Tourism Australia

ABN: 99657548712
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9 contracts, total value $4,584,500.00
Consultancies: 1 contracts, 11.11%
Procurement methods: limited 9 contracts, 100.00%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Advertising 3 $4,243,000.00
Internet services 2 $94,000.00
Corporate objectives or policy development 1 $121,000.00
Management advisory services 1 $46,500.00
Sales and business promotion activities 1 $30,000.00
Trade shows and exhibits 1 $50,000.00


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Department of Resources Energy and Tourism 4 $4,293,000.00
Austrade 4 $245,000.00
Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources 1 $46,500.00


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
397621 National Tourism Accreditation Framework Marketing Strategy $3,773,000.00Department of Resources Energy and Tourism 2011-03-28 Tourism Australia
1852201 Marketing and Media Partnership $250,000.00Department of Resources Energy and Tourism 2013-06-27 Tourism Australia
1852511 Welcome to Sydney Project $220,000.00Department of Resources Energy and Tourism 2013-06-26 Tourism Australia
3495647 ASCOT Funds Transfer for the TA Signature Experiences program $121,000.00Austrade 2018-03-09 Tourism Australia
1302581 MOU with Tourism Australia to host both Tourism Research Australia's website and Tourism Research Australia's online subscription package. $50,000.00Department of Resources Energy and Tourism 2013-03-12 Tourism Australia
3540318 Pavilion Construction CIIE Shanghai $50,000.00Austrade 2018-07-31 Tourism Australia
21386 CHAIRMAN SHAO VISIT (GAPS ID: 1621761) $46,500.00Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources 2006-09-28 TOURISM AUSTRALIA
2360302 Additional services required to include an enhance and upgrade of the TRA website. $44,000.00Austrade 2014-05-29 Tourism Australia
3498867 Tourism Australia and Austrade hosted Famil ( SA) $30,000.00Austrade 2018-05-01 Tourism Australia