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37 contracts, total value $1,878,129.04
Procurement methods: limited 37 contracts, 100.00%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Laboratory and scientific equipment 7 $681,984.04
Military watercraft 7 $261,275.56
Measuring and observing and testing instruments 6 $186,272.83
Communications Devices and Accessories 3 $136,120.21
Surveillance and detection equipment 2 $34,850.73
Marine craft systems and subassemblies 2 $71,544.91
Photographic or filming or video equipment 2 $159,730.90
Cameras 2 $77,000.01
Education and Training Services 1 $14,737.80
Software 1 $159,654.55


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Department of Defence 16 $821,175.95
Defence Materiel Organisation 9 $661,240.87
Australian Federal Police 8 $212,877.21
Department of Immigration and Border Protection 1 $107,958.01
Australian Customs and Border Protection Service 2 $63,195.00
Department of Parliamentary Services 1 $11,682.00


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
1961941 Infrared Imaging Test System $341,620.40Defence Materiel Organisation 2013-12-18 INFRATHERM PTY LTD
3496674 Short wave infrared camera system with lens $197,473.52Department of Defence 2018-03-26 INFRATHERM PTY LTD
3113922 Dual Sensor Thermal Imaging Camera & Equipment $145,605.90Department of Defence 2015-05-21 INFRATHERM PTY LTD
3372317-A1 1832 28-Supply & Commissioning of an EOSS Storm Bay $107,958.01Department of Immigration and Border Protection 2016-01-11 INFRATHERM PTY LTD
2343972 Specialised equipment for RAN ships $72,655.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-06-12 INFRATHERM PTY LTD
2540061 Engineering Maintenance $58,344.91Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-08-20 INFRATHERM PTY LTD
2925952 Flight Deck Camera Spares for RAN ship $52,061.90Defence Materiel Organisation 2015-03-06 INFRATHERM PTY LTD
255101 Supply Raytheon Thermal Imaging Cameras $51,590.00Australian Federal Police 2010-01-07 Infratherm Pty Ltd
273818 Supply Thermal Imaging Cameras $49,000.00Australian Federal Police 2010-03-22 Infratherm Pty Ltd
46076 CPO016676 - Surveillance equipment $44,924.00Australian Customs and Border Protection Service 2007-11-02 Infratherm Pty Ltd
3483332 Scientific Equipment $42,317.26Department of Defence 2018-01-17 INFRATHERM PTY LTD
2596441 Upgrade to Ships Systems $40,079.86Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-09-17 INFRATHERM PTY LTD
3406264 Calibration Source $39,480.33Department of Defence 2017-02-16 INFRATHERM PTY LTD
2191002 Installation of equipment on RAN Ship $38,599.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-04-14 INFRATHERM PTY LTD
368038 Mikron cal source $33,884.46Department of Defence 2011-02-09 INFRATHERM PTY LTD
147078 Purchase Thermal Imaging equipment $31,000.00Australian Federal Police 2008-09-26 INFRATHERM PTY LTD
2896272 Installation of Flight Deck Camera for HMAS Darwin $29,260.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2015-02-17 INFRATHERM PTY LTD
238855 RVision Colour Camera $29,158.50Department of Defence 2009-10-23 INFRATHERM PTY LTD
3295011 Dual Four-Bar Targets $28,710.00Department of Defence 2015-09-14 INFRATHERM PTY LTD
3441301 Provision of camera repairs $28,000.01Australian Federal Police 2017-07-05 Infratherm Pty Ltd
3530796 Weapon System Hardware $23,850.73Department of Defence 2018-08-06 INFRATHERM PTY LTD
1289991 Thermal camera $21,648.00Department of Defence 2013-03-20 INFRATHERM PTY LTD
106493 Repair & Calibration of Black Body Source $20,080.50Department of Defence 2008-07-16 INFRATHERM PTY LTD
3409194 Dual 4-bar targets $18,920.00Department of Defence 2017-02-28 INFRATHERM PTY LTD
1027711 IR Camera for laboratory use. $18,414.00Department of Defence 2012-10-31 INFRATHERM PTY LTD
488951 CMO028896 - Operational Repairs $18,271.00Australian Customs and Border Protection Service 2012-04-26 INFRATHERM P/L
223098 Wireless communications equipment for vehicles $17,853.00Australian Federal Police 2009-05-04 Infratherm Pty Ltd
2864652 Fitment of equipment to RAN ship $16,643.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2015-02-03 INFRATHERM PTY LTD
1311621 Thermography Training Course $14,737.80Department of Defence 2013-02-28 INFRATHERM PTY LTD
222749 Supply Thermal Imaging Camera $14,125.00Australian Federal Police 2009-06-03 Infratherm Pty Ltd
2923662 Range Checker $14,040.40Department of Defence 2015-03-05 INFRATHERM PTY LTD
3337671 Upgrade to Ships Systems $13,200.00Department of Defence 2016-04-19 INFRATHERM PTY LTD
2754671 Upgrade RAN ships systems $11,976.80Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-12-02 INFRATHERM PTY LTD
358350 Supply and installation of security equipment $11,682.00Department of Parliamentary Services 2010-11-26 Infratherm Pty Limited
2212111 Supply of camera tripod $11,000.00Australian Federal Police 2014-04-09 Infratherm Pty Ltd
383075 next g network access and support program for 2011 $10,309.20Australian Federal Police 2011-04-04 Infratherm Pty Ltd