Position Supplier Total Contract Value
1FMS Account Reserve BANK Of Australia$4,473,852,152.85
2Lockheed Martin Australia Pty Ltd$2,482,415,180.94
3FMS Account$2,479,684,241.25
4Air7000 P8 Poseidon$1,860,921,900.40
5Boeing Defence Australia Ltd$1,725,224,539.07
6Thales Australia$1,430,430,908.80
7MAX Solutions Pty Ltd$1,251,890,049.50
8Airbus Group Australia Pacific *$1,073,016,991.61
9IBM Australia Ltd$918,491,450.51
10Dmojsf Official Australian Account$758,006,172.52
11Airservices Australia$635,896,750.06
12Russo Recruitment Australia$606,030,588.00
13Jacobs Australia Pty Ltd$584,384,900.05
14Raytheon Australia Pty Ltd$551,606,170.90
15The Salvation ARMY (victoria) Property Trust$536,254,271.00
16Mission Providence Pty Ltd$485,826,317.00
17Tursa Employment & Training Limited$440,617,656.00
18DOMA Select Pty Ltd$434,303,587.00
19MTAA Superannuation FUND (R G Casey Building) Property Pty Ltd$432,930,719.00
20CSL Behring (australia) Pty Ltd$403,838,746.30
21The Trustee For Willemsen Investment #2$376,200,000.00
22Eads-casa (servicio Posventa)$374,751,475.86
23General Electric International Inc$369,353,024.04
24SYC Limited$364,247,769.00
25The Trust Company Limited$364,076,185.74
26Workskil Australia Incorporated$357,653,430.30
27Grifols Australia Pty Ltd$355,161,253.70
28LEND Lease Building Pty Ltd$353,597,402.11
29Coffey International Development Pty Ltd$330,708,116.79
30Caltex Australia Petroleum P / L$329,819,755.96
31Boeing CO The - KENT$324,480,845.01
32Leighton Contractors Pty Limited$309,411,309.20
33IPC Employment Pty Limited$308,359,164.00
34BAE Systems Australia Ltd$300,206,313.66
35JOB Futures Ltd$292,021,619.48
36Spotless Facility Services Pty Ltd$289,833,605.00
37Datacom Systems (act) Pty Ltd$277,293,440.22
38Transfield Services (australia)$271,006,175.42
39Karingal Inc (vic) Limited Liability$264,537,047.00
40Neato Employment Services Pty Ltd$257,180,209.00
41Australian Federal Police$246,155,841.41
42Accenture Australia Holdings$239,568,890.56
43Cardno Emerging Markets (australia) Pty Ltd$239,313,652.56
44Optus Networks Pty Ltd$235,464,732.07
45SMEC International Pty Ltd$231,472,642.50
46Advanced Personnel Management$230,013,669.03
47Adult Multicultural Education Services - AMES$228,164,634.00
48Sureway Employment And Training Pty Ltd$224,316,545.00
49Harris Corporation DBA Harris RF CO$219,843,540.20
50DTZ Pty Ltd$216,448,794.21
51FIVE D Holdings Pty Limited$203,551,014.60
52Airbus Defence And Space GMBH$197,411,940.51
53BP Oil$191,887,706.54
54URS Australia Pty Ltd$190,853,056.30
55Nortec Employment &training Ltd$183,503,680.00
56SAP Australia Pty Ltd$182,580,446.17
57GRM International Pty Ltd$176,883,636.76
58Fujitsu Australia Limited$172,350,035.26
59BAE Systems Australia Defence P*$166,433,586.49
60Jacana Energy$159,212,068.40
61Madec Australia Limited$155,603,330.60
62Mitchell And Partners Australia Pty Ltd$154,335,333.80
64Telstra Corporation Limited$152,649,823.38
65Enterprise & Training Company Limited$152,563,817.00
66Watpac Construction Pty Ltd$149,079,981.81
67Jones LANG Lasalle (act) Pty Ltd$146,621,889.55
68HAYS Specialist Recruitment$146,321,661.97
69The AOT Group$145,603,897.89
70CIT Aerospace International$143,307,605.00
71SG Fleet Australia Pty Limited$141,605,695.87
72WISE Employment Ltd$141,117,908.00
73Hewlett Packard Australia Ltd$140,999,628.05
74Data#3 Limited$139,266,782.46
75QBT Pty Ltd$137,456,425.02
76Joblink PLUS Limited$136,983,785.00
77Northrop Grumman Integrated$135,987,720.08
78Atwork Australia Pty Ltd$135,976,170.00
79ASG Group Limited$130,004,931.62
80Department Of Finance$127,483,353.28
81Paxus Australia Pty Limited$126,713,710.67
82Oracle Corporation Australia Pty Ltd$124,351,428.27
83EPC Pacific Dandenong Pty Ltd$124,034,013.00
84Elbit Systems Ltd$123,726,587.98
85Thales Australia - Lithgow$119,770,773.12
86TOLL Remote Logistics Pty Ltd$115,901,760.34
87WFEL Limited$115,163,296.07
88HELP Enterprises$110,124,436.01
89Research Triangle Institute$108,774,035.60
90Australian Defence Apparel$108,314,436.90
91The Boeing CO$108,248,000.18
92Direct Recruitment Pty Ltd$108,173,465.00
93Talent International (act) Pty Ltd$108,082,418.18
94Aegis Defence Services Limited$107,783,975.20
95NSW Business Chamber$104,061,168.65
96ASC Pty Ltd$100,122,418.43
97PSMA Australia Limited$99,743,600.00
99DOF Subsea Rederi II AS$97,994,778.00
100CVGT Australia Limited$96,171,955.00
101Qinetiq Pty Ltd$96,097,797.38
102Aspen Medical Pty Ltd$94,889,081.10
103Communicare INC.$94,235,622.00
104Inmarsat Solutions B V$92,167,260.04
105Teldraw PTY. Limited$91,265,854.00
106Ernst & Young$90,603,394.29
107Gemsail Pty Ltd AS Trustee For Greig Family Trust$90,467,640.00
108Naval SHIP Management$88,641,361.86
109Serco Defence$86,676,434.23
110Serco Australia Pty Ltd$86,479,767.44
111Pfizer Australia Pty Ltd$85,059,744.00
112Boeing Company, The DBA Boeing DIV$84,638,729.06
113A4E Pty Ltd$83,986,849.00
114Point Project Management$82,724,945.52
115Brookfield Johnson Controls P/L$80,418,469.31
116Canberra DATA Centres Pty Ltd$79,610,294.15
117MSS Security Pty Limited$78,967,027.77
118SAS Trustee Corporation$78,744,371.37
119BEST Employment Limited$78,517,252.00
120Western District Employment Access INC.$77,648,644.00
121NIOA Nominees Pty Limited$77,634,074.04
122SAAB Australia Pty Ltd$77,495,061.86
123Biocsl (australia) Pty Ltd$77,135,543.68
124Australian Government Solicitor$75,932,797.77
125Dialog Information Technology$75,423,100.70
126Cablex Pty Ltd$74,604,858.47
127Peoplebank Australia Ltd$74,310,307.96
128Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu$74,122,942.61
129CSC Australia Pty Ltd$72,536,058.14
130Microsoft Pty Ltd$72,328,898.46
131Dimension DATA Australia Pty Ltd$66,332,077.08
132Northrop Grumman International TRAD$65,895,530.77
133Harris Software Systems Pty Ltd$65,051,819.26
134Decmil Australia$64,122,162.69
136Skill HIRE WA Pty Ltd$63,557,396.00
137Benelec Pty Ltd$63,127,432.52
138Southern Cross Computing Pty Ltd$62,007,717.73
139BUSY At WORK$61,611,114.48
140Glaxosmithkline Australia Pty Ltd$61,553,198.14
141Ajilon Pty Ltd$61,381,344.45
142FUJI Xerox Businessforce Pty Ltd$60,798,545.85
143Built Pty Ltd$60,792,757.36
144Eworks Employment Solutions Inc$60,762,699.00
145Comcare Australia$59,783,160.79
146Raytheon Canada Limited DBA Elcan O$59,435,000.00
147Northrop Grumman International!trading INC.$57,366,126.78
148Compas Pty Ltd$57,235,579.01
150Intelsat LLC$55,867,971.37
151Lockheed Martin Australia$55,562,273.49
152NATO Seasparrow Surface Missile SYS$54,687,506.50
153Reserve BANK Of Australia$54,268,565.62
154Australia POST$54,000,735.71
155ST Laurence Community Services Inc$52,817,375.36
157Health Administration Corporation State Government - NSW$52,079,295.75
158James Fisher Defence$51,625,616.28
159Aurecon Australasia Pty Ltd$50,711,314.56
160Campbell PAGE Limited$50,381,442.90
161Capgemini Australia Pty Ltd$50,029,010.02
162Olympus Solutions Limited$49,686,192.00
163NOVA Defence Pty Ltd$49,594,396.10
164Scientific Management Associates$49,485,547.33
165Aecom Australia Pty Ltd$48,909,070.98
166GHD Pty Ltd$48,526,431.89
167Greythorn Pty Ltd$48,525,782.87
168DELL Australia Pty Ltd$48,335,707.84
170Tuggeranong Trust$47,689,672.50
171Elbit Systems Of Australia Pty Ltd$47,612,957.71
172RUAG Australia Pty Ltd$47,502,181.22
173Hitachi DATA Systems Australia$47,453,134.24
175Ethan Group Pty Ltd$46,936,986.38
176CRAY INC.$46,697,202.16
177Bayer Cropscience$45,000,000.00
178Clarius Group T/A Ignite$44,658,761.64
179Global Switch Property (australia)$44,143,821.08
180Indian Ocean Oil Company Pty Ltd$44,098,835.00
181Workskills Incorporated$43,860,271.00
182The Australian Industry Group$43,789,251.37
183Penske Power Systems Pty Ltd$42,701,750.28
184General Dynamics European LAND SYST$42,625,000.00
185Hollinrake Pty Limited$42,439,631.94
186General Dynamics LAND Systems$41,563,374.96
187Qioptiq Ltd$41,252,930.72
188Mareeba Shire JOB Training Association Incorporated$41,071,614.00
189Kellogg Brown & ROOT Pty Ltd$40,849,110.39
190Sypaq Systems Pty Ltd$40,834,512.27
191Status Works Pty Ltd$40,356,840.00
192SPA Leasing Pty Ltd$40,285,296.42
193M5 Network Security$39,832,927.00
194Clicks Recruit (australia) Pty Ltd$39,548,309.32
195Employment Focus$39,524,599.72
196Feros CARE$39,177,655.00
197Department Of Social Services$39,104,713.86
198Enterprise Management Group Pty Ltd$38,458,419.00
199Anspec Pty Ltd$38,455,569.60
200Aquaterro Advanced Product Supplies$38,379,241.62
201Finite Group APAC Pty Ltd$38,130,761.20
202E-bisprint Pty Ltd$37,950,000.00
203ABB Enterprise Software Pty Ltd$37,291,824.18
204ST Hilliers Property Pty Limited$37,058,527.16
205Ajilon Australia Pty Ltd$36,969,832.27
206Momentum The Power Of Natural Think$36,925,048.40
207Australian Taxation Office$36,416,884.81
208Indigenous Business Australia$36,231,321.75
209Aurec Pty Ltd$36,163,242.06
210Jacobs Group (australia) Pty Ltd$35,698,038.61
211CEA Technologies Pty Ltd$35,627,670.88
212Dmojsf Official Australian Account PSFD$35,593,251.99
213Nextgen Networks Pty Ltd$34,713,526.19
214UXC Connect Pty Ltd$34,465,147.16
215Craig International Ballistics Pty$34,238,171.29
216Abacus Innovations Australia$33,964,435.83
217Complete Personnel SA Pty Ltd ATF Complete Personnel SA UNIT Trust$33,630,700.00
218Schiavello International Pty Ltd$33,290,400.22
219Crimtrac Agency$32,995,271.10
220Department Of Education$32,827,098.62
221JOBS Australia Enterprises Ltd$32,683,418.00
222Clayton UTZ$32,272,547.29
223Cubic Defence Australia Pty Ltd$32,116,979.86
224Mosaic Recruitment Pty Ltd$31,658,395.46
225Waterway Constructions Pty Ltd$31,637,994.20
226SME Gateway Pty Ltd$31,215,074.76
227Actewagl Retail Ltd$31,174,460.10
228Coffey Projects (australia) Pty Ltd$30,423,171.54
229University Of Sydney$30,381,507.96
230Ultra Electronics Avalon Systems$30,198,497.53
231Indra Australia Pty Limited$29,927,256.87
232Thiess Services Pty Ltd$29,554,545.23
233BAE Systems Australia$29,274,261.93
234EMC Global Holdings Company$29,067,429.09
235TOLL Priority$28,344,192.27
236FDC Construction & Fitout Pty Limited$28,313,975.80
237Verto Ltd$27,969,619.85
239TAE GAS Turbines Pty Ltd$27,768,948.52
240University Of South Australia$27,437,978.66
241Saleforce Australia Pty Ltd$27,373,500.00
242Converga Pty Ltd$27,245,351.18
243Sicard Pty Ltd$26,984,999.69
244National Health And Medical Researc$26,715,000.00
245M &T Resources Pty Ltd$26,666,846.80
246Naval SEA Systems Command$26,474,004.00
247Infront Systems Pty Ltd$26,380,320.16
248Catholic Healthcare Limited$25,887,450.60
249SMS Consulting Group Ltd$25,592,790.45
250Department Of Primary Industries, An Office Of The Department Of Trade And Investment$25,581,965.59
251JPO Project Pammandi Cbass Embassay$25,548,824.74
252University Of Adelaide$25,434,900.08
253The Trustee For Deloitte Private Trust$25,315,604.93
254Encore IT Services Pty Ltd$25,272,246.04
255Synergy Group Australia Ltd$25,140,851.29
256Lockheed Martin Corporation DBA LOC$24,955,516.77
257The Trust Company (australia) Limited$24,810,618.68
258Western Australian Agriculture Authority (waaa)$24,803,114.00
259Shell Aviation Australia Pty Ltd$24,750,000.00
260The University Of Queensland$24,181,784.51
261ISPT Pty Ltd$23,951,847.00
262Oakton Services Pty Ltd$23,784,017.37
263ASIA Pacific Aerospace Pty Ltd$23,632,123.02
264Compass Group Defence$23,601,856.25
265Verizon Australia Pty Ltd$23,472,261.74
266NSW Business Chamber Limited$23,175,174.13
267GOLD Coast Airport Pty Limited$23,126,884.39
268Laing O'rourke Australia$23,076,276.28
269Medibank Health Solutions$22,696,223.56
270Pilatus Aircraft Ltd$22,291,987.88
271Prepack Ltd$22,229,269.45
272ABT JTA Pty Ltd$21,609,216.77
273Lockheed Martin Corporation$21,391,310.84
274Cloverdale Commercial Cleaning$21,292,869.00
275MOTT Macdonald Australia Pty Ltd$21,292,479.20
276Investa Nominees Pty Ltd$21,143,330.00
277BAE Systems (operations) Ltd-lifcap$20,904,979.34
278Sparke Helmore$20,746,193.45
279Minter Ellison$20,667,638.17
280Hitech Group Australia Limited$20,454,230.04
281Pacific Brands Workwear Group P*$20,342,560.87
282Supacat Ltd$20,284,920.12
283Erapsco DBA Sonobuoytechsystems$20,215,610.14
284Bureau Of Meteorology$20,167,162.44
285Mercedes-benz Australia/pacific$20,126,587.81
286Community Options Australia Inc$20,115,944.64
287Airflite Pty Ltd$20,076,374.57
288CIT Solutions Pty Limited$19,960,813.89
289G-force Recruitment Ltd$19,828,139.00
290AAI Corporation DBA Textron Systems$19,520,812.04
291Envista Pty Ltd$19,454,522.73
292PWC Strategy&(australia)pty Ltd$18,757,078.94
293Lockheed Martin AUST P/L - AUD$18,626,698.53
294Fivium Pty Limited$18,624,180.03
295Sikorsky Aircraft Australia Ltd$18,571,653.16
296Department Of Veterans Affairs$18,546,046.60
297Australian Institute Of Health And$18,472,735.79
298Australasian FIRE & Emerg$18,413,589.50
299MTSI Pty Ltd ATF MTSI Family Trust & UBKH 2011 Pty Ltd ATF BINH UYEN Family Trust No 3$18,396,560.60
300Aristech Pty Ltd$18,352,213.73
301Pegasystems Limited$18,250,414.00
302The North Coast Gateway Centre P/L$18,188,737.09
303APIS Group Pty Limited$18,168,564.81
304Optus Communications Pty Ltd$18,138,123.11
305DEPT Of Foreign Affairs & Trade$17,966,919.52
306Sitzler Pty Ltd$17,899,144.43
307Daronmont Technologies Pty Ltd$17,876,205.92
308Gillian Beaumont Recruitment Pty Ltd$17,802,755.51
309LAND Development Corporation$17,745,200.00
310Dexus Office Trust$17,538,000.00
311Wipro Limited$17,529,059.94
312DFP Recruitment Services$17,303,114.62
313Business Foundations Inc$17,247,270.51
314ISIS Group Australia Pty Ltd$17,141,610.81
315Omaha IT Services Pty Ltd$17,017,851.38
316Department Of Environment LAND$17,005,930.34
317Canberra Consulting Pty Ltd$16,942,342.43
318Water Corporation$16,886,965.01
319Treas NYC, NEW YORK NY US$16,712,811.72
320Chubb FIRE And Security P/L$16,709,665.18
321Oncall Language Services P/L$16,567,044.58
322Centacare Catholic Diocese Of Ballarat Inc$16,385,559.00
323Rohde And Schwarz (aust) Pty Ltd$16,343,973.79
324SAS Institute Australia Pty Ltd$16,315,972.72
325BDC (act) Pty Ltd$16,205,410.00
326SAAB Dynamics AB$16,168,227.26
327Linfox Australia Pty Ltd$16,094,303.16
328Manpower Services AUST P/L (elan)$16,000,084.18
329A & P Group Ltd$15,962,276.06
330Birdon Pty Ltd$15,922,452.86
331MAS National$15,859,512.47
332Sirras Consultants Pty Ltd$15,826,040.80
333Ninti ONE Limited$15,815,311.72
334Hudson Global Resources (aust) Pty Ltd$15,733,672.58
335DLA Piper Australia$15,697,531.55
336Cordelta Pty Ltd$15,686,958.46
337NTT COM ICT Solutions (australia)$15,290,188.83
338F K Gardner & SONS Pty Ltd$15,280,056.90
339National Mailing & Marketing PTY.$15,161,279.50
340The Boston Consulting Group Pty Ltd$15,151,539.01
341AIR Affairs Australia Pty Ltd$15,074,795.63
342Jenkins Engineering Defence SYS*$15,024,336.09
343Group 10 Consulting Pty Limited$14,994,107.70
344BECA Consultants Pty Ltd$14,934,752.46
345Saltbush Consulting Pty Ltd$14,904,983.22
346Resthaven Incorporated$14,796,636.70
347Indue Limited$14,759,675.50
348Diiulio Pty Limited$14,740,132.57
349DMV Consulting$14,713,567.17
350University Of Western Australia$14,706,354.53
351The Department Of Education$14,669,254.00
352OPEC Systems Pty Ltd$14,657,451.08
353Department Of The Attorney General$14,424,314.00
354Recall Information Management Pty Ltd$14,330,016.27
355Barrington Personnel Security$14,114,152.09
356Selex ES Ltd$14,027,672.05
357Wodonga Institute Of TAFE$14,019,496.89
358Avanade Australia Pty Ltd$13,928,277.72
359MBDA UK Ltd$13,867,152.87
360Navitas English Pty Ltd$13,745,795.00
361Micreo Limited$13,738,792.30
362L-3 Oceania$13,720,737.91
363Vaisala Pty Ltd$13,696,636.91
364Department Of Agriculture Fisheries And Forestry$13,663,192.55
365Rockwell Collins Australia Pty Ltd$13,622,260.04
366Navantia SA$13,588,913.18
368Suncare Community Services Ltd$13,550,463.20
369SNP Security$13,505,914.09
370Corrs Chambers Westgarth$13,283,285.62
371Ashurst Australia$13,276,030.68
372Eylex Pty Ltd$13,254,674.49
373AMW Professional Services$13,229,239.90
374Baulderstone Pty Ltd$13,209,879.18
375Cisco Systems Australia Pty Ltd$13,075,911.39
376Rolls-royce Australia Services Pty$13,052,666.15
377Phoenix International Holdings Inc$13,000,000.00
378Recoveries Corporation Pty Ltd$12,991,614.01
379Interiors Australia$12,837,733.92
380Brightsky Australia$12,788,725.00
381Dexus Funds Management Limited$12,782,025.27
383National Parks Sport A$12,491,580.18
384Complex Civil Pty Ltd$12,486,445.58
385Greening Australia$12,482,750.00
386The Boeing Company DBA Boeing DIV D$12,458,515.54
387Advanced Concepts And Technologies!international, Llc!dba$12,411,270.52
388Pacific Services Group Holdings P/L$12,382,695.35
389Duratec Australia Pty Ltd$12,377,747.80
390Techpoint Consulting$12,365,099.97
39127-29 George Street Pty Limited$12,301,338.15
392Technology ONE Ltd$12,287,444.42
393Rolls Royce Marine AUST Pty Ltd$12,279,957.94
394UXC Limited$12,276,269.31
395Unisys Australia Ltd$12,237,833.14
396Navitas Professional$12,180,000.00
397CA (pacific) Pty Ltd$12,171,790.47
398Australian Helicopters Pty Ltd$12,155,642.11
399Datacom Systems (nsw) Pty Ltd$12,107,218.00
400Nextdc Limited$12,098,593.82
401Infosys Technologies Limited$11,988,454.27
402Keane Consulting Pty Ltd$11,972,974.54
403Oakton Contracting & Recruitment PT$11,901,393.35
404Isentia Pty Ltd$11,886,234.01
405Pegasystems Pty Limited$11,843,868.45
406Australian National University$11,827,535.21
407Mcmahon Services Australia Pty Ltd$11,736,792.05
408Hoban Recruitment$11,683,466.23
409Volvo Commercial Vehicles Townsvil*$11,638,052.24
410IT Newcom Pty Limited$11,632,480.73
411Drake Australia Pty Ltd$11,631,272.83
412Gaseng Petroleum (christmas Island)$11,607,551.00
413Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles$11,481,679.44
414CAE Australia Pty Ltd$11,402,385.60
415Randstad Pty Ltd$11,355,179.82
416KING & WOOD Mallesons$11,334,354.68
417Adagold Aviation Pty Ltd$11,326,629.64
418OWEN International Pty Ltd$11,308,720.22
419LEND Lease Services Pty Limited$11,242,112.20
420Skytraders Pty Ltd$11,211,819.74
421BOX HILL Institute Of TAFE$11,204,026.28
422Brooke Institute Pty Ltd$11,165,425.31
423UXC Consulting Pty Ltd$11,145,820.46
424Infinite Consulting Pty Ltd$11,075,711.90
425Baycorp Collection Services Pty Ltd$11,067,143.90
426BMT Design & Technology Pty Ltd$11,033,920.84
427Rubikon Group$10,946,553.70
428Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation$10,905,396.10
429Partners In Performance$10,845,912.00
430Global Defence Solutions Pty Ltd$10,839,055.47
431NOVA Aerospace$10,810,640.35
432The Recruitment HIVE Pty Ltd$10,800,902.16
433QUT Stratapay$10,772,942.52
434ERM Power Retail Pty Ltd$10,759,929.81
435Gartner Australasia Pty Ltd$10,684,679.19
436Chandler Macleod$10,678,605.94
437Ethnic Interpreters Pty Ltd$10,584,293.05
438Weibel Scientific A/S$10,566,028.35
439Cogent Business Solutions Pty Ltd$10,534,246.64
440Wilken Service Pty Ltd$10,491,963.50
442Macquarie Telecom Pty Ltd$10,406,680.77
443Helmsman International Pty Ltd$10,326,122.61
445Callida Consulting$10,272,158.17
446Zallcom Pty Limited$10,260,775.23
447Energyaustralia Pty Ltd$10,248,927.75
448ENT. Services Australia Pty Ltd$10,243,757.67
449MOOG Australia Pty Ltd$10,223,708.57
450Elservier B.V.$10,200,000.00
451IDS Australasia Pty Ltd$10,193,119.40
452SOS Recruitment Services Pty Ltd$10,137,647.21
453Australian Centre For Advanced Computing And Communications Pty Ltd$10,059,078.42
454Access CARE Network Australia Pty Ltd$10,050,732.44
455Deakin University$10,048,354.90
456The Boeing Company DBA Boeing$10,021,751.38
457Hutchinson Builders$9,995,366.65
458Future People Pty Limited$9,961,187.06
459Dimmick Nominees (vic) Pty Ltd$9,785,985.67
460COAL Services Pty Ltd$9,710,921.00
461Whizdom Pty Ltd$9,690,513.14
462STAR Track Express$9,647,717.69
463MDA Systems Ltd$9,637,691.10
464Babcock Pty Ltd$9,542,688.76
465RXP Services Limited$9,487,915.34
466Raytheon Company DBA Raytheon$9,474,066.13
467Australian Bureau Of Statistics$9,429,365.10
468The NOUS Group$9,408,012.47
469XACT Project Consultants Pty Ltd$9,405,890.02
470Mills Oakley Lawyers$9,375,138.56
471Schlumberger Australia Pty Ltd$9,352,236.04
472Esri-australia Pty Ltd$9,338,180.28
473Ricoh Australia Pty Ltd$9,333,743.48
474Predicate Partners Pty Ltd$9,285,409.30
475Computershare Communication Services Pty Limited$9,282,703.50
476Cubic Defense Applications, INC.$9,272,717.58
477Mitchell Personnel Solutions$9,269,480.34
478Plaut IT (australia) Pty Limited$9,252,517.31
479Department Of Industry$9,249,909.50
480HART Security Australia Pty Ltd$9,169,903.00
481RMIT University$9,159,859.90
482Red SEA Housing Services CO Ltd$9,133,000.00
483Codarra Advanced Systems Pty Ltd$9,130,469.44
484Commonwealth Director Of Public$9,074,204.00
485Military And Aviation Spares Pty$9,057,576.71
486GRA Supply Chain Pty Ltd$9,007,639.18
487MVS Valuers Australia Pty Ltd$9,000,000.00
488Famewerd Property Partnership$8,992,460.00
489Sirras Consultants$8,932,390.32
490Havas Worldwide Australia Pty$8,911,716.00
491Probuild (NT) Pty Ltd$8,908,787.23
492Dimesion DATA Learning$8,859,965.58
493Murdoch University$8,859,016.10
494ORM Pty Ltd$8,839,112.59
495ADCO Constructions Pty Ltd$8,829,454.70
496Noetic Solutions Pty Ltd$8,827,546.66
497Fulton Hogan Construction$8,824,613.11
498Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd$8,821,266.19
499DUN & Bradstreet Australia P/L$8,812,633.41
500Australian Council For Educational$8,791,996.38
501Crown Management Consultants$8,786,550.07
502EOS Space Systems Pty Ltd$8,739,400.00
503Chartair Pty Ltd$8,737,983.18
504Staff Check Pty Ltd$8,735,446.52
505Grain Orana Alliance Inc$8,686,008.00
506Hawker Pacific Pty Ltd$8,684,139.95
507Austmine Limited$8,533,861.60
508Bechtel Management Pty Ltd$8,496,999.50
509CO2 Australia Limited$8,489,509.00
510Orima Research Pty Ltd$8,461,983.28
511Business Enterprise Centre Northside Limited$8,453,700.00
512Octec Limited$8,432,000.00
513Alzheimer's Australia Ltd$8,429,652.00
514303 LOWE Australia Pty Ltd$8,422,203.00
515Accenture Australia Pty Ltd$8,394,250.67
516RAND Corporation, The DBA RAND$8,335,163.72
517Cabcharge Australia Pty Ltd$8,303,709.97
518Staples Australia Pty Limited$8,302,752.96
519Citrix Systems ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$8,273,308.42
520Wormald Technology$8,263,463.03
521FUJI Xerox Australia Pty Ltd$8,254,324.11
522Strategic Reform Pty Limited$8,250,033.22
523Objective Corporation Pty Ltd$8,198,395.13
524L3 Communications$8,078,959.24
525Fulton Hogan Pty Ltd$8,070,912.81
526Nammo Raufoss A/S$8,058,480.62
527RFD Technologies Pty Ltd$8,032,870.45
528Australian Securities & Investment$8,014,173.43
530Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems GMBH$8,000,000.00
531EMC Solar Construction Pty Ltd$7,990,493.50
532Phoenix Management Services$7,978,925.63
533University Of The Sunshine Coast$7,963,281.54
534Grosvenor Engineering Group$7,952,577.60
535Canadian Commercial CORP DBA Corpor$7,888,698.51
537The Social Research Centre$7,870,344.44
538Illuminated Solutions Pty Ltd$7,869,821.71
539Viasat, INC.$7,865,234.41
540Hornibrook NGI Limited$7,821,250.82
541Cistech Solutions$7,785,760.51
542Canprint Communications Pty Ltd$7,777,751.71
543GMT Canberra Pty Ltd$7,766,135.06
545The Trustee For The Knowles$7,756,305.99
546Refugee Advice And Casework Service (australia) Incorporated$7,722,550.00
547REEF And Rainforest Research Centre$7,700,000.00
548Netapp Australia Pty Ltd$7,693,592.49
549Northrop Grumman Australia$7,690,807.97
550IKAD Engineering$7,668,657.10
551Catapult BI Pty Ltd$7,659,201.00
552Stirloch Developments Pty Ltd$7,649,146.69
553Symantec ASIA Pacific PTE Ltd$7,644,640.10
554University Of Southern Queensland$7,633,405.60
555Dynatrace Asia-pacific Pty Ltd$7,617,811.06
556Virgin BLUE Airlines Pty Ltd$7,600,000.00
557Ertech Pty Ltd$7,588,993.74
558Lexis Nexis$7,575,458.86
559Castlerock Property Pty Ltd$7,565,827.50
560AMP Capital Investors$7,521,470.00
561Terrace Tower Pty Ltd$7,500,607.00
562Konica Minolta Business Solutions$7,487,877.03
563ABRS Socialworks$7,456,582.81
564AFS Vetting Services$7,425,951.48
565BEAK Engineering (aust) Pty Ltd$7,398,917.80
566Scope Global Pty Ltd$7,387,301.21
567Technology Partners$7,374,522.89
568ASP SHIP Management Pty Ltd Sirius$7,366,408.86
569The Trustees For Crossfire Australi$7,359,294.07
570Logistics Solutions Australasia$7,351,453.57
571Australian Academy Of Science$7,343,314.50
572Batchelor Institute Of Indigenous$7,337,603.81
573Victorian Cytology Service Inc$7,295,291.77
574Aviair Pty Ltd T/AS Slingair Pty LT$7,267,342.00
575Engility LLC$7,266,120.74
576Clicks Recruit Pty Ltd$7,239,699.88
577Haulmark Trailers (australia) P*$7,204,741.91
578NT LINK Pty Ltd$7,195,403.19
579AGIS Group Pty Ltd$7,185,767.04
580ROB Dobson & Associates Pty Ltd$7,178,904.19
581Aurion Corporation Pty Ltd$7,164,048.26
582Sigma Bravo Pty Ltd$7,147,018.27
583OOBE Pty Ltd$7,114,883.07
584F1 Solutions Pty Ltd$7,105,097.28
585Department Of Employment$7,091,543.53
586Milspec Services Pty Limited$7,080,826.20
587Horizon ONE Recruitment Pty Ltd$7,074,930.61
588Franmarine Underwater Services$7,069,822.35
589FN Herstal SA$7,016,501.43
590International SOS (australasia)$6,893,953.93
591Redback Consulting Pty Ltd$6,891,101.99
592Defcon Technologies Group Pty Ltd$6,854,341.98
593Roadwork Industries$6,847,380.07
594Epi-use Australia Pty Limited$6,837,666.89
595Pursuit Technology Australia Pty Ltd$6,820,769.00
596CARE Assessment Consultants Pty Ltd$6,811,023.93
597Norton ROSE Fulbright$6,806,166.02
598CC Pines Pty Ltd$6,802,129.31
599Education Services Australia Ltd$6,788,077.26
601RCR Haden Pty Ltd$6,784,927.43
603ATOS (australia) Pty Ltd$6,701,199.46
604Australian Volunteers International$6,698,977.35
605Crown Vetting Pty Ltd$6,684,599.18
606Australian Haemophilia Centre Directors Organisation (ahcdo) Incorporated$6,668,939.55
607DAON (australia) Pty Ltd$6,594,134.50
608Unitingcare Wesley Adelaide Inc$6,589,423.49
610SHAW Building Group Pty Ltd$6,538,006.02
611VIVA Energy Australia Ltd$6,521,575.94
612Kinetic Defence Services Pty Ltd$6,462,236.93
613Charles Sturt University$6,445,536.47
614Tanert Pty Ltd$6,438,274.94
615ORM Communications Pty Ltd$6,426,591.00
616Platypus Outdoors Group Pty Ltd$6,420,863.27
617Australian Trust For Conservation$6,407,842.18
618Intech Solutions Pty Ltd$6,382,765.31
619Frontline Safety Australia Pty Ltd$6,353,898.41
620University Of Tasmania$6,334,893.60
621Melbourne Business School$6,332,868.77
622G A Glanville & CO$6,325,175.38
623HWL Ebsworth Lawyers$6,322,558.39
624Bendelta Pty Ltd$6,307,441.42
625Perth Energy Pty Ltd$6,300,000.00
626Optus Administration Pty Ltd$6,271,546.98
627Helicopter Resources Pty Ltd$6,270,620.00
628The Trustee For AEP 55 Currie ST Office Trust$6,259,305.89
629Veritec Pty Ltd$6,255,080.50
630ACER Computer Australia Pty Ltd$6,224,042.93
631Chamber Of Commerce And Industry Western Australia$6,223,933.55
632Australian Business Research (veda)$6,211,552.09
633ANZ BANK$6,211,340.30
634Australian Public Service$6,210,425.74
635GE Commercial Australasia Pty Ltd$6,189,405.00
636Para-guard Pty Ltd$6,188,037.63
637Northern Grower Alliance$6,150,050.00
638Djerriwarrh Employment And Education Services$6,144,000.00
639Electrotech Australia Pty Ltd$6,142,779.87
640509 SKR Pty Ltd$6,094,000.00
641GMIC Limited Trading AS Geelong Manufacturing Council$6,084,485.66
642GLS Electrical Contractors Pty Ltd$6,082,656.57
643Talent International Holdings$6,022,228.47
644Ultra Project Services Pty Ltd$6,021,501.03
645ST Mary's College Ipswich$5,992,929.20
647Navantia S A$5,977,196.01
648Australian Human Rights Commission$5,929,067.41
649Connexxion Pty Limited$5,921,331.80
650The Uniting Church In Australia Property Trust$5,920,204.40
651University Of Canberra$5,875,449.10
652Print Media Group$5,873,704.29
653James COOK University$5,849,818.30
654KENN Borek AIR Ltd$5,828,000.00
655Northrop Grumman Overseas Service C$5,827,974.94
656ASPL Australia Pty Ltd$5,822,537.71
657DRS TEST & Energy Management, LLC$5,776,694.71
658Frontier Group Australia Pty Limite$5,775,011.28
659Red HAT Asia-pacific Pty Ltd$5,770,597.78
660Patella Properties Pty Ltd$5,766,991.03
661Spearpoint Solutions & Technology$5,760,025.53
662Medic Oncall$5,707,020.00
663Keysight Technologies Australia$5,703,936.28
664Bellinger Instruments Pty Ltd$5,702,547.06
665Philip CHUN And Associates Pty Ltd$5,686,824.00
666Simon National Carriers$5,660,786.00
667Geospatial Intelligence Pty Ltd$5,654,171.59
669SA Employers CCI$5,627,541.00
670Freightquip Pty Ltd$5,622,791.28
671ONE Investment Management P/L$5,621,128.80
672Marrickville Community Training Centre INC.$5,607,900.00
673Defence Maintenance Management$5,605,020.73
674Face2face Recruitment Pty Ltd$5,600,824.95
675Moray & Agnew Solicitors$5,595,367.05
676KIAH Consulting$5,592,864.64
677Acquia, INC.$5,563,673.01
678VEC Civil Engineering Pty Ltd$5,560,000.00
679AERO And Military Products P/L$5,553,185.87
680Projects Assured Pty Ltd ATF Projec$5,549,696.05
681LAW In Order$5,548,504.08
682Charter Mason$5,538,125.87
683Probe Group Pty Ltd$5,527,839.00
684Adecco Australia Pty Ltd$5,519,807.70
686Fortius Funds Management ATF Fapt.n$5,491,592.67
687Citylink UNIT Trust$5,451,257.27
688RGM Maintenance$5,444,629.83
689Vetting Solutions Australia$5,419,691.36
690Power And Water Corporation$5,409,000.00
691Ridgeway International Ltd$5,400,617.49
692Castlerock Property Management$5,372,540.16
693Menzies School Of Health Research$5,363,811.20
694DEAF Services Australia$5,327,379.00
695Lloyd's Register International$5,325,647.36
696CPT Global Australia Pty Ltd$5,308,958.82
697Frazer-nash Consultancy$5,307,148.79
698Sweett Group$5,305,979.80
700On The LINE$5,280,898.00
701Gichner Shelter Systems$5,279,466.68
702Scaletta Moloney Armouring$5,271,005.96
703Designcraft Furniture Pty Ltd$5,265,878.32
704Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre$5,265,604.00
705Power Initiatives$5,265,234.70
706Nechi Holdings Pty Ltd$5,263,920.24
707The Frame Group Pty Limited$5,252,786.16
708K And J Heenan And JR HILL$5,252,440.00
709Southtech Systems Pty Ltd$5,234,671.85
710Capability Driven Aquisition$5,221,789.40
711National E-health Transition Author$5,180,000.00
712Excelerated Consulting Pty Ltd$5,173,595.15
713Inmarsat Australia Pty Ltd$5,143,015.67
714G.H. Varley Pty Limited$5,137,140.64
715Airbus Military SL$5,125,442.90
716AUST Financial Security Authority$5,104,292.20
717Department Of Human Services$5,084,439.09
718ELTA Systems Ltd$5,079,624.60
719Hammond Street Developments$5,074,499.51
720Altis Consulting Pty Ltd$5,051,797.62
721Providence Consulting Group PL$5,043,065.79
722Zaknic Pagano Constructions P/L$5,018,738.40
723Forsvarets Materielverk Defence MAT$5,015,334.65
724WILE Investments$4,998,260.55
725APAC Security Pty Ltd$4,978,627.76
726Attorney-general's Department$4,959,037.97
727ADAM Smith International (australia) Pty Ltd$4,958,106.29
728Townsville CITY Council$4,955,971.48
729FK Gardner Services (qld) Pty Ltd$4,953,011.39
730ERGO ASIA$4,947,623.40
731Springer Customer Service Center GMBH$4,919,765.00
732Criterion Solutions Pty Ltd$4,900,788.85
733Vmware International Limited$4,887,326.69
734WEBB Henderson$4,873,039.00
736Harris Corporation DBA Government C$4,852,564.92
737Eaton Industries Pty Ltd$4,842,031.77
738Robert Walters Pty Ltd$4,839,855.11
739HP PPS Australia Pty Ltd$4,839,482.83
740Adobe Systems Software Ireland Ltd$4,831,035.55
741TRL Technology Limited$4,825,336.97
742UGL Engineering Pty Limited$4,820,463.03
743Noventus Pty Ltd$4,806,223.77
744L-3 Communications Corporation DBA$4,780,464.32
745Peoplescout Pty Ltd$4,766,229.07
746Dawson's Technical Services Pty Ltd$4,748,427.75
747Teradata Australia Pty Ltd$4,746,766.06
748Monterey Technologies, INC.$4,739,365.19
749Savv-e Pty Ltd$4,730,417.00
750HK Logistics Pty Ltd T/A HK Shipping International Pty Ltd$4,723,930.29
751Careers Multilist Ltd$4,721,343.81
752Geoscience Australia$4,715,904.45
753J. Blackwood And SON P/L$4,705,952.09
754Johnson Winter & Slattery$4,688,813.32
755HRC Security Pty Ltd$4,686,657.69
756Ebsco Australia$4,685,539.88
757Infofocus Australia Pty Ltd$4,673,625.34
758Jakeman Business Solutions$4,664,707.80
759Partners 4 Health Ltd$4,661,166.73
760Effective People Pty Ltd$4,660,277.87
761Northern Territory Of Australia$4,621,753.41
762Rheinmetall Simulation Australia$4,620,885.03
763RCR O'donnell Griffin Pty Ltd$4,612,813.30
764IDES Pty Ltd$4,610,857.89
765QIRX Pty Ltd$4,610,720.39
766ADCO Holdings Pty Ltd$4,600,000.00
767JPG Partners Pty Ltd$4,579,463.96
768Meggitt Training Systems Australia$4,572,960.02
769Banksia Scientific CO Pty Ltd$4,570,768.00
770National Vetting Services Pty Ltd$4,563,206.00
771Taylor Nelson Sofres Australia Pty Ltd$4,549,637.65
772Advance Business Specialists (abs) Pty Ltd AS Trustee For The MARK VAN LITH Family Trust$4,547,700.00
773Marathon Tyres Pty Ltd$4,538,857.19
774Kennelly Constructions Pty Ltd$4,530,892.28
775DEPT Of Immigration And Citizenship$4,528,938.29
776BEAK Engineering (aust) Pty Ltd$4,517,013.55
777Cornerstone Performance Management$4,470,988.83
778Bemac Security P/L$4,454,163.97
779Intelsat General Corporation$4,420,493.75
780Patrick Ports Pty Ltd$4,402,598.50
781RPV Consultants Pty Ltd$4,378,542.51
782Guardian Corporate Early Learning Centres Pty Ltd$4,368,000.00
783United States Coast Guard$4,365,307.60
784Air7000 P8 Poseidon Increment 1$4,360,260.71
785Alenia Aermacchi SPA$4,348,374.49
786PUT IT OUT There Pictures Pty Ltd$4,340,068.70
787BMD Constructions Pty Ltd$4,338,787.45
788Monash University$4,333,803.88
789Protiviti Pty Ltd$4,328,149.64
790The Uniting Church In Australia Property Trust WA$4,320,906.44
791Devsgroup Pty Ltd$4,316,090.65
792IPAR Rehabilitation Pty Ltd$4,273,368.00
793ROSS Human Directions Limited$4,269,132.90
794Persec Solutions$4,266,888.60
795LAND Rover Australia$4,266,264.42
796Inspired APPS Pty Ltd$4,264,360.39
797DRS Sustainment Systems, INC.$4,257,735.11
798Futura Defence Limited$4,230,324.00
799SMI Group Pty Ltd$4,225,858.91
800PT FABS Indonesia$4,209,016.38
801Aviko Pty Ltd$4,207,209.60
802Subliminal Marketing Pty Ltd$4,200,832.95
803Avepoint AU Pty Ltd$4,189,435.10
804Flight DATA Systems Pty Ltd$4,173,055.24
805PFD Foods Pty Ltd$4,168,580.39
807Independent Consultant Australia Network$4,121,094.00
808Mission Australia Early Learning$4,113,525.90
809Power Auctions LLC$4,106,340.00
810Mcniece Communications$4,104,529.99
811Deutsche BANK AG - Admin$4,090,625.00
812UBS AG AUST Branch - Admin$4,090,625.00
813KANE Constructions Pty Ltd$4,090,026.93
814Remote Pty Ltd$4,084,680.76
817Commonwealth BANK Of AUST - Admin$4,038,841.54
818LIFE Fitness Australia Pty Ltd$4,024,083.22
819Sturdy Components$4,023,362.44
820Correct Communications Pty Ltd$4,010,821.77
821Lorica Health Pty Ltd$4,006,300.00
822Strategic DATA$4,004,802.78
823Enfold Projects$3,997,990.70
824The Department Of Educaiton$3,986,940.00
825Synergy Resource Management$3,984,918.77
826Freebody Cogent Pty Ltd$3,984,736.93
827Yellow EDGE Pty Ltd$3,972,396.26
828CASA Leisure Pty Ltd$3,968,373.50
829Colin JOSS & CO. PTY. Limited &$3,960,000.00
830ERGT Australia Pty Ltd$3,956,132.31
831University Of Melbourne$3,953,809.69
832NTP Forklifts Australia$3,939,978.26
833Adelaide Research & Innovation P/L$3,931,723.93
834Atlantic & Peninsula Australia$3,923,335.27
835Mcgrathnicol Advisory Partnership$3,920,686.36
836RTDS Technologies Inc$3,902,298.74
837BLUE Swimmer Consulting Pty Ltd$3,895,235.28
838Mcarthur (vic) Pty Ltd$3,892,225.35
839Willemsen Group$3,882,483.00
840Asbuild (NT) Pty Ltd$3,869,944.86
841Mcarthur (qld) Pty Ltd$3,852,922.42
842Wilson Hammond Group Pty Ltd$3,850,264.31
843Construction Control Australia Pty Limited$3,848,219.65
844Poongsan Corporation$3,842,482.27
845Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems AUS*$3,840,446.21
846AAD Nominees Pty Ltd$3,837,275.13
847Defense Finance And Accounting SERV$3,836,940.58
848UXC Eclipse Pty Ltd$3,833,778.76
849Gusher Pty Ltd$3,805,706.42
850Cooinda Armett Pty Ltd$3,800,000.00
851Kobold Group Limited$3,792,685.93
852MOVE Dynamics$3,781,617.43
853Startech IT Consulting Pty Ltd$3,778,151.64
854ST Martins Centre Pty Ltd$3,767,689.00
855AVI Pty Ltd$3,767,641.19
856General Dynamics Mediaware$3,753,556.01
857Westvic Staffing Solutions Inc$3,751,500.00
858Department Of Economic Development$3,744,714.00
859Queensland Urban Utilities$3,735,600.00
860Sliced TECH Pty Ltd$3,732,107.11
861H I Fraser Pty Ltd$3,722,043.59
862Zenith Interiors Pty Ltd$3,718,289.09
863BOC Limited$3,715,611.83
864ROLL INN Pty Ltd$3,711,743.82
865Redcore Pty Ltd$3,703,758.19
866AAPT Limited$3,703,020.30
867Australian Education NSW Teachers F$3,700,000.00
868RISQ Group$3,680,196.01
869Explosive Protective Equipment$3,657,917.53
870Olympia Group WA Pty Ltd$3,650,764.70
871Ergon Energy$3,645,084.17
872University Of Technology Sydney$3,635,638.92
873Trimcast Products Pty Ltd$3,634,702.33
874Leidos Pty Ltd$3,607,672.48
875Arnold Furnace Pty Ltd$3,594,856.00
876Freightquip Pty Ltd$3,584,683.92
877Office Of Parliamentary Counsel$3,583,232.16
878Advanced VTOL Technologies Pty Ltd$3,561,385.64
879HALL & Watts Australia Pty Ltd$3,558,419.40
880Alltrans Imanagement P/L - USD$3,548,439.36
881Insurance Australia Limited$3,547,600.00
882Griffith University$3,542,034.06
883Dragon Alliance Pty Ltd AS Trustee For The Victoria Property Trust$3,537,131.00
884Colmar Brunton Pty Ltd$3,528,770.91
885Cockram Construction$3,527,172.60
886JOHN & ANNA Hayes "bullaworrie$3,523,720.43
887Steven Milard & Associates P/L ITF The Millard Family Trust$3,515,400.00
888Datron Advanced Technologies$3,512,283.87
889Innovative Business Computing Pty Limited$3,499,839.92
890CTO Group$3,466,064.22
892Manitowoc Crane Group Australia$3,442,734.46
893Motorola Solutions Australia$3,438,640.42
894Australian PUMP Industries Pty *$3,424,236.81
895Golder Associates Pty Ltd$3,419,482.43
896Andrew HAIN Family Trust$3,417,904.82
897Corporate Executive Board$3,410,152.88
898ZF Australia Pacific Pty Ltd$3,392,735.59
899Rockwell Collins, INC. DBA Governme$3,371,109.20
900Chemring Australia Pty Ltd$3,353,264.26
901Wizard People Pty Ltd$3,339,201.01
902J Walter Thompson Australia$3,336,541.00
903Chisholm Institute$3,335,900.00
904HTR Group Pty Ltd$3,316,384.71
905Ruswin Vetting Services Pty Ltd$3,312,194.82
906Stowe Australia Pty Ltd$3,308,785.27
907Calytrix Technologies Pty Ltd$3,306,442.91
908Affinity Construction$3,301,756.04
909Dynamic Business Systems Pty Ltd$3,300,931.20
910RMIT International University Vietnam$3,300,000.00
911Asian United FOOD Service$3,288,013.78
912Revolution IT Pty Ltd$3,256,987.14
913OAG Aviation Worldwide PTE Ltd$3,251,323.21
914Visco Security Vetting Pty Ltd$3,249,254.30
915NTT DATA Business Solutions$3,247,301.00
916Thermo Fisher Scientific$3,247,225.66
917Rutledge Engineering (aust) Pty Ltd$3,246,640.44
918Schiavello Construction (vic) Pty L$3,246,172.75
919C.I. Maintenance Services Pty Ltd$3,236,546.92
920QMI Solutions Ltd$3,236,205.00
921PALL Australia Pty Ltd$3,213,723.19
922Deloitte Access Economics$3,211,816.36
924Medhealth Pty Limite$3,208,492.15
925Protek ( AUST ) Pty Ltd$3,190,640.24
926Finxl Professional Services$3,179,226.01
927Fredon Technology Pty Ltd$3,178,366.20
928Inforail P/L$3,169,770.31
929BALE Defence Industries Pty Ltd$3,154,938.59
930Ocius Technology Ltd$3,150,430.80
931Berkeley Information Technology$3,145,568.37
932OZ Vetting Services$3,135,426.05
933AJF Partnership Pty Ltd$3,135,280.00
934Datacom Technical Security Services$3,131,782.50
935MXA Consulting Pty Ltd$3,125,854.89
936Origin Energy$3,125,397.81
937ISIS Group Australia Pty Ltd$3,123,705.66
938Electroboard Solutions Pty Ltd$3,117,834.92
939Program IT Pty Ltd$3,109,987.16
940SA Water$3,109,350.00
941Interaction Consulting Group$3,103,720.58
942Carine Nominees Norbuilt Properties$3,101,554.50
943Canberra HIRE Pty Limited$3,100,000.00
944The Trustee For The Sellar Family$3,097,059.53
945TN International (areva TN)$3,092,000.00
946Zauner Construction$3,090,884.52
947Airborne Support Services Pty Ltd$3,088,831.84
948Australian Target Systems$3,083,576.60
949Australian Bureau Of Agricultural And Resource Economics And Sciences$3,082,045.74
950NEC Australia Pty Ltd$3,070,746.73
951G-tek Australia Pty Ltd$3,068,494.00
952Fortburn Pty Ltd$3,065,195.50
953Wilson Security Pty Ltd$3,061,286.88
955Landcare Australia Ltd$3,050,600.00
956The Mathworks Australia Pty Ltd$3,049,533.30
957SRA Information Technology Pty Ltd$3,040,890.32
958Australian Institute Of Management$3,039,484.05
959Murumal Pty Ltd$3,038,814.77
960Informatica Australia Pty Ltd$3,032,657.67
961Sensis Pty Ltd$3,032,562.82
962Vopak Terminal Darwin Pty Limited$3,025,000.00
963Canberra Consulting Resources Pty L$3,020,270.40
964HALL & Partners OPEN MIND$3,019,390.11
965Australian Healthcare Associates$3,018,883.71
966BAE Systems National Security Solut$3,017,542.40
967Adacel Technologies Limited$3,016,398.89
968Boeing Australia Component$3,012,440.27
969GRA Supply Chain Pty Ltd$3,005,926.46
970Aerosure ASIA Pacific Pty Limited$3,004,547.76
971Expertise Events Pty Ltd$3,000,000.00
972World Agroforestry Centre$3,000,000.00
973Amazon WEB Services$2,984,887.90
974Holmesglen Institute$2,983,694.00
975Stewart & Heaton Clothing CO Pty Ltd$2,977,928.94
976RISK Decisions Pty Ltd$2,969,400.87
977CCH Australia Limited$2,961,794.64
978Forms Administration Pty Ltd$2,957,815.71
979Jeppesen Sanderson, INC. DBA Jeppes$2,954,259.45
980Sydney Water$2,951,000.00
981COX Architecture Pty Ltd$2,943,987.42
982Redback BOOT Company Pty Ltd$2,924,701.45
983Moore Management Pty Ltd$2,913,131.10
984Server Racks Australia$2,902,616.62
985Premier Protection Agency$2,890,162.35
986Barpa Construction Services$2,873,185.10
987DICK Vernons Constructions$2,863,788.21
988BULL And BEAR Special Assignments$2,860,583.00
989Martin Baker Aircraft CO Ltd$2,847,751.98
990Australian Airports Association$2,841,000.00
991Cubic Defence NEW Zealand Ltd$2,840,768.87
992C P S Systems Pty Ltd$2,838,480.70
993Point Trading$2,834,680.36
994Airborne Systems North America Of N$2,833,372.03
995Whybin/tbwa Group$2,824,687.24
996Australian Nuclear Science And$2,821,472.55
997Primary Business$2,819,208.00
998Department Of Health - Metropolitan$2,804,738.00
999Ocean Software Pty Ltd$2,804,112.38
1000Staehr Street Incorporated$2,789,000.00
1001Rural Directions Pty Ltd$2,773,500.00
1002Department Of Health$2,772,005.65
1003Communications And Information$2,772,000.00
1004BMF Advertising Pty Ltd$2,765,623.04
1005Rural Finance Corporation Of Victoria$2,750,000.00
1006S & A Contracting Pty Ltd$2,748,411.60
1007Procurement Australia$2,745,893.70
1008UNI Of NEW England$2,743,158.60
1009O And S Holdings (vic) Pty Ltd$2,738,072.74
1010National ICT Australia Ltd$2,725,519.50
1011Morris Walker$2,724,547.53
1012Civilplus Constructions Pty Ltd$2,722,855.79
1013Converge INT. INC. Resolutions RTK$2,719,265.70
1014Scope Resources (WA) Pty Ltd$2,704,181.05
1015Equity Partners$2,701,249.92
1016Henry Davis YORK$2,697,670.65
1017Natural Resource Assessments$2,694,565.67
1018Online 89$2,687,855.15
1019Defence Liaison Services Pty Ltd$2,679,037.75
1020Civilcraft Pty Ltd$2,673,766.30
1021Ollies Family Restaurants$2,663,967.25
1022Sonic Healthplus Pty Ltd$2,656,660.44
1023Manteena Security (aust) Pty Ltd$2,652,069.73
1024Westpac Institutional BANK - Admin$2,640,512.00
1025Jankel Armouring Limited$2,628,351.72
1026Fugro Survey Pty Ltd$2,615,232.40
1027Clearz Pty Ltd$2,606,164.00
1028Laerdal Pty Ltd$2,604,531.35
1029Central Civil & Plumbing$2,603,227.00
1030DBA SANS Institute Advanced!technologies, Inc., The!db$2,599,999.35
1031MWA Systems Pty Ltd$2,595,831.00
1032Mackay Consolidated Industries$2,593,316.55
1033SHL Australia Pty Ltd$2,592,473.47
1034ANNA COVE$2,585,889.11
1035Allen-vanguard Corporation$2,577,531.43
1036Royal WOLF Trading Australia PT*$2,561,046.79
1037Baoro And Associates$2,560,580.65
1038PMB Defence Engineering Pty Ltd$2,553,203.63
1039BAC Systems Pty Ltd$2,531,505.63
1040GN Clearing$2,529,017.01
1041GJP Project Management Services$2,518,328.92
1042Consilium Technology Pty Ltd$2,511,887.63
1043Vicom Australia Pty Ltd$2,496,918.81
1044Grain Industry Association Of Western Australia$2,492,912.50
1045Complexia Pty Ltd$2,492,263.40
1046AMC Architure$2,483,763.30
1047Armtech Pty Ltd$2,478,610.66
1048Semaphore Alliance P/L$2,476,341.48
1049Columbia Helicopters, INC.$2,470,156.81
1050Rojone Pty Limited$2,466,846.40
1051Executive Intelligence Group$2,463,670.96
1052Walga Mining & Services Pty Ltd$2,459,336.00
1053Zodiac Milpro Australia Pty Ltd$2,450,754.35
1054Protecht.erm Pty Ltd$2,450,227.07
1055Department Of Justice (nsw)$2,441,096.00
1056Information Management Careers Pty Ltd$2,440,391.25
1057Secretariat Of The Pacific Community$2,439,575.06
1058Tangentyere Constructions$2,439,192.71
1059Elizabeth ANNE Cheeseman$2,431,523.03
1060E-serve Pty Ltd$2,424,426.40
1061Bernie LEEN Demolition & Contract.$2,424,393.40
1062Department Of The Prime Minister$2,415,753.24
1063AIR Target Services Pty Ltd$2,408,172.69
1064Meggitt Training Systems Canada Inc$2,401,480.83
1065National Rugby League Limited$2,400,000.00
1066Changepoint Canada ULC$2,389,211.35
1067EW Simulation Technology Ltd$2,387,751.21
1068DELL Software International$2,382,733.71
1069NUIX Pty Ltd$2,381,845.34
1070AMR Interactive Pty Ltd$2,379,706.00
1071Actian Australia Pty Limited$2,368,538.00
1072Darwin Waterfront Corporation$2,362,360.00
1073COX Inall Communications$2,354,516.00
1074Sirva Pty Ltd$2,352,779.25
1075POST OAK Building, LLC$2,341,790.00
1076Simon George And SONS Pty Ltd$2,340,588.52
1077Industries DE Cables D'acier LTEE$2,339,340.90
1078Kyocera Document Solutions$2,338,566.46
1079Pricewaterhousecoopers Indigenous$2,327,920.25
1080Australian Commission On Safety And$2,322,384.00
1081Dexus CPA Pty Ltd$2,315,743.21
1082Auswide Management Limited$2,310,013.26
1083Budget Demolition & Excavation Pty$2,304,471.68
1084Engineering & Scientific Systems PL$2,301,029.00
1085Cogility Consulting Pty Ltd$2,300,408.00
1086Gatekeeper Vetting Pty Ltd$2,297,752.90
1087Panhurst Pty Ltd$2,297,000.00
1088Health Policy Analysis Pty Ltd$2,295,000.00
1089Accessity Pty Ltd$2,293,780.50
1090LEVI RAY & Shoup Inc$2,289,342.00
1091R.M. Williams Proprietary Limit*$2,288,005.57
1092Joleta Pty Limited & Leslie Raymond Bowyer$2,278,700.00
1093Matthews PEGG Consulting Pty Ltd$2,271,378.00
1094Rockys OWN Transport CO$2,249,452.65
1095Acspro Pty Ltd$2,248,634.56
1096The Children's Hospital At Westmead$2,243,428.98
1097DON Clarke Nominees Pty Ltd$2,235,776.77
1098Intertek Testing Services$2,228,080.30
1099Hobsons BAY CITY Council$2,216,449.32
1100Ultra Electronics Advanced Tactical$2,213,188.53
1101Sentinel Office NO.1 Pty Ltd$2,212,402.96
1102Micro-x Pty Ltd$2,208,800.00
1103Pratt Commercial Holdings Pty Ltd$2,207,868.04
1104DEPT Of Finance And Services$2,203,856.04
1105The World Vegetable Center$2,199,979.10
1106AUS CTRE Posttraumatic M/h-nab ACC ONLY$2,199,326.60
1107Dixon Appointments Pty Ltd$2,196,475.06
1108Sutherland Shite Council$2,189,615.07
1109Cubic Defence NEW Zealand Ltd$2,188,409.30
1110Trijicon, INC.$2,175,306.89
1111Department Of Finance$2,173,849.00
1112Woods Bagot Pty Ltd$2,170,679.29
1113Simbiant Pty Ltd$2,158,000.00
1114Australian Institute Of Marine Science$2,156,173.05
1115Copyright Agency Limited$2,154,659.06
1116IOM - Canberra$2,154,000.00
1117Squiz Australia Pty Ltd$2,150,401.80
1118360 Marine Pty Ltd$2,150,241.60
1119Swinburne University Of Technology$2,135,695.06
1120Department Of Defense$2,134,918.40
1121Australian Marine Complex - C U F$2,133,837.41
1122Praxis Consultants Pty Ltd$2,126,485.43
1123International Organization For$2,123,356.73
1124Elmtek Pty Ltd$2,122,512.05
1125LIST A Barristers$2,122,257.75
1126Holco FINE MEAT Suppliers$2,122,001.37
1127ABLE Industries Engineering P/L$2,110,404.96
1128AFC Group Pty Ltd$2,108,612.55
1129Vetec Security Pty Ltd$2,106,098.94
1130ALLY Group Pty Limited$2,105,277.50
1131Cocos Islands Co-operative Society$2,100,562.72
1132Australasian Cardiac Outcomes Regis$2,099,617.85
1133Balance Recruitment Pty Ltd$2,098,339.84
1134Antoun's Construction Pty Ltd$2,089,164.91
1135TUGG P/L$2,086,031.31
1136Copal Engineering Pty Ltd$2,083,119.50
1137Talent International$2,082,446.58
1138Thomson Reuters (professional)$2,080,956.99
1139Mechdyne Corporation$2,065,045.93
1140Auswide Management$2,061,095.04
1141Divex ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$2,060,309.51
1142Grace Removals Group$2,050,199.99
1143Formula Interiors Pty Ltd$2,035,821.00
1144Keyclue Pty Limited$2,032,520.64
1145Officemax Australia$2,031,762.35
1146Wartsila Australia Pty Ltd$2,020,284.56
1148Wdscott ASIA Pty Ltd$2,015,329.38
1149Sanofi-aventis Australia Pty Ltd$2,012,712.94
1150Allen Vanguard Ltd (UK)$2,001,121.33
1151Energy Brokers$2,000,000.00
1152ACIL Allen Consulting Pty Ltd$1,998,906.29
1153Agilent Technologies AUST Pty$1,995,807.97
1154Pacific Marine Group Pty Ltd$1,991,100.40
1155Australian Regional And Remote Community Services Limited$1,989,262.00
1156Selex ES SPA$1,984,657.06
1157Aura, S.r.o.$1,982,528.00
1158Aphelion DATA$1,982,346.44
1159National TEST Pilot School Inc$1,982,189.25
1160APP Corporation Pty Ltd$1,980,062.21
1161303 LOWE Group Sydney Pty Ltd$1,980,000.00
1162Armsign Pty Ltd$1,980,000.00
1163AERO Parts Australia Pty Ltd$1,973,064.73
1164National Convention Centre$1,965,810.33
1165LIFE Without Barriers$1,964,252.39
1166Nexus Vetting$1,964,168.80
1167Klinge Corporation DBA Reefer Parts$1,956,966.82
1168Rocket Software Pty Ltd$1,955,921.46
1169Norship Marine$1,950,959.13
1170Servicepoint Australia Pty Ltd$1,948,520.21
1171ASC AWD Shipbuilder Pty Ltd$1,944,949.53
1172Sonartech Atlas Pty Ltd$1,941,497.11
1173Australian Bedding CO$1,940,999.00
1174Charles Kendall & Partners Ltd$1,936,204.66
1175Pel-air Aviation Pty Ltd$1,928,769.85
1176Sensory7 Pty Ltd$1,928,012.00
1177Integrated Technical Management Pty.ltd.$1,927,324.73
1178Acendre Pty Ltd$1,924,198.46
1179Flinders University$1,924,136.75
1180CMC Electronics Inc$1,922,231.08
1181Archtis Pty Ltd$1,919,290.70
1182VSL Australia Pty Ltd$1,914,396.00
1183Australian Calibrating Services$1,913,194.88
1184Enterprise Architects (vic)$1,910,348.00
1185IOD PARC$1,910,075.46
1186Amare Safety Pty Ltd$1,903,806.62
1187Datacom Connect Pty Ltd$1,902,736.00
1188Access Control Engineered Systems P$1,900,058.00
1189Peanut Company Of Australia$1,900,000.00
1190Veolia Environmental Services$1,897,460.99
1191Minelab Electronics Pty Ltd$1,897,152.40
1192Noggin Pty Ltd$1,892,386.00
1193ZOO Advertising Pty Ltd$1,891,931.55
1194Message Stick Communications Pty Ltd$1,891,653.68
1195Waters Australia Pty Ltd$1,890,054.08
1196IRON Mountain$1,887,313.85
1197Avnet Electronics Marketing$1,886,261.73
1198Tridant Pty Ltd$1,884,949.00
1199INO Contract Furniture Pty Ltd$1,882,173.33
1200Pitney Bowes Software Pty Ltd$1,881,147.45
1201People Measures P/L$1,880,666.29
1202Third Horizon Consulting Pty Ltd$1,877,432.70
1203Redbay Consulting$1,867,557.85
1204Combat Clothing AUST Pty Ltd$1,866,469.17
1205LBE Technology$1,865,210.09
1206FCO Services$1,864,645.71
1207Capital Constructions (qld) Pty Ltd$1,861,991.90
1208Benmax Pty Ltd$1,853,907.20
1209Baldock, MARK$1,849,000.00
1210Delta Pty Ltd$1,844,958.58
1211Rolls-royce Corporation$1,843,757.53
1212Business Enterprise Centre Cabonne Orange Blayney Inc$1,841,400.00
1213RPC Technologies Pty Ltd$1,840,217.69
1214Pacific Datacom$1,836,722.90
1215Canberra Airport Pty Ltd$1,832,056.00
1216A & A Testing Consultants Pty Ltd$1,821,107.20
1217Transformed Pty Ltd$1,813,146.00
1218FM Projects Australia Pty Ltd$1,812,138.60
1219Optum Health & Technology (australia) Pty Ltd$1,809,378.86
1220Markerry Industries Pty Ltd$1,804,984.50
1221Serenidad Consulting Pty Ltd$1,801,474.49
1222Austal Ships Pty Ltd$1,800,607.71
1223University Of The South Pacific$1,800,000.00
1224Inter'l ORG For Migration$1,799,774.31
1225Southern Farming Systems$1,798,440.00
1226T. T. Building Consultants Pty Ltd$1,797,753.32
1227S J & D A WEIR Family Trust$1,793,796.00
1228Schiavello (act) Pty Ltd$1,784,983.95
1229FIJI Institute Of Technology$1,784,698.13
1230Pepworldwide Pty Limited$1,784,553.54
1231Legear Australia Pty Ltd$1,783,329.56
1232Intelligent Software Solutions, Inc$1,781,181.34
1233Security & Technology Services$1,778,523.48
1234Border Express$1,778,231.40
1235Swordfish Computing Pty Ltd (atf)$1,777,499.31
1236Vernet Pty Ltd$1,775,427.70
1237Frontline Australasia Pty Ltd$1,773,813.92
1238Australian Healthcare And Hospitals$1,770,739.00
1239Ngarda Civil And Mining Pty Ltd$1,766,246.58
1240RSM BIRD Cameron$1,763,096.99
1241DMAA Seaforce Pty Limited$1,762,916.35
1242Quadric Pty Ltd$1,762,459.65
1243Britton Maritime Systems Pty Ltd$1,759,144.92
1244Epicon IT Solutions Pty Ltd$1,758,072.80
1245ACPP Office Pty Limited And AMP Capital Investors Limited$1,754,673.73
1246Laser Plumbing SALE$1,754,068.80
1247Chief Fluid Systems Pty Ltd$1,753,562.26
1248Meyer Vandenberg$1,752,712.25
1249BAE Systems Information And Electro$1,751,167.89
1250OLD Parliament House$1,750,194.17
1251Akubra HATS Pty Ltd$1,745,430.50
1252Knight Frank Australia Pty Ltd$1,737,365.85
1253Aerosafe RISK Management Pty Ltd$1,736,500.00
1254Willis Australia Ltd$1,736,178.40
1255Expal Systems, S.A.$1,735,905.60
1256Department Of Primary Industries PA$1,729,763.27
1257Rehab Management AUS$1,728,477.40
1258Advisian Pty Ltd$1,726,299.14
1259Oil States Industries, Inc DBA SPEC$1,725,669.51
1260Perth Airport Pty Ltd$1,725,010.38
1261Orbital Systems, Ltd$1,722,897.97
1262Pacific ECHO$1,721,420.27
1263Maser Defence Pty Ltd$1,720,887.30
1264Kordamentha (nsw)$1,719,111.53
1265Environmental Resources Management$1,718,779.14
1266Basic Engineering Concepts &$1,717,931.26
1267Hensoldt Sensors GMBH$1,716,780.28
1268AXT Pty Ltd$1,715,840.02
1269Quinn Truck Services$1,709,258.41
1270Manteena Pty Ltd$1,700,071.51
1271Index Consultants$1,698,070.00
1272Qintessential Equity 032 Pty Ltd$1,695,077.00
1273RORK Projects Pty Ltd$1,694,310.79
1274Siggins Miller Consultants PTY. Ltd$1,691,459.15
1275Androgogic Pty Ltd$1,690,129.25
1276Honeywell International INC. DBA HO$1,687,887.27
1277Secondmuse (australia) Pty Ltd$1,683,633.60
1278General Dynamics C4 Systems, INC.$1,675,652.12
1279Federal Reserve BANK Of Ny/its$1,667,966.21
1280Bytecode Pty Ltd$1,667,807.20
1281Proximity Advisory Services P/L$1,667,414.50
1282Bligh Voller Nield Pty Ltd$1,660,648.00
1283Beaver Engineering Pty Ltd$1,658,968.90
1284Infoxchange Australia$1,656,270.00
1285Relegen Pty Ltd$1,656,172.62
1286Horizon Power$1,651,342.45
1287GPT Property Management P/L$1,650,000.00
1288Donna Cross$1,648,642.55
1289HUNT & HUNT$1,643,810.00
1290The Australian Psychological Societ$1,643,730.02
1291Cultural Perspectives Pty Ltd$1,643,152.04
1292RPS Australia EAST Pty Ltd$1,642,617.10
1293CDTS Australia Pty Ltd$1,642,161.88
1294Sweeney Research Pty Ltd$1,641,899.95
1295Thoughtworks Australia Pty Ltd$1,640,171.18
1296Harbans Singh Hayer Hansa Singh H And Malkit Singh Hayer$1,639,991.23
1297The Westbourne Group$1,639,907.60
1298TRIO TEST And Measurement Pty L*$1,638,555.39
1299Honeywell Limited$1,637,950.83
1301I P Trading Pty Ltd$1,633,199.70
1302Associated Aircraft Manufacturi*$1,631,697.35
1303Finkisoft Pty Ltd$1,628,096.80
1304Worleyparsons Services Pty Limited$1,626,842.89
1305Brisbane Airport Corporation$1,625,745.47
1306Grosvenor Management Consulting$1,621,113.67
1307Epica Solutions Pty Ltd$1,618,100.00
1308RMA Contracting Pty Ltd$1,616,266.94
1309K. J. ROSS & Associates Pty Ltd$1,608,670.26
1310ASI Solutions Pty Ltd$1,605,675.32
1311Gordon & Jackson$1,605,340.80
1312STEM Industries Pty Ltd$1,600,150.41
1313I.d.s. Consultants Pty Ltd$1,598,480.00
1314Aerokwai SDN BHD$1,596,441.85
1315MG Electrical Services Pty Ltd$1,591,372.20
1316AUST & NEW Z/land School Of GOV$1,586,997.96
1317Exclaim IT Pty Ltd$1,581,224.00
1318MWH Australia Pty Ltd$1,580,551.40
1319HALL Contracting Pty Ltd$1,575,285.81
1320FLIR Systems Australia Pty Ltd$1,575,063.21
1321Centro DE Investigacion Y DE Estudi Avanzados DEL Instituto Politcnico$1,574,919.78
1322Harper International Corporation$1,574,648.00
1323Reeves International Pty Ltd$1,571,037.82
1324Cardno (nsw/act) Pty Ltd$1,568,244.17
1325Thinc Projects Australia Pty Ltd$1,565,799.78
1326Bohemia Interactive Australia Pty$1,564,751.46
1327Alpha Flight Services Pty Ltd$1,563,465.66
1328Intravision Pty Ltd$1,560,098.36
1329Autonomic Software Inc$1,557,726.99
1330CGI INFO Systems$1,555,710.60
1331Innovative Climate Control Pty L$1,554,000.35
1332MRB Communications Pty Ltd$1,553,318.05
1333Solution 4 Building Pty Ltd$1,552,800.47
1334V2R Projects Pty Ltd$1,548,962.29
1335Department Of The Environment,australian Antarctic Division$1,548,531.42
1336Coffey Environments Pty Ltd$1,547,372.83
1337Tanner James Management Consultants Pty Ltd$1,546,441.45
1338Steridium Pty Ltd$1,545,225.00
1339Consunet Pty Ltd$1,544,262.31
1340Bruce HICK Electrical DATA Pty Ltd$1,543,409.90
1341Indal Technologies Inc$1,542,228.44
1342The DUKE Of Edinburgh's Internation$1,540,000.00
1343Injury Treatment Pty Ltd$1,529,000.00
1344Major Training Services Pty Ltd$1,527,481.01
1345Conference Logistics$1,527,456.26
1346Reading ROOM Australia Pty Ltd$1,527,254.12
1347RISK Management Technologies$1,524,940.30
1348Ogilvy & Mather (sydney) Pty Ltd$1,520,340.00
1349Southern Cross University$1,519,585.50
1350SKA Organisation$1,517,100.91
1351P&O Maritime Services Pty Ltd$1,506,000.00
1352IHS Global PTE Ltd$1,502,957.32
1353Gulanga Group Pty Ltd$1,501,860.80
1354Macro Recruitment$1,499,159.34
1355Rundle Retail Investments Pty Ltd$1,498,685.75
1356Waterforms UK Ltd$1,497,099.00
1357Alliance Consulting Group Pty Ltd$1,492,283.41
1358Athena SIAM Ltd$1,490,765.00
1359Rolfe Property Services$1,490,393.21
1360William Adams Pty Ltd$1,487,627.69
1361GAS Technology Services Pty Ltd$1,487,577.59
1362Goodyear And Dunlop Tyres$1,484,596.31
1363Softtestpays Pty Ltd$1,483,036.25
1364YAEL Bright Consulting Pty Ltd$1,482,715.00
1365University Of Newcastle$1,475,776.85
1366Bolte Civil Pty Limited$1,471,040.27
1367GFK Australia Pty Ltd$1,470,046.46
1368AIR NZ Engineering Services$1,466,945.40
1369Georgiou Group Pty Ltd$1,463,564.28
1370OMNI Executive Pty Ltd$1,458,351.29
1371Schiavello Constructions (qld) Pty$1,453,514.25
1372KPKC PTY. LTD.$1,450,212.50
1373Ionize Pty Ltd$1,449,629.94
1374University Of Queensland$1,448,931.00
1375The Trustee For Western Australia Trust$1,447,779.39
1376On Q Recruitment$1,445,829.50
1377Barrington Personnel Security$1,445,391.34
1378Adobe Systems Software Ireland$1,440,856.40
1379ECO Logical Australia Pty Ltd$1,437,338.70
1380Kynetic Pty Limited$1,429,855.82
1381DMTC Limited$1,426,168.70
1382Flightsafety International INC.$1,420,877.77
1383Dillon Aero, INC.$1,418,481.05
1384Natural Power Solutions Pty Ltd$1,418,183.64
1385CH2M HILL AUST Pty Ltd$1,413,923.83
1386Interchem Pty Ltd$1,410,001.68
1387Perkin Elmer Pty Ltd$1,407,570.71
1388C3 Business Solutions Pty Ltd$1,406,635.25
1389Kobra Shredders Australia Pty Ltd$1,403,956.10
1390ORC International Pty Ltd$1,403,608.33
1391Secom Technical Services Pty Ltd$1,401,890.37
1392Ekonsulting Pty Ltd$1,400,862.82
1393Herbert Smith Freehills$1,398,712.48
1394The Trustee For Bayani Family Trust$1,397,500.01
1395Global Project Solutions Pty Ltd$1,395,335.20
1396SOS Marine$1,391,374.05
1397Cultural Facilities Corporation$1,390,450.00
1398Communications & Power Industries$1,387,902.06
1399Tagara Builders Pty Ltd$1,386,553.19
1400Diskdome PTY. Limited$1,382,422.84
1401NSW Rural Assistance Authority$1,375,000.00
1402Pacnet Services (A) Pty Ltd$1,374,064.02
1403Allocate Software Pty Ltd$1,373,570.00
1404Arthur J Gallagher (aus) Pty Ltd$1,373,217.18
1405DEPT Of Minerals And Petroleum Resources$1,372,984.00
1406QP3 Consulting$1,372,334.84
1407Indianic Diving Services$1,371,637.68
1408Gallagher Bassett Services Pty Ltd$1,367,705.03
1409ARTD Pty Ltd$1,366,816.51
1410UK MOD$1,363,931.10
1411Associated Electronic Services$1,361,216.48
1412Aerospace Solutions Pty Ltd$1,361,052.54
1413Maryjames Pty Ltd$1,358,857.83
1414DNA Innovation Pty Ltd$1,358,500.00
1415Ridgeline Solutions Australia P/L$1,355,992.00
1416Oregon Pacific International$1,355,538.31
1417Project Outcomes Pty Ltd$1,354,650.02
1418Group Training Australia Limited$1,350,000.00
1419ZEN EX Machina Pty Ltd$1,349,231.00
1420Hitachi Construction Machinery (AUS$1,346,054.24
1421E2V Technologies (UK) Limited$1,345,333.05
1422MSA & Associates Pty Ltd$1,340,582.55
1423Grant Steinberg Pty Ltd$1,336,500.00
1424PJB Advisory$1,336,500.00
1425Cleartrack Pty Ltd$1,336,500.00
1426Edict International Consultants Pty Ltd$1,336,500.00
1427PD Analytical Pty Ltd$1,336,500.00
1428Agile Digital Engineering Pty Ltd$1,336,189.03
1429Mpower Projects Pty Limited$1,334,737.55
1430Canning Agricultural, Hortincultural And Recreational Society (inc)$1,332,098.23
1431MACK Consulting Group Pty Ltd$1,330,873.03
1432LES Australia Pty Ltd$1,330,099.61
1433Workplace Research Associates$1,329,310.33
1434Biothoughts Pty Ltd$1,328,800.00
1435ALLY Group Pty Limited$1,326,028.00
1436AIR N Energy Pty Ltd$1,323,300.00
1437Spinifexit Global Pty Ltd$1,318,970.55
1438Datavoice Canberra Pty Ltd$1,316,356.09
1439Guida Moseley Brown P/L$1,315,373.40
1440Convergence Associates$1,313,164.00
1441Parkes Forbes Enterprise Development Centre Inc$1,311,300.00
1442Unitronix Pty Ltd$1,309,729.05
1443Artis Group Pty.limited$1,307,218.26
1444Sherrell Ocean Services$1,306,100.00
1445Ibisworld Pty Ltd$1,305,271.16
1446Westrac Equipment Pty Ltd$1,303,061.17
1447Origin Energy LPG Limited$1,301,300.00
1448CRC CARE Pty Ltd$1,300,231.30
1449CPM DEPT Of Corrective Services$1,297,930.05
1450Vmware International Ltd$1,293,672.80
1451Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd$1,292,789.74
1452Purdon & Featherstone$1,292,347.19
1453Macartney Australia Pty Ltd$1,287,474.94
1454HAY Enterprises (nsw) Pty Ltd$1,283,835.53
1455Finity Consulting Pty Ltd$1,283,700.00
1456Speedcast Australia Pty Ltd$1,283,147.28
1457Gracosway Pty Ltd$1,280,716.80
1458Sterihealth Services Pty Ltd$1,279,750.00
1459Cloudera Inc$1,278,774.00
1460J Holland JOSS Cons. Joint Venture$1,278,750.00
1461Huber And Suhner (aust) Pty Ltd$1,275,910.50
1462Department Of Premier And Cabinet$1,273,633.15
1463GPX Surveys Pty Ltd$1,272,360.98
1464A&P Group$1,270,845.26
1465Upton Martin Consulting$1,270,722.52
1467YTEK Pty Ltd$1,264,046.01
1468Mediserve Pty Ltd$1,262,612.80
1469Harrison A S And CO Pty Ltd$1,260,754.99
1470FTI Consulting Technology (syd) Pty Ltd$1,260,594.50
1471Griffith HACK$1,259,230.01
1472Humphrey LAW And CO Pty Ltd$1,257,898.62
1473Exxonmobil Aviation$1,255,650.47
1474Lakeside Software Pty Ltd$1,254,702.90
1475Allen-vanguard Ltd$1,253,363.94
1476Kidde Aerospace & Defence Pty Ltd$1,252,745.08
1477Colliers International Project Services Pty Ltd$1,252,724.00
1478Michelin Australia Pty Ltd$1,252,548.55
1479Pacific Scientific Company DIV AVIA$1,251,081.42
1480Intelligence Pty Ltd$1,249,964.19
1481Oshkosh Defense, LLC$1,246,030.99
1482BI Group Pty Ltd$1,240,984.80
1483Pietro & Gladys & Steven Lanza & Gloria Casey$1,232,966.72
1484BURI Building & Design Pty Ltd$1,230,304.90
1485Oxford Instruments Plasma$1,229,374.82
1486L2S Engineering Pty Ltd$1,229,098.20
1487Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (oceania) Pty Ltd$1,227,270.00
1488Tescom Australasia PTY. LTD.$1,226,748.60
14893-D Micromac AG$1,226,412.50
1490Wallop Defence Systems Ltd$1,222,970.55
1491LEAP Australia Pty Ltd$1,221,242.24
1492Milspec Manufacturing Pty Ltd$1,219,181.95
1493On Island Health Service Accreditat$1,216,797.00
1494Queensland FIRE And Emergency$1,216,213.34
1495MSA (aust.) PTY. Limited$1,215,461.75
1496Avoka Technologies Pty Ltd$1,213,365.42
1497SMEC Australia Pty Ltd$1,212,623.82
1498The Trustee For The Mantis$1,211,014.48
1499Vyncan Pty Ltd$1,207,438.00
1500Complete Office Supplies Pty Ltd$1,206,800.00
1501Kleenheat GAS NT$1,203,975.46
1502Mountcastle Pty Ltd$1,202,744.50
1504Cesar Pty Ltd$1,200,000.00
1505AVON Valley Holdings Pty Ltd$1,199,308.33
1506GOAL Professional Services Pty Ltd$1,197,186.17
1507The Worldfish Centre$1,195,622.00
1508Pacific Aerospace Consulting Pty$1,195,298.62
1509Institute Of Quality$1,195,250.00
1510Icognition Pty Ltd$1,195,035.05
1511Office Of The Australian Information Commissioner$1,192,976.00
1512Recordpoint Software APAC Pty Ltd$1,192,065.00
1513Watters Electrical Pty Ltd$1,191,844.50
1514Justicetrax Inc$1,191,168.20
1515Integral Consulting Services$1,190,926.00
1516Earlville Doortop$1,184,417.07
1517Allied Technology International$1,184,296.31
1518Australian Valuation Solutions Pty Ltd$1,182,822.50
1519Aquasora Pty Ltd$1,180,341.62
1520Martin Donnelly Pty Ltd$1,179,652.88
1521Marsden Jacob Associates P/L$1,178,416.54
1522Virtual Simulation Systems Pty Ltd$1,178,371.72
1523Office Of Environment And Heritage$1,175,800.00
1524QUBE Ports & BULK$1,173,198.71
1525Harwicks Limited$1,173,000.00
1526Eb2b.com Pty Ltd$1,172,250.00
1527Biometix Pty Ltd$1,167,462.70
1528People & Strategy (act)$1,167,269.06
1529EBOR Computing$1,159,981.18
1530Department Of The Environment,australian Antarctic Division$1,159,360.03
1531Paragon Printers$1,158,818.00
1532LION Dairy & Drinks$1,158,733.12
1533Davidson Trahaire Corpsych$1,158,613.00
1534UVS Pty Ltd$1,157,072.23
1535The Hackett Group Australia Pty Ltd$1,157,064.00
1536Wilde And Woollard$1,156,534.00
1537Spanset Australia Ltd$1,150,813.28
1538Mechanical AIR Conditioning Technol$1,148,838.13
1540Downunder Geosolutions Pty Ltd$1,143,971.79
1541LEED Engineering & Construction$1,142,518.30
1542ARIA Project Management Solutions$1,141,753.21
1543Olympus Australia Pty Ltd$1,141,221.06
1544United Technology Solutions$1,141,031.75
1545Excillum AB$1,140,628.00
1546Piper Alderman Management Pty Ltd$1,139,825.11
1547Gruden Pty Ltd$1,139,020.43
1548Moore Stephens Sydney Pty Ltd$1,138,971.56
1549Jebel Consultant Group PL$1,138,445.00
1550Itcom Australia Pty Ltd$1,137,473.86
1551CAPS Australia Pty TLD$1,129,523.80
1552Australian Radiation And Nuclear$1,127,897.90
1553TOP CUT Foods Sydney$1,127,623.53
1554Sunraysia Regional Consulting Incorporated$1,127,000.00
1555LOWY Institute$1,126,483.60
1556Commsnet Group Pty Ltd$1,124,854.44
1557Hamilton Collins$1,122,000.00
1558Northgate Australia Pty Ltd$1,122,000.00
1559HDT Expeditionary Systems, INC.$1,121,297.54
1560Simulation Solutions Australia$1,118,134.69
1561A.E. Smith Services (seq) Pty Ltd$1,117,558.80
1562Goodrich Corporation$1,116,718.08
1563TAFE Queensland$1,116,293.00
1564HPI HIGH Pressure Intrumentation GE$1,116,164.97
1565ICS Industries Pty Ltd$1,115,768.50
1566KLAS Telecom Services INC. DBA (FOR$1,114,196.97
1567MPA Construction Group Pty Ltd$1,113,263.09
1568Department Of Science Information$1,112,925.60
1569Toyota Material Handling$1,112,143.77
1570Origin Energy Electricity Limited$1,110,207.21
1571General Dynamics Canada Ltd$1,109,682.46
1572Thamarrurr Development CORP$1,109,050.47
1573TNT Express$1,108,994.00
1574Engility Corporation$1,108,469.07
1575OAG Worldwide Ltd$1,105,983.95
1576Hearnshaw And Partners Pty Ltd$1,104,766.60
1577Advanced Records Management$1,102,883.50
1578Graymorr Consulting Pty Ltd$1,102,509.92
1579Envoltec Pty Ltd$1,102,097.40
1580HTM Associates Limited$1,101,616.10
1581Rovera Construction Pty Ltd$1,100,825.53
1582Dudley MANN International Pty Ltd$1,100,330.00
1583Strive Occupational Rehabilitation$1,100,000.00
1584Millennium HI TECH Group Pty Ltd$1,100,000.00
1585Greenhill & CO. Australia Pty Limit$1,100,000.00
1586NOSH Hospitality Pty Ltd$1,100,000.00
1587Elders Commercial Division$1,099,565.00
1588National Instruments$1,098,696.34
1589Colliers International (act) Pty Ltd$1,096,866.60
1590Atlas Geophysics Pty Ltd$1,093,543.00
1591Michael Camporeale Builders$1,089,707.30
1592Project Planning (act) Pty Ltd$1,089,295.63
1593SEMA Operations Pty Ltd$1,088,700.00
1594ARUP Pty Ltd$1,088,200.83
1595Thunderhead Pty Ltd$1,087,748.18
1596Baker And Mckenzie$1,086,906.00
1597Helsco Pty Ltd$1,086,496.36
1598Angel Australia Pty Ltd$1,085,700.00
1599The Trustee For Capital Recruit UNIT Trust$1,084,963.00
1600Ekadc ATF Ekadc UNIT Trust$1,083,303.65
1601Complete Parachute Solutions, INC.$1,080,444.04
1602Sentio Consulting Pty Ltd$1,078,766.20
1603Cash's Awards And Promotion*$1,078,057.15
1604Flensburger Fahrzeugbau Gesellschaf$1,077,852.90
1605Wisdom Learning Pty Ltd$1,077,844.60
1606Stockwell Bretton Group Pty Ltd$1,075,800.00
1607SRC Solutions$1,075,258.13
1608TOP END Nurses Pty Ltd$1,075,100.00
1609Hytec Carpentry Service Pty Ltd$1,072,688.04
1610Towers Consulting.com$1,071,774.99
1611PAC FIRE Australia$1,071,200.79
1612Blink Technology Australia Pty Ltd$1,070,346.67
1613Northrop Grumman Information Techno$1,070,279.95
1614Comfortdelgro Cabcharge Pty Ltd$1,069,142.00
1615Sitecore Australia Pty Ltd$1,068,737.63
1616Clearcost Software$1,065,382.17
1617RSM BIRD Cameron$1,065,335.00
1618National Curriculum Services Pty Ltd$1,061,949.90
1619Rhodes (png) Limited$1,061,000.00
1620Ninetwofive Interiors Pty Ltd$1,060,606.58
1621South EAST Water Ltd$1,060,000.00
1622Australian General Engineering$1,059,603.38
1623Commence Communications Pty Ltd$1,058,860.92
1624Lexdata Management Pty Ltd$1,058,493.00
1625Gateway Providores Pty Ltd$1,057,500.00
1626Smiths Detection (australia)$1,056,834.23
1627Inchcape Shipping Services - Dubai$1,056,503.27
1628Computer Corporation Of America$1,055,600.00
1629Northwest Regional Airlines$1,053,156.00
1630Raytheon Company DBA Raytheon DIV M$1,052,745.35
1631A. Noble And SON Ltd$1,052,281.16
1633Parker Hannifin (australia ) PT*$1,050,733.66
1634Northrop Grumman Information$1,050,188.43
1636Balfran Removals$1,044,453.64
1637Ecowise Services Australia Pty Ltd$1,044,027.43
1638Department Of Finance$1,043,820.84
1639Romteck GRID Pty Ltd$1,041,220.00
1640Curijo Pty Ltd$1,040,766.23
1641Association For Strengthening Agricultural Research In Eastern & Central Africa$1,039,911.00
1642Department Of Communications$1,038,554.00
1643Exelis INC. DBA Radar, Reconnaissan$1,037,359.93
1644Mmaat Palma Investments Pty Ltd$1,036,241.46
1645Search 365 Pty Ltd$1,035,578.80
1646The Simon O'hart Family Trust$1,034,000.00
1647Noakes Group Pty Limited$1,032,020.89
1648Knight Frank (KF Townsville Pty LTD)$1,032,000.00
1649Macdonnell Shire Council$1,031,992.56
1650Global Sustainable Energy Solutions P/L$1,031,471.00
1651Razor IT Systems$1,029,459.71
1652Stenning And Assoc$1,029,430.67
1653Mcgirr Information Technology$1,028,631.16
1654PPG Industries Australia Pty Ltd$1,027,676.00
1655Geotek Ltd$1,025,985.30
1656Traditional Restoration Company Pty Ltd$1,023,981.00
1657Armtec Countermeasures Company$1,022,230.20
1658Townsville Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Cultural CEN$1,022,114.50
1659Aurora Project Group Pty Ltd$1,018,236.26
1660The University Of Georgia$1,016,967.98
1661LANE Laser Printers Pty Ltd$1,016,677.51
1662Jones LANG Lasalle(drewry Pty LTD)$1,015,475.26
1663The Vintage Aviator Ltd$1,014,749.81
1664Firmus Consulting Pty Ltd$1,013,219.02
1665AXIS Building Group$1,012,534.23
1666Morpho Australasia Pty Ltd$1,011,956.00
1667Exova Warringtonfire AUS Pty Ltd$1,011,736.10
1668Bayley & Associates Pty Ltd$1,009,772.16
1669Skytem Australia Pty Ltd$1,006,111.80
1670Changepoint Canada ULC$1,005,069.00
1671Sitep Australia Pty Ltd$1,003,861.00
1672Business Aspect Pty Ltd$1,002,843.00
1673VEEM Engineering Group$1,002,620.94
1674Ultimate Positioning Group Pty Ltd$1,002,187.45
1675Karlka Recruiting Group Pty Ltd$1,001,624.06
1676Novotel Darling Harbour$1,000,420.79
1677Wildbear Entertainment Pty Ltd$995,624.29
1678Spinach Advertising Pty Ltd$989,405.50
1679Diligent Board Services$988,016.58
1680SEA Swift Pty Ltd$987,880.17
1681The Benevolent Society$985,334.54
1682Rapid Technology Group Pty Ltd$984,928.01
1683Crawford FUND Limited$983,712.00
1684Richard Crookes Constructions$982,617.91
1685Hansen Yuncken Pty Ltd$982,342.30
1686Definitive Events$981,272.00
1687VOIP Pty Ltd$981,251.70
1688JOHN Wiley & SONS$977,101.48
1690Institute Of Executive Coaching & Leadership$975,331.42
1691Australian Broadcasting CORP$975,000.00
1692Norfolk Island REAL Estate Pty Ltd$975,000.00
1693Wallis Consulting Group P/L$974,642.00
1694Magspec Airborne Surveys Pty Ltd$973,919.71
1695International Centre For$973,379.81
1696Inter'l ORG For Migration (aud)$972,674.00
1697Intrec Management Pty Ltd$972,586.12
1698Kongsberg Maritime AS - Simulation$972,400.00
1699The Institution Of E$970,632.71
1700E H Brett And SONS Pty Ltd$970,200.00
1701Essence Communications$969,765.00
1702IE ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$967,733.68
1703Pyramid Corporation Pty Ltd$964,470.57
1704Canville Holdings Pty Ltd$963,733.86
1705Process Biotech Pty Ltd$962,394.00
1706AMA Projects Pty Ltd$961,851.79
1707Richard Scruby$961,825.00
1708Acker Pty Ltd$961,553.00
1709CPM Reviews Pty Ltd$960,696.56
1710MING FENG Packaging$960,391.02
1711National Institute For Aboriginal &$958,105.50
1712STEP Electronics$956,006.52
1713The Trustee For TIWI Plantations$953,272.73
1714JCB Construction Equipment Aust*$952,648.99
1715Elgas Ltd$951,194.54
1716Space Electronics, LLC$951,020.00
1717Selex ES Australia Pty Ltd$949,808.29
17183PM Consulting Pty Ltd$949,500.00
1719NEF Consulting$948,955.13
1720Specialist Marine Services Pty$947,589.36
1721Pivotal Business Technology P/L$945,874.35
1722Sarah Mcnaughton$943,800.00
1723CITY Of Lithgow Council$942,287.50
1724Victoria University$942,180.52
1725Motherbird Pty Ltd$941,260.17
1726IPMG Pty Limited$939,443.70
1727Red Design Group Pty Ltd$938,707.00
1728Agfa-gevaert Ltd$938,213.10
1729Intract Australia Pty Ltd$938,042.00
1730Total Decision Support Pty Ltd$937,030.00
1731DBM Consultants Pty Ltd$935,588.41
1732Linfiniti Consulting CC$935,351.67
1733ACE Motors WA$934,308.00
1734Enersys Australia Pty Ltd$932,782.07
1736SAFE T CARD Australia Pty Ltd$932,537.50
1737Tecmotiv (usa), INC.$932,350.56
1738G.J. & K. Cleaning Services PTY. Limited$931,141.59
1739Northrop Grumman Systems Corporatio$927,984.16
1740Daraco Services Pty Ltd$926,889.17
1741Digitalglobe, INC.$924,005.23
1742Leargas Pty Ltd$923,771.18
1743Metacorp Pty Ltd$923,068.00
1744Pingar International Limited,$920,800.00
1745Assuritas Pty Ltd$919,950.20
1746Helpdesk Solutions$918,615.39
1747Spectrum Energy Pty Ltd$917,950.00
1748See-out Pty Ltd$917,250.00
1750Dataline Visual LINK P/L$915,980.76
1751WEST WING Aviation$913,493.40
1752Eurofins Agroscience Services Pty Ltd$913,139.00
1753Total EDEN Pty Ltd$913,084.10
1754Crown Equipment Pty Ltd$911,583.47
1755Tallwang KVI Pty Ltd$911,259.80
1756Queensland Rural Adjustment Authority (qraa)$910,000.00
1757Kitbag Consulting Pty Ltd$909,917.45
1758Edwards Management & Consulting Pty$908,562.38
1759Quantum CORE Solutions Pty Ltd$907,843.00
1760Dexata Corporation$907,355.38
1761Market Solutions Pty Ltd$906,603.75
1762Schiebel Aircraft GMBH$905,234.00
1763David JESS & Associates Pty Ltd$902,276.54
1764AFW Pty Ltd$902,201.04
1765Boeing Information Space & Defence$900,949.67
1766A J Dever Pty Ltd$900,118.16
1767Access Working Careers Pty Ltd$900,000.00
1768Pario Solutions Group Pty Ltd$898,727.14
1769Biomedtech AUST P/L$897,855.40
1770Western Technical & Electrical CONT$896,369.00
1771Sonobuoy Techsystems$894,933.62
1772Marshall Aerospace Australia$894,116.10
1773Trustee For The SA Trust T/A KG SA Pty Ltd$891,000.00
1774Ashton Raggatt Mcdougall$890,378.50
1775SEA To Summit Pty Ltd$890,098.00
1776Viocorp International Pty Ltd$889,075.00
1777Shearwater Solutions Pty Ltd$889,002.72
1778Church HILL Electrics Pty Ltd$888,683.51
1779Stealth Surveillance Systems (A*$888,335.80
1780Kordamentha Forensic$887,711.43
1781Strategic Executive Solutions$886,693.50
1782Rodenprint And Packaging$886,054.84
1783Indianic Group Pty Ltd$886,033.72
1784BSI Group ANZ Pty Limited$885,742.29
1785T & S Signcraft Pty Ltd$885,710.65
1786Roper GULF Shire Council$885,011.64
1788NTT COM ICT DC Solutions (australia) Pty Ltd$881,550.00
1789Objective 3D Pty Ltd$880,320.73
1790Council Of Heads Of Australasian$880,000.00
1791Fenton Strategic Communications$880,000.00
1792Scania Australia Pty Ltd$879,693.46
1793ELMO Learning Services Pty Ltd$879,187.40
1794Truechoice Solutions, INC.$875,851.18
1795IHS Australia Pty Ltd$875,833.55
1796IUCN - The World Conservation Union$875,000.00
1797Doric Beneficiaries Trust Account$874,667.26
1798Shockandvibration Technologies$873,510.00
1799Cosmic TECH Solutions Pty Ltd$873,328.00
1800Arising Technology Systems Pty LIMI$873,085.64
1801Maritime Engineers Pty Ltd$872,163.01
1802Palantir Technologies Australia$870,035.97
1803GEO Stabilise Pty Ltd$869,954.47
18044impact Pty Ltd$865,916.92
1805Department Of Health QLD$865,755.00
1806Konekt AUST$865,069.51
1807Schiavello Systems (act) Pty Ltd$861,938.96
1808ESS Weathertech Pty Ltd$860,168.78
1810Australia Pacific Airports (melbour$858,257.73
1811Fisheries Department Of WA$857,632.00
1812Hrexl Group Pty Ltd$855,500.00
1813Solutions FROM Silicon$853,790.08
1814MONT Adventure Equipment Pty Ltd$852,647.49
1815The NEW South Wales Institute Of$851,730.00
1816XTEK Limited$851,026.03
1817Victorian Environmental Water Holde$850,850.00
1818FDC Construction & Fitout (qld) Pty$850,674.84
1819DELL Financail Services Pty Ltd$850,079.47
1821Curtin University Of Technology$849,117.85
1822Dowse Projects$848,413.50
1823Australian WAR Memorial - Sales /program$847,000.00
1824World Intellectual Property Organis$846,995.36
1825Bureau VAN DIJK Electronic$846,591.90
1826Quality Management Solutions$845,881.50
1828Standard AERO Australia$844,559.62
1829Information Professionals Holdings$842,830.00
1830Canberra Language School$842,441.52
1831OPC IT Pty Limited$839,312.66
1832Econnect Solutions$839,293.40
1833Airnsea Safety Pty Ltd$838,273.78
1834WFEL Limited - AUD$837,735.74
1835HUME Employment & Training INC.$837,000.00
1836Baulderstone Hornibrook Queensland$836,788.74
1837The Bioadvisory Group Pty Ltd$836,000.00
1838Fusidium Pty Ltd$836,000.00
1839Navigate Pty Ltd$835,875.00
1840Foresight IT Consulting$835,388.00
184133 Creative Pty Limited$835,329.00
1842ASD Technology Pty Ltd$833,323.00
1843IAN Johnston & Associates Pty Ltd$832,595.79
1844GML Heritage Pty Ltd$832,376.43
1845Arcitecta Pty Ltd$832,260.00
1846Environmental Accounting$832,000.00
1847Australian Wharf & Bridge Pty Ltd$830,802.50
1848Megadot Pty Ltd$830,544.00
1849Ecastle Pty Ltd$826,587.59
1850Horizon Research$826,461.37
1851TP&G Solutions Pty Ltd$825,541.20
1852The MAY Group$824,327.58
1853Jabetin Pty Ltd$823,417.60
1854Melbourne Health$821,697.00
1856Audio Visual Image Nation Pty Ltd$821,073.85
1857Rozenberg & CO Pty Ltd$819,316.66
1858Skilled Group Limited (ativo)$819,309.77
1861Salam Nazari Construction And Engineering Company$818,496.26
1862James Cubitt Architects Pty LT$817,705.20
1863Sironis Pty Ltd$817,300.00
1864Effective Negotiation Services$816,542.06
1865Airspeed Pty Ltd$816,354.77
1866Northern Sydney Institute Of TAFE$815,840.02
1867J3seven Pty Ltd$814,691.36
1868Egeria Pty Ltd$814,304.62
1869Dowty Propellers$813,649.00
1870Secure Systems Ltd$812,886.25
1871DEPT Of Justice & Attorney General$811,073.87
1872K&L Gates$810,989.51
1873Remasys Pty Ltd$810,542.96
1874UNE Partnerships Pty Ltd$808,655.03
1875Audit Staff$807,800.00
1876Griffith HACK$805,230.00
1877Recovre Pty Ltd$804,117.40
1878Schiavello (vic) PTY. LTD.$803,727.89
1879Mcgees Property Pty Ltd$801,331.81
1880Thomson Reuters (markets) AUST Pty$800,990.66
1881Julian Hamilton-peach$800,969.60
1882Vanderkooi Consulting Pty Ltd$800,000.00
1883Profundis Pty Ltd$800,000.00
1884University Of Wollongong$799,325.30
1885Donnell & Associates Pty Ltd$799,262.79
1886Australian Communications And Media Authority$796,721.00
1887Vista Advisory Pty Ltd$796,020.00
1888Porter Plant$795,946.17
1890Hunter H2O Holdings Pty Limited$794,495.90
1891Anderson, Jennifer$792,283.24
1892The Pearson Corporation Pty Ltd$790,570.00
1893Department Of Health And Human SERV$788,212.33
1894Ethos CRS Consulting Pty Ltd$787,309.69
1895Rheinmetall Waffe Munition GMBH$787,025.14
1896Royal MINT$785,466.00
1897Webfm Pty Ltd$784,860.00
1898Bioconsult Pty Ltd$783,200.00
1899Livingstone Shire Council$782,117.60
1900Factiva Limited$782,007.36
1901Auctus Consulting Pty Ltd$781,200.00
1902QLD Frozen FOOD Service (qffs)$777,500.00
1903FIRE Alarm Monitoring Services$777,000.00
1904Shire Of Christmas Island$775,751.00
1905Parsons Brinckerhoff Australia Pty$775,231.69
1906Tiger International$774,904.33
1907Commvault Systems (australia) Pty Ltd$774,769.30
1908Health Outcomes International$774,452.36
1909Milskil Pty Ltd$774,231.26
1910IHS Global Ltd$773,485.07
1911Exhibition Studios Pty Ltd$773,268.30
1912Communio Pty Ltd$770,460.01
1913Barbador Pty Limited$769,955.22
1914Rossarden Pty Ltd$768,700.02
1915Wik-consult GMBH$765,908.00
1916LED Lighting Solutions$765,418.12
1917EWST Australia Pty Ltd$763,576.60
1918WHON Pty Ltd$763,347.50
1919Scitech Pty Ltd$763,102.18
1921Apsley Recruitment Pty Ltd$762,777.53
1922SAI Global Ltd$762,658.95
1923C E Bartlett Pty Ltd$761,931.51
1924Primary Industries And Resources SA$761,465.51
1925WEIR Minerals Australia$760,287.03
1926Veldeman Australia Pty Ltd$760,190.64
1927Cash's Australia Pty Ltd$759,282.48
1928Baker And Provan Pty Ltd$758,246.69
1929Legal AID Commission Of WA$756,723.00
1930Clear Horizon Consulting PTY. LTD. T/A Clear Horizon$756,451.15
1931The REX Hotel Property Trust$755,700.00
1932Rubik3 Pty Ltd$754,756.00
1933Northrop Grumman Space & Mission SY$754,466.14
1934Enterprise IT Resources Pty Ltd$753,667.21
1935HPA Projects P/L$752,334.22
1936Sophos Pty Ltd$752,285.07
1937SJ French Pty$750,000.00
1938Aerospace And Defence Australia$749,721.82
1939Skylineglobe Australia Pty Ltd$747,628.21
1940Airepure Australia Pty Ltd$747,180.50
1941Charterpoint Pty Ltd$746,597.00
1942University Of Western Sydney$746,000.00
1943JOHN Halley$745,000.00
1944D R Harvey Consulting Pty Ltd$744,344.14
1945Clicks IT Recruitment$743,460.00
1946Australian CROP Accreditation System$741,988.43
1947Trelleborg Engineered Systems$741,861.02
1948Wurth Australia Pty Ltd$741,658.80
1949Business Aspect (act) Pty Ltd$741,368.00
1950Aspen Corporate Health$740,633.39
1951North EAST Water$738,338.90
1952Super Global Services Pty Ltd$737,193.64
1953Alcami Managed Services Pty Ltd$736,491.84
1954Department Of Transport$735,748.48
1955Agcommunicators Pty Ltd$735,014.50
1956Royal Flying Doctor Service Of AUST$733,641.59
1957PT Kristef MEGA Sejahtera$732,943.01
1958Federal Court Of Australia$732,781.00
1959Enzyme International$730,942.65
1960KORD Defence Pty Ltd$729,553.21
1961SAAB Microwave Systems$729,224.65
1962Rider Levett Bucknall ACT P/L$729,145.11
1963Porter Novelli$728,938.00
1964Central Desert Shire Council$728,353.32
1965Building Services Engineers Pty Ltd$726,951.50
1966PCI Group$725,993.40
1967MCR Computer Resources Pty Ltd$725,783.56
1968Nucletron Pty Ltd$725,378.94
1969Pacific Aerodyne Pty Ltd$723,184.88
1970DFAS Cleveland$722,211.94
1971Design Managers Australia$721,820.01
1972Versalux Pty Ltd$721,267.80
1973FAST Track (aust) Pty Ltd$721,251.32
1974Navantia Australia Pty Ltd$720,625.21
1975Boral Construction Material$720,600.26
1976MAN Diesel And Turbo Australia$720,513.96
1977Healthconsult Pty Ltd$720,100.01
1978ISW Solutions$720,031.16
1979Smartbuilt Perth Pty Ltd$718,886.00
1980Cogito Group Pty Ltd$717,647.43
1981Madeleine Avenell$717,480.00
1982BLUE Visions$715,923.68
1983OVUM Pty Ltd$715,753.40
1984JET CITY Pty Ltd$715,000.00
1985Gpsat Systems (aust) Pty Ltd$713,690.21
1986Publicis Australia Pty Ltd$712,542.60
1987Lexmark International (australia) Pty Ltd$711,925.37
1988Tresscox Lawyers$710,710.33
1989Logicalis Australia Pty Limited$710,443.48
1990The Trustee For Walsh Family Trust Glenn Walsh Building And Renovating$708,672.03
1991Ducon Maintenance Pty Ltd$708,644.48
1992Pirotta Services Pty Ltd$708,327.29
1993ANU Enterprise Pty Ltd$708,292.25
1994Redpath Technical Services Pty Ltd$705,209.31
1995Telechnics Industrial And DEFE$703,882.78
1996Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engine$703,814.29
1997Samantha Crompvoets Pty Ltd$703,320.00
1998EDI Solutions Pty Ltd$702,482.33
1999Pacific Commercial Diving Supply$700,792.04
2000Australian Survey Research Group Pty Ltd$700,681.75
2001Intelledox Pty Ltd$700,339.50
2002Emerald SEA Surveys Pty Ltd$700,117.41
2003Defire (act) Pty Ltd$700,000.00
2004Rankin Securities Pty Ltd$699,600.00
2005Trustee For Secom Technical Service$699,447.93
2006Paracon Group Pty Ltd$698,348.31
2007JNJ Electrics Pty Ltd$697,367.00
2008Innovation DATA Processing Inc$696,905.97
2009Aitec Pty Ltd$696,502.40
2010AJA International, INC.$695,953.50
2011Australian Government Actuary$695,175.91
2012Macquarie University$695,091.25
2013Switch I.T. Pty Limited$694,597.00
2014RPS Apasa Pty Ltd$693,400.00
2015Peter YULE$693,000.00
2016Courage Partners Pty Ltd$692,600.00
2017Jayde Transport$692,580.95
2018Union Offset CO. PTY. Limited$692,418.00
2019Carpaolo Nominees Pty Ltd$691,718.55
2020Behavioural Insights$691,586.80
2021Rezzonico Weekes Pty Ltd$691,522.77
2022DWS Limited$690,630.00
2023Career Employment Group Incorporated$690,125.00
2024The International Organization For Migration$689,361.00
2025Torque Software$689,018.40
2026Polaris Industries Australia & NEW$688,474.66
2027FIS Reference DATA Solutions LLC$687,000.00
2028NAT AUST BANK Ltd$686,686.96
2029Gravity Consulting$685,850.00
2030JWS Research Pty Ltd$685,680.30
2031Queensland Airport Lighting$685,356.46
2032Futurespace Pty Ltd$684,123.00
2033Leitmotif Limited$683,611.98
2034JSM Mechanical Contracting$683,611.86
2035Ergonomic Office$683,395.00
2036Metromatics Pty Ltd$683,160.88
2037Gregory Commercial Furniture Pty Ltd$682,507.60
2038TONY Pollard Electrics Pty Ltd$682,267.00
2039TEDS Camera 13$681,770.43
2040Michael P Charles$680,760.69
2041Civmec DLG Pty Ltd$679,478.80
2042@rossiters Pty Ltd$679,426.00
2043Concur Holdings(netherlands) BV$679,041.72
2044Applied Explosives Technology$678,975.74
2045Thomson Reuters (professional) UK L$678,368.63
2046Citadel Systems$678,181.90
2047IBS AV$678,131.57
2048Ambition Recruit Pty Ltd$677,089.60
2049Liquid Learning Group$676,886.19
2050Integrated Database Solutions Pty Ltd$676,539.56
2051Collins Street Management$676,500.00
2052Denis Ferranti Meters Limited$676,389.81
2053IIT Training Pty Ltd$676,128.30
2055Programmed Electrical Technologies Ltd$674,912.48
2056Synergy FIRE & Security Pty Limited$673,653.75
2058Rudds Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd$669,590.99
2060Kowalski Recruitment Pty Ltd$669,446.89
2061TOLL North Pty Ltd$668,745.00
2062IBL Software Engineering$668,554.93
2063FIRE And Safety Australia Pty L*$667,430.10
2064Critical Simulations Ltd$666,540.55
2065Tecon Australia Pty Ltd$665,600.00
2066Ballistic Systems Pty Ltd$665,347.33
2067Semantic Sciences Pty Ltd$663,850.00
2068Workforce Strategies Pty Ltd$662,978.93
2069Jesmie Mulla Contracting Trust$661,284.43
2070Bridge IT$661,100.00
2071W And E Platt Pty Ltd$660,306.51
2072The Royal College Of Pathologists O$660,000.00
2073CIBT VISA LINK Pty Ltd$660,000.00
2074National Stroke Foundation$660,000.00
2075Veitch Lister Consulting Pty Ltd$659,500.00
2076Integrated Procurement Technologies$659,101.32
2077Taskey Pty Ltd$659,000.00
2078Parliament House Catering$658,720.26
2079RCR Resolve FM Pty Ltd$657,460.35
2080Air-met Scientific Pty Ltd$657,012.29
2081KPMG Corporate Finance (aust)$656,783.60
2082The Trustee For I P M S Service TRU$656,390.59
2083Moray & Agnew (melbourne)$656,319.10
2084Aquasia Pty Ltd$656,200.00
2085The Citadel Group Limited$654,209.30
2086Bloomberg Finance L.P.$653,623.37
2087GE Energy Measurement & Control Pty$653,325.20
2088Murdoch Childrens Research Institut$652,738.90
2089BSI People Pty Ltd$652,728.00
2090Dunlop GRG Holdings Ltd$652,375.44
2091Satellite Communications Australia Pty Ltd$650,920.00
2092Australian Office Leadingbrands.com$650,763.00
2094FIRE Protection Association$650,000.00
2095Australian Strategic Policy$649,853.91
2096Resolve Software Group Pty Ltd$647,037.34
2097The Trustee For Tparc Business$646,919.94
2098TOM Calma$646,500.00
2099Evolve Studios Pty Ltd$646,302.80
2100Interconnect Systems Pty Ltd$645,372.20
2101TURN OZE Pty Ltd$643,500.00
2102Apollo Australia Pty Ltd$643,075.44
2103Novatech Controls Australia PTY*$642,251.50
2104Pharmacodynamic Solutions P/L$642,048.00
2105Nihilent Australia Pty Ltd$641,850.00
2106Hunter Business Centre Ltd$641,700.00
2107Marathon Targets Pty Ltd$640,841.30
2108Portcullis Consulting Pty Ltd$640,798.00
2109Animal Supplies (wholesale) Pty Ltd$640,000.00
2110PICO Australia Pty Ltd$638,441.27
2111ARA Manufacture Pty Ltd$637,983.98
2112Brace Education Training And Employment Ltd$636,120.00
2113Trend Micro Australia Pty Ltd$634,980.32
2114Walker Adams UNIT Trust$634,592.68
2115Progility Pty Ltd$634,485.75
2116Grove IT Pty Ltd$633,395.50
2117Sofraco Engineering Systems Pty Ltd$631,989.73
2118Intergraph Corporation Pty Ltd$631,984.10
2119Statt Consulting Limited$626,528.00
2120CPA Australia Ltd$626,203.10
2121QUAD Services Pty Ltd$624,636.45
2122Preston ROWE Paterson NSW Pty Limit$622,775.00
2123GW Associates$622,619.00
2124CPT Global Limited$621,942.00
2125Mossop Group Pty Ltd$621,357.00
2127Tauondi Incorporated$618,750.00
2128DRS Network & Imaging Systems, LLC$617,494.10
2129Ministry Of Defence T/A Defence BUS$617,251.61
2130Swell Design Group Pty Ltd$616,172.56
2131CAE Professional Services$615,914.42
2132Supacat Pty Ltd$615,640.94
2133JLT Aerospace$614,379.30
2134Centrix - PM (aust) Pty Ltd$614,299.92
2135TMR Systems Pty Ltd$613,996.30
2136Elcom Technology Pty Ltd$613,464.25
2137Interactive Pty Limited$613,119.87
2138Cebridge Pty Ltd$612,666.65
2139TT Building Consultants$612,296.96
2140PPB P/L ATF The PPB UNIT Trust$611,148.48
2141Apriva ISS, LLC$610,381.95
2142Dosimetrics GMBH$610,221.20
2143TOX FREE Solutions Limited$609,568.30
2144Urbis Pty Ltd$608,940.46
2145Adena UNIT Trust$608,238.40
2146The Videoconferencing Centre$607,919.61
2147Singapore Precision Industries$607,896.85
2148Candida Stationery Pty Ltd$606,548.80
2149Woolcott Research Pty Ltd$606,309.60
2150Spotless Services Australia Limited$606,175.59
2151Comerton-forde Consulting$605,880.00
2152SGS Australia Pty Ltd$604,934.71
2153Fiskars Australia Pty Ltd$603,615.98
2154Berwick Consulting PL$603,240.00
2155Arinc Incorporated$603,102.51
2156Portion PACK Foods Pty Ltd$602,920.56
2157Holocentric Pty Ltd$602,782.86
2158Videocraft Equipment Pty Ltd$602,372.37
2159IAN Spencer - VIP HOME Services$601,732.56
2161Hassell Pty Ltd$600,000.01
2162Recall Total Information Management AUST$600,000.01
2163Clearswift (asia/pacific) Pty$599,152.40
2164International Maize And Wheat Improvement Centre (cimmyt)$598,392.00
2165The Trustee For Apollo Eleven UNIT$596,893.70
2166CCD Networking Pty Ltd$596,081.27
2167Irena Secretariat$595,673.00
2168Capital Civil Contractors Pty Ltd$595,545.24
2169Software AG Australia Pty Ltd$595,392.08
2170Australian Institute Of Family Studies$594,970.50
2171JCT Corporate Excellence Pty Limited$594,880.00
2172Komatsu Forklifts$594,449.13
2173Silver Spirit Partners$594,082.32
2174Bambach Wires & Cables Pty Ltd$594,000.00
2175Kabed Consulting Pty Ltd$594,000.00
2176Monaro Commercial Interiors$593,704.20
2177Hubstream LLC$593,512.05
2178DOWN To Earth Research$591,775.00
2179Sopac Secretariat$591,376.00
2180Lander & Rogers$591,206.08
2181Watmarine Engineering Services$590,581.20
2182Marvin Engineering CO., INC. DBA MA$590,399.45
2183Leica Microsystems Pty Ltd$590,059.49
2184RPS Australia WEST Pty Ltd$590,000.00
2185Anritsu Pty Ltd$589,409.74
2186SAFE SHOT Australia PTY. LTD.$587,489.68
2187JOHN STAR Pty Ltd$587,334.80
2188Compunetix INC.$586,808.99
2189Ebiquity Pty Ltd$586,009.00
2190Jewel Properties (aust) Pty Ltd$585,026.39
2191ARMY SHOP$584,703.54
2192Beijing Genomics Institute$584,502.00
2193Access Testing$584,017.50
2194Nation Partners Pty Ltd$582,976.90
2195Cheetah Design & Print Pty Ltd$582,152.50
2196Illawarra Cable Service$581,685.08
2197BAE Systems (operations) Ltd$581,485.41
2198SKG Pty Ltd$581,029.00
2199A And D International Pty Ltd$580,079.44
2200Avail Information Management Services$580,026.39
2201Devlyn Constructions Pty Ltd$579,042.86
2202Barkly Shire Council$576,533.64
2203Avaya Australia Pty Ltd$575,995.68
2204Lastek Pty Ltd$575,377.05
2205Alluvium Consulting Australia Pty L$571,621.60
2206GREY Advantage Consulting Pty Limit$571,429.98
2207The OFS Group$571,239.90
2208Control And Electric Pty Ltd$570,324.15
2209Nanometrics Inc$570,000.00
2210Mitch's Diesel Service Pty Ltd$569,993.99
2211Mcgees Property$569,130.00
2212CBIT Pty Limited$568,543.70
2213Gilimbaa Pty Ltd$568,305.50
2214Department Of Infrastructure$567,322.62
2215Community Services$567,296.30
2216The Trustee For Power Protect Trust$567,109.31
2218Macquarie Capital (australia)$566,000.00
2219FIRE Rescue Safety Australia PT*$565,787.22
2220Gilbert + Tobin Lawyers$564,050.00
2221Coach Charters Australia$563,295.00
2222LEAN Enterprise Australia INC.$559,748.00
2223Jennifer Clark$559,344.00
2224Premier Building And Construction$558,778.61
2225Cirrus REAL TIME Processing Systems$558,181.27
2226Cunningham Lindsey$558,000.00
2227Pilbrow Global Pty Ltd$556,847.46
2228ADD Business Group Pty Ltd$556,784.94
2229DTI Corporation Australia Pty Ltd$555,787.13
2230Red Elephant Research$555,260.00
2231LIST G Pty Ltd (barristers)$554,873.15
2232National Heart Foundation Of Austra$551,734.48
2233GE Sensing And Inspection$551,581.64
2234Oxide Interactive$551,316.00
2235Centre For Appropriate Technology Inc$550,643.94
2236Ellipsoid Solutions Pty Ltd$550,264.00
2237Skilling Australia Foundation$550,000.00
2238Small World Stories$550,000.00
2239CMC Limited$550,000.00
2240Entrevators Pty Ltd$550,000.00
2241Superlative Pictures Pty Ltd$550,000.00
2242Wheat Quality Australia Limited$550,000.00
2243Innovation Consulting Australia Pty Ltd$550,000.00
2244SEED Family Trust$549,521.25
2246Liberty Industrial Pty Ltd$548,856.00
2247Master Instruments Pty Ltd$548,207.00
2248Taleb Medical$548,093.26
2249SORD Australia$547,944.22
2250Kellstrom Defense Aerospace, Inc$547,338.49
2251Improvement Foundation (australia)$546,524.56
2252NEIL Davidson Consulting Pty Ltd$546,150.00
2253Hunter NEW England Local Health DIS$545,848.00
2254Langtree Information Management$544,769.99
2255Coherent Scientific$544,737.48
2256NQ DRY Tropics Ltd$544,526.40
2257Titans 4 Tomorrow Ltd$544,500.00
2258Sound Advice Australia Pty Ltd$544,364.81
2259Adept Turnkey$544,350.32
2260Sweepers Pty Ltd$543,932.00
2261Thomson Reuters (scientific) LLC DB$543,331.49
2262Axiom Associates Pty Ltd$542,247.50
2263Hoffman Donohue Pty Ltd$541,620.00
2264National Capital Attractions Association Inc$541,200.00
2265EML Australia$540,555.92
2267Sdormer Pty Ltd$540,000.00
2268Nature Foundation Of SA$540,000.00
2269Draeger Safety Pacific Pty Ltd$539,971.91
2270DFC Legal Pty Ltd$539,425.00
2271Tonkin Consulting Pty Ltd$538,720.00
2272The Camerons Group$537,955.00
2273Charles Darwin University$537,670.13
2274AERO Refuellers$537,566.26
2275GEE YAN Industry Pty Ltd$537,552.84
2276PVP Advanced EO Systems, INC.$537,048.26
2277Working WELL Australia$536,250.00
2278Australian FUEL Cells Pty Ltd$536,082.38
2279BLUE STAR Group Australia Pty Ltd$535,695.47
2280AUST Competition & Consumer$535,000.00
2281Interiors Australia$534,612.29
2282Leonardo S.p.a ? LAND & Naval DEFE$533,895.60
2283Insync Technology Pty Ltd$532,122.09
2284Christmas Island Internet$531,250.00
2285Touchpoint Technology Pty Ltd$531,197.81
2286Georgina B. Ramsay & Associates P/L$531,071.63
2287Communication Knowhow$530,432.65
2289National Health CALL Centre Network$529,000.00
2291Genix Ventures Pty Ltd$528,000.00
2292Transpacific Cleanaway Pty Ltd$527,596.76
2293Affinity Constructions$527,544.92
2294Photomapping Services Pty Ltd$527,359.50
2295BLUE STAR Australia$526,616.20
2296J Saunders & SONS Pty Ltd$526,303.30
2297Northern LAND Council$525,800.71
2298Domain Tools, LLC$525,094.58
2299Seascape Technology$524,781.40
2300Ridley4 Pty Ltd$524,662.94
2301Royal AUST COLL SURG$524,210.02
2302303 Group Pty Ltd$523,500.00
2303Colliers International (newcastle)$523,173.48
2304KABA Australia Pty Ltd$522,810.11
2305Riversleigh Management Services$521,798.20
2306Silixa Limited$521,794.00
2307Silixa Ltd$521,000.00
2308Roselm Industries Inc$520,912.01
2309Silkdent Trust$520,000.00
2310CAI ASIA Pacific Pty Limited$519,618.00
2311DEPT Of Local GOVT & Communities$519,400.00
2313Capability Partners Asset MGMT$517,693.23
2314Earlybird Marketing And Events$517,000.00
2315Rodeo Holdings Pty Ltd$517,000.00
2316Alexander And Lloyd Australia Pty Ltd$516,769.06
2317Byron Aviation Pty Ltd$516,725.00
2318Evans-smith & Dando Pty Ltd$516,397.50
2319Strathbogie Wildlife Pty Ltd$516,189.30
2320Living Simply$516,140.96
2321Kastro Astypalea Pty Ltd$515,803.53
2322ATSE - Clunies ROSS Foundation$515,500.00
2323Nectaria Nominees Pty Ltd$514,782.62
2324Beaver Technology Services Pty Ltd$514,284.10
2325Ideation Product Solutions Pty Ltd$513,722.00
2326Simeonov Civil Engineering$513,182.67
2327Space-time Research$513,129.11
2328CITY WEST Water Ltd$512,000.00
2329SAFT Batteries Pty Ltd$511,940.00
2330Moore Stephens Canberra Audit$511,701.00
2331ASM Chilltech$511,541.80
2332Performance Drivers Pty Ltd$511,183.42
2333Integrated Space Pty Ltd$511,148.00
2334Audit And Fraud SOFT$510,620.00
2335Jonathan Lacey T/A Irelya Consulting$510,136.00
2336Inovor Technologies$509,718.01
2337Downer EDI Engineering Power$508,875.96
2338OPEN TEXT Pty Ltd$508,090.92
2339Haskoning DHV UK Limited$508,022.88
2340Acquia Australia Pty Ltd$507,413.10
2341FAIR Isaac (aspac) PTE Limited$506,882.79
2342Switlik Parachute Company Inc$506,680.26
2343Spill Station Australia Pty Ltd$506,420.70
2344Australian Human Resources INST$506,041.00
2345Shearer Contracting Pty Ltd$505,186.09
2346Scope Projects Australia Pty Ltd$505,152.04
2347Sapere Research Group$504,589.00
2348Aussie China Trading Company P/L$504,020.00
2349People Oriented Systems$503,468.76
2350Sirsidynix Pty Ltd$503,427.06
2351Dexion (australia) Pty Ltd$502,898.00
2352Sulzer Australia Pty Ltd$502,364.63
2353Energeia Pty Ltd$501,000.00
2354N & B Rafter Constructions$500,853.00
2355RISE Films$500,000.00
2356Center For International Forestry R$500,000.00
2358Fideres Partnership$500,000.00
2360Oxigen Pty Ltd$499,427.50
2361Wizard Corporate Training Pty Ltd$498,979.70
2362Interactive Cabling Pty Ltd$497,831.84
23633D Systems Asia-pacific Pty Ltd$497,654.00
2364Axios Systems Pty Ltd$496,722.00
2365Department Of The Premier & Cabinet$496,635.00
2366Eveille Consulting$496,100.00
2367Bennett Business Solutions Pty Ltd$496,100.00
2368Being Human Pty Ltd$495,979.89
2369P. Blashki And SONS Pty Ltd$495,641.70
2370PT Architectural Technology$495,181.50
2371H A Bachrach (nom) Pty Ltd$494,671.23
2372KIM Anderson$493,896.00
2374Australasia Holdings Ltd$493,283.00
2375Healthcare Management Advisors Pty$493,135.02
2376COX Architecture$492,903.36
2377Emerson Network Power Australia$492,077.10
2378CES Civil NQ Pty Ltd$491,992.82
2379Sheahan LOCK Partners$491,494.14
2380The Distillery Pty Limited$490,736.40
2381Object Point Pty Ltd$490,592.50
2382Xenon Systems Pty Ltd$490,020.30
2383Nambawan Architects Ltd$490,000.00
2384Horton Media Australia Limited$490,000.00
2385Lauren XIE$489,700.00
2386Funnelback Pty Ltd$489,260.00
2387DMG / MORI Seiki Australia Pty Ltd$489,010.35
2388Python Charmers Pty Ltd$488,620.00
2389Griffin NRM Pty Ltd$487,820.74
2390Denliz Trading Pty Ltd$487,322.00
2391REED Elsevier Nederland B.V.$486,248.90
2392Pommes Frites Pty Ltd (acn104347784) AS The Trustee For Mount ISA Property Trust$485,355.11
2393Raine & Horne (port Macquarie)$484,505.40
2394Callscan Australia Pty Ltd$484,186.21
2395Defence Business Solutions Pty Ltd$483,477.86
2396Aspect Furniture Pty Ltd$482,982.50
2397Proton Projects Pty Ltd$482,944.00
2398DPRA Australasia Pty Ltd$482,500.00
2399Serraview Australia Pty Ltd$481,955.20
2400Avril Henry Pty Ltd$480,771.01
2401Instinct And Reason Pty Ltd$480,530.00
2402Excelsior Consulting Group$480,480.00
2403Trinity Quality Interiors Pty Ltd$480,345.80
2404Early Childhood AUST$480,001.20
2405International Economics Pty Limited AS Trustee For International Economics UNIT Trust Trading AS The Centre For International Economics$478,730.00
2406JHC Specialised Solutions Pty Ltd$478,705.04
2407WEST Arnhem Shire Council$478,525.08
2408JOHN HART Pty Ltd$478,368.00
2409Tectonica Australia PTY. LTD.$478,247.67
2411A2Z Injury Management$477,628.00
2412Cancer Council Australia$477,614.00
2413Cincom Systems Of Australia$477,120.82
2414Communicorp Group Pty Ltd$476,575.03
2415HR Orbit Consulting$475,870.33
2416GOLD Corporation$474,909.05
2417Snepo Research Pty Ltd$474,153.00
2418Sports Marketing & Management$473,000.00
2419Dexion Commercial (australia) Pty Ltd$472,923.22
2420Haverick Meats PL$472,624.73
2421Magna Systems & Engineering$472,428.00
2422Resolution Consulting Services$472,410.25
2423TIP TOP Bakeries$471,925.87
2424Meltwater Australia Pty Ltd$471,723.50
2425Kingbuilt Homes Pty Ltd$471,097.39
2426Steps Group Australia Limited$471,000.00
2427Secora Consulting, Australasia$470,949.99
2428Marine Technicians Australia Pty$470,622.08
2429Arinex Pty Ltd$470,583.35
2430C And R Constructions Pty Ltd$470,507.77
2431Vencore Services And Solutions, Inc$470,359.00
2432GBC Fordigraph Pty Ltd$470,143.55
2433Tongs CORP T/AS United AUTO$470,000.00
2434Bevington Consulting Pty Ltd$469,556.00
2435Bellchambers Barrett Pty Ltd$469,414.50
2436Emerald First UNIT Trust$469,174.90
2437Acroamatics INC.$468,978.29
2438600 Machine Tools Pty Ltd$468,905.80
2439Colin Trapp & Associates PTY. Ltd$468,137.45
2440Shadforth's Civil Engineering$467,798.00
2441Wodonga Engineering Centre$467,519.80
2442Smartbill Pty Ltd$467,200.00
2443LEX Australia Pty Ltd$467,060.00
2444DATA Analysis Australia Pty Ltd$467,030.60
2445UOM Commercial Ltd$466,808.22
2446Akamai Technologies Netherlands$466,708.80
2447Museum Of Victoria$466,100.00
2448GRID Communications Pty Ltd$466,009.37
2450Carbon Market Institute Ltd$465,660.00
2451Miller Aviation Partners Pty Ltd Trading AS CAPA Consulting$465,610.00
2452Willton Investments Pty Ltd$465,337.00
2453Whereto Research Based Consulting Pty Ltd$464,887.99
2454Recoat Smash Repairs$464,680.67
2455ESIM Games Deutschland GMBH$464,321.39
2456Gunal Construction Trade & Industry CO. Inc$463,939.37
2457Hanson Construction Materials$462,913.00
2458FIRE Response Pty Limited$462,696.30
2460S A Partners Pty Ltd$462,500.00
2461DUC HAI Construction And Trading CO., Ltd$462,100.00
2462Barngarla Management Company$462,000.00
2463MID Reit, INC.$461,731.00
2464Extelligent Design$461,014.00
2465Leaseplan Australia Ltd$460,426.00
2466Rapid Rewinding Pty Ltd$460,390.70
2467RP DATA Ltd$459,699.39
2468Interturbine Advanced Logistics*$459,689.76
2469Ballistic And Mechanical Testing$459,137.43
2470Canon Australia Pty Ltd$458,376.10
2471WW Fisheries Australia Pty Ltd$458,150.00
2472Heckler & KOCH GMBH$458,087.35
2473Sydney Airport Corporation$457,986.60
2474FIRE & Safety Services CO PYT Ltd$457,554.00
2475BLP Training And Services P/L$457,177.60
2476Administration Of Norfolk Island$456,982.28
2477HIQ Systems Pty Ltd$456,903.54
2478Ortho Clinical Diagnostic$456,825.53
2479Origin Energex - CITY EAST$456,700.00
2480Atlas Copco Compressors Australia$456,071.00
2481AAP Information Services Pty Ltd$455,655.50
2482Integra Packaging Pty Limited$455,311.67
2483WEIR Minerals Australia$454,846.26
2484Visual Analysis Pty Ltd$454,840.98
2486Experian Australia Pty Ltd$453,919.81
2487National Offshore Petroleum Safety And Environmental Management Authority$453,537.54
2488Buckingham & Associates Pty Ltd$452,969.00
2489Babylon Industries Pty Ltd$452,679.13
2490Baseline Industries Pty Ltd$452,444.03
2491O2C Solutions$451,990.00
2492The Information Access Group$451,375.00
2493World Customs Organization$451,157.73
2494Riverina Water$451,112.91
2495Farley Laserlab Cutting Systems$451,000.00
2496Source CODE ANZ$450,450.00
2497A J Baker And SONS Pty Ltd$449,197.44
2498Access Canberra$448,980.00
2499Plugged In Pty Ltd$448,220.60
2500Gidarjil Development Corporation LT$448,000.00
2501Australian Catholic University$447,983.96
2502Bortell Dynamic EDGE Pty Ltd$447,347.40
2503Court Services Victoria$447,015.00
2505Benalla Rural CITY Council$446,151.90
2506Complete LOCK And Security Services$445,903.21
2507Professor Michael Hiscox$445,500.00
2509Vector Pacific Pty Ltd$444,569.17
2510ICE Engineering (vic) Pty Ltd$444,510.00
2511Australian Business Telephone CO.$443,672.90
2512GK Solutions Pty Ltd$443,236.20
2513Symantec Website Security Solutions Pty Ltd$443,222.24
2514TAJ Hotels Resorts And Palaces$443,054.00
2515Sustainability Consulting Pty Limited$443,040.00
2516Gerard Lighting$442,826.57
2517HALE And Twomey Limited$442,750.64
2518Applied Machinery Australia$441,452.88
2519Altair Engineering Software$441,018.07
2520Laser Techniques Company, LLC DBA L$440,986.68
2521Hibbs & Associates Pty Ltd$440,907.02
2522Value Adviser Associates P/L$440,860.30
2523Strada Office FUND Pty Ltd$440,844.75
2524Christie's Pty Ltd$440,677.67
2525WORK Psychology Group Pty Ltd$440,672.30
2526Frankadvice Pty Ltd$440,419.99
2527Newcastle Innovation Ltd$439,956.00
2528Brema Group$439,505.00
2529Kelly Services (australia) Ltd$439,448.78
2530Canstruct Pty Ltd$439,060.60
2531Electrical And Communications Association Queensland Industrial Organisation Of Employers$438,613.54
2532N E & A Pty Ltd$438,466.39
2533Bartier Perry$438,298.24
2534Millward Brown$438,150.00
2535Thomson Aviation Pty Ltd$437,338.00
2536ISS Facility Services Australia LIM$437,265.04
2537Ektron Inc$437,241.00
2538A.l.p.e Pty Ltd$436,974.51
2539HHIT Consulting Pty Ltd$436,735.20
2540Pathway Communications Pty Ltd$436,646.10
2541Grace Records Management$436,490.42
2544ACT Department Of Justice &$435,855.21
2545AME Mineral Economics$435,600.00
2546M & J Chickens$435,500.00
2547Enable Software$435,435.00
2548Sandilands Psychological Services$435,026.42
2549Vista Clara Inc$435,000.00
2550Crosier Scott & Associates Proprietary Limited$434,368.00
2551Vasco DATA Security$434,224.78
2552Results For Development Institute Inc$434,034.76
2553Foxtel Cable Television Pty Ltd$433,300.34
2554Corrective Services NSW$433,190.00
2555Interiors Australia$432,887.43
2556Avnet Technology Solutions (aust)$432,756.75
2557F1 Solutions Pty Ltd$432,541.80
2558Allied Technologies Australia$432,413.08
2559PMB Defence Pty Ltd$432,232.90
2560Millhouse Enterprise Pty Ltd$431,682.70
2561MSCD Construction$431,543.15
2562National Association Of Testing$431,408.56
2563International Economics UNIT Trust$431,255.52
2564Myriad Technologies Pty Ltd$430,947.00
2565Standards Australia$430,649.50
2566Recordkeeping Innovation Pty Ltd$430,643.84
2567Murray River North Pty Ltd$430,506.25
2568Certus Solutions Pty Ltd$430,272.09
2569Enviropacific Services Pty Limited$430,189.10
2570Negotiation Partners$429,801.57
2571DHI Water And Environment PL$429,796.70
2572Stryker Australia Pty Ltd$429,159.72
2573Janison Solutions Pty Ltd$428,296.00
2574Meletroup Pty Ltd$428,208.00
2575Zodiac DATA Systems$427,599.70
2576Umwelt Australian Pty Ltd$427,097.30
2577Australian National Audit Office$426,859.00
2578Hopewell Designs Inc$426,781.68
2579University Of Jember$426,567.87
2580Energetics Pty Ltd$423,988.20
2581Veerpoint Pty Ltd$423,775.00
2582Economic Development Services Pty Ltd$423,292.93
2583Comprehensive Health Solutions$423,080.00
2584Scientific Devices Australia P/L$422,233.10
2585Agora Consulting Pty Ltd$421,829.99
2586Jones LANG Lasalle$421,751.61
2587Pricewaterhousecoopers Advisory Services Australia$421,623.53
2588Liquip International Pty Ltd$421,578.38
2589Aculed Groups PTY. LTD.$421,444.60
2590Q-max Pumping Systems Pty Ltd$421,280.00
2591Rotech Australia Pty Ltd$421,271.58
2592Metropolitan Demolitions$421,212.00
2593ESP Merchandise Pty Ltd$420,508.00
2594Aboriginal Medical Service Western$420,000.00
2595CBD Chauffeured Transport Pty Ltd$420,000.00
2596Alseasons Complete Payroll$420,000.00
2597Thycon Industries Pty Ltd$419,784.97
2598Dedicated Systems Australia$418,656.60
2599Bluebird Consultants Pty Ltd$418,585.38
2600Yintjingga Aboriginal Corporation$418,217.44
2601Buchan Consulting Pty Ltd$417,460.00
2602Bureau International DES Poids ET Mesure (bipm)$417,414.52
2603Artisan Technical Services$417,357.73
2604TOTE Systems Australia PTY. LTD.$417,351.54
2605Appsium Pty Ltd$417,251.05
2606Hivac Services Pty Ltd$417,032.36
2607Informotion Pty Ltd$416,900.00
2608Callaghans Marine Services$416,892.33
2609Premis Solutions Pty Ltd$416,874.61
2610CIC Technology Pty Ltd$416,847.58
2611Analytic Advantage Australia Pty$416,750.01
2612Darwin International Airport$416,697.97
2613Australian Building Surveying Servi$416,416.00
2614S.I. TECH Pty Ltd$415,845.20
2615BIG SKY Publishing PL$415,707.01
2616APCD Pty Limited$415,548.50
2617Hastings Deering (aust) Limited$415,240.54
2618Bruel & Kjaer Australia$414,241.78
2619Marriott Hotels India Private Limited$412,814.00
2620Cowan Manufacturing Pty Ltd$412,052.95
2621Henchman Products$410,095.29
2622Australian Red Cross$409,663.68
2623The United Kingdom Hydrographic OFF$409,622.13
2624Waratah Information Pty Ltd$409,200.00
2625Kelly And Windsor Australia PTY*$408,631.25
2626Splunk INC.$408,429.20
2627ROY Morgan Research$408,192.22
2628Micro Systemation Pty Ltd$407,709.50
2629Sheedy, Stephen Charles$407,553.00
2630Designed With CARE Pty Ltd$407,394.90
2631Paramedical Services Pty Ltd$407,000.00
2632LINK Digital$406,430.75
2633Southtech Professional Services$405,817.04
2634Ozkor Pty Ltd$405,790.00
26352and2 Pty Ltd$405,471.50
2636Teledyne Technologies Inc DBA Teled$405,398.61
2637Kathy Baker$405,277.35
2638Hyder Consulting (australia) Pty LT$405,273.11
2639MELD Studios Pty Ltd$404,868.76
2640National Archives Of Australia$404,817.28
2641Cocos Communications And IT Pty Ltd$403,394.00
2642Shepherd Electrical Projects$403,361.00
2643Horizon Communication Group Pty Limited$403,280.00
2644Science In Public Pty Ltd$403,220.00
2645Wynyard (australia) Pty Limited$402,624.02
2646Stark Aviation Pty Ltd$402,322.80
2647Spectrum Australia Pty Ltd$401,719.65
2648Soulier Aarpi$401,512.79
2649Yarra Valley Water$401,500.00
2650MTAA House PTD. LTD.$401,311.13
2651Protec Pty Ltd$400,887.99
2652Advanced Communications$400,743.20
2653Murray-darling Basin Authority$400,000.00
2655DR Robyn Miller$400,000.00
2656Christopher Auricht And Deborah Auricht$399,700.00
2658Gaffney, Cline & Associates Pty Ltd$399,300.00
2659JOHN Morris Scientific Pty Ltd$399,023.08
2660TIER - 3 Pty Ltd$398,746.71
2661EPPS Software Pty Ltd$397,873.37
2662Sarahblade Pty Ltd$397,550.00
2663BIS Shrapnel Pty Ltd$396,980.00
2664I G Parker Pty Ltd$396,748.00
2665Executive Central Group Pty Ltd$396,250.80
2666David JOHN TUNE$396,000.00
2667Townsville Wholesale Fruit & VEG$396,000.00
2668PE & LM Davies Pty Ltd$396,000.00
2669Ogilvy Public Relations$396,000.00
2670Tilforth Consulting Services$395,310.42
2671Itree Pty Limited$395,045.00
2672Energy Market Consulting Associates$395,000.00
2673Ghost CRAB Pty Ltd$394,680.00
2674Wilkhahn ASIA Pacific$393,895.70
2676T2 Optimise Pty Ltd$393,724.80
2677Jones LANG Lasalle Advisory$393,580.00
2678Newnham Earthmoving PTY. Ltd$393,435.68
2679LAND AIR SEA Space$393,434.25
2680KATE Warren & Associates Pty Ltd$392,480.00
2681Australian Multicultural Foundation$392,480.00
2682M3 Engineering & Technology Corpora$392,101.24
2683LNB Computing Consultancy Pty Ltd$392,095.00
2684BAE Systems Controls INC.$391,915.74
2685Tibco Software (ireland) Limited$391,730.35
2686Giesecke & Devrient Australasia Pty Ltd$391,499.24
2687CASL Technology Pty Ltd$391,400.00
2688Schiavello Constructions (nsw) Pty$391,205.10
2689Lymah DATA Pty Ltd$390,510.25
2690SOS Recruitment$390,500.00
2691JNC National Pty Ltd$390,500.00
2692Amethyst Health Services$390,000.00
2693Amethyst Health Services$390,000.00
2694Ernst & Young$390,000.00
2695Symbios Communications$389,999.99
2696Oliver Wyman Pty Ltd$389,885.00
2697JDG Services Pty Ltd$389,614.99
2699The Total Package$388,865.40
2700International Auditing And Financial Consulting Company Limited$387,940.00
2701Synergy Group Australia Limited$387,909.20
2702Content BANK Australia$387,617.10
2703FOLK Pty Limited$387,518.00
2704Aerospace Composites Pty Ltd$387,154.35
2705Addcom Contact Solutions Pty Ltd$387,124.11
2706TIE Interact P/L$386,400.00
2707To A T Productions Pty Ltd$386,017.35
2708ZBOB Engineering Pty Ltd$385,967.50
2709Bridge Toyota$385,400.00
2710I.r.t. Communications Pty Ltd$385,141.90
2711Medic Oncall$385,000.00
2712The Trustee For Hardes Family Trust$385,000.00
2713Red ROCK Consulting$384,249.68
2714L-3 Communications Microdyne$384,186.61
2716Proquest LLC$383,009.48
2717GREG J Levett$382,800.00
2718WILD Science$382,668.00
2719Amanda O'rourke & Associates Pty LT$382,550.00
2720Iocane Pty Ltd$382,489.46
2721The Westbourne Group Pty Ltd$381,931.75
2722Alice Springs Airport Pty Ltd$380,638.08
2723Sirway ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$380,407.55
2724RSL Queensland Branch$380,265.60
2725Pullman Hotels And Resorts$380,046.31
2726KATE Barrelle$380,000.00
2727Jones Nicholson Consulting Engineer$379,500.00
2728Flight Safety$379,323.61
2729Tech-wear BY Carrycodetech-wear$378,675.00
2730Elsevier BV$378,454.09
2731Semantic Consulting$377,850.00
2732Sirca Limited$377,184.00
2733Rsb4stars Industries Pty Ltd$377,035.00
2734Entrust Ltd$377,033.12
2735Access Programs Australia Ltd$376,226.33
2736Physio And Speech PATH ADV SVCS$376,200.00
2737PY KU Aboriginal Corporation$375,390.56
2738Department For Child Protection$375,226.00
2739STEP TWO Designs$374,886.90
2740White LION INC.$374,400.00
2741Vision Australia$374,214.20
2742OBS Pty Ltd$374,149.91
2743Downer EDI Works$373,874.73
2744PITT Group Pty Ltd$373,787.32
2745SJS Trading CO Pty Ltd$373,230.00
2746ETMC Technologies Pty Ltd$372,296.10
2747Viasat Australia Pty Ltd$371,629.84
2748National Centre For Vocational$371,555.64
2749Lloyd's Register ASIA$371,407.30
2750Kelly,david Swete$370,969.00
2751UXC Consulting Pty Ltd$370,712.68
2752The AIR Doctor$370,679.32
2753Dorma Australia Pty Ltd$370,447.00
2754JOHN Robinson Consulting Services$370,333.89
2755Environmental Fluid Systems$370,326.00
2756Teledyne Defence Australia$370,304.00
2758Roback Pty Ltd$369,600.00
2759Stitchting Deltares$368,887.00
2760Master Electricians$368,823.03
2761Sphere Company Pty Ltd$368,775.00
2762Environ Australia Pty Ltd$368,359.55
2763Noske-kaeser NZ$368,199.88
2764ST Vincent's Institute Of Medical$367,620.00
2765Mozaic Management Consultants Pty Ltd$367,356.00
2766All-in Productions Pty Ltd$367,348.16
2767Fleming Forensic & Clinical$367,261.86
2768Sutherland Instrument Service$367,042.56
2769Medvet Science Pty Ltd$367,000.00
2770Triumph Actuation Systems - Valenci$366,692.61
2771Sustineo Pty Ltd$366,601.10
2772Jirsch Sutherland (sydney)$366,547.00
2774Siemens Ltd$366,190.00
2775Radio Tactics Australia Pty Ltd$366,041.51
2776Endeavour Coach Charters$366,000.00
2777Relocation LAWS Pty Ltd$365,971.20
2778Illuminating Solutions Pty Ltd$365,818.42
2779Bycroft Pty Ltd$365,812.77
2780SJ Lockwood Nominees Pty Ltd$365,603.34
2781Kilcairn Holdings Superannuation FUND$365,116.06
2782Russell Reynolds Associates$364,500.00
2783Solomon Brothers$363,939.02
2784ITE Australia Pty Ltd$363,780.98
2785Essco Collins Limited$363,750.20
2786Premier Protection Agency Pty Ltd$363,430.68
2787Salmat Digital Pty Ltd$363,288.77
2788Graeme Mcleod Mechanical Pty Ltd$363,242.59
2789YUKU BAJA Muliku Landowner And Reserves Ltd$363,000.00
2790SAT Corporation$362,614.36
2791Mediabrands Australia Pty Ltd T/AS$362,500.00
2792Automic Software Pty Ltd$362,142.00
2793Sefton & Associates Pty Ltd$361,381.72
2794The Trustee For Train Depot T/AS Train Depot Trust$361,291.41
2795Prologic, INC.$360,697.15
2796Promet Valves Australia Pty Ltd$360,153.50
2797The Curious FISH Coaching, Training$360,153.05
2798International Conservation Services$360,114.53
2799RIAN Industries P/L$359,949.10
2800Bosch Automotive Service Solutions$359,841.52
2801Southern Cross Computer$359,781.84
2802Lucas, Belinda$359,571.06
2803Gadzooks Pty Ltd$359,437.50
2804Barco Systems Pty Ltd$359,370.00
2805Shoalhaven CITY Council$358,700.00
2806Statewide Oil Distributors$358,288.85
2807Lance JAY Holdings Pty Ltd$358,100.00
2808Vcorp Consulting Pty Ltd$358,050.00
2809Lumension Security SA$357,500.00
2810Tucker Consulting Pty Ltd$357,181.76
2811Rentokil PEST Control (qld) Pty Ltd$357,096.30
2812Alltrans Management Pty Ltd$356,990.04
2813Twitter Inc$356,252.06
2814JPA Armouring GMBH$356,000.00
2815Fivenines Consulting Pty Ltd$355,873.38
2816Plexnet Pty Ltd$355,509.50
2817Petrarca C. Karetji$355,076.01
2818Zentner Shipping Pty Ltd$354,576.30
2819Arthur Raymond Moses$354,567.50
2820Royle Consulting Services Pty Ltd$354,125.00
2821The SAX Institute Pty Ltd$354,101.00
2822Wavefield Pty Ltd$353,905.00
2823S&B Projects Pty Ltd$353,820.00
2824Novotel TWIN Waters Resort$353,446.88
2825Metis Business Consulting Pty Ltd$353,200.00
2826Nexter Munitions$353,079.28
2827Burdeshaw Associates LTD.$352,725.16
2828PORT Of Brisbane Pty Ltd$352,712.80
2829Maura FAY Group$352,689.49
2830BMV Solutions Pty Ltd$352,281.19
2831Cormageo Instruments P/L$352,270.00
2832Global Asset Systems Pty Limited$352,211.92
2833OLIN Australia Ltd$351,944.12
2834Yatharagga Farming CO.$351,927.40
2835P-con Support Systems Pty Ltd$351,780.00
2836Building Effectiveness Pty Ltd$351,749.10
2837Mykra Building Services$351,549.92
2838Transplant Connect$350,750.00
2839Deutsches Zentrum FUER Luft- UND RA$350,594.44
2840Crawley Creatures Ltd$350,324.88
2841LIFE Technologies Australia Pty Ltd$350,020.18
2842Ricoh South Pacific$350,000.00
2843David J Sanders$350,000.00
2844Oakley Greenwood Pty Ltd$349,893.66
2845NGS Global Pty Ltd$349,887.52
2846Workplace Training$349,611.01
2847ACS Australia$349,519.65
2848Rainbow Gateway Limited$349,491.24
2849Dawul WURR Aboriginal Corporation (yirrganydji)$349,200.00
2850Department Of Commerce$348,626.00
2851Crown Limited$348,093.97
2852Unify Solutions Pty Limited$347,930.00
2853Simuserv Pty Ltd$347,736.40
2854BECA Pty Ltd$347,560.00
2855Morison Consulting Pty Ltd$347,462.00
2857Scantechnics Pty Ltd$345,309.61
2858Geoff Harber$345,219.29
2859LLC "laboratory For Electromagnetic Innovations",$344,868.90
2860Grammatech, INC.$344,848.57
2862Mary-may (holdings) Pty Ltd$343,667.82
2863The OPEN DOOR Coaching Group$343,561.94
2864IAN Gilbert Everitt$343,538.96
2865Knuckey Family Trust$343,348.50
2866The Trustee For Synergies Economic Consulting UNIT Trust$343,035.09
2867Hunter Water Corporation Ltd$342,846.65
2868Employers Making A Difference$342,650.00
2869O'brien RICH Research Group$342,574.00
2870Microstrategy Pty Ltd$342,482.02
2871Cliftons Operations$341,930.28
2872ATM Civil Pty Ltd$341,814.70
2873BEN Baden Services Pty Ltd$341,812.30
2874Wavelength Pty Ltd$341,624.31
2875Engineering Analysis Services$341,550.00
2876Catalyst Interactive Pty Ltd$341,378.11
2877EGON Zehnder International$341,000.00
2878Odonatrix Pty Ltd$341,000.00
2879Josamila Pty Ltd$341,000.00
2880DKSH Australia Pty Ltd$340,813.00
2881Sianmark Pty Ltd$340,454.40
2882Customer Reach$340,000.00
2883IT Power (australia) Pty Limited$339,984.35
2884TAS DEPT Of Premier & Cabinet$339,928.28
2885Cummins South Pacific Pty Ltd$339,538.36
2886Education Lodge Pty Ltd$339,499.05
2887BY Jingo Business Services Pty Ltd$339,240.00
2888QT Canberra$339,036.80
2889MBZ Pty Ltd$339,022.60
2890Avantex Australasia Pty Ltd$338,816.50
2891Institute Of Public Administration$338,545.00
2892Latrobe CITY Council$337,500.00
2893Scotwork Negotiating Skills$337,035.52
2894Canvas Contracting Pty Ltd$336,924.50
2895Matrium Technologies Pty Ltd$336,721.00
2896Shelde Pty Ltd$336,600.00
2897Taylor Professional Services Pty$336,600.00
2898Kirribilli Partners$336,412.37
2899Ultra TEC Manufacturing, Inc$336,135.82
2900Drummond Street Services Inc$336,000.00
2901The RAND Corporation (australia)$335,916.10
2902Tascon Constructions Pty Ltd$335,522.00
2903Clifford Hallam Healthcare$335,459.70
2904Spatial Vision Innovations P/L$335,203.66
2905SHIN KONG LIFE Insurance Company Ltd$334,916.00
2906Nufern DBA Nufern Inc$334,817.47
2907Abbott RISK Consulting Ltd$334,719.00
29081A Group T/A Intec1$334,015.00
2909Tempo Strategies Pty Ltd$333,357.90
2910AAM Pty Ltd$333,289.00
2911Pindari Building Solutions$333,149.30
2912DVR Engineering Pty Ltd$332,994.20
2913NATO Bices Agency (nba)$332,973.30
2914BIO RAD Laboratories Pty Ltd$332,875.40
2915Forward IT$332,776.37
2916GREG O'mahoney$332,666.99
2917People Against Violent Extremism$332,372.00
2918RAY KEMP Consulting Ltd$332,269.00
2919Andrew Engineering Pty Ltd$331,857.80
2920L-3 Communications MAS (canada) Inc$331,520.63
2921Yardstick Advisory$331,427.00
2922Australian Security Technology Pty$331,419.61
2923FORD Kelly Excutive Connection Pty$330,979.00
2924Trotec Laser Pty Ltd$330,723.43
2925Australian Medical Association LIMI$330,537.90
2926Mrael Limited$330,395.00
2927Aerosonde Pty Ltd$330,288.20
2928Ensign-bickford Aerospace & Defense$330,276.24
2929Gunggandji PBC Aboriginal Corporation$330,000.00
2930JOHN Winter Consultancy Ltd$328,827.24
2931Turbomeca A/asia Pty Ltd$328,494.71
2932Nguyen DU PARK Residences Ltd$328,458.24
2933Bridge IT Engineering Pty Ltd$327,852.80
2934Adtech Environmental Pty Ltd$327,744.14
2935Murphy Davis Consulting Pty Ltd$327,671.50
2936Precise Global Pty Ltd$327,021.97
2937Ebsray Pumps Pty Ltd$326,906.35
2938WYLE Laboratories Scientific Servic$326,797.50
2939JIM Hendrickson & Associates Pty LT$326,590.00
2940Elizabeth Montano$326,508.84
2941Molec Electrical Contractors$326,214.90
2942Horizon Access Spares$325,760.17
2943Scubanautics Diving Academy$325,526.30
2944Creative Content Media$325,504.47
2945Private Individual - Mumbai$325,262.01
2946DEPT Of Environment Regulation$325,000.00
2947Planex Sales Pty Ltd$324,540.25
2948Media Heads Pty Ltd$324,492.30
2949BLUE Grass Consulting Pty Ltd$324,268.74
2950TPR Systems$323,985.00
2951Optimum Business Consulting Pty Ltd$323,540.00
2952Purcell Consultants Pty Ltd$323,400.00
2953Aviall Australia Pty Ltd$323,389.15
2954Semco Instruments, INC.$323,194.43
2955Colgan Industries Pty Ltd$322,739.89
2956Qinetiq Technical Consulting$322,731.48
2958ANNA Margrit Mitchelmore$322,500.00
2959Stirling International$322,390.61
2960Turner & Townsend Pty Ltd$322,208.00
2961Haemonetics Australia Pty Ltd$322,136.76
2962Trelawney Pty Ltd$321,840.00
2963Steve GRAY Consulting Pty Ltd$321,530.00
2964FITT Resources Pty Ltd$320,907.24
2965Scholer Industries Pty Ltd$320,727.00
2966Girringun Aboriginal Corporation$320,522.30
2967Henkel Australia Pty Ltd$320,415.57
2968AMOG PTY. Ltd$320,138.94
2969Wright WAY Rubbish Removal$320,000.00
2970Lawler JOHN$320,000.00
2971Geospace Engineering Resources International$320,000.00
2972Polyglot Group Pty Limited$319,920.50
2973Transact Capital Communications$319,912.63
2974Protector Alsafe Pty Ltd$319,707.36
2975Paula M Promotions$319,378.23
2976Dexion Nepean$318,895.50
2977Bethomas Consulting Pty Ltd$317,650.00
2978Applied CCM$317,397.06
2979The Trustee For Mahoney Family TRUS$317,374.80
2980DWPL Nominees Pty Ltd$317,163.54
2981OPEN Learning Global Pty Ltd$317,000.00
2982Point Trading Services$316,564.11
2983Mcmillan Staff Development Pty Ltd$316,302.49
2984OPEN Systems Australia P/L$315,926.33
2985Atlas Elektronik UK Limited$315,841.15
2986Federation University Australia$315,838.00
2987Speedgoat GMBH$314,791.66
2988Nintex Pty Ltd$314,783.90
2989Tainos P/L$314,600.00
2990Coregas Pty Ltd$314,520.00
2992Australian Indigenous Leadership$314,050.00
2993RICE Daubney$313,968.61
2994CREA Laboratory Technologies P/L$313,923.94
2995Amena ALY Kamaal$313,572.00
2996Bruttour International Pty Ltd$313,551.70
2997Michael O'meara$313,543.63
2999Phoenx PLM Pty Ltd$313,316.46
3000Fortis Consulting Pty Ltd$313,251.30
3001Wilhelmsen Ships Service$312,631.00
3002L J Hooker$312,321.45
3003Quickstrike Defence & Aerospace Pty$312,094.00
3004SABA Software Inc Nicole Scales MAC$311,492.68
3005Ralph Neumann Consulting Pty Ltd$311,300.00
3006Inchcape Shipping Services GUAM LLC$311,249.08
3007Coresight Pty Ltd$310,964.82
3008Victoria DALY Shire Council$310,890.99
3009Directions For Change$310,381.05
3010Newspoll Market Research$310,310.00
3011ALAN Newton$310,310.00
3012Allison Margaret ANN$310,000.01
3013The Trustee For Aunger Family Trust$309,460.00
3014Cunning Running Software Ltd$308,700.00
3015PCA People$308,420.00
3016NU Scientific Pty.ltd.$308,229.63
3017Seaview Montville Pty Ltd$308,224.87
3018Martin Membrane Systems$308,145.90
3019I.T. Xchange Pty Ltd$308,121.00
3020Lejen Marine Pty Ltd$307,944.01
3021Australian Hearing$306,970.00
3022Sk3wl 0F R00T LLC$306,878.82
3023Investa Asset Management Pty Ltd$306,000.00
3024Stancombe RES & Planning PT$305,783.50
3025ACT Department Of Disability$305,746.00
3026Optimax Systems, INC.$305,000.00
3027Social Ventures Australia$305,000.00
3028Centre For Public Management$304,907.20
3029NVR Solutions Pty Ltd$304,469.00
3030Topsoft Pty Ltd$303,446.55
3031Productivity Commission$303,284.00
3032Sheffield Haworth Australia Pty Ltd$302,893.83
3033Preemptive Consulting Pty Ltd$302,792.98
3034CORE Energy Group Pty Ltd$302,500.00
3035GSE Services Pty Ltd$302,066.08
3036KAYE Schofield & Associates Pty Ltd$301,675.00
3037HARE And Forbes Machinery HOUS$301,456.49
3038HW Technologies$301,400.00
3039ALC Education And Consulting$300,987.50
3040Tradeways Ltd$300,971.64
3041NMO Health Pty Ltd$300,960.00
3042Kurrajong HILL Pty Ltd$300,839.61
3044Compair (australasia) Limited$300,541.93
3045Investech Services Pty Ltd$300,410.00
3046A Raptis And SONS Pty Ltd$300,300.00
3047Career Trackers Indigenous Internship Program Limited$300,000.00
3048KENT Police Headquarters$300,000.00
3049Dominic Downie And Associates Pty L$300,000.00
3050Department Of Environment Water And$300,000.00
3051Haystac Public Affairs PTY. LTD.$300,000.00
3052Snapcracker Research & Strategy$299,970.01
3053Australian Federation International$299,887.50
3054Quantum Technology Pty Ltd$299,796.00
3055General Dynamics-ots, INC. DBA GD-O$299,708.86
3056Australian Radome Services$299,669.70
3057Sashi Maharaj$299,260.36
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3059Pitney Bowes$298,806.20
3060Intelligent Business Research Servi$298,441.00
3061CITY Of Wagga Wagga$298,057.27
3062J M Cavanagh Pty Ltd$297,440.00
3063Phalanx Australia$297,423.50
3064Qualisys AB$296,812.27
3065Bioline Global Pty Limited$296,506.93
3066Forgacs Engineering Pty Ltd$296,256.28
3067Worldstage Pty Ltd$296,215.92
3068Cadre Design$295,906.00
3069NOEL Cameron Eichbaum$295,894.21
3070Results Consulting (aust) Pty Ltd$295,577.16
3071Jacmor Engineering Pty Ltd$295,350.00
3072Warsash Pty Ltd$295,270.78
3073Immotech Pty Ltd$295,251.00
3074Diehl BGT Defence GMBH & CO. KG$295,223.48
3075Order-in Pty Ltd$295,000.00
3076Grower's OWN$295,000.00
3077Mulpha Hotel Operations Pty Limited$294,612.00
3078LIFE Support International INC.$294,606.72
3079Rohan Hardcastle$294,512.57
3081O'connor Marsden & Associates$294,298.38
3082Conrad Gargett Architects$294,118.00
3083Systech Consultants Pty Ltd$293,921.60
3084Airlie (nsw) Pty Ltd$293,849.00
3085T.E. & J. L. Deecke Pty Ltd$293,670.99
3086Sitrion, Inc$293,582.47
3087Disco Hi-tec (singapore) PTE Ltd$293,507.64
3088Norwest Crane HIRE$293,408.06
3089ISI Pty Ltd$293,401.93
3090HBA Consulting$293,052.00
3091BIG River Housing$292,980.60
3092Computer Systems Australia$292,946.08
3093Summat Investments Pty Ltd$292,490.00
3094KWP Advertising$292,369.35
3095Learning Systems Analysis$292,003.91
3096Rexel Electrical Supplies Pty L*$291,617.96
3097Uniform Safety Signs$291,500.00
3098Software Project Assist Pty Ltd$291,457.20
3099MOOG Controls Ltd$291,383.38
3100The Rehabilitation Specialists$291,364.10
3101Telefunken Radio Communication SYST$291,134.38
3102Special Broadcasting Service$291,018.00
3103PT. The Ritz-carlton Indonesia$291,002.34
3104Megan Dyson$290,866.00
31054cabling Pty Ltd$290,540.80
3106Tricentis Pty Ltd$290,423.98
3107Gosource Pty Ltd$290,400.00
3108Disability Services Commission$290,341.00
3109Spear Of FAME Pty Ltd$290,052.50
3110Spectral Instruments$290,000.00
3111MRI (aust) Pty Ltd$289,804.20
3113Schiavello Systems (vic) Pty Ltd$289,708.10
3114Anixter Australia$289,247.50
3115Department Of Planning,$289,147.00
3116ICE Media Pty Ltd$289,095.80
3117Language Professionals$289,013.90
3118Simon Knyvett Mcgregor$288,900.00
3119Galent Pty Limited$288,580.00
3120Cowboys Rugby League Football Limited$288,403.50
3121Attorney General's 'D' Branch$288,304.38
3122Bennett Commercial Electronics$288,210.95
3123Ipsos Australia Pty Ltd$288,200.00
3124Safari Books Online$288,149.35
3125MGSM Limited$287,400.00
3126The Splendid Projects Company$287,120.00
3127Design Integrated Technology, INC.$287,059.94
3128Espreon Property Services Pty Ltd$287,000.00
3129Infratherm Pty Ltd$286,321.20
3130DELV Pty Ltd$286,301.51
3131Jardine Lloyd Thompson Pty Ltd$285,556.49
3132Tokoni Pty Ltd$285,120.00
3133Silversun Pictures Pty Ltd$285,118.62
3134Bullivants Pty Ltd$285,031.56
3135Shane Carroll & Associates Pty Ltd$284,940.79
3136Aussie Floorcovering Distributor$284,363.31
3137Roads And Maritime Services$284,355.09
3138Newgate Communications Australia PL$284,167.00
3139Allied Pickfords$284,062.39
3140Australian Energy Market Operator$284,000.00
3141Orijen Pty Ltd$283,995.00
3142The Evans Family Discretionary Trust$283,690.00
3143RAB Consulting Pty Ltd$283,580.00
3144Think HQ$283,250.00
3146FOUR Seasons Sydney$280,870.10
3147Forecast International INC.$280,783.70
3148Future Directions International$280,288.30
3149EP Independent Pty Ltd$280,170.00
3150Triumph GEAR Systems, INC. DBA TRIU$280,158.99
3151Princess Wharf 1$280,000.00
3152Skillgate Learning Centres Group Pty Ltd$280,000.00
3153Conbrio Technology Group Ltd$279,698.10
3154Dilma Consulting$279,690.40
3155Promega Corporation$279,632.10
3156Shannon Crash Repairs$279,467.89
3157ALFA Laval Australia Pty Ltd$279,404.65
3158Right NOW Office Renovations And Maintenance Services Pty Ltd$279,388.00
3159Meggitt Defense Systems, INC.$279,386.88
3160Retro Track And AIR (UK) Ltd$279,305.15
3161Startrack Retail Pty Ltd$279,208.10
3162AQUA LUNG Australia Pty Ltd$279,030.18
3163Gippsland Water$279,000.00
3165Marsh Pty Ltd$278,677.00
3166SAGE Automation Pty Ltd$278,624.50
3167Servicenow Nederland B.V.$278,620.93
3168PBS Project Pty Limited$278,412.68
3169MAP Training Pty Ltd$278,250.00
3170Schneider Electric IT Australia Pty$277,950.04
3171Cinden Lester Communications$277,897.00
3172CBO Pty Ltd$277,810.50
3173Paddywack Promotional Products P/L$277,685.00
3174RNI Constructions Pty Ltd$277,200.00
3175Universal Systems Ltd DBA Caris$277,006.85
3176The Consulting Space$276,975.00
3177Morse Consulting Pty Ltd$276,803.40
3178Webqem Pty Ltd$276,624.17
3179Ariya Health Pty Ltd$276,138.67
3180Fiberguide Industries$276,000.00
3181Specialized Services Pty Ltd$275,779.01
3182Snap-on Tools (australia) Pty LT$275,694.06
3183Catherine Gleeson$275,500.00
3184Schweppes Australia Pty Limited$275,015.00
3185333 Group Pty Ltd$275,000.00
3186RON Allum Deepsea Services$275,000.00
3187Finlay Consulting$275,000.00
3188The Brookings Institution$275,000.00
3189Dodds-streeton, Julie ANNE$275,000.00
3190Global Fabric Structures Pty Ltd$274,780.00
3191Hesco Bastion Limited$274,742.81
3192Xzibit (pty) Ltd$274,527.90
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3194Tobias & Tobias Pty Ltd$273,900.00
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3196WAX Converters Textiles Pty Ltd$273,240.00
3197Consec - Conference Management$273,150.00
3198Foley's LIST Pty Ltd$272,950.15
3199Medtel Australia$272,696.95
3200Ingkerreke Operational Trust$272,476.58
3201BLUE Environment Pty Ltd$272,302.00
3202Valtech Digital Australia$272,220.00
3203Gunnebo Australia Pty Ltd$272,127.50
3204Toowoomba Regional Council$272,005.28
3205Daryl Jackson Alastair Swayn Pty LT$271,987.78
3206CCA Software$271,899.73
3207Alfred Wegener Institute - Helmholtz-zentrum FUR Polar U.$271,608.70
3208SRK Consulting$271,402.00
3209The Information Management Group$271,145.61
3210Miltect Pty Ltd$271,014.99
3211Ascott IFC Guangzhou$270,561.71
3212Northrop Grumman International Trading Inc - AUD$270,257.62
3213Timor Telecom, SA$270,000.00
3214University Physicians, Inc$270,000.00
3215Foods Standards Australia NEW Zealand$270,000.00
3216Mitso Consulting Pty Ltd$269,776.10
3217Cardiac Science Australia Pty L*$269,611.18
3218Protective Cases$269,547.00
3219Indigenous Remote Communications Association$269,500.00
3220Pattison's Maintenance Pty Ltd$269,452.77
3221L&L Design And Production Pty Ltd$269,444.02
3222Spectral Dynamics Pty Ltd$269,416.62
3223Bremer And CO Pty Ltd$269,205.00
3224Joanne Shepard$269,000.00
3225Hibbs & Associates Pty Limited$268,847.72
3226Centre For Customs And Excise Studies Pty Ltd$268,771.80
3227Wizard Corporate Training$268,759.00
3228Human Chemistry Pty Ltd$267,850.00
3229Batmac Constructions Pty Ltd$267,761.88
3230Grant Thornton Australia Limited$267,642.90
3231MEP Instruments Pty Ltd$267,399.55
3232NERA Economic Consulting$267,106.25
3233Kokoda Ultimate Tours$266,706.00
3234Australian Computer Society$266,654.90
3235Stylecraft Australia$266,637.24
3236EYE Candy Animation Pty Ltd$266,546.50
3237RCS Management Consulting$266,200.00
3238Queensland Breathing Systems$266,178.30
3240Dossiere Pty Ltd$265,865.00
3241Morgan Mckinley Pty Ltd$265,827.70
3242Campak Construction Pty Ltd$265,427.80
3243Lahey Constructions Pty Ltd$265,320.98
3244PDA Marble & Granite$265,112.22
3246KING Nutronics Corporation$265,089.89
3247Searson BUCK Workforce Pty Limited$264,803.00
3248POLO CPI Pty Ltd$264,790.00
3249Mindray Medical Australia Pty Ltd$264,451.87
3250Uniquest Ltd$264,301.00
3251Coordinated Building Systems WA$264,216.70
3252SIRI Williams$264,000.00
3253Russell Employee Benefits Pty Ltd$264,000.00
3254Pilsbury Technology Pty Ltd$264,000.00
3256Woodfin Consulting Pty Ltd$263,290.10
3257Broadsword Marine Contractors Pty Ltd$263,100.00
3258Australian FUEL Distributors$263,098.39
3259Northrop Engineers Pty Ltd$262,820.00
3260RDS Partners Pty Ltd$262,800.01
3261Metropolitan FIRE And Emergency$261,952.00
3262Parkroyal Darling Harbour$261,728.53
3263BRT Enterprises (australia) Pty Ltd$261,724.21
3264Add-tech Pty Ltd$261,591.00
3265WSP Buildings Pty Ltd$261,473.20
3266National Instruments AUST$261,391.54
3267Mckinsey Pacific RIM$261,360.00
3268Australian Institute Of Company Directors$261,216.45
3269RG & RM Massicks$261,200.00
3270Stamat Pty Ltd$261,119.23
3271ST JOHN Ambulance Australia VIC$261,058.60
3272Peoplesure Psychology & Consulting$260,881.71
3273Songhua XU$260,795.02
3274PLUS PLUS Pty Ltd$260,599.90
3275Junction VIEW PTY. LTD.$260,437.13
3276Tasmanian Worldwide Shipping$260,424.79
3277Holland Medical Pty Ltd$260,260.00
3278Hutchinson Communications$260,256.00
3279Taylor & Francis Group$260,252.52
3280ISS Shipping India PVT Ltd$260,089.00
3281Centaman Systems Pty Ltd$259,574.22
3282Chartsmart Consulting Pty Ltd$259,176.70
3283Novotel Sydney Brighton Beach$258,800.00
3284Cre8ive Australasia Pty Ltd$258,688.99
3285Moore Building And Consulting Services Pty Ltd$258,388.90
3286LYNN Farkas Information Services Pty Ltd$258,115.00
3287Envoy Advanced Technologies P/L$258,106.68
3288YARD Holding And Investment PTE. Ltd$258,025.00
3289GEKA Enterprises Pty Ltd$257,850.00
3290The Trustee For Warriewood Trust$257,308.62
3291Hotel Realm Pty Ltd$257,242.46
3292Prodigitek Pty Ltd$257,068.90
3293Health Services INTN$256,961.93
3294Crispy Fresh$256,698.26
3295AXIS Constructions Pty Ltd$256,612.63
3296Catch Recruitment Pty Ltd$256,216.50
3297Habitat Recruiting Pty Ltd$255,869.60
3298Human Solutions P/L$255,741.00
3299Morningstar Australasia Pty Ltd$254,979.30
3300Safearth Consulting$254,974.43
3301Measurement And Analysis Camera Systems Pty Ltd$254,821.60
3302Faraday Pty Ltd$253,863.25
3303DC Services (NQ) Pty Ltd$253,721.82
3304Kelly, David Swete$253,710.60
3305Population Services International$253,417.43
3306Context Matter Pty Ltd$253,265.10
3307Metroid Electrical Products$253,127.05
3308Simulinc Pty Ltd$252,890.80
3309Priority Electrical Services$252,740.05
3310Theon Sensors S.A.$252,642.08
3311ECO 2000 Pty Ltd$252,582.37
3312Wulguru MEAT Market$252,523.09
3313Pragmateam Pty Ltd$252,400.00
3314Sherrin Rentals Pty Ltd$252,312.50
3315M-set Projects And Strategies Pty Ltd$252,292.55
3318Tasbulk Container HIRE$252,062.80
3320The Lisant Group$252,000.00
3321Nicholas Macsi$251,680.00
3322Blackwell Plumbing & GAS Pty Ltd$251,394.00
3324Bistech Pty Ltd$250,260.40
3325Ochre Workforce Solutions$250,160.00
3326Australian Office Of Financial$250,000.00
3327LAW In Order$250,000.00
3328Avenell Engineering Systems Ltd (AE$250,000.00
3329Natural Decisions Pty Ltd$250,000.00
3330Private Company$249,445.87
3331J.J. Richards & SONS Pty Ltd$249,389.14
3332Fieldglass Asiapac Pty Ltd$249,366.23
3333SAFE Smart Access$249,133.83
3334National Museum Of Australia$249,000.00
3335Geomark Research Ltd$248,995.63
3336Veldhoen & Company Pty Limited$248,912.40
3338EAS Toolcraft Pty Ltd$248,545.00
3339Connect PM Pty Ltd$248,270.00
3340Jeremy Clarke$248,000.00
3342DAPO Pty Ltd$247,800.00
3343Eniquest Pty Ltd$247,731.66
3344Chubb Electronic Security$247,687.00
3345South Australian HEA$247,436.40
3346Oxford Scientific Pty.ltd.$247,057.90
3347Aerodrome Management S$246,124.31
3348Empire Busns Furnitr$246,048.43
3349Providence Consulting Group Pty Ltd AS Trustee For Providence Consulting Group UNIT Trust$245,995.20
3350Institute For Healthy Communities$245,902.00
3351Luminosity Engineering And DES$245,757.60
3352Solinnov Pty Ltd$245,640.00
3353COPE Sensitive Freight$245,612.38
3354Dunstan Fernando$245,284.69
3355Kristina Stern$245,000.00
3356Graeme Kenneth Turner$244,800.00
3357State Library Of Western Australia$244,700.00
3358Melbourne Brass And Woodwind CEN$244,536.43
3359Fairmont Resort$244,215.00
3360Pricewaterhousecoopers Actuarial Pty Limited$244,180.00
3361VAN DEN BERG Design TEAM Pty$244,000.00
3362Small Recruiting$243,956.14
3363Segovia Dragon Holdings Pty Ltd$243,760.00
3364Taylor FRY Consulting Actuaries$243,700.00
3365Permuto Pty Ltd$243,638.90
3366C. R. Kennedy & Company Pty Ltd$243,457.50
3367Pretoria Metal Pressings$243,380.38
3368Pharmglobal Pty Ltd$243,276.00
3369Urban Circus$243,233.00
3370Visual JAZZ$243,047.75
3371Stanford Technologies Pty Ltd$242,754.04
3372Connexion Systems Pty Ltd$242,598.95
3373Michael Green Pty Ltd$242,375.01
3374Kreab Gavin Anderson (australia) Ltd$242,370.69
3375Australian SURF Rowers$242,000.00
3376International Industry Consultants$242,000.00
3377Saville ROW Tailored Environments$241,880.00
3378Peter Achterstraat$241,200.00
3379A M DIX And Associates$241,026.00
3380PINA Federico$241,010.00
3381EBA Solutions Pty Ltd$240,936.00
3382Techniworks Action Learning Pty Ltd$240,816.20
3383Logistic Engineering Services P/L$240,251.11
3384International Maize And Wheat Improvement Center$240,000.00
3385Trustee For The Agent Family Trust$240,000.00
3386Hilton Hotel$240,000.00
3387EPOA Pty Ltd$239,800.00
3388DR ALAN Thomas$239,281.94
3389Economic Insights Pty Ltd$239,160.00
3390Pathtech Pty Ltd$239,096.00
3391Miles Morgan Australia Pty Ltd$238,880.00
3392Jirgens Civil Pty Ltd$238,809.34
3393Broome Contracting$238,700.00
3394Tapestry Solutions, INC.$238,622.42
3395National Industrial Chemicals$238,500.00
3396Puzzle Partners Consulting Pty Ltd$238,392.20
3397Callington Haven Pty Ltd$238,336.58
3398Metals R US$238,227.00
3399Synergistiq Pty Ltd$237,878.00
3401FYFE Pty Ltd$237,743.00
3402Crouche, Michel$237,666.00
3403Timebase Pty Ltd$237,618.99
3404ESI Alphatec$237,485.60
3405Sealanes SOU$237,422.59
3407Fraser Suites Chengdu$237,130.47
3408Forgacs-broens Pty Ltd$237,078.59
3409Bio-strategy Pty Limited$237,022.50
3410KATE Bradstreet$236,500.99
3411Qiagen Pty Ltd$236,395.12
3412Scott Seefeld$236,000.00
3413Gani, Professor Ascobat$235,659.60
3414JLG Industries (australia)$235,499.00
3415Farmaisle Pty Ltd$235,400.00
3416LIFE Unlimited Health Solutions Pty$235,205.00
3417Hydrobiology Pty Ltd$235,070.52
3418EW Pty Ltd$234,916.00
3419Program Planning Professionals Pty Ltd$234,722.00
3420Compass Group (australia) Pty Ltd$234,169.41
3421Paykel SDS Pty Ltd$234,080.00
3422British MET Office UK$234,048.61
3423Providence Trust$234,000.00
3424PSI ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$233,974.71
3425Resodyn Acoustic Mixers, Incorporat$233,917.69
3426Joanna Davidson$233,600.00
3427Illudest Pty Ltd$233,420.00
3428Serko Australia Pty Ltd$233,240.70
3429Tricorp Enterprises Pty Ltd$232,627.17
3430LAW And Economics Consulting Associates Ltd$232,437.50
3431Engine Engineering Services (NT) PT$232,270.75
3432APA Management Services Pty Ltd$232,232.00
3433Leadership Strategies Pty Ltd$232,078.83
3434Kleine Stone Pty Ltd$231,898.00
3435DET Norske Veritas (australia) Pty$231,863.07
3436Wickes And Associates Pty Ltd$231,465.00
3437Jayrow Helicopers Pty Ltd$231,400.00
3439Staging Connections Pty Ltd$231,301.41
3440Oberthur Technologies Australia P/L$231,000.00
3441Merrow Consulting$231,000.00
3442Circadian Solutions Pty Ltd$230,472.00
3443Bosch Rexroth Pty Ltd$230,459.17
3444The Liberty Group Consortium$230,319.53
3445ROSS Dalgleish$230,283.17
3446Red DOG Construction Australia$230,266.30
3447Blueprint Operations Pty Ltd$230,016.00
3448POST Meridian$230,000.00
3449Anthony LO Surdo$230,000.00
3450National Prescribing Service Limite$229,438.00
3451Morito Francisco$229,235.26
3452Accessibilityoz Pty Ltd$229,215.00
3453Berrico Consultants$229,000.50
3454Australian Security Intelligence$228,610.00
3455Geoplex Products Pty Ltd$228,383.65
3456RMCG Consulting Group$228,240.02
3457LA Trobe University$227,883.40
3458Flanagan Brown Greaves Pty Ltd$227,865.32
3459The Mediaverse Pty Ltd$227,830.96
3460Masdad Pty Ltd$227,700.00
3461Briarwood Pty Limited T/A RAM Constructions$227,496.17
3462Kestrel AU Pty Ltd$227,397.05
3463RAND Corporation - AUD$227,133.70
3464Northern Peninsula AREA Regional Council$227,105.59
3466Alluvium Consulting Australia Pty L$226,916.25
3467Australian Water Association$226,842.00
3468Wilson Parking Parking Australia (1992) Pty Ltd$226,518.06
3469Ithaca Group Pty Ltd$226,492.50
3470Microway Pty Ltd$226,168.17
3471Integrated Emergency And Indust*$226,140.20
3472Chairmont Pty Ltd$225,974.00
3473Western Advance Pty Ltd$225,783.35
3474Arthur J. Gallagher & CO (aus) Ltd$225,772.25
3475Pearson Engineering$225,721.05
3476Wagnitz Building Services$225,602.70
3477H J Layton Pty Ltd$225,500.00
3478National Asthma Council Australia L$225,500.00
3479Armor Composite Engineering Pty$225,500.00
3480Rydges Capital H$225,368.33
3481Mentor Technologies Pty Ltd$225,311.65
3482Statisitcs Netherlands$225,000.00
3483North Australian Rural Management Consultants PTY. LTD.$225,000.00
3484PIER ONE Developments UNIT Trust$224,994.00
3485Ranatan Pty Ltd AS Trustee For Premow UNIT Trust$224,527.67
3486Caitlin Byrne Consulting$224,510.00
3487Altirrus Pty Ltd$224,301.00
3488Goodrich Corporation DBA Goodrich A$224,124.88
3489H I S HOSE Pty Ltd$224,021.60
3490Australian Curriculum Assessment$224,000.00
3491Newspec Pty Ltd$223,583.17
3492Aquila Engineering Pty Ltd$223,449.60
3493TTF D P & A M Jones UNIT Trust$223,320.00
3494Morris & Sojnocki$223,218.29
3495Juergensen Defense Corporation$223,152.00
3496DR R Stafford - Stafford Medical P/L$223,080.00
3497Jobfit Health Group Pty Ltd$223,000.00
3498Prism Defence Pty Ltd$222,873.23
3499Signal Processing Know-how Pty Ltd$222,700.00
3500P3 Pty Ltd$222,640.00
3501Department Of Environment And Herit$222,400.01
3502ABC Rehab-hanivoile Pty Ltd$222,376.00
3503CST Computer Simulation Technology$222,221.67
3504Fuchs Lubricants (australasia)$222,034.12
3505Technical Assessing (vic) Pty Ltd$222,000.00
3506Bartlem, ALEX Robert$221,881.63
3507JDS Australia Pty Ltd$221,821.70
3508Taylor Brammer Landscape Architects$221,767.89
3509Information Systems Consultancy Services Pty Ltd$221,760.00
3510Toxconsult Pty Ltd$221,694.00
3511Context Information Security Ltd$221,651.25
3512Counselling Appraisal Consultants$221,650.00
3513Flaxworks Pty Ltd$221,597.00
3514Inaphase Pty Ltd$221,574.95
3515Royal Australian MINT$221,380.11
3516NEW Lenox Machine CO., Inc$221,108.18
3517Robert Cornal AO$220,590.00
3518Cairns Regional Council$220,590.00
3519Testpro Pty Ltd$220,419.57
3520SAGE Legal Services Pty Ltd$220,280.00
3521Australian Chamber Of Commerce And$220,000.00
3522ADC Forum$220,000.00
3523GPV Holdings Pty Limited$220,000.00
3524Nirrumbuk Aboriginal Corporation$220,000.00
3525N2N Communications$220,000.00
3526Cobham Aviation Services$220,000.00
3527ASTC Pty Ltd$220,000.00
3528Simulation Australasia Ltd$220,000.00
3529MEAT & Livestock Australia Limited$220,000.00
3530PUMA Energy PNG Limited$220,000.00
3531David R Stack$220,000.00
3532Craddock Murray Neumann Lawyers$220,000.00
3533Ronstan International Pty Ltd$219,879.00
35341spatial Australia$219,656.80
3535WORK & Training Ltd$219,623.09
3536Fowlerex Technologies Pty Ltd$219,560.00
3537E.P. Draffin Manufacturing PTY. Ltd$219,508.50
3538Carfi Psychological &$219,500.00
3540Synchronised Software Pty Limited$219,168.00
3541Pellicano Investments Pty Ltd$219,111.42
3542Fellows Medlock And Associates Pty$218,806.27
3543Marine Geosolutions$218,804.30
3544Anderson Corporation Pty Ltd$218,784.50
3545Promark Pty Ltd$218,736.43
3546PSE Communication And Electrical$218,545.21
3547AERO Safety Equipment$218,526.00
3548AERO International Incorporated$218,514.63
3549Experienced Office Furniture$218,444.80
3550Yangapi Productions Pty Ltd$218,404.00
3551Xiris Pty Limited$218,392.27
3552Langdale Consulting Pty Ltd$218,315.00
3553Performance Assurance Pty Ltd$218,060.00
3554Schneider Electric Buildings$217,993.07
3555Ferno Australia Pty Ltd$217,951.09
3556Masigalgal (tsi) Corporation Rntbc$217,921.72
3557Bruker Pty Ltd$217,676.80
3558Mcnair Ingenuity Research Pty Ltd$217,386.00
3559Fitzgerald Technologies$217,258.80
3560Geoimage Pty Ltd$217,200.00
3561BDBC Pty Limited$217,060.00
3562ID Warehouse Pty Ltd$216,855.40
3563Wecal Pty Ltd$216,700.00
3564Scott Safety$216,494.42
3565ARA Electrical Services$216,321.60
3566Cordell Information$216,291.32
3567Martine VAN DE Velde$216,271.90
3568Project Co-ordination (australia)$216,235.70
3569Training Systems Australia Pty Ltd$216,232.50
3570Medical Insurance Australia Pty LIM$216,190.00
3571Aurecon Australia Pty Ltd &$216,122.15
3572Australian Museum$216,000.00
3573Rapiscan Systems Australia Pty Ltd$215,908.00
3574Linkedin Australia Pty Limited$215,859.60
3575Adventure ONE Pty Ltd$215,721.75
3576Wangaratta Coach Lines Pty Ltd$215,619.78
3577Mettler Toledo Ltd$215,090.15
3578Graham Alfred Frederick Connolly$215,000.00
3579Submarine Rescue Consultancy$214,725.00
3580Noah's ARK Veterinary Services Pty Ltd$214,722.32
3581Previous NEXT Pty Ltd$214,591.30
3582Total Records Management Cairns$214,500.00
3583Hardcat Pty Ltd$214,125.12
3584RCK Trading Pty Ltd$214,125.00
3585Total Freight Solutions$214,072.70
3586Corporate Connexions International Pty Ltd$214,000.00
3587JOHN Weaver$213,768.00
3588International SEAL CO AUST$213,763.18
3589EMSS Electric Motor Sales$213,211.90
3590Learnquest Australia Pty Ltd$213,180.00
3591The Trustee For Logitech UNIT Trust$212,949.04
3592Miepol Pty Ltd$212,874.20
3593Doyle Executive, Accounting$212,318.35
3594Davenport Campbell & Partners$212,283.50
3595PT. Graha Kreasi Dharani$212,184.20
3596Stephen FREE$212,169.15
3597WEST DALY Regional Council$212,036.84
3598The Printing Factory Group Pty Ltd$211,770.93
3599RMIT Publishing$211,275.58
3600CRB Solutions Pty Ltd$211,229.73
3601Contexti Pty Ltd$210,548.25
3602Christmas Island Engineering$210,339.00
3603Dovef Pty Ltd$210,263.00
3604Sense Of Security$210,167.00
3605The Display Builders Australasia Pty Ltd$210,061.17
3606Farcove Pty Ltd$210,000.00
3607DEPT Of Training & Workforce Develo$210,000.00
3608Mallee Catchment Management Authori$210,000.00
3609Vantage Point Consulting Pty Ltd$210,000.00
3610Google ASIA Pacific PTE. Ltd$210,000.00
3611S J French$209,200.00
3612Gigasat ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$209,164.30
3613RPS Energy Services Pty Ltd$209,000.00
3614Barrier REEF Institute Of TAFE$208,520.00
3615Progressive PR & Publicity$208,510.00
36160tafe NSW Hunter INS$208,185.00
3617Sebel FURN AD$208,153.80
3618TOP CUT Foods Queensland$208,147.24
3619Sub-micron Engineering$208,133.20
3620Attorney General's Department$208,000.01
3621Capsicum Business Architects Pty Ltd$208,000.00
3622Portable Analytical Solutions P/L$207,891.20
3623Holmwood Highgate$207,823.00
3624PT Collins Higgins Consulting$207,770.00
3625Silverglo Stainless Steel Pty LT$207,699.25
3626Peoplebank (incorporating Ambit REC)$207,658.50
3627Ansul Distribution Warehouse$207,574.51
3628Department Of Justice$207,251.08
3629CAE Inc$207,178.36
3630Sandrah FODA$207,069.38
3631D P & D J Lawrence$207,027.62
3632National Packaging Covenant$206,250.00
3633MIKE Pieloor And Associates Consult$206,233.20
3634Studio SQL Pty Ltd$205,920.00
3635Pollenizer Pty Ltd$205,700.00
3636TIWI Islands Regional Council$205,630.68
3637United Aviation Services (uas)$205,525.69
3638Stret Pty Ltd$205,430.00
3639Deltek Australia Pty Ltd$205,314.01
3640Sustainable Resource Use Pty Ltd$205,120.00
3641Upstream Print Solution Pty Ltd$205,072.00
3642N & B Rafter Constructions$205,000.10
3644Htspe Limited$204,674.50
3645Datacom Information Technologies Pty Ltd$204,439.66
3646Benjamin C Kasep$204,310.02
3647MM Electrical & DATA Supplies$204,259.41
3648Slumbercorp Pty Ltd$204,105.00
3649Anova Electrical Pty Ltd$204,065.40
3650Unidap Solutions Pty Ltd$203,810.37
3651Pixel IT Pty Ltd$203,699.93
3652Silicon Graphics PTY. Ltd$203,649.65
3654Goshawk Nominees PTY. LTD.$203,533.00
3655Requal Business Services Pty Ltd$203,427.32
3656RSD Information Governance Solution$203,369.10
3657Elekta Pty.ltd.$203,311.48
3658Canberra REX Hotel$203,270.07
3659Bluefin Resources Pty Ltd$203,230.00
3660NADA Vellnagel Pty Ltd$203,148.00
3661Maritime Australia L$203,101.52
3662Robertson FUEL Systems, L.l.c.$202,805.69
3663Public Transport Development Authority$202,702.50
3664Tailored HR Solutions$202,700.00
3665Prominence Pty Ltd$202,469.71
3666Sasgar FIRE And Rescue Pty Ltd$202,268.65
3667Environmental Tectonics Corporation$202,089.70
3668Hambleton Family Trust$201,625.00
3669Aboriginal Carbon FUND$201,600.00
3670Stutch DATA Services Pty Ltd$201,559.16
3671Jodie Verrall$201,534.36
3672Valiant HIRE$201,503.06
3673Ladex Construction$201,190.00
3674George Roussos$200,967.60
3675Reyrolle Pacific Switchgear LTD.$200,965.00
3676RPM Solutions Pty Ltd$200,949.99
3677Clemenger BBDO (sydney) Pty Ltd$200,945.75
3678Biotext Pty Ltd$200,858.01
3679Codemachine Inc$200,748.15
3680JJM Holdings Pty Ltd$200,720.00
3681Tropical Agricultural Consultants Pty Ltd$200,584.70
3682Quantitative Aeronautics$200,583.59
3683BLUE Mountains Transit Pty Ltd$200,338.55
3684Tools Direct Group Pty Ltd$200,200.00
3685Airborne Systems Ltd$200,043.79
3686SAX And Woodwind$200,012.97
3687Singleton Council$200,000.00
3688Aboriginal Health Council Of South Australia Inc$200,000.00
3689VEDA Advantage Limited$200,000.00
3690RSL Of Australia Ltd$200,000.00
3691Linguaset Translations Pty Ltd$200,000.00
3692Smsglobal Pty Ltd$200,000.00
3693XVT Solutions Pty Ltd$200,000.00
3694Dreamtime Creative Pty Ltd$199,993.61
3695Inside Story Knowledge$199,650.00
3696Lloyds Register Quality$199,650.00
3697CATO Brand Partners$199,568.98
3698Aussafe Consulting P/L$199,531.67
3699Strategic Pathways Pty Ltd$199,384.00
3700NGS Global Pty Ltd$199,250.00
3701Burson-marsteller Pty Ltd$199,182.04
3702ARK Solutions (aust) Pty Limited$199,056.00
3703Maxima Group Inc$199,000.00
3704Rendezvous Grand Hotel Auckland$198,872.12
3705Harvey Norman Commercial Milecom Pty Ltd$198,463.17
3706Hydranet Pty Ltd$198,440.00
3707Thomson Reuters (scientific) INC.$198,434.28
3708The Trustee For Fencewright UNIT TR$198,433.00
3709Dibbsbarker Canberra$198,394.30
3710Mobile Communication Systems Pty$198,189.87
3712Mojgan Nozhat$198,000.00
3713Riskiq Global (australia) Pty Ltd$198,000.00
3714NSW Office Of Water$198,000.00
3715Crimson Hexagon$198,000.00
3716Melbourne Pathology$198,000.00
3717AIR Frontier Pty Ltd$198,000.00
3718Intalio Pty Ltd$197,398.43
3719BAE Systems Applied Intelligence$197,190.00
3720IFLY Downunder$197,086.35
3721B Braun Australia Pty Ltd$196,859.75
3722Schindler Lifts Australia Pty Ltd$196,858.00
3723Brookfield Commercial Operational Pty Ltd$196,720.32
3724MARS Partnership Pty Ltd$196,654.73
3725Content Security Pty Ltd$196,625.00
3726Ryebuck Media Pty Ltd$196,350.00
3727Arrow Electronics Australia$196,267.79
3728JOHN Mitchell Computing Pty Ltd$196,119.00
3729Stace Pty Ltd$196,020.00
3730Digital Garden$195,844.00
3731Verizon Wireless$195,832.00
3732Auria Wireless Pty Limited$195,655.13
3733Heidelberg Graphic Equipment Ltd$195,600.00
3734Young's LIST Pty Ltd$195,164.00
3735Jconsulting Pty Ltd$195,002.11
3736Palmerston Bakery$195,000.00
3737DR James Renwick$194,500.00
3738Easyweb Digital Pty Ltd$194,141.30
3739Airlines Of Tasmania$193,967.04
3740Publication PERS MUL$193,947.27
3741Wilton Hanford Hanover$193,897.96
3742Mallee Family CARE$193,820.52
3743Electronic Power Systems Pty Ltd$193,749.60
3744Peruvian Institute Of Mining Engineers (iimp)$193,681.28
3745Australian Council For Private$193,600.00
3746Inchcape Shipping Services (dubai)$193,550.37
3747Indian Ocean Group Training Associa$193,523.95
3748WE ARE Social$193,355.00
3749Imbros Pty Ltd$193,325.28
3750Marine Power International P/L$193,300.76
3751Cultural Partners Australia$193,270.00
3752Cutthru Pty Limited T/A Pollinate$193,200.00
3753Solvents Australia Pty Ltd$193,169.63
375426 Letters Communications$193,141.00
3755Hnlaw Pty Ltd$193,102.52
3756INCA Consulting Pty Ltd$192,991.22
3757Peekay Consolidated Pty Ltd ATF GK Simkiss Family Trust$192,845.20
3758Harvard University Business School$192,805.50
3759Bonanni BROS$192,586.40
3760Money 101 - Money For LIFE Pty Ltd$191,950.00
3761Magical Learning Pty Ltd$191,870.00
3762Mainpeak Pty Ltd$191,724.48
3763REAC Systems$191,565.00
3764The Quantium Group Pty Limited$191,450.00
3765Soundcorp Pty Ltd$191,422.00
3766Martin LUCK FOOD Service Solutions$190,697.10
3767Bunnings 710000$190,633.25
3768Specialised Force Pty Ltd$190,629.56
3769EP Management Pty Ltd (T/A Swissotel)$190,318.84
3770Dcx-chol Enterprises, INC. DBA TELE$190,125.00
3771Tropical REEF Shipyard Pty Ltd$190,072.96
3772Jenoptik Optical Systems, Inc$190,000.00
3773IAN Shepherd, The Partnership Group$190,000.00
3774Pedersen, Peter Andreas$189,999.99
3775UK MOD Cossurm CMU COLL PROJ - AUST$189,933.35
3776Aquion Pty Ltd$189,839.51
3777Northport Marine Services$189,830.39
3778Victorian Interpreting And$189,734.00
3779DESI Nominee Pty Ltd Superannuation FUND & Rovera Constructions Pty Limited Superannuation FUND$189,253.68
3780Forrester Research Australia$189,240.00
3781Welch Allyn Australia Pty Ltd$189,165.35
3782Jawcon Pty Ltd$189,073.63
3783Uberlink Corporation PTY. LTD.$189,046.00
3784TAS Water$189,000.00
3785Reimage - Sustained Asset Services P/L$188,720.00
3786Jeyco (1992) Pty Ltd$188,665.95
3787MR Garry MAY$188,650.00
3788Essex Industries, INC. DIV Manufact$188,507.70
3789Specialty Packaging Group Pty Ltd$188,210.00
3790Anchor Systems Pty Ltd$188,028.70
3791Bungie Helicopters$188,026.64
3792Central Pacific Special AIR Service$188,000.00
3793EIU Australia$187,977.87
3794Maverick Industries Pty Ltd$187,913.00
3795Access Macquarie Limited$187,625.33
3796Forrestdale Services$187,439.20
3797Wollemi Systems Pty Ltd$187,178.18
3798FUJI Xerox Document Management Solutions P/L$187,000.00
3799Hunter Connections$187,000.00
3800Belle-laide Events Pty Ltd$187,000.00
3801Abnote Australasia Pty Ltd$186,887.90
3802Energy Power Systems Australia Pty$186,713.15
3803Sabre Systems, INC.$186,551.29
3804DRS Sustainment Systems Inc - AU$186,531.20
3805ET AL Architecture Pty Limited$186,365.00
3806Allen's Carpets Pty Ltd$186,357.82
3807Winsider Seminars & Solutions Inc$186,317.51
3808Watermark Search International$186,200.01
3809Business Information Services (nsw)$186,074.40
3810Onetest Pty Ltd$185,955.50
3811Critical Solutions International In$185,925.46
3812Consultel IT&T Pty Ltd$185,829.60
3813Shields Painting & Decorating$185,760.00
3814Baines Simmons Ltd$185,683.18
3815Geonix Pty Limited$185,646.48
3816Empired Limited$185,610.22
3817Device Technologies Australia P*$185,436.90
3818Shoal Group Pty Ltd$185,323.12
3819Kardex VCA Pty Ltd$184,958.40
3820Capstoneblack Pty Ltd$184,905.60
3821Giraffe Visual Communication Management Pty Ltd$184,879.75
3822SITA Australia P/L$184,803.40
3823Lisasoft Pty Ltd$184,750.50
3824COX Purtell$184,676.00
3825Sealed Performance Batteries$184,492.68
3826Collins Bartholomew Ltd$184,458.48
3827Response Systems P/L$184,382.11
3828Fairbrother Pty Ltd$184,186.20
3829WSP Environmental Pty Ltd$184,140.00
3830Avant CARD Pty Ltd$184,061.50
3831GT Software Inc$184,040.79
3832David Borthwick$184,032.00
3833Chem-supply Pty Ltd$184,002.50
3834Peter Grant And Associates Pty Ltd$183,865.00
3835Adaptalift Hyster$183,823.20
3836South Ocean Investments Pty Ltd$183,725.33
3837NPF Industry Pty Ltd$183,700.00
3838Syntegrity Solutions Pty Ltd$183,368.24
3839Proactive Resolutions$183,298.50
3840A S Urquhart & P J Urquhart$183,218.76
3841Dupont & Associates Pty Limited$183,000.00
3842BK Burns (thailand) Ltd$182,892.00
3843Elpro Technologies Pty Ltd$182,446.44
3844Hargo Engineering Pty Ltd$182,325.00
3845Slack Technologies, Inc$182,102.40
3846Instron Pty Ltd$182,076.40
3848RL HUNT Medical Services Pty Ltd$182,000.00
3849Workfocus Australia$181,900.00
3850Absolute Cabling Systems Pty Ltd$181,885.51
3851Southern Security Fencing Pty Ltd$181,852.00
3852Singapore Airlines$181,851.33
3853Pressure Technologies$181,812.40
3854Intersect Alliance International P/L$181,780.27
3855HR Connexions Pty Ltd$181,700.00
3856ADLU Pty Ltd$181,500.00
3858JANE Lennon$181,500.00
3859Manuka Newsagency$181,393.58
3860Powdersafe Pty Ltd$181,319.01
3861Nielsen Online$181,297.60
3862Medical AIR Pty Ltd$181,050.00
3863Imprint Strategic Pty Ltd$181,039.84
3864Rosemary Lavers$180,730.00
3865Joanne Thomson Trading AS Learning4development$180,662.78
38663M Australia Pty Ltd$180,608.86
3867NEF Consulting Services$180,594.00
3868GENG Pty Ltd$180,581.88
3869Horizon Consulting Pty Ltd$180,417.60
3870CPLI Pty Ltd$180,330.00
3871Pangolin Associates Pty Ltd$180,315.45
3872Allegany Consulting Pty Ltd$180,143.00
3873Ecoway Australia Pty Ltd$179,890.00
3874Financial Counselling Australia$179,751.00
3875NSW Department Of Education And Communities$179,703.00
3876Target Solutions$179,539.80
3877Australian Systems Engineering Pty$179,396.80
3878Permapipe Australia Pty Ltd$179,243.90
3879JJ X-ray A/S$179,070.00
3880Gazdot Pty Ltd$179,052.50
3881Merlin Australia Sales & Rentals$178,915.00
3882Sephco Industries Pty Ltd$178,684.00
3883Conflict Resolution Training & Consulting Pty Ltd$178,574.75
3884Bailey's Marine Fuels Australia$178,080.20
3885Kakadu Contracting$177,885.88
3886ETM Perspective Pty Ltd$177,615.90
3887L'hermitage Gantois$177,600.00
3889Currie Communications Pty Ltd$177,205.00
3891Melissa Honner$176,990.00
3892Emantra Pty Ltd$176,573.81
3893Ausbright Electrical Solutions Pty$176,557.03
3894NIWA Ltd$176,541.72
3895Southern Aboriginal Corporation$176,050.00
3896Thermovoltaic Technologies Pty$176,000.00
3897ACDC Electrical & Communications Services$176,000.00
3898DEX Australia Pty Ltd$175,780.00
3899Snowrock International Pty Ltd$175,730.50
3900GE Aviation Systems LLC DBA GE AVIA$175,612.96
3901RSL Welfare And Benevolent FUND$175,582.00
3902BE Learning Pty Ltd$175,560.00
3903National Gallery Of Australia$175,520.41
3904Digicor Pty Ltd$175,501.70
3905Myriad IT Pty Ltd$175,387.00
3906PMDL Architecture & Design Pty Ltd$175,384.00
3907Foley's LIST Pty Ltd$175,200.02
3908Coates HIRE$175,195.41
3909Bestech Australia Pty Ltd$175,070.50
3910David Geoffrey Healey$175,000.00
3911The ANNA Centre Pty Ltd$175,000.00
3912SONY Australia Ltd$174,993.48
3913Lindsay Wootten$174,980.00
3914Illallangi Enterprises Pty Ltd$174,890.94
3915All-system Aerospace Int'l Inc$174,579.56
3916EEMS Technologies Pty Ltd$174,161.60
3917Global Resilience Services Limited$174,158.14
3918Kronos Australia Pty Ltd$173,998.23
3919Exergy Australia Pty Ltd$173,979.99
3920Blackdog And Associates Pty Ltd$173,580.00
3921ROSE Jo-ann KAY$173,540.00
3923Oxycheck Pty Limited$173,360.00
3924Auscript Australasia Pty Limited$173,342.72
3925The IDL Group Ltd$173,114.80
3926UBER Enterprise Pty Ltd$173,100.06
3927B.t.w. Communication$173,088.79
3928Health Outcomes International$173,080.00
3929NVMS Pty Ltd$172,777.99
3931Elsevier BV (overseas - NL)$172,702.00
3932Indigo Technologies$172,620.55
3933Peaceworks Pty Ltd$172,528.90
3934Biosis Pty Ltd$172,511.48
3935The Trustee For Magpie Investment$172,480.00
3936Navcon Australia Pty Ltd$172,472.56
3937JDSU Australia Pty Ltd$172,469.36
3938Towers Watson Australia Pty Ltd$172,440.00
3939Fraunhofer-institut FUER Chemische$172,388.56
3940Office Partners International Pty$172,326.00
3941DBA SANS Institute$172,189.37
3942Stantons International Audit And Consulting Pty Ltd$172,086.75
3943Illumina Australia Pty Ltd$172,024.38
3944Gusto Holding Pty Ltd T/A Voodoo Creative$172,016.30
3945Baxter And CO Pty LT$171,681.84
3946Forcefield Services Pty Ltd$171,666.00
3947Thomson Reuters (scientific) Inc$171,617.49
3948Bonighton Consulting Services$171,600.00
3949AGL Energy$171,516.30
3950Sustineo Group Pty Ltd$171,325.00
3951Johnstaff Strategic Projects$171,325.00
3952Business Abstraction Pty Ltd$171,270.00
3953Testel Australia Pty Ltd$171,247.83
3954Mckinnon Hannan & Associates$171,102.52
3955THOR Industries (aust) Pty Ltd$171,072.00
3956Technic Pty Ltd$171,020.85
3957Talkforce Media And Communications$171,000.00
3958Austral Mercantile Collections$171,000.00
3959Murdi Paaki Regional Enterprise$170,975.99
3960Rutledge Engineering (aust) Pty Ltd$170,974.05
3961Amada Oceania Pty Ltd$170,775.00
3962Multisystem Communications$170,544.99
3963PM Power Pty Ltd$170,544.00
3964Science Applications International$170,462.42
3965SUN TEST Systems B.V.$170,413.30
3966Matthew Brady$170,400.00
3967Stripy SOCK Pty Ltd$170,292.21
3968Alison BUTT$170,160.00
3969Epsilon Knowledge Pty Ltd$170,115.30
3970Lizsam Enterprises$170,060.00
3971Degolyer And Macnaughton$170,000.00
3972GARY Gluck$170,000.00
3973The Trustee For MHHT Hybrid UNIT$169,998.01
3974Atom/metro Magazine$169,950.00
3975Optical Solutions Australia$169,712.68
3976Nazdin Pty Ltd$169,700.00
3977LEND Lease REAL Estate Investments Ltd$169,638.00
3978Scott Guggenheim$169,613.40
3979Stuart Robert Thorn$169,500.00
3980David Irvine$169,500.00
3981Defence Systems Australia$169,466.00
3982Lowe, Katherine Michelle$169,448.50
3983Laser Technology Australia Pty L$169,413.20
3984Advanced Solutions Group Pty Ltd$168,905.00
3985Digital Networks Australia Pty *$168,870.90
3986Interaction Training Pty Limited$168,850.00
3987Combus Pty Ltd$168,840.00
3988PEAK ARE Pty Ltd$168,548.41
3989Harcor Security Seals Pty Ltd$168,249.40
3990MSC Software (S) PTE Ltd$168,156.41
3991Complete ROPE Supplies Pty Ltd$168,113.00
3992XEN Connect Pty Ltd$168,088.80
3993Aquanaut Pty Ltd$168,052.50
3994E3 Learning Solutions (t/n)$168,036.03
3995David A Ritchie$168,000.00
3996William Morgan$168,000.00
3997Ramsey Electronics, INC.$167,575.99
3998Capital Safety Group (aust) PTY*$167,473.90
3999Synertec Pty Ltd$167,231.85
4000Mercer Consulting (australia) Pty Ltd$166,884.16
4001DREW Myers Engineering Consultants$166,821.60
4002Philip Gaetjens$166,749.00
4003OAQ Group Pty Ltd$166,595.00
4004Tools 'R' US$166,446.34
4005Cantab Scientific$166,400.00
4006MR Stephen Argument$166,100.00
4007Mercer Consulting (australia) Pty Ltd$165,945.20
4008OUR Community$165,900.00
4009HUGH Millar And Associates Pty Ltd AS Trustee For The Farleigh Trust$165,750.00
4010Ahi-carrier (australia) Pty Ltd$165,727.54
4011Qantas Airways Limited$165,717.86
4012Severus Pty Ltd$165,700.00
4013IJ WATT Pty Ltd$165,697.98
4014Electro Optic Systems Pty Ltd$165,681.00
4015Systemware-pacific Pty Ltd$165,662.25
4016Russell Fraser Sales Pty Ltd$165,492.25
4017Departurepower Aviation Services$165,309.10
4018ACOR MCE Consultants Pty Ltd$165,304.00
4019Workspace Commercial Furniture$165,255.89
4020Cybertrack P/L$165,165.00
4021GOOD CALL Communications Pty Ltd$165,097.90
4022Bhagwan Marine P/L$165,087.58
4023Harris Communications (australia)$165,073.66
4024Regional Australia Institute Ltd$165,000.00
4025Analysys Mason$165,000.00
4026Tobias And Associates$165,000.00
4027Richard J Shanahan$165,000.00
4028Ronley Holdings Pty Ltd$165,000.00
4029Spatial Information Systems$165,000.00
4030The IDL Group$165,000.00
4031Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center$165,000.00
4032CDM Smith Australia Pty Ltd$165,000.00
4033Miwatj Employment And Participation$164,989.54
4034ITC Australasia Pty Ltd$164,926.00
4035SV Partners Insolvency (qld)$164,736.00
4036Schmidt & Bender GMBH & CO. KG$164,719.78
4037ICOM Australia Pty Ltd$164,631.43
4038ISS Global Ltd$164,559.42
4039EPM Partners Pty Ltd$164,421.40
4040Bradley MARK Stevenson$164,250.00
4041Whyalla CITY Council$164,159.99
4042Heritage Computing UNIT Trust TA Hydrosimulations$163,900.00
4043Measurement Innovation Pty Ltd$163,871.71
4044Inner Truth Pty Ltd$163,863.88
4045Accessing Health Pty Ltd$163,856.00
4046TANK Pty Ltd$163,800.12
4047Sheldon & Hammond Pty Ltd$163,790.00
4048ONE Sportswear Pty Ltd$163,722.00
4049System Planning Corporation$163,647.81
4050RVK Pty Ltd$163,628.00
4051Emerson Industrial Automation$163,476.50
4052Quantum Market Research$163,460.00
4053Heidrick And Struggles Australia PT$163,440.00
4054Trade Import Services$163,427.68
4055TECH Mahindra Limited$163,350.00
4056Comdate Pty Ltd$163,316.21
4057Pulse Systems Inc$163,298.09
4058Moore Stephens Canberra Pty Ltd$163,205.80
4059Consumers Health Forum Of Australia$163,147.00
4060TOLL Personnel Pty Ltd$162,964.73
4061Varec, INC.$162,806.68
4062Jumbana Pty Ltd$162,784.60
4063Pinkmatter Solutions$162,750.00
4064TOM Thawley$162,700.00
4065Jfrog Ltd$162,528.01
4066Aerospace And Defence Products$162,313.36
4067Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre$162,255.69
4068Biocleen Pty Ltd$162,166.18
4069Trustee For Wendy MEAD Family Trust$161,997.00
4070Radisson On Flagstaff$161,959.97
4071Safariland, LLC$161,911.30
4072Australian Fisheries Management$161,826.00
4073Markant Australia Pty Ltd$161,807.80
4074Prospectors Supplies Pty Ltd$161,724.75
4075Middendorp Electric Company Pty Ltd$161,591.25
4076Terrasim, INC.$161,418.19
4077Kinsman Legal$161,158.87
4078Telstra SNP Monitoring$161,003.22
4079Cardno LANE Piper Pty Ltd$160,908.00
4080Ridgeline Solutions Australia P/L$160,881.60
4081ID Cardworld Pty Ltd$160,828.06
4082AM Psychology Services$160,724.99
4083Hedayah International Centre$160,623.60
4084TNO Innovation For LIFE$160,186.40
4085Austral MEAT$160,000.00
4086Tiffany WONG$160,000.00
4087Enterprise CARE Teleconferencing$160,000.00
4088Chemical Abstracts Service$159,869.37
4089Marita Mahony$159,720.00
4090Cyalume Technologies, INC.$159,607.02
4091Strategic Project Partners$159,500.00
4092Amber Technology Limited$159,306.68
4093Beaumont Legal Services$159,200.00
4094IT Sphere Pty Ltd$159,192.00
4095Skillsoft ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$158,829.00
4096Colliers International (vic) Pty Ltd$158,786.71
4097Crowe Horwath (aust) Pty Ltd$158,736.30
4099Virtual Machines Technology Pty Ltd$158,565.28
4100White Knight Accounting Pty Ltd$158,540.00
4101Boatlifts, Jetties & Marinas Of WA$158,530.03
4102FED Reserve BANK Of NEW YORK ITS$158,432.40
4103Nature Conservation Trust$158,400.00
4104Ausnet Services$158,400.00
4105Total Technology Partners$158,400.00
4106Sympatico Solutions Pty Ltd$158,400.00
4107Studio Thick Pty Ltd$158,364.00
4108Holding Redlich$158,309.50
4109BUS 4X4 Pty Ltd$158,222.43
4110Pearson Sullivan Constructions P/L$158,210.20
4111Scientec Research Pty Ltd$158,000.00
4112Ai-lene CHAN$158,000.00
4113Christina Chandler$157,960.00
4114Clements Security Services$157,740.00
4115FIRE Solutions Australia PTY. Ltd$157,597.00
4116WEX Australia Pty Ltd$157,586.21
4117ECA International Pty Ltd$157,529.00
4118Harold E HOLT Joint Venture$157,347.19
4119Paradox Pty Ltd$157,300.00
4120Australia Online Research Pty Ltd$157,094.00
4121GAI Sheridan International Pty Ltd$157,082.38
4122Tracey Summerfield$157,080.00
4123National Disability Insurance Agency (ndia)$156,829.00
4124SNOW Engineering Services P/L$156,743.00
4125DEAF Services Queensland$156,500.00
4126Connector-tech ALS Pty Ltd$156,420.00
4127GSO Consulting Pty Limited$156,241.50
4128Citywide Service SOLU$156,091.80
4129Rockhampton Regional Council$155,875.49
4130Great Souther Communications (australia) Pty Ltd$155,642.00
4131Neoteny Service Design Pty Ltd$155,540.00
4132NEIL Williams$155,500.01
4133Factory Sound Sales P/$155,464.10
4134DLA Piper$155,304.35
4135Geos4 GMBH$155,280.41
4136Custom Designed Solutions Pty Ltd$155,214.79
4137Beralon Pty Ltd$155,012.00
4138Eggler Enterprises Pty Ltd$154,948.09
4139Wilson And Gilkes Pty Ltd$154,903.20
4140Elders REAL Estate$154,900.00
4141Terumo BCT Australia Pty Limited$154,750.20
4142Analysis & Technology AUST Pty Ltd$154,677.60
4143JOHN R TURK$154,467.25
4144CACI Technologies, INC.$154,372.84
4145Maglok Australia Pty Ltd$154,224.40
4146AWR Corporation$154,114.35
4147Infin8it Pty Ltd$154,025.96
4148Margaret Spencer$154,000.00
4149Sheepmeat Council Of Australia$154,000.00
4150Mobius STIP Reserve Engineering$153,886.66
4151Safari Books Online, LLC$153,849.26
4152Keyholder Pty Ltd$153,798.85
4153Wintech-int Pty Ltd$153,776.80
4154Marina Bournazos$153,670.00
4155Berendsen Fluid Power Pty Ltd$153,609.62
4156DESA Australia Pty.ltd.$153,571.57
4157Rochester Institute Of Technology ($153,494.73
4158AJO Invest P/L$153,350.00
4159Energy Efficient Strategies Pty Ltd$153,180.96
4160Teknocorp Australia Pty Ltd$153,120.00
4161WISE Pearl Limited$152,968.20
4162Crusader HOSE Pty Ltd$152,922.00
4163Alice Sheds & Struct$152,666.09
4164Capital Financial Consultants Ltd$152,500.00
4165A2K Technologies Pty Ltd$152,481.65
4166JIVE Software$152,425.06
4167Norbar Torque Tools Pty Ltd$152,394.00
4168Intrepid Geoscience$152,327.62
4169Mathews Associates, INC. DBA Batter$152,239.67
4170The Trustee For The Elite Office Environments UNIT Trust$152,035.40
4171Southern Cross Equipment Pty Ltd$152,013.85
4172Azzopardi & Hancock$151,980.00
4173Reward Distribution$151,974.47
4174GFK BLUE MOON Research & Planning$151,855.00
4175Carter3 Pty Ltd$151,800.00
4176Independent Aviation Pty Ltd$151,761.10
4177Adcorp Australia Ltd$151,740.21
4178Alerton Australia$151,643.77
4179Black Diamond Modular Buildings$151,500.80
4180Linux Foundation$151,240.65
4181Thomson Constructions$151,147.20
4182Shipley ASIA Pacific$151,142.72
4183Westlink Engineering$151,055.30
4185A And G Price Ltd$150,920.00
4186Extreme Gecko Services Pty Ltd$150,900.00
4187Michael Green Pty Ltd$150,698.01
4188Centre Landscaping Suppli$150,693.44
4189PT. Trikomindo Karunia Utama$150,671.11
4190Barbara Schmidt & Associates Pty Ltd$150,579.75
4191Fluke Australia Pty Ltd$150,429.68
4192Staite Henningsen Klein Pty Ltd$150,220.00
4193Property Advisory Australia Pty Ltd$150,128.97
4194Lester Franks$150,100.00
4196United Equipment Pty Ltd$150,036.77
4197First People Recruitment Solutions$150,000.40
4198Michael Harris$150,000.00
4199Quanterra Pty Ltd$150,000.00
4200The Minister For Agriculture FOOD And Fisheries (AS A BODY Corporate)$150,000.00
4201International Education Association$150,000.00
4202DR Michael Granfield$150,000.00
4203ERA Ranger MINE$150,000.00
4204National Health Funding BODY$150,000.00
4205IIC Technologies Limited$150,000.00
4206Cooney Consultants And Associates$150,000.00
4207IPP Technologies Australia Pty Limited$149,957.50
4208Aurora Office Furniture P/L$149,925.60
4209Information Engineering Technology$149,891.00
4210Paddy Pallin Adventure Equipment$149,811.92
4211S2 Wetsuits$149,801.66
4212Futures BY Design$149,780.00
4213Landauer Australasia$149,733.00
4214Milsearch Pty Ltd$149,693.50
4215Michaels Camera VI$149,692.32
4216MACT (vic) Pty Ltd$149,666.00
4217Screencraft Media Pty Ltd$149,623.75
4218ENEX Pty Ltd$149,600.00
4219AGL Sales Pty Ltd$149,531.90
4220Programmed Maintenance Services Ltd$149,496.68
4221SOPE WEB Technologies$149,315.92
4222LIST A Barristers$149,100.00
4223Business Toolbox Australia Pty Ltd$148,867.13
4224Oceanturf Pty Ltd$148,750.75
4225Sprout LABS Pty Ltd$148,704.17
4226Contact Learning Group Pty Ltd$148,574.09
4227Major Motors Pty Ltd$148,526.12
4228QUBE Ports And Bulk-abn46123021492$148,510.00
4229Focus Strategies & Solutions (certus)$148,500.00
4230Ndevr Environmental Pty Ltd$148,385.00
4231Queen's University At Kingston$148,371.81
4232Axient Pty Ltd$148,282.15
4233Lemac FILM And Digital$148,269.68
4234Dunbrae Pty Ltd$147,950.00
4235Canberra Southern Cross CLUB Ltd$147,932.21
4236Robert Brennan & Associates$147,866.16
4237Ecotech Pty Ltd$147,785.00
4238Lobelia Pty Limited$147,754.57
4239Rodney Robertson & Associates$147,681.60
4240Burnt PINE Travel Pty Ltd$147,498.00
4241Mount Lofty House$147,420.90
4242Virginia HINE$147,290.00
4243Kimberley LAND Council Aboriginal Corporation$147,259.99
4244Emtek Furniture Pty Ltd$147,176.70
4245Bourke & Boutleoup$147,133.80
4246Nossittab Consulting$147,125.00
4247MARK Cundall Earthmoving Pty Ltd$146,850.00
4248Blackett Commercial Pty Ltd$146,680.00
4249Carlson Wagonlit Travel$146,521.00
4250Balconi P/L$146,332.08
4251Terrago Technologies, INC. DBA TERR$146,305.41
4252Physio In Motion Pty Ltd$146,300.00
4253Financial IQ Pty Ltd$146,130.00
4254SAVE The Children Australia$146,038.00
4255Trevor Angove Refrigeration$145,950.00
4256Anber Entertainment Services$145,875.23
4257Intercad Pty Limited$145,754.40
4258OAKS Festival Towers$145,717.45
4259Aviation FUEL Maintenance$145,712.16
4260Barmco MANA Partnership$145,661.12
4262Southpac Aerospace Pty$145,595.00
4263CSC Corporate Domains Inc$145,557.50
42642M Communications Pty Ltd$145,500.00
4265The Faculty Management$145,482.50
4266Kelly Enterprises Pty Ltd$145,403.50
4267Fulcrum Management Pty Ltd$145,280.02
4268First Asset Management$145,018.00
4269Terrence Hogan$145,000.00
4270RENZ Masterbind Pty$144,973.40
4272Instant Access Australia Pty Ltd$144,896.20
4273Linked Business Concepts Pty Ltd$144,843.60
4274NT House Pty Ltd$144,800.00
4275Motorbis Pty Ltd$144,760.00
4276Riedel Communications Australia$144,562.00
4277Altitude At Aranda Pty Ltd$144,500.00
4278Acton Developme$144,500.00
4279Fleetwash Industrial Systems$144,486.10
4280Performance Partnership$144,470.00
4281A J Dever Pty Ltd$144,276.25
4282Independent Hospital Pricing Authority$144,216.90
4283Industrial Measurement Solution$144,208.55
4284ACT Health$144,053.00
4285Bysouth, KAYE Annette$143,964.97
4286SA Const & Mining$143,939.83
4287NTP Fleet Management Pty Ltd$143,875.95
4288Agility Consulting Group$143,693.51
4289Lilyvale Hotel Pty Ltd Master ACC$143,262.51
4290William Green Pty Ltd$143,214.08
4291Kulite Semiconductor Products, Inc$143,189.37
4292The Cbord Group Inc$143,182.60
4293Graham Nicholas Pty Ltd$143,129.06
4294NEW Zealand Defence Force$143,019.65
4295Transport TYRE Sales Pty Ltd$142,885.60
4296A J Baker And SONS Pty Ltd$142,761.71
4297CBT Nuggets, LLC$142,737.27
4298David Oldland$142,556.00
4299RORK Projects Pty Ltd$142,532.50
4301SML Enterprises Pty Ltd$142,417.00
4302The Trustee For The Longview Trust$142,185.04
4303Conservation Works Pty Ltd$141,974.10
4304MIL Systems Pty Ltd$141,872.50
4305LIST A Barristers$141,775.00
4306Maree Dyson Family Trust$141,759.00
4307Adelaide Convention Centre$141,757.00
4308E L K Security Pty Ltd$141,643.15
4309Rodgers Reidy (nsw)$141,586.50
4310Shanghai Iaction Construction Decoration Design Engineering CO., Ltd$141,379.00
4311ADEC Australia$141,240.00
4312Nelson BAY Consulting$140,910.00
4313Royal Canin Australia Pty Ltd$140,750.00
4314Stirling Helicopters Pty Ltd$140,602.00
4315Daryl Allen Maintenance Service$140,584.00
4316Presagis Canada Inc$140,520.41
4317Offis Pty Ltd$140,514.00
4318Survival Systems Ltd$140,427.06
4319Hughes Network Systems, LLC DBA HUG$140,375.99
4320BDO (WA) Pty Ltd$140,346.50
4321FULL Harvest Advisory Pty Ltd$140,280.00
4322NBC Communications$140,150.90
4323Financial & Technical Solutions$140,000.00
4324Sarah Pritchard$140,000.00
4325JAN Murphy Gallery Pty Ltd$140,000.00
4326Phoenix Geophysics Limited$140,000.00
4329Cameron Strategies Pty Ltd$139,986.00
4330DDI ASIA Pacific International Ltd$139,898.00
4331International Organisation Development Limited (IOD Parc)$139,895.55
4332Embedded Logic Solutions$139,634.00
4333Mrbadges.com Pty Ltd$139,498.15
4334Austek Engineering T$139,495.62
4335Secure HUB Pty Ltd$139,362.60
4336Narrowcasters Pty Ltd$139,200.00
4337Harris Canada Systems Inc Aerospace$139,144.93
4338F R Pulford & SON Pty Ltd$138,983.42
4339Sprout Social$138,979.71
4340Solution Energy Services Pty Ltd$138,868.60
4341Telco Management Pty Ltd$138,769.25
4342Investment Trends Pty Limited$138,600.00
4343Kerry Juknaitis Consulting Pty Ltd$138,550.00
4344Corrective Services Industries$138,353.05
4345MNET Mobile Pty Ltd$138,325.00
4346Mitsui And CO (australia) Ltd$138,304.10
4347JOHN M Adams$138,274.12
4348Taylor BROS (slipway & Engineering)$138,213.72
4349American Pacific Plastic Fabricator$138,101.47
4350Stevens, Andrew$138,047.75
4351Hooper Design$138,000.01
4352ODS Management Consulting Pty Ltd$137,980.00
4353David Kilmartin Pty Ltd$137,976.01
4354Research Communications Group Limited$137,961.01
4355IP Australia$137,800.00
4356The Trustee For SIA UNIT Trust T/AS BEN IRIS Pty Ltd$137,790.86
4357ICM Consulting Pty Ltd$137,775.00
4358Janusnet Pty Limited$137,661.23
4359Spider Video Pty Ltd$137,626.00
4360TEAM HR (australia) Pty Ltd$137,612.73
4361Computershare Investor Services$137,500.00
4362Pinstripe Media Pty Ltd$137,500.00
4363S DAS & Associates Pty Limited$137,500.00
4364Bateman & Giles Pty Ltd$137,299.62
4365Scott Sutherland Pty Ltd$137,286.00
4366Servicerocket Pty Ltd$137,171.34
4367Advent ONE Pty Ltd$137,073.16
4368Thomas Sullivan$137,000.00
4369Stacey BARR Pty Ltd$136,988.01
4370Fitsense Australia$136,952.55
4371Ferrier Hodgson (vic)$136,730.00
4372CARL Zeiss Pty Ltd$136,710.52
4373Franklin Athanasellis Cullen$136,692.20
4374Australian Institute Of Project$136,535.71
4375Petersen INK$136,382.97
4376Departmnet Of Culture & The ARTS$136,225.00
4377TP Human Capital Pty Ltd$136,131.92
4378Aljoy Investments Pty Ltd$136,020.50
4379People ONE Pty Ltd$136,000.00
4380BID Write Pty Ltd$135,949.00
4381Hacklabs Pty Ltd$135,861.00
4382Applied Satellite Technology$135,855.67
4383Prime Index Lease Trust$135,784.68
4384Powerbox Australia Pty Ltd$135,768.60
4385The NEXT STEP Recruitment Company (vic) Pty Ltd$135,449.99
4386Sailpoint Technologies, INC.$135,421.95
4387KINE Graffiti Australia Pty Ltd$135,380.01
4388Hardy Fencing NT$135,256.60
4389Pilbara REAL Estate$135,200.00
4390Beasley Intercultural PTY. LTD.$135,172.05
4391Graph Builders Pty Ltd$135,170.20
4392Energy Matters$134,938.32
4393Silverwater Welding Supplies$134,909.84
4394Property Wholesalers Of Australia Pty Ltd AS Trustee For PWA AS The Trustee For The KNOX Office UNIT Trust$134,884.15
4395Jinling Hotel CO., Ltd$134,816.00
4396George Ogilvie Fibre Works$134,810.50
4397Tenison Building Pty Ltd$134,800.00
4398Heuch Pty Ltd$134,729.46
4399Drumsite Electrical$134,690.00
4400Protective Security Management Pty$134,656.12
4402Nadantis Pty Ltd$134,640.00
4403Lekeisha Enterprises$134,640.00
4404Primetake Ltd$134,344.86
4405Wisla Narrow Fabrics Ltd$134,154.20
4406The Gallup Organisation Pty Ltd$134,142.44
4407Manuka Projects Pty Ltd$134,090.00
4408Exide Batteries$134,057.33
4409Safegate Australia Pty Ltd$133,938.37
4410Aquitaine Consulting Services$133,800.00
4411Spirit River Pty Ltd$133,766.88
4412Breon Enterprises P/L (taser)$133,682.50
4413BANG On The Table$133,625.00
4414Desktop Promotional Products$133,563.70
4415AER Design Pty Ltd$133,479.50
4416Ferrier Hodgson (brisbane)$133,402.50
4417Melbourne Construct Solutons$133,397.00
4418PRO AV Solutions$133,343.39
4419Bruel & Kjaer EMS (australia) Pty$133,260.38
4420Value Management Consulting Pty Ltd$133,201.50
4421Websecure Technologies Pty Ltd$133,169.20
4422Compliance TEST$133,100.00
4423National Disability Services$133,100.00
4424Laurence Mcculloch$133,078.00
4425Scanmar AS$133,042.00
4426Mercure LAKE Macquarie Raffertys Resort$133,000.00
4427Department Of Parks And Wildlife$132,900.00
4428Turner, Tyson$132,825.00
4429Palace Hotel Tokyo$132,673.00
4430Sherborne Consulting Pty Ltd$132,465.01
4431Goldpoint Holdings P/L T/A Signs & Lines$132,452.26
4432Workforce Advantage$132,440.00
4434Vincent G Brennan$132,277.34
4435Kukbo Design CO. Ltd$132,186.00
4436Tasmanian Ports Corporation$132,054.39
4437NSW Rural FIRE Services$132,000.00
4438Webber Quantitative Consulting Pty$132,000.00
4439EM Solutions Pty Ltd$132,000.00
4440Safe-tec Locksmiths Pty Ltd$132,000.00
4441TSA Software Solutions Pty Ltd$131,999.29
4442The Trustee For ALL States Towing$131,975.00
4443Yunnan Orient Peakford Investment Co.,ltd$131,815.86
4444Archway Commercial Interiors$131,756.90
4445Craig Slater$131,734.00
4446Nanospec Pty Ltd$131,686.50
4447Rogensi Pty Ltd$131,674.13
4448Consilium Novamarine Pty Ltd$131,573.20
4449Tangaroa BLUE$131,500.00
4450Gebie Services Pty Ltd$131,462.98
4451Griffin Marine Services Pty Limited$131,288.92
4452Komatsu Australia Pty Ltd$131,232.93
4453Terramatrix Pty Ltd$131,162.90
4454Commando Storage Systems$131,138.48
4455Mckibbin Software Group PTY. LTD.$131,000.10
4456Alfex CNC Australia$131,000.00
4457SALE Brakes And Engineering$130,923.39
4458Inertial Science Inc$130,754.94
4459Lighthouse DATA Collection$130,680.00
4460Address Exchange Pty Ltd$130,650.00
4461Watts Communication Pty Ltd$130,586.66
4462Janice Everlyn Bennett$130,576.00
4463Gungarde Community Centre Aboriginal Corporation$130,497.33
4464HAYS Specialist Recruitment (aust) P/L$130,493.88
4465Petros Property Group$130,260.36
4466DESA Australia Pty.ltd.$130,250.47
4467E M L Marketing Pty Ltd$130,130.00
4468Defence Procurement Pty Ltd$130,130.00
4469Embarcadero Technologies Europe Limited$130,066.86
4470Doyle Plant HIRE P/L$130,058.03
4471Colbar QSR$130,020.00
4472Australian Alliance To SAVE Energy$130,000.00
4473The Information Access Group$130,000.00
4474Export Finance And Insurance$130,000.00
4475Switzer Communications Pty Ltd$130,000.00
4476David Staehli SC$130,000.00
4477AJM BROE Investments Pty Ltd$130,000.00
4478Brennan Advisory Pty Ltd$130,000.00
4479Doran COOK$130,000.00
4480Glenn Woolley$130,000.00
4481Wright Economics$130,000.00
4482CITY Of Salisbury$129,950.00
4483CAN DO Multi-task Maintenance Servi$129,900.01
4484Hilton Brisbane$129,765.90
4485Ferra Engineering Pty Ltd$129,739.68
448670:20:10 Solutions$129,690.00
4487Lo-rez Vibration Control Ltd$129,680.18
4488Morrow, Stephen B$129,619.65
4489Williams Podiatry Pty Ltd$129,580.00
4490AMY Elleway$129,560.00
4491Audio-visual Copyright Society LIMI$129,510.81
4492Spark And Cannon Australasia Pty Ltd$129,500.00
4493Woolworths Financial Services$129,464.60
4494Random Computing$129,418.20
4495PM And D Architects Pty Ltd$129,343.50
4496Boomalli Consulting Pty Ltd$129,201.00
4497Alemba Pty Ltd$129,173.29
4498Allclean Pty Ltd$129,114.37
4499Telford's BUS And Coach$129,098.30
4500DATA Signs$129,027.80
4501WA Country Health Service$129,000.00
4502Tertiary Education Quality And Standards Agency (teqsa)$129,000.00
4503Red 29 Pty Limited$128,986.97
4504Behavioural Insights$128,853.00
4505Metro MINI BUS$128,750.00
4506Marcom-watson Group$128,653.25
4507Tree5 Global$128,562.50
4508Taylor Marine$128,546.38
4509PT Hydraulics Australia Pty Ltd$128,492.79
4510BAE Systems Australia Logistics$128,431.76
4511RACV Noosa Resort$128,351.70
4513Bluescope Distribution Pty Ltd$128,234.48
4514Financial Ombudsman Service Limited$128,233.98
4515Michiel Jordaan$128,200.00
4516Pharmaceutical Society Of$128,105.80
4517Australian International$127,975.00
4518MACK DBU$127,856.93
4519VOS Construction And Joinery Pty LTD.$127,841.12
4520Ecorys Netherlands B.V.$127,723.20
4521ABR Aviation Services Pty Ltd$127,687.95
4522Etlad Construction Contracting$127,605.00
4523JB HI FI$127,497.84
4524Cancer Council Queensland$127,446.00
4525Sierra Nevada Corporation$127,251.65
4526Tecolote Research Inc$127,198.51
4527Fairview Services Pty Ltd$127,178.07
4528C Sottile & D Sottile & M Sottile & R Sottile$127,086.67
4529Crosscom Pty Ltd$126,832.90
4530First Grade Recruitment Pty Ltd$126,828.79
4531Flink LABS$126,800.00
4532The Trustee For JP Contractors$126,764.00
4533Rekab FISH Pty Limited$126,750.00
4534Instrument Specialties Company DBA$126,740.90
4535Kayash Pty Ltd$126,720.00
4536AVOX Systems INC.$126,639.09
4537CAST Professional Services$126,610.00
4538Hi-tech Metrology Pty Ltd$126,532.00
4539South Australian Metropolitan$126,500.00
4540Metacorp Pty Ltd$126,500.00
4541POST OAKS Properties Corporation$126,447.80
4542Beaver Brands Pty Ltd$126,313.00
4543Fyshwick SELF Storage$126,290.00
4544DATA Critical Pty Ltd$126,228.61
4545Christopher Reeve Designs Pty Ltd$126,187.00
4546Tyrepliers Engineering Pty Ltd$126,172.97
4547Department Of Planning$126,163.00
4548JR Global Logistics Pty Ltd$126,084.00
4549Ecology & Heritage Partners P/L$126,049.00
4550Advanced Training$126,023.61
4551Greens LIST Barristers$126,012.10
4552GAN Technologies$126,000.00
4553Technocrat Pty Limited$125,966.50
4554William SANG FONG & Lexie SANG FONG AS Trustee For The Trustee For W & L FONG Family Trust$125,874.68
4555Lange Consulting & Software$125,809.00
4556Exmouth Civil Pty Ltd$125,576.00
4557Motrol Pty Ltd$125,445.00
4558IRON EDGE$125,278.32
4559Jirgens Contracting Pty Limited$125,170.00
4560Lifestyle Limousines$125,160.00
4561Legal Transcripts Pty Ltd$125,100.00
4562Mccarthy Mentoring Pty Ltd$125,010.00
4564Cooper Sydney Pty Ltd$125,000.01
4565Mcphee Medical Pty Ltd$125,000.01
4566Pearce Korda Consulting Pty Ltd$125,000.01
4568United Nations Geneva$125,000.00
4569IDL Group Pty Ltd$125,000.00
4570Salesforce.com Singapore PTE Ltd$124,800.00
4571Hedland First National REAL Estate$124,800.00
4572Australian Vaccine Services Pty Ltd$124,752.73
4573The Department Of Agriculture$124,747.00
4574Generation-e Productivity$124,696.28
4575Pymble Consulting Pty Limited$124,649.47
4576Kirsty Mcivor & Associates$124,631.00
4577Alphawest Services Pty Ltd$124,510.02
4578Oxford Economics Australia Pty Ltd$124,424.09
4579Hydrix Services Pty Ltd$124,410.00
4580The WORK LAB$124,300.00
4581Cycoll Health$124,186.00
4582Zenith Interiors ACT$124,161.90
4583REAL TIME Logic INC.$124,112.27
4585Ulrich Solutions Pty Ltd$124,000.00
4586Xcellerate IT Pty Limited$123,971.60
4587BDSI SARL$123,954.44
4588Blueline Software Pty Ltd$123,695.00
4589NSW Teachers Federation$123,560.97
4591The Exhibition Centre$123,330.60
4592DHS Emergency$123,321.55
4593International AIR Transport Associa$123,293.69
4594Sandra Mcphee$123,205.00
4595Knight Frank Rockhampton And Region$123,200.16
4596Ecoseal Developments Pty Limited$123,200.00
4597Bardavcol Pty Ltd$123,075.38
4598Vizibill Australia Pty Limited$123,000.00
4599Capital Workplace Investigations$123,000.00
4600Pacific Automation$122,839.84
4601Papercut P/L$122,811.70
4602Catherine Clarke$122,760.00
4603ATEK PTY. LTD.$122,702.80
4604DR Brett Oppermann$122,657.28
4605Centre For Cultural Competence$122,512.50
4606IPP Consulting Pty Ltd$122,500.00
4607Trustee For The SJM UNIT Trust Trading AS CBC Staff Selection$122,470.26
4608Recruit MANG COMP$122,424.85
4609Hellenic CLUB Of Canberra$122,410.21
4610Department Of State Development$122,369.00
4611Datapod (australia) Pty Ltd$122,355.70
4612Alces Ronin Presciient Pty Ltd$122,301.10
4613OPEN Channel Solutions$122,295.10
4614Galahad Distribution Pty Ltd$122,220.01
4615The Arcadius Group$122,199.91
4616Aeronix, INC.$122,018.11
4617Altium Limited$121,958.10
4618Sunil Bastian$121,955.00
4619LAND And Property Information$121,905.00
4620Prospect Group Pty Ltd$121,884.40
4621C Ships Pty Ltd T/A SPOT On Marine$121,821.14
4622KEY Vetting Services Pty Ltd$121,777.80
4623Errol Raiser$121,590.91
4624Masterdocs Pty Ltd$121,440.00
4625The Cranlana Programme$121,425.00
4627Australian Projects Pty Ltd$121,366.58
4628Matson Automotive Industries P/L$121,363.00
4629Ipsos Australia Pty Limited$121,330.00
4630Wardy IT Solutions Pty Ltd$121,324.00
4631Anglican Community CARE Inc$121,151.04
4632MKC Constructions & Civil Works$121,148.50
4633National Fixing Pty Ltd$121,071.40
4634Fairfax Media Publications Pty Ltd$121,047.00
4635Zephir Ltd$121,037.38
4636Stepsoft Pty Ltd$121,000.00
4637Business Analysts Pty Ltd$121,000.00
4638RENA Burton$121,000.00
4639Professional Cabling$120,838.30
4640INFO Salons Australia Pty Ltd$120,833.79
4641Motion Solutions Australia$120,770.10
4642UGL Limited$120,765.84
4644Covertel Pty Ltd$120,703.01
4645Reliance Petroleum$120,690.90
4647BBSM Services Pty Ltd$120,637.00
4648Telemetry & Communications Systems,$120,620.06
4649CMI SAFE CO.$120,613.35
4650SURF LIFE Saving SER BEL$120,600.00
4651Melbourne Convention & Exhibition$120,595.59
4652Brintons Pty Ltd$120,560.10
4653Gastops Ltd$120,409.45
4654Prodata PTY. Limited$120,395.00
4655Ormond College Limited$120,328.64
4656Central LAND Council$120,276.80
4657Winangali Pty Ltd$120,150.00
4658LISA Young$120,120.00
4659Mayko Trading Pty Ltd$120,111.00
4660Investigation Compliance &$120,090.00
4661SANE Event Group$120,070.00
4662Security And KEY Distributors$120,058.66
4664Gympie Cooloola Foodservice$120,000.00
4665Lonergan Edwards & Associates Ltd$120,000.00
4666Mccormack Consultants Pty Ltd$120,000.00
4667Latrobe Valley Enterprises$120,000.00
4668Procare Personnel$120,000.00
4669Adelaide EXPO HIRE Pty Ltd$119,962.98
4670Trinogy Systems$119,839.42
4671Axiom Forensics Pty Ltd$119,738.00
4672JOHN And GAIL Laney$119,600.00
4673Carpet CALL Bendigo$119,600.00
4674Tamara Lynette Phillips$119,500.00
4675Aquitaine Consulting P/L$119,240.00
4676Lenovo (aust & NZ) Pty Ltd$119,200.43
4677A J O'brien$119,175.00
4678Doon, Shirley ANN$119,073.60
4679Larosa Leathergoods Pty Ltd$118,910.00
4680European Patent Office$118,858.13
4681Chathouse Research$118,800.00
4682H.C. Bradford And Associates Pty$118,800.00
4683Cleanworks Australia Pty Ltd$118,774.18
4685CRC For Spatial Information$118,700.00
4686Vincents Chartered Accountants$118,690.00
4687Darkies Design$118,630.00
4688Relocation Rules Pty Ltd$118,600.00
4689Readspeaker Pty Ltd$118,532.00
46909270 Civil Aviation Safety AUTH$118,278.87
4691Munition Safety Information Analysi$118,260.24
4692Cadence Economics Pty Limited$118,250.00
4693David Kelly$118,240.32
4694Medibank 1101 Docklands$118,196.20
4695Janette Curtain$118,182.01
4696Doyle Discretionary Trust$118,181.83
4697Indigenous Essential Services Pty L$118,146.60
4698Cocos (keeling) Islands Shire$118,106.20
4699Inter-marine Pty Ltd$118,104.58
4700Kwong Australasia (payroll) Pty Ltd$118,096.00
4701Systems & Electronics, INC.$118,093.93
4702Emergency And Incident$118,000.00
4703Traditional Credit Union Limited$117,984.30
4704Fredon Security$117,969.80
4705A1 Insignia$117,912.74
4706Prestige Catering$117,881.71
4707Archival Survival Pty Ltd$117,867.75
4708AON RISK Services Australia$117,835.62
4709ZOLL Medical Australia Pty Ltd$117,795.20
4710AB Sciex Australia Pty Ltd$117,792.05
4711DR Dennis Bittisnich$117,772.00
4712North Metropolitan TAFE$117,737.39
4713NEW Millenium Print Pty Ltd$117,705.00
4714JEOL (australasia) Pty Ltd$117,648.20
4715Quantum Consulting Australia Pty LT$117,491.00
4716Imagination (australia) Pty Ltd$117,440.00
4717Australian Customs And Border Protection Service$117,357.80
4718Geraldton Building Services & Cabin$117,216.00
4719Jaguar Consultants Pty Ltd$117,216.00
4720Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems$117,156.60
4721Ashdown Ingram$117,020.20
4722QR Jackson & CA Jackson$117,000.00
4723Lightforce Australia$116,936.07
4724Space Logic Pty Ltd$116,875.00
4725Teekay Shipping Pty Ltd$116,875.00
4726Peoplesense Pty Ltd$116,875.00
4727Locksmiths Supply Company (LSC$116,858.06
4728TAS Cable Solutions Pty Ltd$116,768.60
4729Chasquis Consulting$116,760.00
4730DBA No Magic UAB$116,683.04
4731The Independent Print Media$116,523.00
4732The Trustee For EYOU Trust$116,468.00
4733UCI Projects Pty Ltd$116,361.08
4734AML Equipment Pty Ltd$116,247.55
4735GR & D Donoghue$116,105.00
4736Vincent Ashcroft$116,099.50
4737Right Management Consultants Pty Ltd$116,000.00
4738CPL Notting HILL Pty Ltd$115,875.20
4739Easyway Painting & Maintenance$115,665.00
4740Watson Island Carpentry & Excavatin$115,651.43
4741Stanley Morgan Chartered Accountants$115,500.00
4742Oodar Pty Ltd$115,500.00
47439490 DEPT Of Parliamentary Services$115,466.34
4744Scentre Shopping Centre Management Pty Ltd$115,464.11
4745DEPT Of Regional Development & LAND$115,450.00
4746Nursing Advisory Services Pty Ltd$115,316.00
4747Everitt Anderson Corporation Pty Ltd$115,316.00
4748K Devenish Advisory SVCS Pty Ltd$115,316.00
4749Tasmania FIRE Service$115,312.98
4750Teceventco Pty Ltd$115,309.70
4751HP Financial Services (aust) P/L$115,260.00
4752Ancra AUST Pty Ltd$115,225.11
4753Institute Of Marine Engineering,$115,183.00
4754Monitor Industries Pty Ltd$115,181.00
4755MDA Geospatial Services Inc$115,133.11
4756Eagle SMF Distributors Pty Ltd$115,090.00
4757DALY River/port Keats Aboriginal LAND Trust$115,068.00
4758STP Fashion Agency$115,051.80
4759Latitude Research Pty Ltd T/AS$115,040.00
4760PTTF Pty Ltd ATF The Hardy Family Trust T/AS Pathways To The$115,032.00
4761LEN Early Pty Ltd$115,012.21
4762Pricewaterhousecoopers Securities$115,000.00
4763Seeto Consulting Pty Ltd$115,000.00
4764Philips Medical Systems Australia$114,936.00
4765Capezio Copeland Pty Ltd$114,800.00
4766Functional Directions Pty Ltd$114,727.32
4767Triple B Leathercraft P/L$114,553.51
4768Avolution Pty Ltd$114,541.35
4769Ecotone Telemetry$114,407.46
4770Higgins Botha$114,400.00
4771Curated Content Pty Ltd$114,356.00
4772Software Education Aust. Pty Ltd$114,330.57
4773Amphenol Australia Pty Ltd$114,307.91
4774Varidesk - AU$114,116.09
4775Frontier Economics Pty Ltd$114,115.50
4776Maquet Australia Pty Ltd$114,050.83
4777Exmouth Industrial Parts$114,044.83
4778Patrick Doyle$114,000.00
4779James Mitchell$113,854.50
4780David Mcgrath Consulting$113,800.01
4781Graeme Samuel AC$113,797.61
4782Persistent Systems, LLC$113,749.07
4783Standard And Poor's Financial Services, LLC$113,626.62
4784Fishwell Consulting$113,621.20
4785Business Strategy Review Pty Limited$113,620.00
4786Astrite Pty Ltd$113,595.90
4787?uta?atu & Associates$113,584.30
4788Dexion Hendra$113,512.30
4789REDR Australia Limited$113,504.00
4790Energy Consult$113,319.00
4791MARK Lintermans$113,300.00
4792Midwest Aboriginal Employment And Economic Development (meedac) Inc$113,198.56
4793Strategic Business Consulting Pty Ltd$113,096.28
4794Northern Basin Aboriginal Nations$113,000.00
4795The Mullion Group Pty Ltd$112,990.00
4796LIFE & Rescue International Pty Ltd$112,879.00
4798Auditor Training CEN$112,840.00
4800Inchcape Shipping Service Pty Ltd$112,668.81
4802Threesides Marketing$112,585.00
4803Solomon Kitano Hotel$112,575.17
4804Janine Mcclure$112,572.75
4805Canberra Management Consulting$112,530.00
4806JOHN V Edstein$112,500.00
4807Lahej & Sultan Cleaning Services And General Maintenance Company$112,500.00
4808Southern Hospitality Australia$112,476.87
4809Atlantic Exhibits$112,400.00
4810Ginger Catering$112,287.20
4811Rexon TLD Systems INC.$112,220.00
4813Kenelec Pty Ltd$112,147.60
4814Harold Crisp$112,090.00
4815JED TECH Pty Ltd$112,060.00
4816Lewis-gray, Elizabeth$112,039.76
4817Taswide Building Pty Ltd$112,022.46
4818Barbara Sullivan Pty Ltd$112,000.00
4819Shore School$111,913.13
4820BEST Practice Consulting$111,910.00
4821Software And Engineering Associates$111,887.64
4822Bidvest Cairns$111,872.88
4823Indienergy Pty Ltd$111,865.00
4824Correlated Solutions, INC.$111,794.46
4825Aither Pty Ltd$111,500.00
4826Numerics GMBH$111,417.12
4827Pearson Australia Group Pty Ltd$111,366.99
4828Bytes N Colours$111,345.93
4829HAGE Constultants Pty Ltd$111,320.00
4830Mongodb Ltd$111,228.68
4831SNL Financial Australia Pty Ltd$111,179.75
4832Closed LOOP Design Pty Ltd$110,928.00
4833Beletich, Steven Argeo Trading AS Beletich Associates$110,894.92
4834Redback Conferencing Pty Ltd$110,873.52
4835ROY E Mayne And SON$110,809.05
4836Jennifer Single$110,800.00
4837Pyrotek Pty Ltd$110,784.96
4838Bowbridge Software Limited$110,626.05
4839Winning Moves Limited$110,587.50
4840Maria Gerace$110,562.81
4841Brisbane Marriott Hotel$110,412.91
4842A Norman & M.A Norman & W.T Norman$110,410.35
4843Linfox Property Group Pty Ltd$110,379.31
4844JUDD Farris Australia Pty Ltd$110,275.00
4845Fianian Pty Ltd$110,115.00
4846Sypris Electronics, LLC$110,103.87
4847Colquhoun's Sydney BAG CO$110,089.19
4849The Birchman Group ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$110,000.00
4850Slattery Auctions Australia Pty Ltd$110,000.00
4851Queensland Police Service$110,000.00
4852Australian Destruction Services Pty$110,000.00
4853Cattle Council Of Australia Incorporated$110,000.00
4854Relken Engineering Pty Ltd$110,000.00
4855Office Of Commonwealth Ombudsman$110,000.00
4856JOB Safety Assistance Pty Ltd$110,000.00
4857Michael JOHN Eastaway T/AS$110,000.00
4858In Management Consulting Pty Ltd$110,000.00
4859Capilo Pty Ltd$110,000.00
4860Export Council Of Australia$110,000.00
4861Houston, Allan Grant$109,999.30
4862Microwave Engineering Corporation$109,849.06
4863Hoslab Pty Ltd$109,826.86
4864Trustee For BIZ TECH Software UNIT$109,800.00
48653D Laser Mapping International$109,780.00
4866OPEN Learning Pty Ltd$109,780.00
4867Memko Pty Ltd$109,681.29
4868Armour Timber Company Pty Ltd$109,544.60
4869Australian Barge HIRE Pty Ltd$109,340.00
4870Sweet TREE Group Pty Ltd$109,120.00
4871Building Concepts Pty Ltd$109,021.00
4872Willoring Apiaries Pty Ltd$109,000.00
4873PORT Augusta S.C. Pty Ltd$108,979.20
4874FILM Options Pty Ltd$108,905.50
4875OMNI Assist Pty Ltd$108,900.00
4876Spencer Stuart$108,900.00
4877Onicol Enterprises Pty Ltd$108,866.79
4878MB Psychological Services Pty Ltd$108,864.32
4879Voyager Electronics$108,850.50
4880Skudtek Scientific P/L$108,812.00
4882Munters Pty Limited$108,770.98
4883Dynamic Audio Visual P$108,687.70
4884National Plastics (aus) Pty Ltd$108,680.00
4885TAFE NSW$108,653.00
4886Peter Rowland Pty Ltd$108,590.00
4887Wingrove And Wingrove Design$108,588.59
4888AMC Search Limited$108,515.00
4889Gregory LYON$108,500.01
4890OPUS International Consultants$108,404.99
4891SUE Adams Coaching And Facilitation$108,389.50
4892Broadbean Catering Pty Ltd$108,279.00
4893Pitcher Partners WA$108,245.50
4894Duesburys Nexia$108,100.00
4895No BOLT Operations Pty Ltd$108,044.24
4896A F L Services P L DRY$108,025.50
4897Embarcadero Technologies Australia$108,024.04
4898Chemetall (australasia) Pty Ltd$108,019.66
4899Beretta Australia Pty Ltd$108,016.75
4900Oxberry Pty Ltd T/A Marcom Watson$108,006.80
4901WT Partnership$107,866.00
4902Diversity BWT A E PL EXM$107,756.00
4903Oxford Policy Management$107,715.00
4904Kisters P/L$107,636.78
4905ESS Earth Sciences$107,620.60
4906Strickland Enterprises$107,588.25
4907Heathaze.com Pty Ltd$107,580.00
4908Tashco Systems PT Ltd$107,580.00
4909Albury Cranetruck Service & Repairs$107,570.42
4910Quark Software Inc$107,466.66
4911GREG Stoodley Photography$107,330.30
4912Communication Research Institute Limited$107,284.65
4913White Pillar Pty Ltd$107,270.50
4914H Henriksen AS$107,201.39
4915A & B Podger Pty Ltd$107,200.50
4916Baobab Software Pty Ltd$107,153.07
4918Edward Gerald DE Zilwa$107,100.05
4919Bawinanga Aboriginal CORP$107,072.69
4920DR JILL Sullivan$107,000.00
4921Danks And WARD Pty Ltd Trading AS Outstation$107,000.00
4922Austala Pty Ltd$107,000.00
4923MDS ICT Solutions Pty Ltd$106,920.00
4924Zettaserve Pty Ltd$106,858.52
4925Jones LANG Lasalle (vic) Pty Ltd$106,749.40
4926James Hmelnitsky$106,712.00
4927Inside Policy$106,700.00
4928JAN Mcclelland And Associates Pty L$106,700.00
4930RIO Tinto Aluminium Weipa$106,589.49
4931JDN Monocrane Pty Ltd$106,522.90
4932Pioneer Computers$106,469.00
4933Northport Marine Services$106,412.65
4934Pavilion On Northbourne$106,246.97
4935COR Cordis (melbourne)$106,210.50
4936Congress Rental$106,188.00
4937Victoria Police$106,037.50
4938Smokeshield AUST Pty Ltd$106,006.01
4939Kathryn D Spargo$106,000.00
4941Gemalto Pty Ltd$106,000.00
4942Steelfort Engineering CO Ltd$105,986.10
4943Kowanyama Aboriginal Council$105,954.02
4944Southern Cross Industrial Suppl*$105,883.35
4945Hartley, Debra JANE$105,770.46
4946Lambert Rehbein (vic) Pty.ltd.$105,688.00
4947NCC Group Pty Limited$105,600.00
4948Stephen Illes Farago T/AS Agile Economics$105,560.00
4949MR Hanji Nakashima$105,544.16
4950Economic Regulation Authority$105,535.00
4951Duggans Pty Ltd$105,526.90
4952PEAK Usability$105,511.57
4953NE Outdoor Services Pty Ltd$105,462.50
4954Asociacion DE Industriales DE Antofagasta$105,450.00
4955Nihon Keizai Advertising CO., LTD. (adex)$105,432.00
4956Odgers Berndtson$105,405.27
4957Peter D'cunha Pty Ltd$105,360.00
4958TYCO Electronics Pty Limited$105,353.60
4959Tableau Software$105,321.26
4960Royaltystat LLC$105,162.52
4961Pormpuraaw Aboriginal Shire Council$105,140.87
4962Databuild Research And Solutions Limited$105,051.00
4963Plowright Studios$105,000.01
4964Allester Josette MARY$105,000.00
4965Crawford & Company$105,000.00
4966China Matters$105,000.00
4967Accelerate Occupational$105,000.00
4968Laynhapuy Homelands Aboriginal Corporation$104,924.75
4969L J Hooker$104,892.87
4970Airport LINE Marking And Maintenanc$104,881.64
4971WEST Coast Institute Of Training$104,832.00
4972The Trustee For AMI UNIT Trust$104,775.00
4973TUFF TURF 'N' CO Pty Ltd$104,774.38
4974Australian Security Industries PTY.$104,709.51
4976Bianca Charters$104,630.00
4977DWS Advanced Business Solutions$104,610.00
4978Mount Vital Pty Ltd$104,597.60
4979Balance Utility Solutions Pty Ltd$104,595.70
4980Itech Solutions Pty Ltd$104,524.20
4982Sunset Lifestyles P/L$104,468.80
4983Ascom Integrated Wireless Pty Ltd$104,448.96
4984EBS Restoration Pty Ltd$104,412.69
4985AON RISK Services Australia Ltd$104,385.04
4986ASIA Pacific Aerospace Consultants Pty Ltd$104,324.00
4987Choose Safety Pty Ltd$104,317.19
4988Focus Productions Pty Ltd$104,281.10
4989Kofax Australia Pty Ltd$104,275.63
4990Magritek Ltd$104,254.00
4991Augusta GOLF Carts Pty Ltd$104,180.00
4992Diagnostic Solutions International$104,119.88
4993Stephen Ernest Nigel Creese$104,000.00
4994Property Beyond Pty Ltd$103,950.00
4995Jennifer Margaret Fanning$103,950.00
4996Omnitech Playgrounds$103,950.00
4997Ensure Recruitment Pty Limited$103,750.00
4998Mangalore Airport Pty Ltd$103,680.00
4999Electro Mechanical Services Pty Ltd$103,667.30
5000BOND University$103,616.00
5001Coles Group Limited$103,607.90
5002Aspect Organisational Psychologists$103,602.96
5003Spatial Solutions Pty Ltd$103,600.01
5004KVM Australia Pty Ltd$103,539.52
5005LUCY Kealey$103,500.00
5006HDM Metal$103,445.10
5007Nikon On Broadway$103,407.60
5008NSW Health Pathology$103,400.00
5009SANS Institute Conference Office$103,377.00
5010Mcdonald BROS Holdings Pty Limited$103,375.81
5011Miele Australia Pty Ltd$103,373.60
5012Radio Rentals$103,361.72
5013CPR Machine TOOL$103,347.96
5014JF KEIR Pty Ltd$103,300.00
5015RS Components Pty Ltd$103,283.35
5016Zicomi Systems$103,160.00
5017Mobile Kitchens$103,136.01
5018Cirdan Ultra Limited$103,125.00
5020Corporate Protection Group$103,000.00
5021Intermediary Contracting$102,960.00
5022Zenith Management Services Group Pty Ltd$102,947.42
5023Aussie Fluid Power Pty Ltd$102,931.44
5024Mitchell Shire Council$102,895.02
5025Novatech Ventures$102,836.00
5026Flite PATH Pty Ltd$102,819.35
5027KING And WOOD Mallesons$102,765.47
5028LEDA Security Products Pty Ltd$102,740.17
5029Avion Manufacturing, INC.$102,705.69
5030NEW Horizons Learning Centre$102,447.50
5031Front GATE CO Ltd$102,445.00
5032SALT Group Pty Ltd$102,399.00
5033NOTE Printing Australia Limite$102,273.00
5034Gadens Lawyers$102,264.81
5035Storm IT Pty Ltd$102,080.00
5036Hazard Systems Pty Ltd$101,972.43
5037Western Power Electricity Networks Corporation$101,836.00
5038Zentech International Ltd$101,724.52
5039Chris Spicer Engineering$101,700.01
5040Strategy Evaluation And Engagement For Development Pty Ltd$101,682.00
5041PAD Consulting Services$101,640.00
5042Latitude Financial Services Australia$101,608.00
5043Collabforge Pty Ltd$101,596.00
5044Tugela Nominess Pty Ltd The Trustee Dimitriadis Family Trust$101,511.96
5045International ART Services Pty Ltd$101,448.80
5046Master Communications And Electroni$101,416.89
5047Cobham Aviation Services Australia$101,414.01
5048Australian Centre For Environmental Compliance$101,337.49
5049Educare Specialist Services$101,293.09
5050Musteys Earth Moving$101,260.50
5051The Trustee For Lockstep$101,188.40
5052Belgiovane Williams Mackay Pty Ltd$101,178.00
5053Parliamentary Council Office, NSW$101,105.00
5054Australian Laboratory Services Pty$101,104.00
5055Autodesk Australia Pty Ltd$101,083.89
5057Jaylon Industries Pty Ltd$100,962.40
5058Department Of Justice$100,954.50
5059Forecast Machinery$100,948.11
5060Realplaymedia Pty Limited$100,906.30
5061WEIN Mediation Pty Ltd$100,865.40
5062Spandex ASIA Pacific$100,808.40
5063SAGE Publications Ltd$100,786.30
5065MAY Consulting Pty Ltd$100,697.00
5066Russell IVAN Streader$100,596.54
5067Jones Partners (sydney)$100,573.00
5068Mulesoft, INC.$100,523.41
5069Power On Australia Pty Ltd$100,474.66
5070Benfield Marketing Ltd$100,434.45
5071ART Security Pty Ltd$100,413.80
5072Aaron Cornish$100,413.00
5073WA Department Of Health$100,400.03
5074Mercer, Robert Graham$100,362.00
5075Steve Swift Pty Ltd$100,237.50
5076DR Richard Brettell$100,204.00
5077Adina Apartment Hotel Darwin And VIBE Hotel Darwin Waterfront$100,200.00
5078Trade Logistics Services$100,120.95
5079ALAN Tobin$100,100.00
5080FUEL Calibration Services Pty Ltd$100,061.36
5081Universalia Management Group Limited$100,032.63
5082Menzies Avaition (australia) Pty Ltd$100,000.00
5083Douglass Hanly MOIR Pathology$100,000.00
5084Shangri-la's Fijian Resort & SPA$100,000.00
5085Ministry For Police & Emergency SER$100,000.00
5086Gregory Wrate$100,000.00
5087HBP Australia Pty Ltd$100,000.00
5088Ellis James BUGG$100,000.00
5090Magnum Machinery Pty Ltd$99,990.00
5091D.c.g. Design Pty Ltd$99,927.30
5092Department Of Sport And Recreation$99,921.00
5093NHP Electrical Engineering Products$99,741.04
5094Scotwork Negotiating Skills$99,739.94
5095National Motor Rewinds Pty Ltd$99,699.60
5096MDA Systems - Escrow ACCT$99,658.90
5097NOAA (department Of Commerce - US)$99,634.66
5098WHY Documentaries$99,634.15
5099Advanced Machine Tools Pty Ltd$99,633.45
5100Claytons Australia Pty Ltd$99,565.40
5101Nautical Dimensions$99,528.00
5102Freshagenda Pty Ltd$99,500.00
5103Tosolini's Pty Ltd T/AS Tosolini's Catering$99,360.00
5104Relevant Technologies Corporation D$99,339.33
5105Surplus Electrical Sales CO. Pty LT$99,250.00
5106Eilbeck Cranes$99,163.90
5107Christmas ISLD Sprmkt$99,128.01
5108Genesys Telecommunications LAB$99,126.50
5109Wilderness WEAR Australia Pty L*$99,107.14
5110GCD Exhibitions$99,098.86
5111Nadicprint Srvcs PL GAR$99,033.00
5112KIDS Media$99,025.30
5113Ambrose Logistics Consulting$99,000.00
5114Kathleen Townsend$99,000.00
5115GOAT Industry Council Of Australia$99,000.00
5116Medland Corporate Property Pty Ltd$99,000.00
5117SEDA Services Pty Ltd$98,952.70
5118JOHN Holland Pty Ltd$98,941.52
5119Hitech Global Distribution, LLC$98,910.38
5120Sweepex Australia$98,901.00
5121E-tivity Solutions Pty Ltd$98,752.50
5122Intercontinental Sydney$98,752.02
5123Robert Butterworth$98,750.00
5124Kinemetrics INC.$98,707.68
5125FIVE Phase Group Pty Ltd$98,577.12
5126Cleah Consulting Pty Ltd$98,530.52
5127Mason FAIR Pty Ltd$98,471.92
5128Hyperinsight Pty Ltd$98,450.00
5129ICE Design$98,152.50
5130Griffith HACK Consulting$98,152.00
5131Wests Packaging Services Pty Ltd$98,131.00
5132Donna Holden$98,103.72
5133Medical Software Industry Associati$98,100.00
5134Pronto Health Pty Limited$98,000.00
5135AO3 Independent Computer Search Pty$97,972.93
5136Worrells (brisb)$97,955.00
5137Tuned To Perfection Pty Limited$97,900.00
5138Market Access Consulting & Research$97,900.00
5139Chilli Promotions$97,834.48
5140Sorensen Consulting$97,778.20
5141Ministerio DE Defensa$97,560.96
5142Mirvac Property Trust$97,460.00
5143Geckoblue Interiors$97,383.36
5144Light Naturally (THE Trustee For SJC Trust)$97,241.03
5145Noske-kaeser Marine Australia PL$97,240.44
5146Biz.health Consultants Pty Ltd$97,220.14
5147Alltrack GSE Pty Ltd$97,202.69
5149Morgan Consulting Australia Pty Ltd$97,190.53
5150CBT Supply, INC. DBA Smart Desks$97,163.22
5151Kyeema Foundation Limited$97,160.00
5152Phoenix Global Support$97,018.41
5153ATIR Design Pty Ltd$96,932.00
5154Metacomp Technologies, INC.$96,918.10
5155Stanley & Martin$96,910.00
5156Layer 10 Pty Ltd$96,800.00
5157EMC Technologies Pty Ltd$96,701.00
5158Xipiter LLC$96,587.25
5159Parachutes Australia Pty Ltd$96,543.21
5160LIST A Barristers$96,534.00
5161Language Partner Pty Ltd$96,452.80
5162Australian Skills Quality Authority$96,444.00
5163GEAE Holdings Inc$96,251.68
5164Crystal Lakes Pty Limited$96,250.00
5165Ladoo Pty Ltd$96,052.00
5166Biocsl Pty Ltd$96,000.00
5167Falcon Hermetic And ELEC P/L$95,992.60
5168Search & Rescue Training Australia$95,981.60
5169Primewest Management Ltd$95,872.00
5170Global Spill Control Pty Ltd$95,733.00
5171Glanda International Pty Ltd$95,720.56
5172World Of Sport Wholesalers Pty Ltd$95,675.34
5173WAY OUT Evacuation Systems P/L$95,645.00
5174Australian Crime Commission$95,500.00
5175Australian Maritime Systems$95,337.00
5176LAW Society Of The A.c.t.$95,316.00
5177MG Binstead & DCH Investments Trust & Tonlena Trust T/AS Fitzroy Views Partnership$95,238.00
5178Cryomech, INC.$95,161.55
5179Mercury Computer Systems (aust) Pty$95,157.70
5181Brocade Communications Switzerland$95,067.28
5183Praxis 2000 Pty Ltd$95,000.00
5184NTS Technical Systems DBA Lightning$94,984.28
5185Axway Pty Ltd$94,961.23
5186Wordsworth Writing$94,904.85
5187Philip MOSS$94,875.00
5188Thomas Merjudio$94,875.00
5189HALL Chadwick (sydney)$94,814.50
5190Formrite Group$94,810.10
5191Hydro Industries$94,798.00
5192Karstens Holdings Pty Ltd$94,773.59
5193Gilgandra Shire Council$94,718.36
5194Lubes Direct Pty Ltd$94,691.86
5195Ergoport Pty Ltd$94,526.50
5196Australian Environment$94,512.00
5197Hewitt, Rodney$94,400.00
5198Bewsher Consulting Pty Ltd AS Trustee For Bewsher Foundation$94,370.00
5199Marco Merens$94,367.08
5200FOSS Pacific Pty Ltd$94,358.79
5201STAR Electrical CO Pty Ltd$94,337.60
5203Titus INC.$94,214.96
5204Patrice Braun And Associates$94,205.10
5205Outlook Economics$94,190.00
5206Health Services$94,142.17
5207PTID Environments$94,056.60
5208Podnik Pty Ltd$94,050.00
5209Linchpin Maintenance Pty Ltd$94,000.00
5210Mhe-demag Australia Pty Ltd$93,953.48
5211L&C Protec, INC. DBA Cocoon$93,921.55
5212Security TECH SVC SA$93,786.22
5213Susan K Foster$93,729.44
5214Hartec Engineering Services$93,702.40
5215Ausralian College Of Rural & Remote Medicine$93,698.00
5216WAND INC.$93,600.00
5217Promontory Australasia$93,500.00
5218Mincham Aviation$93,400.87
5219Lynxmotion, A Robotshop$93,326.85
5220ADAM Smith International Ltd (australia)$93,316.19
5221Polaris Australia$93,301.60
5222Rittal Pty Ltd$93,288.69
5223Husqvarna Pty Ltd$93,231.47
5224Switchmode Power Supplies$93,197.50
5225TSF Engineering Pty Ltd$93,170.00
5226Fellfab Ltd$93,159.42
5227Eurotech International Pty Ltd$93,153.72
5229Bellridge Pty Limited$93,113.94
5230Medal T/A DEAN Anthony James$93,060.00
5231Westcoast Building Exmouth$93,016.00
5232Therese RYAN$93,000.00
5233Peacock BROS Pty Ltd$92,935.30
5234FRED IT Group Pty Ltd$92,928.00
5235David Butler Consulting$92,900.00
5236IHS Global PTE. LTD.$92,864.93
5237Forestrack Pty Ltd T/AS Canberra$92,820.00
5238ICE Systems Pty Ltd$92,675.00
5239Michael Green Pty Ltd$92,638.00
5240Taylor Thomson Whitting (act) Pty L$92,620.00
5241Clifton HALL$92,548.50
5242Elite Sound And Lighting$92,524.45
5243Australian Safety Engineers Pty Ltd$92,468.33
5244Salter Weigh-tronix Pty Ltd$92,400.00
5245Ngalang Boodja Council Aboriginal Corporation Inc$92,400.00
5246Russell Kennedy Lawyers$92,195.50
5247Viking Marine Surveys Pty Ltd$92,158.00
5248Gadens Lawyers- Sydney$92,043.71
5249The University Of Glasgow$92,039.87
5250North Burnett Regional Council$91,996.90
5251The Trustee For DEL Villar Family T$91,973.50
5252The Hoyts Corporation Pty Ltd$91,960.00
5253PLUM Consulting London LLP$91,950.00
5255Manuka Psychology$91,850.00
52569120 Australian Maritime Safety$91,789.43
5257Exelis Australia Pty Ltd$91,620.89
5258Booth Services S.b.s. Pty Ltd$91,608.00
5259Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation$91,559.98
5260BSE Cairns Slipways Pty Ltd$91,524.50
5261Island Plumbing & GAS$91,512.91
5262The LOCH Group Pty Ltd$91,364.00
5263Romar Valuation Services$91,313.00
5264Nearmap Australia Pty Ltd$91,191.10
5265Blackline Systems Corporation$91,158.26
5266ALL Seasons Katherine$91,080.80
5267AHJ & Associates$91,000.00
5268Fusion GMS Pty Ltd$90,999.00
5269Georges Holdings Pty Ltd$90,986.52
5271Arrowsmith And Grant Refrigera$90,926.00
5272Allied Connectors$90,829.75
5273Agilient Pty Ltd$90,821.60
5274Drallim Industries Ltd$90,763.68
5275OTIS Elevator Company Pty Ltd$90,763.20
5276Thundercat Inflatables$90,728.00
5277Fugro Spatial Solutions Pty Ltd$90,689.50
5278Michelle Castle$90,580.00
5279Country FIRE Authority$90,497.69
5280Stephen Lloyd SC$90,485.00
5281MMIC EOD Ltd$90,408.83
5282Ingeus Australia Pty Ltd$90,296.15
5283Paname Pty Ltd$90,288.00
5284Ascent Consulting$90,200.00
5285IM Learning FAST Pty Ltd$90,196.16
5286Centurion FIRE And Rescue EQUI$90,149.84
5287Barossa Quarries$90,090.00
5288PAUL BIDE$90,081.00
5289NQEA Marine Safety Pty Ltd$90,059.54
5290Sleeman Consulting$90,000.00
5292Macanta Consulting Pty Ltd$90,000.00
5293Sofitel Sydney Wentworth$90,000.00
5294The SOS Print & Media Group$90,000.00
5295Proline Partitions Pty Ltd$90,000.00
5296Unity Consulting Pty Ltd$90,000.00
5297ILX Group Pty Ltd$89,952.50
5298APC Technology$89,949.20
5299Haztek Pty Ltd$89,919.74
5300Byrnes Quality Meats$89,877.45
5301JC Tamblyn & Associates Pty Ltd$89,850.78
5302ANNE Markiewicz & Associates PTY. L$89,800.00
5303Campbell Research & Consulting Pty Ltd$89,799.00
5304Reliable Int'l Exhibition Service CO., Ltd$89,766.00
5305Talent2 Pty Limited$89,753.40
5306Livermore Software Technology Corpo$89,691.76
5307Psychmaps Consultancy$89,631.99
5308Flightsafety Hawker LC$89,426.13
5309Inert Products, LLC$89,411.30
5310Austec Industrial Engineering P/L$89,386.00
5311Robotshop Distribution Inc$89,342.40
5312Octavo Typography & Information$89,319.00
5313Rebecca GALL$89,287.80
5315Kapish Services Pty Ltd$89,225.94
5316CORE Mansion Keyaki-dori Prezio$89,089.39
5317Chrysollie Pty Ltd TAS Ultra CARE Cleaning Services$89,035.00
5318Gregory J Ireland Psychologist$89,000.00
5319ALAN Leslie Stray$89,000.00
5320Hawker Richardson$88,967.43
5321Ausco Modular Pty Ltd$88,935.55
5322Rockwell Collins Services, Company$88,903.89
5323Choices Flooring Wagga$88,809.60
5324Qualtrics LLC$88,649.11
5325Worklogic Pty Ltd$88,643.50
5327Marradon Constructions Pty Ltd$88,551.45
5328Rhombus Technologies Australia$88,544.50
532920/2 RISK Management$88,500.00
5330Brown Falconer Group Pty Ltd$88,484.00
5331Geyer Pty Ltd$88,483.00
5332Flexihire Pty Ltd$88,477.73
5333Ditch Witch Australia Pty Ltd$88,376.20
5334Daniel's Quality Upholstery$88,312.40
5335Torres Strait Island Regional Council$88,264.02
5336Alltech Marine Pty Ltd$88,153.34
5337Unico Group Pty Ltd$88,082.00
5338D & M Discretionary Trust$88,000.00
5339Hattoneale Services$88,000.00
5340LE Blanc Consulting$88,000.00
5341Neuro Leadership Institute$88,000.00
5342Dunheved Pty Ltd$88,000.00
5343Enpris Pty Ltd$88,000.00
5344Plain English Foundation Pty Ltd$87,991.00
5345Millitech Australia Pty Ltd$87,959.88
5346Airbus Group Australia Pacific$87,933.78
5347Gardline Marine Sciences Pty Ltd$87,890.00
5348Synthesys Systems Engineers Ltd$87,879.93
5349Dexion North Queensland$87,780.00
5350Integrity Advisory$87,705.00
5352Selex ES Infrared Ltd$87,556.80
5353Pickles Auctions Pty Ltd$87,450.00
5354Yetimo Marketing Pty Ltd$87,427.45
5355Darwin LOCK & KEY$87,317.69
5356Darwin PORT Corporation$87,276.28
5357Providence Australasia Pty Ltd$87,226.70
5358KSM Australia Pty Ltd$87,190.40
5359Megger Pty Ltd$87,175.00
5360Recruitment Success Group Pty Ltd$87,167.86
5361A J Dever Pty Ltd$87,155.00
5362Australian Fueling Systems & Equipm$87,153.00
5363Quality Management Institute$87,120.00
5364Transformation Management Services Pty Ltd$87,120.00
5365Pete's Panel & Paint$87,007.47
5366Clifford Hallam Healthcare$86,958.87
5367Informa Australia Pty Ltd$86,879.65
5368Office Organization Pty Ltd$86,788.24
5369Shogun Martial ARTS & Boxing Supplies$86,750.00
5370RUSH Corporation Pty Ltd$86,730.03
5371ONQ Software Pty Ltd$86,707.50
5372Anangu JOBS$86,701.58
5373Ngnowar Aerwah Aboriginal CORP$86,701.56
5374Sapworks Pty Ltd$86,700.00
5375Dotmar Universal Plastics$86,681.50
5376KONE Elevators Pty Ltd$86,633.45
5377PT Terrasys Media$86,626.31
5378South WEST Hydraulic And$86,614.00
5379Shire Of Strathbogie$86,541.96
5380Precision Acoustics Ltd$86,533.99
5381LANE Bros, Printers Pty Ltd$86,525.00
5383Wordly Wisdom Writing Services$86,421.78
5384D.H Lockwood & H.K Millhouse$86,420.40
5385Capacity Sports$86,404.89
5386Trustee For Cummins-mcfadyen Family Trust$86,333.53
5388Office Of The Bursar Working FUND$86,260.05
5389Trustee For Christopher RYAN Trust$86,240.00
5390Pacific Materials Handling Pty *$86,163.00
5391Netzsch Scientific Instruments$86,130.77
5392Euromonitor International Ltd$86,117.00
5394Accolade Wines Australia Limited$86,072.50
5395Harvey Norman Carpet$86,056.17
5396Telarus Pty Ltd$86,024.22
5397Barker, Tamryn$86,022.99
5398Airport Metals (australia) Pty Ltd$86,020.00
5399Majestic Joinery$86,000.00
5400Michels Warren Munday$86,000.00
5401Sirsidynix EOS LLC$86,000.00
5402Matthew Hayes$86,000.00
5403Tadano Oceania$85,992.68
5404Prolog Development Centre$85,906.68
5405ARA Security Services Pty Ltd$85,899.00
5406Justin Bourke$85,895.56
5407Mercure Hotels$85,893.00
5408Jenngen Consulting Pty Ltd$85,845.00
5409Jacobs Radio (australia) Pty Ltd$85,833.00
5410Oscar Design & Construction Pty Ltd$85,800.00
5411Tasmanian Electronic Commerce$85,800.00
5412Seton Australia Pty Ltd$85,771.97
5413Harper Timber Pty Ltd$85,742.25
5414Elizabeth BUGG$85,580.00
5415Empire Careers National Partnership$85,540.00
5416Usabilityone Pty Ltd AS Trustee For Usabilityone UNIT Trust$85,518.00
5417Martin, GREG$85,500.00
5418Paddy Pallin Adventure Equipment$85,401.49
5419Four/zero Tactical Limited$85,255.50
5420Australian Information Industry Association Ltd$85,250.00
5421Australia DAY Council Of NSW$85,164.93
5422Tasman Machinery$85,066.60
5424Amanda LEE Barwick$85,000.00
5425Parkroyal Melbourne Airport$85,000.00
5426Fleming & Partners Pty Ltd$85,000.00
5427Kingdom Pty Ltd$84,949.70
5428Clear Environment Pty Ltd$84,835.00
5429N. Munir & S. Ungur$84,700.00
5430Multitek Solutions Pty Ltd$84,629.60
5431Birdlife Australia Ltd$84,593.65
5432Bridgeman Castors$84,509.04
5434Andrew P Ralph$84,500.00
5435DR MARY Wyatt$84,480.00
5436Gallay Medical And Scientific$84,461.87
5437MC Cashier$84,456.34
5438DEWC Pty Ltd$84,400.00
5439Harris, Loftus Wright$84,300.00
5440Stratos Seating$84,211.78
5441The Trustee For Brand Trust$84,194.00
5442Amelia Wheatley$84,175.00
5443A.H. Slater QC$84,150.00
5444IAN Callinan$84,107.50
5445Terrain Consulting Services GMBH$84,059.62
5446Foodcorp VIC Pty Ltd$83,973.50
5448W A Pickles Pty Ltd$83,763.60
5449Laurence Geoffrey Glanfield$83,744.00
5450Teledyne WEBB Research$83,707.07
5451Gentex Corporation DBA Western OPER$83,641.09
5452Andrew Dimoff Discretionary Trust$83,634.20
5453HA Manufacturers$83,633.00
5454Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology$83,545.00
5455NSW Police$83,521.90
5456CO INFO Pty Ltd$83,467.31
5457Comprara Pty Ltd$83,336.00
5458Benchline Consulting Pty Ltd$83,325.00
5459SIR Joseph Isherwood Ltd$83,254.94
5460Arnhem LAND Progress Aboriginal CORP$83,188.03
5461The Trustee For Round Family Trust$83,182.00
5462David Bryant Consulting$83,160.00
5463JOHN Wiley & SONS Ltd$83,146.64
5464TIM North Marine Pty Ltd$83,004.90
5465FINE ART Investments Pty Ltd$83,000.00
5467DEPT Of Racing Gaming & Liquor$82,929.00
5468Qliktech Australia Pty Ltd$82,885.00
5469North American Manufacturing Compan$82,872.48
5470Stoddart Manufacturing$82,865.52
5471REEF CITY Maintenance & Constructio$82,863.00
5472Militarytech Pty Ltd$82,829.00
5473Supply Nation$82,800.00
5474CBT Nuggets$82,773.27
5475Capital Equipment HIRE PL$82,711.97
5476Thredbo Alpine Hotel$82,616.50
5477COEN Regional Aboriginal Corporation$82,530.60
5478Awumpan WIK Communications$82,530.56
5479Rachelle J Mcivor$82,530.56
5480BMT Holdings (australia) Pty Ltd$82,522.00
5481GFI Software Pty Ltd$82,500.00
5482Engel Distribution Pty Ltd$82,500.00
5483Employee Health$82,500.00
5485Neale Draper$82,500.00
5486Carmel Mcgregor$82,500.00
5487PORT ASH Australia$82,500.00
5488Independent Corporate Property Oceania Pty Ltd$82,500.00
5489Section 22 Barton Pty Ltd$82,500.00
5490Avanti Psychology$82,500.00
5491Ballistic Security Applications*$82,481.30
5492GIW Industries PTY. Limited T/AS$82,456.00
5493ALFA Computers Pty Ltd$82,349.30
5494Icebreaker Australia Pty Limited$82,326.75
5495Freeland, Nicholas$82,272.00
5496Victoria Brigden$82,262.86
5497Maks.inc General Trading And Contracting Company$82,215.00
5498ICON Plastics Pty Ltd$82,115.00
5499JOHN Wiggins$82,113.00
5500Accrete Pty Ltd$82,104.60
5501Susan Raice$82,060.00
5503Combat Simulation Systems (aust)$81,973.21
5504Resolve Consulting$81,950.00
5505Cyberanalytics Pty Ltd$81,840.00
5506Hyatt Hotel Canberra$81,768.23
5507Employment Research Australia$81,673.00
5508Human Solutions Of North America, I$81,628.63
5509Aeris Solutions Pty Ltd AFT Aeris Solutions Trust$81,625.50
5510Foodservice Equipment Internati*$81,566.69
5511Spacelift Design Consultancy$81,559.50
5512FTI Consulting (australia) (brisb)$81,537.50
5513Associative Producers$81,500.00
5514Katanning Community Resource Centre Inc$81,487.82
5515Asian LAW Group Pty Ltd$81,440.26
5516NET Intellect Pty Ltd$81,422.00
5517AKM GOH Consulting Pty Ltd$81,400.00
5518Stephen Donald Hostetler$81,400.00
5519SMS Consulting Group Limited$81,400.00
5520Evolve Scientific Recruitment$81,400.00
5521ATCO Structures Pty Ltd$81,360.39
5522Cadgroup Australia Pty Ltd$81,356.00
5524Hydeng Pty Ltd$81,312.00
5525CRG Essentials$81,260.00
5526Carroll & Richardson Flags$81,172.80
5527Nupac Industries Pty Ltd$81,103.00
5528KORN Ferry International Pty Ltd$81,070.00
5529EMSR Trading AS Integrity First AID$81,066.00
5530Novotel Barossa Valley Resort$81,000.00
5531Ascot Splicing And Supplies$80,915.45
5532Sympatico Solutions Pty Ltd$80,850.00
5533Flexera Software Pty Limited$80,833.70
5534Acceleware Ltd$80,778.16
5535L&A Construction Ltd$80,743.06
5536Elizabeth ANNE Slater$80,734.94
5537Shared Services Centre$80,700.00
5538Campbell Clinical Psychology$80,677.98
5539Quest Acquisition Pty Ltd No 1 Trust And Quest Acquisition Pty$80,588.00
5540The Economist Intelligence UNIT$80,550.10
5541AERO Systems Engineering, INC. DBA$80,548.51
5542Clean Energy Council Ltd$80,520.00
5543Overall Forge Pty Ltd$80,503.50
5544Carpet Tiles 1$80,496.00
5545Aerofuels Essendon Pty Ltd$80,482.49
5546JCS Technologies Pty Ltd$80,480.40
5547Wilkins And Brown PTY. LTD.$80,465.00
5548Terra Firma Partnership Pty Ltd AS Trust For Lindsay Family Trust$80,454.46
5549Atmospheric Research$80,450.00
5550Nautics Group Pty Ltd$80,421.00
5551Return To WORK Pty Ltd$80,300.00
5552Bloomberg Finance LP$80,275.98
5553The Racknstack Warehouse$80,187.90
5554Datacom Systems (nsw) Pty Ltd$80,164.48
5555Nikias Nominees Pty Ltd$80,124.14
5556Davis W R Engineering Ltd$80,118.05
5557ISS Prorack$80,113.11
5558LBW Environmental Projects Pty Ltd$80,080.00
5559Joseph Garas$80,000.00
5560Sally ROBB$80,000.00
5561Compliance Australia Pty Ltd$80,000.00
5562Linguistico (australia) Pty Ltd$80,000.00
5563Young Australia League T/AS$80,000.00
5564Yaseen Shariff$80,000.00
5565TAFE Directors Australia$80,000.00
5566Changepoint ULC Canada$80,000.00
5567Therapeutic Goods Administration$80,000.00
5568Skillsone Pty Ltd$80,000.00
5569Driver Education Centre Of$80,000.00
5570DG Thompson Pty Limited$80,000.00
5571David Bennett$80,000.00
5572COLE Corporate$80,000.00
5573The Digital Development Factory Pty$80,000.00
5574NEW Zealand Police$80,000.00
5575Agence Generale$80,000.00
5576Rhett Dinsdale$80,000.00
5577KEMP Strang$80,000.00
5578Wesley Mission Brisbane$80,000.00
5579Roger V Gyles$80,000.00
5580Wilson Psychology$80,000.00
5581Blacka WEAR Pty Ltd$79,999.98
5582Systemware Australia Pty Ltd$79,999.00
5583Orbital8 Pty Ltd$79,999.00
5584The Trustee For Regent Personnel$79,999.00
5585LONG Katharine Clare$79,999.00
5586Transurban Limited$79,999.00
5587The Trustee For NT Motorcycle Centr$79,995.00
5588Hitwise Pty Ltd$79,988.90
558910 FEET TALL$79,980.00
5590Herron TODD White (darling Downs) P$79,970.00
5591Carpet Rescue Squad Pty Ltd$79,970.00
5592Aviation & General Pty Ltd$79,942.50
5593WORK Arena P/L$79,935.90
5594LGC Standards$79,919.32
5595Jennifer M. BOTT AO$79,900.00
5596Innova Group Pty Ltd$79,860.00
5597Radian Consulting Pty Ltd$79,860.00
5598Hacos Pty Ltd Trading AS Stylecraft Australia$79,847.93
5599Warren Martin$79,800.00
5600Kumano Consulting Pty Ltd$79,800.00
5601Routleys VIC Pty Ltd NOR$79,764.00
5602JO Fisher Executive Pty Ltd$79,646.00
5603Kings Ningaloo REEF Tours$79,600.00
5604Customer Driven Solutions Pty Ltd$79,600.00
5605Watts Commercial Furniture$79,586.54
5606ATA Scientific Pty Ltd$79,530.00
5607Talis Putnins$79,500.00
5608Analysys Mason Limited T/AS$79,500.00
5609TIM Cahill$79,500.00
5610Australian Instit. Of Refrigeration$79,497.00
5611Huntsman Firearms PT$79,468.40
5612GMG NQ$79,439.80
5613JOHN Schumann$79,376.00
5614Flick Services$79,365.04
5615Cryptzone North America Inc$79,339.73
5616Leisure Concepts Corporate Pty Ltd$79,332.00
5617CGC Forge & Engineering Pty Ltd$79,318.80
5618Australian Pesticides And Veterinary Medicines Authority$79,295.00
5619LIST A Barristers$79,293.06
5620Ansell International$79,218.21
5621Sarnia Consulting$79,200.00
5622Openminds Australia$79,200.00
5623Wayne FOX$79,200.00
5624Global Surface Intelligence Ltd$79,200.00
5625SOUL Pattinson Telecommunications$79,200.00
5626Strategy International$79,154.90
5627Turbosoft Pty Ltd$79,106.50
5628Fairmont Medical Products Pty LT$79,032.80
5629Total Diesel Services (NT) Pty Ltd$79,031.44
5630Human Systems Consulting Group$79,029.00
5631Forest PARK Machinery (thailand) CO Ltd$79,009.00
5632C5 Management Solutions Trading AS$79,000.00
5633Leanne Halley Consulting P/L$79,000.00
5634Smart Integration Australia Pty Ltd$79,000.00
5635MAIN Roads$79,000.00
5636Saward Dawson$78,980.00
5637Regional Anangu Services Aboriginal Corporation$78,979.69
5638William Peter DAY$78,925.00
5639Australian Water Environment Pty LT$78,910.00
5640Canberra Institute Of$78,898.40
5641Majestic Cinemas Pty Ltd$78,870.00
5642The Trustee For The Rooftop Trust$78,861.00
5643Vertical Telecoms P/L$78,824.90
5644Hitron Limited$78,800.00
5645Michelle Hirschhorn$78,798.30
5646Health Communication Network$78,796.62
5647Aerosweep Pty Ltd$78,787.50
5648Australian Warehouse Solutions$78,777.60
5649Broadleaf Capital International$78,752.29
5650DPM Conference Pty Ltd Trading AS The Communication LINK$78,674.31
5651NGIS Australia Pty Ltd$78,650.00
5652Discovery Consulting Group Pty Ltd$78,650.00
5653FIND IT HERE Pty Ltd$78,640.65
5654Radio Frequency Systems AUST PT*$78,508.65
5655Strategic Innovatons$78,474.88
5656Spotterill Pty Ltd$78,399.99
5657Grindlay Nominees Pty Ltd$78,348.00
5658Speedwell Ebusiness Solutions$78,342.00
5659Geoffrey Morris$78,210.00
5660Uniquity Pty Ltd$78,188.00
5661Netcentric Technologies$78,136.43
5662Herne HILL Welding Service$78,100.00
5663Forge DATA Solutions Pty Ltd$78,069.13
5664DG Consulting (aus) Pty Ltd$78,055.51
5666Rodney VAN Sambeeck$78,000.00
5667Bloomsbury Equities Pty Ltd$78,000.00
5668ZITA Antonios Consulting$78,000.00
5669Information Alchemy Pty Ltd$78,000.00
5670North WEST Realty$78,000.00
5671A&A Digital Services Pty Ltd T/A Human Traffic$78,000.00
5672Charles Aspden$78,000.00
5673TIME Education And Training Pty Ltd AS Trustee For The Trustee For TIME Discretionary Trust$78,000.00
5674TEAM Systems Family Trust$78,000.00
5675Kevin And Tracey Fujii$77,994.00
5676LIME Business Solutions$77,925.00
5677Clarity College Pty Ltd$77,825.00
5678Corroboree Empire Indigenous Corporation$77,792.00
5679M And D Marine Parts Service Pty *$77,770.00
5680Geutebruck Pty Ltd$77,761.00
5682BAY Technologies$77,738.07
5683REOS Partners$77,715.00
5684Humanitarian Advisory Group (hag)$77,663.52
5685SV Partners (melbourne)$77,660.00
5686Daniels & CO Pty Ltd$77,600.00
5687LOOK NOW Pty Ltd$77,588.70
5688Rockwell Collins Global Logistics L$77,560.27
5689Royal Australian College Of General Practitioners$77,500.00
5690WHIX Consulting$77,500.00
5691MS Rebecca Mcbride$77,495.00
5692Hnlaw Pty Ltd$77,455.80
5693AVID Controls, INC.$77,423.52
5695Create Catering CAM$77,309.27
5696Choices Flooring Rockingham P/L$77,308.00
5697Litsupport Pty Limited$77,291.24
5698AEG Ogden Pty Ltd AS Agent For Darwin COVE Convention Centre Pty Ltd$77,273.25
5699David Lawler$77,189.00
5700International Organisation Development Limited$77,135.40
5701APC Holdings Pty Ltd$77,100.00
5702Piccolo Pty Ltd$77,099.66
5703Ingmar Taylor$77,055.58
5704Carahsoft Technology Corporation$77,000.03
5705Bdaas Consulting Pty Limited$77,000.00
5706Uncommon Approach$77,000.00
5707Weiderman Consulting$77,000.00
5708Unified Healthcare Group$77,000.00
5709Polaron Language Services Pty Ltd$77,000.00
5710Oshgroup Pty Ltd$77,000.00
5711Stamford Plaza Brisbane$77,000.00
5712Sundowner Motor INN$77,000.00
5713Iliquid Pty Ltd$77,000.00
5714URSA Clemenger Pty Ltd$77,000.00
5715Holden, Colin ROY$77,000.00
5716Cardno Victoria Pty Ltd Trading AS$77,000.00
5717Network Strategies Ltd$77,000.00
5718NEXA Group Pty Ltd$77,000.00
5719Rebecca Burdon$77,000.00
5720Westnet Internet Services$77,000.00
5721Institute Of Backyard Studies Pty Ltd$77,000.00
5722TX Australia Pty Limited$76,952.27
5723GQI Consulting Pty Ltd$76,945.00
5724Bournedrill Pty Ltd$76,945.00
5725H M Transport Maintenance$76,941.97
5726Roberts, LISA Caroline$76,936.20
5727Australian Electronic Services *$76,890.00
5728Medhurst Equipment Pty Ltd$76,885.30
5729Online Learning (australia) PTY. LI$76,835.00
5730Yallourn Street Storage$76,824.00
5731Gadens Lawyers Trust Account$76,750.00
5732Lithium Technologies INC.$76,704.00
5734Falcon Industries Inc$76,666.69
5735Transport Industries Skills Centre$76,600.00
5736Electro-optical Industries, LLC$76,561.19
5737Transactionware Pty Ltd$76,560.00
5738Fastwave Communications Pty Ltd$76,534.82
5739Flying Fuels$76,528.16
5740Me And RS Maddocks$76,500.00
5741Pryde Electronic Repairs$76,500.00
5742Orange Digital$76,450.00
5743Sheraton Beijing Dongcheng Hotel$76,364.08
5744ST JOHN The Evangelist Catholic$76,330.00
5745Doomadgee Community Council$76,274.02
5746Ngarliyarndu Bindirri (corporate Cdep) Aboriginal Corporation$76,274.02
5747Artie's Music Townsville$76,217.58
5748Optical Solutions$76,101.63
5749Christopher Peadon$76,000.01
5750Genesis Professional Services Pty Ltd$76,000.00
5751MAO Shizhang$76,000.00
5752Christopher Pleatsikas$76,000.00
5753Kimberley Interpreting Service Aboriginal Corporation$76,000.00
5754Hutchison, Charles$76,000.00
5755CHC Helicopters$75,940.74
57569sight Consulting$75,884.00
5757TRUE North No 2 Pty Ltd$75,878.00
5758Alawa Aboriginal Corporation$75,846.46
5759Ngaliwurru-wuli Association$75,846.46
5760API Services And Solutions Pty Ltd$75,843.59
5761Thorn Lighting Pty Ltd$75,731.70
5762ACT Cricket Association$75,730.10
5763Battery Specialties (aust) Pty L$75,680.00
5764GC Hotel Management$75,553.40
5765Hunts Newsagency$75,500.00
5766The Stafford Group$75,500.00
5767Stephen Shaderick Kirby$75,496.39
5768Richard Hooker$75,450.00
5769FIRE Systems Solutions$75,443.48
5770Listening LOOP$75,420.00
5771Avanti Solutions Pty Ltd$75,407.75
5772Aergo International Pty Ltd$75,400.00
5773Stylus Tapes International$75,388.85
5774Truflow Spraybooths (aust) Pty L$75,378.60
5775FWD Motors Pty Ltd$75,359.35
5776Kingstons Tours$75,240.00
5777Pisces Australis Pty Ltd$75,240.00
5778Macmahon Mining Services Pty Ltd$75,220.20
5779Intellumen Pty Ltd$75,189.31
5780Arctan Services Pty Ltd$75,178.40
5781Nautical Supplies$75,175.00
5782MAF Papua NEW Guinea Limited$75,156.18
5783OVID Technologies Inc$75,147.29
5784Sanctuary PT Siaga Mitra Nusantara$75,134.80
5785Precision Technic Defence A/S$75,120.15
5786DE Silva Mackay$75,049.70
5787Greenwich University Enterprises$75,010.64
5788The Hotel Network (garrs) Pty Ltd$75,000.01
5789Community CARE Consultantcy SVCS$75,000.00
5790Harris COST Lawyers$75,000.00
5791JET Couriers (tasmania) Pty Ltd$75,000.00
5792Morriki Pty Ltd$75,000.00
5793Stephanie Patterson$75,000.00
5794FIRE SAFE Australia & NZ Pty Ltd$75,000.00
5795Richard LANE Science Ltd$75,000.00
5796IAN Cousins$75,000.00
5797Regulatory Policy Institute$75,000.00
5798Mastercut Gourmet Meats$75,000.00
5799Richard Matthews Consulting Pty Ltd$75,000.00
5800Danielle Tucker$75,000.00
5801Issus Solutions Pty Ltd$75,000.00
5802DR Heath Phillips$75,000.00
5803Sandra Birkensleigh$75,000.00
5804Australian DAMS & Water Consultants Pty Ltd$75,000.00
5805Bidvest (WA) Pty Ltd$75,000.00
5806ANNA Louise Broomhall$75,000.00
5807DOUG Clark Consulting$75,000.00
5808Kinko's Korea LTD.$75,000.00
5809Nesoi Solutions Pty Ltd$75,000.00
5811DS Agencies PL$75,000.00
5812MR Simon Cleary$75,000.00
5813Justin Simpkins$75,000.00
5814Brand Consulting$75,000.00
5815Health Partners Consulting Group$75,000.00
5816Red Education Pty Ltd$74,996.75
5817Fisher, Evans & Associates Psycholo$74,990.00
5818Babel Street Inc$74,958.00
5819Madang Lodge$74,913.46
5820Narrogin Gliding CLUB Inc$74,876.90
5821Safeskies Australia Conferences Inc$74,800.00
5822Ulong Pty Ltd$74,745.00
5824Great Divide Tours Pty Ltd$74,707.99
5825Security Consulting Group Pty Ltd$74,685.29
5826Geoimage Pty Ltd$74,600.00
5827Etrog Consulting Pty Ltd$74,586.90
5828NEIL Quarmby$74,581.00
5829Northern Power Services Pty Ltd$74,580.03
5830Research NOW Pty Ltd$74,580.00
5831Genuitec L.l.c.$74,544.90
5832Claviger Pty Ltd$74,530.57
5833Impact Strategists Pty Ltd$74,486.50
5835Comtest Laboratories Pty Ltd$74,472.69
5836UV Pacific Pty Ltd$74,470.00
5838Trustee For The Campbell Family$74,415.50
5839Yangan Pty Ltd$74,303.57
5840O'donnell Snider Construction$74,296.00
5841Humanetics Innovative Solutions$74,272.21
5842Karen GELB Consulting$74,250.00
5843GEMA Group Holdings$74,250.00
5844Delib Australia Pty Ltd$74,250.00
5845Solar Matrix Pty Ltd$74,169.72
5846Mental Illness Fellowship NQ Inc$74,146.00
5847GREG DALY Welding & Fabrications$74,129.00
5848Picarro INC.$74,077.19
5849ASSA Abloy Australia Pty Limited$74,030.00
5850Nordic Fitness$74,025.00
5851BEN Goscombe$74,000.00
5852Patria Pty Ltd$73,840.95
5853Project Building Solutions Pty Ltd$73,795.70
5854A V PRO$73,771.50
5855Red Baron ALSE$73,682.40
5856Security & Technology Services(cent)p/l$73,678.60
5857The Dumonde Group Pty Ltd$73,645.00
5858Susan Yates O.T. Pty Ltd$73,568.00
5859124 Consulting$73,567.00
5861Datacom Systems Pty Ltd$73,488.80
5862IAN Gregory Carnell$73,485.45
5863Corporate AIR$73,436.45
5864Steven WONG$73,404.00
5865Stuart Pettigrew Design$73,400.03
5866LKE Livingston$73,400.00
5867Mantra Geraldton$73,360.00
5868Australian Industry Group Training$73,260.00
5869Association And Communications$73,208.75
5870BANG Packaging Pty Ltd$73,194.00
5872Stamford Interactive$73,135.70
5873Sunspin Pty Ltd$73,100.00
5874PPS Australia Pty Ltd$73,099.35
5875Diamond Security Fencing Pty Ltd$73,016.90
5876The Eventful Group Pty Ltd$73,001.50
5877AH LIKI Construction CO Limited$73,000.00
5878Pelican Products Pty Ltd$72,915.59
5879Adept TC Pty Ltd$72,906.00
5880Stephen & Leonnie Leslie Superannua$72,847.25
5881Sydney Institute Of Professional Studies$72,820.00
5882Holiday INN Express Amiens$72,750.00
5883The Trustee For Workplace$72,700.00
5884Janine COLE$72,600.00
5885LEGA Recognition Solutions$72,600.00
5886T. Wrafter & SONS Pty Ltd$72,600.00
5887Greencap - NAA Pty Ltd$72,600.00
5888RPC Telecommunications Ltd$72,595.20
5889Gordon & Jackson Barristers Clerk$72,529.60
5890Convergent Consulting$72,500.00
5891Keepcup Pty Ltd$72,490.00
5892Aviation Development Australia$72,485.87
5893Megaplan Pty Ltd$72,321.70
5894Agriquip Machinery CO Pty Ltd$72,300.00
5895Interworld Electronics And Computer$72,222.70
5896Department Of Education & Training$72,200.00
5897TEST Research (division Of The Australian Consumers' Assoc)$72,166.80
5898Redfish Technologies Pty Ltd$72,149.30
5899Wodonga Power Steering Centre$72,147.90
5901Limestone Coast WORK Options Inc$72,103.08
5902Southern Downs Regional Council$72,102.11
5903Think Business Events$72,050.00
5904Australian Fitness Solutions$72,050.00
5905Barker College$72,007.59
5906IAN Stanley$72,000.01
5907Grain Creative PTE Ltd$72,000.00
5908Scientific Software & Systems Ltd$72,000.00
5909Makaira Geotechnical Pty Ltd$72,000.00
5910Write YOUR WAY$72,000.00
5911Statewide Bearings$71,931.91
5912Wattle Grove Public School$71,900.00
5913Holsworthy HIGH School$71,900.00
5914AV Integration$71,897.54
5915Ground Effects Consulting$71,880.01
5916ADFA Jamison Pty Limited$71,862.00
5917Jocelyn Williams$71,750.00
5918Abacus Industries$71,722.72
5919GP ONE Consulting Pty Ltd$71,720.00
5920Genpower (aust) Pty Ltd$71,688.10
5921Calypso Coaches Pty LT$71,595.25
5922Royal AERO CLUB Of WA (inc)$71,572.77
5923BOSS Constructions (act) Pty Ltd$71,544.44
5924Clovelly Concepts Pty Ltd$71,527.50
5925Woolgoolga Neighbourhood Centre Inc$71,522.28
5927ALEX KAAR Pty Ltd$71,500.00
5928Australian Business And$71,500.00
5929Harjit Bagga$71,500.00
5930Wirreanda Public School$71,500.00
5931Rolls Royce Industrial Power$71,437.85
5932Jerrabomberra Public School$71,350.00
5933Diacher Pty Ltd$71,280.00
5934Ondot Pty Ltd$71,280.00
5935Mahajan, Rajat$71,260.00
5936Vanguarde Estate Agents$71,169.71
5937Bentleys (SA) Pty Ltd$71,140.00
5938Nhulunbuy Corporation Ltd$71,139.50
5939Global Security Concepts Pty Ltd$71,096.97
5940Manjimup Volunteer Resource Centre$71,060.22
5941Wellington Information & Neighbourhood Services Inc$71,060.22
5942Laidley & Districts Community Organisation (inc)$71,060.22
5944TRAK Workforce$71,012.00
5945GUY Carpenter And Company Pty Ltd$71,000.00
5946Classic Courier$70,972.40
5947Metro Nursing Solutions Pty Ltd$70,964.00
5948Consulting 4 Nurses Pty Ltd$70,964.00
5949Hidalgo Ltd$70,910.10
5950GCG Health Safety & Hygiene$70,879.57
5951The Audit Office Of NEW South Wales$70,855.15
5952International Energy Forum Secretariat$70,826.06
5953Elect Printing$70,814.60
5954Lazzaro Floors And Walls$70,804.13
5955Canberra Girls' Grammar School$70,778.50
5956Pallotella Pty Ltd$70,730.00
5957Victory Aerospace And Military$70,723.95
5958South Pacific Board For Educational Assessment (spbea)$70,706.14
5959Chris Adams & Associates$70,669.14
5960OCTO Consulting Pty Limited$70,654.50
5961Eastern Property Services Pty Ltd$70,642.00
5962Tetrane SAS$70,584.36
5963Techtel Pty Ltd$70,577.10
5964Container Refrigeration$70,565.00
5965Cargotec Australia Pty Ltd$70,549.71
5966IRM Training Pty Ltd$70,538.60
5967Georgia Lewer$70,500.00
5968Milingimbi And Outstations Progress Resource Association Inc$70,500.00
5970The University Of Wisconsin Madison$70,440.10
5971Barge Express$70,400.00
5972Wynne's Coaches Maffra Pty Ltd$70,360.04
5974Wodonga Middle Years College$70,300.00
5975Chant LINK And Associates$70,279.00
5977Interactiveinc Pty Ltd$70,258.24
5978Private Individual - HONG KONG$70,232.60
5979Creaive Merchandise Solutions$70,207.50
5980Peter Nicholls$70,139.90
5981Apnic Pty Ltd$70,128.30
5982Mellish & Associates$70,060.00
5983Scitek Australia Pty Ltd$70,037.00
5984Bryan Russell And Associates$70,034.00
5985Discovery Technology Pty Ltd$70,000.00
5986MEGA Petroleum$70,000.00
5987Raymond Stewart Oates$70,000.00
5989Qualtrics, LLC$70,000.00
5990Stanninghouse Consulting Pty Ltd$70,000.00
5991Mitchell's Fruit & VEG PTY. Ltd$70,000.00
5992NATL Centre Of Indigenous Excellenc$70,000.00
5994BOYD LEX Patrick$70,000.00
5995ANNE Anderson$70,000.00
5996Elizabeth Collins$70,000.00
5997Little BY Little Productions$70,000.00
5998Synergy Global Pty Ltd$69,999.99
5999Greenwoods & Freehills Pty Ltd$69,999.60
6000BUSH TV$69,998.50
6001Expert Group$69,979.80
6002Jeremy PAUL Robinson$69,960.00
6003Australasian Medical & Scientific L$69,933.10
6004The Trustee For The Nisodan Trust$69,925.00
6005TIWI LAND Council Incorporated$69,901.00
6006Prime DEAL Pty Ltd$69,860.50
6007Manuka Realty Pty Ltd$69,847.56
6008Corporate Scorecard P/L$69,839.00
6009VISY Glama Pty Ltd$69,824.15
6010Jordan Corporation Pty Ltd$69,666.66
6011Trucom Pty Ltd$69,640.00
6012Lasersan Australasia Pty Ltd$69,613.50
6013Bellamill Pty Ltd$69,600.00
6014Rototech Pty Ltd$69,549.70
6015Royal Agricultural Society$69,511.00
6016Invenio Engineering Solutions$69,407.07
6017Rydges Carlton Hotel$69,339.60
6018Balmic Metal FORM Pty Ltd$69,300.00
6019LES BELL & Associates$69,300.00
6020Larry Swindells Specia$69,286.66
6021British MET Office$69,275.15
6022Torres Strait Regional Authority$69,271.23
6023Lynda.com, INC.$69,270.36
6024Proton Onsite$69,269.44
6025Adnet Technology Australia Pty Limited$69,245.00
6026Countrywide Austral Pty Limited$69,212.00
6027ERIC Martin And Associates$69,186.50
6028Microfibre Direct$69,179.00
6029Towerhill Holdings Pty Ltd$69,168.18
6030Cornwall Import UNIT Trust$69,122.90
6031ACME Fluid Handling Pty Ltd$69,069.00
6032SGS Economics And Planning$69,058.00
6033Energy Action$68,980.00
6034Paynter Dixon Queensland Pty Ltd$68,974.40
6035Waterfront Foodworld LI$68,906.95
6036Tennant Australia Pty Ltd$68,904.00
6037Internode Systems Pty Ltd$68,860.00
6038DEPT Of Transport And MAIN Roads$68,858.36
6039The Bridge Networks Pty Limited$68,824.33
6040Ready ONE Industries$68,735.87
6041Quinn Allan Executive Pty Ltd$68,715.90
6042MLA Talent Partners$68,700.00
6043Australian Portable Camps$68,668.68
6044Breaking NEW Ground Pty Ltd$68,660.00
6046Engineering Education Australia$68,656.50
6047Acorn Training Services Pty Ltd$68,650.00
6048KLEW Pty Ltd$68,640.00
6049Polar Linen$68,640.00
6050DR James Wayman$68,603.49
6051Construction Control Interiors P/L$68,601.00
6052World Traders$68,580.00
6053Lumina Broadcast Systems Australia$68,567.31
6054Kettering Marine Pty Ltd$68,555.53
6055Australian National LOW Emission COAL Research And Development Ltd$68,544.75
6056Diverse Metals$68,530.00
6058MDV Projects Pty Ltd$68,475.00
6059OPF Consulting$68,475.00
6060Professional Financial Solutions$68,469.10
6061AWB Consulting Services$68,400.00
6062Macquarie Graduate School Of Management Pty Ltd$68,356.86
6063Ecoenergy Australia Pty Ltd$68,330.84
6064Synergy ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$68,263.00
6065Advizon Consulting$68,250.00
6066DR Warren Harrex Pty Ltd$68,250.00
6067The TAX Institute$68,221.25
6068Brendan K LIM$68,200.00
6069Medilaw Pty Ltd$68,200.00
6070HIGH Energy Service Pty Ltd$68,161.50
6071Measurement PLUS Pty Ltd$68,143.90
6072EMT Distribution Pty Ltd$68,100.00
6073Commonwealth Local Governement FORU$68,100.00
6074PITT And Sherry (operations) Pty Ltd$68,090.00
6075Eltek Australia Pty Ltd$68,090.00
6076ALL Aspects Recruitment And HR Services$68,088.51
6077M L A Holdings Pty Ltd$68,066.94
6078ZOHO Corporation Private Limited$68,045.29
6080Jvara Health (matthew Eckersley)$68,000.00
6081ACE & Rural Painters$68,000.00
6083Mantra Tullamarine Hotel$67,950.00
6084MARC Ratcliffe Workp$67,935.00
6085Quantum Acces$67,925.00
6086NT Office Installations$67,914.00
6087National AUST BANK$67,827.00
6088NCP Printing$67,788.32
6089Clarke & Severn Electronics Pty Ltd$67,765.97
6090Kelmatt Australia$67,722.60
6091B Online Learning Pty Ltd$67,700.00
6092Nolostand Chile$67,663.00
6093ITSM Reporting Services$67,633.50
6094Davell Products Pty Ltd$67,606.00
6095Axieo Operations (australia) Pty$67,562.00
6096Analytical Solutions Australia$67,507.00
6097ACD Digital Systems Pty Ltd$67,378.79
6099Terminal Sports Australia$67,347.50
6100Renegade GAS Pty Ltd$67,325.00
6102Bentley Systems International Ltd$67,314.39
6103Printgraphics Pty Ltd$67,254.00
6104AIR Patrol Australia Pty Ltd$67,234.20
6105Pivotel Satellite Pty Limited$67,200.00
6106The CITY Of Brisbane Pistol CLUB$67,120.01
6107Newcastle HINO$67,119.10
6108Mcintyre Marine Products Pty Ltd$67,116.00
6109Boomerang Security Group Pty LTD.$67,100.00
6110Allied Pickfords BUS. Relocations$67,092.63
6111Replicon Inc$67,074.00
6112The Trustees Of The University$67,040.60
6113Cammo Pty Ltd$67,000.00
6114Allight Pty Ltd$66,996.86
6115The Protective Group Inc DIV Protec$66,856.58
6116Sound Techniques Ltd$66,785.40
6117Southern Commercial Divers$66,770.00
6118Nautilus Aviation$66,760.00
6119Dyn-fx Consulting Ltd$66,625.01
6120Flowerdale Estate$66,600.00
6121Aquenta Consulting Pty Ltd$66,589.00
6122Words And PICS Pty Ltd$66,580.00
6124Materion Precision Optics And THIN FILM Coatings Inc$66,500.00
6125JDC Safety Solutions P/L$66,479.19
6126Stephen Williams$66,475.20
6127PRO QUIP International$66,462.00
6128BING LEE Electronics Pty Ltd$66,437.00
6129J Morley & T Wright T/AS$66,396.00
6130Charterhouse Partnership$66,330.00
6131AMS Instrumentation & Calibration Pty Ltd$66,309.10
6132KOK YOON Soong$66,300.00
6133JOHN Butler Design$66,280.50
61342M Hospitaility$66,248.06
6135Horizon Motorcycles$66,235.10
6136The Media Training Professionals$66,235.00
6137Trinity College$66,200.00
6139Ralph Neumann Consulting$66,005.00
6140Askwith SAFE Company$66,000.00
6141LIFE Unlimited$66,000.00
6142ACT Writers Centre Inc$66,000.00
6143Batley, James Francis$66,000.00
6144Thayer Consultancy$66,000.00
6145Litmus Group Pty Ltd$66,000.00
6146Foresight Management Group P/L$66,000.00
6147AADI Defence Pty Ltd$66,000.00
6148D.A Hollway$66,000.00
6149Rawurban Constructions$66,000.00
6150C.I Medical Pty Ltd$66,000.00
6151Claricent Pty Ltd$66,000.00
6152Outdoor Media Association Inc$66,000.00
6153Ocular Robotics Limited$66,000.00
6154ESSO Australia Resources Pty Ltd$66,000.00
6155DR JANE Roberts$66,000.00
6156Susan LEE Firth$66,000.00
6157DR Colin Pardoe$66,000.00
6158Sarah Shteir$66,000.00
6159Trustee For Fayburn UNIT Trust$66,000.00
6160Debner And Company$65,961.82
6161Battery Specialties (nsw) Pty L*$65,959.30
6162JJ Whelan Dispute Resolution$65,932.70
6163Switch Digital$65,914.76
6164Weatherfoil Pty Ltd$65,912.00
6165Moody's Analytics Singpore PTE Ltd$65,890.00
6166SAFE Software Inc$65,860.00
6167KIP Mcgrath Education Centres South WEST WA$65,846.52
6168Ngalang Boodja Council$65,846.52
6169SWAN HILL Rural CITY Council$65,846.52
6170Yarrawonga Neighbourhood House Inc$65,846.52
6171Kempsey Neighbourhood Centre$65,846.52
6172Somerset Regional Council$65,846.52
6173Castlemaine Community House Inc$65,846.52
6174Cloncurry Justice Association Inc$65,846.46
6175Bidyadanga Aboriginal Community LA Grange Inc$65,846.46
6176Narromine Local Aboriginal LAND$65,846.46
6177Lockhart River Aboriginal Council$65,846.46
6178Wirrimanu Aboriginal CORP$65,846.46
6179North Stradbroke Island Aboriginal& Islander Housing Co-op Society Ltd$65,846.46
6180GAIL Susan Challacombe$65,846.46
6181Tjuwanpa Outstation Resource Centre Aboriginal Corporation$65,846.46
6182Heritage Expeditions$65,846.40
6183Solisma Pty Ltd$65,829.50
6184Sepson (aust) Pty Ltd$65,780.00
6185Larzep Australia Pty Ltd$65,736.00
6186GT Carpet Service Pty Ltd$65,736.00
6187Hanuman Pty Ltd T/A Sustainability House$65,695.00
6188Albemarle Corporation DIV Preforman$65,681.39
6189Alchemycm Pty Ltd$65,680.00
6190AERO Products Pty Ltd$65,679.24
6191Management Consultancy$65,640.00
6192DATA KEY Systems (act) Pty Ltd$65,626.22
6193Training Group International$65,550.00
6194Murray-darling Freshwater Research Centre$65,532.50
6195Santova Logistics Pty Ltd$65,480.63
6196Broadlex Services P/L$65,375.52
61973RD Sense Australia Pty Ltd$65,320.00
6198Hercules Offshore Lifting GEAR$65,307.00
6199Mcfadden Consulting$65,270.00
6200Nuclear And Industrial Engineering$65,215.34
6202PT Illuminate Research ASIA$65,195.70
6204Kalibrate Pty Ltd$65,120.00
6205Airport Lighting ELT$65,034.75
6206Tim's Fabrication$65,001.20
6207Australian Energy Market Commission$65,000.00
6208The Pacific Institute Trust$65,000.00
6209Australian Medico-legal Group Pty$65,000.00
6210KRED Enterprises Charitable Trust$65,000.00
6211Messagenet Pty Ltd$65,000.00
6212Words Alive$65,000.00
6213Robert G Walker$65,000.00
6214Central Meridian Incorporated$65,000.00
6215NOW Communications Group Pty Ltd$65,000.00
6216Maeva Elizabeth Francis HALL$65,000.00
6217The Riches Group Pty Ltd$65,000.00
6218AAC Process Servers And Investigations$65,000.00
6219Michael Tehan$65,000.00
6220Trustee For Kinner Family Trust$65,000.00
6221Leonie Baden$65,000.00
6222Vertical Events$65,000.00
6223International Enterprises, INC.$64,986.28
6224TUN Abdul Razak Research Centre$64,963.20
6225William ROSS State HIGH School$64,920.00
6226Manly Freezers Pty Ltd$64,900.00
6227Frost And Sullivan$64,900.00
6228RPR Consulting Pty Ltd$64,884.00
6229Ho-yuan Marketing CO., Ltd$64,859.00
6230SITE Skills Group$64,850.00
6231Simply Energy$64,847.57
6232Illawarra Institute Of Technology$64,790.00
6233OVID Biomedical Databases$64,719.49
6234The Council Of The Shire Of Narrandera$64,697.60
6235MARK Gurry And Associates$64,680.00
6236CITY Group Cleaning Pty Ltd$64,674.18
6237Pattison Hardman Pty Ltd$64,650.00
6238Trustee For The Ashnil Kumar Family$64,620.00
6239Paternoster Family Trust$64,600.20
6240Kerrie Dixon$64,570.00
6241BALE Engineering CO Pty Ltd$64,499.82
6242G4S Secure Solutions$64,464.00
6243Richard Smith (MI) Ltd$64,365.50
6244Derryn Heilbuth Communications Pty$64,353.85
6245The Trustee For Webolutionary UNIT$64,350.00
6246Pauline PEEL Consulting$64,350.00
6247Michael Green Pty Ltd$64,269.00
6248Viewforia Provate Ltd$64,259.49
6249DR Douglas GRAY$64,160.00
6250Ruralco Water Brokers Pty Ltd$64,146.76
6251Golden Grove HIGH School$64,090.00
6252Electrocom Solutions Pty Ltd$64,056.90
6253ROAR FILM$64,010.00
6254Declan A Kelly$64,000.00
6255The Fiber Optic Marketplace,llc$64,000.00
6256Seated Pty Ltd$63,985.80
6257Inform Communicate Motivate$63,972.00
6258Softgen Australia$63,938.16
6259Pacific Place Holdings Limited$63,911.68
6260Whyte-hall Pty Ltd$63,905.60
6261Kingston Manuka Laundry And Drycleaning$63,901.90
6262Kewagama Research$63,900.00
6263NICK Dobson Painting$63,888.00
6264Myguestlist Pty Ltd$63,842.43
6265Metocean DATA Systems Limited$63,815.84
6266Eljay Richard ROSE$63,800.00
6267DGL (aust) Pty Ltd$63,800.00
6268Belyuen Community Government Council$63,777.04
6269Optus Networks (act)$63,672.40
6270Fisher Maritime Transportation COUN$63,668.43
6271RAY White Exmouth$63,593.20
6272Little National Pty Ltd$63,590.00
6273Triumph Aerospace Systems - Newport$63,586.35
6274F S Solutions ( ACT) Pty Ltd$63,553.89
6275TR Corporation Pty Ltd$63,472.20
6276Peter Tinslay$63,470.00
6277Nefresh Consulting$63,455.01
6278TAX Analysts$63,379.00
6279Jennet Cole-adams And JUDY Gauld$63,360.00
6280Whatalec Pty Ltd$63,316.00
6281National Library Of Australia$63,300.20
6282Knightmoves Business Relocations PT$63,298.40
6283BMC Software ASIA Pacific PTE Ltd$63,264.65
6284Macquarie Textiles PTY. Limited$63,217.64
6285Simpower Ltd$63,167.69
6286ZIP Heaters (aust) Pty Ltd$63,072.02
6287Thomas Prince$63,000.00
6288Reveal Marketing Group INC.$63,000.00
6289BDG Synthesis$63,000.00
6290Mercy Education Limited$63,000.00
6291Inovact Consulting Pty Ltd$62,953.43
6292Climatec Ltd$62,947.06
6293Aussie STEP Pty Ltd$62,899.40
6294WEST Arnhem Ground Maintenance$62,843.00
6295Beitmanas, Dahlia$62,820.42
6296Intercall Australia Pty Ltd$62,800.00
6297Secondnature International Pty Ltd$62,711.00
6298Jardan Australia Pty Ltd$62,699.16
6299Enable Development$62,696.70
6300Inspection Systems Pty Ltd$62,693.40
6301Parkroyal Parramatta$62,660.50
6302Rhodri Wynn-pope$62,659.67
6303The Asean Secretariat$62,635.71
6304RF Industries Pty Ltd$62,545.79
6305Portland Group$62,505.00
6306Kirwan State HIGH School$62,500.00
6307Alison Turner$62,500.00
6308Clarity Communications Australia$62,483.75
6309Platform LIFT Company$62,480.00
6310Experian ASIA Pacific PTY. LTD.$62,480.00
6311RYAN Catholic College$62,450.00
6312BDW Special Events Pty Ltd$62,450.00
6313Brisbane BUS Lines P$62,443.70
6315Academy IT Pty Ltd$62,400.04
6316Aerial Agriculture Pty Ltd$62,374.49
6317Pullman QUAY Grand Sydney Harbour$62,367.93
6318DEAF Society Of NSW$62,338.00
6319Sofitel Wentworth Sydney$62,111.40
6320RPS Energy$62,109.01
6321Cohga Pty Ltd$62,040.00
6322Oresome (WA) Pty Ltd$62,017.12
6323Teamstudio Japan$62,015.00
6324JOHN Cameron Aviation$62,002.60
6325Third Horizon Consulting Pty Ltd$62,000.00
6326The Trustee For The Gateway Trust T$61,962.00
6327Catering Services Austral$61,945.00
6328Aviation Utilities Pty Ltd$61,900.00
6329Motors Pty Ltd$61,888.20
6330Terry Harper T/A Terraform Design$61,875.00
6331Warequip Solutions Pty Ltd$61,831.00
6332Warwick Christian COL$61,735.86
6333Lintek Pty Ltd$61,733.60
6334Robson Huntley & Associates Pty Ltd$61,694.80
6335ROAD Accident Investigation Service$61,678.56
6336Frontier Software$61,610.80
6337Dtmillipede Pty Ltd$61,600.00
6338Market Clarity$61,600.00
6339Global Worming Enterprises Pty Ltd$61,600.00
6340Torres Strait REAL Estate$61,599.92
6341Allied Pickfords$61,541.70
6342Lavan Legal$61,490.00
6343COR Cordis Chartered Accountants (nsw)$61,418.50
6344WEBB Australia Group$61,402.00
6345Neater Constructions (Q) PTY. Ltd$61,334.90
6346Keith L Kaufman$61,287.52
6347Walter Breunig Intelligent$61,223.80
6348Ausnet Industries$61,160.00
6349Barker HUME Homes$61,094.00
6350Gumatj Corporation$61,050.00
6351Marine Plant Systems Pty Ltd$61,006.00
6352Hospitality Products Pty Ltd$60,981.40
6353Stuart Anstee And Associates$60,885.00
6354Performance Catereing Equipment$60,857.50
6355Beard A H Pty Ltd$60,830.00
6356FB RICE$60,780.00
6357Washpod Consolidated Pty Ltd$60,776.10
6358T And F States PL$60,726.17
6359Canberra Grammar School$60,680.00
6360Domestic Security Services Pty Ltd$60,642.75
6361Bellingen Neighbourhood Centre Inc$60,518.30
6362Anglicare-central Queensland Limited$60,518.28
6363Border Radiators$60,512.97
6364Bentham Instruments Ltd$60,500.53
6365Haron International Pty Ltd$60,500.00
6366The CAD GUYS$60,500.00
6367Marist College Canberra$60,500.00
6368Humanoeuvre Pty Ltd$60,500.00
6369Seven Consulting Pty Ltd$60,500.00
6370Merici College$60,500.00
6371Outpost Central Ltd$60,500.00
6373Pegasus Aeromedical Consulting Pty$60,489.50
6374SCI Fleet Motors Pty Ltd$60,421.81
6375BRI Ferrier (nsw) Pty Ltd$60,412.00
6376AE Smith$60,397.56
6377Cytec Engineered Materials Ltd$60,294.36
6378Centre State Printing$60,270.10
6379The Prospect SHOP$60,241.03
6380Dexion Canning VALE$60,229.19
6381DR W.J O'malley$60,200.00
6382Executive Perspectives$60,156.25
6383Staples AUST Pty Ltd$60,155.73
6384Headberry Partners P