,950.40
3831Terri Janke And CO$186,935.00
3832Chello Agency Pty Ltd$186,933.18
3833Australian Systems Engineering Pty$186,895.50
3834Murdoch Childrens Research Institute$186,233.00
3835Harris PARK Group Pty Ltd$186,100.00
3836Kelly MARX$186,010.00
3837Beverley HYDE$185,730.00
3838Baxter, Peter Colin Ernest$185,267.18
3839Earth Science Information Systems$185,257.39
3840Grower's OWN$185,000.00
3841Timothy James Sydney Hicks$185,000.00
3842SALT Group Pty Ltd$184,934.45
3843Parlimentary Commissioner For$184,860.00
3844Secure Parking Pty Ltd$184,560.00
3846Birchip Cropping Group$184,487.00
3847Heritage Expeditions$184,280.89
3848The Total Package$184,178.50
3849Conservation Works Pty Ltd$183,723.78
3850Evolve Communities Pty Ltd$183,700.00
3851Compucraft Software Solutions$183,531.04
3852Heritage Stone Restorations P/L$183,370.00
3853HS CNC Machines Pty Ltd$183,216.00
3854Preemptive Consulting Pty Ltd$183,104.08
3855Disbursing Officer DFAS Cleveland C$182,931.60
3856A J Baker And SONS Pty Ltd$182,885.85
3858A Gabrielli Constructions Pty Ltd$182,820.28
3859Planview APAC Pty Ltd$182,630.37
3860Project Support Pty Ltd$182,600.00
3861Safari Books Online, LLC$182,580.63
3862Pickles Auctions PTY. Limited$182,160.00
3863CIRS Inc$182,105.78
3864Denis MOLE$182,050.00
3865Jakarta Centre For LAW Enforcement$181,723.19
3866Micronics Networking & Training Inc$181,521.95
3867NEW Zealand Institute For Plant & FOOD Research Limited$181,330.00
3868Avail Information Management Services$181,239.36
3869Gallagher Bassett Services Pty Ltd$181,200.50
3870Agulhas Applied Knowledge Limited$181,063.30
3871Stutch DATA Services Pty Ltd$181,038.30
3872Enterprise CARE Teleconferencing$181,000.00
3873Kristina Stern$180,950.01
3874Ivoclar Vivadent Pty Ltd$180,762.93
3875Directioneering Pty Ltd$180,345.00
3876HIRE Intelligence - Central Sydney$180,205.53
3877Mandarin Media$180,125.00
3878International Plant Genetic Resources Institute$180,085.00
3879Cobul Constructions$180,048.00
3880South EAST Water Corporation$180,000.00
3881Patrick, Murray Keith$180,000.00
3882Roger Wilkins$180,000.00
3883JAEN CORP Pty Ltd$180,000.00
3884Foresee IT Pty Ltd$179,916.00
3885MAN Diesel And Turbo Australia$179,787.71
3886EYE Candy Animation Pty Ltd$179,726.30
3887Heather Ranger$179,630.00
3888Talkforce Media$179,560.00
3889Ssquare Consulting Pty Ltd$179,520.00
3890Proand Associates Australia Pty Ltd$179,500.00
3891GREG Seberry And Associates Pty Ltd$179,487.00
3892Miehlbradt Consulting Ltd$179,377.00
3893RDS Partners Pty Ltd$179,300.00
3894QUBE Ports Pty Ltd$179,250.82
3895Danii Foundation$179,200.00
3896Interaction Training Pty Ltd$178,970.00
3897Manuka Newsagency$178,938.83
3898GOLD STAR Safety And RISK Pty Ltd$178,798.73
3899First Point Recruitment$178,750.00
3900Ergonomicoffice Pty Limited$178,671.55
3901Araluen Properties Pty Ltd (ACN 064 217 429) AS Trustee For Harold T & Tanya M LANG & Karen P Ingram$178,539.71
3902SSG Advisors, LLC$178,495.00
3903Daniel Habashy$178,452.51
3904Paramedical Services Pty Limited$178,057.99
3905James Adams$178,000.00
3906Cobham Defence Communications Limit$177,808.28
3907Elizabeth Montano$177,756.76
3908Australian Centre For Environmental$177,520.00
3909HONG & TAN Information Consultants$177,005.00
3910TRUE Water Australia$177,000.00
3911The Brookings Institution$176,880.00
3912Red TEAM Training Solutions Pty$176,852.50
3913Townley Group International Pty Ltd$176,850.00
3914Sensear Pty Ltd$176,712.81
3915Illawarra Cable Services$176,662.20
3916Fiona LEA Krautil T/AS$176,190.26
3917Russell Reynolds Associates Australia Pty Ltd$176,187.39
3918JB Hi-fi Group Pty Ltd$176,181.53
3919Burns Bentham$176,000.01
3920Judith Dwyer$176,000.00
3921Adrisus Pty Ltd$176,000.00
3922Community Services #1 Incorporated$176,000.00
3923The Event Management Group$176,000.00
3924Something Magnificent$175,989.00
3925Advent ONE Pty Ltd$175,944.94
3926SANS Institute$175,766.83
3927Citron Consulting Pty Ltd$175,725.00
3928Podnik Pty Ltd$175,579.00
3929Capsicum Business Architects$175,560.00
3930Kirsty Mcivor & Associates$175,489.20
3931Therapy Focus Ltd$175,464.00
3932Intec 1 Pty Limited$175,426.64
3933William Adams Pty Ltd$175,075.33
3934Sonia Tarca Consulting$175,000.00
3935Erica LANE Pty Ltd$174,961.91
3936Nikon Australia Pty Ltd$174,480.97
3937Crystal ECHO Pty Ltd$174,246.81
3938Outcomex Pty Ltd$174,169.45
3939BIS Oxford Economics$174,130.00
3940Abbott RISK Consulting Ltd$174,013.46
3941Booka Consulting Pty Limited$173,957.68
3942The Trustee For The Morpheus Trust$173,595.00
3943CEB Global Limited$173,564.00
3944Hardchrome Engineering Pty Ltd$173,539.96
3945Accountability (act) Pty Ltd$173,270.00
3946WCBM World Freight$173,181.46
3947ATEN Systems Pty Ltd$173,058.02
3948Pullman QUAY Grand Sydney Harbour$173,049.77
3949K Devenish Advisory SVCS Pty Ltd$173,010.00
3950Metro Nursing Solutions Pty Ltd$173,010.00
3951Paladin RISK Management Services$173,000.00
3952Stuart Mosely, Nance Mosely, Peter Mosely And Jennifer Mosely$172,857.16
3953Lonsdale Solutions Pty Ltd$172,700.00
3954Enigma Consulting Australia Pty Ltd$172,700.00
3955Sgesco - MAX$172,593.30
3956RMA Contracting Pty Ltd$172,556.60
3957Moddex Group Pty Ltd$172,540.99
3958NEW South Wales Government$172,523.00
3959Domo-technica Pty Ltd$172,231.40
3960Garry Downes AM QC$172,014.01
3961Massachusetts Institute Of Technology$172,000.00
3962Axient Pty Ltd$171,993.58
3963Google Australia Pty Ltd$171,796.77
3964LIFE Unlimited Health Solutions Pty$171,685.43
3965Agricultural Impact International Pty Ltd$171,671.50
3966Babel Street Inc$171,631.48
3967Lindsay Wootten$171,600.00
3968Executive Central$171,600.00
3969Synergy Group Australia Pty Ltd$171,600.00
3970Proscan Australia Pty Ltd$171,520.00
3971Emerald First UNIT Trust$171,453.70
3972Varghese Consulting Pty Ltd$171,364.00
3973JJ Orourke & Others$171,200.00
3974Prolog Development Centre$171,193.39
3975Acumen Training & Consulting$171,138.00
3976ST. JOHN Ambulance Australia (VI$171,102.80
3977Datacom Systems (nsw) Pty Ltd$171,089.64
3978TEAM Catalyst Pty Ltd$171,050.00
3979Pivotal Psychology$170,999.99
3980Easyweb Digital Pty Ltd$170,911.40
3981Drivetrain Power And Propulsion$170,614.64
3982Academy XI Pty Ltd$170,500.00
3983Nowaste WOOD Busters Pty Ltd$170,500.00
3984Campbell Clinical Psychology$170,497.80
3985Digital Garden$170,430.00
3987Lorenz Archiv-systeme GMBH$170,300.00
3988Australian Transaction Reports & Analysis Centre (austrac)$170,000.00
3989Capital Recruit$170,000.00
3990Tranent, Edward NEIL$170,000.00
3991Holland, Shane Bernard$170,000.00
3993Results Consulting (aust) Pty Ltd$169,882.00
3994Ndevr Environmental Pty Ltd$169,553.20
3995HCI Professional Services Pty Ltd$169,540.80
3996NIDA Corporate Performance$169,505.98
3997Stacey BARR Pty Ltd$169,483.38
3998CST Computer Simulation Technology$169,176.93
3999Intelligent Risks Pty Ltd$169,145.00
4000Surcom International B.V.$169,040.91
4001The Trustee For Petersen Family Trust$169,026.00
4002Wurth Australia Pty Ltd$168,960.00
4003CIT Solutions Pty Limited$168,393.60
4004GEE YAN Industry Pty Ltd$168,300.00
4005Navicle Pty Ltd$168,300.00
4006Sigma AIR Conditioning Pty Ltd$168,294.99
4007Eagle SMF Distributors Pty Ltd$168,245.00
4008Market Access$168,174.40
4010CUBE Group Management Consulting (australia) Pty Ltd$167,805.00
4011Ahuri AUST Housing And Urban Research Institute$167,382.93
4012University Of NEW England Medical S$167,072.00
4013X In Secure Environments$167,062.50
4014Environmental Earth Sciences NSW$167,000.01
4015Battery Specialties (nsw) Pty L*$166,965.04
4016Hargo Engineering Pty Ltd$166,953.88
4017Arctan Services Pty Ltd$166,824.90
4018Fredon (act) Pty Limited$166,727.27
4019Jo-anne Coluccio$166,524.00
4020Innovative Asset Solutions Pty Ltd$166,454.20
4022WYLE Laboratories Scientific Servic$166,196.60
4023Farmaisle Pty Ltd$166,100.00
4024Michael MARK Szymanski$165,990.00
4025Spark And Cannon Australasia Pty Ltd$165,980.00
4027GO Electrical Pty Ltd$165,830.50
4028Associated Aircraft Manufacturing$165,490.54
4029Medarray Inc DBA Permselect$165,327.31
4030Insight Enterprises Australia Pty$165,223.48
4031Papercut Pty Ltd$165,105.50
4032AJF Partnership Pty Ltd$165,000.00
4033Adtech Environmental Pty Ltd$165,000.00
4034Supply Nation$165,000.00
4035Steve GRAY Consulting Pty Ltd$165,000.00
4036Crouche, Michel$165,000.00
4037Queensland Farmer's Federation Ltd$165,000.00
4038Access CARE Network Australia Pty L$165,000.00
4039S DAS & Associates Pty TD$165,000.00
4040Hunter Connections$165,000.00
4041The Arcadius Group$165,000.00
4042Stancombe RES & Planning PT$164,987.90
4043Pangolin Associates Pty Ltd$164,957.00
4044Recon Solutions Pty Ltd$164,846.00
4045DOWD Group Pty Limited$164,587.50
4046Crosscom Pty Ltd$164,394.40
4047OVUM Pty Ltd$164,274.00
4048Southern Downs Regional Council$164,035.20
4049Australian Calibrating Services$163,962.70
4050BIG ROCK Toyota$163,679.99
4051Energy & Power Systems Pty Ltd$163,633.80
4052Rebecca Calder$163,629.50
4053Digital Networks Australia$163,546.81
4054The Moreland Group Pty Ltd$163,432.00
4055Specialised Force Pty Ltd$163,376.40
4056Proquest LLC$163,367.76
40572IC Limited$163,242.91
4058Think IT Consulting Pty Ltd$163,189.13
4059Cancer Australia$163,000.00
4060EOS Space Systems Pty Limited$162,994.76
4061AIR Comfort Services Pty Ltd$162,937.50
4062Artisan Technical Services$162,857.68
4064Master Carpets (act) Pty Ltd$162,759.30
4065Trilogy Network Solutions Pty LT$162,580.44
4066PM Power Pty Ltd$162,572.14
4067Toyota Material Handling Austral$162,500.38
4068Blacktree Technology Pty Ltd$162,451.30
4069Engineering Education Australia$162,262.00
4070Wildlife Computers$162,040.61
4071PAUL Spencer Consulting Pty Ltd$162,000.00
4072Connexion Systems Pty Ltd$162,000.00
4073GPT Funds Management 2 Pty Ltd$161,884.48
4074Tactical Support Equipment, Inc.!db$161,795.31
4075Business Toolbox Australia Pty Ltd$161,685.70
4076Goshawk Nominees Pty Ltd$161,520.70
4077BISA Hotels Pty Ltd T/AS EAST Hotel$161,444.01
4078Herne HILL Welding Service$161,376.60
4079FIRE Safety Science Pty Ltd$161,125.00
4080BAC - Trustee For Acorn FUND$161,117.78
4081Tadano Oceania Pty Ltd$161,115.31
4082Katemaru Legal And Investigation$161,040.00
4083TTE Rentals$161,018.00
4084Pathway Communications Pty Ltd$160,745.50
4085Joseph Biggerstaff$160,635.00
4086Ultimate Design Graphics Pty Ltd$160,558.00
4087Wilderness WEAR Australia Pty L*$160,526.96
4088Brendan Sullivan$160,468.97
4089European Economics Research Limited$160,375.00
4090Traditional Credit Union Limited$160,264.60
4091The Trustee For The Mahoney Family$160,223.00
4092The Eventful Group Pty Ltd$160,176.50
4093Excel CARE Australia$160,086.17
4094Berthold Australia Pty Ltd$160,026.90
4095Madeleine Avenell$160,000.00
4096Kramer Group$160,000.00
4097Blackett Commercial Pty Ltd$160,000.00
4099Haylett, Keith Adrian$160,000.00
4100Global Center On Cooperative Security$160,000.00
4101Sovren Group, INC.$160,000.00
4102SAX And Woodwind$159,950.00
4103Content ARK$159,840.00
4104Winsider Seminars & Solutions Inc$159,801.85
4105Homestyle BAKE$159,800.00
4106SIX Degrees Executive Pty Ltd$159,532.00
4107The Trustee For FINE LINE Painting$159,515.40
4108Magna Systems & Engineering$159,511.00
4109Strategy Policy Research Pty Ltd$159,510.00
4110Mbmpl Pty Ltd$159,342.00
4111Fulton Hogan Construction$159,331.11
4112Mission Australia$159,233.10
4113Steensen Varming (australia) P/L$159,197.50
4114Voodoo Creative Pty Ltd$159,049.80
4115AIR Safety Solutions Pty Ltd$159,044.60
4116NEW Horizon Films PTY. Limited$159,039.65
4117Capital Linen Service$158,999.98
4118Jeremy Strudwick$158,669.00
4119Charles Darwin University$158,512.04
4120TEAM HR (australia) Pty Ltd$158,475.44
4121DBM Consultants Pty Ltd$158,466.00
4122Permapipe Australia Pty Ltd$158,451.00
4123Agile BI Pty Ltd$158,400.00
4124Insyght Pty Ltd$158,400.00
4125NCP Printing$158,385.66
4126Consilium Novamarine Pty Limited$158,303.20
4127FISH Matters IP Pty Ltd$158,276.60
4128Alexander Colquhoun And SON P/$158,235.00
4129Australian Competition And Consumer$158,207.02
4130Stephen Frost$158,100.80
4131DELV Pty Ltd$158,035.90
4132Fei-elcom Tech, INC.$158,019.93
4133XI Complexity Consulting Inc$158,009.60
4134Luminosity Engineering And DES$157,905.00
4135Mohan, Rasika$157,899.50
4136Housing Authoritiy$157,768.00
4137Autonomous Industries Australasia$157,758.21
4138Trustee For The Contenders Digital$157,632.98
4139The Distillery$157,614.08
4140Bentley Systems International Ltd$157,592.54
4141Seyfarth SHAW LLP$157,589.43
4142Bradmill Outdoor Fabrics Pty Ltd$157,531.00
4143Durrant-whyte & Associates Pty$157,470.01
4146Interactive Cabling Pty PTD$157,256.00
4147Douglas Consulting Australia Ptyltd$157,240.00
4148B B Engineering Pty Ltd$157,239.50
4149Buckingham & Associates Pty Ltd$157,080.00
4150ANU Enterprise Pty Limited$156,614.78
4151ATF The Carlton Contracting$156,464.00
4152BDO (WA) Pty Ltd$156,456.84
4153MJ & TJ Holmes AS The Trustee For The Holmes Property Trust$156,439.40
4154Software Design Associates Pty Ltd$156,348.50
4156ITS Pipetech Pty Limited$156,316.60
4157Computational Geosciences INC.$156,250.00
4158Pelican Products Pty Ltd$156,091.32
4159Rosenbauer Australia Pty Ltd$156,042.39
4160Clarke & Severn Electronics Pty Ltd$155,717.97
4161GSA International$155,704.00
4163FFG Flensburger Fahrzeugbau$155,309.52
4164PORT ASH Australia$155,100.00
4165Siemens Industry Software PTE Ltd$155,090.89
4166Lindsey, NEIL Robert$155,000.00
4167IOM - Switzerland$154,939.20
4168Viiew Pty Limited$154,880.00
4169GH LAW Pty Ltd$154,785.50
4170Berensen Tailors$154,660.00
4171GO Systems$154,594.00
4172CEB Learning & Development Leadership Council$154,454.00
4173Canberr Girls Gramma$154,381.00
4174Lindsay Yates And Partners Pty Ltd$154,214.50
4175Gempa GMBH$154,158.17
4176Private Individual - Shanghai$154,142.58
4177Cooper, Robyn ANNE$154,000.00
4178Phosphate Resources Limited$154,000.00
4179Board Of Queensland Museum$154,000.00
4180Field, Anthony Matthew$154,000.00
4181Praecisio Services Pty Ltd$154,000.00
4182Terrence Hogan$154,000.00
4183IP Trading Pty Ltd$153,880.10
4184Warren And Brown Technologies Pty L$153,812.10
4185Desmond Fitzgerald T/A Intrepid Geophysics$153,739.42
4186Complexia Pty Ltd$153,560.00
4187Anecsys PTY. LTD.$153,312.69
4188Spaces Australia Pty Ltd$153,211.30
4189BOB Paton And Associates Pty Ltd$153,147.00
4190Acquia Inc$152,912.10
4191Seton Australia Pty Ltd$152,591.73
4192Moreland Energy Foundation$152,499.63
4193Susan Pervan$152,312.00
4194Baxter & Company Pty Ltd$152,152.00
4195Rydges Hotels Ltd$152,049.00
4196Peaceworks Pty Ltd$152,014.14
4197NRS Nepean Regional Security$152,000.00
4198Christopher Patrick Shanahan$152,000.00
4199The Insight Group$152,000.00
4200Insight Informatics Pty Ltd$151,824.20
4201Ryebuck Media Pty Ltd$151,800.00
4202Roller Networks Australia Pty Ltd$151,800.00
4203CEG ASIA Pacific Pty Limited$151,800.00
4204Bulka Raptikan$151,795.00
4205Moore David$151,746.00
4206Elizabeth Raper$151,571.90
4207Engine Engineering Services (NT)$151,421.38
4208Mutual Cleaning & Maintenance Pty Ltd$151,364.50
4209BODY Corporate Of Madison Heights Bowen Hills$151,326.00
4210Robert J A Cornall AO$151,200.00
4211Crowne Plaza Canberra$151,152.70
4212Quickstrike Defence & Aerospace Pty$150,975.08
4213Quinn Emanuel Trial Lawyers$150,800.00
4214Globe Flooring Services Pty Ltd$150,700.00
4215Gurobi Optimization$150,629.79
4216Varidesk LLC$150,627.95
4217Trustee For Fayburn UNIT Trust$150,410.00
4218Phillips Consulting$150,380.00
4219Routleff Motor Bodies Pty Ltd$150,205.00
4220Priority Management Australia$150,199.80
4221Trustee For Southpac Aerospace TRUS$150,120.00
4222International RICE Research Institute$150,000.00
4223International Civil Aviation$150,000.00
4224Tides Center$150,000.00
4225EEVA AI Limited$150,000.00
4226Philip David Leslie$150,000.00
4227Richard JOHN Dennis$150,000.00
4228Hunter Systems Group Inc$150,000.00
4229CITY Of Salisbury$150,000.00
4230Avril Henry Pty Ltd$150,000.00
4231PAUL Simpson Consulting Pty Ltd$150,000.00
4232Geosyntec Consultants Pty Ltd$150,000.00
4233Uncharted Leadership Institute Pty$150,000.00
4234The Institute Of Chartered$149,921.40
4235Protected AREA Solutions Pty Ltd$149,843.00
4236Hardcat Pty Ltd$149,815.23
4237Australasian FIRE & Emerg$149,770.50
4238TTE Rentals$149,761.80
4239Lucas, Belinda$149,732.48
4240Viscount Rotational Mouldings Pty$149,710.00
4241Sailing Raceboats$149,600.00
4242Scott Seefeld$149,600.00
4243Kapish Services Pty Ltd$149,403.97
4244PEAR Contracting Pty Ltd$149,372.00
4245Wollemi Systems Pty Ltd$149,280.00
4246David Bryant Consulting Pty Ltd$149,280.00
4247Steven Christison$149,226.00
4248Daryl Jackson Alastair Swayn Pty Ltd$149,175.50
4249Airbus DS SAS$149,024.01
4250Consec - Conference And Event Manag$148,976.02
4251Great Southern Communications Australia$148,974.00
4252Ultra Electronics Forensic Technolo$148,924.60
4253Crafted Solutions Pty Ltd$148,861.00
4254Complete UTE & VAN HIRE$148,812.80
4255JEFF Lamond And Associates$148,750.00
4256MBDA UK Limited$148,732.13
4257Spie-the INTL Society For Optical E$148,615.27
4258Workfocus Australia Pty Ltd$148,500.00
4259Stephenson Mansell Group Pty Ltd$148,500.00
4260Gregory MARK Tanzer$148,500.00
4261Mental Health First AID Australia$148,053.40
4262The CAD GUYS$148,043.50
4263Investa Asset Management Pty Ltd$148,000.00
4264PAT Hogan & SONS Pty Ltd$147,892.42
4265Fileguard CO. (mfg) Pty Ltd$147,888.40
4266ONE IOTA Pty Ltd$147,840.00
4267IFLY Downunder$147,775.00
4268OPEN Geospatial Consortium INC.$147,681.11
4270Foley's LIST$147,569.01
4271AWR Corporation$147,472.19
4272EFT Consulting$147,400.00
4273Australian Institute Of Project Management$147,400.00
4274Arising Technology Systems Pty LIMI$147,400.00
4275Conjay Collectors Ammunition Compan$147,328.55
4276The Trustee For Integrity AG Servic$147,212.00
4277Ashley Developments Pty Ltd$147,114.00
4278Leanne Halley Consulting Pty Ltd$147,015.00
4279Douglass Hanly MOIR Pathology$147,000.00
4280AQUA LUNG Australia Pty Ltd$146,960.00
4281ESP Merchandise Pty Ltd$146,925.90
4282Blackbull Group$146,831.49
4283J & K Bradley Reporting P/L$146,723.78
4284Orixon Pty Ltd$146,568.15
4285Secom Technical Services PTY.$146,454.00
4286National Motor Rewinds Pty Ltd$146,427.93
4287BE Learning Pty Ltd$146,300.00
4288Search & Rescue Training Australia$146,130.60
4289The Public Affairs Recruitment Company Pty Ltd$146,126.50
4290Clicks Recruit Pty Ltd$146,124.00
4291United Nations FOOD And Agriculture Organisation$146,000.00
4292The Philip COX And Partners UNIT Trust T/A COX Architecture Pty Ltd$145,875.13
4293Flight ONE Pty Ltd$145,873.35
4294Miwatj Employment And Participation$145,862.40
4295Arthur J Gallagher (aus) Pty Ltd$145,850.96
4296Systech Consultants Pty Ltd$145,778.60
4297Australian Scientific Instruments Pty Ltd$145,662.00
4298CRAB Management Pty Ltd$145,454.00
4299Alliant Techsystems Operations$145,372.71
4300Mcnally Industries, LLC$145,370.52
4301Mcnab Enterprises Pty Ltd$145,332.00
4302Computer Corporation Of America$145,200.00
4303LINK WEB Services Pty Ltd$145,200.00
4304JEOL (australasia) Pty Ltd$145,181.63
4305Financial Express Australia Pty Ltd$145,173.60
4306Northside Commercial Pty Ltd$145,119.82
4308Darren DICK Consultancy Services$145,000.00
4309Country FIRE Authority$145,000.00
4310TOLL Logistics PL$144,925.00
4311Enterprise Management Group$144,922.36
4312Schenker International Pty Ltd$144,845.10
4313Phoenx PLM Pty Ltd$144,657.26
4314KJ Wnekowski Pty Ltd$144,634.29
4315LUKE Livingston$144,580.00
4316Evolve Studios Pty Ltd$144,558.80
4317CITY Of Whittlesea$144,389.00
4318Network Of Community Activities$144,360.00
4319Marmalade Melbourne Pty Ltd$144,229.80
4320SIR Joseph Isherwood Ltd$144,122.25
4321Bloomberg Finance L.P$144,000.00
4322In Front Events Australia$143,982.00
4323Mcphee Andrewarthaa$143,956.04
4324Canberra Filter Services$143,938.89
4325USI Properties (beijing) Limited$143,866.00
4326Shakespeare Company, Llc!dba$143,768.01
4327Ogden, IAN$143,407.00
4328Criterion Conferences Pty Ltd$143,386.01
4329Mektronics Australia Pty Ltd$143,232.10
4330Logemas Pty Ltd$143,002.75
4331Lizsam Enterprises$143,000.00
4332Raine And Horne Commercial - Newcastle$143,000.00
4333Allegany Consulting Pty Ltd$143,000.00
4334Summat Investments Pty Ltd$143,000.00
4335PT. The Ritz-carlton Indonesia$142,869.00
4336Uniting CARE Community$142,835.00
4337C Cotis & Toulis Investments$142,825.00
4338ALAN Newton$142,560.00
4339ALC Education & Consulting Pty Ltd$142,519.28
4340Cisco Systems Australia Pty Ltd$142,364.60
4341Hirox ASIA Ltd$142,260.43
4342GB And GR Smith$141,977.26
4343GORE Earthmoving Pty Ltd$141,972.60
4344Northern Transpotables Pty Ltd$141,940.00
4345HR On Board$141,670.00
4346Roberts Nehmer Mckee$141,636.22
4347Indian Ocean Group Training Associa$141,549.77
4348Wmdtech, LLC DBA Wmdtech$141,434.57
4349Coffs Harbour International Marina Pty Ltd$141,383.00
4350Datalabs Agency$141,254.50
4351LES BELL And Associates Pty Ltd$141,227.00
4352Complete Logistics Solutions$141,210.30
4353J A Projects Pty Limited$141,160.00
4354PJB Carpentry$141,152.55
4355Quest Software$141,119.08
4356Frenkel Partners$141,000.00
4357Aspectus PTY. Ltd$141,000.00
4358Applied Satellite Technology Australia Pty Ltd$140,968.46
4359Energy Action$140,800.00
4360C LAWS ALL Metal Fabrication$140,751.22
4361IDM Instruments Pty Ltd$140,747.20
4362Clark Masts ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$140,744.89
4363Property Wholesalers Of Australia Pty Ltd AS Trustee For The KNOX UNIT Trust$140,716.86
4364M.P Bolton & K.B Bossard & C Delace$140,600.00
4365Medic Oncall$140,467.10
4366Turner, Tyson$140,415.00
4367Ridgeline Solutions Australia Pty Limited$140,360.00
4368Thales Australia - GBP$140,259.86
4369Kayaking World Pty Ltd$140,127.78
4370Capital Markets CRC Limited$140,000.01
4371National Employment Services Associ$140,000.00
4372Sarwar Group Pty Ltd$140,000.00
4373Sofitel Brisbane AS Trustee For Sovreign Property Operations Trust$140,000.00
4374Permuto Pty Ltd$139,964.00
4375SANS Institute Conference Office$139,934.67
4376CARL Zeiss Pty Ltd$139,771.72
4377Proline Partitions Pty Ltd$139,593.52
4378WISE Technology Management$139,500.37
4379Productivity Commission$139,370.00
4380POLO And SONS Constructions$139,360.10
4381Sandra Walker Pty Ltd$139,256.00
4382The Source Management Consultants$139,180.00
4383Business Technology Pty Ltd$139,040.00
4384Hotel Zelos$139,027.60
4385IAN Kershaw$139,017.45
4386BMV Solutions$139,000.00
4388Centre For Corporate Health Pty Ltd$138,925.00
4389LOMA Snooks Publishing Services$138,870.00
4390Canberra REX Hotel$138,818.70
4391Parkin Consulting$138,600.00
4392Global Vision Media Pty Ltd$138,457.00
4393Blauer Tactical Systems INC.$138,436.65
4394Watmarine Engineering Services$138,403.10
4395BOSE Pty Ltd$138,293.50
4396Alliant Techsystems Operations LLC$138,282.68
4397Analysys Mason Limited T/AS$138,200.00
4398Skellig Consulting Pty Ltd$138,155.60
4399WORK Cover WA$138,053.00
4400Hooper Design$137,999.99
4401Electrical Engineering Equipment Pty Ltd$137,962.00
4402Airport LINE Marking And Maintenanc$137,820.46
4403Enacom Pty Limited$137,761.58
4404Clarina Investments Pty Ltd$137,727.85
4405Licensys Pty Ltd$137,659.68
4406Allison Margaret ANN$137,520.00
4407Dominic Downie And Associates Pty L$137,520.00
4408Klinik Pty Ltd$137,500.00
4409ALL Saints Parish Primary School$137,500.00
4410Smartbear (ireland) Limited$137,484.20
4411Defence Models And Graphics$137,428.50
4412Socom Pty Ltd$137,346.34
4413Macquarie Commercial Property ATF Macquarie Commercial Property Trust$137,328.65
4414Simeonov Civil Engineering$137,318.00
4415WEST Coast Construction And$137,202.84
4416Enabled Employment Pty Ltd$137,175.00
4417Gilbert + Tobin Lawyers$137,120.00
4418Gungarde Community Centre$137,098.39
4419Boxcorporate Pty Ltd$137,000.00
4420Oodar Pty Ltd$137,000.00
4421Environmental Fluid Systems$136,953.41
4422Tricab (australia) Pty Ltd$136,950.00
4423Haiyang Zhang$136,950.00
4424PURE Learning Pty Ltd$136,906.00
4426Gateworks Corproration$136,433.00
4427BEN IRIS Pty Ltd (ACN 006 832 515) AS Trustee For The SIA Family Trust$136,412.68
4428Right Management Consultants Pty Ltd$136,205.00
4429Context Information Security Ltd$136,101.68
4430Yaffa Publishing Group Pty Ltd$136,000.00
4431Total Technology Partners$135,999.99
4432Actum Partners$135,895.10
4433Amanda Harris Psychologist$135,791.00
4435Joanne Thomson Trading AS Learning4development$135,620.85
4436Navantia SA SME.$135,509.98
4437PILU Pty Ltd$135,432.00
4438ALFA Computers Pty Ltd$135,248.30
4439Ondot Pty Ltd$135,135.00
4440BPD Zenith (aust) Pty Ltd$135,036.00
4441Bruce G Wilson$135,000.00
4442CASS Robert Sunstein$135,000.00
4443Roads And Maritime Services$135,000.00
4444AJ Power$135,000.00
4445Taylor BROS (slipway And Engin$134,956.11
4446ROY E Mayne And SON$134,902.02
4448International Centre For Tropical Agriculture$134,865.00
4449Multibuild Australia$134,853.24
4450Bridport Electrical Services$134,728.00
4451Tecolote Research Inc$134,716.11
4452Solution Energy Services$134,698.62
4453Andrews Group Pty Ltd$134,646.43
4454Indigo Technologies Ltd$134,639.64
4455M L Stewart$134,550.00
4456Ausco Modular Pty Limited$134,470.51
4457Gastech Australia Pty Ltd$134,200.00
4458Scentre Shopping Centre Management Pty L$134,062.42
4459BELL Engineering Group Pty Ltd$133,841.58
4460Denise LEE Counselling Pty Ltd$133,685.76
4461Maryanne Duskovic Counselling SERV P/L$133,685.76
4462Shepherd Electrical (act) Pty Ltd$133,680.80
4463ACT SAFE Systems AB$133,640.85
4464Concurrent Technologies Corporation$133,570.78
4465AMEC Foster Wheeler Australia Pty Ltd$133,537.80
4466S.I. TECH Pty Ltd$133,468.90
4467Microhire Pty Ltd$133,448.20
4468Pinnacle Apartments Pty Ltd$133,350.00
4469Kathy Baker$133,250.99
4470Michael P Charles$133,162.43
4471E2V Technologies (UK) Limited$133,014.25
4472North American Manufacturing Compan$132,968.91
4473Jetbrains S.r.o.$132,866.87
4474Lifeology Pty Ltd$132,822.00
4475Shoal Group Pty Ltd$132,705.01
4476ANL Container HIRE & Sales$132,660.00
4477Takeoff Pty Ltd$132,400.00
4478Spruce Australia$132,391.05
4479Flanergan Pty Ltd$132,390.62
4481Dominic & Clara Sottile$132,095.57
4483Consilium Technology Pty Ltd$132,040.00
4484Careers Australia Group Ltd$132,000.00
4485Probe Tourism Design Planning & MGMT Pty Ltd$132,000.00
4486Asbestos Diseases Research Institute$132,000.00
4487Melissa Honner$132,000.00
4488RTA Fujii & R Fujii$131,814.32
4489Lexdata Management Pty Ltd$131,661.75
4490Morrow, Stephen B$131,660.40
4491Alice Springs Convention$131,510.00
4492Imprint Strategic$131,470.00
4493Hassell Limited$131,450.00
4494Antelope Engineering Pty Ltd$131,439.50
4495William SANG FONG & Lexie SANG FONG AS The Trustee For W & L FONG Family Trust$131,340.00
4496GCT Electrical$131,187.27
4497LIST G Barristers Pty Ltd$131,158.51
4498Cunneen & Company Pty Ltd$131,153.00
4499Redback Conferencing$131,091.00
4500CCD Networking Pty Ltd$131,067.20
4501Relationships Australia (qld)$131,000.00
4502Piezo-metrics Inc$130,883.64
4503Wirrimanu Aboriginal CORP$130,858.70
4504Strategic Technical Services LLC$130,854.58
4505TMA TECH Pty Ltd$130,799.40
4506Aviation Australia Pty Ltd$130,750.00
4507Bellewarra Investments Pty Ltd$130,400.00
4508The Ethics Centre$130,200.00
4509Pacific Hydro Investments Pty Ltd$130,124.31
4510Fiberguide Industries$130,000.00
4511Leigh Alsteris T/AS Report Horse$130,000.00
4512Shannon Crash Repairs$129,953.53
4513Pitcher Partner Consulting$129,858.28
4515Invenio Engineering Solutions$129,685.45
4516Servicepoint Australia Pty Ltd$129,682.98
4517Acoustic Imaging Pty Ltd$129,585.28
4518Tallentire O'flynn Movsowitz Pty Ltd T/A T+o+m$129,458.13
4519C M I SAFE CO$129,404.62
4520Veritas Events Pty Ltd$129,395.90
4521Scitek Australia Pty Ltd$129,236.93
4522The Advisory Board Company$129,150.00
4523Neopost Australia$129,118.00
4524Comtest Laboratories PTY. LTD.$129,031.30
4525Uptodate, INC.$128,911.57
4526Birdlife Australia Ltd$128,900.02
4528Trustee David Looke Family Trust$128,757.03
4529Richard Yates Sculpture$128,715.40
4530EJS Consulting Services$128,700.00
4531Ageconplus Pty Ltd$128,425.00
4532RENZ Australia Pty Ltd$128,370.00
4533L3 Technologies, Inc.!dba L3 GCS$128,338.60
4534Openlearn Pty Limited$128,276.01
4535Lighthouse DATA Collection$128,150.00
4536Benelec Pty Ltd$128,100.50
4537Eastern Commercial Furniture$128,073.00
4538Geosensor Wireline Pty Ltd$127,897.30
4539TAS CITY Building Pty Ltd$127,801.30
4540Spinifex IT Global Pty Ltd$127,707.31
4541Metropolitan FIRE And Emergency$127,700.00
4542Frost And Sullivan Australia Pty Limited$127,600.00
4543Sports Master Athletics$127,543.00
4544Oncall Language Services Pty Ltd$127,512.86
4545Kevin Edmund Lindgren QC$127,332.71
4546Anglican Community CARE Inc$127,279.36
4547Interior Engineering -victoria$127,249.60
4549Dalla Costa Pty Ltd$127,083.34
4550Energy Analysis & Engineering PTY.$126,746.04
4551Wayne FOX$126,720.00
4552Alliance For Sustainable Energy, LL$126,614.00
4553TMR Systems Pty Ltd$126,428.00
4554Aecom Australia Pty Ltd$126,218.40
4555CBT Nuggets$126,206.88
4556JADE Software Corporation Pty Ltd$126,156.72
4557JOSH Byrne & Associates Pty Ltd$126,052.30
4558Forrester Research Limited$125,975.80
4559Canberra Grammar SCH$125,871.50
4560Crossfire Australia Pty Ltd - USD$125,721.35
4561Australian WAR Memorial$125,579.15
4562Corpsure Managment$125,399.00
4563HDM Metal$125,301.66
4564Telstra SNP Monitoring$125,197.60
4565Droplet Measurement Technologies$125,084.00
4566Lennon's LIST Barristers' Clerks$125,000.01
4567RORY Mcleod Consulting$125,000.00
4568JOHN A LIST$125,000.00
4569South Australian Government Financing Authority$125,000.00
4570Govhack Australia Limited$125,000.00
4571DAN & DAN Landscaping Pty Ltd$125,000.00
4572Mercure Hotel Brisbane$124,985.80
4573S&P Capital IQ LLC$124,912.03
4574Maura FAY Group$124,910.00
4575Federation University Australia$124,850.00
4576American Metal Bearing Company$124,768.16
4577TWIN DISC (pacific) Pty Ltd$124,753.00
4578Nigel Evans$124,736.00
4579Heritage PARK Hotel$124,707.92
4580Claytons Australia Pty Ltd$124,652.00
4581Parkroyal Melbourne Airport$124,616.77
4582LITE CART CORP$124,584.53
4585DR PAUL Taylor$124,500.00
4586Orange Digital$124,410.00
4587Janice Everlyn Bennett$124,080.00
4588Deloitte RISK Advisory PL$124,049.88
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4595WA Department Of Health$123,235.00
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4598Global Resilience Services Limited$123,086.40
4599Merici College$123,000.00
4600Sourcecode ANZ Pty Ltd$122,980.00
4601PLAN IT TEST Management Solutions$122,870.00
4602Econdata Pty Ltd$122,870.00
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4604Economic Insights Pty Ltd$122,760.00
4605TX Australia Pty Limited$122,718.89
4606Pathway Consultants Pty Ltd$122,680.33
4607MYCO Trailers Inc DBA MYCO Industri$122,630.74
4608PT DEO Anugrah (DEO Bali)$122,584.00
4609Advanced Machine Tools Pty Ltd$122,581.80
4610Amocon PTY. LTD.$122,500.00
4611Expert Group$122,482.25
4612Corporate Chair Systems$122,386.00
4613Rayzor Roofing And Plumbing Pty Ltd$122,326.38
4614Etouches INC.$122,284.00
4615Brian Tamberlin QC$122,241.00
4616Viliwarinha YURA Aboriginal Corporation$122,100.00
4617Carter3 Pty Ltd$122,100.00
4618GD Executive Consulting$122,100.00
4619Acting Consulting Training$122,045.00
4620Negotiation Education Australia$122,000.00
4621Amanda Mcdonald$121,999.60
4622CFC Holdings Pty Ltd$121,770.29
4623Soundequip Pty Ltd$121,733.15
4624KATE Pounder$121,650.00
4625Mantra On Little Bourke$121,576.00
4626Grange Advisory Pty Ltd$121,550.00
4627Trent Glover$121,500.00
4628Living Works Education (australia)$121,462.55
4629Michelle Hirschhorn$121,426.91
463068TH International Astronautical Congress$121,176.00
4631Alluvium Consulting Australia Pty L$121,021.01
4632R.S Pearson$121,000.00
4633Nelson BAY Consulting$121,000.00
4634MARK A Sneddon$121,000.00
4635CEVA Logistics (australia) PTY. Ltd$121,000.00
4636Australian Indigenous Mentoring$121,000.00
4637Institut Royal Meteorologique$120,933.24
4638STAY Upright Pty Ltd$120,909.18
4639Prysmian Australia Pty Ltd$120,752.24
4640Darner Family Trust$120,709.98
4641Brisbane BUS Lines Pty Ltd$120,703.11
4642Telwater Pty Ltd$120,648.00
4643Errol Raiser$120,640.00
4644ROV Innovations$120,628.10
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4647CIC Technology$120,502.80
4648Huber And Suhner (aust) Pty Ltd$120,442.08
4649Steve Brimstone Psych SERV P/L$120,438.37
4650Glanville, Ronald JOHN$120,329.00
4651CM Beasy Ltd$120,266.18
4652L. Bulmer & CO. PTY. LTD.$120,180.50
4653Hellweg International Pty Ltd$120,023.20
4654Clarke Keller$120,000.00
4655Startrack Retail Pty Ltd$120,000.00
4656Futureye Pty Ltd$120,000.00
4657Nservicebus, LTD.$120,000.00
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4660Nceconomics Pty Ltd$119,999.99
4661CACI International Inc$119,949.40
4662DE NOVO Enterprises Pty Ltd$119,900.00
4663Dillon Aero, INC.$119,838.39
4664JOHN Symes Transport$119,817.01
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4666Alliance Tooling CO Pty Ltd$119,746.00
4667DQU Pty Ltdt/a Daniel's Quality$119,635.60
4668Sabina Moore$119,632.84
4669James Warden$119,632.84
4670Susan Forder$119,592.50
4671Simulinc Pty Ltd$119,565.90
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4673Print Nation Pty Ltd$119,440.00
4674Munition Safety Information Analysi$119,369.04
4675Plexnet Pty Ltd$119,310.40
4676H.i.s. HOSE Pty Ltd$119,234.50
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4678Integrity Corporate Services Pty Ltd$119,208.00
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4680Private Individual - Moscow$119,032.00
4681CEB Global Limited$119,013.60
4682Patricia Whyte$119,000.00
4683LAKE Crackenback Resort & SPA$118,973.10
4684Midwest Aboriginal Employment And Economic Development (meedac) Inc$118,924.93
4685Squared UP Ltd$118,923.02
4686Karstens Holdings PTY. Ltd$118,803.71
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4688HHIT Consulting Pty Ltd$118,800.00
4689Strategic Marine Group Pty Ltd$118,800.00
4690Adventure ONE$118,779.25
4691Armour Timber Company Pty Ltd$118,673.50
4692Fivemark Capital Pty Ltd$118,500.00
4693Attorney Generals Department$118,250.00
4694A J Dever Pty Ltd$118,221.60
4695OHI REAL Estate Ltd$118,135.83
4696Haire Truck And BUS Repairs PT$118,125.68
4697Psychmaps Consultancy$118,123.05
4698Luminor Solutions Pty Ltd$118,084.00
4699Creative Machines$118,000.00
4700BBS Communications Group Pty Ltd$117,986.00
4701PLUS PLUS Pty Ltd$117,920.00
4702RYDE Batteries (wholesale) Pty L$117,881.50
4703ECA International Pty Ltd$117,610.00
4704Axisagile Pty Ltd$117,590.00
4705Antarctic Climate And Ecosystems$117,545.20
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4707Python Chambers$117,480.00
4709A2K Technologies Pty Ltd$117,257.80
4710Technic Pty Ltd$117,239.55
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4712Schiavello Systems (qld) Pty Ltd$117,079.97
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4714Robyn Ninyette$116,847.50
4715CM Collyer And JL Turner$116,804.40
4716Nursing Advisory Services Pty Ltd$116,804.40
4717Livermore Software$116,708.14
4718Newnham Earthmoving PTY. Ltd$116,705.60
4719Carryboom Pty Ltd ATF IAN Bloomfield Family Trust$116,656.00
4720Australian Disputes Centre Limited$116,600.00
4721Zimmer Biometpty Ltd ESPS Payme$116,596.48
4722CASA Leisure Pty Ltd$116,530.50
4723NSW Business Chamber Limited$116,500.00
4724Ausoptic International$116,456.41
4725Workforce Planning Global Pty Ltd$116,215.00
4726Essential ICT Pty Ltd$116,150.00
4727A Norman & M A Norman & W T Norman$116,057.01
4728Safari Books Online$116,030.00
4730Aeronix, INC.$115,957.60
4731E-secure Pty Ltd$115,948.29
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4733Reece Pty Ltd$115,717.18
4734Auxilium Engineering Pty Ltd$115,630.02
4735RISK Logic Pty Ltd$115,574.67
4736No BOLT Operations Pty Ltd$115,541.80
4737Austico Apparel Pty Ltd$115,501.76
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4739JDG Services Pty Ltd$115,500.00
4740Economic Alternatives Pty Ltd$115,500.00
4741JANE Irwin Landscape Architecture Pty Ltd$115,486.25
4742PRO AV Solutions$115,471.29
4743CPS Enviro Pty Ltd$115,401.00
4744Linguaset Translations Pty Ltd$115,366.99
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4746Leargas Pty Ltd$115,280.00
4747Cordell Information Pty Ltd$115,057.80
4748Specialty MIX Stock FOOD Supply Pty Ltd$115,000.00
4749China Centre For Agricultural Policy, The School Of Advanced Agricultural Science Of Peking University$115,000.00
4750Insight SRC Pty Ltd$114,970.68
4751Eilbeck Cranes$114,966.50
4752Diversity Sustainable Develop Consultant$114,792.64
4753SAFE Smart Access$114,791.60
4754Tactical Systems Pty Ltd$114,719.20
4755BANG Packaging Pty Ltd$114,648.60
4756Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solution$114,534.20
4757OPEN Learning Global Pty Ltd$114,400.00
4758Green Energy Markets Pty Ltd$114,400.00
4759Agriculture Victoria Services Pty Ltd$114,385.00
4760Trustee For Fairclough Family Trust$114,358.20
4761Aquitaine Consulting Services$114,345.00
4762Armourguard Security$113,777.00
4763ISW Development Pty Ltd$113,766.10
4764Purple Infinity$113,766.00
4765LEGA Recognition Solutions$113,700.00
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4767Wireless Components PTY. Limited$113,627.08
4768STAR Engineering INC.$113,590.43
4769Informa Australia Pty Ltd$113,536.09
4770Kerry Clark$113,534.00
4771Sandr Hobbs Trust T/A LIL Engine$113,520.00
4772Lachlan James Zangari$113,500.00
4773Training Masters$113,320.00
4774The Trustee For ONE Energy Trust$113,300.00
4775Gastroenterological Society Of$113,190.00
4776LOOK NOW Pty Ltd$113,113.10
4777Private Individual - Jakarta$113,015.04
4778Jvara Health (matthew Eckersley)$113,000.00
4779Careflight Limited$113,000.00
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4782NQ HOME Improvements$112,735.20
4783DRS Sustainment Systems, INC.$112,672.00
4784PS Consulting S.a.r.l$112,604.35
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4786Cummins South Pacific Pty Ltd$112,450.62
4787Spencer TECH Pty Ltd$112,266.00
4788Fords Steel Service Centre Pty Ltd$112,200.00
4789Business Abstraction$112,200.00
4790SDS Group$112,200.00
4791Remembrance Foundation Ltd$112,193.00
4792AFC Group Pty Ltd$112,138.13
4793M And D Marine Parts Service P/L$111,919.50
4794Norfolk Island Regional Council$111,877.00
4795Element14 Pty Ltd$111,851.28
4796Adventure Kokoda PTY. Limited$111,824.90
4797Adapt-a-lift Group Pty Ltd$111,821.02
4798Trailer Sales (NQ) Pty Ltd$111,817.53
4799Optical Solutions Australia (act)$111,720.68
4800Iceni Group Pty Ltd$111,688.50
4801Shawink Pty Ltd$111,660.00
4802Great Barrier REEF Marine PARK$111,647.00
4803PAD Consulting Services$111,540.00
4804PTT Public Company Ltd$111,472.96
4805Perisher BLUE SKI Resort$111,467.00
4806Natalie Roberts$111,373.62
4807Cambridge Technologies$111,353.86
4808Intersect Alliance International PT$111,272.04
4809VITS Languagelink$111,271.20
4810Daniel Tynan$111,200.02
4811Chemical Abstracts Service$111,147.91
4812Metropolitan Civil Contractors Constructions Pty Ltd$111,002.36
4813Susan Waring$110,985.00
4814Ausbiotech Ltd$110,830.00
4815Australian Renewable Energy Agency$110,821.23
4816Tugela Nominess Pty Ltd (ACN 005886091) AS The Trustee For Dimitriadis Family Trust$110,698.90
4817JIM Tanburn And Associates LTD.$110,666.60
4818Institute Of Marine Engineering,$110,665.89
4819Glanda International Pty Ltd$110,620.12
4820Magritek Holdings$110,620.00
4821Amazon WEB Services Inc$110,617.95
4822Centre For International Forestry$110,453.00
4823ID Cardworld Pty Ltd$110,418.55
4824WDS Operations Pty Ltd$110,313.60
4825Corporate Executive Board (ceb)$110,224.80
4826PORT Augusta S.c.pty Ltd$110,178.12
4827Paradigm ONE Pty Ltd$110,093.61
4829Silentium Defence Pty Ltd$110,000.00
4830Bidvest (WA) Pty Ltd$110,000.00
4831Crime Stoppers Australia Ltd$110,000.00
4832The Trustee For BOTT Family Trust T/A Sarnia Consulting$110,000.00
4833Westworth KEMP Pty Limited$110,000.00
4834Agility Logistics Pty Ltd$110,000.00
4835SIRI Williams$110,000.00
4836Australian National Disposals$110,000.00
4837Pipionem Partners$110,000.00
4838Australian Indigenous Business Services Pty Ltd$110,000.00
4839Covemore Designs Pty Ltd$110,000.00
4840Mandubarra Aboriginal LAND And SEA Incorporated$110,000.00
4841Brisbane WEST Wellcamp Airport$110,000.00
4842Sleekframe Pty Ltd$110,000.00
4843The Brattle Group Limited$110,000.00
4844ZEST Health Strategies$109,950.50
4845Malbar Marine Electrics Pty Ltd$109,832.00
4846Ascom Integrated Wireless Pty Ltd$109,734.08
4848Rapiscan Australia Pty Ltd$109,472.00
4849Susan Yates O.T. Pty Ltd$109,437.77
4850Veris Australia Pty Ltd$109,319.99
4851Doon, Shirley ANN$109,296.00
4852ESKA Australia Pty Limited$109,120.00
4853Totex Corporation$109,115.00
4854Sherrill FERN$109,010.00
4855Heather Brando$109,010.00
4856Heirs Of MEER Abdul Qader Ahmed Khoori$109,005.00
4857Adaptable Leadership Pty Ltd$109,000.01
4858SEMA Operations Pty Limited$109,000.00
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4866Rspca Of Papua NEW Guinea$108,562.64
4868Photometric Solutions International$108,163.00
4869Integrationqa PTY. Ltd$108,075.00
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4871Rezzonico Weekes Pty Ltd$108,000.00
4872Hootsuite Media INC.$107,999.10
4873Observator Instruments Pty Ltd$107,908.44
4874Cultural Perspectives Pty Ltd$107,889.60
4875L&L Design And Production Pty Ltd$107,802.00
4876Nation Partners Pty Ltd$107,756.00
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4881Pacific Economic Cooperation Council$107,523.90
4882Abode The Apartment Hotel$107,520.00
4883Words Alive$107,500.00
4884Queen's University At Kingston$107,416.70
4885Strategic Executive Solutions Pty$107,382.00
4886Breon Enterprises PTY. LTD.$107,250.00
4887TO70 Aviation (australia) Pty Ltd$107,240.12
4888Torres Strait Regional Authority$107,183.52
4889Alertforce Pty Limited$107,150.00
4890Teceventco Pty Ltd$107,060.85
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4892Mediserve Pty Ltd$107,000.00
4893EMS Builders & Contractors$107,000.00
4894Maddog Composites Pty Ltd$106,999.99
4895Burson-marsteller Pty Ltd$106,942.35
4896ZEN Imports Pty Ltd$106,874.46
4897Chappell Builders Pty Ltd$106,858.51
4898Veldeman Australia Pty Ltd$106,858.35
4899Mallee Catchment Management Authori$106,810.88
4900Balance Interiors$106,792.40
4901Integra Packaging Pty Limited$106,766.00
4902The TTEE For Knights Family Trust$106,720.34
4903RL HUNT Medical Services Pty Ltd$106,710.24
4904The Weather Company Pty Ltd$106,700.00
4905Knight Stephen William$106,700.00
4907The Centre For Employment Initiatives Ltd$106,528.40
4908Vicinity REAL Estate Licence Pty Ltd$106,512.34
4909Braemac (SA) Pty Ltd$106,500.35
4910Wodonga Middle Years College$106,500.00
4911Gillian Walker$106,450.00
4912Wireshark University$106,422.55
4913Rekab-fish Pty Ltd$106,363.63
4915Pumpseal Sales Technology Soluti$106,047.70
4916Digicert INC.$106,000.00
4918Surdex Steel Pty Ltd$105,919.00
4919Doltone House Darling Island Pty Ltd$105,725.44
4920Jennifer Akers$105,600.00
4921LEVI RAY & Shoup Inc$105,600.00
4922Akolade Pty Ltd$105,445.06
4923Cloudten Industries Pty Ltd$105,325.00
4924The Maxima Group$105,213.36
4925BDO Australia Limited$105,200.00
4926Brown Brothers Furniture$105,193.00
4927JOB Safety Assistance Pty Ltd$105,187.50
4928BYTE Construct Pty Ltd$105,167.70
4929Anber Entertainment Services$105,152.85
4930National Institute Of Metrology$105,075.00
4931CEB Global Ltd$105,060.00
4932IPMG Pty Limited$105,000.00
4933Abraxis Inc$105,000.00
4934Tindall GASK Bentley Trust ACCT$104,968.15
4935Summit Airconditioning & Electrical Services Pty Limited$104,940.00
4936Energy Efficient Strategies$104,937.25
4937Capse Pty Ltd$104,805.01
4938The Trustee For Threefold Partners Trust$104,800.00
4939Airsight Australia Pty Ltd$104,500.00
4940RITE Trade (garry Bishop)$104,500.00
4941Catherine Clarke$104,500.00
4943FTI Consulting SYD Pty Ltd$104,500.00
4944Australian Geoscience Council Convention$104,500.00
4945Tactical Support Equipment, INC.$104,443.27
4946American Pacific Plastic!fabricator$104,138.58
4947The Weather Balloon MFG CO$104,100.00
4948Inside Story$104,060.00
4949Fairfax Media$104,028.80
4950LAF Technologies Pty Ltd$103,624.40
4951360 Trading Pty Ltd T/AS 360 Defenc$103,585.00
4952Vanessa Australia$103,447.85
4953SUBA Engineering Pty Ltd$103,390.01
4954Lilyvale Hotel Pty Ltd Master ACC$103,388.69
4955Betahaus GMBH$103,287.46
4956Michael Green Pty Ltd$103,225.02
4957JILL RABY$103,224.00
4958Qualitative And Quantitative Social Research Pty Ltd Trading AS Kinnford Consulting$103,209.03
4959Discovery Learning Pty Ltd$102,795.00
4960Master Carpet Holdings Pty Ltd$102,674.00
4961Cyalume Technologies, Inc.!div CTI$102,671.85
4962GH Music Pty Ltd$102,560.04
4963Surveillance Pty Ltd$102,262.60
4964Ponte Business Lawyers For Business$102,099.80
4965C And L Sales And Services Pty$102,048.32
4966Laynhapuy Homelands Aboriginal Corporation$102,042.34
4967Jbtglobal Corporate Advisory$102,000.00
4968Phillips Ormonde Fitzpatrick$102,000.00
4969Ethos Beathchapman$101,982.80
4970Yaran Business Services Pty Ltd$101,980.00
4971Intelligent Business Research Services Pty Ltd$101,860.00
4972Emtek Furniture Pty Ltd$101,822.60
4973Adept Turnkey$101,806.80
4974Industrial Decontamination Services$101,761.11
4976Great Divide Tours Pty Ltd$101,530.00
4977JTA Health Safety & Noise Specialis$101,520.91
4978ICON Plastics Pty Ltd$101,513.50
4979Harvard University Business School$101,471.20
4980Wildbear Entertainment Pty Ltd$101,306.26
4981Flagstaff Coaches$101,231.00
4982Doric Engineering$101,090.00
4983NEAL And KING UNIT Trust$100,920.39
4984Smokeshield AUST Pty Ltd$100,816.10
4985IIC Technologies Limited$100,698.80
4986MONZ Ltd$100,690.73
4987Isotomics, LLC$100,668.26
4988Julie HIND$100,633.94
4989PTM Edv-systeme GMBH$100,525.00
4990Avionics PTY. LTD.$100,447.05
4991Ergonomic Workstation Products$100,371.00
4992Voicerecognition.com.au Pty Ltd$100,354.50
4993Thorlabs, INC.$100,240.87
4994Nhulunbuy Corporation Ltd$100,087.46
4995MCI Australia Pty Ltd$100,072.00
4996Greater BANK Limited$100,044.00
4998Denken Partners$100,000.01
4999CPA Global$100,000.00
5000Lucas AIR$100,000.00
5001Pedersen, Peter Andreas$100,000.00
5002Artas Architects And Planners$100,000.00
5003Kinemetrics INC.$100,000.00
5004Michael REID And Associates$100,000.00
5005NEXT Business Energy Pty Ltd$100,000.00
5006Clayton UTZ$100,000.00
5007DLA Piper Australia$100,000.00
5008VAN Schaik's BIO GRO$100,000.00
5009Kordamentha Pty Ltd$100,000.00
5010Apheda - Union AID Abroad$100,000.00
5011E Scribe Services Pty Ltd$100,000.00
5012Synergy Global Pty Ltd$100,000.00
5013TV18 Broadcast Limited$100,000.00
5014Stirling Advisory Pty Ltd$99,989.89
5015Lambert And Rehbein SEQ Pty.ltd.$99,935.00
5016KURT Jacob And CO Pty Ltd$99,853.27
5017AIR FAB Ground Support$99,847.00
5018Ascot Splicing And Supplies$99,825.00
5019Elpro Technologies Pty Ltd$99,806.30
5020Taylor Hardyman Group Pty Ltd$99,617.10
5021Canberra GHM Pty TD$99,526.00
5022LIST A Barristers Pty Ltd$99,511.52
5024Jones LANG Lasalle (WA) Pty Limited$99,393.70
5025Health & Community Consulting Group P/L$99,385.00
5026The LAW Society Of The ACT$99,347.00
5027Radiation Saunders Pty Ltd$99,309.65
5028JCT Corporate Excellence Pty Ltd$99,137.50
5029Cleanstar Australia Pty Ltd$99,088.12
5030Synergy Resource Management$99,034.10
5031Institute For Regional Security$99,000.00
5032Atom/metro Magazine$99,000.00
5034HI Operations Limted$98,985.14
5035LOOP Technology Pty Ltd$98,982.09
5036Australian Institute Of Criminology$98,933.00
5037Professional Development Training$98,872.84
5039Thermo Informatics ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$98,838.49
5040CMC Group Holdings Pty Ltd$98,752.50
5041Thomson Reuters (scientific) Inc$98,613.43
5042Jennet Cole-adams And JUDY Gauld$98,560.00
5043Hyperinsight Pty Ltd$98,450.00
5044Dotmar Universal Plastics$98,421.40
5045Proav Solutions$98,403.83
5046Health Outcomes International$98,353.00
5047Skymuster Helicopters Pty Ltd$98,318.00
5048University Corporation For Atmospheric Research$98,310.03
5049Richard JAY Pty Ltd$98,296.00
5050ROOT Projects Australia Pty Ltd$98,233.00
5051Bruck Textiles Pty Ltd$98,175.00
5053Wests Packaging Services Pty Ltd$98,131.00
5054Conari Partners Pty Ltd$98,127.99
5055Quest Software International Limite$98,100.00
5056JR Drafting$98,035.00
5057IPFX Systems Ltd$98,020.37
5058Patsnap PTE Ltd$98,000.00
5059Area9 IT Solutions$97,996.80
5060NEW Millenium Print Pty Ltd$97,983.80
5061Wiltrading Pty Ltd$97,966.00
5062Indienergy Pty Ltd$97,900.00
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5064915 LABS$97,875.76
5065FIRE Response Pty Ltd$97,812.00
5066Rosemary JOY WADE$97,776.00
5067DATA Acquisition Pty Ltd$97,691.00
5068Pottinger CO Pty Ltd$97,500.00
5069Pickwick Group Pty Ltd$97,500.00
5070Escalier Mclean Consulting Pty Ltd$97,446.52
5071Clear Range Pty Ltd$97,372.00
5072Advizon Consulting$97,245.00
5073Scorpion Technology$97,203.26
5074Resolve Consulting$97,200.00
5075Tigertail Australia$97,142.50
5076Chris Vickery$97,119.00
5077DFJM Properties Pty Ltd$97,020.00
5078Australian Museum$97,000.00
5079Stewart Maiden$96,904.00
5080Aussie Dream Pty Ltd$96,800.00
5081Workwrite Pty Ltd$96,745.56
5082PEAK ARE Pty Ltd$96,717.60
5083FYB Pty Ltd$96,675.48
5084Michael Green Pty Ltd$96,631.46
5085David Tolmay$96,625.26
5086PAUL Holmes Barristers Clerk Pty Ltd$96,540.01
5087Grasshopper Promotional Australia$96,482.10
5088Gilgandra Shire Council$96,449.32
5089Whisperroom, INC.$96,425.15
5090Odyssey Training$96,410.00
5091Informotion Pty Ltd$96,400.00
5093International ART Services$96,343.99
5094B M WEBB Holdings Pty Ltd$96,250.00
5095The Federation Joinery$96,192.50
5096SPA Leasing No 1 Pty Limited$96,189.73
5097SPA Leasing No 2 Pty Limited$96,189.73
5098Campbell Scientific Australia$96,143.44
5099ERS Australia Pty Ltd$96,140.00
5100Uniquest Ltd$96,140.00
5101Persis Memaran Ayandeh$96,115.00
5102Security & Technology Services$96,083.97
5103Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec$96,059.11
5104SAGE Energy Systems Pty Ltd$96,030.00
5105E & E Waste PTY. LTD.$96,000.01
5106Computer Transition Systems$95,959.60
5107Perth Expohire And Furniture Group$95,876.00
5108Brand Institute Pty Ltd$95,872.00
5109The ITSM HUB Pty Ltd$95,865.00
5110Martam Contracting Pty Ltd$95,810.00
5111Gillian MARY Brown$95,788.55
5112Testel Australia Pty Ltd$95,728.63
5113Ergoworks Physiotherapy And Consulting$95,715.60
5114Program Planning Professionals Pty$95,711.00
5115Salmat Digital Pty Ltd$95,700.00
5116Yarrabah Aboriginal Shire Council$95,677.98
5117BEST Automation Pty Ltd$95,616.40
5118Harper Timber Pty Ltd$95,612.00
5119Majestic Cinemas Pty Limited$95,600.00
5120Order In Pty Ltd$95,555.00
5121Transmedia Dynamics Limited$95,549.29
5122Vmware Australia Pty Ltd$95,545.79
5123CNW Pty Ltd$95,462.54
5124Qinetiq (international) Pty Ltd$95,438.70
5125Zenoss Inc$95,290.05
5126Moxlis PTY. LTD.$95,288.00
5127Wolters Kluwer$95,278.70
5128Design Industries Pty Ltd$95,223.72
5129AERO Safety Equipment Pty Ltd$95,216.00
5130Merck Millipore$95,144.61
5131LJF Communications$95,018.00
5132Leadership Strategies$95,013.39
5133Louise Coleman$95,000.00
5134Andrew Condon$95,000.00
5135Baldock, MARK$95,000.00
5136David Geoffrey Healey$95,000.00
5137Lobban Mcnally Lawyers$95,000.00
5138Linked Business Concepts Pty Ltd$95,000.00
5139Industeel Australia$94,968.48
5140Pacific ESI$94,906.01
5141Thomas Merjudio$94,875.00
5142Allen's Carpets Pty Ltd$94,854.60
5143Systemik Solutions Pty Ltd$94,842.00
5144Multimedia Solutions Australia Pty$94,820.00
5145Complete ROPE Supplies Pty Ltd$94,809.00
5146Training Systems Services Pty Ltd$94,760.00
5147Ravenswood School$94,703.24
5148RDSM Consulting Pty Ltd$94,644.00
5149Craig Lenehan$94,600.01
5150Medical Software Industry Associati$94,600.00
5151Synergia Consulting Pty Ltd$94,600.00
5152Tradecorp PNG Limited$94,582.62
5153RISE Above Aerial Cinematography$94,350.69
5154Rushall Consulting Group Pty Ltd$94,300.00
5155Alltech Marine Pty Ltd$94,283.20
5156NKE Instrumentation$94,096.83
5157Analysys Mason$94,070.00
5158Carraro Broadcast Solutions$94,033.96
5159ECO Thought Pty Ltd$94,027.97
5160Drima Building Construction$94,000.00
5161Leading HAND$94,000.00
5162Science Applications International Corporation (saic)$93,927.30
5163Koninklijke Brill NV$93,829.95
5164Hartley, Debra JANE$93,812.08
5165General Dynamics Ltd$93,805.00
5166Australian Mobile Radio Pty Ltd$93,790.40
5167A J Dever Pty Ltd$93,744.00
5168Candyfair Pty Ltd$93,717.99
5169Submarine Rescue Consultancy$93,697.50
5170APCD Pty Limited$93,640.00
5171Greenwoods & Herbert Smith Freehill$93,577.76
5172Visor Consulting Pty Ltd$93,500.00
5173LISA Young$93,500.00
5174Infidel Studios$93,479.94
5175Network Centric Solutions LLC$93,457.70
5176Hellenic CLUB Of Canberra$93,440.91
5177Craigieburn Resort Bowral$93,344.50
5178Ballistic And Mechanical Testing$93,337.20
5179Harrow Fitness$93,336.00
5180Oxigen Pty Ltd$93,302.00
5181Ortho-clinical Diagnostics$93,300.45
5182GR & D Donoghue$93,280.00
5183Cambridge University Press$93,214.40
5184Celebrity Speakers$93,200.00
5185Frontier Software Pty Ltd$93,126.70
5186WAY OUT Evacuation Systems P/L$93,060.00
5187Maralinga Tjarutja$93,060.00
5188JO Rouston$93,000.00
5189The TEK Trust$92,990.00
5190FRED IT Group Pty Ltd$92,928.00
5191Bianca Charters$92,730.00
5192Sadananda Kadel$92,679.40
5193F R Pulford & SON Pty Ltd$92,655.20
5194Aurora Office Furniture$92,599.10
5195Kinross Wolaroi School$92,598.86
5196Worklogic Pty Ltd$92,575.65
5197Harmawan Rubino Sugana$92,511.32
5198Engineered ARTS Limited$92,508.00
5199Eifer Pty Ltd$92,409.90
5200QSR International Pty Ltd$92,395.60
5201United Equipment Pty Ltd$92,354.90
5202Kistler Instruments Australia Pty$92,327.40
5203RIO Tinto Aluminium Weipa$92,281.40
5204Office National Stationers$92,270.20
5205L3 Aviation Products, INC.$92,269.61
5206Dewars Performance Engines Pty *$92,017.20
5207Moulis Legal$91,884.45
5208Department Of Justice$91,815.52
5209Strategic Momentu Pty Ltd$91,813.77
5210Radisson BLU Edwardian Vanderbilt$91,811.95
5211Threesides Pty Ltd$91,773.00
5212Tasmanian Worldwide Shipping$91,752.29
5213Canberra Communications$91,740.00
5214Media Access Australia$91,636.50
5215JANE Macmaster$91,628.00
5216Create Catering$91,621.48
5217Cross, Donna$91,530.03
5218Emergency Services Telecommunicatio$91,496.90
5219Process Optimization Corporation$91,454.80
5220Barbara Lyrstedt$91,355.00
5221Airbus Defence & Space$91,300.00
5222Aggmedia Pty Ltd$91,291.20
5223Korevaar Marine Group Pty Ltd$91,190.00
5224Jensen Hughes, INC.$91,159.01
5225Access E.V.$91,092.10
5226Anangu JOBS$91,087.32
5227Ngnowar Aerwah Aboriginal CORP$91,087.32
5228Saviom Software Pty Ltd$91,080.00
5229Bacon Factory Films Pty Ltd$91,025.00
5230Hewitt, Rodney$91,000.00
5231Barry Jones And Associates$90,925.20
5232Aventedge Pty Ltd$90,863.52
5234Landmark Products Limited$90,673.00
5235Corefiling Pty Ltd$90,665.19
5236JOHN Hopkins University$90,576.67
5237WES Spencer$90,531.00
5238Innovative Tactical$90,512.51
5239NU Scientific Pty Ltd$90,390.46
5240Electronic Signage Australia$90,354.00
5241Xengensis Management Pty Ltd$90,300.00
5242Paula M Promotions$90,282.50
5244Refrigeration Services Townsville P$90,178.00
5245Supacat Limited$90,160.40
5246Transcript Australia$90,096.78
5247Qiagen Pty Ltd$90,044.28
5248Portable Australia Pty Ltd$90,020.00
5249Conviro Pty Ltd$90,000.00
5250Messagenet Pty Ltd$90,000.00
5252Palmerston Bakery$90,000.00
5253Shackleton Management Solutions P/L$90,000.00
5254Linda Spurr Consulting$90,000.00
5255Eamonn Moran PSM QC$90,000.00
5256Steven WONG$90,000.00
5257Robynne Quiggin$90,000.00
5258The University Of Notre DAME Australia$90,000.00
5259Sitep Australia Pty Ltd$89,941.50
5260Ultimate Positioning Group Pty Ltd$89,907.40
5261WISE Pearl Limited$89,892.00
5262Ensure Recruitment Pty Ltd$89,869.96
5263Security Centric Pty Ltd$89,848.00
5264Clarke, Andrew Balfour$89,842.50
5265Health DATA Analysis Pty Ltd$89,760.00
5266D H Lockwood & H K Millhouse$89,727.79
5267Association DU Transport Aerien$89,711.14
5268Regal Information Technology P/L$89,659.42
5269Philips Medical Systems Australia$89,600.00
5270Red ROCK Consulting$89,600.00
5271Advanced Communications$89,581.80
5272Foodservice Equipment Internati*$89,493.25
5273Oxberry Pty Ltd ATF B And K Victory Family T T/A Marcom Watson$89,384.63
5274Atmospheric Research$89,377.00
5275Ungerboeck Systems International Pty Ltd$89,361.24
5276Millefiori Consulting Pty Ltd$89,360.70
5277Socap Australia$89,308.61
5278Presagis Canada Inc$89,246.70
5279RMS Engineering & Construction$89,208.12
5280Travel OGG Pty Ltd$89,140.00
5281Christmas ISLD Sprmkt$88,945.03
5282JIVE Software$88,900.90
5283TIMS Fabrications$88,875.50
5284Rothfield Print And Image MGMT$88,836.00
5285Barlens Event HIRE$88,744.76
5286Cahill Family Trust$88,650.00
5287Innovation Science Pty Ltd$88,574.20
5288Health Communication Network Ltd$88,541.35
5289Flick Services$88,462.00
5290QLD Trailer Exchange Pty Ltd$88,440.00
5291Lysaght Building Solutions$88,278.04
5292Vincent G Brennan$88,267.00
5293Mantra Hotels & Resorts Australia Pty Ltd$88,241.52
5294Johnsons MME Chartered Accountants$88,208.00
5296Belinda ANN Bailey$88,000.00
5297Steven Beletich Associates$88,000.00
5298Kevin Charles Scott$88,000.00
5299Allison Harris$88,000.00
5300Cooperative Research Centres Association$88,000.00
5301Chris Horan$87,849.98
5302Nammo Raufoss A/S$87,846.00
5303Ginnane Consulting$87,790.00
5304Apricot Zebra Pty Ltd$87,615.00
5305Darwin PORT$87,607.07
5306UMT 360llc$87,567.00
5307Horizon Coatings$87,500.00
5308ALL LIFE Pty Ltd$87,418.13
5310Steelfort Engineering CO Ltd$87,330.10
5311Colliers International (NT) Pty Ltd$87,264.00
5312Capital Physiotherapy & Rehabilitat$87,200.00
5313Richard Bertrand Clark Pty Ltd$87,142.00
5314Ecojet Engineering Pty Ltd$87,136.40
5315PAUL & Jennifer O'rourke$87,132.64
5316Arrow Electronics Australia$87,083.92
5317Access Canberra$87,078.00
5318Mincham Aviation$87,056.48
5319Bounce Australia$87,000.00
5320Yerra Pty Ltd$87,000.00
5321National FILM And Sound Archive$87,000.00
5322Promark Pty Ltd$86,900.00
5323Transport Network Australia$86,895.59
5324The Comms Collective Pty Ltd$86,872.50
5325Australian Smart Group Pty Ltd$86,830.00
5326Awumpan WIK Communications$86,705.31
5327Rachelle J Mcivor$86,705.31
5328COEN Regional Aboriginal Corporation$86,705.31
5329Orangefish Entertainment PVT Ltd$86,686.00
5330Moodys Analytics Singapore PTE Ltd$86,535.44
5331A03 Independent Computer Search Pty Ltd$86,522.02
5332Nourse Project Enterprises Pty Ltd$86,444.58
5333Commex Communications Corporation P$86,404.89
5334Infratherm Pty Ltd$86,400.34
5335Streem Pty Ltd$86,400.00
5336Origin Energy$86,354.13
5337Midcoast Marine Mobile Services$86,300.00
53381300 Truckhire$86,236.00
5339Australian International School PTE Ltd$86,164.50
5340Zendata Pty Ltd$86,143.75
5341Accolade Wines Australia Limited$86,072.50
5342Euromonitor International Ltd$86,005.00
5343Realplaymedia Pty Limited$85,999.99
5344Prodigitek Pty Ltd$85,966.83
5345Savanna Housing Civil Construction$85,947.32
5346KAZ Electronics Pty Ltd$85,912.00
5347KINE Graffiti Australia Pty Ltd$85,910.00
5348Consultel Solutions Pty Ltd$85,866.00
5349Johnson Controls Australia Pty Ltd$85,833.79
5351Aflex Cables A DIV Of CMI Operat$85,800.00
5352Robert V Breunig$85,800.00
5353ROJO Advisory Pty Ltd$85,750.00
5354Yevgen Kripak$85,614.15
5355Nexberg Pty Ltd$85,602.48
5356AMI Marine$85,558.00
5357Multimedia Concepts Pty Ltd$85,531.00
5358Wonky EYES P/L ATF Welch Family TST$85,519.00
5359Bespoke Production Pty Ltd$85,481.00
5360Bullant Security Pty Ltd$85,480.75
5361Amnesium Pty Ltd$85,402.82
5362Adelaide Convention Centre$85,379.00
5363Unico Group Pty Ltd$85,327.24
5364WEIR Minerals Australia$85,060.10
5365Sheraton On The PARK Pty Ltd$85,048.12
5366TFM ( Aust)$85,045.97
5367Program Development Corporation$85,041.53
5368Integrity Health & Safety Pty Ltd$85,000.01
5369MH Acoustics LLC$85,000.00
5370Radiology Dept.$85,000.00
5371RAIL Industry Safety And Standards Board$85,000.00
5372Stephen FREE$85,000.00
5373DALE Bampton$85,000.00
5375Icebreaker Australia$84,902.40
5376Recoat Smash Repairs Pty Ltd$84,900.66
5377Peter Berry Consultancy Pty Ltd$84,850.00
5378Wordsworth Writing$84,837.50
5379Language Intelligence$84,810.00
5380Contexti Pty Limited$84,700.00
5381Power Parameters Pty Ltd$84,690.85
5382Shovelanna Pty Ltd ATF The Venue Trust$84,681.70
5383Rodgers Reidy (vic)$84,656.00
5384W A Pickles Pty Ltd$84,650.01
5385Dtect Innovation Pty Limited$84,624.87
5386Bentleys (SA) Pty Ltd$84,535.00
5387Doghouse Agency$84,515.20
5388Philip JOHN Purdam$84,480.00
5389Palantir Technologies INC.$84,311.44
5390Xipiter LLC$84,281.50
5391Kennelly Constructions Pty Ltd$84,259.73
5392Humanetics Innovative Solutions$84,245.53
5393CSE Crosscom Pty Ltd$84,216.00
5394Redstack Pty Ltd$84,202.80
5395Total Property Services$84,188.00
5396Canberra Southern Cross CLUB$84,174.10
5398Orbinox Pty Ltd$84,103.36
5399BLEX Pty Ltd$84,040.00
5400Greenwich University Enterprises$84,024.95
5401Applied Measurement Australia$83,969.60
5402Priceworth Furniture$83,960.80
5403Jirotech Pty Ltd$83,872.80
5404Multisystem Communications$83,843.50
5405Department Of Economic Development JOBS Transport$83,668.50
5406Xcellerate IT Pty Limited$83,592.06
5407Russell Ayres Consulting$83,582.00
5408Alister William Lindsay And SUE Elizabeth Meade ATF Lindsay Superannuation FUND$83,555.80
5409Natalie Bottroff And Associated Pty Ltd$83,553.60
5410Judith ANNE Behrend$83,519.66
5411College Of Charleston$83,500.00
5412Aliansi Jurnalis Independen$83,465.13
5413Marine TECH Systems Pty Ltd$83,448.75
5414Sulzer Australia Pty Ltd$83,247.45
5415Triplepoint Calibrations$83,226.00
5416WDDS Pty Ltd$83,166.00
5417Gigasat ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$83,160.00
5418The Future TECH Company$83,156.50
5419General Lighting Services (monaro) Pty Ltd$83,150.50
5420ERGT Australia Pty Ltd$83,119.38
5421Videocraft AUST Pty Ltd$83,116.00
5422The Corporate Executive Board Company (US)$83,072.00
5423AIR Liquide Australia Ltd$83,050.00
5424Money MOB Talkabout Ltd$82,975.03
5425ESC Technology Pty Ltd$82,951.88
5426Bloomberg Finance L.P.$82,925.75
5427Derryn Heilbuth Communications Pty Limited T/A BWD$82,913.60
5428Smart Energy Solutions Australia PT$82,765.33
5429Energyconsult Pty Ltd$82,677.60
5430KWA Performance Industries Inc$82,622.83
5431Building Indigenous Capability P/L$82,558.00
5432Sydney Office Fitout Company$82,545.49
5433Ignite Associates$82,500.00
5434Virginia HINE$82,500.00
5435DR RUTH C A Higgins$82,500.00
5437Allette Systems (australia) PTY. LT$82,500.00
5438Computershare Investor Services$82,500.00
5439Harold Crisp$82,500.00
5440Nossittab Consulting$82,500.00
5441Buyequip Pty Ltd$82,500.00
5442Avfuel SA$82,500.00
5443Suzanne Robinson$82,500.00
5444Redrollers Research$82,400.00
5445Macquarie Dictionary Publishers$82,383.69
5446Tactical GEAR Distributors Pty Ltd$82,296.50
5447DR Tamara Margaret Jackson$82,280.00
5448Industrial Element And Heating$82,269.00
5449Australian Warehouse Solutions$82,205.86
5450Esmond Management Consulting$82,205.00
5451Harris Corporation!dba Electronic$82,193.97
5452Australian Multicultural Foundation$82,193.00
5453Satcom Direct - Australia Pty Ltd$82,182.29
5454Earthworks NT Pty Ltd$82,115.00
5455GE Sharpe And Company$82,052.92
5456Portable Analytical Solutions P/L$82,049.00
5457REEF Engineering$82,028.98
5458AGL Retail Energy Ltd$82,000.00
5459Value Scientific Pty Ltd$81,992.02
5460SCM Group Australia Pty Limited$81,763.00
5461Bremer State HIGH School$81,750.00
5462Valley Chiropractic$81,734.00
5463Mareeba Shire Council$81,712.40
5464Lienert Australia Pty Ltd$81,560.00
5465EARL James And Associates - Darwin NT$81,545.00
5466Vertical Telecoms P/L$81,526.28
5467Challis & Company Pty Limited$81,500.00
5468Belmont Forum Shopping Centre P/L$81,499.00
5469JFK School Of GOVT EXEC$81,468.08
54702B Advertising And Design$81,463.95
5471The Engaging Executive$81,317.09
5472Mondegreen Consulting Pty Ltd$81,286.07
5473Fresh Coaching And Training$81,210.00
5474E.E Coster & R.M Coster T/AS$81,120.00
5475Userzoom Limited$81,000.00
5476Jakob ALEC Lefevre$81,000.00
5477Velocity Scientific Solutions$80,965.50
5478The LOCH Group Pty Ltd$80,850.00
5479VISY Glama Pty Ltd$80,757.71
5480Westek Electronics Pty Ltd$80,716.90
5481Mcleod Accessories$80,665.20
5482Woods HOLE Oceanographic Institutio$80,657.05
5483Archival Survival Pty Ltd$80,623.76
5485Hiden Analytical Ltd$80,490.35
5486Super K Electrical$80,446.30
5487Teledyne Reson A/S$80,326.03
5488Olympia Group WA Pty Ltd$80,255.62
5489Cincom Systems Of Australia$80,160.00
5490Limestone Coast WORK Options Inc$80,132.32
5491Ngalang Boodja Council$80,132.32
5492Laidley & Districts Community Organisation (inc)$80,132.31
5493Kowanyama Aboriginal Council$80,132.31
5494Katanning Community Resource Centre Inc$80,132.31
5495Ngarliyarndu Bindirri (corporate Cdep) Aboriginal Corporation$80,132.31
5496Woolgoolga Neighbourhood Centre Inc$80,132.28
5497Patterson's LIST$80,018.01
5498Director Of National Parks$80,000.00
5499People Development Australia$80,000.00
5500The MAX Weston Consultancy$80,000.00
5501Jennifer Single$80,000.00
5502Avior Consulting Pty Ltd$80,000.00
5503HRB Research$80,000.00
5504Gordon & Jackson$80,000.00
5505Kathleen Foley$80,000.00
5506Mccluskey SU$80,000.00
5507Redmond Communications$80,000.00
5508TIM Faulkner$80,000.00
5509Professor Mardi Dungey$80,000.00
5510MARK J Steele$80,000.00
5511Brisbane Indigenous Media Associati$79,992.00
5513Sympatico Solutions Pty Ltd$79,970.00
5514Sympatico Solutions Pty Ltd$79,970.00
5515Alexandra Newton$79,960.00
5516Australian Tourism Export Council$79,950.00
5517MARK REHN Consulting Services Pty Ltd$79,950.00
5518Craze Lateral Solutions Pty Ltd$79,937.00
5519Cadgroup Australia Pty Ltd$79,913.62
5520Essential Media Communication Pty Ltd$79,902.00
5521Daniels Health NSW Pty Ltd$79,900.00
5522Stuart Pettigrew Design$79,900.00
5523Transport Project Consulting Pty LT$79,888.00
5524Reveal Marketing Group INC.$79,873.37
5525Factiva DOW Jones & Reuters$79,871.40
5527Countrywide Austral Pty Limited$79,860.00
5528Altium Limited$79,854.50
5529NSW Ombudsman$79,840.50
5530Signal Processing Know-how Pty Ltd$79,799.98
5531GCG Health Safety & Hygiene$79,794.58
5532Dunbrae Pty Ltd$79,789.60
5533Oceanic Marine Equipment Ltd$79,750.00
5534Knowledge Society Pty Ltd$79,750.00
5535OBH Consulting Pty Ltd$79,750.00
5536Centre Of Systemic Change Pty Ltd ATF CSC UNIT Trust$79,750.00
5537Galaxy DP Pty Ltd$79,750.00
5538Centre Of Systemic Change Pty Ltd ATF CSC UNIT Trust$79,750.00
5539The Foundations For Young Australians$79,750.00
5540The Sydney Children's Hospitals NET$79,723.00
5541Hammond Thinking$79,695.17
5542Medibank Private$79,632.37
5543DBA No Magic UAB$79,616.52
5544F1 Solutions$79,577.00
5545Graham Friedman$79,560.00
5546GERI Ettinger$79,560.00
5547South Australian Health And Medical$79,550.00
5548Lavery, RUTH Elisabeth$79,507.00
5550Selection Partners$79,500.00
5551National Institute Of Atmospheric And Water Research (niwa)$79,500.00
5552Stevenson Mcgregor$79,475.00
5553UGO Grasselli$79,469.00
5554Dialectica Group$79,420.00
5555Forklift Solutions Pty Ltd$79,370.19
5556CARD Testing International$79,321.27
5557PFM Metrics Pty Ltd$79,317.15
5559HELP DESK Association Pty Ltd$79,282.00
5560Wells Advisory$79,230.00
5561Rajat Mahajan$79,200.00
55623RD Sense Australia Pty Ltd$79,200.00
5563Grains Research & Develoipment Corporation$79,200.00
5564Aether Photonics$79,200.00
5565Pamela JOY Mitchell$79,200.00
5566Wallop Events + Promotions Pty Ltd$79,158.75
5567Wirrigan Group Pty Ltd$79,150.50
5568Colonial First State$79,114.15
5569Australia Online Research Pty Ltd$79,068.00
5570Faultseal Finance Pty Ltd$79,046.00
5571Document Solutions Australia Pty LT$79,041.60
5572DR James Renwick$79,000.00
5573Ignatius PARK College$79,000.00
5574Regina Graycar$79,000.00
5575M G Kailis PTY. LTD.$78,930.72
5576Moray & Agnew Canberra$78,917.01
5577Australian Instit. Of Refrigeration$78,892.00
5578NINE Lanterns Pty Ltd$78,855.70
5579Learning4development Pty Ltd$78,848.00
5580ALAN J SHAW Consulting$78,848.00
5581Groundmaster Engineering Pty Ltd$78,837.00
5582Enhancehr Pty Ltd TA Psychology At WORK$78,817.00
5583Brave Foundation$78,814.00
5584Adamson Printing CO Pty Ltd$78,797.84
5585Spatial Solutions Pty Ltd$78,748.00
5586EDGE Environment Pty Ltd$78,742.00
5587UCI (WA)$78,727.00
5588Adaptalift Forklift Rentals & Sales$78,711.60
5589Future Reach Trust$78,705.00
5590Yallourn Street Storage$78,600.01
5592Kathleen Powell$78,500.00
5593JACK Hetherington$78,500.00
5594Andrew Dimoff Discretionary Trust$78,487.20
5595Coresight Pty Ltd$78,467.40
5596Gavin Yeates Consulting$78,450.00
5597Etouches ASIA Pacific$78,413.50
5598Macgregor Australia Pty Ltd$78,402.50
5599Improvement Foundation (australia)$78,364.87
5600Protective Cases$78,342.00
5601KE Software Axiell$78,333.20
5602Sea-bird Electronics Inc$78,308.54
5603The Trustee For Typeyard Design And Advertising UNIT Trust$78,271.60
5604Heuch Pty Ltd$78,270.83
5605MIP (aust) Pty Ltd$78,251.03
5606Aerofuels Essendon Pty Ltd$78,238.00
5607Departurepower Aviation Services$78,168.20
5608Geoimage Pty Ltd$78,140.15
5609Linden Electric Pty Ltd$78,100.00
5610Blackboard (australia) Pty Limited$78,094.70
5611EKO Harden Technologies OY$78,082.50
5612Clarity Communications$78,067.00
5613English Australia Limited$78,000.00
5614ACA Research$78,000.00
5615IPG Consulting$78,000.00
5616Reveille Software INC.$78,000.00
5617ST JOHN The Evangelist Catholic$78,000.00
5618LIKE Minds Advisory$78,000.00
5619Corporate Learning Systems$78,000.00
5620Mariano Kulish$78,000.00
5621Talent Insights Group Pty Ltd$78,000.00
5622Linguistico (australia) Pty Ltd$77,993.10
5623Prospection Pty Limited$77,990.00
5624The Honda SHOP$77,960.33
5625Integrity Health And Safety Pty Ltd$77,946.00
5626Pallion Equipment Pty Ltd$77,935.00
5627LED Lighting Solutions$77,895.77
5628Budget Demolition & Excavation Pty$77,880.00
5629NSW Registry Of Births Deaths And Marriages$77,870.00
5630Systemware Australia Pty Ltd$77,865.66
5631Colterlec Pty Ltd$77,859.49
5633C E Bartlett Pty Ltd$77,827.20
5634Nadili Pty Ltd (DR Karen Flegg)$77,605.00
5635Analytic Outcomes Pty Ltd$77,550.00
5636Bailey's Marine Fuels Australia$77,463.79
5637Tokyo International School$77,440.00
5638National Library Of Australia$77,399.90
5639Lenovo (australia And NZ) Pty Ltd$77,335.50
5640Riethmuller & Associates$77,329.53
5641Peter Rowland$77,306.35
5642Pricewaterhousecoopers Actuarial Pty Limited$77,290.00
5643LONG Katharine Clare$77,250.00
5644Sasgar FIRE And Rescue Pty Ltd$77,166.86
5645Iguana Water Solutions$77,128.26
5646Wolters Kluwer Health!dba Facts And$77,123.31
5647EVAN Evans$77,112.75
5648A Montage Unique Pty Ltd$77,088.00
5649Thrifty Australia$77,063.95
5650Peter Collins And Associates$77,000.00
5651Linker Surveying Pty Ltd$77,000.00
5652AA Armour PTY. LTD.$77,000.00
5653Private Healthcare Australia Limite$77,000.00
5654THIS Point Forwarding$77,000.00
5655WORD Nerds$77,000.00
5656HAY Group Pty Ltd$77,000.00
5657Business For Millennium Development Ltd$77,000.00
5658The Little Corporation Pty Ltd T/A$77,000.00
5659Pitcher Partners$77,000.00
5660Desert Channels Queensland Incorporated$77,000.00
5661Identity CARE AUST & NZ Ltd$77,000.00
5662Michael JOHN Hiscox$77,000.00
5663David Mcgrath Consulting$77,000.00
5664ROSS Paull$77,000.00
5665Ambiata Pty Ltd$77,000.00
5666On SITE Technology Pty Ltd$77,000.00
5667AGED CARE Rights SERV Inc$77,000.00
5668Romteck GRID Pty Ltd$77,000.00
5669Marine Matters Pty Ltd$77,000.00
5670HOST Consult Pty Ltd ATF The HOST UNIT Trust$77,000.00
5671Freeman COOK And Assocciates Pty Ltd$77,000.00
5672Miles Electronics Pty Ltd$77,000.00
5673HUGH Watson Consulting Pty Ltd$76,985.00
5674Forgerock Limited$76,932.00
5675Pacific Airport$76,902.37
5676CQG Consulting$76,890.00
5677Ecotech Pty Ltd$76,862.50
5678Strickland Enterprises$76,850.87
5679T/A Abacus Printing$76,846.98
5680WE ARE Social Pty Ltd$76,780.00
5681Beinsync Trust$76,738.75
5682NDT Equipment Sales Pty Ltd$76,727.20
5683Workplace Express$76,717.00
5684KIM Stuart Anderson$76,700.00
5685SRG Properties LLC$76,700.00
5686Accessdata Group Inc$76,671.43
5687Business Wide-consulting Support$76,650.00
5688Avmin Pty Ltd$76,650.00
5689Donald James Bourne ST JOHN$76,538.50
5690Recharge Petroleum$76,524.16
5691Australian Continuous Improvement$76,490.00
5692Quantum Market Research$76,417.36
5693Inline Systems$76,396.09
5694Broadbean Catering Pty Ltd$76,325.00
5696BCI Australia Pty Ltd$76,263.14
5697Arpana Bothra Trading AS GIVE Me Marketing$76,246.81
5698Absolute Cabling Systems Pty Ltd$76,237.81
5699CM And JJ Consulting Pty Ltd$76,210.00
5700Superratings Pty Limited$76,197.00
5701PRO QUIP International$76,117.80
5702NSK Oceania Pty Ltd$76,069.27
5703KEN Wilson And Associates Pty Ltd T$76,065.00
5704Millturn IT Pty Ltd$76,032.00
5705Machinery & General Industrial$76,001.78
5706Symmetra Pty Ltd$76,000.00
5707Emloyment Office Australia Pty Ltd$76,000.00
5708Dotecon Ltd$76,000.00
5709Sandra Mcphee$75,959.75
5710Information Engineering Technology Ltd$75,956.00
5711Bellberry Limited$75,850.00
5712JOHN ROOK$75,800.00
5713NMH Commercial Flooring Pty Ltd$75,790.00
5714Careflight Group Queensland$75,673.40
5715Itech Solutions Pty Ltd$75,627.20
5716James Hmelnitsky$75,600.00
5718International Energy Forum$75,573.00
5719Proactive Consultancy And Solutions Ltd$75,570.00
5720Bidvest Geelong$75,555.60
5721Bayfront UX Pty Ltd$75,550.00
5722Mount Vital Pty Ltd$75,527.00
5723Associative Producers$75,504.00
5724Kinship Digital Pty Ltd$75,469.20
5725Australian Military Medicine$75,371.92
5726The Truth Agency$75,361.44
5727Trade Logistic Services Pty Ltd$75,316.79
5728BART DE JONG Consulting$75,262.00
5729Building Effectiveness Pty Ltd$75,250.00
5730The Trustee For The Longview Trust$75,196.00
5731Hitech Global Distribution, LLC$75,158.70
5732CEB Australia Pty Ltd$75,140.00
5733Welcon Technologies Pty Ltd$75,136.60
5734Gibson International Limited$75,125.00
5735University College London$75,055.75
5736Astute Technical Solutions Pty Ltd$75,046.42
5737Employee Health$75,020.00
5738Hayes Advisory Pty Limited$75,000.01
5739Proficiency Testing Australia$75,000.00
5740The Morawska Group$75,000.00
5741NSW Family DAY CARE Assoc Inc$75,000.00
5742DR GARY Mitchell$75,000.00
5743KEN D. LAY$75,000.00
5744MS Catherine FOX$75,000.00
5745The Performance Factory$75,000.00
5746Lehmann Snell Lawyers$75,000.00
5747Community Child CARE Cooperative LI$75,000.00
5748Patrick Holmes$75,000.00
5749Australis Health Advisory Pty Ltd$75,000.00
5750Conference Logistics$75,000.00
5751Agsva - Department Of Defence$75,000.00
5752BOAT & Marine Services QLD Pty Ltd$75,000.00
5753L'agence Nationale POUR LA Gestion DES Dchets Radioactifs (andra)$75,000.00
5754DR George Mburathi$75,000.00
5755Austral MEAT$75,000.00
5756Cherie HART$75,000.00
5757Colin Holden$75,000.00
5758Interpreters On SITE Pty Limited$74,999.98
5759Springer Nature$74,960.66
5760David Kilmartin Pty Ltd$74,883.61
5761Kelly Services Australia$74,859.21
5762AORB Pty Ltd$74,857.00
5764Aurora Energy Pty Ltd$74,815.50
5765Coroden Investments Pty Ltd$74,800.00
5766TE Arani Pty Ltd T/A China Digital Agency$74,800.00
5767The Trustee For M.K Trust$74,800.00
5768Export Council Of Australia$74,800.00
5769Intuit Technologies$74,800.00
5770MARK Dowlan Group Pty Ltd$74,800.00
5771BITE Visual Communications$74,745.00
5772AVIA Aviation Pty Ltd$74,718.00
5773Terrago Technologies$74,713.41
5774KIP Mcgrath Education Centres$74,654.88
5775Wellington Information & Neighbourhood Services INC.$74,654.80
5776Manjimup Community Resource Centre$74,654.80
5777Northern Peninsula AREA Regional Council$74,618.76
5778Dahlsens Building Centres Pty L*$74,585.28
5779Gemalto Pty Ltd$74,580.00
5780Warren Francis COOK$74,500.00
5781Ormond College Limited$74,400.00
5782The Consulting Space (tcs)$74,360.00
5783Salvage, Robin Peter$74,360.00
5784Batteries PLUS$74,295.10
5785TCL Hofmann$74,250.00
5786Davey, SEAN$74,206.00
5787Spirit River Pty Ltd$74,175.48
5788Delhi 105 Pty Limited$74,088.24
5789Devers LIST$74,062.50
5790Bentleys Corporate Recovery (bcr) Sydney & Brisbane$74,052.00
5791Prima Sport & PLAY SDN BHD$74,047.84
5792MTS Systems Corporation$74,021.96
5793Telvent Australia Pty Ltd$74,020.00
5794Latrobe CITY Council$74,000.00
5795DR Larry Odiest Thompson$74,000.00
5796Scientific Software & Systems Ltd$74,000.00
5797Australian Destruction Services$74,000.00
5798DR Heather Connors$74,000.00
5799Rancher LABS INC.$73,932.44
5800House With No Steps$73,832.00
5801FTI Consulting$73,798.00
5802Brimbank CITY Council$73,774.00
5803Digital Attraction Pty Ltd$73,765.64
5804H & H Trust Trading AS Zeale Group$73,745.24
5806Epi-use LABS Pty Limited$73,634.50
5807Redfish Technologies Pty Ltd$73,578.60
5808GFK Retail And Technology Australia$73,568.00
5809Device42 Inc$73,497.06
5810Infotrack Pty Ltd$73,493.00
5811Garrards Pty Ltd$73,491.00
5812Target Solutions$73,430.50
5813Aquanaut Pty Ltd$73,425.00
5814Hannover Fairs Australia Pty Ltd$73,425.00
5815Lester Franks$73,419.50
5816RSL Welfare And Benevolent FUND$73,358.45
5817Gordien Strato SARL$73,300.00
5818CSR Building Products$73,293.95
5819Westbrands Pty Ltd$73,262.75
5820Virtual Machine Technology Pty Ltd$73,224.25
5821The Knowledge Academy Australia$73,192.90
5822The Trustee For Campbell Family TRU$73,125.50
5823Metalstocks Australia Pty Ltd$73,040.00
5824The Trustee For SACS Consulting (nsw) UNIT Trust$73,007.00
5825Libreway PTY. Ltd$73,000.00
5826Intercontinental Sydney$73,000.00
5827TAM, Peter$72,976.11
5828Jirsch Sutherland$72,974.00
5829Michael ALAN Cosgrove$72,955.48
5830Joondanna Investments Pty Ltd$72,952.87
5831The Trustee For Incenta UNIT Trust$72,896.75
5832LAN Installations P/L$72,891.50
5833Amentum Defence And Security$72,848.60
5834Paternoster Family Trust$72,847.55
5835CRAY Australia Pty Ltd$72,801.89
5836Neaves Investment Group Pty Ltd$72,765.00
5837Verizon Wireless$72,741.65
5838Martin Donnelly Pty Ltd$72,678.65
5839Radio Frequency Systems AUST PT*$72,600.00
5840Rheinmetall Defence Australia$72,600.00
5841Department Of Parks And Wildlife$72,600.00
5842Injury Connect Pty Ltd$72,600.00
5843HPA Projects P/L$72,548.00
5844Effective Negotiation Services$72,531.00
5845Polaris Central$72,494.50
5846IAC Acoustics Australia Pty Ltd$72,468.00
5847Burke Industries Pty Ltd$72,463.82
5849Enosys Solutions Pty Ltd$72,400.79
5850Sevencs GMBH$72,357.28
5851Gentex Corporation$72,349.20
5852Jessica Fanzo$72,256.80
5853Service Rocket Pty Ltd$72,217.60
5854HCA Philanthropy PL$72,132.50
5855MARK Philip Dubner$72,100.00
5856Knott & Associates Pty Ltd$72,050.00
5857Pacific Marine Group$72,010.12
5858Holsworthy HIGH School$72,000.00
5859Ethertek Circuits Ltd$72,000.00
5860Jerrabomberra Public School$72,000.00
5861Cryptzone UK Ltd$72,000.00
5862Stewart, Melissa Marion$72,000.00
5863Royal AERO CLUB Of WA (inc)$71,934.92
5864Longjin Development (chengdu) CO. LTD.$71,933.20
5865Zenith Interiors$71,923.50
5866Echelon Consultancy$71,890.50
5867Canon Australia Pty Ltd$71,861.99
5868Sampath Trust$71,842.13
5869Avant CARD$71,841.00
5870David Lawler$71,838.00
5871Return PATH INC.$71,800.00
5872Federation Council$71,779.67
5873DRS Advanced ISR, LLC$71,758.80
5874Taskadoon Pty Ltd ATF Taskadoon UNIT Trust$71,711.64
5875Noah's ARK Veterinary Services$71,694.87
5876Union Pathumwan CO., LTD.$71,590.50
5877MR Conor Ashleigh$71,536.00
5878Garner Willisson Pty Ltd$71,500.00
5879PLAN For LIFE$71,500.00
5880Elizabeth BUGG$71,500.00
5881Australian Cleantech$71,500.00
5883Dexion Commercial (australia) Pty Ltd$71,468.43
5884Aspose Pty Ltd$71,406.68
5886Circadian Solutions Pty Ltd$71,280.00
5887Think Spatial$71,280.00
5888Screenmakers Pty Ltd$71,203.00
5889Simplify Compliance LLC$71,197.77
5890SERB SA$71,195.88
5891Designinc Adelaide Pty Limited$71,170.00
5892ROCK Oil Global SDN BHD$71,164.74
5893M&M Kitchens & Joinery UNIT Trust$71,115.00
5894WE WORK$71,113.15
5895EHS Solutions$71,104.00
5896Teledyne E2V (UK) Limited$71,086.11
5897SRB Technologies (canada) Inc$71,067.22
5898Northern Territory Project Group$71,046.80
5899Project Services International Pty$70,903.00
5900Glenair, INC.$70,902.58
5901Master Instruments Pty Ltd$70,891.05
5902Mackay Regional Council$70,888.01
5903ACT Health Directorate$70,887.00
5904Total Diesel Services (NT) Pty L$70,846.33
5905EW Simulation Technology Ltd$70,818.63
5906James Albert Fitzgerald LEW$70,771.12
5907Relevancy Pty Ltd$70,620.00
5908Choose Safety Pty Ltd$70,620.00
5909Diversity Council Australia Ltd$70,616.00
5910LYN Tanner & Associates Pty Ltd T/AS$70,540.00
59113RD ROCK Consulting Pty Ltd$70,457.81
5912Dentsu INC.$70,441.42
5913Magical Learning Pty Ltd$70,440.00
5914Pivotel Satellite Pty Limited$70,416.01
5915Taxbanter Pty Ltd$70,400.00
5916Professional Advantage$70,400.00
5917Bellamill Pty Ltd$70,400.00
5918Flexshield Pty Ltd$70,364.80
5919Clark Equipment AUST Pty Ltd$70,291.49
5920Davis Associates (s.a.) Pty Ltd$70,285.60
5921Recovery Partners$70,224.00
5922BLUE BIKE Solutions (aust) Pty Ltd$70,180.00
5923Explication Limited$70,156.75
5924Phoenix Australasia Pty Ltd$70,152.94
5925Caine Otley REAL Estate$70,150.00
5926Apnic Pty Ltd$70,128.30
5927B.c.bb BVBA$70,025.01
5928Jacksons Welding And Fabricati$70,017.24
5929Royal Australian And NEW Zealand College Of Obstetricians And Gynaecologists$70,000.01
5930Extraction Cleaning Solutions$70,000.00
5931AMPL Optimization Inc$70,000.00
5932Tasmanian LAND Conservancy Inc$70,000.00
5933Gunnebo Australia Pty Ltd$70,000.00
5934Nathan IAN Hitchcock T/AS$70,000.00
5935Dennis Horton$70,000.00
5936Brnadwatch - Runtime Collective Ltd$70,000.00
5937Gowerjones And CO Pty$70,000.00
5938DR Henry Bastaman$70,000.00
5939Robert James Morison$70,000.00
5940Professor Peter Shergold$70,000.00
5941Chemres Technical Services Pty Ltd$70,000.00
5942Stark And Wayne$70,000.00
5943Flourish Marketing Pty Ltd$70,000.00
5944Rachel JOY Obrien$70,000.00
5945K9 Solutions Australia$70,000.00
5946PAUL Yovich$70,000.00
5947BBG Services$70,000.00
5948NEW AGE Graphics Pty Ltd$70,000.00
5949Bradley Fennell Garden Specialist$70,000.00
5950Kathy Jones And Associates$70,000.00
5951BUPA Australia Health Pty Ltd$70,000.00
5952Warren Ventures Pty Ltd$70,000.00
5953AJ SNOW IT$70,000.00
5954Graeme PAUL Maguire$70,000.00
5955Environmental And Agricultural Services Pty Ltd$70,000.00
5956Corporate Exective Board$70,000.00
5957Nick's Crane Services Pty Ltd$70,000.00
5958NERA SAS$70,000.00
5959The Trustee For The Rooftop Trust$70,000.00
5960Lamond Building Pty Ltd$70,000.00
5961South Western Sydney Institute$69,950.00
5962Discovery Technology Pty Ltd$69,880.00
5963LEAN Enterprise Australia INC.$69,872.51
5964The Institute Of Internal Auditors$69,855.72
5965Bison Creative$69,850.00
5966Winning Moves Limited$69,850.00
5967Institutes For Behavior Resources$69,807.56
5968Martec Ltd$69,788.44
5970ST MARY Mackillop College$69,750.00
5971DATA And Networks Techniek$69,740.00
5972FULL Circle Group ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$69,699.19
5973Fourquarters Recruitment Pty Ltd$69,696.00
5974Newcastle Weighing Services PTY*$69,654.20
5975Smith Industrial Design$69,650.00
5976Offis Pty Ltd$69,643.20
5977D Software Inc$69,636.05
5978JADE Software Corporation NZ Limite$69,600.00
5979Allstaff Airconditioning ACT Pty LT$69,594.36
5980EP2 Management (T/A FOUR Points BY Sheraton)$69,530.00
5981Centre State Printing$69,520.00
5982Pragma Partners$69,500.00
5983Harrison School$69,500.00
5984Asociacion DE Industriales DE Antofagasta$69,471.00
5985COR Cordis (melbourne)$69,454.00
5987Shimadzu Scientific Instruments$69,334.10
5988BSI Group ANZ Pty Limited$69,324.20
5989Great Barrier REEF Foundation$69,300.00
5990Bainbridge Associates Pty Ltd$69,300.00
5991Arkadin Australia Pty Ltd$69,300.00
599222 Pty Limited$69,300.00
5993Liteway, Inc$69,264.10
5994Cockram Construction$69,238.39
5995Alawa Aboriginal Corporation$69,177.29
5996GAIL Susan Challacombe$69,177.28
5997Narromine Local Aboriginal LAND Council$69,177.28
5998Castlemaine Community House Inc$69,177.28
5999Ngaliwurru-wuli Association$69,177.28
6000Lockhart River Aboriginal Council$69,177.28
6001Cloncurry Justice Association Inc$69,177.28
6002Kempsey Neighbourhood Centre$69,177.28
6003Gebie AC$69,177.28
6004Bidyadanga Aboriginal Community$69,177.28
6005Yarrawonga Neighbourhood House Inc$69,177.28
6006Tjuwanpa Outstation Resource Centre$69,177.24
6007BADU Island Foundation Ltd$69,177.24
6008Mercy Community Services SEQ Ltd$69,177.24
6009Quandamooka Yoolooburrabee Aboriginal Corporation$69,177.24
6010Mainstay Economic Consulting Pty Limited$69,170.27
6011Technic Pty Ltd$69,157.00
6012Schiavello Ganbu Pty Ltd$69,122.90
6013Forbes, Andrew Robert$69,000.00
6014Peter Cullen Water And Environment Trust$68,970.00
6015Yarrendale Enterprises Pty Ltd$68,860.00
6016Keston Technologies Pty Ltd$68,816.00
6017Opteon Property Group Pty Ltd$68,795.00
6018Advanced Training Pty Ltd$68,788.20
6019Alice Realty (n.t.) Pty Ltd TA Professionals Alice Springs REAL Estate$68,760.00
6020CFW Spice Pty Limited$68,750.00
6021Westin Sydney (martin Heritage Management)$68,594.68
6022TEN Rivers Pty Ltd$68,582.00
6023Viewco Glass$68,550.00
6024Norbar Torque Tools Pty Ltd$68,508.00
6025Women's International League$68,500.00
6026Tadwin Pty Ltd T/A$68,497.00
6027MR ILDO Alfred Bongi$68,475.00
6028Omnipoll Pty Ltd$68,392.50
6030Blimey Holdings Pty Ltd$68,350.00
6031Roderic Cleary$68,250.00
6032Canadian International Military$68,213.40
6033FAST Track (aust) Pty Ltd$68,205.28
6034Fareni Enoka PUNI$68,200.00
6035Passivex Pty Ltd$68,200.00
6036Tanker Repairs Australia Pty Ltd$68,125.38
6038Ultra Electronics Limited-ewst$68,002.87
6039FDI Consulting Servies GMBH$68,000.00
6040ST Andrew's Catholic College$68,000.00
6041Python HILL Advisers$68,000.00
6042Automic Pty Ltd$67,953.60
6043Common Capital Pty Ltd$67,948.65
6044Signet Pty Ltd$67,905.18
6045KGN RISK Advisory INC.$67,900.00
6046Moreton HIRE Brisbane$67,838.85
6047Adrian Hughes Architect Pty Ltd$67,837.00
6048Centre For Systemic Change Co-operative Limited$67,655.50
6049Wiens & SHNE GMBH$67,542.70
6050NOWA Australia$67,513.84
6051Damian Francis O'leary$67,500.00
6053Collaborative Design Space Pty Ltd$67,446.50
6054Cameron Strategies Pty Ltd$67,400.00
6055Elsevier B.V$67,330.90
6056The Write NOTE$67,320.00
6057Kerry Juknaitis Consulting$67,287.00
6058Richard Corboy$67,210.00
6059Capital Facility Solutions Pty Ltd$67,200.00
6060Bartech Switchboards Pty Ltd$67,157.20
6061Francis-jones Morehen Thorp Pty Ltd$67,155.00
6062Elite Surface Technologies$67,120.00
6063MIT Technology Review$67,114.09
6064Paradox Pty Ltd$67,110.80
6065Kessler Soils Engineering$67,086.90
6066Hyland Software INC.$67,073.24
6067Pormpuraaw Aboriginal Shire$67,025.70
6068Palace Hotel Tokyo$67,000.00
6069IT Matters Recruitment Services$66,960.00
6070LOTE Marketing$66,931.78
6072Jacmor Engineering Pty Ltd$66,906.40
6073Universalia Management Group Limited$66,853.88
6074Viewforia Private Limited$66,796.58
6075Melbourne Construct Solutons$66,781.00
6076WEST Coast Dental$66,735.00
6077Jarrord MARK White$66,700.00
6078JSB Equipment Pty Ltd$66,682.00
6079Euromoney Trading Ltd Indaba$66,635.00
6080ZOO Group Sydney Pty Ltd$66,605.00
6081PORT Pirie Regional Council$66,595.80
6082Newstyle Printing CO Pty Ltd$66,594.00
6083Systemware-pacific Pty Ltd$66,572.63
6084Diesel PRO Pty Ltd$66,572.54
6085Petra Engineering$66,528.00
6086Foundation For Arable Research (far)$66,462.00
6087Institute Of Foresters Of Australia$66,442.20
6088ISA Street Carpets$66,431.00
6089Larosa Leathergoods Pty Ltd$66,413.60
6090Relocation Rules$66,400.00
6091Innovation And Business Skills AUST$66,311.50
6092Wodonga Engineering Centre$66,284.90
6093Frank Carter Plumbing & Gasfitting$66,222.00
6094International AIR Transport Assoc$66,202.79
6095Accuracy 1ST Inc$66,164.11
6096Synthesis Group Pty Ltd$66,110.00
6097PJ & JE Hopkins Family Trust$66,064.00
6099SQ *GCT Electrical$66,036.41
6100Quirko Investments Pty Ltd CAN 101 048 168 AS Trustee For Acorn FUND$66,032.53
6101MYOB Australia Pty Ltd$66,016.00
6102Consumer Health Forum Of Australia$66,000.01
6103Wordstation Pty Ltd$66,000.00
6104Jason White, Partner JM & MD White$66,000.00
6105Insight Analytics Pty Ltd$66,000.00
6106Cadence Economics Pty Ltd$66,000.00
6107Leonard Moaven$66,000.00
6108Apsley Recruitment Pty Ltd$66,000.00
6109Allan Gaukroger$66,000.00
6110DGL (aust) Pty Ltd$66,000.00
6111The Corporate Executive Board Company$66,000.00
6112Daniels Health Services Pty Ltd$66,000.00
6113Symplicit Pty Ltd$66,000.00
6114Australian National LOW Emission COAL Research And$66,000.00
6115Wattle FLAT PTY. LTD.$66,000.00
6116Cammo Pty Ltd$66,000.00
6117Darwin BIKE Skills$66,000.00
6118MRA Australia Pty Ltd$66,000.00
6119Myriad Techonology Conferences Pty Ltd$66,000.00
6121Temporary Record$66,000.00
6122Reach DM Consolidated Pty Ltd$66,000.00
6123Marina Bournazos$66,000.00
6124Rodney Robertson And Associates$66,000.00
6125Chris Ronalds SC$66,000.00
6126Industry Capability Network Ltd$66,000.00
6127Sheehan Engineering Pty Ltd$66,000.00
6128HE Trustee For The Coretext Trust$66,000.00
6129Mediflex Industries P/L$66,000.00
6130Little BY Little Productions$66,000.00
6131Global Product Stewardship Council$66,000.00
6132Dowse Projects$66,000.00
6133Harwicks Limited$66,000.00
6134BJAC Pty Ltd$66,000.00
6135The Trustee For Global EDGE UNIT TR$66,000.00
6136Experior Pty Ltd$65,992.19
6137Ananke Holdings Pty Ltd$65,971.32
6138Symbios Communications Pty Ltd$65,941.70
6139Logical Services Pty Ltd$65,869.10
6140Cavotec Australia Pty Limited$65,811.19
6141Rolfe Motor Corporation No 6 P/L$65,791.79
6142Datacol Research Pty Ltd$65,788.00
6143BIG Screen Video$65,780.00
6145PINK LAKE Analytics Pty Ltd$65,730.35
6146University Of Wisconsin-madison$65,716.90
6147Perigon Group$65,714.00
6148Genpower (aust) Pty Ltd$65,644.73
6149Sunstudios Australia Pty Ltd$65,576.95
6150CGG Services (australia) Pty Ltd$65,528.46
6151Emerson Automation Solutions Final$65,504.98
6152William ROSS State HIGH School$65,500.00
6153Golden Grove HIGH School$65,500.00
6154Bellridge Pty Limited$65,491.72
6155Measurement Innovation Pty Ltd$65,480.77
6156Fountainbridge Ltd$65,428.00
6157Victoria Louise O'halloran$65,400.00
6158SALO Pty Ltd ATF The Albert Sattler Discretionary Trust$65,312.12
6159RACV CLUB$65,299.99
6160Carroll & Richardson - Flagworld$65,282.50
6161Sandrah FODA$65,250.00
6162Ausnet Industries$65,216.25
6163Property Council Of Australia$65,200.00
6164Powell Industrial Pty Ltd$65,167.52
6165Cameo Media$65,157.10
6166TKW Research Group$65,153.00
6167The Trustee For The Social DECK Trust$65,141.20
6168Stocks Automotive (aust) Pty Ltd$65,103.50
6169DOW Jones Reuters Business$65,100.00
6170Epsilon Consultants Pty Ltd$65,065.00
6171Bernie Yates Consulting And Advisory$65,050.00
6172TESS Dellagiacoma$65,010.00
6173Vickers Legal$65,010.00
6175Atobi Pty Ltd$65,005.60
6176Geneworks Pty Ltd$65,001.20
6177Global DATA Ltd$65,000.00
6178North EAST TREE CARE Pty Ltd$65,000.00
6179Gripfast Consulting Pty Ltd$65,000.00
6180Graeme Smith Consulting$65,000.00
6181Little National Pty Ltd$65,000.00
6183NEW England Small TUBE$65,000.00
6184ROSS Carter Gaicd MSC$65,000.00
6185David Billington$65,000.00
6186Urban Fitouts Australia PTY. Ltd$64,988.00
6187Transplant Connect$64,980.00
6188Tridon Australia Pty Ltd$64,964.90
6189Walter Breunig Intelligent Platform$64,916.50
6190Studio CCP$64,895.17
6191QOI Alpha Office Furniture$64,823.00
6192The Trustee For GK Solutions UNIT T$64,814.24
6193Alces Ronin Presciient Pty Ltd$64,812.00
6194SRH Communications Pty Ltd$64,800.00
6195Scott Sutherland Pty Ltd$64,770.20
6196OTB Products Pty Ltd$64,769.10
6197KNOX Grammar School$64,764.70
6198Avantex Australasia Pty Ltd$64,735.00
6200RTO TEMP HELP$64,658.00
6201DEAF Services Queensland$64,640.00
6202Belyuen Community Government Council$64,495.99
6203Workfront Inc$64,487.50
6204MARS Partnership Pty Ltd$64,418.52
6205HIDE AWAY SAFE Securities P/L$64,376.40
6207Engelite Pty Ltd$64,328.00
6208TAFE SA$64,300.00
6209Training Group International$64,295.00
6210Trelleborg Wheel Systems Austral$64,237.25
6211Hilton Cairns Hotel$64,198.54
6212Aquila Engineering Pty Ltd$64,112.68
6213Amalgamated PEST Control$64,000.20
6214The Clifford Wallace Agency Pty Ltd$64,000.00
6215Pressure Testing Service$63,963.13
6216Tasmanian Welding Supplies Pty LIMI$63,932.22
6217The LAW Society Of NSW$63,920.00
6218The Inside Story$63,896.90
6219Duncanpowell Pty Ltd$63,882.50
6220Securite Pty Ltd$63,842.68
6221Mackenzies HOME Timber & Hardware$63,813.17
6222Tennant Creek Fuels$63,800.00
6223Julie D Cimarosti$63,800.00
6224Krost Business Furniture$63,788.00
6225Harvey Norman Commercial Division$63,757.07
62260956196 BC Ltd$63,736.16
6227Flight Standards Pty Ltd$63,682.80
6228Kongsberg Digital AS$63,600.00
6229SWAN HILL Rural CITY Council$63,579.65
6230Anglicare-central Queensland Limited$63,579.59
6231Bellingen Neighbourhood Centre Inc$63,579.59
6232Better Music$63,527.93
6234HP Financial Services (aust) P/L$63,514.38
6235Brett And Lee-anne$63,500.00
6236Rodney Charles Givney$63,500.00
6237Kirwan State HIGH School$63,500.00
6238Meetingpoint Partnership$63,495.50
6239Rolls Printing$63,488.46
6240Wescam Inc$63,479.92
6241Access Hardware (tas) Pty Ltd$63,440.00
6242TBC Enterprise$63,400.60
6243The Trustee For Darling Family TRUS$63,360.00
6244SQ *rural Formwork$63,336.90
6245BRI Ferrier (nsw) Pty Ltd$63,321.50
6246Spark Digital Agency Pty Ltd$63,269.80
6247Speedex Tooling$63,250.00
6248Traumasim Pty Ltd$63,140.00
6249COLE Polytechnique Fdrale DE LAU$63,090.75
6250Cireson LLC$63,026.55
6251Rexroth Bosch Group$63,007.65
6252RYAN Catholic College$63,000.00
6253TEN BEST Courses Pty Ltd$63,000.00
6254Argos FRP Pty Ltd$62,990.00
6255Mowla Pty Ltd$62,980.58
6256Saferight Pty Ltd$62,972.25
6257The King's School$62,962.90
6258LISA Skurowski$62,931.82
6260OWL Cyber Defense Solutions, LLC$62,881.34
6261Faraday Pty Ltd$62,837.50
6262GP ONE Consulting Pty Ltd Gareck Packer$62,832.00
6263Biosis Pty Ltd$62,811.38
6264Yerriebah Partnership$62,790.00
6265ACE INFO Systems Pty Ltd$62,753.23
6266On SITE GAS Systems Pty Ltd$62,709.76
6267Edition Office Pty Ltd$62,700.00
6269Schweppes Australia Pty Limited$62,700.00
6270Avsoft Australia Pty Ltd$62,700.00
6271A Chira & JN Hillier T/AS ADJA ABSO$62,700.00
6272NJOY Security$62,700.00
6273Horizons Coatings$62,678.00
6274Beehive Vinyl Products Pty Ltd$62,674.00
6275Enchante Canberra Pty$62,667.00
6276Vital Peripheral Supplies Pty Limit$62,660.40
6277TOP END Group Training Pty Ltd$62,645.77
6278Inchcape Shipping Services Kenya LI$62,615.80
6279Joanne Shepard$62,545.00
6280Calcon Communications P/L T/A Executive Assistant Network$62,500.00
6281Advanced Communications Riverina$62,443.00
6282Dunbier Marine Products Pty Ltd$62,415.10
6283Lavercombe Grader Services$62,414.03
6284Ruslyn Holdings Pty Ltd$62,397.50
6285The Learning DELI Pty Ltd$62,370.00
6286Canberra Rubber Stamps$62,348.00
6287Emerson Network Power Global Services$62,325.00
6288Foley's LIST Pty Ltd$62,302.50
6289LYN Sandstrom, DON Sandstrom, Shaun S$62,264.96
6290Opscentre Pty Ltd$62,250.00
6291Cobalt Design Pty Ltd$62,128.00
6292EAS Toolcraft Pty Ltd$62,103.80
6293Janaki Pty Ltd In Trust For Damodara Family Trust (rashmi Sharma)$62,084.00
6294Byrnes Quality Meats$62,040.26
6295Hudson Civil Products$62,040.00
6296Spotters Shades Pty Ltd$62,033.40
6297Elekta Pty.ltd.$62,023.25
6298FB RICE$62,000.00
6300SNG Electrics Pty Ltd$61,985.00
6301National Parking Consultants$61,963.00
6302Lockheed Martin AUST P/L - AUD$61,947.20
6303TANK Pty Ltd$61,932.20
6304Retro Track And AIR (UK) Ltd$61,895.81
6305Performance LAB Pty Ltd$61,860.00
6306The Hermitage Ministry$61,790.50
6307Global Roto-moulding PTY. LTD.$61,778.61
6308Olsson FIRE And RISK Limited$61,710.00
6309The Trustee For Inklab Trust$61,695.70
6310Coppel, Louisa Catherine T/A The BIG Picture Strategic Servi$61,656.00
6311Informa UK Ltd$61,630.72
6312Lonergan Edwards & Associates Ltd$61,600.00
6313Ronley Holdings Pty Ltd$61,600.00
6314Carmila Plant HIRE$61,600.00
6315Kerrie Dixon$61,600.00
6316Ucomm Trust$61,600.00
6317Australian Rugby Union Limited$61,600.00
6318Marist College Canberra$61,500.00
6319Trust For Advancement Of Agricultural Sciences$61,500.00
6320Amaroo School$61,500.00
6321Military Template Technology$61,462.50
6322G.H. Fabrications Pty Ltd$61,443.64
6323M L Stewart$61,425.00
6324Scott Paine Consulting Pty Ltd$61,399.80
6325Odyssey Geophysics Pty Ltd$61,350.00
6326Woodbridge Family Practice$61,310.00
6327Phoenix (aust) Pty Ltd$61,270.00
6328Martin Sessions & Associates Pty$61,270.00
6329Warburton, KATE T/A Strategic Talent Solutions$61,250.00
6330GOOD Education Group Pty Ltd$61,215.00
6331Smart Shooter Ltd$61,180.00
6332Ropeway Project Management Pty L$61,160.00
6333Raymond Patrick Murrihy$61,000.00
6334Geomin Nominees Pty Ltd (ACN 109 188 123) AS The Trustee For Geomin Trust$60,995.26
6335Hansford Removalist Group Pty Ltd$60,918.00
6336ICS Industries Pty Ltd$60,846.50
6337Vansure Consulting SDN BHD$60,800.00
6338SPB (2000) Pty Ltd$60,791.40
6339Robson Huntley And Associates Pty Ltd$60,775.00
6340Uniform Safety Signs$60,725.62
6341Valvoline (australia) Pty Ltd$60,702.40
6342Mallee Family CARE$60,701.50
6343Universal Aviation Pty Ltd$60,601.42
6344NINA Harding Mediation Services P/L$60,575.81
6345TAS Cable Solutions Pty Ltd$60,500.00
6346Prof. Valerie Braithwaite$60,500.00
6347Humanoeuvre Pty Ltd$60,500.00
6348Government Of Kiribati$60,500.00
6349JAN Harris$60,500.00
6350Northern Pallets & Crates$60,500.00
6351Lista PL$60,500.00
6352Lockheed Martin AUST P/L - CHF$60,417.97
6353Yamaha CITY$60,395.33
6354Freshagenda Pty Ltd$60,390.00
6355Healthcare Training Service$60,388.02
6356Stryker Australia Pty Ltd$60,371.45
6357Human Synergistics Australia Pty Ltd$60,317.70
6359Harvard Kennedy School$60,311.49
6360Oxford Economics Australia Pty Ltd$60,285.85
6361Winton Sustainable$60,214.00
6362Principle CO$60,164.00
6363National Economic Research Associates$60,105.00
6364FIVE Spaces Design$60,100.00
6365Infront Consulting Group Pty Ltd$60,038.88
6366Wendy Gillan$60,000.01
6367Timor Telecom, SA$60,000.00
6368Streetwise Motorbike Training$60,000.00
6369Kristen Margaret Zotti$60,000.00
6370Pacific Islands Centre Of Public$60,000.00
6371Technological Micro DATA$60,000.00
6372YAK & YETI Hotel Ltd$60,000.00
6373Thomas M Pickett TA Bay11$60,000.00
6374ESRI Global Inc (usa)$60,000.00
6375Wenlock Consulting$60,000.00
6376Austral Mercantile Collections$60,000.00
6377Melbourne International Shooting CL$60,000.00
6378Mitchell's Fruit & VEG PTY. Ltd$60,000.00
6379Australasian Institute For Maritime$60,000.00
6380AAC Process Servers And Investigations$60,000.00
6381Dylan Mckie Electrical$60,000.00
6382Total Exhibition Services$60,000.00
6383The Country Place Executive Confere$60,000.00
6384Butz, MARK$60,000.00
6385Taylor Thomson Whitting (act) Pty Ltd$60,000.00
6386Fresh To GO$60,000.00
6387Access Programs Australia Ltd$60,000.00
6388Bryce Space And Technology$60,000.00
6389Nurse At CALL .COM Pty Ltd$60,000.00
6390Jackson, Meredith<