ABN: 99603434804
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Also known as: EPI-USE Labs Pty Ltd

11 contracts, total value $390,465.43
Procurement methods: limited 11 contracts, 100.00%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Software 5 $111,351.52
Software maintenance and support 4 $176,618.91
Components for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications 1 $76,946.69
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS - Cloud) 1 $25,548.31


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Australian Taxation Office 3 $102,299.56
Department of Immigration and Border Protection 1 $76,946.69
Department of Home Affairs 1 $71,092.64
Department of Finance 2 $50,719.06
Australian Federal Police 1 $46,255.52
Department of Health 3 $43,151.96


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
3367182-A1 EPI-USE (Server) $76,946.69Department of Immigration and Border Protection 2016-07-01 EPI-USE LABS PTY LTD
3511838 EPI-USE SOFTWARE SUPPORT $71,092.64Department of Home Affairs 2018-07-01 EPI-USE LABS PTY LTD
3361809-A1 Provision of software maintenance services $46,255.52Australian Federal Police 2016-07-01 Epi-Use Labs Pty Limited
3343012 DataSync HR and Variance Monitor 12 months S&M $34,100.00Australian Taxation Office 2016-06-01 EPI-USE LABS PTY LTD
3412786 Datasync-Lic&Maint-Renewal $34,100.00Australian Taxation Office 2017-06-01 EPI-USE LABS PTY LTD
3501792 Annual renewal of Datasync Lic&Maint $34,099.56Australian Taxation Office 2018-06-01 EPI-USE LABS PTY LTD
3535401 SDO186 DSM renewal $25,548.31Department of Finance 2018-08-14 EPI-USE Labs Pty Ltd
3433666 Software maintenance $25,170.75Department of Finance 2017-05-16 EPI-USE Labs Pty Ltd
3506218 Software $14,636.64Department of Health 2018-07-01 EPI-USE LABS PTY LIMITED
3425591 Software support and maintenance $14,363.75Department of Health 2017-07-01 EPI-USE LABS PTY LIMITED
3347157 Software maintenance $14,151.57Department of Health 2016-07-01 EPI-USE LABS PTY LIMITED