Position Supplier Total Contract Value
1Boeing Defence Australia Ltd$4,297,260,909.81
2CSL Ltd$2,446,550,918.88
3ENT. Services Australia Pty Ltd$2,064,665,823.12
4Domestic AIR Travel Panel Providers$1,938,704,603.00
5FMS Account$1,142,999,215.28
6University Of NSW ADFA Unsw@adfa$1,133,902,378.06
7Defence Maritime Pty Ltd$1,016,316,379.42
8JOHN Holland Pty Ltd$919,534,391.38
9Australian Aerospace Ltd$893,642,547.61
10International AIR Travel Panel Providers$821,876,886.00
11Abacus Innovations AUST P/L (leidos)$720,392,792.31
12Coffey International Development Pty Ltd$532,926,975.81
13The Boeing Company$525,470,556.94
14Reserve BANK Of Australia$523,839,373.26
15BAE Systems Australia Ltd$448,853,650.50
16DMAA Seaforce Pty Limited$412,056,234.00
17Boeing CO The - KENT$406,161,721.11
18Thales Australia$364,814,073.01
19Elbit Systems Ltd$349,579,666.77
20CRS Australia$332,356,826.47
21Australian Red Cross Society$280,120,892.48
22The Boeing Company!dba Boeing$272,343,228.93
23IBM Australia Ltd$252,691,950.69
25FMS Account Reserve BANK Of Australia$245,684,104.55
26CSC Australia Pty Ltd$234,041,388.88
27GRM International Pty Ltd$225,570,453.87
28Darwin Airport Resort Operations$225,229,431.67
29ASC Pty Ltd$215,246,611.91
30Unisys Australia Ltd$192,295,538.34
31Canberra International Airport$192,171,050.82
32Cardno Emerging Markets (australia) Pty Ltd$191,789,474.01
33Hansen Yuncken Pty Ltd$153,945,975.92
34Raytheon Australia Pty Ltd$152,064,110.54
35BAE Systems Australia Defence Pty$150,490,313.19
36Defence Housing Australia$147,604,319.27
37Harris Corporation DBA Harris RF CO$147,381,099.19
39Compass Group (australia) Pty Ltd$143,168,842.62
40Optus Billing Services$135,987,160.01
41Mission Australia$135,258,243.64
42Australian Government Solicitor$126,556,976.08
43Charles Kendall & Partners Ltd$122,276,454.86
44Scientific Management ASSC (ops)$120,944,162.47
45SAP Australia Pty Ltd$117,453,694.03
46Jones LANG Lasalle$115,588,447.76
47Telstra Corporation Limited$110,471,404.06
48National E-health Transition Authority Ltd$110,300,000.00
49JLL Property Operating Account$107,256,174.15
50Defence Maintenance Management$102,669,749.78
51Energy Australia$100,391,167.45
52Advanced Personnel Management Serendipity (WA) Pty Ltd$97,644,685.43
53URS Australia Pty Ltd$92,230,404.36
54Vocational Education And Training$89,540,654.00
55Spotless P & F Pty Ltd$88,969,642.46
56Medicare Australia$88,355,312.09
57Data#3 Limited$88,352,860.81
58Gaseng Petroleum Pty Ltd$86,974,261.03
59Tecline Pty Ltd$86,569,174.07
60Leaseplan Australia Limited$85,673,123.40
61Caltex Australia Petroleum P / L$85,246,383.15
62United Group Services$84,938,075.17
63Challenger LIFE Nominees Pty Ltd$83,725,366.28
64Department Of Defence$81,943,723.79
65Fujitsu Australia Limited$81,022,970.61
66MDA Systems Ltd$79,716,216.27
67Australia POST$79,681,713.68
68ACL Pty Ltd$75,439,422.39
69MTC Work Solutions$74,443,875.08
70Department Of Education Training And The ARTS$73,671,380.87
71Department Of Finance And Deregulation$72,357,996.69
72Virgin BLUE$69,532,387.00
73HART Security Australia Pty Limited$67,868,247.00
74Karingal INC.$67,142,157.55
75Complete HIRE & Sales Pty Ltd$66,638,925.16
76Arena Investment Management Ltd$64,769,446.73
77Career Employment Australia$64,128,127.11
78Oracle Corporation Australia$63,831,001.00
79BP AIR - Division Of BP$63,570,708.38
80Dimension DATA Australia Pty Ltd$63,370,494.60
81Power And Water Corporation$62,721,302.74
82Campbell PAGE Limited$61,954,851.29
83Manpower Services (aust) Pty Ltd$61,050,907.13
84LIFE Without Barriers$60,217,728.88
85Adagold Aviation Pty Ltd$59,939,908.25
86Shell CO Of Australia Ltd$55,627,784.91
87GHD Pty Ltd$54,761,228.18
88Steps Disability QLD Inc$54,675,022.03
89JOB Futures Ltd$53,993,621.18
90Mosaic Recruitment Pty Ltd$52,965,601.55
92Accenture Australia Holdings$52,958,290.06
93HUME Employment Service Limited$51,300,000.00
95Hewlett Packard Australia Ltd$51,078,284.05
96ERGO ASIA$50,990,000.00
97ESS Support Services$50,925,075.09
98Crimtrac Agency$50,126,386.30
99ICON Recruitment Pty Ltd$49,778,993.33
100Status Employment Services$49,164,321.52
101L-3 Communications Nautronix Ltd$49,063,195.24
102Australian Bureau Of Statistics$47,119,132.38
103Teradata Australia Pty Ltd$45,856,445.01
104Sikorsky Aircraft Australia Ltd$45,579,534.93
105Break THRU People Solutions$44,800,000.00
106Universal Mccann$44,684,687.68
107ST Hilliers Construction Pty Ltd$44,597,158.03
108Serco Sodexo Defence Services$44,070,553.10
109Rolls-royce Australia Services Pty$41,272,298.04
110Spotless SVCS AUST SQLD Trust$41,207,299.49
111Richard Crookes Constructions$40,993,993.53
112Paxus Australia Pty Limited$40,791,095.30
113WISE Employment Ltd$40,500,000.00
114The Department Of The Prime$39,888,541.00
115Ability Options Limited$39,019,495.69
116Peoplebank Australia Ltd$38,603,513.05
117FIVE D Holdings Pty Limited$38,587,116.99
118Aspen Medical Pty Ltd$37,943,199.90
119Compas Pty Ltd$36,954,388.14
120SNP Security$36,519,448.94
121Boston Consulting Group$36,121,366.60
122Makaasar Pty Ltd$35,643,677.49
123DELL Australia Pty Limited$35,347,569.10
124EDS (australia) Pty Ltd$35,254,418.12
125Nortec Employment And Training Ltd$34,687,642.19
126Momentum Energy Pty Limited$33,989,000.00
127BAE Systems Australia Logistics$33,823,518.64
128Skillsplus Ltd$32,602,265.98
129Leighton Contractors Pty Ltd$32,593,346.50
131EPIC Employment Service Inc$32,156,358.74
132Ernst & Young$31,622,181.10
133Australian Federal Police$31,490,527.25
134Northern Melbourne Institute$31,220,598.89
135CANT TEAR EM$30,278,682.48
136Group Training Australia Limited$30,211,789.50
137SMS Management & Technology$30,182,610.89
138Perth Energy Pty Ltd$30,173,603.81
139Mediabrands Australia Pty Ltd$29,977,382.09
140Department Of Foreign Affairs And Trade$29,821,048.25
141Talent International (act) Pty Ltd$29,515,476.94
142ORS Rehabilitation And Placement Services Pty Ltd$29,175,335.03
143BOOZ & Company (australia) Pty Ltd$28,876,212.18
144Jobfind Centres Australia Pty Ltd$28,861,055.14
145Sinclair Knight MERZ Pty Ltd$28,661,198.56
146Capgemini Australia Pty Ltd$28,344,113.27
147Salmat Businessforce Pty Limited$28,278,708.30
148Colliers International (act) Pty Ltd$28,099,768.71
149Haulmark Trailers Australia$28,027,819.20
150Optus Networks Pty Ltd$27,741,434.87
151Aurecon Australia Pty Ltd$27,465,151.06
152Centacare Employment And Training$27,155,036.78
153Macmahon Contractors Pty Ltd$27,094,138.50
154Watpac Construction (qld) Pty Ltd$26,893,248.10
155HK Logistics Pty Ltd T/A HK Shipping International Pty Ltd$26,717,041.44
156Point Project Management Pty Ltd$26,635,500.25
157Greythorn Pty Ltd$26,223,470.74
158CA (pacific) Pty Ltd$25,934,593.00
159Jacobs Australia$25,791,970.70
160SAAB Systems Pty Ltd$25,060,675.58
161Getronics (australia) Pty Ltd$24,943,172.19
162The Smith Family$24,634,752.64
163Australian Defence Apparel$24,472,162.03
165Schiavello (vic) Pty Ltd$23,969,794.29
166Finite Recruitment Pty Ltd$23,701,418.14
167Qinetiq Pty Ltd$23,259,699.02
168TOLL Priority$23,207,093.67
169Ostara Australia Limited$23,200,000.00
170CFS Managed Property Limited$23,054,326.94
171Chisholm Institute$23,025,948.78
173Boeing Company The DBA Boeing$22,792,746.01
174Spotless Defence Services Pty LT$22,681,365.01
175T G B Holdings Pty Ltd$22,589,151.92
176MSS Security Pty Ltd$22,446,341.27
177Intelsat LLC$22,421,511.96
178Milsearch Pty Ltd$21,794,821.04
179Naval SEA Systems Command$21,749,241.23
181Thales Australia ADI Munition P/L$21,532,286.85
182Defense Finance And Accounting!service!dfas-pe$21,526,092.06
183Options Victoria Inc$21,500,000.00
184Interwork Limited$21,451,808.14
185Siemens IT Solutions And Services$21,415,919.50
186Manteena Pty Ltd$21,353,369.57
187Southern Cross Computing Pty Ltd$21,287,187.11
188ISPT Pty Ltd$20,995,543.36
189General Dynamics LAND Systems$20,831,550.51
190QML Pathology$20,831,112.51
191NOVA Defence$20,493,806.92
192Hunter Institute Of Technology$20,479,484.95
193MTU Detroit Diesel Australia$20,376,590.61
194Clayton UTZ$19,909,139.09
195Clicks Recruit Pty Ltd$19,861,684.22
196TAFE NSW - Western Sydney Institute$19,521,578.74
197Telstra Business Systems Pty Ltd $19,388,228.69
198Teldraw PTY. Limited$19,331,310.68
199EMC Global Holdings Company$19,163,808.02
200The Salvation ARMY (victoria) Property Trust$19,118,387.60
201Artius Pty Ltd$18,894,614.64
202Innovative Disability Employment And Liaison Placements Association Incorporated$18,800,000.00
203Siemens Ltd$18,617,316.47
204Office Of FAIR And SAFE Work QLD$18,605,293.61
205Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu$18,571,310.46
206Broad Construction Services (nsw/vic) Pty Ltd$18,489,742.51
207Poongsan Corporation$18,420,039.30
208ASG Group Limited$18,317,691.88
209Standard AERO Australia$18,271,023.54
210NOVA Employment & Training Program Inc$18,200,000.00
211The Hotel Network Garrs$18,170,086.00
212University Of South Australia$17,997,274.93
213Hertz Australia Pty Ltd$17,697,474.48
214Lockheed Martin Australia Pty Ltd$17,645,227.15
215Hawker Pacific Pty Ltd$17,537,505.96
217DEPT Of Justice And Attorney General$17,479,608.64
218Communications Design & Management$17,473,223.68
219FED Reserve BANK Of New YORK ITS$17,390,291.34
220Dataflex Pty Ltd$16,982,208.02
221Calytrix Technologies Pty Ltd$16,947,217.04
222Adcorp Australia Limited$16,934,926.66
223Newacton Nishi (AKA Acton Developments P/L Molonglo Group$16,738,591.62
224Dialog Information Technology$16,603,272.69
225ENOC International Sales LLC$16,567,183.17
226Maxnetwork Pty Ltd$16,482,050.00
227Adult Multicultural Education Services$16,464,587.23
228University Of Queensland$16,458,411.55
229NATO Seasparrow Surface Missile SYS$16,401,940.16
230Commonwealth Director Of$16,155,025.00
231CPM DEPT Education & Childrens SERV$16,027,934.60
232SEMA Group Pty Limited$15,893,562.07
233National Measurement Institute$15,855,077.52
234Abbott Products Pty Ltd$15,825,300.01
235Hoban Recruitment$15,802,835.82
236Ausco Modular Pty Limited$15,785,316.25
237South Metropolitan Youth LINK$15,719,266.38
238Qantas Business Travel$15,716,451.41
239Thomas & Coffey Ltd$15,644,824.74
240Verizon Australia Pty Ltd$15,587,615.70
241Department Of Education, Employment And Workplace Relations$15,492,756.24
242ISPT NO3 (spenser) Pty Ltd$15,400,000.00
243International RICE Research Institute$15,396,000.00
244Sanofi-aventis Australia Pty Ltd$15,329,655.00
245Western Institute Of TAFE$15,083,670.61
246Grosvenor Australia Investments$15,056,093.00
247Chandler Macleod Health Pty Ltd$15,047,764.93
248KAZ Group Pty Ltd$14,843,527.53
249Aurec Pty Ltd$14,720,346.17
250Baptist CARE (SA) Inc$14,620,966.77
251JOB Centre Australia Limited$14,500,000.00
252Hitachi DATA Systems Australia Pty Ltd$14,332,968.19
253ISIS Projects Pty Ltd$14,233,870.14
254Clarius Group T/A Ignite$14,192,233.69
255Forrest Personnel (inc)$14,184,400.85
256Drake Australia Pty Ltd$14,106,455.19
257DEPT Of Education And Training$14,042,076.75
258Security & Technology Services$14,038,466.28
259Department Of Environment And Resource Management$14,001,095.00
260SUN Microsystems$13,976,011.59
261Avaya Australia Pty Ltd$13,924,058.35
262Oakton AA Services Pty Ltd$13,821,182.64
263Safework SA$13,699,200.00
264Aecom Australia Pty Ltd$13,681,022.73
265Volvo Commercial Vehicles$13,470,469.41
266Laing O'rourke Australia$13,414,453.76
267Gains Resources Asia-pacific Pty$13,407,029.17
268SPT Telecommunications$13,403,150.00
269Castle Personnel Services Inc$13,400,000.00
270Objective Corporation Limited$13,344,331.30
271Oakton Services Pty Ltd$13,294,671.79
272Hills Industries Limited$13,151,398.40
273International Organization For Migration$13,119,000.00
274199 Collins Pty Ltd$13,059,236.50
275HAYS Specialist Recruitment (aust)$13,046,327.04
276Colin JOSS & CO Pty Ltd$12,902,500.29
277ASIA Pacific Aerospace$12,834,322.91
279Frontline Systems Australia$12,721,184.67
280Drivetrain Power And Propulsion$12,709,438.16
281ON-Q Human Resources Limited$12,688,825.81
282GTZ (deutsche Gesellshaft FUR Technische Zusammenarbeit GMBH$12,657,308.45
283Access Pathways$12,646,467.59
284Me Projects Pty Ltd$12,567,930.25
285Salta Properties Pty Ltd$12,540,543.10
286Australian National University$12,523,282.84
287Allam BROS & Associates Pty Ltd & Mindan Pty Ltd$12,427,920.00
288Thales Australia$12,418,923.59
289NIOA Trading Pty Ltd$12,327,901.81
290KANE Constructions Pty Ltd$12,323,677.39
291Compuware ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$12,304,937.39
292Thiess Pty Ltd MC Trust Account$12,286,185.74
293Serco Australia Pty Ltd$12,186,436.46
294Blake Dawson Waldron$12,153,984.71
295FIRE Control Systems Pty Limited$12,145,228.72
296Atwork Australia Pty Ltd$11,994,654.67
297Octapharma Australian Pty Ltd$11,916,014.55
298VEEM Engineering Group$11,782,155.33
299Linfox Armaguard Pty Ltd$11,768,121.26
300Key Employment Association Incorporated$11,627,917.81
301BAE Systems Australia$11,617,498.37
302Worklinks Inc$11,551,854.65
304PDL TOLL$11,491,851.67
305Schiavello Project Interiors$11,444,026.96
306PORT Canal Shopping Centre Pty Ltd$11,338,071.44
307EWST Australia Pty Ltd$11,315,086.70
308Minter Ellison$11,281,176.66
309Phillips FOX Sydney$11,270,398.14
310Workfocus Australia$11,259,500.00
311Broadlex Services Pty Ltd$11,193,446.01
312DWS (nsw) Pty Ltd (previously Creditor 00012 SDM)$11,189,144.42
313TAFE SA Regional$11,156,224.16
314ACT Emergency Services Agency$11,155,875.22
315Westgate Community Initiatives$11,144,535.71
316Encore IT Services Pty Ltd$10,987,764.03
317Exxonmobil Aviation$10,954,297.38
318Ethan Group Pty Ltd$10,915,080.39
319Westfield Management Ltd$10,848,948.00
320EDGE Employment Solutions INC.$10,841,679.96
321SOFT STAR Pty Limited$10,722,310.00
322Eylex Pty Ltd$10,700,674.14
323Fahmia (mia) Badib$10,562,929.55
324Western District Employment Access INC.$10,500,000.00
325Symantec ASIA Pacific PTE Ltd$10,412,040.16
326Northern Sydney Institute Of TAFE$10,320,074.11
327BLUE STAR Print$10,268,548.78
328Mincom Ltd$10,215,074.94
329Chemring Australia Pty Ltd$10,198,981.37
330NSW Business Chamber Limited$10,198,048.62
331Netapp Australia Pty Ltd$10,175,002.55
332ECHO Australia Inc$10,164,297.11
333APIS Group Pty Limited$10,153,394.70
334DEPT Of Primary Industries$10,092,000.00
335VF Worldwide Holdings Ltd$10,027,725.72
336ROSS Human Directions Limited$10,025,506.64
337University Of Wollongong$10,022,934.99
338Industry Number Management Services Limited$10,000,000.00
339ACER Computer Australia Pty Ltd$9,975,100.05
340University Of Melbourne$9,950,000.08
341Microsoft Pty Ltd$9,923,011.92
342DFP Recruitment Services$9,875,875.78
343Lateral Grifols$9,865,492.42
345Rohde And Schwarz (aust) Pty Ltd$9,792,761.21
346Skill HIRE WA Pty Ltd$9,724,830.59
347Prepack Ltd$9,693,537.42
348Qinetiq Novare Pty Ltd$9,647,896.83
349Airflite Pty Ltd$9,642,058.35
350Sarina Russo JOB Access (australia) PTY. LTD.$9,640,000.00
351Cloverdale Commercial Cleaning Pty Ltd$9,547,933.56
352Servicepoint Australia Pty Ltd$9,529,022.43
354Geoscience Australia$9,492,084.56
355Mcarthur Management Services (qld) Pty Ltd$9,473,407.09
356OWEN International Pty Ltd$9,430,795.82
357Officemax Australia Ltd$9,360,431.31
358Independent Print Media Group Pty Ltd$9,352,695.58
359Intelsat Satellite LLC$9,272,752.86
360Australian Institute Of Health & Welfare$9,244,501.91
361Downer EDI Works$9,219,942.15
363LPD Corporation Pty Ltd$9,180,393.03
364National Electrostatics CORP$9,142,538.00
365Austraining International Pty Ltd$9,107,230.00
366Redback Consulting Pty Ltd$9,103,478.00
367The Interact Group Pty Ltd$9,055,205.22
368Interiors Australia Pty Ltd$8,954,401.84
369Innovative Business Computing Pty Limited$8,897,741.42
370JPO Project Pammandi Cbass Embassay$8,830,374.64
371Hammond Street Developments$8,799,608.73
373Connexxion Pty Limited$8,746,249.65
374Swinburne University Of$8,733,089.73
375Australian Taxation Office$8,718,434.38
376Stirloch Developments Pty Ltd$8,638,895.82
377Vocational Partnerships Group Inc$8,637,965.37
378Dssn6671jsli Indianapolis$8,547,038.02
379Penrith Skills For JOBS Ltd$8,509,203.16
380Kelly Services (australia) Pty Ltd$8,488,432.43
381Water Corporation$8,443,149.20
382Jones LANG Lasalle$8,416,205.24
383Kongsberg Maritime AS$8,379,116.77
384Sunwater Engineering Services$8,311,353.53
385Barkuma Inc$8,286,914.26
386VSL Australia Pty Ltd$8,263,083.42
388Smarts Market Surveillance Pty Ltd$8,214,134.46
389S2F Pty Ltd$8,152,307.88
390SMI Group Pty Ltd$8,088,214.74
391Attorney-general's Department$8,080,205.82
392The Trustee For The Mcniece Communications Pty Ltd AS Trustee For The KAY Mcniece Family Trust T/A Mcniece Communications$8,046,760.00
393Honeywell Limited$8,032,976.76
394HETA Incorporated$8,025,605.68
395Corporate Express$8,015,369.81
396Baulderstone Hornibrook Queensland$7,978,024.21
397Recall Information Management P/L$7,954,298.86
398Cargo And Logistics Management$7,920,000.00
399Disability Services Australia Ltd$7,902,988.53
400PVS Pty Ltd$7,900,678.21
401SME Gateway Limited$7,830,270.72
402Australian Volunteers International$7,789,598.98
403Industry Training Australia Pty Ltd$7,735,200.00
404Abbott Diagnostics Division$7,720,298.55
405Willemsen Investment CORP Pty Ltd$7,693,225.38
406Corrs Chambers Westgarth$7,667,690.34
407Strategic Aviation Pty Ltd$7,658,170.13
408Finding Workable Solutions Incorporated$7,634,836.96
409Community Bridging Services (cbs) Incorporated$7,600,000.00
4102 BOND Street Nominees Pty Ltd ATF Murphy Trust NO. 1$7,576,468.28
411Darwin Skills Development Scheme Incorporated$7,562,544.16
412Joblink PLUS Ltd$7,562,444.00
413Bundaberg Skills Centre$7,537,928.82
414Gladiator Investments Pty Ltd$7,502,801.10
415GMT Canberra Pty Ltd$7,501,619.56
416James Fisher Marine Services Limite$7,473,599.84
417Omniworth Pty Ltd ATF Waverley Property Trust$7,433,708.43
418CIT Solutions Pty Limited$7,430,430.72
420Scisco Career Pathways Inc$7,398,296.40
421United Process Solutions Pty Ltd$7,362,984.88
422Workways Association Inc$7,344,538.95
423Rolfe Property Services Pty Limited$7,317,369.27
424Aussiehq Pty Ltd$7,310,611.25
425Strategic Aviation - USD$7,309,622.11
426Berry Street Victoria Inc$7,288,340.76
427Department Of Housing, Local Government And Regional Services$7,244,233.54
428H I Fraser Pty Ltd$7,162,100.49
429Cordelta Pty Ltd$7,121,759.21
430Motor Trade Association Of WA Inc$7,116,333.97
431Redback BOOT Company Pty Ltd$7,114,005.20
432Perpetual Trustee CO Ltd$7,032,271.98
433Cordelta Pty Ltd$7,021,817.33
434Duwal Constructions$6,958,200.39
435Wilson Parking$6,945,846.07
436Roche Products Pty Ltd$6,893,239.03
437Pilatus Aircraft Ltd$6,891,413.85
438Downs Industry Schools Co-operation Inc$6,872,896.75
439The Corporation Of The Trustees Of The Roman Catholic Archdiocese Of Brisbane$6,862,378.49
440Qinetiq Consulting Pty Ltd$6,853,094.71
441Chubb FIRE Safety Ltd$6,853,088.34
442Eastwork Employment INC.$6,846,587.11
443Pentarch Pty Ltd$6,820,288.41
444Talent International Holdings Pty Ltd$6,807,682.83
445Stratagem Computer Contractors$6,789,131.19
446BMD Constructions Pty Ltd$6,755,892.48
447Hobsons Australia Pty Limited$6,711,349.94
448NEC Australia Pty Ltd$6,704,388.37
449Pacific Brands Workwear Group Pty Ltd$6,695,460.00
450Electroboard Solutions Pty Ltd$6,693,637.02
451Cybertrust Pty Ltd$6,678,124.58
452MONT Adventure Equipment$6,676,640.80
453HELP Enterprises$6,669,204.26
454Coffey Projects (australia) Pty$6,668,349.14
455JOB Placement Limited$6,636,096.40
456Omaha IT Services Pty Ltd$6,627,722.05
457Johnson Winter & Slettery$6,609,200.00
458University Of Adelaide$6,591,390.46
459ASP SHIP Management Pty Ltd Sirius$6,587,146.45
460Adagold Aviation Pty Limited$6,517,173.14
461The Public Trustee Of Queensland$6,513,745.87
462SAS Institute Australia Pty Ltd$6,509,208.43
463Hudson Global Resources (aust) Pty Ltd$6,498,506.04
464Workskil Inc$6,442,711.91
465Community Employment Options Incorporated$6,400,000.00
466Macumba Investments Pty Ltd ATF The Macumba UNIT Trust$6,397,389.68
467Menzies School Of Health Research$6,385,000.00
468Regent Recruitment$6,362,327.91
469DOWD Corporation Pty LD$6,351,455.00
470Highlands Support Services Inc$6,332,148.55
471Brisbane Youth Service Inc$6,331,742.34
472Keyvale Pty Ltd$6,317,900.49
473Solution Dynamics Pty Ltd$6,309,246.71
474Interact Australia (victoria) Limited$6,300,000.00
475Kellogg Brown & ROOT Pty Ltd$6,287,846.78
476Spirit River Pty Ltd$6,253,031.30
477Pacific Marine Batteries Pty Ltd$6,225,731.27
478Work Solutions Gippsland Pty Ltd$6,200,000.00
479Bedford Industries Incorporated$6,176,423.54
480World FUEL Services Ltd DEPT 2458$6,153,424.71
481Queensland Youth Industry Links Inc$6,140,484.24
482Anglicare Canberra & Goulburn$6,128,042.92
484TAFE NSW - North Coast Institute$6,084,800.58
485Leaville Holdings Pty Ltd$6,078,644.55
486Kofax Australia Pty Ltd$6,059,511.75
487APGF Properties Ltd$6,048,052.00
488Synergy PLUS Operations Pty Ltd$6,041,072.61
489DHL Supply Chain (australia) Pty Ltd$6,024,166.00
490Upper Yarra Community House Inc$6,018,352.77
491FACE 2 FACE Recruitment Pty Limited$6,011,780.54
492Qinetiq Aerostructures Pty Ltd$5,981,820.28
493Improvement Foundation (australia)$5,964,866.49
494GOOD Samaritan Industries$5,949,858.55
495Norton ROSE$5,927,674.21
496ANU Enterprise Pty Limited$5,908,393.51
497L-3 Communications MAS (canada) Inc$5,888,506.86
498Sagem Australasia Pty Ltd$5,855,410.00
499Adecco Services Pty Ltd$5,854,839.34
500Bendigo Access Employment$5,833,200.00
501Saltbush Consulting Pty Ltd$5,822,389.21
502The Trustees Of The Roman Catholic Church For The Archdiocese Of Sydney$5,818,103.50
503Parsons Brinckerhoff Australia Pty$5,783,892.02
504IOF Custodian Pty Ltd ATF Prime Credit Subsidiary Trust NO. 2$5,778,348.38
505Community Solutions$5,773,478.16
506J Walter Thompson Australia Pty Ltd$5,735,227.04
507Emmett Properties Pty Ltd$5,731,522.00
508North Queensland Competitive Employment Service Limited$5,715,940.00
509UXC Limited$5,691,307.28
510Copyright Agency Limited$5,690,435.41
511Essential Personnel Association Inc$5,679,694.98
512Acumen Contracting And Recruitment Pty Ltd$5,658,386.86
513Bligh Voller Nield Pty Ltd$5,656,473.34
514KPMG Corporate Finance (aust)$5,649,255.80
515Tripoint Corporation Pty Ltd$5,635,252.00
516Fulton Hogan Pty Ltd$5,593,545.17
517Canberra Consulting Resources Pty Limited$5,557,630.95
518Hutchinson Builders$5,550,705.60
519Media Monitors $5,523,504.69
520Access Community Group Ltd$5,505,211.25
521Fivium Pty Ltd$5,503,984.00
522Department Of Mines And Petroleum$5,500,000.00
523HALL & Watts Australia Pty Ltd$5,477,690.56
524Australian Public Service Commission$5,456,068.14
525Lockheed Martin Australia$5,439,322.65
526Munze Osterreich AG$5,438,551.00
527CSG Services Pty Ltd$5,436,948.83
528Careers Multilist Limited$5,434,046.99
529Ricoh Australia Pty Ltd$5,433,401.04
530United Synergies Ltd$5,427,255.82
531Online 89 Pty Ltd$5,423,778.12
532Forgacs SHIP Repair$5,422,813.48
533AGL Sales Pty Ltd$5,418,581.50
534AXIS Constructions Pty Ltd$5,411,153.00
535Weipa HIRE Pty Ltd$5,405,301.55
536Dimension DATA Learning$5,394,878.45
537Sanofi Pasteur Pty Ltd$5,372,400.00
538Centacare Diocese Of Wilcannia-forbes$5,368,511.70
539Logica Australia Pty Ltd$5,367,578.18
540Australian Quarantine And Inspectio$5,362,088.11
541Infront Systems Pty Ltd$5,339,221.25
542OMC International Pty Ltd$5,333,746.00
543Electrotech Australia Pty Ltd$5,327,615.38
544Distinctive Options$5,311,167.12
545JCB Construction Equipment AUST$5,268,370.12
546Ballarat Group Training$5,252,540.83
548Savills (nsw) Pty Limited$5,230,935.00
549Australian WAR Memorial - Sales /program$5,226,712.45
550Zenith Interiors (act) Pty Ltd$5,225,262.30
551EVRI Pty Ltd$5,213,964.11
552Victorian DEAF Society$5,210,837.20
553Tarakan Consulting Pty Ltd$5,191,364.24
554Pratt And Whittney A/asia Pty Ltd$5,183,681.81
555Providence Consulting Group PL$5,164,189.03
556Joondanna Investments PTY. Limited$5,158,423.55
557Orima Research Pty Ltd$5,149,698.16
558The Boeing Company DBA Boeing$5,147,713.89
559SONY Australia Ltd$5,144,096.36
560Agilent Technologies Australia P/L$5,125,896.55
561Dandenong Valley JOB Support Inc$5,090,185.69
562National Buildplan Group Pty Ltd$5,062,977.70
563International Telecommunications$5,053,535.52
564Brotherhood Of ST Laurence$5,052,016.52
565SACC Pty Ltd$5,000,000.00
566Bridging The GAP Inc$4,990,591.10
567Mckinsey Pacific RIM, Inc$4,976,400.00
568The NOUS Group$4,968,134.32
569Hills Schools Industry Partnership Inc$4,960,227.16
570Uniting CARE Wesley PORT Pirie Inc$4,937,760.54
571Great Southern Employment Development Committee$4,932,458.38
572Coffs Harbour Employment Support Service INC.$4,930,512.84
573Inter'l ORG For Migration (aud)$4,917,000.00
574Colmar Brunton Social Research$4,902,775.00
575Strategic Marine$4,850,050.16
576United Group Infrastructure$4,813,704.25
577SAFT Batteries Pty Ltd$4,813,490.00
578Attorny GEN DEPT$4,802,905.75
579Broad Construction Services$4,776,134.69
580MOD Public SUB Account HMG 1086$4,756,745.42
581Northern Joblink Inc$4,731,875.50
582Department Of Human Services$4,720,250.08
583Castlerock Property Management Pty Ltd$4,656,960.00
584Curam Software P/L - Sydney$4,656,854.00
585PCYC Rockhampton Skills Centre$4,637,373.97
586CAE Australia Pty Ltd$4,635,232.82
587Endeavour Foundation$4,621,657.84
588Boeing Company The DIV Defense SPAC$4,620,900.66
589Harris Office Enviroments$4,618,022.20
590Cerebral Palsy League Of Queensland$4,611,167.12
591Sparke Helmore$4,592,315.54
592Lockheed Martin Corporation DBA LOC$4,591,764.51
593Synergy Resource Management Pty Ltd$4,588,812.66
594QLD FIRE And Rescue Authority$4,566,949.33
595Marist Youth CARE Limited$4,549,405.00
596Weatherhaven Australia$4,545,507.51
597Computershare Communication Service$4,544,765.23
598Sydney Airport Corporation Limited$4,538,157.12
599HUNT & HUNT$4,531,000.00
600Merilla Pty Ltd$4,525,467.10
601Joblink Enterprises Incorporated$4,516,153.02
602Cubic Defence Australia Pty Ltd$4,515,446.81
603Colony 47 Inc$4,514,732.28
604Octec Incorporated$4,498,842.35
605BECA Consultants Pty Ltd$4,457,154.90
606Thomson Reuters (professional)$4,456,333.79
607Audio Visual Image'nation P/L$4,453,839.06
608Macarthur Disability Services Ltd$4,432,148.55
609RMS Engineering & Construction$4,397,914.35
610Lazard Carnegie Wylie$4,390,000.00
611Project Co-ordination (australia)$4,382,522.70
612FN Herstal SA$4,381,973.26
613Geraldton Regional Community Education Centre Inc$4,381,426.76
614Frontier Group Australia Pty Ltd$4,343,028.14
615Placard Pty Ltd$4,334,732.60
616Netstar Australia Networks$4,314,677.75
617Point Trading$4,306,000.26
618Randstad Pty Limited$4,302,813.60
619BEST Employment Limited$4,298,563.14
620Daronmont Technologies Pty Ltd$4,291,720.62
621Chamber Of Commerce & Industry Of Western Australia Inc$4,269,773.52
623Receiver General For Canada Public$4,261,593.11
624The Trustee For The Sellar Family$4,261,115.16
625Baysa Limited$4,241,225.76
626Zallcom Pty Ltd$4,238,741.15
627Country FIRE Authority$4,230,932.44
628BLUE MOON UNIT Trust$4,230,808.25
629The Trustee For The ARIA Securities Holding Trust$4,176,538.81
630Morpho Australasia Pty Ltd$4,161,337.75
631Complete Personnel SA UNIT Trust$4,139,209.00
632Effective People Pty Ltd$4,122,732.45
633Queensland Boating And Fisheries Patrol$4,082,451.41
634WT Partnership$4,080,939.00
635Brophy Family & Youth Services$4,058,937.90
636CPT Global Limited$4,043,569.75
637The Trustee For Yiormanique Trust T/A Yiormanique Trust$4,030,339.48
638Thinc Projects$4,028,172.37
639Bankstown Granville Industry Education Partnership Incorporated$4,027,931.60
640Joondalup Youth Support Services Inc$4,022,519.51
641Intework Inc$4,021,657.84
642Digital (digest) DATA Design Pty$4,020,863.00
643Toomebridge Pty Ltd$4,019,809.24
644Red Alliance Pty Ltd$4,013,686.85
645OPEN MIND Research Group Holdings$4,009,660.95
646Ability Tasmania Group Inc$4,002,312.13
647ZF Australia Pacific Pty Ltd$4,000,000.00
648Oakton AA Services Pty Ltd$3,994,952.92
649Haden Engineering$3,990,786.58
650LEED Engineering & Constructio$3,988,635.25
651Innogence Limited$3,987,881.48
652Insitu Pacific Pty Ltd$3,982,999.96
653Skilled Engineering Limited$3,971,758.29
654Youth Express Association Incorporated$3,971,205.78
655ADT Security$3,969,546.99
656Codarra Advanced Systems$3,951,336.59
657Eclipse Computing Australia$3,949,109.10
658O Group Incorporated$3,947,099.28
659Armatec Survivability CORP$3,936,385.26
660Australian Human Rights Commission$3,933,866.00
661Arafura SEA Charters Pty Ltd$3,931,959.00
662Deutsches Zentrum FUER Luft- UND RA$3,928,444.82
663TASK Force Community Agency Inc$3,906,951.45
664Control Risks$3,905,600.00
665Illawarra Disability Trust$3,900,000.00
666VEDA Advantage$3,894,913.67
667Designcraft Furniture Pty Ltd$3,885,452.71
668DAC REAL Estate$3,876,698.07
669Geospatial Intelligence Pty Ltd$3,871,710.32
670Datacom Systems (act) Pty Ltd$3,871,310.21
671Technology ONE$3,867,377.10
672Clemenger BBDO (melbourne) Pty Ltd$3,860,000.00
673Alloy Surfaces Company INC.$3,835,930.76
674International Organization For$3,800,000.00
675Bizlink INC.$3,791,821.41
676Employment Options Inc$3,789,842.69
677Planning Systems Services Ltd$3,779,013.20
678Skills Training Employment Program Incorporated$3,772,526.64
679Careers Network Inc$3,752,832.08
680AUTO PARK Pty Ltd And Theodore Samaras$3,747,964.86
681Network For Educational Workplacements$3,735,215.66
682Capricornia Training Company Ltd$3,731,908.09
683FTI Consulting$3,726,514.00
684Compuware ASIA Pacific P/L$3,720,952.40
685Brace Education Training And Employment Limited$3,720,499.38
686Catholiccare Canberra & Goulburn$3,720,400.00
687Advance Personnel (canberra) Inc$3,720,022.12
688Hitech Group Australia$3,718,153.06
689ROB Dobson & Associates Pty Ltd$3,714,289.57
690Relegen Pty Ltd$3,709,953.37
691Chubb Electronic Security Pty Ltd$3,702,269.71
692OPEC Systems Pty Ltd$3,695,326.43
693FUJI Xerox Australia Pty Ltd$3,690,069.98
694Monash University$3,689,274.30
695Unitingcare Wesley PORT Adelaide Incorporated$3,679,456.09
696Central WEST Community College$3,674,605.16
697Atrad Pty Ltd$3,651,779.74
698Transfield Services (australia)$3,626,908.42
700IPA Personnel Pty Ltd$3,617,581.71
701Milspec Services Pty Ltd$3,605,397.64
702Analytics Group Pty Ltd$3,602,969.24
703Service To Youth Council Inc$3,594,892.82
704Goulburn Ovens Institute Of TAFE$3,594,593.60
705On The LINE$3,566,025.00
706Shire Of Christmas Island$3,557,578.32
707Colin Trapp & Associates PTY. Ltd$3,557,401.43
708Chem-supply Pty Ltd$3,550,533.00
710Clarence Property Corporation Pty Ltd$3,545,418.82
711The Trustee For The Butcher Family Trust$3,541,089.46
712Mallesons Stephen Jaques$3,525,785.91
713Jobco Employment Services Inc$3,524,929.27
714Technology Partners International Inc$3,515,960.00
715Gumay, Hadar$3,504,307.16
716Colin JOSS & CO Pty Ltd & JOHN$3,504,026.34
717ACIL Tasman Pty Ltd$3,495,119.36
718Blacktown Regional Economic & Employment Development (breed) Taskfor$3,492,820.98
719C3 Business Solutions Pty Ltd$3,478,383.49
720MBDA Missile Systems$3,474,063.18
721Davidson Trahaire Corpsych Pty Ltd$3,469,501.23
722Mining, Energy And Engineering Academy Limited$3,460,583.21
723MOTT Macdonald Australia Pty Ltd$3,449,118.23
724Smiths Detection$3,441,329.77
725DEPT Of Families, Housing, Commun$3,412,475.16
726Abigroup Contractors Pty Ltd$3,408,020.07
727Veldeman Australia Pty Ltd$3,405,770.06
728Program Planning Professionals Pty$3,399,457.01
729Lexmark International (aust) Pty LT$3,382,984.04
730Terrex Seismic$3,379,047.65
731University Of Sydney$3,374,515.17
732Icognition Pty Ltd$3,368,199.07
733Stephen James Turnbull$3,367,651.80
734K.y.m. Employment Services Inc$3,323,129.00
735RMIT University$3,322,375.68
736Young & Rubicam Brands$3,313,845.71
737Planning Systema Services Ltd$3,257,770.00
738Oasis Youth Support Network$3,256,000.00
739Rapid Technology Group Pty Ltd$3,253,543.27
740Central Gippsland Institute Of TAFE$3,241,026.02
741Motorola Australia Pty Ltd$3,234,228.17
742Communicare WA$3,225,620.00
743Synergy Group Australia Limited$3,222,536.50
744Third Horizon Consulting Partners$3,219,798.13
745National Australia BANK$3,216,873.62
746Fairfield Business Education Partnership Inc$3,209,553.60
747Hills Community Support Group Inc$3,209,485.36
748Northrop Grumman Information Techno$3,205,166.83
749Interiors Australia$3,199,886.39
750Greenacres Disability Services$3,193,457.13
751SUN TEST Systems B.V.$3,186,001.06
752In-step Industry School Training Partnership Association Incorporated$3,179,765.60
753Ambit Recruitment$3,178,111.56
754Eads-casa (servicio Posventa)$3,177,528.58
755Environmental Systems & Services$3,151,324.95
756Doric Beneficiaries Trust Account$3,149,833.50
757CHC Helicopters$3,146,000.00
758HK Systems Aust. Pty Ltd$3,137,337.15
759Paragon Printers$3,134,187.55
760Centre For Public Management$3,113,703.52
761National Mailing & Marketing Pty Ltd$3,113,601.37
762Madec Australia$3,103,055.36
763JOHN Hancock LIFE Insurance Company (usa)$3,092,966.00
764Aboriginal Employment Strategy Limited$3,069,720.00
765LAND And Property Management Authority$3,054,901.00
766AMC Search Limited$3,042,751.36
767Curriculum Corporation$3,038,623.97
768Ajilon Australia Pty Ltd$3,028,970.50
769Esri-australia Pty Ltd$3,017,739.66
770BOC Limited$3,008,297.66
771Queensland Urban Utilities$3,002,763.00
772Inter'l ORG For Migration$3,000,072.21
773Direct Employment Services Limited$3,000,000.00
774APM Group (aust) Pty Ltd$2,995,369.30
775Elitier Pty LDT ATF The Trustee For The Reichstein Family Trust$2,993,969.89
776Department Of Broadband Communicati$2,993,957.16
777Youth Connect Inc$2,991,050.85
778Northern Youth Transition Brokers$2,988,120.54
779Trimcast Pty Ltd$2,979,469.18
780Burjuman Centre$2,977,806.00
781DUN And Bradstreet$2,977,414.28
782Logistics Solutions Australasia$2,971,174.62
783N T Industry Training$2,954,978.40
784Resolve FM Pty Limited$2,954,172.32
785DOMA Constructions Pty Ltd$2,951,098.00
786Midland JOB LINK (inc)$2,950,324.30
787Urbis Pty Ltd$2,941,267.58
788IPMG P/L$2,937,594.28
789Personnel Placement Consultancies Pty Ltd$2,928,402.10
790Yes Youth & Family Services$2,927,964.47
791Community AXIS Enterprises Inc$2,923,293.56
792Group Training Northern Territory$2,915,475.20
793Aus-meat Limited$2,914,880.38
794Goodyear & Dunlop Tyres$2,906,419.65
795The Personnel Group Limited$2,897,792.12
796New England Institute Of TAFE$2,896,190.02
797Wesley Mission Victoria$2,894,133.54
798Canprint Communications Pty Ltd$2,894,017.61
799FDC Construction And Fitout Pty Ltd$2,881,805.30
800Global BLUE Australia Pty Ltd$2,880,000.00
801DEAF Services Queensland$2,874,111.42
802PALL Australia$2,872,356.35
803Gadens Lawyers$2,872,000.00
804The Trustee For Beyond Billabong UNIT Trust$2,871,000.00
805LOOK NOW Pty Ltd$2,865,580.00
806Rosshaven Marine UNIT Trust$2,864,155.87
807Canberra Police Community Youth CLUB Inc$2,860,000.00
808Project Outcomes Pty Ltd$2,851,919.70
809Aurion Corporation Pty Ltd$2,849,241.83
810Macarthur Workplace Learning Program Inc$2,834,090.06
811Boart Longyear Australia Pty Ltd$2,828,399.20
812Collective Resources$2,820,751.21
813Qantas American Express Business Travel$2,820,247.55
814ICMS Australasia Pty Ltd$2,820,000.00
816EYRE Futures Incorporated$2,819,498.00
8173D Networks (australia) Pty Ltd$2,801,907.00
818Mai-wel Limited$2,800,000.00
819Spinal Injuries Association INC.$2,800,000.00
820Canberra DATA Centres Pty Ltd$2,795,002.45
821Macquarie Telecom$2,787,842.49
822Freelance Global Ltd$2,785,728.36
823Michelin Australia Pty Ltd$2,783,824.78
824Shoalhaven Community Development Ltd$2,777,450.00
826Insolvency And Trustee Service Australia$2,768,308.52
827CITY Group Pty Ltd$2,763,501.07
828Medibank Health Solutions$2,761,953.56
829Meggitt Training Systems Australia$2,754,269.75
830Recoveries Corporation Pty Ltd$2,750,000.00
831CC Pines Pty Ltd$2,741,829.44
832Ensign-bickford Aerospace & Defense$2,729,690.10
833Karen Sheldon Catering Pty Ltd$2,728,597.30
834Encompass Community Services Incorporated$2,724,929.27
835Boeing Company, The DBA Boeing DIV$2,711,243.38
836Parramatta Schools Industry Partnership Inc$2,710,155.72
837Whizdom Pty Ltd$2,704,623.13
839Cogent Business Solutions Pty Ltd$2,688,990.96
840PS Management Consultants$2,687,693.41
841Nga.net Pty Ltd$2,682,147.14
842Business Aspect (act) Pty Ltd (t/atarcus Personnel)$2,678,627.20
843Applied Satellite Technology Australia Pty Ltd$2,675,797.90
844Sitzler Pty Ltd$2,674,075.99
845Electro Optic Systems Pty Ltd$2,672,890.00
846Multicultural Development Association$2,671,280.80
847Bemac Security Pty Ltd$2,653,556.36
848Service Stream Solutions Pty Ltd$2,650,653.39
849Nextgen Networks P/L$2,650,471.38
850Health Corporate Netwo$2,649,622.13
851Access Working Careers Pty Ltd$2,635,480.00
852M.d.i. International Pty Ltd$2,634,997.41
853Union Offset Printers$2,625,377.60
854C.I. Maintenance Services Pty Ltd$2,622,466.83
855Environmental Resources Management$2,618,332.32
856Northrop Grumman Systems Corporatio$2,618,232.99
857Nortel Networks$2,615,672.25
858Ngarda Civil And Mining Pty Limited$2,608,203.00
859Regional Development Australia Wheatbelt Inc$2,596,000.00
860Airborne Systems - North America$2,592,338.00
861Access Industries For The Disabled Ltd$2,582,966.41
862Insight Oceania P/L$2,578,500.00
863MPM Group Pty Ltd$2,577,900.20
864SA Water$2,569,100.00
865Simeonov Civil Engineering (act)$2,565,056.76
866Australian Associated Press Pty Ltd$2,563,327.88
867Industries Services Training Pty Ltd$2,560,362.86
868ACT Department Of Education$2,557,868.48
869Merino Country Australia$2,553,947.00
870Camerons Group$2,547,113.06
871MAN Military Vehicle Systems$2,545,242.12
872UMS (urban Maintenance Systems)$2,541,342.99
873Jobmatch Association Incorporated$2,535,419.99
874ST Lukes Anglicare$2,525,170.48
875Thyssenkrupp Elevator Australia$2,523,050.46
876TNT Express$2,521,274.57
877LEO Burnett Sydney$2,517,695.53
878MID Coast Youth Career Services$2,517,171.12
880Thermo Fisher Scientific Australia$2,504,534.33
881ESRI Global Inc (usa)$2,500,000.00
882Workability Personnel Incorporated$2,500,000.00
883Diverse DATA Communications$2,492,790.14
884ST Vincent DE PAUL Society$2,490,400.00
885BLUE Mountains Hawkesbury & Penrith Schools Industry Partnership Inc$2,474,190.40
886University Of Technology Sydney$2,467,019.12
887Yellow EDGE Pty Ltd$2,460,952.23
888Actew AGL Retail Electricity$2,460,000.00
889RFD Technologies Pty Ltd$2,456,220.02
890IB Supplies Pty Ltd$2,454,188.44
891Firewatch Australia$2,452,528.10
892Sydney Convention And Exhibition Centre$2,451,264.80
893Cromwell Planned Investment #3$2,448,306.20
894Mancinik Pty Ltd ATF Njandlj JORY Family Trust$2,438,435.00
895Northline Pty Limited$2,438,303.96
896Ingena Group Limited$2,430,730.20
897Hooker Cockram Projects Limited$2,428,810.76
898Konekt Australia Pty Ltd$2,425,518.70
899GPT RE Ltd And LEND Lease REAL Estate$2,420,880.27
900Smith Constructions Bunbury$2,417,615.00
901Threel Pty Ltd$2,406,223.00
902Secom Technical Services Pty Ltd$2,402,347.96
903Programmed Maintenance Services Ltd$2,401,902.28
904Staff Check Pty Ltd$2,398,345.98
906Horizon Foundation Inc$2,395,092.85
907Challenge Disability Services Ltd$2,395,092.85
908BILL ROSS & Associates Pty Ltd$2,393,210.72
909Work And Training Limited$2,387,156.96
910Choice Solutions Incorporated$2,384,602.13
911Ultra Electronics Maritime Systems$2,381,098.01
912Trade Partners International P/L$2,378,244.00
913Community Partnerships @ Work Inc$2,377,610.88
914Northern Futures Incorporated$2,377,610.88
915AVON Community Employment Support Centre Inc$2,374,111.42
916Westfield Management And Perpetual$2,369,298.53
917PITT Street Securities Pty Ltd (ACN 008 581 315) ATF The Queen Street Trust$2,363,169.71
918Fontijne Grotnes BV$2,360,000.00
919Jackson Mcdonald$2,358,000.00
920Axiom Forensics$2,357,000.00
921SHL Australia Pty Ltd$2,350,809.24
922Sydney Local Community Partnership Incorporated$2,347,778.80
923Employment Directions$2,340,099.34
924Connect Workplacement Service$2,339,664.80
925NTH Coast Youth Career Connections$2,334,460.02
926Dexion Commercial (australia) Pty Limited$2,331,248.51
927Techpoint Consulting$2,330,913.95
928TMA Group Of Companies$2,324,448.58
929Newsat Networks Pty Ltd$2,319,926.40
930Carrard Solutions$2,306,700.00
931Northern Beaches Business Education Network Incorporated$2,300,653.72
932ST JOHN Of GOD Services Victoria$2,300,000.00
933Construction Control$2,297,227.45
934Plaut IT (australia) Pty Ltd$2,288,455.00
935Pegasus Global Pty Ltd$2,274,996.72
936Ridgeway International$2,268,950.24
937Wagga Wagga Compact Incorporated$2,267,687.86
938Canning Coalition Inc$2,265,791.30
939XSI DATA Solutions Pty Limited$2,260,756.49
940Mackay Consolidated Industries$2,253,390.00
941ARUP Pty Ltd$2,245,731.28
942Converga Pty Ltd$2,244,200.00
943Queensland Chamber Of Commerce And Industry$2,244,000.00
944Interpro Australia Pty Ltd$2,241,767.20
945Aitec Pty Ltd$2,239,377.70
946Vertical Horizonz Australia Pty$2,237,998.40
947Nuance Communications INT. BVBA$2,235,902.90
948Adelaide Research & Innovation Pty$2,233,226.11
949EOS Space Systems Pty Ltd$2,230,746.10
950Ergon Energy$2,223,846.99
951Local Court Of NSW$2,221,932.96
952Chandler Macleod Group$2,220,229.38
953Major Training Services Pty Ltd$2,219,895.31
954Recovre Pty Ltd$2,217,663.05
955XACT Project Consultants$2,217,090.03
956MOOG Australia$2,215,185.69
957ACT & Region Chamber Of Commerce & Industry$2,213,200.00
958The University Of New England$2,206,737.50
959Trustee For The Niddrie Family TRUS$2,201,486.80
960Pacnet Services (A) PTY. LTD.$2,173,665.85
961DEPT Of Police & Emergency$2,170,224.05
962Australian Industry Group$2,163,290.00
963Sutherland BEN (business Education Network) Incorporated$2,161,049.24
964Kreab Gavin Anderson (aust) Ltd$2,159,278.10
965Balga JOB LINK INC.$2,157,909.60
966JBK LIM Proprietary LTD.$2,154,020.00
967Corefiling Pty Ltd$2,152,131.49
968Career Employment Group Incorporated$2,144,734.50
969Bovis LEND Lease Pty Ltd$2,141,521.18
971NSW Department Of State And Regional Development$2,112,000.00
972Murray Industry & Community Education Employment Partnership Incorporated$2,106,640.66
973GOLD Coast Employment Support Service Inc$2,105,583.56
974Stanford Technologies Pty Ltd$2,089,849.91
975CRYE Precision LLC$2,086,052.03
976CVGT Australia Limited$2,076,720.32
977Choose Foundation Ltd$2,075,747.13
978Protiviti Pty Ltd$2,073,440.32
979GKN Aerospace Engineering Services$2,072,229.87
980Capital Country Industry Education Partnership Incorporated$2,069,549.94
981The Uniting Church In Australia Property Trust (n.s.w.)$2,065,029.38
982Cash's Australia Pty Ltd$2,059,993.26
983Latitude XL Pty Ltd And Taurus Homes (WA) Pty Ltd$2,053,644.70
984Streamline Underground Services Pty Ltd$2,049,072.18
985Barossa Lower North Futures Inc$2,045,851.24
987Premis Solutions$2,034,395.00
988KAZ Group Ltd$2,029,916.70
989Shepherd Electrical (act) Pty Ltd$2,022,887.90
990Australian Antarctic Division$2,021,167.20
991Random Computing Services Pty Ltd$2,020,346.23
992AAPT Limited$2,003,127.21
993Department Of The Attorney General$2,000,000.00
994The Uniting Church In Australia Property Trust (Q.)$1,999,040.69
995Mastersoft Systems Pty Ltd$1,999,013.73
996Berkeley Challenge Pty Ltd$1,998,865.59
997Annecto Inc$1,996,728.56
998Challenge Recruitment$1,987,026.31
999Eworks Employment Solutions Inc$1,986,237.85
1000Bluestar Print$1,984,704.20
1001Bruck Textiles$1,976,933.28
1002CBRE (C) Pty Ltd$1,976,400.00
1003RORK Designs$1,975,341.25
1004Lymington Pacific Pty Ltd$1,970,092.68
1005International Construction Management$1,967,832.80
1006Flight Centre Limited$1,960,686.90
1007Red ROCK Consulting$1,959,100.00
1008Investa Asset Management Pty Ltd$1,950,111.86
1009Devsgroup Pty Ltd$1,944,367.70
1010Allen-vanguard Ltd$1,943,922.00
1011State Water$1,935,778.30
1012IT Matters Recruitment Services$1,931,846.50
1013496 Dickson Pty Ltd$1,931,031.19
1014Kurrajong Waratah$1,926,564.99
1015World Customs Organization$1,924,573.25
1016Titanium Holdings P/L$1,922,000.00
1017Bentons ROAD UNIT Trust ATF J A Wickham Nominees Pty Ltd$1,921,408.36
1018Seismic ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$1,919,833.23
1019Zenith Management Services Group$1,917,479.11
1020Austin Health - Austin Campus$1,912,430.00
1021Tiger International$1,910,488.28
1022KL International (aus) Pty Ltd$1,910,000.00
1023Combat Clothing Australia Pty Ltd$1,904,020.80
1025DEPT Of The Environment, Water, HER$1,895,315.97
1026RUAG Ammotec$1,893,697.00
1027Integrated Space Pty Ltd$1,891,236.00
1028Cabcharge Australia Pty Ltd$1,891,160.32
1029Woods Bagot Pty Ltd$1,888,315.13
1030Ordnance Developments Ltd$1,887,500.00
1031Gateway Constructions Pty Ltd$1,881,210.92
1032Limestone Coast Regional Development Board Inc$1,879,971.40
1033Worktrainers Limited$1,879,694.98
1034Premier's Department NSW$1,879,317.89
1035Archway House$1,878,800.00
1036Davis Langdon Australia Pty Ltd$1,866,606.29
1037NTP Forklifts Australia$1,860,830.68
1038Inner Melbourne VET Cluster Inc$1,860,688.86
1039T T Building Consultants Pty Ltd$1,858,679.90
1040Seven SEAS Shipschandlers LLC$1,857,634.01
1041Heyday Group Pty Ltd$1,853,014.60
1042Jakeman Business Solutions Pty Ltd$1,850,328.34
1043The Multiple Sclerosis Society Of South Australia And Northern Territory Incorporated$1,849,858.55
1044Advance Employment INC.$1,845,910.71
1045NINE MILE Construction Solutions$1,844,880.00
1046IDS Australasia Pty Ltd$1,836,778.15
1047Mcmahon Services Australia Pty Ltd$1,832,835.59
1048TSA Software Solutions Pty Ltd$1,830,479.59
1049Construction Control Interiors Pty Ltd$1,830,260.00
1050Director Of National Parks$1,823,394.52
1051Matra BAE Dynamics UK Ltd - AUD$1,822,653.70
1052Asian United FOOD Service$1,822,000.01
1053GE SHAW & Associates (act) Pty Limited$1,821,301.50
1054Wescam Inc$1,820,316.17
1055ST Laurence Community Services INC.$1,820,022.12
1056Geraldton Personnel INC.$1,817,709.99
1057Milskil Pty Ltd$1,816,281.44
1058The Trustee For The Symonston Trust$1,814,469.25
1059Marsden Jacob Associates P/L$1,810,690.63
1060Ebsco Australia$1,801,525.31
1061Active Operations Management$1,796,820.88
1062Noetic Solutions Pty Ltd$1,792,292.50
1063Career Contact INC.$1,787,873.57
1064Science Applications International$1,785,077.93
1065Aerosystems International Ltd$1,780,490.99
1066Scope (vic) Ltd$1,780,349.26
1067Fisheries Research And Development Corporation$1,777,822.20
1068Worleyparsons Services Pty Limited$1,777,682.37
1070Lockheed Martin Corporation$1,773,728.67
1071Zangold Pty Ltd$1,772,940.88
1072Sirius Software Inc$1,772,141.12
1073Liquip International Pty Ltd$1,770,732.04
1074Department Of Environment And Clima$1,770,469.20
1075VITS Language LINK$1,770,393.34
1076Thales Underwater Systems P/L$1,769,195.88
1077Education Centre Gippsland$1,768,321.32
1078Community First International Limited$1,765,775.78
1079Catalyst Injury Management$1,763,712.62
1081Kangan Batman Institute Of TAFE$1,759,054.34
1082Gartner Australasia Pty Ltd$1,757,427.09
1083Infinite Consulting Pty Ltd$1,756,821.00
1084Craddock Murray Neumann Lawyers$1,755,000.00
1085Flensburger Fahrzeugbau Gesellschaf$1,754,014.10
1086Sypaq Systems Pty Ltd$1,753,614.12
1087NIWA Vessel Management Limited$1,747,754.91
1088Australian Community Support Organisation Inc$1,747,546.42
1089People & Strategy (act)$1,746,163.92
1090David JESS And Associates$1,742,456.50
1091Calvary JOHN James Hospital$1,740,000.00
1092Ocean Software Pty Ltd$1,739,293.45
1093FOOD Standards Australia New Zealand$1,735,000.00
1094Australian Government Actuary$1,734,222.77
1095Minda Incorporated$1,726,564.99
1096Australia Pacific Airports (melbour$1,724,192.33
1097BCM Partnership$1,723,773.00
1098General Dynamics Ordnance And Tacti$1,720,554.14
1099NEXA Group Pty Ltd$1,710,782.77
1100Anglicare Tasmania Incorporated$1,707,219.28
1101CB Richard Ellis - VIC$1,702,709.09
1102Alliant Techsystems INC.$1,701,768.15
1103The Spastic Centre Of New South Wales$1,700,676.41
1104MCR Computer Resources Pty Ltd$1,697,894.68
1105Department Of Innovation Industry And Regional Development$1,697,566.93
1106TDA Australia (nsw) Pty Ltd$1,697,020.60
1107DAA Holdings Pty Ltd$1,696,460.09
1108Advance North Queensland (consortium NAME = Advance North Queensland)$1,695,092.85
1109Mildura Rural CITY Council$1,687,683.68
1110H A Bachrach (nom) Pty Ltd$1,686,672.74
1111Lynvet Lynks Inc$1,686,334.36
1112Sensis Pty Ltd$1,685,974.77
1114Stratgrid P/L$1,683,425.50
1115WA Truck And Machinery Repairs Pty$1,682,237.00
1116Kimberley TAFE$1,681,169.74
1117Jenkins Engineering Defence$1,680,842.57
1118Grocon Constructions Pty Ltd$1,680,471.45
1119L-3 Services INC. DBA Linkabit DIV$1,674,802.78
1120South Metropolitan Personnel Inc$1,670,839.98
1121Trinity Funds Management Ltd$1,670,067.82
1122Naeco Pty Ltd$1,670,064.00
1123Commonwealth BANK$1,668,622.39
1124Access Economics Pty Ltd$1,662,808.66
1125HOGG Robinson Group Australia$1,661,789.16
1126Assetlink Services Pty Ltd$1,661,240.53
1127Auspace Limited$1,653,602.84
1128Babcock Integrated Technology$1,652,996.39
1129The Campaign Palace Pty Ltd$1,650,000.00
1130Brookfield SX Developments Pty Ltd$1,649,137.91
1131Feltar Pty Ltd$1,646,382.00
1132JOB Solve (act) Inc$1,645,910.71
1133CBS Training$1,640,689.50
1134LCF Systems Inc$1,632,982.61
1135Property Matrix$1,632,648.67
1136W & E Platt Pty Ltd$1,632,015.40
1137Grace Removals Group$1,626,013.55
1138South Coast Workplace Learning Inc$1,622,824.50
1139Erapsco DBA Sonobuoytechsystems$1,622,026.08
1140CEA Technologies Pty Ltd$1,619,561.72
1141Severus Pty Ltd$1,609,144.00
1142Wridgways Limited$1,606,651.21
1143Heymann-cohen Pty Limited$1,604,845.84
1144Schneider Electric Buildings Australia$1,603,839.72
1145Cancer Institute NSW$1,603,258.00
1146Em-tech (incorporated)$1,600,000.00
1147Worklink Employment Support Group Inc$1,600,000.00
1148Hesco Bastion Ltd$1,599,150.09
1150Aperium Pty Ltd$1,596,719.39
1151Cypher Research Laboratories$1,596,690.80
1152Solutions FROM Silicon$1,590,532.90
1153Integrated Technical Management$1,590,434.24
1154Mallee Family CARE Inc$1,588,253.85
1155Tanner James Management Consultants$1,585,778.51
1156Westside Community Services Limited$1,581,330.69
1157Virginia Palms International$1,580,617.44
1158George Patterson Y & R$1,576,946.36
1159Walkabout Leisurewear Pty Ltd$1,576,897.39
1160Rosebank Engineering$1,573,262.35
1161Woolcott Research Pty Ltd$1,572,742.70
1162Woodhead Pty Ltd$1,571,725.75
1163KELL & Rigby ACT Pty Ltd$1,567,720.00
1164Darwin Regional Indigenous Advancement & CDEP Incorporated$1,564,000.00
1165ROY Morgan Research Pty Ltd$1,562,769.10
1166Weber Shandwick Worldwide$1,560,008.12
1168ISIS Group Australia (qld) Pty Limited$1,551,936.87
1169Indian Ocean Pharmaceutical Service$1,550,920.00
1170EW Simulation Technology Ltd$1,546,538.24
1171L3 Nautronix$1,542,233.06
1172Perpetual Limited C/-colonial First State Asset MGT P/L$1,535,294.20
1173ASC AWD Shipbuilder Pty Ltd$1,535,165.63
1174Vision Australia$1,534,580.13
1175Terry Mccarthur & Associates$1,532,805.00
1176Martin Baker Aircraft CO Ltd$1,531,942.12
1177Graham BELL & Bowman$1,531,612.00
1178L-3 Communications MAS (canada)-aud$1,526,215.81
1179PCA People Pty Limited$1,522,517.92
1180Mental Illness Fellowship Victoria$1,517,709.99
1181AJF Partnership Pty Ltd$1,516,728.17
1182Mater Health SRVS N/qld$1,515,094.42
1183LECG Limited$1,514,075.54
1184AUS CTRE Posttraumatic M/h-nab ACC ONLY$1,512,940.60
1185Latin Interiors Pty Ltd$1,506,340.00
1186Lincad Limited$1,502,209.76
1187Absolute Cabling Systems Pty Ltd$1,501,259.30
1188Qinetiq Ltd$1,500,963.11
1189Jackson Architecture$1,500,932.00
1190Queensland Department Of Employment, Economic Development And Innovation$1,493,377.84
1191Navcom Piping$1,492,478.48
1192Carlson Wagonlit$1,485,675.21
1193Wunan Foundation Inc$1,478,237.20
1194Columbia Helicopters INC.$1,473,659.53
1195Ekonsulting Pty Limited$1,469,836.50
1196Excelerated Consulting Pty Ltd$1,463,164.07
1197RUAH Community Services$1,461,984.98
1198Stowe Australia Pty Ltd$1,461,633.30
1199Infofocus Australia$1,461,190.26
1200Peedac Pty Ltd$1,460,510.51
1201Australian Institute Of Export$1,452,000.00
1202OFFA Pty Ltd$1,451,402.88
1203American Isostatic Presses$1,450,000.00
1204New HOPE Foundation$1,446,779.59
1205Inchcape Shipping Services$1,445,893.70
1206Tascon Constructions Pty Ltd$1,445,414.81
1207BISA Property Pty Ltd$1,444,342.27
1208Private Individual$1,440,012.70
1209Vaisala Pty Ltd$1,439,608.89
1210SOS Recruitment$1,439,581.90
1211Macro Recruitment Australasia P/L$1,437,171.64
1212Walton Construction Pty Ltd $1,435,375.42
1213Cultural Perspectives Pty Ltd$1,431,166.00
1214GEON Group Pty Ltd$1,430,241.81
1215Western Futures - Futures Connect$1,430,000.00
1216Crown Management Consultants$1,429,625.71
1217The Nelson & Dunstone Family Trust$1,427,900.00
1218Endemol Southern STAR Pty Ltd$1,427,786.00
1219Sandran Pty Limited$1,427,505.49
1220Ninti ONE Limited$1,422,764.50
1221Lochard (australia) Pty Ltd$1,422,104.55
1222Dynamic Business Systems Pty Ltd$1,417,035.32
1223East Arnhem Shire Council$1,416,285.26
1224BOOZ & Company$1,415,787.84
1225DR E Russell Vickers$1,413,500.00
1226OBS Pty Ltd$1,413,407.60
1227Ebsray Pumps Pty Ltd$1,412,647.03
1228MARK Stephen Baldock$1,410,519.94
1229Department Of Trade And Economic Development (SA)$1,408,000.00
1231Boeing Australia Component Repairs$1,401,117.81
1232Shepherd Electrical ACT Pty Ltd$1,399,414.63
1233BOX HILL Institute Of TAFE$1,384,726.55
1234American Express International$1,383,411.95
1235Hunters EDGE$1,383,307.75
1236Interior Building Solutions Pty Ltd$1,382,060.90
1237Australian Self-medication Industry Inc$1,381,744.94
1238WISE Pearl Limited$1,380,320.49
1239Grosvenor Management Consulting$1,377,356.05
1240Trivec-avant Corporation$1,376,080.88
1241Chueng Holdings Pty Ltd$1,375,771.57
1242State Of Victoria-department Of JUS$1,375,382.00
1243STAR Track Express$1,374,531.30
1244G E Sharpe And Company$1,374,465.30
1245The Allen Consulting Group$1,373,969.81
1246Mager Constructions Pty Ltd$1,373,834.69
1247Community Programs Association$1,371,463.04
1248Thales Optronics Limited$1,368,900.19
1249LCF Systems INC.$1,367,622.41
1250Capabilities Employment Services Inc$1,366,892.14
1251Industry Education Networking Pty Ltd$1,360,485.00
1252Fortburn Pty Ltd$1,359,894.07
1253Transaero INC.$1,358,854.24
1254Gippsland Personnel OPEN Employment Association Inc$1,358,037.14
1255Valir Pty Ltd$1,355,702.26
1256Direct Salary Packaging Pty Ltd$1,353,600.00
1257Warren, Philip$1,348,856.96
1259Spectrum Employment Service Association Inc$1,342,639.27
1260RPV Consultants Pty Ltd$1,337,573.17
1261National TEST Pilot School Inc$1,334,826.95
1262Knight Frank Australia Pty Ltd$1,330,732.98
1263Echuca Community Education Group Inc$1,328,178.89
1264Advance Press Pty Ltd$1,325,904.00
1265Eyefi Pty Ltd$1,325,502.20
1266BAE Systems Integrated System Techn$1,325,091.44
1267Bellinger Instruments Pty Ltd$1,324,951.56
1268Britton Marine (australia) PTY. LIM$1,324,765.40
1269ALL The Perks Pty Ltd$1,323,848.01
1270IPS Worldwide$1,322,614.89
1271The Trustees Of The Roman Catholic Church For The Diocese Of Lismore$1,320,660.92
1272Baulderstone Pty Ltd$1,320,034.83
1273Youth Education Centre$1,320,000.00
1274Engadine District Youth Services$1,318,900.00
1275Heidelberg Training And Resource Centre Incorporated$1,317,709.99
1276ZOO Communications Pty Ltd$1,317,049.74
1277Think Place$1,315,313.13
1278Philips Electronics Australia$1,313,979.47
1279Lincast International Pty Ltd$1,313,943.07
1280Australian PUMP Industries Pty Ltd$1,312,839.28
1281Pioneer Employment Service Incorporated$1,312,802.84
1282P.e.p (progressive Employment Personnel) Incorporated$1,312,802.84
1283Persec Solutions$1,308,999.70
1284Mcarthur Management Services (vic)p$1,307,878.36
1285Rolls-royce Corporation$1,307,665.70
1286Wilkhahn Wilkening & Hahne P/L$1,307,020.21
1287Planex Sales Pty Ltd$1,306,850.54
1288Revenue DEPT$1,306,845.85
1289Work-ways Inc$1,300,000.00
1290Maritime Engineers Pty Ltd$1,299,539.50
1291Kimberley Personnel INC.$1,298,364.28
1292Reliance Petroleum$1,297,656.99
1293Australian Envelopes$1,292,797.83
1294Cassowary Coast Employment Group Inc$1,287,873.57
1295Visual Analysis Pty Ltd$1,284,424.21
1296Department For Environment & Natura$1,283,219.50
1297Working Arrangements Pty Ltd$1,282,966.41
1298Uniquest Pty Limited$1,280,697.65
1299Minter Ellison Lawyers$1,280,516.31
1300Trelleborg Industri AB$1,279,827.71
1301Great Southern Institute Of Technology$1,279,353.69
1302DMO Interagency$1,278,177.00
1303Accenture Australia Ltd$1,276,968.00
1304Stratsec.net Pty Ltd$1,276,939.67
1305Sonartech Atlas Pty Ltd$1,273,813.53
1306Hytec Carpentry Services$1,272,289.00
1307Financial Management Shared Service$1,269,038.30
1308Griffith University$1,267,188.15
1309CARE Australia$1,262,468.37
1310BMC Software$1,262,202.79
1311Eagle Industries Unlimited INC.$1,261,784.37
1312TRU Energy Pty Ltd$1,261,676.00
1313Workforce Training Solutions$1,261,206.80
1314Sunraysia & Murray Group$1,259,713.32
1315Quality Meats Pty Ltd$1,255,665.78
1316General Dynamics Canada Ltd$1,255,185.69
1317Inforail Pty Ltd$1,254,120.00
1318Barrington Personnel Security$1,253,499.20
1319Decipha Pty Ltd$1,253,484.75
1321Filmwing Pty Ltd$1,251,964.56
1322Mitchell Personnel Solutions$1,245,455.45
1323UXC Information Management$1,243,138.04
1324Defence Liasion Services Pty Ltd$1,241,762.54
1325Uniport Australia Pty Ltd$1,241,485.48
1326Clearswift PYT Ltd$1,241,074.35
1327Oliver Footwear$1,241,042.00
1328Intec 1 Pty Ltd$1,238,768.00
1329Achieve Australia Limited$1,237,055.71
1330CPA Australia$1,234,618.10
1331Bridge IT Engineering Pty Ltd$1,233,333.34
1332DEPT Of Veterans' Affairs$1,231,214.11
1333VIC Roads KEW $1,230,044.84
1334Alpha Autism Incorporated$1,228,200.71
1335Strategic DATA$1,226,724.42
1336Chambers Of Douglas J Campbell SC$1,225,499.80
1337PEP Community Services INC.$1,223,293.56
1338Pioneer ROAD Services$1,221,960.13
1339Sturdy Components Pty Ltd$1,220,040.76
1340RSM BIRD Cameron$1,219,317.50
1341ATDI South Pacific Pty Ltd$1,219,021.32
1342Skybridge (australia) Pty Ltd$1,218,600.00
1343Mountcastle Pty Ltd$1,215,327.30
1344Lucca Consulting Pty Ltd$1,214,337.02
1345NANO Technology Systems$1,213,150.00
1346Global Defence Solutions Pty Ltd$1,212,450.87
1347Migration Review Tribunal And$1,209,337.80
1348Mcgrathnicol Advisory Partnership$1,208,405.22
1349Arthur J. Gallagher (aus) Pty Ltd$1,207,287.45
1350Server Racks Australia$1,203,442.30
1351Outcare (incorporated)$1,202,907.00
1352QSP ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$1,202,649.59
1353Micreo Limited$1,202,028.28
1354Praeco Pty Ltd$1,201,992.51
1355Great Southern Personnel INC.$1,200,000.00
1356Craig International Ballistics$1,197,627.60
1357Royal WOLF Trading Australia$1,196,882.14
1358IBIS Business Information Pty Ltd$1,192,764.40
1359Wildpeak Pty Ltd$1,184,369.10
1360MG Kailis Pty Ltd$1,181,001.00
1362Australian Broadcasting CORP$1,179,207.50
1363Environmental Computing And Visualisation$1,179,071.90
1364Diversiti Pty Ltd$1,178,917.55
1365Accessity Pty Ltd$1,177,026.37
1366Wizard People Pty Ltd T/A$1,173,735.66
1367Boronia Consulting$1,168,934.16
1368Autism Association Of Western Australia Inc$1,166,892.14
1369Ontrack Employment Incorporated$1,163,620.70
1370Outer East Employment Service Inc$1,163,620.70
1371Northern Transportables Pty Ltd$1,163,305.59
1372Tilmere P/L$1,162,480.00
1373BAE Systems National Security Solut$1,161,824.76
1374Affinity Construction Management Pty Ltd$1,161,563.62
1375Trustees Of The Roman Catholic Church Diocese Of Lismo$1,161,457.73
1377Oxford Instruments P/L$1,157,500.00
1378EYE Safety Systems Inc DBA E S S DI$1,155,381.94
1379School And Beyond Inc$1,155,000.00
1380Asset Industries Australia Pty Ltd$1,154,279.19
1381Aurora Energy Pty Ltd$1,153,237.31
1382Cultural Partners$1,153,226.52
1383Robert Walters$1,153,152.00
1384SAI Global Ltd$1,152,262.71
1385Goodrich Control Systems$1,151,809.39
1386Workplace Research Associates$1,150,840.05
1387Red HAT Asia-pacific Pty Ltd$1,150,508.77
1388Nearmap Pty Ltd$1,150,000.00
1389Pitney Bowes Software Pty Ltd$1,149,000.75
1390SOLA Sport Pty Ltd$1,148,063.50
1391WAX Converters Textiles Pty Ltd$1,145,980.00
1392Hinds Workforce Research Pty Ltd$1,144,831.11
1393Sirras Consultants$1,144,499.20
1394Healthcare Management Advisors Pty Ltd$1,142,972.00
1395Anzsog Research$1,141,546.26
1396Nationbuild Pty Ltd$1,139,912.49
1397Catalyst Interactive Pty Ltd$1,136,456.30
1398Pigdon Portable Restorations$1,136,249.00
1399Indue Limited$1,135,827.00
1400Key Vetting Services Pty Ltd$1,134,789.30
1401Ichor Constructions Pty Ltd$1,133,536.24
1402Sydney Harbour Federation Trust$1,131,521.62
1403SOS Marine A DIV Of CASE Investm$1,130,780.40
1404Reputation PTY. Limited$1,129,529.00
1405Saildata Pty Ltd$1,129,327.94
1406Sydney Water$1,127,971.48
1407Horizon Research$1,126,889.50
1408Burleigh MARR Distribu$1,124,530.86
1409Ecowise Services Australia Pty Ltd$1,123,737.87
1410Selex Elsag Ltd$1,123,036.81
1411C H Group Pty Ltd$1,122,450.00
1412Consunet Pty Ltd$1,122,000.00
1413Remote Pty Ltd$1,120,605.70
1414Doyle Contracting Pty Ltd$1,119,750.07
1415NEWD CORP Trading AS Vinten Browning$1,109,339.00
1416Greenhill Caliburn$1,107,957.38
1417Hotham Personnel Incorporated$1,107,219.28
1418Courage Partners Pty Ltd$1,106,121.61
1419Alliance People Solutions$1,105,000.00
1420Visual JAZZ Pty Ltd$1,104,907.32
1421Sybase Australia Pty Ltd$1,104,101.23
1422Oriel Services Limited$1,103,947.84
1423Manitowoc Crane Group Australia$1,102,103.05
1424Sigma Bravo Pty Ltd$1,101,560.02
1425DEAF Children Australia$1,098,364.28
1426Island Petroleum Services Pty Ltd$1,097,785.50
1427Trelleborg Industri AB Technical CO$1,095,886.46
1428Origin Energy Pty Ltd$1,093,880.69
1429Bureau Veritas HSE Pty Ltd$1,093,134.00
1430Multi-pack Ltd$1,092,960.00
1431Porter Novelli Australia Pty Ltd$1,089,985.00
1432Mbabu, DR Adiel$1,089,102.16
1433Immuno Pty Limited$1,088,000.00
1434Econnect Solutions Pty Ltd$1,081,761.18
1435PT Limited$1,081,723.24
1436National Capital Attractions Association Inc$1,080,584.43
1437HR Operations Pty Ltd$1,078,147.20
1438MAIN PEAK$1,077,540.38
1439Flight DATA Systems$1,076,129.77
1440UMEE Ltd$1,075,397.00
1441ST Vincents PRV HOSP$1,072,904.78
1442Alltrans International - USD$1,070,746.29
1444Parliament House Catering BY IHG$1,068,619.70
1445European Patent Office$1,068,500.00
1446SEAL Solutions Pty Ltd$1,067,786.20
1447Synergy Group Australia Limited$1,066,050.00
1448OPC IT Pty Ltd$1,063,268.20
1449Integral Consulting Services Pty Ltd$1,059,939.81
1450Cadence Australia Pty Ltd$1,056,704.00
1451Savills Project Management Pty Ltd$1,054,975.24
1452Ortho-clinical Diagnostics$1,052,763.02
1453Oxygen Business Solutions Pty Ltd$1,050,333.90
1455Tablelands JOB Training Inc$1,049,027.71
1456DBM Consultants Pty Ltd$1,048,915.00
1458Shanghai Citic Square CO. Ltd$1,045,622.00
1459Taylor FRY Consulting Acturaires$1,045,200.00
1460Work Venture (qld) Ltd$1,044,274.99
1461Morriki PTY. Limited$1,043,883.16
1462Patriot Alliance Pty Ltd$1,039,232.10
1463Epi-use Australia Pty Limited$1,037,271.33
1464Frontier Economics$1,036,956.17
1465Interchem Pty Ltd$1,035,795.68
1466BAR CODE DATA Systems P/L$1,035,142.20
1467Mccormack Consulting (tas) Pty Ltd$1,034,000.00
1469Strategic Partnerships Holdings Pty Ltd$1,031,976.67
1470ACA Pacific Pty Ltd$1,029,149.45
1471Medical Insurance Australia$1,026,383.00
1472Adecco Australia Pty Ltd$1,025,439.48
1473Wesfarmers Kleenheat GAS Pty Ltd$1,024,870.00
1474Simbiant Pty Ltd$1,024,597.20
1475Duncan Bruce Wallace$1,021,553.00
1476Association For Services To$1,020,004.00
1477Kesef Management Ltd$1,016,872.00
1478Department Of Agriculture And FOOD$1,015,297.90
1479JJ Holdings Pty Ltd (t/a: Terrace Services)$1,014,875.00
1480N P Trust FUND$1,014,774.80
1481Newtrain Northern Rivers Inc$1,014,438.56
1483The Mathworks Australia Pty Ltd$1,012,488.40
1484Macdonnell Shire Council$1,012,316.68
1486East Gippsland Institute Of TAFE$1,004,771.00
1487Sentinel Pty Ltd$1,004,296.57
1488BAE Systems Australia Datagate$1,003,695.00
1489Benson Machines (benson-mfi Pty LTD)$1,001,922.00
1490International SOS (australasia) Pty$1,000,429.09
1491L-3 TRL Technology$1,000,401.31
1492Mount ISA Skills Association INC.$1,000,000.00
1493Invap SE$1,000,000.00
1494Optus Administration Pty Ltd$999,680.87
1495Mantra On Northbourne Canberra$999,597.99
1496Ballistic And Mechanical Testing$998,012.11
1497Airservices Australia$997,352.49
1498Bruker Biosciences Pty Limited$995,215.70
1499Lodestone Management Consultants PT$991,713.76
1500UTI (aust) Pty Ltd$990,000.00
1501Keyclue Pty Ltd$990,000.00
1502Coffey Enviroments Australia$989,894.48
1503Software AG (aust) Pty Ltd$987,381.65
1504Brisbane Convention & Exhibition$986,821.62
1505OVUM Pty Ltd$986,712.50
1506Rockwell Collins Australia$985,880.06
1507Careers Unlimited Pty Ltd$985,172.32
1508Western PORT Employment Support Service Inc$984,602.13
1509Sydney Counselling Centre Pty Ltd$984,602.13
1510Marathon Tyres$983,099.64
1511Aprina Pty Ltd$982,000.00
1512Morris Walker PTY. Limited$979,838.95
1513Interaction Consulting Group P/L$979,397.56
1514B J Turner & CO$978,756.99
1515Horizon ONE Recruitment$972,870.35
1516Ingres Australia Pty Ltd$972,009.16
1517Carlson Wagonlit Travel$971,168.17
1519Moore Stephens Canberra Pty Ltd$967,751.25
1520Keenyear Pty Ltd$967,554.59
1521Fordham Engineering Pty Ltd$967,512.43
1522Terranean Mapping Technologies$966,820.26
1523MAN Diesel Australia Pty Ltd$966,395.25
1524V Boscato & CO Pty Ltd$964,655.98
1525Knight Frank (KF Townsville Pty LTD)$964,400.00
1526CCH Australia Limited$963,345.92
1527Headway Support Services Tasmania Inc$958,037.14
1528Talent2 Pty Ltd$957,119.50
1529BALE Defence Industries Pty Ltd$955,715.83
1530T.C. Communications PTY. Limited$955,436.36
1531Western Vocational Association INC.$954,765.70
1532Rocky BAY Inc$954,765.70
1533Warsash Pty Ltd$954,126.49
1534Aerospace Concepts Pty Ltd$951,472.17
1535General Electric International Inc$951,138.27
1536Adnet Technology Australia Pty Ltd$950,849.90
1537Verossity Pty Ltd$950,520.82
1538Genzyme Australasia Pty Ltd$947,812.80
1539ASD Technology Pty Ltd$947,545.40
1540Norman Disney & Young$947,103.10
1541P. Blashki & SONS Pty Ltd$943,535.30
1542LJH Nursing Pty Ltd$943,255.00
1543Hedland Personnel INC.$938,691.43
1544Launch Recruitment Pty Ltd$936,771.83
1545SMA Pty Ltd$936,255.99
1546South Australian Murray-darling BAS$933,417.50
1547Aquitaine Consulting Pty Ltd$927,308.57
1548ST Vincents Hosptl$926,637.43
1549University Of Queensland$925,550.00
1550Integrated Wireless Pty Ltd$924,788.78
1551Secretariat Of The Pacific Community$924,651.00
1552Rydges Property Holdings Pty Ltd$921,494.95
1553Alphawest Services Pty Ltd$919,318.55
1554NT Working Women's Centre$919,190.01
1555Basil V R Greatrex Pty Ltd$919,158.00
1556Revolution IT Pty Ltd$917,993.85
1557Barossa Enterprises Inc$917,709.99
1558T M E Group Pty Ltd$917,528.40
1559Eveready Partitions$915,897.40
1560Executive Intelligence Group$914,366.26
1561Australian Communications And Media Authority$910,108.04
1562Mullion CK Prods - AAW Archive A/C$909,700.00
1563Swordfish Computing Pty Ltd (atf)$908,782.50
1564Megadot Pty Ltd$908,296.80
1565COX Inall Communications Pty Ltd T/A COX Inall Ridgeway$908,036.30
1566Castelain Pty Ltd$907,500.00
1567Sofraco Engineering Systems Pty Ltd$905,493.39
1568Fugro Airborne Surveys$905,300.00
1569Circular HEAD Aboriginal Corporation$902,654.00
1570Inquirion Pty Ltd$901,423.80
1571Mounts BAY Waters Apartment Hotel P/L$900,375.00
1572Carlwendo Pty Ltd ATF The Carlwendo Discretionary Trust$900,010.60
1573New England North WEST Landcare Network Chairs Incorporated$900,000.00
1574Psychiatric Rehabilitation Australia$900,000.00
1575Skill HIRE Pty Ltd ATF Skill HIRE Class Trust$900,000.00
1576TOLL IPEC Pty Ltd$898,600.00
1577Citrix Systems ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$897,885.73
1578F1 Solutions Pty Ltd$896,830.51
1579Spitwater AUST Pty Ltd$893,741.20
1580Schiavello Project Solutions Pty Ltd$892,992.10
1581Mohawk Electrical Systems Inc$891,307.68
1582Toshiba Australia Pty Ltd$891,250.93
1583Paper Shuffle Pty Ltd$891,060.01
1584Integrated Cabling Solutions Pty Ltd$887,727.50
1585Living Simply$883,036.32
1586Frawley Investments Pty Ltd$880,000.00
1587Thales UK LTD, Thales Aerospace$879,168.51
1588Towers Watson$878,919.50
1589Employment Services Holdings Pty Limited$876,550.00
1591Altus Group COST Management Pty Ltd Altus PAGE Kirkland$875,000.00
1592Henry Schein Halas And$872,177.95
1593Linda WYSE & Associates$872,000.00
1594Flite PATH Pty Ltd$870,922.00
1595All-build Commercial Interiors Pty Ltd$868,623.86
1596Anstat Pty Ltd$866,770.85
1597Audit And Fraud Software Pty Ltd$866,178.50
1598Latrobe CITY Council$864,328.00
1599Medvet Science PTY. LTD.$864,110.00
1600Regional Power Corporation$863,389.99
1601Kongsberg Protech AS$863,143.57
1602Jandakot Airport Holdings Pty Ltd$861,300.00
1603Ultimate Positioning$860,940.70
1604ADS Solutions Pty Ltd$860,631.74
1605Decision Technology Pty Ltd$860,498.26
1606Norsafe A/S$860,000.00
1607Smartnet Pty Ltd T/AS Smartnet$857,150.01
1608Onetest Pty Ltd$856,103.72
1609Fredon AIR Pty Limited$855,613.00
1610Comgroup Australia - NSW$854,185.16
1611Surefire LLC$853,993.21
1612BAE Systems (operations) Ltd$851,200.68
1613Symmetrica Pty Ltd$850,000.00
1614SAHA International$847,928.39
1615Space TIME Research Pty Ltd$847,629.77
1616Arkel International L.l.c.$845,367.74
1617Thomas Electronics Of$845,143.20
1618Finkisoft Pty Ltd$844,602.50
1619Ashburton Aboriginal Corporation$844,000.00
1620ICOM (australia) PTY. LTD.$840,943.94
1621Minelab Electronics Pty Ltd$840,913.65
1622The Fresh Network - Darwin$840,000.00
1623Trend Micro Australia Pty Ltd$840,000.00
1624Power Initiatives$839,586.00
1625Conseil Sante S.A.$839,493.60
1627Converge International$836,648.01
1628Mcpherson's Printing Group$836,567.00
1629Bayldon ROAD UNIT Trust$835,448.54
1630PEEL Valley Training Enterprise Inc$835,419.99
1631YU FUNG And YUAN Chieh$834,654.82
1632Squiz Australia Pty Ltd$832,602.18
1633Crown Equipment Pty Ltd$830,037.04
1634D Gilford And EJ Gilford And JE Gilford And TM Gilford$830,000.00
1635Altis Consulting Pty Ltd$829,808.47
1636IBM Global Financing Australia Limited$827,233.48
1637Haystac Public Affairs Pty Ltd$826,609.40
1638Gawaya, ROSE$824,922.47
1639ACT ICT Pty Ltd$824,366.40
1640Interscan Navigation Systems$824,193.27
1641Paynter Dixon Constructions Pty$823,130.00
1642Wdscott ASIA Pty Ltd$822,750.00
1643Varley Group$822,424.24
1644Hilton Hotels Of Australia Pty Ltd$821,777.67
1645BEAK Engineering$820,590.98
1646Datacom Systems (nsw) Pty Ltd$818,500.00
1647Reading ROOM Australia Pty Ltd$817,372.05
1648Effective Australia Pty Ltd$812,417.50
1649Australian Valuation Office$811,487.46
1650Rosetta Stone Ltd$811,423.50
1651Classic Coachworks$811,140.00
1652Edwards Windsor REAL Estate$809,542.26
1653Downs Sheet Metal$807,069.51
1654Trust Company Fiduciary Services$805,603.25
1655AGL Energy Sales & Marketing$804,633.11
1656Independent Systems Integrators Pty Ltd$803,702.00
1657Qinetiq (international) Pty Ltd$803,075.28
1658Westfield Shoppping Centre Management CO (act) Pty Ltd$802,263.67
1659Wilton Hanford Hanover Pty Limited$801,959.79
1660Creative Digital Technology$801,936.00
1662TMG Testequipment$800,385.30
1663Bayley & Associates Pty Ltd$799,664.94
1664National Capital Diagnostic$799,000.00
1665Westar Aerospace & Defense Group In$797,322.96
1666M5 Networks Australia Pty Ltd$796,811.84
1667ACIS Consulting Pty Ltd TA Officelink$795,036.00
1668Clements Recruitment Pty Ltd$794,546.60
1669Results Consulting (aust) Pty Ltd$794,510.84
1670Barma Water Resources Consulting PT$794,247.00
1671Horizon Communication Group Pty Ltd$793,905.60
1672Indian Ocean Group Training$792,973.26
1673Beauchamp Pty Ltd$791,449.76
1674Platypus Outdoors Group Pty Ltd$790,955.61
1675Brooker, Carey Frederick$790,923.00
1676NDT Equipment Sales$789,895.78
1677Energy Efficient Strategies Pty Ltd$788,338.84
1678World Intellectual Property Organisation$787,717.00
1679Defcon Technologies Group$786,046.81
1680Bitech Consultancy Pty Ltd$785,883.12
1681Specialist Marine Services Pty$784,898.00
1682Advance Civil Engineering Pty Ltd$784,709.61
1683Transformed Pty Ltd$782,824.00
1684Gregory Commercial Furniture Pty Ltd$782,323.83
1685Thiess Enviironmental Services P /$781,716.80
1686Alliance Consulting Group Pty Ltd$779,300.00
1687Infohrm Pty Ltd$777,199.55
1689Work Options Pty Ltd$775,747.13
1690Protec Marine Pty Ltd$773,202.12
1691Divex ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$773,166.74
1692Amherst Systems INC.$770,836.68
1693BIG N Pty Ltd T/AS$770,085.80
1694Australian Maritime Systems$769,645.01
1695Refactor Solutions$769,313.60
1696AIM Screening Pty Ltd$768,999.30
1697Sydney Opera House$768,724.10
1698Uniteam Australiasia$766,247.13
1699Object Consulting Pty Ltd$765,583.23
1700Sound Advice$764,217.89
1701SRA Information Technology$763,239.36
1702Ad.iq Pty Ltd$762,850.00
1703E CASH Pty Ltd$762,400.00
1704Datacom Systems SA Pty Ltd$762,003.02
1705Universal Office Cleaners (act) Pty Ltd$760,737.58
1706Active Occupational Health Services$759,000.00
1707National Projects WA$758,725.00
1708Energetics Pty Ltd$758,711.66
1709JOBS Statewide Inc$757,800.00
1710Ngaanyatjarra Council (aboriginal Corporation)$757,746.00
1711Bearcage Productions$757,464.46
1712PALM Consulting Group Pty Ltd$756,080.99
1713Compucat Research Pty Ltd$756,036.00
1714M&C Saatchi Agency Pty Ltd$755,020.04
1715Armtec Countermeasures Company$752,351.51
1716ASI Solutions Pty Ltd$749,392.38
1717Qantas Airways$749,257.92
1718Transact Capital Communications Pty Ltd$748,494.09
1719Canon Australia Pty Ltd$746,521.50
1720MACH 1 Australia Inc$745,910.71
1721Royal Society For The Blind Of SA INC.$745,910.71
1722OPEN Minds Australia$745,910.71
1723Avalon Systems$745,737.90
1724Alpha Armouring Panzerung GMBH$745,390.00
1726Pitney Bowes Australia Ltd$744,400.00
1727Alltrans International$743,691.60
1728Photo Mapping Services Pty Ltd$743,173.20
1729FLC Bridgepoint Pty Ltd$742,947.26
1730Diesels And Components Pty Ltd$742,788.41
1731Terrior Pty Ltd$742,500.00
1732Fusidium Pty Ltd$742,499.76
1733MACK Consulting Group Pty Ltd$742,499.61
1734Cisco Systems Australia$742,464.25
1735Australian Institute Of Criminology$740,147.10
1736APP Corporation Pty Ltd$739,514.76
1737Moonya Community Services Inc$738,691.43
1738Israel Aircraft IND Ltd$738,188.00
1739Waratah Information Pty Ltd$737,701.95
1740Knowledge Management & Transfer$737,015.00
1741PD Analytical PTY. LTD.$735,246.15
1742Resolution Consulting Services$734,322.00
1743Queensland Police Service$733,462.00
1744European AUTO Imports Pty Ltd$732,534.00
1745Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems$730,202.80
1746Mcarthur Management Services (SA) P/L$730,039.81
1747Smith AMD Nephew$727,383.50
1748Trelleborg Engineered System$726,715.00
1749Inovact Consulting$726,712.00
1750RISK Decisions Pty Ltd$726,416.37
1751PJB Advisory Pty Ltd$724,900.00
1753Planwell Technology$723,030.00
1754Brisbane Airport Corporation$722,805.53
1755Viasat INC.$722,468.30
1756Abnote Australasia Pty Ltd$722,409.20
1757New Intelligence$722,244.37
1758Kobold Group Limited$721,917.66
1759National Convention Centre$719,798.77
1760HERE Technology Pty Ltd$719,735.00
1762Roper GULF Shire Council$719,091.36
1763Fugro Spatial Solutions Pty Ltd$718,430.30
1764Senetas Security Pty Ltd$718,312.28
1765Capra Group Pty Ltd$718,299.76
1766Rovera Construction Pty Ltd Superannuation FUND$717,537.98
1767South Burnett Jobmatch Association Inc$716,074.28
1768Sydney Rehabilitation Services Pty Ltd$716,074.28
1769Radtronics P/L$716,067.07
1770Dataline Visual LINK$715,803.35
1771Rockhampton Regional Council$715,100.00
1772M&W Singapore$715,090.00
1773DR Louise Murray$715,000.00
1776IKAD Engineering$714,589.22
1777Isuzu Australia Ltd$714,101.30
1778Distillery Software$712,705.65
1779Electronic Warfare Associates AUST$712,094.88
1780Nordic CAMP Supply$711,996.27
1781Carton Solutions Pty Ltd$711,737.24
1782Australian Security Intelligence$711,154.39
1783Queensland University Of Technology$710,237.29
1784Transport TYRE Sales Pty Ltd$709,772.80
1785Ogilvy Public Relations Pty Ltd$709,480.10
1786Premier Protection Agency Pty Ltd$708,999.80
1787Vetting Solutions Australia$708,999.20
1788National Vetting Services Pty Ltd$708,916.81
1789STAY Developments Pty Ltd$708,699.00
1790Industry Capability Network Limited $708,468.00
1791Microster Solutions Pty Limited$707,960.00
1792Konica Minolta Business Solutions$707,953.06
1793Quadric Pty Ltd$707,828.00
1794ST JOHN Of GOD Hospit$707,652.87
1795University Of Newcastle$706,069.00
1796Colin Lyons Consulting$705,715.63
1797Tibco Software INC.$704,881.61
1798Wisdom Learning Pty Ltd$704,764.68
1799Western Australia Department Of State Development$704,000.00
1800Tasmanian Chamber Of Commerce And Industry$704,000.00
1801GOLD Coast CITY Council$704,000.00
1802Hughes Network Systems LLC$703,983.94
1803Kaefer Integrated Services$702,043.43
1804George P Johnson (australia) Pty LI$701,720.92
1805David J Smith Building Pty Ltd$700,815.26
1806Purdon & Featherstone$700,807.19
1807ARGO Partners Pty Limited$700,424.92
1808Southern Mental Health Association Incorporated$700,000.00
1809Australian Agency For International Development (ausaid)$699,943.20
1810IAN Johnston & Associates$698,513.85
1811Facet Consulting Pty Ltd$698,280.00
1813SKG Pty Ltd$694,019.00
1814TOM Calma$694,000.00
1815PSI ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$693,848.00
1816Ducor Australia Pty Ltd$693,308.55
1817BULL & BEAR Special Assignments Pty$692,625.00
1818ISS Facility Services Australia Group$692,164.43
1819APL Logistics$690,726.60
1820Mcinnes Wilson Lawyers$690,500.00
1821Eventra Pty Ltd$690,312.70
1822Australian DRUG Foundation$688,050.00
1823Pillingers Hiring Service Pty Ltd$687,720.00
1824Workscope Incorporated$686,237.85
1825Agility Consulting Pty Ltd$685,949.00
1826AMP Capital Investors Ltd$684,001.74
1827Kellaway Pty Ltd$683,384.00
1828University Of Western Australia$683,213.16
1829IPMS Pty Ltd - The Trustee For IPMS Service Trust$683,113.94
1830PIPE Networks Ltd$682,890.00
1831SMEC Australia Pty Ltd$682,348.76
1832The Social Research Centre$681,337.00
1833RENZ Masterbind Pty Limited$680,237.36
1834Gavin Jones Communications Pty Ltd$678,096.00
1835M&T Resources$677,600.00
1836Avpharm Health Pty Ltd$676,253.13
1837Tjallara Building Company$674,859.38
1838A.s.harrison & CO$674,061.51
1839Symbion Dental$673,194.71
1840Easec Pty Ltd$672,100.00
1841BLUE Swimmer Consulting$671,719.77
1842Allclean Pty Ltd$670,370.88
1843FIRE Fighting Technologies$670,324.48
1844Safety Equipment Australia Pty Ltd$669,405.70
1845Edward Robert Homburg$669,389.05
1846Rydges Capital HILL$669,289.86
1847Astute Technologies P/L$667,744.00
1848Right Management Consultants P/L$667,339.32
1849AOS Group Pty Ltd$666,276.60
1850Applied Biosystems Pty Ltd$665,824.16
1851Lockheed Martin AUST Stasys P / L$665,365.91
1852Upton Martin Consulting$665,334.10
1853PORT Kembla Marine Fuels$664,920.00
1854Worldstage Pty Ltd$663,874.98
1855William Peter DAY$662,932.60
1856AIR New Zealand ENG Services$662,791.17
1857Oceanworks International Pty Ltd$662,200.00
1858Apriva ISS LLC$661,557.29
1859Crystal Approach Pty Ltd$660,015.40
1860Briz31 Limited T/AS QCTV$660,000.00
1861C31 Adelaide Limited$660,000.00
1862Gillian Beaumont Legal$659,492.28
1863DR Geoffrey ELVY$658,997.50
1864Finsbury Green Pty Ltd$658,000.00
1865DEPT Of Water, LAND & Biodiversity$657,241.00
1866Clonnaugh Pty Ltd$656,700.00
1867The Northcott Society$656,401.42
1868Centre For Appropriate Technology Incorporated$655,751.52
1869Triple M Mechanical Services$654,673.62
1870Active Rehab Consultants$654,500.00
1871Spatial Vision Innovations Pty Ltd$652,551.82
1872Red 29 Pty Limited$651,971.39
1873Micro Focus Pty Ltd$651,330.27
1874Australian Fifty Leaders (afl)$651,299.00
1875University Of Tasmania$650,412.95
1876Metrobuild Constructions Pty Ltd$650,105.12
1877Cairns Airport Pty Ltd$647,753.12
1878SABA Software (australia) Pty Ltd$647,683.52
1879Allette Systems (australia) Pty Ltd$646,510.30
1880Argus Apartments Pty Ltd$645,556.72
1881Supacat Ltd$644,221.77
1882MTAA House Pty Ltd$644,203.20
1883LEND Lease REAL Estate Investment$643,118.58
1885Factiva Ltd$642,289.05
1886ROCK Oil Engineering Ltd$642,052.93
1887MSA (aust) Pty Ltd$641,292.08
1888Praxis Consultants Pty Ltd$641,203.22
1889IRON Mountain Australia Pty Ltd$640,785.22
1890Statewide Mercantile Services Pty Ltd$640,269.98
1891Rosewarne Installation Services$639,835.53
1892EMAK Communications N.Q. Pty Ltd$638,957.00
1893Gaymark Property Group$638,463.28
1895Program IT Pty Ltd$637,732.50
1896Ametek INC. DIV Aerospace & Defense$637,620.98
1897Origin Energy Electricity Ltd$635,044.12
1898Thorn Airfield Lighting$634,456.59
1899Tainos P/L$632,060.00
1900Prevon Pty Ltd$629,656.42
1901Innovation Science Pty Ltd$629,275.90
1902Australian Foundation For Disability$628,200.71
1903District Vocational Services Incorporated$628,200.71
1904Stantons International Pty Ltd$627,921.30
1905Escensio Consulting$627,600.01
1906JAC Asbestos Removal$627,266.89
1907Ultra Electronics Advanced Tactical$626,803.37
1908Workpower Inc$626,564.99
1909XTEK Limited$625,850.10
1910Elsevier BV$625,847.96
1911DR Graeme Macdougal$625,784.70
1912Knights Armament Company$624,005.75
1913Small & Associates Pty Ltd$623,949.76
1914Charles Darwin UNI - The Cashiers$622,700.52
1915Multimedia Concepts Pty Ltd$622,570.52
1916Buderoo Ltd$620,550.00
1917Walterturnbull Pty Ltd$619,859.69
1918L-3 Communications Corporation$619,445.49
1919Clarke, Jeremy$619,172.99
1920Thinc Projects (sa/nt) Pty Ltd$618,154.90
1921Turner & Townsend Pty Ltd$615,216.50
1922Acspro Pty Ltd$614,680.00
1923Scope Interiors (1997) Pty Ltd$614,269.70
1924Securelink Pty Ltd$613,946.30
1925B.E. Meyers & CO. INC.$613,523.41
1926Sonosite Australia Pty Ltd$612,965.73
1927ALEX Construction Management Pty Limited$612,616.63
1928Holiday INN Sydney Airport$612,230.31
1930S.e.i. Societa' Esplosivi Industria$611,623.69
1931National ICT Australia Ltd$610,731.20
1932IS Systems Pty Ltd$609,849.38
1933Patricia ANNE Keeley$608,999.60
1934Solitaire Seating$608,884.80
1935G-tek Australia Pty Ltd$608,588.75
1936Combat Simulation Systems (aust)$607,945.14
1937Complete Design Interiors$607,768.00
1938Jacobs Australia Pty Ltd$606,517.29
1939Freight LINK Pty Ltd$605,000.00
1940Australian Training Company Limited$604,520.00
1941LJ Colquhoun Dixon$604,510.00
1942Australian AIR Express$604,431.92
1943Visasys Pty Ltd$604,165.00
1944The Trust Company Limited$603,921.52
1945S C F Group Pty Ltd$603,475.50
1946Hamilton James & Bruce Pty Ltd$603,205.84
1948James Millar Architects$602,909.21
1949Secom Technical Services Pty$601,514.16
1950ACT Department Of Disability$600,000.00
1951Michael P Charles$599,999.40
1952Legal AID Commission Of WA$599,795.00
1953EQV Group Pty Ltd$599,610.00
1954IHS Australia Pty Ltd$599,259.16
1955L E K Consulting$598,980.00
1956KK &S Instruments$598,769.48
1957Jeppesen Dataplan$598,610.17
1958Australian Museum$598,351.50
1959Kotahi Developments$598,073.03
1960Adventure ONE$597,561.80
1962Dilma Consulting Pty Ltd$597,300.75
1963COPE Sensitive Freight$596,730.63
1964Spinal CORD Injuries Australia Ltd$596,728.56
1965North WEST Employment Group Inc$596,728.56
1966Personnel WEST Association Inc$596,728.56
1967The Cerebral Palsy Association Of Western Australia LTD.$596,728.56
1968The Ascent Group Australia Ltd$596,728.56
1969Navantia, S.A.$596,624.47
1970Project Planning (act) Pty Limited$596,500.00
1971MEL Conv/exhib TST$595,133.15
1972BDO Kendalls (nsw-vic) Pty Ltd$595,050.89
1973Conflict Security & Development Partnerships (csdp)$593,545.00
1974Performance Engineering Group AUST$593,469.80
1976Colonial First State Asset Managemenr$592,411.70
1977Hyder Consulting Pty Ltd$592,095.71
1978JOHN STAR Pty Ltd$592,053.58
1979Burns Bridge Sweett Pty Ltd$591,521.70
1980FTI Repository Services$590,144.00
1981LANE Print & POST$588,850.00
1982Markerry Industries$588,775.00
1983Telethon Institute For Child Health Research$588,687.00
1984Hyatt Hotel Canberra$588,475.94
1985FM Projects Australia Pty Ltd$587,839.26
1986Sabre Systems INC.$587,825.22
1987Cre8ive Australasia Pty Ltd$586,897.39
1988JOHN Robinson Consulting$586,570.00
1989The Pharmacy Guild Of Australia$586,492.98
1990RISK Management Technologies$586,086.00
1991Hearnshaw And Partners Pty Ltd$585,199.88
1992AVON Barrier Company Ltd$584,528.55
1993Centrix - PM (aust) Pty Ltd$583,950.00
1994Edith Cowan University$582,963.56
1995Inertial Science Inc$581,504.64
1996BST TECH Consulting Pty Ltd$581,080.25
1997Advanced VTOL Technologies$580,852.73
1998Atelier Learning Solutions Pty Ltd$580,100.00
1999AON Benfield AUS Ltd(cairo83402)$580,000.00
2000Stamford Interactive Pty Ltd$579,316.00
2001Mediserve Pty Ltd$579,000.00
2002Border Express$578,295.82
2003Protec Pty Ltd$577,646.53
2004Adelaide Research & Innovation Pty Ltd$577,500.00
2005First Commercial Realty Pty Ltd$576,954.00
2006Erdas Pty Ltd$576,799.93
2007SHAW Contract Group Australia$575,712.94
2008Murdi Paaki Regional Enterprise Corporation Ltd$574,563.84
2009Powertel Limited$574,309.38
2010KENN Borek AIR Ltd$574,000.00
2011BMT Design & Technology Pty Ltd$573,609.64
2012Diebold Australia Pty Ltd$573,431.12
2013Formation DATA Pty Ltd$573,120.00
2014Access Testing Pty Ltd$572,431.50
2015Verve Economics Pty Ltd$572,385.00
2016WSP Environmental Pty Ltd$571,076.40
2017Bactec SE ASIA Pty Ltd$570,759.66
2018Centraal Betaalkantoor DEN HAAG$570,330.98
2019Communication Services Australia LI$570,297.04
2020Kastro Astypalea Pty Ltd$570,000.00
2021SMS Management & Technology$567,924.86
2022The Uniting Church In Australia Property Trust (victoria)$566,892.14
2023Outlook (vic) Inc$566,892.14
2024White LION INC.$566,680.00
2025Scientific PEST Management$565,878.61
2026Schiavello Constructions (nsw) Pty Ltd$564,914.90
2027Associated Electronic Services$562,671.87
2028Shane Carroll & Associates Pty Ltd$562,018.16
2029George Pty Ltd AFT The S & M Trust$561,769.52
2030Complete Office Supplies Pty Ltd$561,158.31
2031Allens Arthur Robinson$558,776.09
2032HBO EMTB Interiors (act) Pty Ltd$557,980.60
2033RPM Solutions Pty Ltd$557,794.00
2034The Mulga Gidgee Family Trust$556,582.00
2035Western Australia Police Service$556,573.99
2036B&G Equipment Inc$554,925.88
2037Robertson Wright$554,793.40
2038Kramer Ausenco (fiji) Ltd$553,906.90
2039Woodville Investments Pty Ltd$553,242.26
2040Curtin University Of Technology$551,238.18
2041Auscon Ltd$550,000.00
2042Leda-vannaclip Pty Limited$549,195.15
2043Active Endpoints Inc$549,144.00
2044Intelligent Surveillance$549,103.00
2045Elegant Knitting Company Pty Ltd$548,692.74
2046Intravision Pty Limited$548,306.38
2047EWK International$548,067.25
2048FLAX Pty Ltd$547,731.00
2049Western Australian DEAF Society$547,395.71
2050KLM Group Ltd$546,879.44
2051LEO Microsystems Pty Ltd$546,840.80
2052Kobra Shredders Australia Pty Ltd$546,308.50
2053Allen Systems Group Inc$545,958.99
2054FYF Investments Pty Ltd$545,132.00
2055ARMY SHOP$544,916.79
2056Barkly Shire$544,737.74
2057Military & Aviation Spares Pty$544,594.30
2058Hilton Melbourne Airport Hotel$544,160.01
2059Westmead Private HOS$544,114.45
2060Avanade Australia Pty Ltd$543,407.25
2061Caption IT Pty Ltd (AS Trustee For The Gilvear Family Trust T/A Allan Gilvear And Associates$543,400.00
2062Aquaterra Consulting Pty Ltd$542,363.00
2063RTA Weipa Pty Ltd$540,380.98
2064KONE Cranes$540,000.00
2065P & J Contracting Pty Ltd$540,000.00
2066MBZ Pty Ltd$539,491.70
2067HR Connexions Pty Ltd$538,894.00
2068Bunuwal Investments Pty Ltd AS Trustee Of Milidit JPI$537,852.74
2069Cincom Systems Of Australia PT$537,741.50
2070Buildev Properties Pty Ltd$537,700.00
2071Michael PAGE International$537,152.93
2072Work Connection Ltd$537,055.71
2073AAD Nominees Pty Ltd$536,577.01
2074Datacom Systems Pty Ltd$536,176.00
2075AERO & Military Products$535,775.56
2076The Canberra Hospital$535,767.72
2077Aquila Engineering$535,426.04
2078Sydac Pty Ltd$535,291.70
2079Laerdal Pty Ltd$534,906.44
2080Fargher, JOHN Douglas Trading AS JOHN D Fargher$532,788.79
2081Military SHOP$530,835.89
2082Murray & Roberts Construction$529,730.00
2084Healthcare Australia Pty Ltd$527,814.00
2085Vasco DATA Security Australia Pty$527,490.80
2086Department Of Environment & Conserv$526,307.00
2087I & G Pty Ltd$526,303.44
2088Ocean Technix$525,860.50
2089Relocation LAWS Pty Ltd$525,271.41
2090GMB Holdings Pty Ltd$523,943.65
2091NSW Department Of Industry & Invest$523,810.46
2092Duxton Hotel$523,755.00
2093Emergency Transport Technology$523,282.20
2094Serco Australia Pty Ltd$523,134.70
2095Townsville CITY Council$521,146.64
2096Workabout Personnel Pty Ltd$520,829.08
2097Patrick Mccafferty$520,673.18
2098TONY Fitzgerald$520,450.00
2099DHL Express (australia) Pty Ltd$520,290.46
2100RISK & Continuity Management Pty LT$519,450.00
2101ANZ Business CARD Service$519,393.54
2102CARE Goondiwindi Association Inc$519,345.71
2103A And D International Pty Ltd$518,956.86
2104Hepworth Industrial WEAR Pty Ltd$517,990.00
2105Hassell Ltd$517,917.48
2106Australian Indigenous Business Services Pty Ltd$517,322.06
2107The Impax Group Pty Ltd$517,000.00
2108Julie Tyndall$517,000.00
2109NT Occupational Health Consultants$517,000.00
2110W J Deane Family Holdings Pty Ltd$516,674.54
2111Cggveritas DGC Services (australia) Pty Ltd$516,450.00
2112T&S Signcraft Pty Ltd$516,406.00
2114Auzresource Pty Ltd$515,438.00
2115Iocane Pty Ltd$514,865.32
2117Gibson QUAI - AAS Pty Ltd$512,571.01
2118VON Rechenberg Australia Pty Ltd$512,302.11
2119Hirotec Maintenance Pty Ltd$511,485.21
2120LIF Pty Ltd$511,366.42
2121Scientific Devices Australia$511,252.34
2122IBL Software Engineering$511,054.00
2123Golder Associates Pty Ltd$510,953.30
2124Hanley's Removals Pty Ltd$509,958.24
2125Enable Software P/L$509,216.40
2126Peter Bazeley Development Consulting$509,153.08
2127Crown Vetting Pty Ltd$509,000.00
2128Ruswin Vetting Services Pty Ltd$508,999.60
2129Hinchinbrook Employment Services Association Incorporated$508,855.00
2131Auscon LTD.$508,142.95
2132Albatross Hotel Resort$507,699.30
2133The DEAF Society Of New South Wales$507,219.28
2134Tableland Employment Agency Inc$507,219.28
2135Lutheran Church Of Australia QLD District Lutheran Community CARE$507,219.28
2136Department Of Employment &$507,100.00
2137Springway Pty Ltd T/A$506,961.93
2138Freightquip Australia Pty Ltd$506,752.89
2139Australian FUEL Cells Pty Ltd$506,471.59
2140Australian Customs Service$506,335.33
2141Satcomms Australia$506,068.82
2142Scientec Research Pty Ltd$506,000.00
2143Secora Consulting, Australasia$505,285.00
2144OOSW Consulting Pty Ltd$504,504.00
2145Auscript Australasia Pty Ltd$504,489.95
2146Amira International$504,265.47
2147Thomson Scientific Limited$504,096.80
2148Access Control Engineered Systems Pty Ltd$503,794.00
2149Heckler & KOCH GMBH$503,792.68
2150ORC AUS Pty Ltd$503,674.00
2151J.P. Morgan Australia Limited$503,250.00
2152UBS AG$503,250.00
2153The Royal BANK Of Scotland PLC$503,250.00
2154Global Defence Industries Pty$503,064.78
2155Western Sydney Community Aboriginal Corporation$502,500.00
2156Wayne Richardson Sales$501,026.51
2157Kitchens On The RUN Australia$500,230.00
2158Dalflin Employment Alliance Inc$500,000.00
2159Lyreco Australia Pty Ltd$500,000.00
2160Geo-informatics And Space Technology Development Agency$500,000.00
2161Portcullis Pty Ltd$499,928.00
2162PLUS PLUS Pty Ltd$498,553.90
2163Probuild (NT) Pty Ltd$498,209.80
2164Iress Market Technology$498,117.00
2165Allen-vanguard Technologies Inc$496,955.41
2166ACT Government$496,900.49
2167Hickling Corporation$496,459.00
2168Armstrong Muller Consulting Pty Limited$496,420.00
2169Integrated Transfer Solutions$496,372.80
2170Relationships Australia (SA) Inc$495,550.00
2171Bruce HICK Electrical DATA$495,086.90
2172The Bioadvisory Group Pty Ltd$495,000.00
2173Donnell And Associates Pty Ltd$495,000.00
2174Colliers International Workplace Integration Pty Ltd$495,000.00
2175Department Of Primary Industries An$494,820.00
2176Execuplan Consulting$493,633.01
2177Plantability Pty Ltd$493,460.00
2178Schiavello (act) Pty Ltd$492,985.99
2179The Citadel Group Limited$492,857.15
2180Glanda International$492,233.52
2181General Atomics Aeronautical System$492,205.08
2182Complementary Healthcare Council Of Australia$492,030.00
2183Redfern Aboriginal Corporation$492,000.00
2184HYRO Australia Pty Limited$491,344.69
2185The Rehabilitation Company Pty Ltd$490,994.69
2186Datapod (australia) Pty Ltd$490,689.52
2187Reveal Group$488,999.00
2188Atlas Geophysics Pty Ltd$487,993.00
2189Signature Projects Pty Ltd$487,234.00
2190Kisters P/L$486,739.59
2191CAS INC.$485,885.77
2192Wilken Service Pty Ltd$485,878.96
2193HK Training & Consultancy Pty Ltd$485,672.88
2194Boeing Defence Australia Ltd$485,657.39
2195BAY Technologies Pty Ltd$485,319.00
2196R M Smith Foodservice Distribution$485,058.48
2197Optimum Business Consulting$484,142.80
2198Sureway Employment And Training Pty Ltd$484,000.00
2199Qantas Defence Services Pty Ltd$483,451.13
2200Schiavello Commercial Interiors (SA$483,330.86
2201Tauondi Incorporated$482,789.00
2202Anritsu Pty Ltd$482,460.45
2203National JET Systems Pty Ltd$482,300.00
2204Great Southern Communications$481,258.90
2205AUGA International Advertising Media CO Ltd$480,750.00
2206D.c.m. Security Services Pty Ltd$480,700.24
2207Matthews PEGG Consulting Pty Ltd$480,660.00
2208Rydges Perth$479,601.00
2209BUSY INC.$479,600.00
2210Tekmark Australia Pty Ltd$479,262.93
2211Skillsearch Contracting Pty Ltd$479,160.00
2212Citigate Perth$479,080.00
2213Limestone Coast Work Options Incorporated$479,018.57
2214LIFE Fitness Australia Pty Ltd$478,758.55
2215Michael J Colbran$478,754.00
2216IOH Liverpool Campbelltown$478,500.00
2217Colan Products$478,500.00
2218Crystal Approach Pty Ltd$478,361.00
2219Pyramid Corporation Pty Ltd$477,704.95
2220Software Traction$477,549.00
2221Strikeforce International Pty Ltd$475,816.00
2223Communio Pty Ltd$474,605.00
2224Talent International (act) Pty Ltd$473,613.80
2225DKSH Australia Pty Ltd$473,577.50
2226Readify Pty Limited$473,440.00
2227Vmware International Ltd$472,690.80
2228Australian Technology Informati*$472,256.08
2229Warmun Community (turkey Creek) Inc$472,024.80
2230Jones LANG Lasalle (SA) Pty Ltd$471,179.50
2231Logistic Engineering Services P/L$470,904.52
2232Ashton Raggatt Mcdougall$470,529.00
2233Arrow International Australia$470,103.06
2234Polytronic International Ltd$469,231.74
2235SVS Technologies Pty Ltd$468,945.40
2236Swets INFO Services$468,271.01
2237CIC Secure Pty Ltd$466,850.75
2238MRB Communications Pty Ltd$466,438.50
2239K S Jacob And J Jacob$466,332.00
2240Miles Morgan Australia Pty Ltd$465,715.00
2241Nammo Lapua OY$465,646.17
2242Pebble IT Solutions Pty Ltd$465,173.94
2243Macquarie University$464,863.32
2244Brunswick Retail Investment Pty Ltd$464,852.00
2245Alluvium Consulting$464,579.00
2246Agulhas Applied Knowledge Limited$464,491.00
2247Vicom Australia Pty Ltd$462,393.80
2248ITE Australia Pty Ltd$462,340.00
2249Emerging Growth Enterprise LLC$462,183.24
2250JOHN Roland Auborne Thorp$462,000.00
2251WHON Pty Ltd$460,400.00
2252Griffith Skills Training Centre$460,292.04
2253Effective Negotiation Services$459,989.90
2254BOSS Constructions$459,975.10
2255Southern Cross Computer Systems P/L$459,821.28
2256Transport Industries Skills Centre Inc$459,783.45
2257UNSW Global Pty Limited$459,632.57
2258Indoor Outdoor Blinds And Awnings$458,245.00
2259AGL Retail Energy Ltd$458,066.39
2260Winchester Australia Limited$457,904.00
2261Supreme FOOD Service AG$457,318.75
2262Simon National Carriers$457,297.50
2263Ngarliyarndu Bindirri Aboriginal Corporation$456,818.36
2264Hotel Rendezvous$456,766.32
2265Nuttall Consulting$456,720.00
2267TYCO FLOW Control Pacific Pty L*$456,490.12
2268Working Women's Centre SA Inc$456,258.50
226912 Queen Street Developments Pty Ltd$455,433.00
2270ALFA Computers Pty Ltd$454,731.71
2271Kings Technology PARK Pty Limited$454,710.00
2272Flinders University$454,588.28
2273Baker & Brown Constructions Pty Ltd$454,302.12
2274Bruck Textiles$454,222.55
2275ST George PRVT Hsptl$453,839.71
2276International Economics Pty Limited$453,545.40
2277Patrick Ports Pty Ltd$453,534.40
2278AIR Affairs Australia Pty Ltd$453,365.00
2279University Of Canberra$452,023.60
2280Voodoo Creative$451,019.00
2281Transpacific Industries Pty Ltd T/A Dumpex$450,486.20
2282CGI Information Systems And Management Consultants (australia) Pty Ltd$450,398.25
2283Western Catchment Management Authority$450,000.00
2284Sydney Metropolitan Catchment Management Authority$450,000.00
2285Central WEST Catchment Management Authority$450,000.00
2286South WEST NRM Limited$450,000.00
2287Hunter Region Landcare Network Incorporated$450,000.00
2288Queensland Murray-darling Committee Incorporated$450,000.00
2289Northern Agriculture Catchments Council Incorporated$450,000.00
2290Glenelg - Hopkins Catchment Management Authority$450,000.00
2291Lower Murray-darling Catchment Management Authority$450,000.00
2292Lachlandcare Incorporated$450,000.00
2293Hoders Pty Ltd$450,000.00
2294Cradle Coast Authority$450,000.00
2295Desert Channels Queensland Incorporated$450,000.00
2296Southern GULF Catchments Limited$450,000.00
2297SEQ Catchments Limited$450,000.00
2298Adelaide And Mount Lofty Ranges NRM Board$450,000.00
2299South WEST Catchments Council$450,000.00
2300EYRE Peninsula Natural Resources Management Board$450,000.00
2301Southern Regional Natural Resource Management Association$450,000.00
2302Holbrook Landcare Group$450,000.00
2303North Central Catchment Management Authority$450,000.00
2304Ovens Landcare Network$450,000.00
2305Mallee Catchment Management Authority$450,000.00
2306Global Pacific Services Pty Ltd$449,999.99
2307Australian Institute Of Management$449,924.13
2308South Coast Natural Resource Management Incorporated$449,892.00
2309Renful Premier Technologies$449,592.13
2310TRUE Fitness Solutions$449,465.89
2311Neumann Petroleum Pty Ltd$449,426.41
2312IBM Global Services AUST Ltd$448,657.00
2313DR JANE Roberts$448,490.00
2314South East Natural Resources Management Board$448,390.00
2315Transformation Systems Australia Pty Ltd$447,910.10
2316House With No Steps$447,546.42
2317ACT Public Cemeteries Authority$447,434.16
2318Mcmahon Services$446,639.33
2319Mirvac Funds Limited$446,462.20
2320Mamone, Daniel$446,202.99
2321Mcgrath Nicol$445,570.00
2322Draeger Safety Pacific Pty Ltd$444,584.32
2323OPEN Systems Australia$444,539.40
2324Steele Business Solutions PTY. LTD.$444,125.00
2326CB Richard Ellis Pty Ltd$443,706.00
2327Aid-it Solutions Pty Limited$443,593.67
2328Agile Digital Engineering Pty Ltd$443,344.00
2329Airnsea Safety Pty Ltd$443,171.93
2330Kobold Group Ltd$442,924.19
2331Ehound Pty Ltd$442,609.21
2332Department Of Justice & Attorney General$441,428.59
2333Management Information Principles$441,312.00
2334Truway Group$441,302.73
2335Sweeney Research Pty Ltd$440,998.00
2336CCD Networking Pty Ltd$440,716.21
2337Minter Ellison Services Pty Ltd$440,640.00
2338DEPT Of Parliamentary Services$440,244.76
2339SGI Australia Pty Ltd$440,108.50
2340PT Strategic ASIA Indonesia$440,000.00
2341Geocom Services Australia Pty Ltd$440,000.00
2342AIR Frontier Pty Ltd$440,000.00
2343Alvanos Earthmoving Pty Ltd$439,813.00
2344PICO Australia Pty Ltd$438,755.22
2345Sopac - Pacific Applied Geoscience Commission$438,581.00
2346Northern Tasmanian Natural Resource Management Association Incorporated$438,000.00
2347MTM WA Pty Ltd AS Trustee For The Indigenous Programs Trust$438,000.00
2348ROY And Alexandra Louise Bowen$437,101.00
2351Golden Sites Pty Ltd$435,092.00
2352Anzesto Pty Ltd$434,729.00
2353TRIO Smartcal Pty Ltd$434,436.23
2354Pacific Aerodyne Pty Ltd$434,379.85
2355Lorenzo And Carla Pastrello$434,374.94
2356Fleetwood Pty Ltd$433,958.80
2357Enterprise Performance Systems$433,500.00
2358Nordic Defence Industries A/S$433,307.27
2359Usability ONE$432,686.80
2360SDA Plumbing$432,116.94
2361VOLT Services Group$431,815.94
2362Kelly,david Swete$431,578.45
2363Compair (australasia) Ltd$431,386.88
2364Salmat Print On Demand Pty Ltd$430,100.00
2365Leamy Construction$430,088.56
2366BIG River Housing$430,006.00
2367Broadleaf Capital International Pty Ltd$429,872.50
2368Quality Contracts Australia PTY. LTD.$429,709.50
2369Quickstrike Defence & Aerospace Pty$429,008.21
2370R A Finlay$429,000.00
2371Musica VIVA Australia$429,000.00
2372Montare Recruitment$429,000.00
2373LA Trobe University$428,767.30
2374Edcomp Pty Ltd$428,560.00
2375DSM Geodata$428,192.10
2376Hedloc Pty Ltd$427,815.30
2377WEST Arnhem Shire Council$427,292.76
2378Microstrategy Pty Ltd$426,880.31
2379Allan D Hawke$426,800.00
2380EBOR Computing$426,135.60
2381RF Industries Pty Ltd$425,547.69
2382ALFA Laval Australia Pty Ltd$425,183.60
2383Employment LAW Centre$425,000.00
2384Pegasus Aeromedical Consulting Pty$424,406.46
2385Ustranscom-dcd DBA Defense Courier$424,387.80
2386WHK Audit And Assurance$423,680.00
2387Cubic Defence New Zealand$423,500.00
2388Channel Research SPRL$423,437.02
2389Design Emergency$423,298.57
2390Integra Packaging (victoria) Pty Ltd$423,297.68
2391C & M Engineers Ltd$423,075.00
2392Raytheon Company DBA Raytheon$423,033.44
2394Peoplestrean Human Capital Pty Ltd$421,344.00
2395Victorian Foundation For$421,271.00
2396Brookfield Multiplex Services Pty Ltd$421,120.42
2397Partech Systems Pty Ltd$421,032.40
2398Progress Software Pty Ltd$420,398.25
2399Survivors Of Torture And$420,024.00
2400Aquanaut Pty Ltd$418,886.50
2401Maranoa Regional Council$417,709.99
2402Cirrus REAL TIME Processing Systems$417,659.02
2403Acces Services$417,418.00
2404PPC Worldwide Pty Ltd$417,112.27
2405Jupiter Software Solutions P/L$416,570.00
2406Frontline Safety Australia Pty Ltd$416,377.35
2407Hubsen Pty Ltd$416,240.00
2408Barco Systems Pty Ltd$416,182.20
2409SBAS Holdings Pty Ltd$415,916.00
2410Avoka Technologies Pty Ltd$415,851.84
2411COLT Defense LLC$415,560.35
2412DZ Designs Landscape & Constructions Pty$415,407.50
2413GE Sensing And Inspection$415,028.90
2414Grocon Constructors (nsw)$413,976.93
2415Unique World Pty Ltd$413,753.40
2416Winter Equipment Pty Ltd$413,149.00
2417Allied Pickfords$413,078.89
2418Office Of The Privacy COM$412,500.00
2419CURA RISK Management Pty Ltd$412,260.00
2420Aerospace Composites$411,821.40
2421Bowen Business Solutions Pty Ltd$411,000.00
2422Pel-air Aviation Pty Ltd$410,542.19
2423Helen Rodda Williams$410,000.00
2424National Patios Pty Ltd$409,969.00
2425YOUR NEXT Event$409,222.50
2426ACT Teleconferencing Pty Ltd$408,869.77
2427Novotel Canberra$407,819.85
2428B.l.p. Training And Services Pty LT$407,182.60
2429JOHN Kennedy Plumbing And Building Services$406,769.00
2430Rehab Management AUST Pty Ltd$406,505.33
2431Australian National Audit Office$406,298.83
2432MARY Dickie Issues Management P/L$405,658.00
2433Zentner Shipping Pty Ltd$405,618.70
2434Seccom Global Pty.ltd.$405,444.91
2435TRC Group$405,050.00
2436Kibbey Liaison Services$404,499.80
2437Davrol Holdings Pty Ltd$404,080.98
2438National Cleaning Services Australia Pty Ltd$404,045.00
2439CAE Professional Services$403,550.70
2440Wilderness Wear*$403,216.00
2441TMD Technologies Ltd$402,891.71
2442Craig, David Malcolm$402,684.86
2443Olympus AUST Pty Ltd$402,463.99
2444Spear Of FAME Pty Ltd$401,522.00
2446Rockwell Collins INC. DIV Governmen$401,085.64
2447South Eastern Region MRC$401,063.54
2448Woodglen Nomineers Pty Limited$400,967.36
2449Synexe Consulting Pty Ltd$400,504.30
2450Warwick Community Training Centre INC.$400,000.00
2451TRUE North Consulting Pty Ltd$399,999.60
2452Kathy Baker$399,999.60
2453Hughes Assessments Pty Ltd$399,999.60
24543M Australia Pty Ltd$399,467.61
2455A & S Haridemos$399,300.00
2456DR Geoff Stacey$399,168.00
2457Adecco Industrial Pty Ltd$398,654.69
2458World WIDE Project Management Services$397,789.80
2459UDA Consulting$397,600.00
2460Interdell Developments Pty Limited$397,354.00
2461Advanced Power (nsw) Pty Ltd$396,820.55
2462Aviko Pty Ltd$396,462.50
2463Newsat Ltd$396,000.00
2464DB & DP Nominees Pty Ltd T/A DJB Interiors$395,927.39
2465MARK Johnston$395,698.60
2466Dataweave Pty Ltd$395,341.40
2467Blink Technology Australia Pty$395,155.20
2468Stratumanis & Wickes Super Nominees Pty Ltd$395,107.00
2469LEND Lease Funds Management Limited$394,734.14
2470ECO Logical Australia Pty Ltd$394,492.00
2471Informed Sources$394,380.00
2472George Wilkenfeld And Associates Pty Ltd$394,360.00
2473Biotext Pty Ltd$393,672.75
2474GEE YAN Industry Pty Ltd$393,525.00
2475Deadly Solutions Pty Ltd$393,000.00
2476A.P. Motors (no.3) PTY. LTD.$392,622.54
2477Corporate Executive Board$392,609.18
2478Anodyne Services Australia Pty Ltd$392,254.00
2479Singapore Airshow & Events PTE Ltd$392,132.68
2480Balance Recruitment Pty Ltd$392,059.59
2481Monson Shipping Pty Ltd$391,545.51
2482Parker Hannifin AUST Pty Ltd$391,491.00
2483Workspace Commercial Furniture$391,055.82
2485ODCO Professionals Pty Ltd$390,734.00
2486Parachutes Australia Pty Ltd$390,300.12
2487Sirsidynix Pty Ltd$390,133.04
2488PRO Active Electrical$389,722.30
2489Wylie & Skene Pty Ltd$388,984.00
2490GDI No 28 Pty Ltd$388,354.00
2491Technogym Australia Pty Ltd$388,177.57
2492Symbios Communications Pty Ltd$388,014.00
2493Stepping Stone Clubhouse INC.$387,873.57
2494Stace Pty Ltd$386,983.60
2495Department Of Infrastructure, Trans$386,929.59
2496Stenning And Assoc$386,506.80
2497The Trustee For Deloitte Access Economics Trust$385,880.00
2498Thinkplace Pty Ltd$385,731.25
2499Department Of Commerce$385,600.00
2500Health Outcomes International Pty Ltd$385,331.00
2501Dyer, Sarah$385,300.43
2502Opticon Australia$385,000.00
2503Cettera Pty Ltd$384,999.84
2504Australian Aerospace - USD$384,411.45
2505KIAH Consulting Pty Ltd$384,400.10
2506MAIN Roads WA$383,866.35
2507E-secure Pty Ltd$383,859.50
2508Bohemia Interactive Australia$383,706.40
2509Fyrnox Pty Ltd$382,912.65
2510WALK With Attitude$382,800.00
2511Johnston BROS Pty Limited$382,398.00
2512Total Decision Support Pty Ltd$382,330.00
2513ALL Language Typesetters And Printers$382,320.00
2514Nortruss Builders Supplies$382,213.63
2515Department Of Environment And Resource Management$381,816.84
2516The Reputation Groip$381,787.77
2517CMA Recycling Australia Pty Ltd$381,700.00
2518Southern Cross University$381,508.00
2519Aerospace And Defence Products$381,278.70
2520Paceway Trading Trust$380,438.00
2521International Paints$380,289.62
2522Acacia Research Pty Ltd$380,000.01
2523Kapish Pty Ltd$379,319.14
2524ODS Management Consulting Pty Ltd$378,982.24
2525CE (tas) Pty Ltd T/AS Continental Engineering$378,885.11
2526Hawkesbury Nominees Pty Limited$378,391.71
2527Bloomberg L.P.$378,220.46
2528Department Of The Senate$378,098.19
2529SORD Australia$378,098.05
2530Regional Development Australia Whyalla And EYRE Peninsula Incorporated$377,914.00
2532Datacom Systems (qld) Pty Ltd$377,592.97
2533Statewide Oil Distributor$375,859.60
2534Schofield, KAYE$375,846.00
2535Procuity Pty Ltd$375,650.00
2536Systech Consultants$375,469.85
2537Stealth Surveillance Systems$375,053.26
2538IT Newcom Pty Ltd$374,652.00
2539Projects Assured$374,592.42
2540Balfran Removals$374,397.00
2541Airlie (nsw) Pty Limited$374,219.00
2542Worklink Occupation Health And$374,000.00
2543FIVE Phase Group Pty Ltd$373,758.00
2544JUMP In Design Pty Ltd$373,648.00
2545Bureau Of Meteorology$373,556.58
2546Systematic Software Engineering$373,449.87
2547OPEN MIND Research Group Holdings P$373,145.00
2548Chamber Of Commerce NT$373,000.00
2549Australian Marine Technologies$372,914.99
2550Brisland Pty Ltd$372,884.04
2551Cocoon Design$372,427.00
2552Integrated GRC Solutions$372,350.00
2553Jbtglobal Corporate Advisory$372,332.53
2554Roads & Traffic Authority NSW$371,913.00
2556Vicent J Callipari$371,487.00
2557SJA Constrcution Services Pty Ltd$371,250.00
2558Janison Solutions Pty Ltd$370,975.00
2559Ministry Of Finance And National Planning (tonga)$370,480.00
2560Concept Construction$368,567.00
2561Flanagan, Peter$368,512.00
2562The Trustee For Viewgrand Trust E$368,011.66
2563The Trustee For Field AIR Operations UNIT Trust$367,700.00
2564The Trustee For Carbine Construction Services Trust$367,508.24
2565Orbis Associates$367,500.00
2567Clean Energy Council$367,000.00
2568Ipsos Public Affairs Pty Ltd$366,109.90
2569Elcom Technology Pty Ltd$365,670.01
2570Logitech Pty Ltd$365,537.55
2571Scitech Discovery CTR *grant*$364,870.00
2572Pestat Pty Ltd$364,699.00
2573Office Of The Board Of Studies NSW$364,650.00
2574AMC Design And Management$364,540.00
2575Rolls Royce Marine AUST Pty Ltd$363,204.19
2576Pinnacle Apartments Pty Ltd$363,064.88
2577James COOK University$361,565.80
2578Aastra Telecom INC.$360,957.66
2579Tamworth Shoppingworld$360,537.00
2580Gault Armstrong Pty Ltd$360,000.01
2581Christmas Island BUS Services Pty L$360,000.00
2582QLD Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Health Worker Program$359,805.52
2583Booroongen Djugun Aboriginal Corporation$359,152.00
2584Lipoma Pty Ltd$359,000.00
2585Integrated Database Solutions P/L$358,756.84
2586Cablex Pty Ltd$358,669.08
2587Hotel Grand Chancellor, Hobart$358,660.00
2588Ultra Electronics Limited, Sonar &$358,413.27
2589Napco INTL Inc$358,010.96
2590NBC Communications$357,565.21
2591Instinct And Reason Pty Ltd$357,360.00
2592Nucletron Pty Ltd$357,170.00
2593Giesecke & Devrient Australasia Pty$357,073.78
2594Community Agency For Development, Employment And Training Inc$356,520.00
2595Fusion Graduate Management Solutions$356,470.00
2596Bio-strategy Distribution Pty Ltd$356,460.83
2597Mitsui & CO (aust) Ltd$355,492.00
2598Pietron Pty Ltd$355,106.74
2599Protector Alsafe$355,045.30
2600Rapisardi Nominees Pty Ltd$355,039.86
2601QLD Working Women's Service$355,000.00
2602Entrust Ltd$354,714.35
2603Commercial Property Cleaning Pty$354,648.25
2604DESA Australia Pty Ltd$354,300.10
2605Administrative Appeals Tribunal$353,959.67
2606The Trustee For The Mercury Walch Trust$353,914.41
2607Aequus Partners$353,493.70
2608Inline Systems$352,860.20
2609Shimadzu Oceania Pty Ltd$352,737.00
2610EPM Partners Pty Ltd$352,520.00
2611Aerospace And Defence Australia$352,008.32
2612South WEST Development Commission$352,000.00
2613Observatory Hotel$351,287.10
2615Troux Technologies$350,922.00
2617Mantra On Murray$350,020.00
2618Rothesay & Durali International$350,000.00
2619AA Absolute Access$349,998.00
2620R&A Blair Investments Pty Ltd$349,920.00
2621Department Of Labour$349,624.10
2622Dalkia Technical Services$348,986.70
2623Kaplan Education Pty Ltd$348,643.00
2624The Communication LINK$348,081.78
2625Active Operations Management$347,998.08
2626Dynamic Control International INC.$347,774.53
2627Sitep Australia Pty Ltd$347,280.00
2628Cistech Solutions$347,277.72
2629Douglas Gration$347,118.00
2630Foodservices Equipment International$347,012.05
2631Unified Healthcare Group$346,962.49
2632Innovative People Solutions$346,918.00
2633Reef And Rainforest Research Centre$346,534.00
2634Michael And Therese OWEN$344,882.62
2635CR Kennedy & Company Pty Ltd$344,852.50
2636Robson, Maurice$344,569.67
2637Marriott Hotel$344,237.26
2638Crown Melbourne Limited$344,147.61
2639Information Professionals Pty Ltd$344,108.00
2640The SILK Web$343,420.00
2641Sealeck Pty Ltd$343,383.80
2642Department Of Premier And Cabinet$343,206.52
2643PDM Consultancy$342,962.50
2644H I S HOSE Pty Ltd$342,785.00
2645Ecological Associates Pty Ltd$342,702.00
2646Medibank Health Solutions Work Solutions Australia Pty Ltd$342,678.23
2647EHS Solutions$342,031.40
2648Freebody Cogent Pty Ltd$341,824.10
2649Caltest (AKA Andrew Baghurst Pty LTD)$341,543.96
2650Redsocks Consulting Pty Ltd$341,070.17
2651600 Machine Tools Pty Ltd$341,019.80
2652Amber Technology Pty Ltd$340,925.37
2653QIRX Pty Ltd$340,490.81
2654Scientific Management ASSC (vic) P/$340,214.17
2655Institut Maritime DU Quebec$339,853.56
2656Antenna Maintenance & Construction$339,566.78
2657Zenergy Recruitment Pty Ltd$339,191.25
2658AGIS Group$339,000.00
2659Wallop Defence Systems Ltd$338,382.54
2660HBA Consulting$338,343.76
2661PDI Contractors Pty LTS$338,323.11
2662Militarytech Pty Ltd$338,007.34
2663Pettran Pty Ltd$338,000.00
2664WA Partitioning (2006) Pty Ltd$337,901.74
2665Integ Communication Solutions$337,786.80
2666Aviaquip Pty Ltd$337,647.87
2667Human Synergistics (aust)$337,556.68
2668Engineering & Scientific Systems$337,481.56
2669Charles Sturt University$337,374.61
2670Standards Australia$337,000.00
2671Allied Technologies Australia$336,384.66
2673Totex Corporation$336,250.65
2674CORD Civil Pty Ltd$336,232.42
2675Fiskars Brands Australia$335,747.50
2676Locher & Associates$335,613.51
2677Corella International Pty Ltd$335,459.00
2678Wordsworth Writing$335,075.00
2679LEDA Commercial Properties Pty Ltd ATF The Browns Plains UNIT Trust$335,004.29
2680Cubic Defence New Zealand Ltd$334,922.20
2681Morison Consulting Pty Limited$334,873.00
2682AIR New Zealand Engineering$334,543.34
2683Bradshaw & Timber Creek Contracting$334,300.00
2684BAE Systems Australia (electronic$333,886.36
2685Tryndial Pty Ltd$333,705.00
2686Baker & Mckenzie$333,548.60
2687CHOP WOOD Pty Ltd$333,300.00
2688Formula Interiors$333,008.00
2690FAST Track Pty Ltd$332,566.39
2691A & R Khoury & Company Pty Ltd$332,518.00
2692Fulcrum Management Pty Ltd$332,127.75
2693Supplier For Overseas Contracts$331,720.00
2694Dimensional Developments Australia$331,635.06
2695SPSS Australasia Pty Ltd$331,470.30
2696Focus Strategies And Solutions Pty Ltd$331,296.00
2697Mcclintock Associates Securities Limite$331,241.61
2698Ambrose Logistics Consulting$330,515.00
2699Fianian Pty Ltd$330,387.00
2700Building Management Authority$330,000.00
2701CIT Group (australia) Ltd T/A DELL Financial Services$329,698.96
2702AMOG PTY. Ltd$329,650.40
2703Jackson Langford And Associates$329,175.00
2704Whyalla CITY Council$328,707.45
2705ROAM Consulting Pty Ltd$328,532.00
2706The Knuckey Family Trust$328,300.00
2707The Blueline Laundry Inc$328,200.71
2708Conference Solutions$328,022.51
2709Coates HIRE Operations Pty Ltd$327,143.14
2710Active Healthcare$327,096.00
2711G R Ingham & Assoc Pty Ltd$326,700.00
2712Schindler Lifts Australia Pty Ltd$326,700.00
2713Hardcat Pty Ltd$326,590.00
2714Griffin NRM Pty Ltd$326,541.37
2715Australian Science Teachers Assoc$326,282.00
2716Signature Projects Pty Ltd$325,773.80
2717Hotel Realm$325,332.48
2718KPS World Pty Ltd$325,031.40
2719Peter Cottingham & Associates$325,000.00
2720Andmanco Pty Ltd$324,940.00
2721Commonwealth WAR Graves Commission$324,898.89
2722LBE Technology$323,950.00
2723Hunter Water Corporation Ltd$323,922.00
2724Medina Property SERV$323,843.47
2725R/M Equipment$323,556.40
2726Market Solutions Pty Ltd$323,543.22
2727Queensland Program Of$322,851.01
2728DEPT Of Local Government$322,700.00
2729Talent Solutions Pty Ltd$322,637.72
2730Nowra Cmnty Hsptl NO7$322,177.28
2731Dynamic Media Pty Ltd$322,002.45
2732Knight Frank$321,604.32
2733Tilforth Consulting Services$321,060.00
2734IE ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$321,006.49
2735L-3 Communications Cyterra Corporat$320,939.32
2736ST Vincents Mater$320,685.94
2737Access Community Services Limited$320,494.90
2739Bullpin Pty Ltd$320,000.00
2740Financial Sector Services Pty Ltd$319,620.00
2741Savv-e Pty Ltd$319,551.30
2742Pumpa Engineering Pty Ltd$319,077.00
2743Elliot Australia$319,062.98
2744Kynamont Pty Ltd$318,604.00
2745RICE Warner Actuaries$318,520.00
2747Elykmada, Glenvia & Hastian$318,300.00
2748Prince Of Wales$318,103.95
2749Aerospace Solutions Pty Ltd$317,969.99
2750LAW In Order$317,909.43
2751Secretariat Australia Pty Ltd$317,630.00
2752Interaction Training Pty Ltd$317,350.00
2753Absolute DATA Group Pty Ltd$317,251.72
2754Qinetiq Australia Pty Ltd$316,749.99
2755Linear Property Developments Pty Ltd$316,731.96
2756Emantra Pty Ltd$316,730.00
2757DR Terence Hillman$316,501.00
2758SABA Software INC.$316,436.83
2759The Total Package$316,393.00
2760CRC CARE Pty Ltd$316,305.00
2761Carfi Psychology And$315,920.75
2762Content Security Pty Ltd$315,900.00
2763Stepsoft Pty Ltd$315,798.00
2764OTEK Australia Pty Ltd$315,738.50
2765Sphere Projects Pty Ltd$315,590.00
2766Preemptive Consulting Pty Ltd$315,575.80
2767Ethos CRS Consulting Pty Ltd$315,378.14
2768ITC Australasia Pty Ltd$315,062.00
2769GREY Advantage$314,983.40
2770Clark Equipment AUST Pty Ltd$314,920.42
2771JOHN Mitchell Computing Pty Ltd$314,878.30
2772Monarc Construction Inc$314,500.00
2773The Trustee For The Ferneyhough Family Trust$314,430.60
2774BIG River Housing$314,236.00
2775Scitech Pty Ltd$313,765.98
2776WEIR Engineering Pty Ltd$313,713.40
2777Skillsoft ASIA Pacific$313,500.00
2778RP DATA Ltd$313,153.54
2779Aviation Utilities Pty Ltd$313,131.21
2780Joint Strategies Pty Ltd$312,867.50
2781Babylon Industries Pty Ltd$312,610.21
2782Lightsource Technologies AUST P/L$312,595.88
2783Southern Cross Industrial$312,480.53
2784Campbell And Campbell$312,367.03
2785Fyusion ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$312,275.00
2786Department Of Transport (WA)$312,079.13
2787BRI Ferrier$312,000.00
2788Swell Design Group$311,945.90
2789Milspec Manufacturing$311,708.13
2790Australian Forensic Services$311,685.01
2791Black And Veatch Australia Pty Ltd$311,670.00
2792Damian JOHN BUGG$311,563.64
2793Oliver Winder Pty Ltd$311,080.00
2794TOP CUT Sydney Pty Ltd$311,020.71
2795O2C Solutions$310,845.10
2796Cornerstone Public Relations$310,248.00
2797Welch Allyn Australia$310,209.24
2798Intelligent Business Research Services Pty Ltd$310,200.00
2799IUCN - The World Conservation Union$310,000.00
2800Mystery Ranch LTD.$309,613.63
2801VAN Gastel TPM$309,424.55
2802Spectrum Migrant Resource Centre$309,328.00
2803Direct Ergonomics Pty Ltd$308,500.50
2804PT. Environment Indokarya Trading AS ARLA Service CO.$308,096.20
2805UXC Solutions Pty Ltd$308,000.00
2806Davinski Nominees Pty Ltd$307,974.48
2807Tasman Cooling Towers$307,326.80
2808ABLE Industries Engineering Pty Ltd$306,965.16
2809Goldman Sachs Jbwere Services Pty Ltd$306,895.87
2810Chant LINK & Associates Pty Ltd$306,263.80
2811Jennifer HALE$306,090.00
2812Active Enviromental Solutions$305,186.44
2813Value Adviser Associates Pty Ltd$304,948.00
2814Mincham Aviation$304,942.74
2815Taylor & Francis$304,937.20
2816The Springfield Centre For Business In Development Ltd$303,850.74
2817Pilbara REAL Estate Pty Ltd$303,742.06
2818Department Of Resources, Energy & Tourism$303,190.32
2819ENEX Pty Ltd$303,124.44
2820Harbans SING Hayer$303,077.00
2821Urban Fitout Pty Ltd$302,997.20
2822Intellumen Pty Ltd$302,701.62
2823Zendata Pty Ltd$302,381.48
2824CAM Interiors$302,353.66
2825Private Individual - Germany$302,068.00
2826Bronzewing Investments Pty Ltd T/A$301,863.56
2827Communicorp Pty Ltd$301,491.50
2828Centre For Health Economics And Policy Analysis$301,236.87
2829A F I F$300,608.18
2830Redpath Technical Services Pty Ltd$300,167.09
2831National OUT Of School Hours Services Association Noshsa$300,000.00
2832OZ Vetting Services$299,999.70
2833J. F. Nicholson$299,999.70
2834Banksia Scientific CO Pty Ltd$299,915.00
2835MING FENG Packaging Manufacturer$299,874.66
2836GDP Locum Services Pty Ltd$299,580.79
2837IBEX Interiors Pty Ltd$299,350.95
2839Kelly Davis$298,735.00
2840Viocorp International Pty Ltd$298,393.33
2841Recruitment Management Company$297,507.82
2842Frontrange Solutions$297,470.30
2843Spencersmith & Associates Pty Ltd$297,000.00
2844Australian Destruction Services Pty$297,000.00
2845Metcalfe Group$296,421.02
2846HAKO Australia Pty Ltd$296,400.60
2847Randazzo Properties Pty Ltd$296,118.54
2848Australian Radiation Services$296,106.80
2849Berkeley Information Technology Pty$296,087.66
2850Naskam Security Services$296,037.18
2851Kramer Ausenco Limited$296,000.00
2852DR Chris Guest Pty Ltd$296,000.00
2853Peter Wheatley Medical Pty Ltd$295,906.68
2854Barbara Schmidt & Associates Pty Ltd$295,850.00
2856Eastern Region Employment And Community Services Inc$295,500.00
2857Elite Commercial Solutions Pty Ltd$295,268.05
2858Moorebank Optometrists$295,186.82
2859ATIR Design Pty Ltd$295,016.15
2860EADS Deutschland GMBH Defence Elect$294,490.35
2861Ultimate Positioning Group$294,486.76
2862QCPP - Queensland Consulting Project Partners Pty Ltd$294,280.00
2863Diverse Resources Group Pty Ltd$294,250.00
2864GKE Australia$294,101.50
2865Private Individual - Tripoli$293,769.00
2866ADEC Australia$293,661.98
2867ALL Graduates Interp & Trans SERV$293,300.86
2868Systroid Pty Ltd$293,108.00
2869Australian Fisheries Management$293,101.34
2870Smenco Pty Ltd$292,763.23
2871Bullivants Pty Ltd$292,679.14
2872Charelstown Forum Pty Ltd$292,679.00
2874Australian National Couriers$291,693.75
2875Pettit & Mallett$291,500.00
2876Techni Waterjet Pty Ltd$291,500.00
2877Unify Solutions Pty Ltd$291,365.00
2878Light Naturally$291,213.34
2879OTIS Elevator Company Pty Ltd$290,950.00
2880Bamanga BUBU Ngadimunku INC.$290,785.00
2881Torres Strait Island Regional Council$290,547.84
2882Mirvac Property Ltd AS Responsible$290,225.17
2883Mercer (australia) Pty Ltd$290,023.65
2884Simon George &$290,000.00
2885RARE Consulting Pty Ltd$289,900.00
2886Cocos Manpower Pty Ltd$289,870.00
2887Radio Frequency System$289,818.85
2888PITT And Sherry Holdings Pty Ltd$289,791.00
2889Elbit Systems Electro-optics- AUD$289,780.69
2890GEAE Holdings Inc$289,383.72
2891Zipform P/L$289,266.90
2892RANG Consultants P/L$289,256.07
2893Hestanee Pty Ltd$289,171.05
2894William Adams Pty Ltd$289,109.48
2895Investa Asset Management (qld) Pty Ltd$289,100.62
2896Healthconsult Pty Ltd$288,970.00
2897Shanghai Jindi CITY Construction And Development CO Ltd$288,866.00
2898Global Achievers Company$288,581.35
2899Colliers International Project Services Pty Ltd$287,900.00
2900Domestic Security Services Pty Ltd$287,698.25
2901K20.au Pty Ltd$287,056.83
2902Zonge Engineering & Research Organization (aust) Pty Ltd$286,884.62
2903Illuminated Solutions Pty Ltd$286,805.75
2904Smart Service Queensland$286,696.00
2905Cummins South Pacific$286,478.99
2906Forecast International INC.$286,386.87
2907Optex Systems INC.$286,164.91
2908Movers And Shakers$286,125.20
2909DJ & MK Preedy$286,121.02
2910Sigma Management Science Pty Ltd$286,000.00
2911LAW In Order Electronic Pty Ltd$285,733.17
2912Business Aspect$285,526.00
2913Duesburys Nexia (trading Name)$285,413.65
2914Clifford Hallam Healthcare Pty Limited$285,380.47
2915UCI Projects Pty Ltd$285,291.70
2916Allocate Software Pty Ltd$285,231.32
2917GREY Canberra$285,120.00
2918Shearwater Solutions$285,057.47
2919Alamein Consulting Pty Ltd$284,900.00
2920Lladnar Pty Ltd$284,825.00
2921Edwards Management & Consulting Pty$284,735.00
2922Mettler Toledo Ltd$284,459.10
2923Olivia Sainsbury Consulting Pty Ltd$284,382.31
2924Forest Presentations & Promotions$283,745.89
2925Faraday Pty Ltd$283,343.50
2926STEM Industries Pty Ltd$283,176.30
2927Platform Computing Corporation$283,087.95
2928United Western Technologies CORP DB$282,600.22
2930HAHN Electrical Contracting$281,903.99
2931Lemessurier Solutions Pty Ltd$281,875.00
2932Wilson COOK And CO Limited$281,848.00
2933Mermaid Marine Vessel Operations$281,843.00
2934Softgen Australia$281,717.70
2935AUST Institute Of Company$281,644.99
2936Shoreair Pty Ltd T/A Triple A AIR Services Pty Ltd$281,600.00
2937Department Of Primary Industries PA$281,542.00
2938Opnet Technologies INC.$281,448.52
2939RPC Technologies Pty Ltd$281,437.20
2940Caskadel Pty Ltd$281,050.00
2941The Trustee For Taylor Thomson Whitting ACT Trust$280,807.00
2942ECA International Pty Ltd$280,557.00
2943V.B. Carpentry Services Pty Ltd$280,500.00
2944Polaris Sales Australia$280,482.89
2945Ascent Consulting Pty Ltd$280,200.00
2947DATA Analysis Australia Pty Ltd$279,825.25
2948Natsem Pty Ltd$279,753.00
2949QLD Protectice Cases$279,589.75
2950C Levadetes And P Levadetes And G Rouggos$279,474.68
2951Caterpillar SARL (singapore) Branch$279,257.53
2953Skydive Express$279,000.00
2954Airgead Pty Ltd$278,476.00
2955Small & Quinton Architects UNIT TRU$278,259.23
2956Robana Pty Ltd$278,058.00
2957DR Dorota LONG$278,000.00
2958EW Consulting Pty Ltd$277,968.52
2959National Health And Medical Research Council$277,933.00
2960Taberner's Investments Pty Ltd$277,549.83
2961UNEP Trust FUND$277,500.00
2962CAPS Australia Pty Ltd$277,432.64
2963Viking Marine Surveys Pty Ltd$277,266.00
2964Lilyvale Hotel Pty Ltd$277,202.74
2965Bendelta Pty Ltd$277,200.00
2966Aeromarine Australia Pty Ltd$277,200.00
2967AMCE Pty Ltd$277,011.29
296820/20 Integrated Solutions Pty Ltd$276,831.00
2969HTR Pty Ltd$276,824.06
2970Sitecore Australia Pty Ltd$276,781.80
2971Vector Pacific Pty Ltd$276,720.77
2972LEVI RAY & Shoup Inc$276,507.00
2973Robert COOK$276,316.60
2974Editor Group Pty Ltd$276,281.50
2975BAE Systems Information And Electro$276,223.42
2976Government Of South Australia$276,168.06
2977Crowne Plaza Perth$275,940.00
2978Murphydavis Consulting Group Pty Ltd$275,880.00
2979Beluba Group Pty Ltd$275,880.00
2980Dawntreader Pty Ltd$275,606.00
2981Australian Water Association$275,500.01
2982Pivotal Business Technology P/L$275,481.27
2983Verisign Australia Pty Ltd$275,321.20
2984Crc-acs Ltd$275,000.00
2985Virtual Simulation Systems Pty Ltd$275,000.00
2986Goolarri Media Enterprises$275,000.00
2987Banistaap CO Ltd T/AS PNG Trekking$274,943.00
2989Envista Pty Ltd$274,825.60
2990Timbase Pty Ltd$274,653.54
2991Allegany Consulting Pty Ltd$274,154.57
2992TNR Financial Services$274,000.00
2993VDM Consulting (NT) Pty Ltd$273,114.20
2994Engility Corporation$272,564.00
2995Gigasat ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$272,474.40
2996BLUE Visions Management Pty Ltd$272,350.02
2997International Health Development Pty Ltd$272,250.00
2998Ipswich CITY Council$272,113.56
2999Cornet Technology INC.$272,106.22
3000The Trustee For Australian Hotels Trust$272,099.50
3001CC And AH Henry And SM Bragg$272,084.14
3002IAN Patrick And Associates Pty Ltd$271,531.88
3003Department Of Premier And Cabinet$271,179.59
3004Rockwell Collins INC. DBA Governmen$271,067.48
3005META Consulting Services Pty Ltd$270,600.00
3006Espreon Property Services$270,255.69
3007Bernard JOHN Blore$270,050.00
3008Secom Australia (act) Pty Ltd$270,000.00
3009Christopher NASH$270,000.00
3010FITT Resources Pty Ltd$269,588.64
30111ST Fleet Warehousing And$269,500.00
3012Norbuilt Pty Ltd$269,009.63
3013Varian Australia Pty Ltd$268,788.30
3014Duncan J Bassett$268,514.30
3015Ministry Of Defence-defence Procure$268,241.10
3016Millennium Audio Visual$267,869.73
3017CCA Software Pty Ltd$267,455.10
3018Techniworks Action Learning Pty Ltd$267,326.00
3019Erwood Accelerated Purchasing$267,086.00
3020Analysis & Technology AUST Pty Ltd$267,029.38
3021Tinney & Associates$267,020.03
3022Phillip Crutchfield$266,750.00
3023International Cargo Express Pty Ltd$266,744.49
3024Westbourne Consulting Pty Ltd$266,130.00
3025LMA Pacmed$265,977.80
3026Sandhurst Trustees Limited$265,971.76
3027Maura FAY Group$265,664.00
3028DBR Australia Pty Ltd$265,320.00
3029Marsh Pty Ltd$265,118.09
3031Rudds Consulting Engineers$264,836.00
3032Deloitte Growth Solutions$264,680.50
3033HP Financial Services$264,281.28
3034TIP TOP Bakeries$264,228.79
3035HILL Defence Products$263,753.37
3036Darwin International Airport Pty LT$263,731.16
3038Rocky Constructions Pty Ltd$263,187.00
3039JBS Health Physics Pty Ltd$263,180.00
3040RAGG Ahmed Pty Ltd$262,948.00
3041Scubanautics Diving Academy$262,860.68
3042Colliers International Townsville Pty Ltd$262,416.99
3043Godden Mackay Logan Pty Ltd$262,372.00
3044Microway Pty Ltd$261,579.33
3045The Trustee For Tamsitt Trust$261,337.51
3046Janssen, GUY Mathieu Agnes$260,961.00
3047VR Solutions Pty Ltd$260,788.18
3048P&O Maritime Services Pty Ltd$260,633.35
3050Immigrant Women's Domestic Violence Service$260,260.00
3051Andrew Gaddes P/L (optometrist)$260,100.01
3053Chart Smart Pty Limited$259,900.00
3054LNB Computing Consultancy Pty Ltd$259,820.00
3055Informatica Australia$259,658.73
3056Devlyn Constructions Pty Ltd$259,488.90
3057Belleview Hoisery Pty Ltd$258,998.03
3058Cudex Pty Ltd$258,712.21
3059Polart (aust) Trading AS Phoenix DATA Services$258,500.00
3060Optimum Musical Resources$258,314.98
3061LEAP Australia Pty Ltd$258,286.33
3062Caswa Pty Ltd$258,250.00
3063Queensland Museum$258,170.00
3064JPG Partners Pty Ltd$257,944.31
3065DICK Vernons Constructions$257,788.30
3066AERO Parts Australia Pty Ltd$257,601.63
3067Evocati Strategic Solutions$257,180.00
3068Omega Performance Cooperation$257,180.00
3069Toldark Pty Ltd$257,000.00
3070Peppers Manor House$256,980.60
3071Castile Security Pty Ltd$256,964.40
3072L-3 Services INC. C2S2 Division$256,691.83
3073E.H. Brett And SONS$256,685.00
3074Lesley Harrison$256,000.00
3075Eb2bcom Pty Ltd$255,766.50
3076Pacific Energy Aviation Ltd$255,503.59
3077Canon Finance Australia Pty Ltd$255,500.00
3078Ultra CARE Cleaning Services$255,250.00
3079DE Martini Fletcher Properties$254,956.68
3080Alessi Australia Pty Ltd$254,785.00
3081Watmarine Engineering Services$254,777.81
3082The Frame Group$254,764.09
3083Lonergan Edwards & Associates Ltd$254,212.50
3084Indigenous Success Australia Pty Limited$254,200.00
3085Hamstead Consulting$253,849.40
3086Australian Research Alliance For Children And Youth Ltd$253,000.00
3087SGS Economics And Planning$252,590.50
3088The Trustee For The Nisodan Trust$252,540.00
3089ARIA Project Management Solutions$252,525.00
3090Pixel IT Pty Ltd$252,058.80
3091Cartesian Products, INC.$252,000.00
3092Optum Health & Technology$252,000.00
3093Clarissa Tamblyn$251,787.80
3094Peter Rosenhain$251,562.62
3095Master Communications And Electroni$251,204.14
3096Passion Energy And Performance Pty Ltd$250,950.68
3098Juniperberry Pty Ltd$250,494.01
3099Carson Group Pty Ltd$250,404.68
3100GJP Project Management Services$250,373.75
3101Allegro Recruitment Consulting$250,272.00
3102The Grace Hotel$250,252.00
3103Boeing Information Space & Defence$250,250.61
3104Inprint Design$250,028.00
3105United Nations Population FUND (unfpa)$250,000.00
3106Boston, TOMO$250,000.00
3107Lance JAY Holdings Pty Ltd$250,000.00
3108Electronic Keying Australia$249,989.83
3109Davis Computer Consultants P/L$249,955.88
3110Fuchs Lubricants Australasia$249,626.15
3111Narrowcasters Pty Ltd$249,600.00
3112NSAF Limited$249,556.70
3113Acker Pty Ltd$249,500.00
3114Geelong Ethnic Communities$249,059.00
3115TT Building Consultants$248,847.30
3116LEE, Myung-sook$248,616.00
3117World Health Organisation (who)$248,426.49
3118Future Floor Services$248,222.35
3119The Leadership Consortium$248,070.01
3120FIT INTO Shape Pty Ltd$248,030.74
3121OPEN Channel Solutions$247,894.52
3122Marley FLOW Control Pty Ltd$247,429.60
3123Trotec Laser Pty Ltd$247,428.50
3124Tascot Templeton Carpets P/L$247,371.30
3125Cordukes, Peter$247,273.40
3126Inotec Organisationssysteme Pty Ltd$246,951.72
3127Trucom Pty Ltd$246,822.30
3128Impress Design$246,568.00
3129DR PO Ching LU$246,110.00
3130Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS$245,917.10
3131Ministry Of Defence$245,895.94
3132SAAB Bofors Dynamics AB$245,445.83
3133Kinetic Defence Services Pty Ltd$245,300.00
3134Xenon Systems Pty Ltd$245,297.80
3135Clear Horizon Consulting Pty Ltd$245,079.00
3136Inventra Recruitment$245,000.00
3137EM Solutions Pty Ltd$244,925.00
3138Information Solutions Pty Ltd$244,750.00
3139AKE ASIA Pacific Pty Limited$244,750.00
3141Medtel Australia Pty Ltd$244,500.00
3142Lagen Spatial Pty$244,125.55
3143IA Group Pty Limited$244,114.30
3144AGED CARE Standards & Accreditation Agency Ltd$243,885.00
3145Enpris Pty Ltd$243,870.00
3146The Mastermind Group$243,837.00
3147Richard JAY Laundry$243,712.18
3148PUMP Power Australia Pty Ltd$243,619.20
3149GPP Software And Computer Services$243,196.48
3150EDEN Technology Pty Ltd$242,892.10
3151Motorbis Pty Ltd$242,880.00
3152Lastek Pty Ltd$242,530.25
3153Teledyne WEBB Research$242,526.68
3154Queensland Ambulance Service$242,388.04
3155Conrad Gargett Architects$242,031.52
3156Promet Valves Australia Pty Ltd$241,680.00
3157Directions For Change$241,542.50
3158CUBE Furniture$241,483.60
3159Dhata Holdings$241,428.00
3160Thomson Reuters$241,309.83
3161Hoffman Donohue Pty Ltd$241,300.00
3162Rapid Ascent Consulting$241,023.00
3163AFC Group Pty Ltd$241,021.89
3164G P C Earthmoving$240,900.00
3166Susan BELL Research$240,623.00
3167The Realise Group PTY. LTD.$240,000.00
3168Wulguru MEAT Market$239,909.83
3169Compact Compliance & CORP Training$239,804.75
3171Screencraft Media Pty Ltd$239,568.45
3172Audit & Assurance Consulting Services Pty Ltd$239,401.00
3173LEN Early Pty Ltd$239,115.00
3174Moreton BAY Regional Council$239,087.30
3175Central WEST TAFE$238,784.00
3176Zenith Interiors$238,777.70
3177Secret Sauce Pty Ltd$237,944.96
3178Crotty & CO Pty Ltd$237,772.75
3179Tough CORP Pty Ltd$237,720.74
3180Australian General Engineering$237,600.00
3181Burnna Yurrul Aboriginal Corporation$237,600.00
3182KW Consulting Pty Ltd$237,423.83
3183William Green Pty Ltd$237,405.89
3184Jayrow Darwin$237,375.60
3185Little FISH$236,959.00
3186Quinn, Louise ANN$236,377.90
3187Office Of National Assessments$236,085.96
3188Excom Education Pty Ltd$236,001.76
3189HAY Group Pty Ltd$235,952.99
3190C4I Pty Ltd$235,907.58
3191Australian Security Technology$235,431.90
3192E.kalis Properties$235,133.57
3193ARA Retail Institute$235,125.00
3194PAUL J Rizzo$235,000.00
3195PMP Limited$234,874.56
3196ROSS Logic Pty Ltd$234,850.00
3197Trinogy Systems Pty Ltd$234,789.49
3198Health Services International P/L$234,704.19
3199The Reputation Group Pty Ltd$234,693.00
3200Watergardens Pty Limited$234,686.00
3201Active Voice Services Pty Ltd$234,529.54
3202Cruce Pty Ltd Trading AS Dexion Balcatta$234,498.44
3203Metal Makers Pty Ltd$234,478.20
3204Higgins, Kathleen Mansfield$234,238.40
3205Wilde And Woollard Consultants Pty Ltd$234,132.00
3206Recall Total Information Management$234,093.42
3207Pavilion Northbourne$234,091.00
3208HHO Events$234,000.00
3209Refugee Council Of Australia Inc$233,986.50
3210In2careers Pty Ltd$233,900.00
3211Stewart & Heaton Clothing CO Pty LT$233,787.37
3212MEGT (australia) Ltd$233,600.00
3213Vmware International Ltd$233,356.16
3214Legear Australia$232,893.39
3215Jackson Management Consulting$232,800.00
3216Lorrie Graham Photography Pty Ltd$232,783.58
3217Quality Management Solutions$232,764.00
3218Cyalume Technologies INC.$232,619.46
3219Maser Technology Group Pty Ltd$232,405.20
3220Atkins, Susan Joyce$232,386.00
3221HBO EMTB Architects$232,375.00
3222Cadre Design Pty Limited$232,176.67
3223Witbrook Projects$232,166.00
3225Damianov Consulting Pty Ltd$231,880.00
3226MAX Bryant Constructions$231,330.00
3227Legal AID Commission Of NSW$231,000.00
3228Microflite Helicopter Services$231,000.00
3229Defire (act) Pty Ltd$231,000.00
3230Gadzooks Pty Ltd$230,676.00
3231AERO Safety Equipment Pty Ltd$230,424.00
3232Burdon Torzillo And Associates$230,166.00
3233Australis Engineering Pty Ltd$230,083.18
3234EYRE Regional Development Board Incorporated$230,000.00
3235Australian Institute Of Forensic Psychology$229,930.38
3236Hartec Engineering Services$229,868.10
3237Axiom Associates Pty Ltd$229,320.00
3238Ameya Computers Pty Ltd$228,830.69
3239Peoples Strategies International$228,690.00
3240DEPT Of Defence Official RAAF Advan$228,506.16
3241The Wright Consultancy (qld) Pty Ltd$228,418.97
3242William JOHN Farmer$228,370.00
3243Enersys Energy Products INC.$228,269.60
3244Frontline Australasia Pty Ltd$227,703.00
3245Government Advisory Guild$227,545.30
3246Cerulean Solutions Ltd$227,453.59
3247Sirius Telecommunications Ltd$227,340.02
3248IKEN Commercial Interiors Pty Ltd$226,927.80
3249Saltbush Training Pty Ltd$226,906.61
3250Ott-line Enterprises$226,786.04
3251Innerspace Commercial Furnishings SA P/L$226,604.46
3252Larsen & Brusgaard APS$226,601.48
3253Sirway ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$226,589.88
3254Bruel And Kjaer AUST Pty Ltd$226,438.33
3255Financial Education Professionals$226,318.82
3256Searson BUCK Workforce Pty Limited$226,250.00
3257Property Concept And Management Pty Ltd$226,160.00
3259Defence Procurement International$226,072.00
3260Sotow Pty Ltd$226,008.00
3261Mizac Pty Ltd$225,600.00
3262AIR Comfort Services Pty Ltd$225,573.00
3263Adaps Pty Ltd$225,342.35
3264EOC Group$225,162.55
3265ARK Climate$224,974.75
3266LSA Recruitment Pty Ltd$224,565.33
3267QLD DATA N Electrical Services$224,411.00
3268Telvent Almos$224,040.74
3269Academy Services (vic) Pty Ltd$223,903.00
3270HALL Chadwick$223,723.50
3271Staging Connections$223,669.14
3272Digicor Pty Ltd$223,520.00
3273Mosman Private Hospital$223,256.70
3274Atlantis = Pty Ltd$223,137.37
3275Elgas Ltd$223,102.00
3276Powerhouse Museum$222,618.00
3277Macquarie Group Servcies AUST Pty Ltd$222,247.83
3278CMS Electracom$221,980.00
3279Australian FUEL Distributors$221,815.00
3280Northern LAND Council$221,683.00
3281Kurbingui Youth Development Association INC.$221,540.00
3282The Winding Staircase Pty Ltd$221,386.00
3283Bardavcol Pty Ltd$221,160.74
3284Sterihealth NSW Pty Ltd$220,667.37
3285Australian Refrigeration Council Ltd$220,033.15
3286Yabur Yulgun Employment Services Indigenous Corporation$220,000.00
3287Manheimfowles Pty Ltd$220,000.00
3288Innovative Industries Pty Ltd$220,000.00
3289DR Anthony J Delaney$220,000.00
3290Thinc Projects Australia Pty Ltd$220,000.00
3291Oconics Pty Ltd$220,000.00
3292Margaret Elizabeth REID$220,000.00
3293SHED Makers Pty Ltd$220,000.00
3294GAS Technology Services Pty Ltd$219,835.43
3295Blueline Consulting Services$219,832.80
3296ACT Jewish Community INC.$219,628.00
3297Eurolink Consulting AUST P/L$219,604.00
3298Stephen Philip Shepherd Rayner$219,483.29
3299Denton ATD Inc$219,148.74
3301Fritz, PAUL$218,630.00
3302Cantlie Recruitment Services Pty Ltd$218,614.92
3303Pearce, Dennis Charles$218,484.00
3304BFH Sydcon Pty Ltd$218,421.50
3305SPD Meiji$217,590.00
3306Superratings Pty Ltd$217,444.00
3307AUST Association Of Mathematics Teachers$217,364.00
3308Incorp Interior Designs Pty Ltd$217,250.00
3310National Instruments$216,917.82
3311Social Impact Inc$216,652.60
3312SEAN Cooper$216,466.69
3313PLUM Consulting Ltd$216,430.00
3314Acroamatics Inc$216,263.57
3315Paxton Partners Pty Ltd$216,220.20
3316Australian Maritime Safety$216,078.89
3317Slade Group$216,001.35
3318Alelo TLT LLC$215,849.40
3319P2 Solutions P/L$215,380.00
3320Corvu Australia$215,303.81
3321FOTO Riesel Sydney Pty Ltd$215,252.75
3322NSW Rural FIRE Service$215,238.00
3323Maria Enterprises Pty Ltd$214,780.41
3324MK Systems Pty Ltd$214,750.33
3325Gerry Morvell$214,600.00
3326Pieper, LYNN AS Trustee For Pieper Family Trust$214,520.90
3327SSS Project Management P/L$214,500.00
3328Earlybird Marketing And Events$214,480.81
3329Clement Marine Services$214,357.00
3330David Alexander Hollway$214,060.00
3331Advanced Communications$213,680.50
3332Andrew Foote$213,567.60
3333Goatfell Technology Pty Ltd$213,427.50
3334ST Lukes Hospital$213,185.14
3335DEPT Of Regional Development & LAND$213,000.00
3336Avant CARD Pty Ltd$212,991.80
3337Alexander And Lloyd Australia Trust$212,886.30
3338Metromatics Pty Ltd$212,790.60
3339Applied Infrared Sensing$212,722.40
3341Thoughtweb Pty Ltd$212,602.01
3342DA Information Services$212,563.97
3343Cabramatta Community Centre$212,546.00
3344Underwater Video Systems Pty Ltd$212,241.03
3345Museum Victoria$212,190.00
3346Kiri-ganai Research Pty Ltd$212,070.00
3347National Transcription Services$212,000.01
3348Requal Business Services Pty Ltd$211,645.00
3349Alaska Structures Inc DBA Alaska In$211,464.89
3350Lambert & Rehbein (seq) Pty Ltd$211,361.32
3351Centre For Multicultural Youth$211,352.89
3352Compro Solutions Pty Ltd$211,200.00
3353Unitronix Pty Ltd$211,024.00
3354M&A Investigations$211,000.00
3355Mandurah Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd$210,955.98
3356Business Systems Consultancy Pty$210,862.19
3357AMA Projects Pty Ltd$210,824.30
3358Preston ROWE Paterson$210,490.00
3359Skytraders Pty Limited$210,430.00
3360G J Mcnaught Pty Ltd$210,379.99
3361Answerz Pty Limited$210,375.00
3362Proactors Pty Ltd$210,276.00
3363Fourthwall Events$210,056.00
3364The Leader Factor Pty Ltd$210,000.00
3365Ceteris, INC.$210,000.00
3366Metadata Technology North America Inc$210,000.00
3367Guangzhou R&F Hengsheng Properties Development CO Ltd The RITZ Carlton$209,915.00
3368Blended Learning Solutions Pty Ltd$209,836.00
3369Wanless Enviro Services Pty Ltd$209,690.77
3370Ecowise Australia P/L$209,550.00
3371Jonathan Sherwyn GOUY$209,451.00
3373Hella AUST Pty Ltd$209,319.26
3374Wollongong Drawing And Office$209,194.40
3375Bronts Commercial Interiors Pty Ltd$209,110.00
3376Value Creation Group$209,106.00
3377The Rehab Factor$209,074.00
3378Haizhi Construction Engineering Company$209,050.00
3379Pinpoint HRM$209,000.00
3380Macleay Optics$208,856.64
3381Waminda Services Ltd$208,855.00
3382BGB Holdings Pty Ltd$208,670.00
3383E T Industries$208,543.50
3384Training Systems Services Pty Ltd$208,321.51
3385Infact Consulting Pty Ltd$208,066.00
3386Wizard Computer Training$208,040.50
3387Janadele Pty Limited$207,862.50
3388Teledesign Australia Pty Ltd$207,812.97
3389Visor Consulting Pty Ltd$207,669.00
3390Sarah Pritchard$207,664.00
3391KEN Wilson & Associates Pty Ltd T/A$207,372.00
3392Optical Solutions Australia$207,328.71
3393Mogas Regional Pty Ltd$207,044.51
3394General Dynamics Satcom Technologie$206,999.83
3395Universal Express$206,500.00
3396Edmore Pty Ltd$206,420.00
3397Orbitec Pty Ltd$206,211.00
3398Cowan Manufacturing Pty Ltd$206,181.24
3399Multisystem Communications$206,177.91
3400Health Policy Analysis Pty Ltd$206,025.00
3401Australian Institute Of Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Studies Aiatsis$205,882.50
3402Robson Huntley & Associates Pty Ltd$205,807.50
3403Goodearth Hotel Perth$205,050.00
3404Adelaide Airport Limited$204,982.30
3405Denliz Trading Pty Ltd$204,875.28
3406HLB MANN JUDD Pty Ltd$204,798.00
3407Rolls Printing Pty Ltd$204,599.56
3408Western District Supported Employment Services Incorporated$204,541.61
3409Training People Pty Ltd$204,517.50
3410Corporate Executive Board Company T$204,496.92
3411TOTE Systems Australia Pty Ltd$204,372.97
3412Bureau Veritas$204,256.09
3414OPSM 8921$203,700.76
3415Luminous Processors$203,604.50
3416North Shore P/H Mobile$203,358.59
3417Selex Sistemi Integrati GMBH$202,989.48
3418Vcorp Consulting Pty Ltd$202,510.00
3419Andrae Builders$202,500.00
3420Economic Policy Research Institute$202,492.92
3421Premiere Conferencing Pty Limited$202,377.82
3422Burns, Nicole$202,368.10
3423The Trustee For Trust -seaview Montville T/A Trust -seaview Montville$202,368.00
3424Arpansa $202,200.40
3425Enhance Management Pty Ltd$202,187.00
3426Pratt Commercial Holdings$202,070.00
3427P & V & D & M Behrakis$201,798.55
3428The ART Of Jimbo$201,781.33
3429Akubra HATS Pty Ltd$201,740.00
3430Prysmian Power Cables & Systems$201,601.18
3431Seven SEAS Shipchandlers$201,183.46
3432AMW Professional Services$201,026.53
3433Serena Software Pty Ltd$201,020.82
3434Global Development Solutions, LLC$200,765.60
3435Factiva DOW Jones & Reuters $200,585.62
3436Sashi Maharaj$200,553.50
3437Taylor Thomson Whitting International Pty Ltd$200,532.50
3438ETMC Technologies Pty Ltd$200,283.91
3439CPE Systems Pty Ltd$200,120.17
3440Peter Bardsley$200,100.00
3441Australian Medical Association$200,011.73
3442BTTP Consulting Pty Ltd$200,000.00
3443Indigo Spark Pty Ltd$200,000.00
3444Bowchung Consulting$200,000.00
3445Kirby, Michael Donald$200,000.00
3446Barbara Belcher$200,000.00
3447Indigenous Business Australia$200,000.00
3448Hunter New England AREA Health$200,000.00
3449Cocos(keeling) Islands Tourism$200,000.00
3450Diners CLUB Pty Ltd$200,000.00
3451Credit Suisse (australia) Limited$200,000.00
3452Rutledge Engineering (qnw) Pty Ltd$199,954.70
3453Aerosonde Pty Ltd$199,826.00
3454Apollo Australia$199,277.02
3455Mirvac REAL Estate Pty Ltd$199,224.06
3456Stellar People Pty Ltd$199,056.00
3457Richard Wayne Gnagey$199,021.19
3458Global 360 (aust)$198,877.80
3459Golightly Consulting Pty Ltd$198,720.00
3460Ecteleconferencing (asia) Pty Limited$198,676.45
3461Holden, Donna Leigh$198,602.76
3462Newspec Pty Ltd$198,521.69
3463Royal Flying Doctor Service Of AUST$198,485.20
3464VMI Distribution Australia$198,415.00
3465Parmalat Australia Ltd$198,150.00
3466Netezza Pty Ltd$198,000.00
3467Visionbytes Pty Ltd$198,000.00
3468Beletich Associates$198,000.00
3469Michelle Maschmedt$198,000.00
3470Identity PR Pty Ltd$198,000.00
3471Vishwanathan Pty Ltd$197,965.42
3472Cranfield University$197,893.82
3473Lower Murray Water$197,851.51
3474Careflight (qld) Limited$197,632.00
3475Crimetech Security$197,605.66
3476Sumtotal Systems ANZ Pty Ltd$197,552.77
3477PPG Industries Australia Pty Ltd$197,436.93
3479Verson International AUST P/L$196,902.50
3480Nichol Industries Pty Ltd$196,848.64
3481Convergent Consulting Pty Ltd$196,816.00
3482R G M Maintenance Pty Ltd$196,729.44
3483KENT Moving & Storage$196,435.00
3484Pitcher Partners$196,432.50
3485NDC Holdings Pty Ltd$196,421.66
3486Parentline ACT Incorporated$195,951.00
3487Intrec Management Pty Ltd$195,936.80
3488Aggreko Generator Rentals$195,826.84
3489Corporate Execurtive Board$195,665.00
3490CITY Software Pty Ltd$195,484.33
3491Siyad DR Mohamed$195,230.20
3492Watermark Search International$194,949.07
3493BMC Software ASIA Pacific PTE Ltd$194,586.97
3494Aerospace Optics$194,561.27
3495Evans & PECK Pty Ltd$194,550.00
3496Marque Hotel Canberra$194,311.90
3497Exhibition Studios Previously Known AS Exhibition Services$194,177.72
3498Australian Sport & Fitness College Pty Ltd$193,968.00
3499Halcrow Pacific Pty Ltd$193,716.00
3500Gecko Consulting$193,694.17
3501Companion House Assisting$193,650.96
3503Centrecare Incorporated$193,500.00
3504Spectrum Australia$193,425.64
3505P.i.a. Pty Ltd$193,363.20
3506Dytecna ASIA Pacific$193,262.30
3507Department Of The Premier And Cabin$193,237.00
3508Vilridge Pty Ltd$193,050.00
3509Techsolve Pty Ltd$193,050.00
3510DG Consulting (aust) Pty Ltd$192,943.00
3511Craigieburn Resort Pty Ltd$192,931.20
3512The IDL Group Ltd$192,748.32
3513Finity Consulting Pty Limited$192,605.15
3514Mundine Farming Pty Ltd$192,511.17
3515Ryrie Centre Development UNIT Trust$192,500.00
3516E-bisprint Pty Ltd$192,454.02
3517Drake Workwise$192,345.00
3518Kabed Consulting Pty Ltd$192,280.00
3519Jonathon Priestly$192,178.91
3520Harris Interactive Inc$192,000.00
3522Quality Development Works Ltd$191,930.20
3523TYCO Healthcare$191,838.00
3524Reckon Pty Ltd$191,736.94
3525Keppel Coast Communications$191,716.80
3526Honeywell AIR Transport - Phoenix D$191,516.25
3527Slade Group$191,508.00
3528Queensland Health Services$191,334.20
3529Walters IGA Tully$191,324.00
3530Exergy Australia Pty Ltd$191,235.00
3531Learn 2 LEAD$191,049.03
3532Ambassador Hotel Perth$190,950.00
3533Unifor Australia PTY. LTD.$190,776.30
3534ROD Pilon Transport$190,619.66
3535State FIRE Commission$190,461.16
3536Civil Aviation Safety Authority$190,000.00
3537REIN Peter MERE$190,000.00
3538Malcolm Harding$190,000.00
3539Yarra Valley Water$190,000.00
3540The LIDO Group Pty Ltd$189,910.20
3541Kevlacat Australia PTY. LTD.$189,787.91
3542Mitso Consulting Pty Ltd$189,783.95
3543Synergy Innovations$189,655.99
3544Leica Microsystems Pty Ltd$189,634.36
3545Asteria Services Inc$189,509.28
3546Axios Systems Pty Limited$189,449.92
3547Remote Retail Services$189,340.20
3548Rydges Esplanade Cairns$189,206.00
3549National Industrial Chemicals Notification And Assessment Scheme$189,097.00
3550Cousins, IAN Herbert$188,905.00
3551Aravena Global Solutions Pty Ltd$188,760.00
3552Flinders Solutions Pty Ltd$188,688.50
3553AMS Nurse Advisory Group Pty Ltd$188,620.00
3554National Consulting Pty Ltd T/AS Avail$188,114.00
3556Amare Safety Pty Ltd$187,991.98
3557Catch Recruitment$187,877.32
3558SEA BOX International Pty Ltd$187,766.00
3559Event Planet Pty Ltd$187,695.61
3560Mcdonnell Douglas Corporation DBA A$187,685.46
3561TP3 Pty Ltd$187,628.00
3562Infra Corporation Pty Ltd$187,600.75
3563Helmet Integrated Systems Ltd$187,577.13
3564FLIR Systems Inc$187,565.30
3565Scott's Agencies Pty Ltd$187,551.19
3566Digital Dogma$187,527.00
3567Vectra Corporation$187,465.63
3568Evolve Studios Pty Ltd$187,415.00
3569Zoological Parks Board Of NSW$187,041.80
3570Lobelia Pty Ltd$186,525.00
3572Air-met Scientific Pty Ltd$186,312.29
3573Schlumberger Oilfield Australia Pty Ltd$186,289.10
3574Ketua Akauntan Kemmenterian Pertaha$186,283.24
3575David Lawler$186,124.63
3576Bistech Pty Ltd$186,120.00
3577PT. Serasi Autoraya$186,018.90
3578Gentec Services Pty Ltd$185,639.30
3579Randstad Pty Ltd$185,174.29
3580Acorn Training And Consulting$185,000.00
3581David Williams$185,000.00
3582Satellite Services$184,800.00
3583Techmark Pty Ltd$184,800.00
3584The Weather Balloon MFG CO Ltd$184,737.86
3585Victoria Police$184,500.00
3587United KFPW HR Services Pty LYD$184,243.00
3588Mcarthur Pty Ltd$184,000.00
3589R & J Swain Engineering Consultants$183,700.00
3590Twyford Consulting$183,637.91
3591Robert Brennan And Associates$183,612.30
3592Click Systems Pty Ltd$183,469.00
3593Overseas Development Institute$182,903.82
3594ONE Health Consulting Pty Ltd$182,611.00
3595The Trustee For Magpie Investment Trust$182,608.86
3596ACT Interiors$182,459.00
3597Metacorp Pty Ltd$181,896.00
3598Wilhelmsen Manufacturing Australia$181,832.40
3599The Trustee For Gillespie Trust$181,804.24
3600Hotel Heritage$181,792.64
3601Lawlab Pty Limited$181,500.00
3602Ecoseal Pty Ltd$181,403.20
3603Atlas ROPE & Cordage$181,355.00
3604Beasley Intercultural PTY. LTD.$181,308.03
3605Allanson Consulting Pty Ltd$181,300.00
3606Designs For Vision Pty Ltd$181,258.00
3607Searson BUCK Pty Ltd$181,096.69
3608Kerry Jarvis$181,000.00
3609Hbo+emtb Architects (act) Pty Ltd$180,978.60
3610Melhuish, Charles M$180,818.52
3611Accent Office Interiors$180,535.30
3613Spark And Cannon$180,479.42
3614Human Capital Alliance (international) Pty Ltd$180,057.00
3616E-ngage Development Ltd$180,000.00
3617Transtank Pty Ltd$179,971.00
36183D Safety Services$179,916.00
3619Canberra Contract Furniture$179,733.40
3620APCO (beijing) Consulting Company Ltd$179,702.00
3621Endurequip Pty Ltd$179,355.00
3622Meinhardt Pty Ltd$179,300.00
3623Stanthorpe Training Centre Inc$179,018.57
3624Multiple Sclerosis Ltd$179,018.57
3625K.W. Mcculloch Pty Ltd$178,863.75
3626Interturbine Advanced Composites$178,637.44
3627TEN & A HALF Pty Ltd$178,612.00
3628Novell Pty Ltd Novell Fulliment$178,550.00
3629Strategic Property Holdings 3$178,242.53
3630Creative CREW Pty Ltd$178,200.00
3631Lloyd Raymond Kenward$178,117.50
3632XTEK Ltd$178,067.67
3633Broadcast Australia Pty Limited$177,958.41
3634The Trustee For Phillips KPA UNIT Trust$177,860.00
3635MAC 1 Pty Limited$177,811.78
3636Greenslopes PRIV H$177,753.36
3637L&L Design And Production Pty Limited$177,326.82
3638RAPP Australia Pty Ltd$177,194.18
3639Executive Leadership Australia P/L$177,100.00
3640Eloise JANE Vinson$176,921.00
3641Aerospace Optics INC. DBA Vivisun$176,882.97
3642Robert Cornall$176,821.00
3643Oresome WA Pty Ltd$176,800.00
3644Compucraft Software Solutions$176,782.78
3645PSI Consulting Pty Ltd$176,699.97
3646AMR Interactive Pty Ltd$176,550.00
3647JANE Devereux Pty Ltd$176,510.39
3648Centre For Customs And Excise Studies Pty Ltd$176,500.00
3649Westrac Equipment Pty Ltd$176,488.10
3651SV Partners (nsw) Pty Ltd$176,412.50
3653Enigma DATA Services$176,000.00
3654Datacom IT$176,000.00
3655QP3 Consulting$176,000.00
3656ISYS Search Software$175,872.68
3657Bellewarra Investments Pty Ltd$175,800.00
3658Icelab Pty Ltd$175,758.00
3659Jaspara Pty Ltd$175,615.00
3660DR Vijay Roach P/L$175,551.20
3661Australian Drilling Industry Association$175,450.00
3662Cornerstone Management Consulting$175,450.00
3663Unimail Pty Ltd$175,347.41
3664ST Joseph's College$175,279.20
3665ESIM Games LLC$175,200.81
3666Softscape Solutions$175,000.00
3667IUCN Regional Office For Oceania$175,000.00
3668Solvents Australia Pty Ltd$174,974.41
3669Kowalski Recruitment Pty Ltd$174,861.47
3670CB Richard Ellis$174,456.00
3671Panel FAB$174,366.50
3672Integra Packaging NSW Pty Ltd$174,364.74
3673Stirling International$174,263.67
3674NSW Teachers Federation$174,240.00
3675Capital EASY Finance & Leasing$174,018.24
3676Cowan Holdings Pty Ltd$173,863.20
3677Coolgaree Aboriginal Corporation For CDEP$173,700.00
3678Secure EDGE Technology$173,653.16
3679Nammo Vanasverken AB$173,542.20
3680Kordamentha Pty Ltd AS The Trustee For The KM UNIT Trust T/A Korda Mentha$173,520.00
3681Marar Pty Ltd$173,472.15
3682New Millenium$173,324.50
3683Giraffe Visual Communication$173,275.00
3684Hewitt Associates Pty Ltd$173,140.00
3685HINO Trucks (toyota Australia)$173,086.50
3686Acoustic Imaging$173,070.70
3687Harry The Hirer$173,049.50
3688Radio Tactics Australia Pty Ltd$172,897.68
3689Peter Noonan Consulting$172,754.13
3690Holocentric Pty Ltd$172,748.59
3691Victoria University$172,632.00
3692Salway, Peter R T/A Sapere Consulting$172,605.40
3693Quantum Consulting Australia$172,596.00
3694Novotel Northbeach$172,430.00
3695Brooke BIRD & CO$172,275.20
3696Community Business Bureau Incorporated$172,155.00
3697Elpro Technologies Pty Ltd$172,033.29
3698Wiltrading Pty Ltd$171,951.58
3699National Association Of Testing Authorities$171,759.49
3700Response Consulting Australia PTY. LTD.$171,593.00
3702Steelcon Constructions Pty Ltd$171,440.00
3703Pacific Datacom$171,226.56
3704Mosaic TRAY Company$171,034.60
3705Teledyne Defence Australia$171,000.02
3706Universities Australia$170,500.00
3707Millhouse Enterprises Pty Ltd$170,455.65
3708Aussie Telecom Pty Limited$170,366.43
3709The Trustee For PORT Hunter UNIT Trust$170,311.72
3710The AIR Doctor$170,280.00
3711Unicover Corporation$170,223.66
3712JET Aviation (asia Pacific) PTE Ltd$170,221.15
3713Aspire Learning & Development$170,220.00
3714Clearz Pty Ltd$170,104.63
3715Susan Jackson$170,000.00
3716Cooma-monaro Technology Centre LIMI$170,000.00
3717SRC Solutions$169,988.40
3718Medic Media$169,400.00
3719Centuria 4-8 Woodville ST Pty Ltd$169,357.50
3720Intersect Alliance Pty Ltd$169,280.29
3721MLEE Pty Ltd$168,992.22
3722JOHN Godwin Consulting$168,984.00
3723Artisan Technical Services$168,654.32
3724Blankor Pty Ltd$168,542.00
3725Adrian Rizza$168,465.00
3726Leadership Strategies Pty Ltd$167,508.88
3727Geometry P/L$167,346.30
3728Strategic Enterprise Development PTY. LTD.$167,260.00
3729Terranovate Group Pty Ltd$167,200.00
3730PAUL Abbey Constructions Pty Ltd$167,200.00
3731Wizard Projects Pty Ltd$167,133.65
3732Disciplined Innovation Pty Ltd$167,046.00
3733Aboriginal Employment Brokers Pty Ltd$167,000.00
3734IDES Pty Ltd$166,953.60
3735Matrium Technologies Pty Ltd$166,936.00
3736ANNE Jenkin & Associates Pty Ltd$166,870.00
3737BEMS Pty Ltd$166,730.95
3738Standard AERO Ltd$166,721.19
3739BAE Systems Aerospace & Defense GRO$166,716.92
3740TTF D P & A M Jones UNIT Trust$166,700.00
3742TAE Queensland$166,670.90
3743Heatherfield Pty Ltd$166,641.94
3744World WIDE Webster Pty Limited$166,400.00
3745ECA International$166,370.00
3746Eyecare Plus-maroubra JNC$166,322.65
3747Appleby Consulting Pty Ltd$166,124.32
3748ALL TYPE Specialised Coatings$166,100.00
3749The Beehive Group Pty Ltd Trading AS ERIC Martin And Associates$165,850.00
3750Kingston Graham Gordon &8893 Katherine Florence$165,726.00
3751EAS Toolcraft Pty Ltd$165,698.38
3753Wallis Consulting Group Pty Ltd$165,552.20
3754Mirima Council Aboriginal Council$165,495.00
3755Inside Story Knowledge Management Pty Ltd$165,320.00
3756Century Yuasa Batteries Pty Ltd$165,094.20
3757NOVA Public Policy Pty Ltd$165,033.00
3758DMTC Limited$165,000.00
3759Equity Planners$165,000.00
3760Weringam Pty Ltd$165,000.00
3762Strategies & Solutions$165,000.00
3763GJ RYAN Engineering$165,000.00
3764Natural Resource Management Board ($165,000.00
3765Lacey Personnel Consulting$164,950.00
3766Employment And Training Outcomes Pty Limited$164,864.00
3767Northerly Group$164,785.00
3768Condon, Robert James$164,742.60
3769Aggmedia Pty Ltd$164,671.00
3770Intergrated Office Design And Installations Pty Ltd$164,564.70
3771LJ & M Management Pty Ltd$164,491.24
3772American Epress Travel$164,348.87
3773Tarcus Pty Ltd$164,300.00
3774Energyconsult Pty Ltd$164,296.00
3775Lucid IT Pty Ltd$164,231.00
3776Harrison Prosthetics$164,177.76
3777Chain Protection Services$164,155.85
3778BP Australia Ltd$164,070.30
3779The Trustee For Airmaster Australia UNIT Trust$164,000.00
3780Hilton On The PARK$163,900.00
3781BOHM Pty Ltd T/A 2B Advertising & Design$163,336.46
3782CQ Commercial Catering Equipme$163,174.00
3783Favcote Pty Ltd$163,119.00
3784Secure Systems Ltd$162,910.00
3785Central QLD Petroleum Pty Ltd$162,830.45
3786Focus Commercial Interiors Pty Ltd$162,796.15
3787Parkes, ALAN Philip$162,665.80
3788Hiftb Pty Ltd$162,560.00
3789Switzer Communications Pty Ltd$162,409.56
3790GFK Custom Research, LLC$162,049.00
3791Barmco MANA Partnership$161,842.50
3792Cleanworks Australia Pty Ltd$161,603.00
3793Walsh, Maxwell James$161,270.78
3794W And J Investmentspty Ltd$161,201.00
3795Paddy Pallin Adventure Equipment$161,162.15
3796Consulting PLUS PTY. LTD.$161,146.31
3797Computer Systems Programming Pty Ltd$161,000.00
3798Guidance Consulting Pty Ltd$161,000.00
3799Primary Industries (qld) Pty Ltd$160,688.00
3800S & A Contracting Pty Ltd$160,655.00
3801Bradley Reporting$160,600.00
3802The Learning Group$160,515.01
3803Boomworks Pty Ltd$160,000.01
3804P I Research Pty Ltd$160,000.00
3805Office Of The Chief Information Officer$160,000.00
3806David O'connor$160,000.00
3807JOHN Ramsay & Associates$160,000.00
3808Argent Techno Racking P/L$159,975.39
3809Macey's Electrical P/L$159,940.00
3810STF Associates$159,940.00
3811Christopher Auricht$159,830.00
3812CPI Malibu Division DIV CPI Malibu$159,718.40
3813Topline Partitions & Interiors Pty Ltd$159,621.00
3814University Of The South Pacific$159,500.00
3815Metrostate Security Courier Pty Ltd$159,500.00
3816Brand Finance (australia) Pty Ltd$159,423.00
3817Group GSA Pty Ltd$159,115.00
3818Sitesafe (NT)$158,950.00
3819Colchris Pty Ltd$158,806.00
3820Blueline Software Pty Ltd$158,785.00
3821Forward Horizons$158,565.52
3822Avocado Consulting Service$158,400.00
3823PFT 2005 Pty Limited$158,250.00
3824Cinden Lester Communicati$157,980.00
3825Groote Eylandt And Bickerton Island$157,783.19
3826GPT Property Management Pty Ltd$157,769.15
3827Helsco Pty Ltd$157,520.00
3828ROSS Begbie & Associates P/L$157,250.00
3829JOHN Morris Scientific P/L$157,077.70
3830Sonic Innovations Pty Ltd$156,919.40
3831Brett Coffin$156,799.99
3832AXE Group Pty Ltd$156,474.73
3833Kardex VCA Pty Ltd$156,365.00
3834Entity Solutions Services Pty Ltd$156,304.00
3836Salmat Document Solutions Pty Ltd$156,100.77
3837Coffey Environments Pty Ltd$156,053.15
3838Centre For International Economics$155,899.20
3840Anixter Australia Pty Ltd$155,342.00
3841Gippsland Water$155,000.00
3842National Lighting TEST Centre$155,000.00
3843Sparkn Global P/L$154,880.00
3844Software Education Australia Pty Ltd$154,838.20
3845G & E Woolley Prosthodonist &$154,788.48
3846Shah, Fabia Russell$154,698.50
3848Rider Levett Bucknall ACT Pty Ltd$154,604.00
3849Oxy-check Pty Ltd$154,499.00
3850Osraloo Pty Ltd$154,428.37
3851Publicis Loyalty Pty Ltd$154,386.54
3853Birth Deaths & Marriages$154,328.00
3854Interior Design And Construction CO. Ltd$154,311.00
3855BSI Learning Pty Limited$154,300.00
3856Magical Learning Pty Ltd$154,260.00
3857Axiom Geoscience Pty Ltd$154,000.00
3858Alexander And Symonds Pty Ltd$154,000.00
3859East Dominion Pty Ltd$154,000.00
3860MPA Constructions$154,000.00
3861Cygnature Investments Pty Ltd$153,662.34
3862Henchman Products$153,594.25
3863MY House Publishing$153,577.00
3864Accounts Receivable Administrator$153,538.00
3865Andrew Watkins$153,500.00
3866Ivision Pty Ltd$153,445.60
3868Xpanse Pty Ltd$153,291.90
3869TOP END Access Holdings Pty Ltd$153,208.55
3870Keane Consulting Pty Ltd$153,204.21
3871CSL Biotherapies$153,120.00
3872Market Attitude Research SERV$152,834.99
3873Hwksbury DIST Health$152,740.90
3874C&L Aerospace Pty Ltd$152,667.60
3875Datacom Connect P/L$152,628.25
3876Murray Oakley Discounts$152,500.00
3877Hobart FOOD Equipment Pty Ltd$152,475.85
3878Laurie Wilson And Associates P/L$152,336.00
3879Oldfield Removals And Storage$152,332.50
3880Safesearch Pty Ltd$152,190.01
3881Gibson, Margaret MARY$152,032.15
3882Verve Events International Pty Ltd$151,912.50
3883Dedicated Systems Australia$151,907.80
3884Thomson Constructions$151,850.00
3885Harrahs LAS Vegas Casino And Hotel$151,821.00
3886Urban Contractors Pty Ltd$151,782.40
3887DR Peter LAM Practice$151,685.75
3888Blazae Investments Pty Ltd$151,675.16
3889Sensage Inc$151,636.57
3890Perth Clinic$151,527.60
3891Webb, SARA ANNE$151,525.00
3892Lloyd's Register RAIL Limited$151,500.00
3893OVER The MOON Promotions$151,473.30
3894Schneider Electric (aust) P/L$151,402.46
3895Bloomberg Finance L.P.$151,391.58
3896Global Online Learning Pty Ltd$151,360.00
3897Apsley Recruitment Pty Ltd$151,114.30
3898Chamberlin Christopher$151,024.00
3899Kidd, Stephen$151,002.53
3900Woolstore Pty Ltd$151,000.00
3901Nufern DBA Nufern Inc$150,890.87
3902Forge DATA Solutions$150,866.74
3903Melbourne Development Institute Pty Ltd$150,771.40
3904Metlink Victoria Pty Ltd$150,639.30
3905Constantine, Janine Andrea$150,493.30
3906Flightline Electronics INC. DBA ULT$150,410.00
3907ABU Dhabi National Exhibitions CO$150,156.76
3908Girudala Community Co-operative Society Ltd$150,060.00
3909Waccdorc Pty Ltd$150,000.00
3910Mchugh Maxillofacial$150,000.00
3911SAFE Work Australia$150,000.00
3912Metadata Technology North America$150,000.00
3913Ballistic Systems Pty Ltd$149,965.00
3914Green LEAF Engineers Pty Ltd$149,887.90
3915Australian Water Environments Pty Ltd$149,622.00
3916JOHN Veneris And George Veneris$149,498.00
3917NUIX Pty Ltd$149,380.00
3918Brintons Pty Ltd$149,303.00
3919Amlink Technologies Marketing Pty Ltd$149,230.51
3920Simplexity Communications$149,187.36
3921Marriott Support Services$149,182.14
3922On Track Community Programs Inc$149,182.14
3923The Lorna Hodgkinson Sunshine HOME$149,182.14
3924Australian Freight Handling Pty Ltd$149,160.00
3925Hemisphere Conference Centre$149,050.01
3926DEMS Consulting Pty Ltd T/A Crisis Solutions International Pty Ltd$149,000.00
3927ZONE Advanced Protection Systems$148,794.80
3928Western Advance Pty Ltd$148,786.94
3929PRON Software Pty Ltd$148,640.80
3930Dentsply (aust) Pty Ltd$148,600.86
3931Wireless DATA Solutions Pty Limited$148,596.80
3932FLIR Systems Australia Pty Ltd$148,544.87
3933Madfish Solutions Pty Ltd$148,500.00
3934Melbourne Mailing Pty Ltd$148,500.00
3935MB Psychological Services Pty Ltd$148,500.00
3936Integral Energy$148,318.85
3937Fitzwaters Consultants Pty Ltd$148,267.90
3938Mcdonald Printing Group Pty Ltd$148,212.00
3939Crowne Plaza$148,121.69
3940Ambrose Indigenous Business Pty Limited$148,115.00
3941BEN IRIS Pty Ltd$148,000.00
3942Parisfirst Partners Pty Ltd$148,000.00
3943Analysys Mason$147,931.00
3944Absolute Maintenance & Technical$147,882.82
3945Polaris Communications Pty Ltd$147,832.56
3946Mcmullen Nolan And Partners Surveyors Pty Ltd$147,743.00
3947Refuelling Solutions Pty Ltd$147,535.41
3948Winton Sustainable Research Strategies Pty Ltd$147,510.00
3949Alexis PARK Resort & SPA$147,481.19
3950Tuffa Workwear P/L$147,473.70
3951Systemik Solutions Pty Ltd$147,436.00
3952JSJ Professional Services Pty Ltd$147,193.59
3953Detto, KAI$147,180.00
3954Interoil Products Ltd$147,125.87
3955EM Software & Systems SA Pty Ltd$147,107.65
3956ASCS Canadian Signal CORP$147,091.75
3957Human Solutions Of North America In$147,035.42
3958Rebel AG Pty Ltd$147,000.00
3959Coombs & Barei Construction Pty Ltd$146,971.49
3960IT Power (australia) Pty Ltd$146,960.00
3961Mexia Consulting Pty Ltd$146,875.00
3962GH Solutions Pty Ltd$146,850.00
3963Michel Patrick Nader$146,793.85
3964National Ageing Research Institute Inc$146,672.00
3965Mcivor, Kirsty$146,564.00
3966Corporate AIR$146,530.01
3967DAY & Hodge Associates$146,500.01
3968Veles Enterprises Pty Ltd$146,300.00
3969A D Engineering Ltd$146,221.25
3970Bennett, Catherine$146,084.40
3971Active Healthcare$146,025.00
3972Versalux Lighting Systems$145,985.00
3973Agility Logistics Pty Ltd $145,962.24
3974Murray-darling Freshwater Research$145,837.00
3975Turbosoft P/L$145,750.00
3976NT Psychology Services$145,709.63
3977Project Design & Management Pty Ltd T/A Project Design And Management$145,636.19
3978WYLD Group Pty Ltd$145,502.96
3979The Trustee For TOP END Development Trustees$145,500.00
3980LAW Image (act) Pty Ltd$145,281.06
3981Acumen Alliance$145,068.00
3982Fluke Australia$145,004.20
3983Strikers Pty Limited$145,000.00
3984Grindlay Nominees Pty Ltd$145,000.00
3985The Trustee For Stabi-craft Marine Trust$145,000.00
3986The Travel Doctor$145,000.00
3987Brian J White Pty Ltd$145,000.00
3988KLM Group (SA) Pty Ltd$144,865.84
3989Nestle Purina Petcare $144,819.38
3990Handywaynat Foods SAP$144,732.15
3991PAUL Bourne Homes P/L$144,724.81
3992Trustee For DE Graaff Family Trust Trading AS Phaedrus Strategic And Business Solutions$144,542.62
3993Ardyaloon Incorporated$144,423.64
3994Special Broadcasting Service Coporation$144,399.00
3995Clayton Newfarm Pty Ltd$144,000.00
3996Millitech Australia Pty Ltd$143,750.86
3997Fredon Industries PTY. Limited$143,749.20
3998Vizzie Pty Ltd$143,737.00
3999AAI Corporation DBA Textron Systems$143,524.36
4000Integrated Business Consulting P/L$143,500.00
4001Oasis Apartments$143,351.01
4002JADE Software Corporation Pty Ltd$143,330.00
4003Ithaca Group Pty Ltd$143,085.00
4004Beechwood International$143,000.00
4005IKW Consulting Group Pty Ltd$143,000.00
4006LOUD Pty Ltd$143,000.00
4007YODA Software Pty Ltd$142,896.60
4008Instyle Indoor Plant HIRE$142,545.22
4009Spacelift Design Consultancy$142,500.00
4010Myriad Consultants Pty Ltd$142,247.77
4011Singleton Council$142,120.00
4012Pacific Commercial Diving Supply$142,060.80
4013Ecorys Netherlands B.V.$142,026.64
4014Softtest Pty Ltd$142,000.00
4015AIR Charter Network Pty Ltd$141,995.00
4016Rojone Pty Limited$141,929.79
4017Tecolote Research Inc$141,900.03
4018Munters Pty Ltd$141,846.51
4019Datapod Pty Ltd$141,816.61
4020Colmar Brunton Social Research$141,755.00
4021SAVI Technology Australia Pty Ltd$141,741.60
4022Sunrise Dynamic Solutions$141,700.00
4023Pattemore Constructions$141,667.63
4024Royal AUST College Of Surgeons$141,560.10
4025DR TONY Tonks$141,500.00
4026Health Group Strategies Pty Ltd$141,492.20
4027Hamib Pty Ltd$141,466.00
4028LJF Communications$141,309.30
4030Online UPS Specialist$141,209.92
4031Enterprise & Training Company Limited$141,208.66
4032Computer EZY$141,096.12
4034The Trustee For Druin No 3 Trust T/A Harvey Norman Commercial Division Taren Point$140,869.30
4035MR Andrew JOHN Kirkham$140,800.00
4036Esmart Solutions$140,645.09
4037Toner Express$140,620.57
4038Measured Insights$140,576.10
4039Elliott Street Consulting Pty Ltd$140,511.06
4040UHY Haines Norton (canberra) Pty Ltd$140,427.99
4041Dotecon Ltd$140,250.00
4042Minter Ellison$140,250.00
4043BDO Private Wealth Advisers$140,000.00
4044Legal Policy Consulting Pty Ltd$139,900.00
4045Venture Group Pty Ltd$139,877.15
4046Direct Action Australia$139,870.01
4047Doric Group Holdings Pty Ltd$139,785.00
4048JPR Technologies Pty Ltd$139,700.00
4049Armtech Pty Ltd$139,535.00
4050Lawther, Peter MARK$139,467.90
4051Mcgirr Information Technology$139,409.56
4052Geoimage Pty Ltd$139,356.29
4053Skill360 Australia Limited$139,350.00
4054I D & V Teese Family Trust T/A IT Agribusiness$139,309.50
4055Emtek Furniture$139,257.80
4056Acromat Pty Ltd$139,128.98
4057Paula M Promotions$139,079.05
4058Professor HUGH Taylor$139,000.00
4059CORE Research$139,000.00
4060K L Hindson & T K Mccue T/A Stones Throw Consulting$138,900.00
4061Maser Defence Pty Ltd$138,879.73
4062Network Brokers Pty Ltd$138,781.50
4063Schmidt & Bender GMBH & CO. KG$138,707.69
4064Conbrio Technology Ltd$138,699.99
4065Clifford Hallam Healthcare$138,610.70
4066Aarons, Audrey$138,600.00
4067Hacost Pty Ltd (t/a: Stylecraft Australia)$138,545.90
4068Environmental Fluid Systems$138,460.00
4069Forcefield Services Pty Ltd$138,347.00
4070Stamford Plaza Brisbane$138,268.00
4071DR Hilton Ernest Stone$138,250.00
4072Department Of Sport And Recreation$138,154.00
4073Transport Ticketing Authority$138,111.50
4074Samgene Nominee Pty Ltd$138,000.00
4075AJ Holdings Pty Limited$138,000.00
4076Rodgers Reidy$137,967.50
4077FORD Kelly Executive Connection$137,960.00
4078People & Strategy (act) Pty Ltd$137,740.01
4079Deutsche BANK AG$137,500.00
4080Merrill Lynch International (aus) L$137,500.00
4081Citigroup Global Markets AUS Pty LT$137,500.00
4082Space AGE Communications Pty Ltd$137,438.63
4083Richie R Nichols & Kristina E Hedin$137,225.00
4084The Work LAB$137,200.00
4085Bianco Construction Supplies$137,182.14
4086Bennett Design Pty Ltd$137,044.60
4087Petrinovic Family Pty Ltd$137,000.00
4088ATI Australia Pty Ltd$136,976.85
4089WL GORE & Associates AUST$136,774.00
4090Dolly DAY Design$136,402.21
4091National Library Of Australia$136,315.00
4092Coffey Corporate No 1$136,172.50
4093Veolia Water Solutions$136,168.80
4094Barath Consultancy Pty Ltd$136,124.98
4095Allied Pickfords$136,124.87
4096Dinghy Sports Australia$136,040.01
4097The Young Superannuation FUND$136,031.99
4098Driat Pty Ltd$136,000.00
4099Department Of Planning$136,000.00
4100Department Of Sustainability$135,990.80
4101Decor Living International Pty Ltd$135,712.70
4102Cornerstone Constructions$135,630.00
4103Kronos Australia Pty Ltd$135,565.00
4104Stamford Grand Adelaide$135,546.65
4105Lockheed Martin UK Insys Ltd$135,546.13
4106Ferrier Hodgson$135,417.75
4107ART Of Service$135,360.50
4108JS HILL & Associates Ltd$135,351.69
4109Interdrape Pty Ltd$135,173.50
4110Infor Global Solutions$135,041.76
4111MR James Graham$135,000.00
4112IAN Oswald-jacobs Aerial Photography Pty Ltd$134,834.00
4113Quality Bakers Australia Pty Ltd$134,625.30
4114Paradigm Geophysical Pty Ltd$134,585.00
4115Key Energy & Resources$134,535.20
4116Atlantic Inertia Systems$134,431.01
4117Rapanea Consulting Ltd$134,400.00
4118PDWP Interior Engineering CO. Ltd$134,393.73
4119RAIL Corporation New South Wales$134,319.99
4120The Brooklyn Group$134,272.00
4121Building Indigenous Capability$134,101.99
4122Pro-fit Corporate Health Pty Ltd$134,088.67
4123Gerber Technology$134,068.00
4124ALC Online Pty Ltd$133,832.88
4125Element Solutions$133,760.00
4126Clicks Recruit (australia) Pty$133,729.66
4127DA & EA Cotching Pty Ltd$133,619.00
4128Ansell International$133,474.08
4129Hallinan Refrigeration And AIR COND$133,424.50
4130JOHN Holland Aviation Services$133,387.71
4131Sharp Direct$133,189.60
4132JOHN Winter$133,162.50
4133The Trustee For Securitel Business Trust$133,097.07
4134Canvas Contracting Pty Ltd$133,034.00
4135Vista Advisory$133,000.00
4136JOHN Joseph VAN ES & Julieanne VAN ES$133,000.00
4137Pelion Group Pty Limited$132,990.00
4138Aamhatch Pty Ltd$132,889.50
4139Metacomp Technologies INC.$132,701.51
4140Biddle Management Services$132,618.39
4141Peter And HALA Sleiman Property Investment$132,615.87
4142BEST Practice Consulting$132,550.00
4143Sympuls Aachen$132,519.00
4144NSW TAFF Commission$132,485.00
4145CRNI Panter Pty Ltd$132,418.00
4146Delta Partnership Solutions Limited$132,369.21
4147ALAN Beckett$132,110.00
4148Noggin Pty Ltd$132,089.10
4149L And A Petruccelli$132,088.00
4150Dalcross Adventist$132,078.31
4151Hastings Deering (aust) Limited$132,074.92
4152Clinpsych Psychology Services$132,000.00
4153Herron TODD White (north Queensland) Pty Ltd$132,000.00
4154First Responder Group Pty Ltd$132,000.00
4155APJ Communications Pty Ltd$132,000.00
4156Office Of The Commonwealth Ombudsman$132,000.00
4157Satellite Homes Pty Ltd$132,000.00
4158Epica Solutions Pty Ltd$132,000.00
4159Educare Specialist Services$132,000.00
4160Raven Design$131,990.00
4161Australian Scientific Instruments Pty Ltd$131,967.00
4163Henkel Australia Pty Ltd$131,892.75
4164Quality Machine Tools$131,890.00
4165Spilll Station Australia$131,829.72
4166AGEO Pty Ltd$131,813.00
4167Square FOOT Solutions Pty Ltd$131,806.40
4168Spiers Earthworks Pty Ltd$131,763.50
4169FATS Digital Services Pty Ltd$131,635.00
4170GOOD GUYS Fyshwick Pty Ltd$131,599.25
4171Institute Of GOOD Governance And Regional Development(iggrd)$131,588.31
4172Tapestry Solutions INC.$131,560.94
4173Transfinite Systems Ltd$131,325.00
4174F Mayer Melbourne Pty Limited$131,286.00
4175Publication PERS$131,238.21
4176MR Artur Maliszewski$131,049.87
4177CITY Council$131,045.90
4178Country Energy$131,036.94
4179Cooney, JOHN R$130,789.75
4180JL And JE Langoulant$130,604.81
4181Walter, Graham Melvyn$130,460.00
4182National Water Commission$130,400.00
4183Welkram Pty Ltd$130,355.62
4184Thomas Duryea Consulting Pty Ltd$130,240.00
4185Media Gurus$130,200.00
4186The Spectrumdata Group Pty Ltd$130,185.00
4187Ancra AUST Pty Ltd$130,130.00
4188Austgold Electrical$130,038.00
4189Azzopardi & Hancock$130,000.00
4190Canberra Imaging Group Pty Ltd$130,000.00
4191CMI Industrial Pty Ltd$129,870.40
4192Computer NOW$129,779.38
4193Nhulunbuy Corporation Ltd$129,774.24
4194Ultimate Design Graphics Pty Ltd$129,690.00
4195Azure Innovation Pty Ltd$129,608.00
4196Mdfrc Pty Limited$129,500.00
4197Tropical Contact Services$129,391.06
4199Eurotech International Pty Ltd$129,292.76
4200Newstart 139 Pty Ltd$129,189.00
4201Medical Kinetics$129,030.00
4202Bruce & Valerie Sperling$129,000.00
4203Karen Ivkovic T/A Naiades Geohydrology$129,000.00
4204Inter Staffing Services Pty Ltd$128,990.00
4205Integeo Pty Ltd$128,920.00
4206Storm FX Pty Ltd$128,860.50
4208ACT DEPT Of Justice & Community$128,755.00
4209Stulz Australia Pty Ltd$128,661.00
4210Zodiac Marine$128,619.70
4211MAC1 Canberra Centre$128,585.85
4212Evolution Multimedia$128,430.01
4214L & R Manufacturing CO Inc$128,249.41
4215Berlinger Special AG$128,015.00
4216Applied Explosives Technology$128,002.25
4217National Infrastructure Services$127,782.19
4218Kenway, Jessica$127,773.68
4219The Sebel Manly Beach$127,737.00
4220South Australia Police$127,708.59
4221Murray River North Pty Ltd$127,702.17
4222Waldorf Apartmnt Hotel$127,652.00
4223IV&V Australia$127,600.00
4224Accreditation Specialists (australia) Pty Ltd$127,586.00
4225Macmahon Mining Services Pty Ltd$127,517.17
4226New Milligans Pty Ltd$127,402.00
4227AVOX Systems INC.$127,362.31
4228TAE Aviation Pty Ltd$127,324.57
4229Angus Flexible Pipelines$127,162.27
4230Peter JOHN Flaherty$127,049.00
4231Australian Safety Group$126,910.88
4232Ferno AUST$126,874.64
4233Greenway Architects (SA) Pty Ltd$126,727.01
4234G A Glanville & CO$126,686.06
4235The Robert Gordon University$126,622.78
4237Boeing Training & Flight Services$126,500.00
4238Roseback Pty Limited$126,419.28
4239B Braun Australia$126,379.53
4240SEA Swift Pty Ltd$126,372.96
4241Miller Costello & Company$126,300.00
4242Queensland Archival Management Pty Ltd$126,280.00
4243Australian Multicultural$126,259.20
4244APT Business Solutions Pty Ltd$126,222.11
4245APC Australia Pty Limited$126,144.70
4246Holiday INN Melbourne Airport$126,100.00
4247Munition Safety Information Analysi$126,050.40
4248Colbar Q.s.r Pty Ltd$125,928.00
4249Noakes BOAT & Shipyards$125,924.88
4250Meertens Administration$125,879.00
4251Turkish Communications Pty Ltd$125,835.00
4252Kathleen Townsend Executive$125,800.00
4254A Noble & SON Ltd$125,607.00
4255Townsville DAY Surge$125,331.00
4256Smith Medical$125,298.42
4257Noske-kaeser NZ Ltd$125,184.60
4258Lisasoft Pty Ltd$125,180.00
4259LAST MILE Communications Pty Ltd$125,149.61
4260ST Andrews WAR Memorial$125,072.60
4261Cook, Doran$125,000.00
4262Arstz 1/2 PTY. Limited$124,886.61
4263ONE Vision Pty Ltd$124,882.63
4264JUST Staff Pty Ltd$124,880.25
4265SV Partners Pty Ltd$124,850.00
4266Couch Creative Pty Ltd$124,840.50
4267Western Power$124,820.00
4268E Turner & S.L Turner$124,800.00
4269MC Millan Staff Development Pty Ltd$124,680.00
4270Servitel Communications Pty Ltd$124,653.94
4271Quinto Communications Pty Ltd$124,643.20
4272Construction And Property Services Industry Skills Council Limited$124,575.00
4273Allied Technology International$124,556.70
4274JR Global Logistics P/L$124,357.71
4275Stuart's House Of Bedding$124,258.00
4276EIU Australia$124,124.83
4277TPR Systems$124,114.00
4278Dimarzio Research Pty Ltd$124,080.00
4279Gilbert + Tobin$124,080.00
4280I-pmo Pty Ltd$124,048.00
4281Prodata Pty Ltd$124,014.00
4282LOWY Institute For International Policy$124,000.00
4283Pearson Brothers Pty Ltd$124,000.00
4284Synthesys Systems Engineers Ltd$124,000.00
4285Sheraton Shanghai Hotel & Residences$123,995.00
4286Laboratory Equipment Pty Ltd$123,960.00
4287JF Machinery Pty Ltd$123,918.38
4288Hitec CNC Machine Tools$123,902.91
4289General Electric Inspection Technologies GMBH$123,750.00
4290Devabu Pty Ltd$123,530.00
4291Holiday INN Esplanade$123,474.00
4292Australian Environment Agency Pty Ltd$123,270.46
4293DOLL Martin Associates Pty Ltd$123,200.00
4294Howat Bradshaw & Associates Pty Ltd$123,200.00
4295Perkins Shipping Group$123,152.79
4296JDS Australia Pty Ltd$123,050.40
4297Horabin Company Pty Ltd$123,029.04
4298Initiate Systems Australia P/L$123,000.00
4299Cocos (K) Islands Shire Council$123,000.00
4300The Performance Technologies Group Pty Ltd$122,760.70
4301Sanaei, Atefeh Sally$122,750.00
4302Roche Diagnostics AUST Pty Ltd$122,435.91
4303Esplastics Pty Ltd$122,320.00
4304Adtech Environmental Pty Ltd$121,918.13
4305University Of Western Sydney$121,770.00
4306Kiama Technologies$121,770.00
4307Crackers Corporation$121,762.24
4308Perocin Pty Ltd$121,735.00
4309Becton Dickinson$121,676.94
4310Beijing Hines JING Sheng REAL Estate Development C$121,657.10
4311DR Matthew I Hunter$121,644.84
4312Fodico Pty Ltd$121,550.00
4313Hallam Manufacturing Pty Ltd$121,504.90
4314Amity Constructions Pty Ltd$121,403.00
4315Kyocera MITA Australia$121,074.60
4316MOZ Consulting$121,045.50
4317Avepoint AU Pty Ltd$121,030.14
4318DR Stuart Saker$121,000.00
4319UBM Aviation Worldwide Ltd$120,950.00
4320DEPT Of House Of Representatives$120,894.00
4321Sports Surfaces$120,880.00
4322Romar Valuation Services Pty Ltd$120,759.00
4323Clark Corporate Consulting Pty Ltd$120,750.00
4324Alice Springs Airport Pty Ltd$120,750.00
4325Cardno Young Pty Ltd$120,703.00
4326Johnstone, David Bruce Leonard$120,648.00
4327Oakwood Residence Beijing$120,593.00
4328Adamson, Christine$120,500.00
4329OVID Technologies$120,460.16
4330TRA Global Pty Ltd$120,244.00
4331Adaptive Frameworks$120,240.00
4332Organising Committee XIX Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010$120,235.90
4333Janet Josephine Schroeder$120,182.00
4334Capital Finance Australia Limited$120,142.87
4335Marilyn Johnston$120,000.00
4336Banscott Health Consulting Pty Ltd$120,000.00
4337RNI Constructions Pty Ltd$120,000.00
4338Royal Agricultural & Horticultural$120,000.00
4339FIRE Protection Professional INT$120,000.00
4340BAC Systems Pty Ltd$119,987.50
4341Static Engineering$119,980.30
4342Norcatec LLC$119,847.49
4343Queensland Transport - Cairns $119,818.98
4344Veritas Advisory Pty Ltd$119,800.00
4345Atlas Business Services$119,672.05
4346Southern Pumping Specialists$119,504.00
4347Oakley South Pacific Pty Ltd$119,427.00
4348GREG Tucker & Associates Pty Ltd$119,331.60
4349BIS Shrapnel Pty Limited$119,273.00
4350Strathpine Shopping Centre Pty Ltd$119,000.00
4351Ethan Nominees (taubenblatt UNIT Trust)$119,000.00
4352Mantra Hindmarsh SQ$118,975.61
4353MSA & Associates Pty Ltd$118,918.15
4354GOAL Professional Services Pty Ltd$118,755.45
4355Skymesh Pty Ltd$118,730.71
4356Jones LANG Lasalle$118,554.22
4357Global Payments Canada GP$118,434.74
4358Insight Enterprises Australia Pty Ltd$118,281.36
4359Desert Peoples Centre Incorporated$118,206.00
4360JOHN Collins Chauffeur Drive$118,154.09
4361GNS Services Australia Pty Ltd$118,148.80
4363TOM Thawley$118,000.00
4364Stuart, Nancy, Peter & Jennifer MOSE$118,000.00
4365Capital Translation Service$117,983.92
4367DR David Thomson$117,788.53
4368Yulella Holdings$117,646.93
4369Electronic Power Systems Pty Ltd$117,414.00
4370TALK Force Consultants & Trainers P$117,372.46
4371Illustrations Digital$117,227.07
4372Farrow, David$117,070.80
4373OPEN Windows Australia Pty Ltd$116,963.00
4374Quality AMP; RISK Management Solutions Pty Ltd$116,960.00
4375ST JOHN Ambulance Australia$116,882.61
4376APC Prosthetcs PL$116,801.06
4377Paresh Kumar Narayan$116,796.13
4378Worrells Solvency And Forensic Accountants$116,792.50
4379Sietronics PTY. Limited$116,754.00
4380First Marine International$116,710.85
4381SMS Defence Solutions Pty Ltd$116,702.09
4382Moving Mountains Pty Ltd$116,600.00
4383Thomson Lawyers$116,392.44
4384MARK LONG$116,379.90
4385G4S Secure Solutions$116,300.00
4386British Meteorological Office, UK$116,117.09
4387Woolworths Financial Services$116,100.00
4388Petrosys Pty Ltd$116,075.44
4389Ted's Camera Stores (vic.) PTY. LIM$116,036.74
4390Jonathon Moore$116,000.00
4393Cassidian Electronics$115,826.58
4395Stark Aviation Pty Ltd$115,766.00
4396COTM Pty Ltd$115,695.00
4397Fadaghi Azadeh$115,615.30
4398Abu-ghazaleh Intellectual Property$115,540.60
4399Hiatt Dental Ceramics$115,500.00
4400Complete UTE And VAN HIRE$115,500.00
4401HCR Constructions Pty Ltd$115,500.00
4402Robbins Group$115,500.00
4403Helpdesk Solutions$115,479.00
4404Fellow Medlock & Associates$115,295.00
4405Gungarde Community Centre Aboriginal Corporation$115,287.24
4406Winning Moves Limited$115,192.00
4408Architectural Glass And Hardware Pty Limited AS Trustee For The PAUL Serafin Family Trust$115,098.25
4409Austlii Foundation Limited$115,000.00
4410Telfox Pty Ltd$115,000.00
4411Kirk, Thomas Geoffrey$115,000.00
4412Powercor Australia Ltd$114,919.20
4413Peppers Guest House Hunter Valley$114,883.00
4414Occupational Health Pty Ltd$114,840.00
4415KEO Scientific Ltd$114,751.10
4416SKF Australia Pty Ltd$114,744.30
4417CAE Aircrew Training Services PLC$114,692.87
4418SPX Service Solutions$114,513.30
4419Global Spill Control Pty Ltd$114,405.00
4420ETM Perspectives$114,400.00
4421Teekay Shipping Pty Ltd$114,359.40
4422MITY LITE Tables And Chairs$114,259.20
4423Tier-3 Pty Ltd$114,223.56
4424Selex Sistemi Integrati SPA$113,971.96
4425Marine & Civil Construction Pty Ltd$113,941.44
4426Safariland LLC$113,591.83
4427Latemore & Associates Pty Ltd$113,492.50
4428Impaq Consulting$113,485.00
4429Daniel Mendoza-jones$113,480.00
4430Geospatial Intelligence (solutions)$113,288.74
4432Electronic Concepts Pty Ltd$113,129.50
4433PADJ PL$113,094.99
4434Marine Plant Systems Pty Ltd$113,090.01
4435Bayliss Associates Pty Ltd$113,047.00
4436RMIT International University$113,020.55
4437Greenwoods & Freehills Pty Ltd$113,000.00
4438Gatoloai Tilianamua Afamasaga$113,000.00
4439T E & J L Deecke Pty Ltd$112,884.75
4440Quality Hotel Woden$112,861.10
4441Canberra Queanbeyan Cleaning$112,776.40
4442Ideal Electrical Suppliers Pty Ltd$112,761.56
4443Norris Cleaning Company Pty Ltd$112,741.35
44444 Points$112,640.00
4445Department Of Treasury And Finance$112,500.00
4446Prima Consulting Pty Ltd$112,469.50
4447Dominic Downie & Associates$112,340.00
4448Infratherm Pty Ltd$112,272.00
4449Frequentis Australasia Pty Ltd$112,239.60
4450Symbio Alliance$112,190.00
4451Deloitte Touche$112,160.00
4452Thomson, Joanne Margaret$111,998.16
4453Elcom Technologies Inc$111,959.55
4454Edelman Melbourne Pty Ltd$111,838.00
4455Kristen Holzapfel$111,821.60
4456HBA Consulting Pty Ltd$111,772.31
4457Bunnings Wodonga$111,680.87
4458TSF Engineering Pty Ltd$111,635.50
4459Environmental Strategies Pty Ltd$111,606.00
4460Bruce Gordon Baskerville$111,591.11
4461Chemex Townsville$111,545.44
4462HUGH Watson Consulting Pty Ltd$111,532.00
4463Nexon ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$111,415.11
4464Scantechnics Pty Ltd$111,351.15
4465Ketua Akauntan Kementah Malaysia$111,348.30
4466DMV Consulting$111,345.58
4467Mooney, JOHN William Spencer$111,145.54
4468IAN Hansen & Associates$111,100.00
4469Vincents Chartered Accountants$111,072.50
4470Archaeo Cultural Heritage Services$110,946.55
4471Linchpin Maintenance$110,910.40
4472International Scientific Management$110,880.00
4473Tripwire INC.$110,561.36
4474Schiavello (vic) Pty Ltd$110,518.50
4475Technolab Marketing Pty Ltd$110,493.31
4476Mclennan Magasanik Associates$110,461.00
4477Lifecare Physio$110,400.00
4478Maxwell D Neufeld Pty Ltd T/A WEST END Physiotherapy And Sports Injury Clinic$110,400.00
4479Physiowest DEER PARK UNIT Trust$110,400.00
4480Pinnacle Physiotherapy Pty Ltd$110,400.00
4481The Trustee For Diamantis UNIT Trust (t/a: Photographic Wholesalers)$110,315.97
4482Faccenda Shopfitters$110,273.80
4483ACE Property Property Holdings Pty Ltd$110,197.60
4484Centacare Tasmania$110,125.40
4485Crown Relocations$110,120.45
4486Terry Gardiner's Meats &$110,000.01
4487DET Norske Veritas$110,000.00
4488Research International Australia$110,000.00
4489Australian Rural Leadership$110,000.00
4490Bernard Steven Wonder$110,000.00
4492U.S. Geological Survey$110,000.00
4493The Replay Group PTY. LTD.$110,000.00
4494Berrafall Pty Ltd$110,000.00
4495Applied Outcomes Pty Ltd$110,000.00
4496Corelli Consulting$110,000.00
4497Priority Transcripts P/L $110,000.00
4498Andrew Parratt AS Trustee For Parratt Family Trust$110,000.00
4499Private Health Insurance Ombudsman$110,000.00
4500Vocational Management Services$109,950.00
4501Kazemi Abbas Steven$109,900.00
4502Pinkmatter Solutions$109,850.00
4503Second East Auction Holdings Pty LT$109,800.00
4504Inglis Electrical Services Pty Ltd$109,788.80
4505Westralia Airports CORP P/L$109,776.70
4506Emerson Network Power$109,770.10
4507ADAM Marcus SIMS$109,736.00
4508Navalis Pty Ltd$109,638.10
4509Cebco Brake$109,619.95
4510Australian Institute Of Family Studies$109,565.00
4511Planning For People Pty Ltd$109,477.50
4512AEC Group Limited$109,411.00
4513Acoustic Force$109,398.00
4514Unity Consulting Pty Ltd$109,395.00
4515UK Meteorological Office$109,384.19
4516FYFE Interiors And Refurbishment$109,379.60
4517Australian Industry Group Training$109,317.42
4518Spinifex IT Pty Ltd$109,266.31
4519Jenngen Consulting Pty Ltd$109,260.00
4520JOHN Brown$109,225.00
4521Irving Consulting Pty Ltd$109,200.00
4522International Conservation Services$109,166.80
4523The Living EDGE Group Pty Ltd$109,164.00
4524The Council Of The CITY Of LAKE Macquarie$109,000.00
4525R E Murphy Chartered Accountants$108,950.60
4526Business Educators A/asia Inc$108,900.00
4527Alcheme Pty Ltd$108,900.00
4528Centre For Export Controls Excellence$108,750.00
4529ID Wareheouse Pty Ltd$108,733.24
4530Catchment Management Consulting$108,713.00
4531Complete LOCK And SAFE SERV$108,706.51
4532Australian Capital Training Group$108,700.00
4533Fileguard CO. (mfg) Pty Ltd$108,673.10
4534DR JOHN Maguire$108,652.05
4535GNS Science$108,634.00
4536Dexion Liverpool$108,625.00
4537RL Sandland Consulting Services$108,607.71
4538Express Software$108,576.49
4539Grace Records Management (australia) P/L$108,563.66
4540Precise Global Pty Ltd$108,537.00
4541Taskey Pty Ltd$108,504.00
4542Prodigital Pty Ltd$108,460.00
4543Ethan Group$108,098.54
4544Power Cloud Pty Ltd$107,896.25
4545Medical Device Research$107,870.40
4546Paper Australia$107,841.25
4547Butsons Building Service$107,835.00
4548Social Compass$107,771.00
4549Woolgoolga Neighbourhood Centre$107,770.56
4550Medic Media$107,756.88
4551Snaptec Australia Pty Ltd$107,712.00
4552Blaze Advertising Pty Ltd$107,587.50
4553Creative Casting Solutions$107,487.95
4554Queensland Breathing Systems$107,389.22
4555JLT Aerospace$107,269.40
4556O'brien RICH Research$107,250.00
4557TAF & Associates Pty Ltd$107,200.50
4558Datavoice Canberra Pty Ltd$107,172.17
4559Grant Thornton Australia$107,096.50
4560DR Jeremy F O DEA$107,073.48
4562Marathon Robotics Pty Ltd$106,921.00
4563Sheraton On The PARK Pty Ltd$106,776.94
4564M I Murren Trust$106,765.50
4565Beaver Engineering Pty Ltd$106,718.00
4566Predicate Partners$106,660.00
4567Canberra Institute Of Technology$106,552.00
4568C & S Computer Solutions$106,503.60
4569Sandilands Psychological Services$106,500.00
4571Cossar, JAN Margaret$106,208.30
4572Headland Machinery Pty Ltd$106,150.00
4573Language Professionals$106,120.63
4574Baxter Healthcare$106,003.22
4575The IQ Business Group Pty Ltd$106,000.00
4576Progressive People(australia) Pty L$105,996.00
4577Austek Engineering Trading Pty$105,985.00
4578Atkinson KERR & Associates Pty Ltd$105,950.00
4579Dixon Partnership Solutions$105,738.05
4580RMIT Publishing$105,720.60
4581Harper Timber$105,659.40
4582Rolls-royce Power Engineering PLC ($105,655.84
4583Secom CO., LTD.$105,603.22
4584TEE AH ENG$105,600.00
4585Auslog Pty Ltd$105,545.00
4586KEEN Office Furniture$105,406.53
4587Okuma Australia Pty Ltd$105,325.00
4588Australian Human Resource$105,309.40
4589RIAN Industries P/L$105,165.00
4590MARK Mathewson Consulting$105,142.20
4591Business WIDE$105,002.09
4592Raymond Conwell, Leslie$105,000.00
4593Commune Marketing And Events Private Limited$105,000.00
4594Tonvia Pty Ltd$105,000.00
4595Panther Games Pty Ltd$105,000.00
4596Mileto House Pty Ltd$105,000.00
4597Austech Instruments Pty Ltd$104,973.00
4598Riddell, James C$104,898.11
4599Hi-tech Metrology Pty Ltd$104,841.00
4600Radio Rentals$104,826.11
4601BIC Service Pty Ltd$104,805.25
4602WSP Lincolne Scott Pty Ltd$104,720.00
4603Presence Of IT$104,700.00
4604KEN Barker Consulting P/L$104,651.80
4605Hardy Aviation$104,617.75
4606Andrew Warland$104,610.00
4607Sutch, Margaret Helen$104,610.00
4608Taylor Solutions Pty Ltd$104,544.00
4609Chapman, Rhonda$104,525.24
4610MARK Ellis And Associates Pty Ltd$104,512.36
4611Chorus CALL Australia P/L$104,500.00
4612Connelly Walker Pty Ltd$104,500.00
4613Direct Solutions$104,500.00
4614New Horizons Learning Centre$104,464.00
4615BMG Labtech Pty Ltd$104,390.00
4616ALAN Robertson S.C.$104,344.56
4617Canberra Dover INC.$104,110.14
4618Franz Felfer Pty Ltd$104,000.00
4619Aitken HILL$103,980.98
4620Transaction Resources$103,899.99
4621Eyecare Partners Limited$103,878.75
4622MAZ IT Pty Ltd$103,840.00
4623RISK Management Partners Pty Ltd$103,800.00
4624Monitor Industries$103,719.00
4625Ecoway Australia Pty Ltd$103,677.00
4626Legal Transcripts$103,597.94
4627Hundloe, JON OLAF$103,588.00
4628QNCC Pty Ltd$103,512.00
4629Waterfront Conventions Trust T/A Dockside$103,495.00
4630Emmott, SUE$103,464.90
4631Digital Cenergy Australia Pty Ltd$103,455.00
4632Bearingpoint Pty Ltd$103,455.00
4633Torque Software$103,440.00
4634Leverett And Kindler Optometrist$103,400.00
4635Peter D Marlton T/A POST Meridian$103,378.00
4636FIND IT HERE Pty Ltd$103,309.47
4637Sapphicon Semiconductor$103,092.00
4638EMMA ANN Watson$103,089.80
4639Amtex Electronics Pty Ltd$103,037.00
4640Australian OPCO Pty Ltd Trading AS FCM Travel Solutions$102,956.00
4641GEMA Group Holdings$102,955.32
4642Pearl Aviation Australia Pty Ltd$102,815.45
4643L M And K J Allen Monumentals$102,783.00
4644MMIC EOD Ltd$102,758.06
4645Lasersan Australasia Pty Ltd$102,729.00
4646ABLE Landscaping Pty Ltd$102,468.30
4647Capstoneblack Pty Ltd$102,432.00
4648Financial Trends Australia Pty Ltd$102,400.00
4649Waste Solutions (NT) Pty Ltd$102,280.95
4650Bio-rad Laboratories Pty Ltd$102,209.80
4651Transcape Constructions$102,127.30
4652DEPT Of Racing Gaming & Liquor$102,032.00
4653GP Mcmullen Consulting$102,000.00
4654Delphi Mentors Australia Pty Ltd$101,954.00
4655C/- Perry EGAN Partners$101,750.00
4656Working Technology$101,580.00
4657COX Purtell$101,527.55
4658Huber And Suhner (aust) Pty Ltd$101,520.60
4659Australian Bedding Company Pty Ltd$101,513.50
4660Naidu Consulting Services$101,471.00
4661Lonely Planet Publications Pty Ltd$101,470.00
4662AIR Liquide Australia Ltd$101,400.00
4663ASI Locksmiths$101,370.50
4664Vision Systems International LLC$101,369.52
4665Vantage Systems Pty Ltd$101,333.36
4666KEMA Consulting$101,280.18
4668Calumo Australia Pty Ltd$101,202.60
4669Stunden MARK$101,200.00
4670Australian Microfilm Services,$101,200.00
4671Aquenal Pty Ltd$101,200.00
4672Indian Ocean Oil Company$101,178.55
4673Documentcorp (cad/cam)$101,105.40
4674Ericsson Australia Pty Ltd$101,083.00
4675Global GMEC Pty Ltd$101,070.37
4676Hi-impulse Equipment Pty Ltd$101,010.00
4677Johns, Marcus Bartley$100,836.30
4678Greenfrog Promotions$100,782.50
4679Airport Lighting Specialists$100,769.96
4680Nihon Jutaku Ryutu CO$100,768.00
4681Larzep Australia Pty Ltd$100,615.63
4682Australian Trade Commission$100,602.08
4683MSA Contingent Account Msa-marshall$100,560.90
4684Sefton & Associates$100,500.00
4685Canadian National Defence HQ$100,496.76
4686ISS Integrated Services Pty Limited$100,450.87
4688Shaws Darwin Transport$100,320.00
4689Bondstrong Pty Ltd$100,293.24
4690Watson Wholesale CARS Superannuation$100,250.31
4691Office Of Shared Services$100,198.00
4692Gusher Pty Ltd$100,146.00
4693Navigate Pty Ltd$100,100.00
4694North Queensland Therapy Services$100,100.00
4695Intelligent Energy Systems P/L$100,100.00
4696Australian Services Rugby Union$100,001.00
4697DPRA Australasia Pty Ltd$100,000.01
4699Key People Solutions Pty Ltd$100,000.00
4700The Trustee For Mclean Knight Family Trust$100,000.00
4701Spatial Information Systems Research Limited$100,000.00
4702Melbourne East General Practice Network Ltd$100,000.00
4703International Nickel Study Group$100,000.00
4704Australian Pesticides And Veterinary$100,000.00
4705Donaldson, Stuart$100,000.00
4706Mcmullan, Robert Francis$100,000.00
4707GP Partners Ltd$100,000.00
4708The Stategic Deirections Group Pty Ltd$100,000.00
4709The Trustee For The Harris Trust$100,000.00
4710Leichhardt Community Youth Association T/A Innerskill$100,000.00
4711Interwoven Inc$100,000.00
4712KPMG Darwin$100,000.00
4713Hunter Urban Division Of General Practice Ltd$100,000.00
4714Formton Pty Ltd$100,000.00
4715Dering Employment Services Pty Ltd$100,000.00
4716ASD Inc$100,000.00
4717The Frank Team$99,999.46
4718Formula Interiors$99,991.00
4719Tech-wear Carrycode Pty Ltd$99,949.41
4720& Labour HIRE Pty Ltd$99,860.75
4721Strickland Enterprises$99,853.00
4722L-3 Communications Australia$99,825.00
4723Resource Management International$99,785.00
4724Moreton HIRE$99,733.80
4725Wagnitz Building Services$99,720.50
4726Francesca Beddie & Associates$99,705.92
4727Ignetik Australia Pty Ltd$99,660.00
4728Gencer GUN$99,562.50
4729Orygen Research Centre$99,550.00
47302 And 2$99,545.60
4731Monaro Commercial Interiors$99,452.65
4732Conflict Resolution Training And Consulting Pty Ltd$99,401.49
4733DR Rosemary J Vandenberg$99,336.00
4734SALT Creative$99,286.00
4735Centro MCS Manager Ltd$99,110.00
4736EGON Zehnder International Pty Ltd$99,096.68
4737William George Vance$99,077.00
4738P & M Krabman Pty Ltd$99,000.00
4739Section51 Pty Limited$99,000.00
4740Elisjones & Associates Pty Ltd$99,000.00
4741Lengano Pty Ltd$99,000.00
4742Careflight Medical Services Ltd$99,000.00
4743Hutton, Josephine Louise$99,000.00
4744Grant Griffiths And Associates$99,000.00
4745Computer Numerical Control Pty Ltd$99,000.00
4746MR George Mburathi$99,000.00
4747IHS (global) Ltd$99,000.00
4748Southern Scientific Services Pty Ltd$99,000.00
4749On Bundock Pty Ltd$99,000.00
4750Aviva Solutions Inc$98,950.00
4751Fresh Creative Design$98,910.90
4752MARY Barlow$98,866.24
4753HRL Technology Pty Ltd$98,656.25
4754The Aldan Business Trust$98,630.40
4755Endfire Engineering Pty Ltd$98,574.30
4756Scaletta Moloney Armoring CORP$98,529.20
4757Tubend Industries Australia Pty Ltd$98,515.51
4758Multigate Medical$98,508.89
4759Perkich & Associates$98,500.00
4760Reactive Media$98,469.00
4761ACP Magazines$98,467.39
4762Rydges BELL CITY$98,383.00
4763Equuleus Consulting$98,360.01
4764University Of The Sunshine Coast$98,285.00
4766Darwin Convention Centre$98,138.00
4767ECS Property Group$98,122.08
4768Paton AIR PTY. LTD.$98,120.00
4769ISS Security Pty Limited$98,096.83
4770MCH Practice Trust And PIM Practice Trust And TJC Practice Trust$98,014.40
4771Brisbane Prosthetics And Orthotics$97,944.30
4772Ralph Neumann Consulting Pty Ltd$97,838.40
4774Technology Solutions Group Pty Ltd$97,561.20
4775EPPS Software Pty Ltd$97,550.15
4776MARK Letts & Associates$97,500.00
4777Wodonga Eyecare$97,500.00
4778IHS (global) Limited T/A IHS Jane's$97,495.60
4779Applied Economics Pty Ltd$97,445.00
4780Intelligent Surveillance$97,335.21
4781ACT DEPT Of Education & Training$97,290.00
4782Papercut Pty Ltd$97,262.83
4783Department Of Economic Development$97,223.00
4784Argsoft Sales & Support Pty Ltd$97,216.90
4785NOM Office Solutions$97,214.01
4786Thomas Merjudio$97,200.00
4787Telco Asset Management (aust) Pty Ltd$97,160.00
4788OREN Bigos$97,043.00
4789RYCO Hydraulics$96,868.00
4790James Richardson Corporation Pty LT$96,828.60
4791South Pacific Engineering Pty Ltd$96,728.50
4792Diacom Nominees Pty Ltd$96,720.00
4793Flanergan Pty Ltd T/A Elect Printing$96,649.30
4794Accuracy International Ltd$96,565.81
4795Cypro Systems P/L$96,560.00
4796Macdonald Dettwiler And Associates$96,550.29
4797AIR & Hydraulic Systems Pty Ltd$96,540.40
4798Complexia Pty Ltd$96,360.00
4799Debra JANE Foggin$96,275.38
4800Towers Business Development$96,250.00
4801Clase Ventures Pty Ltd$96,250.00
4802SPIN Consulting Pty Ltd$96,250.00
4803Kizmet Consulting Group Pty Ltd$96,250.00
4804Business TREE Pty Ltd$96,250.00
4805KJW Consultants Pty Ltd$96,250.00
4806Cernotech Pty Ltd$96,250.00
4807Freebird Pty Ltd$96,250.00
4808Alloy Computer Products (aust) Pty$96,174.65
4809Future People$96,167.37
4810Eagle-i Airline Planning$96,000.00
4811Consulting Safety International$96,000.00
4812Polling Center$96,000.00
4813A J Distributors Pty Ltd$95,950.35
4814Vasyli AUST$95,935.13
4815Cimeco Pty Ltd$95,888.76
4816Smart - NT$95,862.27
4817Major Operator & Driver Training$95,738.02
4818Pneumatic Systems International$95,687.10
4819Remote Rural Resources$95,645.00
4820Australian Curriculum, Assessment$95,520.00
4821Rankin Securities Pty Ltd$95,438.75
4822Ergon Energy Cairns$95,410.50
4823Lynton Kettle Constructions Pty Ltd Superannuation FUND$95,261.00
4824Ansul Distribution Warehouse$95,245.15
4825Workplace Business Pty Ltd$95,060.40
4826Signature Security Group Pty Limited$95,018.00
4827Ethnic Interpreters & Translators$95,017.66
4828The Trustee For The IMSA Trust$95,000.00
4829Fitsense Australia$95,000.00
4830DR CHEN WU$95,000.00
4831Tropical Agricultural Consultants Pty Ltd$95,000.00
4832Fayle, Pamela JEAN$95,000.00
4833TALL Poppies Research And Marketing$95,000.00
4834Katrine IONA Baghurst$95,000.00
4835Antonio Nicola PANE$95,000.00
4836Culture Resource Centre Pty Ltd$95,000.00
4837JC Dental Ceramics$95,000.00
4838Furnace Engineering Pty Ltd$94,881.60
4839MR Peter HOEY$94,823.00
4840KIM Jonathon Alvarez$94,822.00
4841LES - LAW Enforcement Supplies$94,798.40
4842Cardno PNG Limited$94,744.04
4843D&W Electrical$94,689.62
4844Jirsch Sutherland & CO$94,672.50
4845HARE & Forbes Machinery House$94,600.00
4846BIG Print$94,552.70
4847The Trustee For The Walker Family Trust$94,490.00
4848JOHN Durant P/L$94,428.00
4850Zuster Pty Ltd$94,374.00
4851Measurement Resources Pty Ltd$94,280.00
4852JON Clark Building$94,268.90
4853Imaginit Technologies$94,265.60
4854NT Office Installations$94,106.00
4855GATE Gourmet Services Pty Ltd$94,050.00
4856Cybertrack Pty Ltd$94,050.00
4857Qinetiq Technology Training$94,034.60
4858SL + A International ASIA$94,016.00
4859FOLK Pty Limited$93,915.55
4860MSC Mobility$93,856.40
4861Riverina Water$93,853.21
4862South Western Sydney Institute$93,744.00
4863MACT (vic) Pty Ltd$93,646.30
4864Davies Ferguson Pty Ltd$93,635.70
4865SEA World NARA Hotel Pty Ltd$93,549.60
4866Talent International (nsw) Pty Ltd$93,500.00
4867Prose Media$93,500.00
4868Auscope Ltd$93,500.00
4869JOHN KENT Consulting$93,500.00
4870The Trustee For Lexacon Investment Hybrid UNIT Trust T/A Etranslate.com.au$93,387.00
4871Refire Pty Ltd$93,100.00
4872Group Security Solutions Pty Ltd$93,007.13
4873Janusnet Pty Limited$92,979.37
4874Netcat.biz Pty Ltd$92,931.30
4875Coutts J&R Pty Ltd$92,918.00
4876Leanne Marie Halley$92,900.00
4877Abrasive Blasting Service & Supplie$92,900.00
4878CEO Training Pty Ltd$92,872.50
4879IPP Consulting Pty Ltd$92,872.00
4880Untapping Unlimited Possibilities$92,858.40
4881Alpha Geoscience Pty Ltd$92,826.80
4882Camfil FARR Australia Pty Ltd$92,700.00
4883Gastops Ltd$92,544.47
4884Preferred Supplier Group Australasi$92,488.00
4885Scientific Solutions Pty Ltd$92,422.00
4886Factiva DOW Jones & Reuters$92,352.61
4887Novasys Group Pty Ltd$92,295.50
4888Logica Australia P/L$92,274.86
4889Australian Earth Sciences Convention 2010$92,245.01
4890Surgut Nominees$92,217.00
4891SAAB Bofors Dynamics AB Infantry WE$92,215.16
4892Emporium Hotels Pty Ltd$92,202.36
4893Cuttagee Consulting Pty Ltd$92,200.00
4894Pacific Institute Of Public Policy$92,191.00
4895Commonwealth Fisheries Association$92,057.90
4896FYRE Consulting Pty Ltd$92,000.00
4897Walmisley P/L$91,999.00
4898Beverley ANNE Euler$91,937.00
4899Architectus Brisbane$91,685.00
4900Esplanade River Suites$91,665.00
4901Argus, DON$91,640.00
4902Trade Import Services$91,539.00
4903The Trustee For Leigh Milbourne Family Trust$91,520.00
4904BIG SKY Publishing Pty Ltd$91,387.00
4905Proticket Pty Limited$91,336.20
4906Equipped Outdoors Pty Limited$91,229.72
4907SLR Consulting Australia P/L $91,080.00
4908AAE Retail Pty Ltd$91,000.00
4909Cantell Pty Ltd$91,000.00
4910Backcare And Seating$90,999.99
4911Central Queensland Indigenous Development Limited$90,970.00
4912Taylors International Services Inc$90,797.70
4913Verner-mackay Group Pty Ltd$90,755.50
4915Australian Automotive Group Pty LIM$90,750.00
4916Meggitt Defense Systems INC.$90,657.43
4917Paean Consulting$90,640.00
4918Trade Management Pty Ltd$90,597.56
4919Gabbett Machinery Pty Ltd$90,567.40
4920Campbell Research & Consulting Pty Ltd$90,557.50
4921Sirca Limited$90,524.12
4922Schneider Electric Building Australia Pty Ltd$90,513.50
4923Evidence Technology Holdingd Pty Limited$90,489.88
4924Kelly Perrott$90,489.16
4925GREG Seberry & Associates Pty Limit$90,488.00
4926Engineered ARTS Limited$90,463.80
4927Southern Cross Equipment P/L$90,403.28
4928CB Ellis (gcs) Pty Ltd$90,375.00
4929Patricia ANNE Dabrowski$90,357.00
4930Australian Institute Of Marine Science$90,314.70
4931Light Aircraft Pty Ltd$90,288.66
4933Barron, Patrick JOHN$90,146.10
4934Healthe Work Pty Ltd$90,090.00
4935Rydges Tradewinds$90,077.20
4936MLCS Corporate$90,035.00
4937Form-rite Australia Pty LT$90,030.00
4938Ronald Merkel$90,000.00
4939Idelic CAFE And Catering$90,000.00
4940Jaragun Pty Ltd$90,000.00
4941David Atkins Enterprises$90,000.00
4942Rodrigo Pintos Lopez$90,000.00
4943T@ Optimise Pty Ltd$89,867.25
4945Campac (aust) Pty Ltd$89,691.80
4946Ergonomic Office$89,545.51
4947Skillsconnection Inc$89,509.28
4948Dowling Consulting Pty Ltd$89,482.19
4949Helen Golding$89,430.00
4950Brisbane NTH Podiatry P/L$89,306.47
4951Gruden Pty Ltd$89,253.18
4952Country Comfort - Inter CITY Hotel Apartments$89,250.00
4953National Environment Protection$89,244.65
4954Stein SEAL Company$89,235.92
4955Department Of Health And Ageing$89,226.89
4956Bryant, CERI L$89,027.79
4957Seymour Computers$88,976.57
4958Goodrich Corporation DBA Goodrich P$88,900.96
4959UNE Partnerships Pty Ltd$88,848.70
4960Whelan, PHIL R$88,783.20
4961Donaldson Australasia Pty Ltd$88,776.60
4962Taylor BROS Slipway & Engineering P$88,749.00
4963NT LINK$88,729.84
4964MEP Instruments Pty Ltd$88,710.60
4965Mental Nutrition$88,673.99
4966Advance Profit PLAN$88,629.70
4967Chris Adams & Associates$88,582.00
4968Kenelec Scientific Pty Ltd$88,570.90
4969GCON Solutions Pty Ltd$88,562.70
4970PACK And SEND Canberra$88,543.99
4971Control Synergy Pty Ltd$88,528.82
4972F G P Company$88,363.00
4973Imani Enterprise LTD.$88,358.00
4974Aurecon Australia P/L$88,280.00
4975Tolbra Earthmovers & Haulage$88,270.72
4976VGL Impex Pty Ltd$88,259.60
4977ABM Envirosafe$88,251.00
4978Jenny Pearson & Assoc$88,202.55
4979Redfern Optical Components$88,040.00
4980SHED Makers SA Pty Ltd$88,022.35
4981NET Registry$88,018.00
4982Paddywack Promotional Products$88,017.92
4983Funnelback Pty Ltd$88,006.60
4984Universal Aviation Pty Ltd$88,000.00
4985Institute Of Public Administration$88,000.00
4986ASIA Pacific Aerospace Consultants P/L$88,000.00
4987JOHN Hartwell$88,000.00
4988Dalton, JEAN SC$88,000.00
4989Black CAT Systems Pty Ltd$88,000.00
4990Quantum Market Research$88,000.00
4991DR Cynthia Parker$88,000.00
4992Mazlin Electrical Services$88,000.00
4993IPAR Rehabilitation$88,000.00
4994Lynne TACY$88,000.00
4995Access Platform Systems Pty Ltd$87,939.50
4996Thycon Industries Pty Ltd$87,907.60
4997Primespace Property Investment Ltd$87,902.44
4998Remora Technologies Pty Ltd$87,823.76
4999Communications Australia$87,780.00
5000The OPEN DOOR Coaching Group Pty LT$87,557.00
5001Rushworth Consultancy$87,426.80
5002Modern Tools (vic) Pty Ltd$87,369.50
5003Clinical Excellence Commission$87,350.00
5004Amcro Robotics Incorporated$87,271.66
5005Customware ASIA Pacific Pty$87,150.73
5006X-ways Software Technology$87,130.00
5007Lingard Private$87,088.20
5008HOLO Enterprise Limited$87,064.12
5009Australian & New Zealand Intensive CARE Society$87,000.00
5010Wahbi Sayed Abdulla Al-alaw$86,989.25
5011Experimental Military Airframe$86,940.13
5012Davenport Campbell & Partners Pty Ltd$86,900.00
5014KPS And Associates Pty Ltd$86,858.76
5015MR R M Derrington$86,800.00
5016Printciple Source Pty Ltd$86,758.21
5017Mathews Drilling Pty Ltd$86,592.00
5018Independent Aviation Pty Ltd$86,497.30
5019LINK Learning Pty Ltd$86,480.00
5020Delta Building Automation$86,333.87
5021New Zealand ARMY Ngati Tumatauenga$86,313.34
5022S J SIMS$86,207.60
5023ACP Action Sports Pty Ltd$86,204.80
5024Echelon Consultancy And Training$86,200.00
5025Addcolour Digital Pty Ltd$86,200.00
5026Jo-anne Coluccio$86,195.38
5027Waters Australia Pty Ltd$86,130.00
5028B And L Raptikan Construction$86,035.00
5029Rockbros Pty Ltd$86,000.00
5030Sandra LEE Beasy$85,949.99
5031Intech Solutions$85,910.00
5032Aspire IT International Pty Ltd$85,888.00
5033Venus FOOD$85,844.00
5034Rubio Recruitment Pty Ltd$85,688.00
5035Gretta Fenner Zinkernagel Trading AS Governance International$85,686.15
5036PANE In The Glass$85,680.00
5037TANK Pty Ltd$85,678.00
5038Grand Hyatt Melbourne$85,638.06
5039Southtech Professional SRVS Pty Ltd$85,575.00
5040Aviall Services INC.$85,518.75
5041Geonautics International$85,371.00
5042Morison Aquatic Sciences$85,360.00
5043Chifley Business School$85,322.94
5044Market Creations Pty Ltd$85,310.50
5045Melbourne Business School Ltd$85,236.00
5046HAL DATA Services Pty Ltd$85,199.40
5047WISE Workplace Investigations$85,121.61
5048A And L Venturino Superannuation FUND$85,100.00
5049Reginald And JOAN Crisfield$85,076.63
5050Novotel Rockford PALM COVE$85,043.24
5051Universal Financial Management Solutions Pty Ltd$85,016.80
5053CEM Benchmarking Inc$85,000.00
5054Quinntessential Marketing Consulting Pty Ltd$85,000.00
5055G J Mcnaught$85,000.00
5056Redbay Consulting$84,997.00
5057Atlantic Aviation - SKF$84,994.26
5058Institute Of Internal Auditors - AUST$84,875.20
5059Videocraft Equipment Pty Ltd$84,847.39
5060Accountants On CALL$84,700.00
5061Parsons Brinckerhoff$84,594.07
5062Michele Stewart$84,590.00
5063Knowledgeone Corporation Pty Ltd$84,542.70
5064Deltek Australia Pty Ltd$84,443.00
5065Aviation Safety & Defence$84,421.92
5066Corrugated Carton Products$84,385.75
5067ART Security$84,343.88
5068TONY Pollard Electrics Pty Ltd$84,325.75
5069Associated Aircraft Manufacturing A$84,233.49
5070Christopher C Branson QC$84,210.50
5071Proactive Services Pty Ltd$84,200.95
5072Odgers Berndtson$84,183.15
5073PDP Australia Pty Ltd$84,150.00
5074BHB Printing Pty Ltd$84,062.90
5075Assured Network Solutions$84,040.00
5076CYON Knowledge Computing$84,011.54
5077Entity Solutions Pty Ltd$84,000.00
5078Tracey Whetnall Consultancy$84,000.00
5079Queensland Seafood Industry Association$84,000.00
5080MARK Poole Properties Pty Ltd$84,000.00
5081J & J Baker & Associates Pty Ltd$84,000.00
5082Johnson, MARK David$84,000.00
5083Control And Electric Pty Ltd$83,930.00
5084MASA Constructions$83,882.00
5085Siggins Miller Consultants Pty Ltd$83,840.00
5086Fairfax Media$83,825.00
5087Betterlink Business Consultancy And Training Services Group$83,760.00
5088Inlogik Pty Ltd$83,700.00
5089Surface Optics Corp.$83,656.62
5090Migrant Resource Centre$83,635.00
5091Interactive Cabling Pty Ltd$83,634.00
5092Mintlog Pty Ltd$83,600.00
5093Gretch Consulting$83,600.00
5094Cardno ITC Pty Ltd$83,583.50
5095TJ And WV Chapman$83,500.00
5096Foremans Business Advisors$83,490.00
5097VISY Glama Pty Ltd$83,464.15
5098Riverra Pty Ltd T/AS Australian General Engineering$83,435.00
5099Stanhope Healthcare$83,381.32
5100Steve Ghost And Associates$83,380.00
5101QAS Pty Ltd$83,334.59
5102Center For Information Systems Research MIT Sloan School Of Management$83,229.91
5103TCM Pty Ltd$83,138.00
5104ATOM Supply$83,121.07
5105Centre National DE LA Recherche$83,064.75
5106Netmap Analytics$83,050.00
5107Barber, David G$83,034.28
5108R F I Industries Pty Ltd$83,033.51
5109Western Australia Museum$83,000.00
5110JLG Industries$82,962.00
5111Chris Upton$82,930.00
5112Aurukun Shire Council$82,911.84
5113Wallace Mackinnon & Associates$82,860.00
5114Reeves Construction Services Pty Ltd$82,858.96
5115The Royal MINT$82,787.03
5116LEX Australia Pty Ltd$82,775.02
5117Belmi Nominees Pty Ltd$82,596.80
5118Levett Engineering$82,592.00
5119ST Ledger Textiles $82,518.00
5120Black & MORE$82,500.00
5121Zestuccine Pty Ltd T/A Andrew H WEST &$82,500.00
5122Enterprise Clarity Pty Ltd$82,500.00
5123SHAC Pty Ltd$82,500.00
5124Archival Survival Pty Ltd$82,478.00
5125Industrial Measurement Solution$82,445.00
5126Mountain Designs Pty Ltd$82,400.41
5127Lloyds Register Of Shipping$82,337.12
5128Splendour Villas$82,324.00
5129Duexcel International Commerce$82,280.00
5130SNAP On Tools (aust) Pty Ltd$82,161.20
5131Epworth EC ACCT REC$82,100.60
5132Mclachlan Lister Pty Ltd$82,031.21
5133Decaly Pty Ltd$82,000.00
5134Commsnet Group$81,956.30
5135MS Meryl Stanton$81,950.00
5136Environmental RISK Sciences$81,926.00
5137Laprock Pty Ltd$81,903.25
5138Regency Media Pty Ltd$81,851.00
5139CH Productions$81,692.40
5140CITY Style Executive Apartments Pty$81,660.02
5141Beralon Pty Ltd$81,657.90
5142Zantech Consulting$81,647.72
5143Waldron Smith Management Pty Ltd$81,634.01
5144Jankel Armouring Ltd$81,612.94
5145Clean ROOM Garments$81,610.91
5146Intercedent ASIA PTE Ltd$81,602.37
5147Garden CITY Design CO$81,600.00
5148Falbury Pty LTD,$81,600.00
5149Document Imaging Services$81,510.00
5150Edwards, Murray$81,418.52
5151The Neville Freeman Agency Pty Ltd$81,400.00
5152Environ Australia Pty Ltd$81,386.54
5153Penrith Imaging$81,356.84
5154Kurrajong HILL Pty Ltd$81,351.60
5155Pacific Laboratory Products Pty Ltd$81,347.20
5156AMC Training Centre$81,323.00
5157MCQ International$81,254.00
5158Ausbright Electrical Solutions P/L$81,236.97
5159Jackman, Lesley$81,217.50
5160Capital Executive Apartment Hotel$81,150.00
5161Donald CANT Watts Corke Pty Ltd$81,094.95
5162Geraldton Electrical CO$81,009.50
5163PFD FOOD Services$81,000.00
5164Zachara, Marian J$80,996.12
5165Mcgregor, Andrew M$80,954.27
5166Adelco Pty Ltd$80,892.39
5167Bismac Pty Ltd$80,877.80
5168DR Warren KUO$80,876.60
5169Mccomas Capital Pty Ltd$80,850.00
5170Conservation Works PTY. Limited$80,831.30
5171Attorney-general's Department$80,776.08
5172Lyris APAC Pty Limited$80,764.22
5173Computer Corporation Of America$80,760.00
5174Mohri & P.A. Associates,inc.$80,706.33
5175BEAK RAST Engineering Pty Ltd$80,660.80
5176Meriton Serviced Apartments$80,543.03
5177Caroll & Richardson - Flagworld Pty Ltd$80,360.20
5178NEXT BYTE$80,354.37
5179Warner Village Theme PARK$80,330.83
5180Ericsson Australia$80,325.30
5181Fulcrum TRG$80,320.00
5182Australian Kettlebells$80,302.06
5183WES Lofts AUST Pty Ltd$80,300.00
5184Enterprise Architects (vic) Pty Ltd$80,282.50
5185Langtree Information Management$80,278.00
5186Theta Technologies Pty Ltd$80,227.86
5187ELA Beach Hotel$80,224.65
5188Harvey Whiteford Medical Pty Ltd$80,190.00
5190RPS Energy Pty Ltd$80,151.71
5192The Value Creation Group Pty Ltd$80,097.98
5193S2 Wetsuits$80,050.80
5194Terrabyte Services$80,025.00
5195Fairmont Medical Products Pty Ltd$80,022.80
5196Burleigh MARR DIST$80,020.28
5197Nicole PAUL$80,000.00
5198Raymond Chong KOK WU$80,000.00
5199Miles Electronics P/L $80,000.00
5200Wright Corporation Strategy Pty Ltd$80,000.00
5201Bellewarra Investments Pty Ltd$80,000.00
5202International Development Consulting$80,000.00
5203BACV Pty Ltd$80,000.00
5204Alexander Kuklik$80,000.00
5206BDO Private Wealth Advisors Pty Ltd$80,000.00
5207The Red Agency Pty Ltd$80,000.00
5208Mckinnon Hannan & Associates $80,000.00
5209Asian LAW Group Pty Ltd$80,000.00
5210ACT Information Technologies$80,000.00
5211LISA GAY$80,000.00
5212Forensic Document Service $80,000.00
5213Hannover Fairs Australia Pty Ltd$80,000.00
5214DEPT Of Training & Workforce Develo$80,000.00
5215Coverage PR Pty Ltd$80,000.00
5216Netrating Australia Pty Ltd$80,000.00
5217Cairns Chart Correcting Agency $79,999.92
5218A Balance Of Power Pty Ltd$79,999.00
5219Sleekframe Pty Ltd$79,993.00
5220Lloyd Environmental Pty Ltd$79,927.10
5221The NSW Department Of Health$79,900.00
5222Walton Construction (qld) P/L$79,871.40
5223David Eldridge Associates Pty Ltd$79,844.00
5224Scotwork Negotiating Skills$79,838.00
5225Neuplex Pty Ltd$79,830.00
5226Aspire ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$79,823.00
5227Cornally Enterprises Pty Ltd$79,800.00
5228Michaels Camera Video Digital$79,772.12
5229Valley Landscapes$79,701.00
5230South East Conservation$79,640.00
5231Honeywell International Inc DBA HON$79,632.92
5232The Royal Childrens Hospital$79,618.00
5233Cyc'd Pty Ltd$79,543.42
5234Presence Of IT (vic) Pty Ltd$79,536.88
5235Kimberley LAND Council$79,500.00
5236Team Catalyst Pty Ltd$79,500.00
5237LEO Maglen$79,466.98
5238Scotwork Negotiating Skills$79,453.00
5239JANE Vadivaloo$79,400.00
5240Robson Environmental Pty Ltd$79,369.69
5241HOLY Spirit Northside$79,326.39
524299 Bikes Pty Ltd$79,324.30
5243TR Bearcom$79,305.80
5244Olympia Group (nsw)$79,292.56
5245Sephco Industries Pty Ltd$79,288.00
5246Group 4 Securicor Security Sevices (uae) LLC$79,256.00
5247Portland Group Pty Ltd$79,255.00
5248Finxl Professional Services$79,255.00
5249Mundy, Julie$79,227.50
5250Belinda Doherty Pty Ltd$79,200.00
5251Lodestone Management Consultants$79,200.00
5252DROK Pty Ltd$79,200.00
5253Learning And Productivity$79,200.00
5254Interactive Consultants Pty Ltd$79,200.00
5255ERIC Davis & Associates Pty Ltd & Tecmark Pty Ltd T/A ZED Business Management$79,200.00
5256Mindavation Pty Ltd$79,200.00
5257IDC Australia Pty Ltd$79,200.00
5258Pathway Communications Pty Ltd$79,139.69
5259Outram Associates$79,024.80
5260Sotech Pty Ltd$79,000.00
5261Dfd.com Pty Ltd$79,000.00
5262Wignall Consulting Services Pty Ltd$79,000.00
5263Chamberlains LAW FIRM Pty Limited$79,000.00
5264Electric Motor Sales And Service$78,965.73
5266Holiday INN$78,870.00
5267COX Asset Services$78,850.28
5268Intercept Consultancy Services$78,848.00
5269Optical Surfaces Ltd$78,811.90
5270M+H Power Systems Pty Ltd$78,800.05
5271Dexus Funds Management Limited$78,792.45
5272RES Publica Pty Ltd$78,752.00
5273Abou-hamdan Sleiman$78,750.00
5274L-3 Communications Corporation DBA$78,746.90
5275Bayview On The PARK$78,730.45
5276Coastal ZONE Management Pty Ltd$78,589.10
5277Wynyard (australia) Pty Limited$78,570.10
5278Macquarie Technology Services P/L$78,530.00
5280CPP ASIA Pacific Pty Ltd$78,366.22
5282Liverpool MRC$78,325.00
5283Workwear Industries$78,292.50
5284TAI TAM Company Limited$78,280.00
5285Futura Simulations Limited$78,207.91
5286Greater CITY Developers P/L$78,100.00
5287DOUG Mctaggart$78,074.56
5288Mbmpl Pty Ltd$78,039.50
5289Denis Ferranti Meters Limited$78,007.30
5290ATF BITE Visual Communications Group$78,001.00
5291The Public Affairs Recruitment Company$78,000.00
5292The Salvation ARMY (victoria) Property Trust$78,000.00
5293Enterprise Builder Pty Ltd$77,992.10
5294Tosca Industries$77,962.50
5295Fenton Communications$77,909.39
5296Pioneer Computers AUST Pty Ltd$77,616.00
5297Mantra Training & Development$77,600.00
5298Benmax Pty Ltd$77,546.40
5299Jonathan Engineering Ltd$77,543.38
5303NOVA Multimedia$77,501.40
5304Surtech Utama Indonesia, PT$77,495.00
5305Comtest Laboratories P/L$77,494.00
5306ECON DATA$77,481.00
5307Gosling, Margaret$77,350.00
5308LEAN Vision 2010 Confrence$77,300.00
5309WF & SM Foster T/A Resubi Exploration Services$77,297.00
5310Apache Charters$77,287.52
5311Graymorr Consulting Pty Ltd$77,257.00
5312Aminjarrinja Enterprises Aboriginal$77,217.80
5313WEST Kimberley Fuels Pty Ltd$77,168.40
5314Canopy TREE Experts$77,165.00
5315Allstaff Australia Pty Ltd$77,092.93
5316SES New Skies$77,025.59
5317M.A Habermehl Pty Ltd$77,000.00
5318UTS Geophysics T/A UTS Aeroquest$77,000.00
5319MISS Bossy Boots$77,000.00
5320SOIL And Groundwater Pty Ltd$77,000.00
5321Australian Satellite Services$77,000.00
5322Elliott & Shanahan Research P/L$77,000.00
5323Doyle Consultants Pty Ltd$77,000.00
5324Sustainable Procurement$77,000.00
5325P.J. Hamburger$77,000.00
5326Blackdog And Associates Pty Ltd$77,000.00
5327S & S Consultants Pty Ltd$77,000.00
5328Executive Central Group Pty Ltd$77,000.00
5329Tardis Technology Pty Ltd$77,000.00
5330Ballard Consulting$77,000.00
5331ACT Planning$76,996.31
5332NVR Solutions Pty Ltd$76,991.70
5333Hills HATS Limited$76,964.20
5334Eaton Fluid Power$76,963.76
5335Burness Corlett Three Quays$76,953.58
5336David Mcgovern S C$76,950.00
5337LAB Systems Group Pty Ltd$76,934.00
5338Qrsciences Security Pty Ltd$76,923.00
5339KMC Group$76,896.60
5340NICE Systems Australia Pty Ltd$76,896.56
5341MR Simson Hasker$76,857.00
5342Maximizer Software Solutions Pty Ltd$76,855.02
5343Meshict Pty Ltd$76,849.34
5344The Trustee For Dreamweavers Events Trust$76,842.70
5345Strategic Growth Pty Ltd$76,836.87
5346Australian Computer Society Inc$76,715.09
5347Endace Accelerated$76,705.58
5348Tucker Consulting Pty Ltd$76,700.00
5349Altium Limited$76,659.02
5350Saikal, Nadir$76,644.50
5351KONE Elevators Pty Ltd$76,610.42
5352Department Of Foreign$76,592.58
5353Exclaim IT Pty Ltd$76,579.40
5354LEE Green & CO Pty Ltd$76,560.00
5355Australian Business Telephone$76,494.00
5356ENSR Australia Pty Ltd$76,485.89
5357Global Asset Systems P/L $76,480.25
5358Chrysron Pty Limited$76,460.77
5359Susan Briggs Consulting$76,450.00
5360Razorback Solutions Pty Ltd$76,450.00
5361Rolands & Associates Corporation DB$76,414.59
5362HIVE Management Group Pty Ltd$76,409.27
5363Interior Engineering$76,395.00
5364ECO 2000 Pty Ltd$76,369.92
5365Professor IAN RAE$76,363.64
5366NSC Enterprise Solutions$76,346.38
5367Independent Language Services$76,322.50
5368Flagstaff Print & MAIL$76,225.76
5369Orbeta JR, Aniceto C$76,154.64
5370Tae-ho YOON T/A T J Technologies$76,117.00
5372Essex Industries INC. DIV Manufactu$76,101.98
5373Power Parameters$76,096.79
5374Kakadu Contracting$76,050.00
5375Silverglo Stainless Steel$76,010.00
5376J P Consulting (australia) Pty Ltd$76,000.00
5377CMA (conflict MGMT Australasia)$76,000.00
5378AM Actuaries PTY. LTD.$76,000.00
5379Hakim, Sharifullah$75,985.00
5380Datawell BV$75,939.20
5381Team HR Australia Pty Ltd$75,915.00
5382Gorilla Software Consulting P/L$75,900.00
5383DATA Security Incorporated$75,821.31
5384Sypris Electronics LLC$75,819.59
5385Mercure Hotel$75,697.92
5386Amcom Pty Ltd$75,598.60
5387Queensland SHIP Surveyors Pty Ltd$75,560.00
5388Genomequest INC.$75,545.00
5389Telaron Enterprises Pty Ltd$75,468.25
5390Dyscall Pty Ltd$75,377.50
5391Loaders Manufacturers & Traders$75,350.00
5392Graeme Lawless$75,347.84
5393Agulhas Development Consultants Ltd$75,340.10
5394Rexon TLD Systems INC.$75,322.50
5395Agustawestland Ltd$75,249.23
5396Gunningham And Associates Pty Ltd$75,240.00
5397Goulburn-murray Water$75,147.70
5398Edentiti Indentification Services$75,100.00
5399Defense Finance & Accounting Servic$75,095.98
5400Nilsen (NT) Pty Ltd$75,088.26
5401Proquest LLC$75,028.87
5402The EPEE Group Pty Ltd$75,000.01
5403Helen CAIN Consulting Limited$75,000.00
5404APIS Consulting Group Pty Ltd$75,000.00
5405Leslie D Yeaman$75,000.00
5406Catalan Pty Limited$75,000.00
5407Herman Borenstein SC$75,000.00
5409Marcorp IT Professionals Marketing And Research Corporation$75,000.00
5410Expert Witness Consulting$75,000.00
5412JOHN Denyer$75,000.00
5413Perfect Latitude$75,000.00
5414Nexus Consulting$74,998.05
5415Deontik Pty Ltd$74,993.00
5416Nyamba BURU Yawuru Ltd$74,969.00
5417The Alfred Hospital$74,933.00
5418ALAN J & Elizabeth A Howell$74,908.75
5419Suahasil Nazara$74,850.00
5420Chesta's Floors$74,826.40
5421Wellness Australia Pty Ltd$74,814.00
5422Miles Virtual Impressions$74,800.00
5423Crowne Plaza Darwin$74,738.83
5424Eservices Web Pty Ltd$74,717.50
5425Reinvent YOUR Career$74,581.10
5426Es-ko International INC.$74,574.37
5427Amanda Adrian & Associates$74,552.80
5428Pianda Maintenance$74,463.40
5429Strategic Business Consulting$74,434.83
5431Executive Security And$74,200.50
5432Lessons Learnt Consulting$74,185.00
5433Xyvision Enterprise Solutions Inc$74,183.34
5434Wodonga Middle Years College$74,137.80
5435Ecolab Pty Ltd$74,114.60
5436Morgan Industrial Carbon$74,085.00
5437Wayne Harris$74,040.00
5438Ecorys B.V. Netherlands$74,000.00
5440Auseng Pty Ltd$73,948.56
5441Romteck GRID Pty Ltd$73,920.00
5442Llanto, Gilberto$73,828.50
5443MINI FAB (aust) Pty Ltd$73,816.60
5445Hudson Global Resources (aust) Pty$73,700.00
5446Phoenicia Consulting Pty Ltd$73,700.00
5447Moore Management Pty Ltd$73,700.00
5448Sheraton Perth Hotel$73,663.80
5449Capitol Chilled Foods AUST Pty Ltd$73,600.00
5450Space Ergnomique$73,550.37
5451Stret Pty Ltd$73,454.70
5452Coherent Scientific Pty Ltd$73,428.96
5453API Security Pty Limited$73,383.67
5455Bennett And Philp Pty Ltd$73,330.40
5456Emanate Design Pty Ltd$73,329.30
5457Hammett Technologies$73,266.72
54582ND Phase Pty$73,259.30
5459Bromwich, Robert$73,200.00
5460GIS Mapping Pty Ltd$73,180.80
5461Meltwater NEWS Australia Pty Ltd$73,167.00
5462Theatre Of Image Limited$73,000.00
5463IIT Training Pty Ltd$72,992.94
5464Enviroair Pty Ltd$72,931.10
5465Vocational Solutions$72,916.80
5466Ba-insight LLC$72,896.40
5467LINK Web Services$72,849.05
5468GAI Sheridan International Pty Ltd$72,820.00
5469Dynamic EDGE$72,763.57
5470APIS Consulting Group$72,734.00
5471Promotional Products$72,692.95
5472Oce-australia Ltd$72,682.50
5473Business Information Services$72,660.00
5474Northrop Engineers Pty Ltd$72,646.93
5475Bibby Financial Services T/A Roadmaster Pty Ltd$72,600.00
5476Darwin Dietitians$72,600.00
5477Amanda Horne Pty Ltd$72,600.00
5478LG Informatics Pty Ltd$72,510.00
5479Hotel Miramar (S) Ltd$72,504.61
5480Lindfield Print And COPY Centre$72,501.00
5481Moore Cameron$72,500.01
5482PAUL Anthony Fitzgerald$72,500.00
5483DR Michael KING$72,500.00
5484Ronald Bowick$72,496.60
5485Brammer, Malcolm J T/A Integrity RISK Solutions$72,480.30
5486ROB Little Digital Images$72,442.48
5487Intrain Corporation Pty Ltd$72,415.20
5488Cedar Consulting Australia Pty Ltd$72,406.40
5489Comms AUST Pty Ltd$72,383.97
5490Newcastle Security Pty Ltd$72,361.42
5491Kordamentha (qld)$72,292.00
5492Ceanet Pty Ltd$72,210.60
5493Bennett Commercial Electronics$72,169.84
5494Michelle Minaroy Pty Ltd$72,107.20
5495WEST Coast Dental$72,049.23
5496Tylogen Pty Ltd$72,048.24
5497Corporate Diagnostics Pty Ltd$72,036.01
5498Robert W Edwards$72,000.00
5499Glendolyn Agnes Maberly$72,000.00
5500Rendina Consultancy Service Pty Ltd$72,000.00
5501Information Integrity Solution P/L$72,000.00
5502James Machinery P/L$71,950.00
5503Golden Messenger$71,945.83
5504DR Philip M Young$71,944.00
5505Snowrock International Pty Ltd$71,841.00
5506Koala Clothing AUST Pty Ltd$71,820.00
5507Centre For Leadership Excellence$71,796.50
5508CPI Malibu Division$71,795.29
5509ROOF SAFE$71,720.00
5510Qiagen Pty Ltd$71,641.47
5511Digital Projects$71,600.00
5512Electroboard Pty Ltd$71,542.46
5513Devonport Central And Armstrong Enterprises$71,501.65
5514Miller Aviation Partners Pty Ltd$71,500.00
5515Korn/ferry International Pty Limited$71,500.00
5516Qualitative & Quantitative Social$71,500.00
5517Matson Automotive Industries Pty LT$71,500.00
5518Landell Consulting$71,500.00
5519SNAP Printing$71,500.00
5520Australian Radome Services$71,500.00
5521Pronto Health Pty Ltd$71,499.91
5522The FIJI Institution Of Engineers$71,298.00
5523Symbion Imaging$71,293.45
5524Greening Australia Limited$71,280.00
5525Australian Refugee Association$71,274.90
5526SANS Institute Conference Office$71,272.92
5527Justine Bedford$71,225.00
5528VH Pty Limited$71,211.00
5529ZHIK Pty Ltd$71,209.71
55301300 Australia Pty Ltd$71,205.80
5532Stichting Deltares$71,127.10
5533JK KEIR Pty Ltd$71,041.50
5534IBIZ Commercial Interiors Pty Ltd$71,000.49
5535Election Consulting Group$70,994.55
5536South Australian Museum$70,984.00
5537ML Brabazon$70,982.66
5538Oxford Human Resource Consultants Limited$70,970.00
5539PAGE DATA Pty Ltd$70,882.62
5540Presagis Canada Inc$70,873.17
5541TINT Design Pty Ltd$70,873.00
5542Chess J Wilson Removals$70,829.50
5543Chubb Security Services Limited$70,785.80
5544ST VPH MED Imaging$70,781.84
5545Krepp Electrics$70,600.00
5546Klein And CO. Computer Forensics Pty Ltd$70,455.00
5547NVMS Pty Ltd$70,434.98
5548Tapp, Charles$70,422.00
5549Eyre/owen SMSH RPR$70,421.92
5550Alpha IT Solutions Pty Ltd$70,400.00
5551New Media Consulting Group Pty Ltd$70,400.00
5552Global Specialised Services Pty Ltd$70,374.53
5553Fitzpatrick Woods Consulting Pty Ltd$70,365.00
5554U.S. Business Interiors$70,356.00
5555HYVA Pacific Pty Ltd$70,290.00
5556Timothy BEST$70,290.00
5557TESS Martin$70,200.00
5558Steel POST & RAIL Pty Ltd$70,114.00
5559SPS Strategic Property Services (act) Pty Ltd$70,024.82
5560North South Consultants Pty Ltd$70,000.20
5561WEST Economic Consultants Limited$70,000.00
5562Futureye Pty Ltd$70,000.00
5563MM & SK Dzido (t/a: Grand Touring Coach Charter)$70,000.00
5564Cairns Convention Centre$70,000.00
5565Synchronous Communication Pty Ltd$70,000.00
5566G4S Secure Solutions (png) Ltd$70,000.00
5567Regulatory Economics Ltd$70,000.00
5568Donella Piper Consulting Pty Ltd$70,000.00
5569People With Ability Pty Limited$70,000.00
5570Moore Stephens$70,000.00
5571Richard VANN$70,000.00
5572Ordnance Survey$70,000.00
5573PC JAK Consulting$70,000.00
5574International Resource Group$70,000.00
5575Anthony LO Sordo$70,000.00
5576DCFM Australia Pty Ltd$70,000.00
5577MR PAUL Andrew Willee RFD$70,000.00
5578Arthur Vartis$70,000.00
5579DLA Phillips FOX$70,000.00
5580DLA Phillips FOX$70,000.00
5581Richard G Brabin-smith$70,000.00
5582Wettenhall AIR Services Pty Ltd$70,000.00
5583International LEAD And ZINC Study Group$69,942.30
5584Purcell Consultants Pty Ltd$69,914.90
5585Science In Public Pty Ltd$69,850.00
5586Zaptz Pty Ltd$69,850.00
5587Makin Mattresses$69,799.46
5588Peter Kennedy$69,760.00
5589PLG Industrial$69,723.15
5590Bethwaite Design Pty Ltd$69,716.74
5591KING HOME & Office Furniture$69,654.01
5592Metocean Services International Ltd$69,607.10
5593Fujifilm Australia Pty Ltd$69,520.00
5594CARL Zeiss Sydney$69,438.15
5595Matair Engineering Pty Ltd$69,436.28
5597Marat Pty Ltd$69,328.51
5598Virtuoso Media$69,300.00
5599Robert William Cartledge$69,300.00
5600Galexy PTY. Limited$69,300.00
5601FULL MOON International Pty Ltd$69,296.00
5602DES Semple And Associates$69,250.00
5603Boral Concrete$69,242.11
5604Bolger Media Services$69,239.00
5605Templeton GALT$69,236.50
5606Rhombus Technologies Australia$69,201.00
5607The Stafford Family Trust$69,165.86
5608The LOCH Group Pty Ltd$69,150.01
5610CP Brothers Pty Ltd (amerro Enginee$69,123.72
5611Australasian Playgrounds Pty Ltd$69,005.20
5612FISH & Nankivell$69,000.00
5613Beijing Flying Country AIR Service CO Ltd$69,000.00
5615Hanna's Upholstery$68,970.00
5616BACS Contamination Control$68,907.85
5617Vitroworld Pty Ltd$68,900.00
5618TONY ORR - Tropintel Environmental$68,894.99
5619Darebin Enterprise Centre Limited (decl)$68,890.00
5620Simpower Ltd$68,859.50
5621Consolidated Property Services (aust) Pty Ltd$68,774.61
5622Barlens Event HIRE$68,710.10
5623RS Components Pty Ltd$68,663.85
5624IDSS Pty Ltd$68,587.20
56252WG AAFC School Of Aviation Inc$68,500.00
5626Engineering IT$68,464.65
5627Pitcher Partners NSW Pty Ltd$68,406.69
5628Sentient Vision Systems Pty Ltd$68,335.30
5629The Trustee For Insitu UNIT Trust$68,294.60
5630MACK 1 Motorcycles$68,291.04
5631Interbrand Australia Pty Ltd$68,263.20
5632Origin Communications Group$68,200.00
5633Rexcel Pty Ltd$68,200.00
5634Arnhem Electrical Contractors$68,190.00
5635Marcom-watson Group$68,132.77
5636Morrow, Stephen B$68,093.85
5637Stephen Fairley$68,027.35
5638KHT Electrical Services Pty Ltd$68,022.03
5639Zippy Cleaning & Maintenance Services$68,000.00
5640Robin HILL Health Pty Ltd$68,000.00
5642KPMG PNG$68,000.00
5643Health Futures Pty Ltd$67,952.50
5644Prosser Toyota$67,948.54
5645Mitara Empresa Pty Ltd$67,947.98
5646Scribe Management Australia$67,914.78
5647Thales Optronics Ltd - AUD$67,890.26
5648Professional Facilitators Int'l P/L$67,843.20
5649Centre For Leadership Pty Ltd$67,800.00
5650Corporate Voice - Weber Shandwick PVT Ltd (mumbai)$67,740.00
5651Askwith Company Safes & Locks$67,738.00
5652Centre State Printing$67,721.50
5653Elders REAL Estate$67,700.00
5654WA Electrical Project Services$67,633.99
5655Arcelormittal - Stainless$67,618.35
5656Software Design Associates P/L$67,529.00
5657Manuka Newsagency$67,471.08
5658Across Business Consulting Pty Ltd$67,441.23
5659Drake Personnel Limited$67,414.05
5660BOB Seymour & Associates Pty Ltd$67,390.00
5661Capital Workforce Solutions Pty Ltd$67,320.00
5663Quality Production Engineers Pty Ltd$67,242.45
5664SAAB AB (pupl) - Electronic Defence$67,239.00
5665AFW Technologies Pty Ltd$67,232.00
5666Metocean DATA Systems Ltd$67,133.00
5667Aabre Building Solutions$67,114.30
5668Lawler Partners BRI Limited Partnership$67,105.50
5669Global Environmental Modelling System Pty Ltd$67,100.00
5670Value Added Promotions$67,015.00
5671TLC Training Solutions Pty Ltd$67,012.00
5672Ausoptic International$66,994.49
5673Lutheran Community CARE$66,985.60
5674Andrews, Gregory Stuart$66,935.00
5675Sustainable Business Pty Ltd$66,904.00
5676Dynaplas Pty Ltd$66,874.50
5677Integrated Transport Services$66,803.00
5678Portable Analytical Solutions$66,742.50
5679Skylift HIRE & Rentals Pty Ltd$66,734.00
5680Illo, Jeanne Frances I.$66,657.20
5681Midspar Systems$66,596.20
5682Canberra Region TOUR$66,584.63
5683Genesis IT & T Pty Ltd$66,559.00
5685Livermore Software Technology Corpo$66,549.77
5686Australian AUTO Fashions & Belmore$66,362.75
5687Trustee For Forward IT UNIT Trust$66,356.46
5688New Focus Pty Ltd$66,340.00
5689ST Johns Lutheran Church$66,283.44
5690L-3 Communications Corporation DIV$66,230.50
5691Tactical Research Pty Ltd$66,220.00
5692INST Medical & VET$66,175.04
5693Andrew Lewis Livestock & Property Pty Ltd$66,072.00
5694DTAC Pty Ltd$66,070.00
5695Veredo Pty Ltd$66,037.23
5696Stamford Plaza$66,000.01
5697Sympatico Solutions Pty Ltd$66,000.00
5698Ultra Services A.c.t. Pty Ltd$66,000.00
5699Downer EDI$66,000.00
5700Muswellbrook Dental Laboratory$66,000.00
5701Penguin Composites Pty Ltd$66,000.00
5702Stephen Robson Medical Pty Ltd$66,000.00
5703Courtfield Consulting Pty Ltd$66,000.00
5704JTA Australia Pty Ltd$66,000.00
5705Chesterman, David$66,000.00
5706DR PURU Sagar$66,000.00
5707HRX Pty Ltd$66,000.00
5708Chameleon Associates (australia) Pty Limited$66,000.00
5709MWC Media Pty Ltd$66,000.00
5710Dogtainers Pty Ltd$66,000.00
5711DGL (aust) Pty Ltd$66,000.00
5712Tekbase Consultancy$66,000.00
5713Financial & Technical Solutions$66,000.00
5714Randazzo Investments Pty Ltd ATF A C G UNIT Trust$66,000.00
5715Coombes Transport$66,000.00
5716Bizcubed Pty Ltd$66,000.00
5717Dejay Medical$65,962.38
5718Broadmoor Partners LLC$65,905.00
5719Mayhew Industries INC.$65,892.61
5720Jacobs Radio (australia)$65,890.00
5721ALL Track GSE PTY. LTD.$65,877.90
5722Hoshizaki Lancer$65,829.91
5723Agriquip Machinery$65,780.00
5724Janak A. Mehta$65,700.00
5725Honda Jetskishop.com$65,699.97
5726Pressure Systems Pty Ltd$65,692.00
5727Fortes Solutions Australia Pty Ltd$65,670.00
5729TRI State Electrical And Communicatio$65,566.96
5730Pesticides Regulation Consultancy$65,560.00
5731Qvalent Pty Ltd$65,450.00
5732Maxine Mcarthur$65,400.00
5733INO Contract Furniture Pty Ltd$65,397.20
5734Arenelle Pty Ltd$65,325.31
5735Ecosustainability Pty Ltd$65,310.75
5736PMP Digital$65,294.32
5737ST George's College (UNI WEST Aust)$65,275.00
5738AERO Hardware & Parts CO. INC.$65,217.57
5739NERA Australia Pty Ltd$65,208.00
5740Australian Catholic University$65,114.50
5741AG Coombs (nsw) Pty Ltd$65,061.00
5742VEGA Australia Pty Ltd$65,052.00
5743The Burling Family Trust$65,036.40
5744Terra Firma Pty Ltd$65,034.44
5745Blunn, AS$65,000.00
5746Peter JUDE Mccarthy-ward$65,000.00
5747DR SAFI Albekaa$65,000.00
5748NGO Holdings Ltd$65,000.00
5749BME Biomedical Enginerring$65,000.00
5750Hardworking Software Pty Ltd$65,000.00
5751Gemtil Pty Ltd$65,000.00
5752Allestis Pty Limited$65,000.00
5753Gray, Sinclai$65,000.00
5754James Nairn & Company T/A EARL James And Associates$65,000.00
5755Heartbeat Trends$65,000.00
5756Telcordia Technologies Inc$65,000.00
5757Australia POST$65,000.00
5758Migrant Information Centre$64,972.60
5759Andrew Strokon P/L$64,943.25
5760Melaleuca Refugee Centre$64,909.10
5761Shiftwork Solutions Pty Ltd$64,900.00
5762Global Synthetics Pty Ltd$64,900.00
5763Anangu JOBS$64,880.50
5764Federal Industries INC.$64,839.05
5765BDSM Plumbing And Engineering AS The Trustee For Stoneman Family Trust$64,766.80
5766DSB Landscape Architects$64,735.00
5767Ministere DE LA Defense$64,728.75
5768ZYGO Corporation$64,682.78
5769International Organisation For Migration (iom)$64,667.00
5770Atlas Copco Compressors AUST Pty LT$64,652.50
5771Tennant Australia$64,641.50
5772Goulburn Industrial & Welding Supplies$64,610.15
5773Press HERE Pty Ltd$64,526.00
5774The Microcare CD Group Pty Ltd$64,517.60
5775Yanna Rider Consulting$64,515.00
5777Rider Levett Bucknall WA Pty Ltd$64,405.00
5778Tasmanian Ports Corporation$64,390.36
5779Franklin Covey P/L$64,390.00
5780JOHN Wadsley Planning & Heritage$64,350.00
5781HARD & Forester Pty Ltd$64,311.50
5782Citadel Systems P/L$64,293.00
5783Pro-visual Publishing$64,251.00
5784JOHN Halley SC$64,152.74
5785R J Networking Pty Ltd$64,150.00
5786Canberra REX Hotel$64,115.01
5787Kirwan State HIGH School$64,071.15
5788William ROSS State HIGH School$64,071.15
5789Maxwell Consulting$64,050.00
5790The Trustee For The Whalen Discretionary Trust Trading AS Whalen Image Solutions$64,025.00
5791Catherine Marshall$64,000.00
5792MINI - Tankers (australia) P/L $64,000.00
5793Civil Society Resource Institute Inc$63,996.45
5794Delaney And Associates Pty Ltd$63,975.00
5795Bailey's Marine Fuels Australia$63,939.46
5796First National REAL Estate$63,835.20
5797Aerospace Technologies Of Australia$63,800.00
5798FRM Materials Handling Pty Ltd$63,800.00
5799Mcvan Instruments P/L$63,780.00
5800Anthony J Hudson Pty Ltd$63,758.09
5801Harcor Security Seals Pty Ltd$63,758.00
5802IBC Water Pty Ltd$63,664.18
5803Chris Archibald$63,650.00
5804Lightlab International Pty Ltd$63,646.00
5805Foley's LIST Pty Ltd$63,645.00
5806Gunnerbo Australia Pty Ltd$63,619.60
5808Cambridge Technologies$63,584.52
5809NSW Therapeutic Advisory Group Inc$63,583.00
5810Jongnam YOON$63,570.00
5812Thomson Reuters (scientific) Inc$63,500.00
5813Pilot Partners Chartered$63,481.00
5814GOLD Coast Airport Pty Limited$63,451.30
5815Prism Defence$63,395.00
5816Performance Improvement$63,341.00
5817Brentool Industrial Supplies Pty Ltd$63,322.90
5818Wallaga Pty Ltd$63,300.00
5819Christmas Island Hardware$63,290.00
5820Nettzero Pty Ltd$63,287.50
5821Claire Caesar Consulting$63,250.00
5822Teekay Marine Pty Ltd$63,229.07
5823RUTH Lackie$63,193.00
5824Beehive Vinyl Products Pty Ltd$63,184.00
5825Nigel Robert Agonia$63,121.70
5826KMR Consulting Pty Limited$63,096.00
5827Injury Treatment Pty Ltd$63,000.00
5828Rydges South PARK - Adelaide$62,993.95
5829Centaman Systems Pty Ltd$62,974.38
5830Pario Solutions Group Pty Ltd$62,880.00
5831Pacific Scientific Company DBA HTL/$62,810.75
5832Sharyn Innes Consultancies Pty Ltd$62,780.00
5833Pearson Australia Group Pty Ltd$62,758.19
5834Omega Maintenance Group Pty Ltd$62,745.00
5835Althouse & Geiger Pty Ltd$62,700.00
5836Playspace Playground Pty Ltd$62,700.00
5837Signworld Sunshine Coast$62,667.30
5838Caylx Software Pacific Pty Ltd$62,650.78
5839Sealife Charters Pty Ltd$62,634.00
5840Surpetitive Corporation Pty Ltd$62,562.50
5841FLIR Systems INC. DIV Corporate$62,513.35
5842Broadcast Workshop$62,463.50
5843New South Wales Crime Commission$62,456.50
5844Darlene Lavett$62,400.00
5845TYCO Electronics$62,388.00
5846Chloride Power Protection Pty Limit$62,305.23
5847AC&R Catering Equipment &$62,304.00
5848Stack, David R$62,274.00
5849The LOC DOC (SA) Pty Ltd$62,252.40
5850Houston Thomson Pty Limited$62,250.00
5852NSW Depart Of Education &$62,232.87
5853Comfrt INN Haven Marina$62,206.50
5854Envirotech Monitoring$62,178.00
5855WIKA Australia Pty Ltd$62,177.39
5856Alltech Associates$62,150.00
5857A N Ananda PL$62,091.50
5858The Trustee For BCW Trust$62,051.00
5859Datamonitor Asia-pacific$62,000.00
5860Andrew Mitchell Anaesthesia$62,000.00
5861Aberglasslyn Consulting Pty Ltd$62,000.00
5862ICMI Speakers & Entertainers$62,000.00
5863Vertical Telecoms Pty Limited$61,936.59
5864Kullarri Regional CDEP Incorporated$61,877.98
5865Stenline Fluid Power Pty Ltd$61,800.00
5866Ipsos Australia Pty Ltd$61,798.00
5867Kildair Hotel Grosvenor Pty Ltd$61,770.10
5868JOHN Wiley And SONS Australia, Ltd$61,768.00
5869Telecom FIJI Limited$61,739.00
5870James Hmelnitsky$61,738.34
5871Ecastle Pty Ltd$61,719.49
5872VIBE Constructions (act) Pty Ltd$61,677.00
5873Environment Protection Authority$61,635.04
5874Milpeak Pty Ltd$61,604.23
5875NF Communications Pty Ltd$61,600.00
5876Flutes & Flutists Pty Ltd$61,600.00
5877Peter G Vickers$61,600.00
5878Technic Pty Ltd$61,539.03
5879PORT August MILK Vendors Pty Ltd$61,500.00
5880Securities Industry Delvelopment CO$61,464.78
5881Clearcost Consulting Pty Ltd$61,435.00
5882Cavalier Homes Bendigo$61,406.10
5883YMCA Of Canberra$61,396.22
5884Arteil Pty Ltd$61,380.00
5885Kidde Aerospace & Defence P/L$61,357.76
5886ARIA Hotel$61,340.82
5887SEM FIRE & Rescue Pty Ltd$61,340.40
5888Laser Operations LLC$61,340.19
5889Partners In Performance$61,228.15
5890Retirement Benefits FUND Board$61,210.02
5891DR Richard Emery$61,200.00
5892Transponder Technologies$61,143.72
5893Metropolitan Civil Contractors$61,094.00
5894Siemens Healthcare$61,055.00
5895Informed Sources (australia) Pty Ltd$61,017.00
5896Townsville Independent Anaesthetist$61,000.00
5897Palanga And Associates Ltd$61,000.00
5898AUS HIGH Commission-png(cairo)$61,000.00
5899Opportunities Unlimited$60,921.30
5900Roubini Global Economics$60,918.32
5901PSI Fluid Power$60,899.52
5902The Trustee For Planet Earth Holdings UNIT Trust$60,820.32
5903Fusion Power Systems$60,810.20
5905Agilent Technologies$60,640.01
5906Humphrey LAW & CO Pty Ltd$60,637.50
5907Department Of Environment,climate C$60,526.40
5908Department Of Climate Change And Energy Efficiency$60,523.01
5909Riley Shelley Services Pty Limited$60,500.00
5910Leadexec Pty Ltd$60,500.00
5912DR Graeme KING$60,500.00
5913Early Childhood Australia Inc$60,500.00
5914CITY Crane Trucks$60,500.00
5915SPIN IT Recruitment$60,499.89
5916Quantitative Aeronautics$60,467.99
5918FUJI Trading (singapore) Private LI$60,445.70
5919Famco Lighting Pty Ltd$60,390.00
5920Botany Cranes$60,368.00
5921Bridge Rehabilitation$60,366.95
5922AAI Aerosonde Pty Ltd$60,336.06
5923Valiant Commercial Furniture$60,294.68
5924Spencer GULF Containers$60,258.64
5925Central Comms$60,225.00
5926Environmental Dynamics$60,100.00
5927Macdonald Family Trading Trust$60,065.94
5928B4kids Pty Ltd$60,000.01
5929ALAN Goldberg$60,000.00
5930Dangerous Goods Management AUST $60,000.00
5931Exemplary Investments Pty Ltd$60,000.00
5932CI Reefer Services$60,000.00
5933Dickson Medical And Travel Clinic$60,000.00
5934DECA Training$60,000.00
5935Mcdonald, Patricia$60,000.00
5936International Livestock Research Institute$60,000.00
5937Whale & Dolphin Conservation Societ$60,000.00
5938The EGG Digital Communications P/L$60,000.00
5939Winda- MARA Aboriginal Corporation$60,000.00
5940Aggie Grey's Hotel$60,000.00
5941Barnier Consulting$60,000.00
5942Australian Information Industry Association Ltd$60,000.00
5943Bulcock Maloja Developments$60,000.00
5944WSN Environmental Solutions $60,000.00
5945C Howse Pty Ltd$60,000.00
5946HANS Joachim KEIL$60,000.00
5947Narromine Community Skills Project Inc$60,000.00
5948PAUL J Torzillo Pty Ltd$60,000.00
5949Oasis-lmc Ltd$60,000.00
5950Boffins Bakery$60,000.00
5951Newnham Earthmoving Pty Ltd$60,000.00
5952ANNA Mitchelmore$60,000.00
5953Territory And TURF$60,000.00
5954R H Patel$60,000.00
5955Rural Directions Trust$60,000.00
5956Ernst & Young Actuarial BUS Consult$60,000.00
5957Conference Solutions$59,999.45
5958Management Solutions (qld) Pty Ltd T/AS TONY Charters And$59,986.30
5959Spectrum Graphics$59,984.10
5960Tangata Pty Ltd T/A Lists Cleaning Service$59,973.12
5961CI Scotty S Chicb$59,970.00
5962Buku-larrnggay Mulka Incorporated$59,950.00
5963Aegis Safety$59,949.12
5964Spectrum Medical Imagi$59,934.40
5965LINK Innovations$59,834.50
5966UGM Consulting Pty Ltd$59,812.50
5967FAST LANE (australia) Institute$59,800.00
5968Tapestry Systems$59,752.00
5969Meducation Australia Pty Limited$59,750.00
5970Cliff Green Design$59,708.25
5971The Synod Of The Diocese Of The Northern Territory Inc$59,672.86
5972Valmar Support Services LTD.$59,672.86
5973Doyle Plant HIRE Pty Ltd$59,663.77
5974Hastie Services Pty Ltd$59,661.31
5975Spring Range Pty Ltd$59,633.67
5976Cooee UAS$59,620.00
5977Spatial Vision$59,620.00
5978Ecopoint Murramarang Resort$59,604.27
5979T&F ALL States Pty Ltd$59,604.13
5980Energy And Management Services Pty Ltd$59,600.00
5981Digital Cenergy Australia$59,520.00
5982Ernst & Young$59,519.00
5984Ixfiber SAS$59,464.44
5985Alteon Training LLC$59,454.69
5986Debra Kapelis & Associates$59,400.00
5987Hobereau Investments Pty Limited$59,400.00
5988Allen JACK & Cottier Architects Pty Limited$59,400.00
5989Kimberley Institute Limited$59,400.00
5990Military Template Technology$59,400.00
5991JON Michel Pty Ltd$59,400.00
5992Phillip Avery$59,399.20
5993Eyecare PLUS Windsor$59,365.81
5994Coca-cola Amatil$59,273.11
5995The Trustee For The Inayatullah Milojevic Investment Trust$59,250.00
5997The Fletcher Construction Company Limited$59,124.18
5998Black BOX Network Services$59,088.74
5999PINK Hygiene Solutions$59,052.00
6000Digital Studio Pty Limited$59,047.61
6001Trans DATA Communications PTY. Limited$59,043.60
6003GPS Silicon Valley$59,023.65
6004Association And Communications$59,020.01
6006Fiona Mcwhinnie$59,000.00
6007Creative Options Pty Ltd$59,000.00
6008ADL Health Pty Ltd$58,989.10
6009Cloudera Inc$58,853.18
6010Instron Pty Ltd$58,831.30
6011DYE & CO Pty Ltd$58,828.00
6012UP Planning And Development Research Foundation, INC. (up-planades)$58,827.01
6013AGL South Australia Pty Limited$58,800.01
6014Richard Erber$58,775.34
6015Farrier Swier Consulting$58,720.00
6016Evennett Constructions Pty Ltd$58,713.00
6017Shangri-la Hotel$58,696.85
6018Bartlett Equipment$58,686.71
6019Eaton Power Quality Pty Ltd$58,654.22
6020Oxfam Australia$58,623.40
6021Seyntex NV$58,621.86
6022Segway INC.$58,597.76
6023Bidyadanga Aboriginal Community LA Grange Inc$58,583.52
6024Burswood Entertainment Complex$58,575.00
6025Impact Technologies LLC$58,542.48
6026Wirrimanu Aboriginal Corporation$58,532.52
6027Neptune Sports Pty Ltd$58,525.00
6028Dexion North Queensland$58,495.58
6029J L & R W Johnson T/A Georisk Consultancies Australia$58,443.00
6030Budget Portables$58,439.98
6031Airspeed Pty Ltd$58,439.16
6032BEST Practice Australia Pty Ltd$58,407.00
6033Camerons & Associates$58,400.00
6034GT Investment Developers Pty Ltd$58,376.00
6035Darwin Family DAY CARE$58,344.00
6036Ahmad Farshid$58,330.00
6037Spud's Roadhouse$58,329.45
6038Celeste Howden$58,320.00
6040PSND Consulting Pty Ltd$58,224.25
6041Schweppes Australia Pty Limited$58,176.14
6042Michelle ANN Cameron Consultancy Services$58,172.52
6043Cloncurry Justice Association Inc$58,172.52
6044Narromine Local Aboriginal LAND Council$58,172.52
6045Lockhart River Aboriginal Council$58,172.52
6046Tjuwanpa Outstation Centre Aboriginal Corp.$58,172.52
6047Challacombe, GAIL Susan$58,172.52
6048North Stradbroke Island Aboriginal & Islanders Housing Co-op Society Ltd$58,172.52
6049People With Disability AUST Inc$58,150.00
6050STEP TWO Designs$58,135.00
6051Crowne Plaza$58,134.00
6052Quatre Pty Ltd$58,127.00
6053Kathryn Dahlenburg$58,078.80
6054Online Office Interiors$58,000.00
6055A. J. Parkes And Company Pty Ltd$57,999.00
6056NOEL Arnold & Associates Pty Ltd$57,995.00
6057Hostec International Pty Ltd$57,935.00
6058303 Group Pty Ltd$57,885.22
6059GAN Technologies$57,862.77
6060Torque Hydraulics Pty Ltd$57,849.47
6061Murrays Australia$57,846.60
6062Amphenol Australia Ltd$57,828.65
6063Centre For Podiatric MEDI$57,801.00
6064Queensland Transport - ABN 13200330520 $57,799.98
6065Tradition Country Clothing$57,750.00
6066Kelleher Group$57,676.47
6067MRC Safety RISK & Engineering Servi$57,667.50
6068Australian Aerospace And Defence Innovations Ltd$57,665.00
6069Chalgrove Prjects$57,640.00
6070Mawson Lakes Hotel$57,614.21
6071Peter Cormack$57,600.00
6072Swisscontact - Indonesia$57,577.33
6073Australian Special Information$57,549.29
6074Keith Blackburn Statistical Consultant$57,522.94
6075The Research Forum$57,510.00
6076Vodafone P/L$57,508.06
6077GARY Mackenzie$57,500.00
6078NSW Police$57,491.18
6079Australian Consumers Association$57,474.00
6080TLLC Pty Ltd$57,462.00
6081Sabre Systems, INC.$57,443.24
6082Centro CITY Perth Partnerships$57,400.00
6083Tobias And Associates$57,400.00
6084161 Sussex Street Pty Ltd (T/A FOUR Points BY Sheraton)$57,375.00
6085Multilink Community Services Inc$57,351.80
6086Ernst & Young Services$57,330.00
6087L R Instruments$57,314.74
6088Ottimo Coffee$57,305.80
6089Bluescope Lysaght$57,298.09
6090Arinex Pty Limited$57,266.69
6091Great Western Manufacturing$57,265.75
6092Omnitronics Pty Ltd$57,263.70
6093BENT & Cougle Pty Ltd$57,244.00
6094ASIA Pacific Imaging P/L$57,200.00
6095JAN FORD REAL Estate PORT Hedland$57,123.17
6096Geosystem SRL$57,095.11
6097D. N . Harris & Associates$57,090.00
6098Indigo Software Ltd$57,040.00
6099Mantiyupwi Family Trust$57,000.00
6100Murray Harrison$57,000.00
6101J Wisbey And Associates Pty Ltd$56,980.00
6102Start Service Pty Ltd$56,925.00
6103CAE Flightscape Incorporated$56,919.51
6104Xactr Pty Ltd$56,914.00
6105Astrite Pty Ltd$56,886.50
6106Commercial Diving Services$56,885.84
6107Atech Group Pty Ltd$56,882.00
6108Wartsila Australia Pty Ltd$56,867.99
6109RMG Partners Business & Insolvency$56,820.50
6110NIWA Instrument Systems$56,808.50
6111William Nagle$56,796.83
6112Northern Territory Communications$56,793.00
6113Venue Marketing Service Pty Ltd$56,780.00
6114Dylan Mckie Electrical$56,771.00
6115PAUL COOK And Associates$56,760.00
6116H. Polesy & CO Pty Limited$56,760.00
6117Moore Australasia Pty Ltd$56,752.96
6118Consult - NUS$56,724.00
6119Bindal Sharks United Training Employment Sport And Recreation Aboriginal Corporation$56,715.00
6120Embedded Logic Solutions Pty Ltd$56,705.00
6121BAE Systems Global Combat Systems L$56,704.72
6122Weidlinger Associates Ltd$56,691.30
6123Campagno Engineering Pty Ltd$56,661.77
6124DAS ART Services$56,626.02
6125Positive People Solutions$56,600.00
6126Computer Services Australia Pty Ltd$56,544.00
6127The Benevolent Society$56,540.00
6128Dynamic Exchange P/L $56,534.00
6129CACI Technologies INC.$56,486.82
6130AEC Systems$56,485.00
6131Chemetall Australasia Pty Ltd$56,475.19
6132Geelong PORT Pty Limited$56,471.58
6133Norman Disney & Young$56,460.25
6134Commit LAW$56,458.00
6135DIVE Connect$56,400.36
6136Aussafe Consulting Pty Ltd$56,377.44
6137SIFT Pty Limited$56,320.00
6138Solved At Mcconchie Pty Ltd$56,320.00
6139Sprout Creative$56,210.70
6140Texco International Ltd$56,199.00
6141Rybolovetskiy Kolkhoz Vostok-1 Private Company$56,185.42
6142Northerly Property Services Pty Ltd$56,170.48
6143Lansen Consulting Pty Ltd$56,170.34
6144Escrow APPS$56,144.00
6145Cmpmedica Australia Pty$56,143.56
6146Mcintyre Marine Products$56,120.00
6147Benson Radiology$56,104.00
6148Clement Consulting Services P/L$56,100.00
6149Mount Wilga P/H$56,074.16
6150Calvary Health CARE$56,060.10
6151Immunity Services$56,051.46
6152Carestream Health Australia$56,032.86
6153Alliance Equipment Finance P/L$56,012.62
6154Airways Training Services$56,000.00
6155Cairns Nursing Agency Pty Ltd$56,000.00
6156Macalister,john (DR)$55,984.50
6157Macher (aust) Pty Ltd$55,968.00
6158Southern Cross Property Maint & CON$55,968.00
6159Country WIDE Media Ltd$55,935.00
6160Websecure Technologies Pty Ltd$55,924.00
6161Ellem, GARY$55,866.80
6162Anthony Hughes$55,825.00
6163DR Harold Gammelin$55,800.00
6164Avanti Fitness$55,786.50
6165Maestro Management Pty Ltd$55,770.00
6166Brendon J Fritz$55,748.00
6167Philippine Institute Of Volcanology And Seismology$55,675.84
6168Birdwing Group$55,662.32
6169MARC Ratcliffe Workplace Education$55,650.05
6170Sydney Talent Pty Ltd$55,597.00
6171Globe Australia Pty Ltd$55,550.00
6172Citigate Sebel Sydney$55,550.00
6173The Trustee For Evolving WAYS UNIT Trust$55,482.90
6174AERO Refuellers$55,440.85
6175Kingsmede Pty Ltd And Pamiers Pty Ltd$55,440.00
6176Beckman Coulter Australia Pty Ltd$55,383.40
6177The Trustee For Carbery Family Trust$55,250.25
6178US DEPT Of The Interior - USGS$55,250.00
6179LOOP Technology$55,209.92
6181Physiowest Sunshine UNIT Trust$55,200.00
6182The Trustee For Bounce Health CARE UNIT Trust Trading AS Bounce Health Group$55,200.00
6183The Trustee For Bounce Health CARE North Ringwood UNIT Trust$55,200.00
6184Bonacci Group (qld) Pty Ltd$55,164.07
6185FTR Pty Ltd$55,147.00
6186Sprung Instant Structures Ltd$55,143.83
6187Dytecna Ltd$55,052.28
6188Delron Cleaning Pty Ltd$55,010.00
6189HBO + EMTB Interiors (victoria) Pty Ltd$55,000.00
6190Department Of Fisheries$55,000.00
6191Harjit Bagga$55,000.00
6192Inner North Consulting Pty Ltd$55,000.00
6193Australian Employers' Network$55,000.00
6194Capital Anaesthetic Services$55,000.00
6195Property Advisory Australia Pty Ltd$55,000.00
6196EGA Insights$55,000.00
6197Melzelco Pty Ltd$55,000.00
6198Jemena Electricity Networks (vic)$55,000.00
6199First Point Recruitment$55,000.00
6200Hocking ET AL Pty Ltd$55,000.00
6201James Equipment Pty Limited$55,000.00
6202Australian Society For Medical Research$55,000.00
6203Savills (vic) Pty Ltd$55,000.00
6204RAY White Karratha$55,000.00
6205Intuitive Media Australia Pty Ltd$55,000.00
6206Nigel Jones & Associates Pty Ltd$55,000.00
6207DR L Samson$55,000.00
6208Print MINT$55,000.00
6209Vivien Wright$55,000.00
6210Carillon Conference Management Pty Ltd$55,000.00
6211FORD Health Group Pty Ltd$55,000.00
6212Westwood Spice$55,000.00
6213Woomera AREA School$55,000.00
6214PT Geoff Forrester Indonesia$55,000.00
6215Grant Devine$55,000.00
6216Westside Vegie Patch$55,000.00
6217Alder Consulting$55,000.00
6219SA Metropolitan FIRE Service$55,000.00
6220MR. Gerald Grealish$55,000.00
6221Firestarter Pty Ltd$55,000.00
6222MR Frank Cullen$55,000.00
6223The Electrotechnology Industry$55,000.00
6224DR Peter Williams$54,980.00
6225Archive Security $54,940.28
6226TIM Cummins & Associates Pty Ltd$54,900.00
6227Cartridge Actuated Devices Inc DBA$54,887.05
6228Aruna Technology Ltd$54,845.00
6229Global Village Translations$54,789.96
6230Riethmuller & Associates$54,780.00
6231Unirig Pty Ltd$54,761.00
6232Hugin Expert A/S$54,755.73
6233ET AL Architecture Pty Limited$54,735.00
6234Designwyse Australia Pty LTD.$54,715.01
6235GP Construction Ltd$54,700.00
6236Midfield MEAT INT Pty Ltd$54,600.00
6237Fluid Chillers Australia Pty Ltd$54,587.24
6238International SEAL CO AUST$54,578.80
6240Defence Worldwide Associates$54,525.50
6241James Carney REAL Estate$54,504.47
6242SVT Holdings (trading AS SVT Engineering)$54,494.00
6243Calvary Private Hospit$54,482.20
6244LEAN Design Australia Pty Ltd$54,450.00
6245IRT Electronics Pty Ltd$54,443.40
6246Criterion Conferences$54,443.25
6247Novotel Barossa Valley Resort$54,409.52
6248ZONE Products Australia Pty Limited$54,404.00
6249K J ROSS & Associates$54,359.30
6250Butlin & Lloyd Pty Ltd$54,340.00
6251Hordern Properties Pty Ltd$54,315.53
6252Cadillac Printing$54,292.70
6253Prochem Pipeline Products Pty LT$54,200.00
6254SK Corporate Marketing$54,189.67
6255D J Orthopaedics$54,173.68
6256Heywood, Alison HOPE T/A Alison Heywood Public Health Consulting$54,158.24
6257Australia WEEK Committee 2011$54,153.58
6258Focus Consulting Group Inc$54,092.56
6259North Sheridan Pty Ltd$54,021.44
6260Curatorial Assistance Travelling$54,000.00
6261Dendra Pty Limited$54,000.00
6262Veridian Solutions Pty Ltd$53,969.30
6263Associated Aircraft$53,959.13
6264L-3 Communications Avionics Systems$53,921.50
6265Capilo Pty Ltd$53,900.00
6266Peopleworks Pty Ltd$53,900.00
6267Goanna Print$53,884.60
6268Chinners Consulting$53,856.00
6269Aviation Devices And Electronic COM$53,845.79
6270Lloyds Register Quality$53,828.37
6272Angas Regent$53,726.00
6273Burton, Cynthia LYNN$53,704.20
6274TECS Pty Ltd$53,700.00
6275Guymer Bailey Architects$53,669.00
6276Ausbiotech Ltd$53,660.90
6277Molec Electrical Contractors$53,625.00
6278Contract Personnel Australia$53,625.00
6279Millennium Science Pty Ltd$53,620.60
6280Toowoomba Regional Council$53,593.78
6281The Professor And Maryanne Pty Ltd$53,520.03
6282Austico Apparel Pty Ltd$53,473.75
6283Katanning Community Resource Centre Inc$53,465.28
6284BACK Centre & Specialty Seating$53,450.00
6285Interface NRM$53,419.99
6286Express Industrial Supplies$53,407.79
6287LJ Hooker Commercial$53,368.93
6288Ryan, James Garrett$53,320.00
6289A.c.n. 124 544 083 Pty Ltd$53,273.00
6290Talent International Pty Ltd$53,224.00
6291Team Systems Pty Ltd$53,177.50
6292ALEX And Lauren Mylonas$53,143.00
6293Tasman Machinery Pty Limited$53,113.50
6294Wunthulpu Aboriginal LAND Trust$53,091.36
6295BARD Australia$53,064.00
6296The Trustee For The Colemans Family$53,042.00
6297DMG /mori Seiki AUST$53,020.00
6298Shane LEON Latimer$53,013.50
6299Inspiris Limited$53,002.71
6300Matthew Harrington Consulting$53,000.00
6301Kateena O'gorman$53,000.00
6302Acuity Eyecare$53,000.00
6303Yarra Valley Conference Centre$52,971.28
6304Photocontinental Pty Ltd$52,969.81
6305Southside Shipwright Services Pty$52,946.30
6306HCA Leadership Programs Pty Ltd$52,844.00
6307JB Refuelling Services$52,830.89
6308Mahlab Recruitment UNIT Trust$52,800.00
6309Essential Utilities Corporation$52,800.00
6310NEI Tabera NI KAI Society Incorporated(ntnk)$52,800.00
6311Esavvy Pty Ltd$52,800.00
6312Wyagdon Enterprises Pty Ltd$52,800.00
6313Universal Plastics Limited$52,780.75
6314The Willows State School$52,764.14
6315Bedford Engineering And Associates$52,727.85
6316Innovation Group$52,727.28
6317FUSE Furniture$52,668.00
6318South East Software$52,650.00
6319Monarch Building Solutions$52,646.00
6320Sheldon & Hammond Pty Ltd$52,602.00
6321TOR, Roselyn$52,519.67
6322DRS Sustainment Systems INC. DIV DR$52,508.51
6323Optus Communications Pty Ltd$52,505.84
6324Bazeley, Peter$52,500.00
6325Marvin Engineering CO. INC.$52,476.37
6326Conference Logistics$52,458.01
6327Leslie Whittet & Associates Pty Ltd$52,455.00
6328Furniss/tees Optom$52,405.95
6329Embarcadero Technologies Australia$52,347.96
6330The Exhibition CEN$52,323.39
6331ASCO Motors Samoa$52,276.60
6332Allegro Recruitment$52,272.00
6333The Trustee For The Confidere Group$52,250.00
6334ARMS Reliability$52,225.70
6335Apogee Imaging International$52,182.20
6337Corporate Scorecard$52,170.00
6338Insight Services Group$52,140.00
6339Frontier Carpets And Vinyl Pty Ltd$52,118.00
6340LG2 Design$52,074.00
6341AUS LOCK & SAFE Company Pty Ltd$52,069.60
6342Newcastle Cleaning CO Pty Ltd$52,069.13
6343Hitachi Construction Machinery$52,064.67
6344Serious Organised Crime Agency$52,035.50