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87 contracts, total value $7,899,530.23
Confidentialities: 1 contracts, 1.15%( 1 on the contract, 0 on the outputs)
Procurement methods: Open 4 contracts, 4.60%, Prequalified 10 contracts, 11.49%, limited 73 contracts, 83.91%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Laboratory and scientific equipment 25 $1,943,004.06
Measuring and observing and testing instruments 19 $1,774,718.91
Electronic hardware and component parts and accessories 13 $1,105,959.94
Electrical equipment and components and supplies 5 $266,098.57
Components for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications 4 $308,999.57
Communications Devices and Accessories 3 $214,538.43
Laboratory and Measuring and Observing and Testing Equipment 3 $594,323.84
Aircraft equipment 3 $481,598.40
Aerospace systems and components and equipment 2 $288,548.81
Electronic Components and Supplies 2 $198,993.73


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Department of Defence 45 $3,825,706.14
Defence Materiel Organisation 31 $3,506,119.62
Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) 1 $225,340.86
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 4 $189,837.92
Bureau of Meteorology 4 $98,868.94
Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) 1 $31,891.21
Australian Crime Commission 1 $21,765.54


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
3529502 Generator Signal $637,357.88Department of Defence 2018-07-19 ANRITSU
105818 Site Master 820D $458,948.38Defence Materiel Organisation 2008-06-04 ANRITSU
365219 Spectrum Anlyzers Part No: MS2721B $428,951.36Defence Materiel Organisation 2011-01-31 ANRITSU PTY LTD
470200 TEST SET, ANTENNA $414,767.76Defence Materiel Organisation 2012-03-14 ANRITSU PTY LTD
448710 Broadband Vector Network Analyser $329,168.30Department of Defence 2011-11-18 ANRITSU PTY LTD
3293025 Test Set Antenna $289,091.48Department of Defence 2015-09-01 ANRITSU PTY LTD
3484728 Measurement Instruments $277,802.02Department of Defence 2018-02-02 ANRITSU PTY LTD
1058061 Upgrade to mmwave vector network analyser $268,869.81Department of Defence 2012-11-15 ANRITSU PTY LTD
507781 TEST SET, ANTENNA ;DISTANCE TO FAULT 2 M $248,860.66Defence Materiel Organisation 2012-05-10 ANRITSU PTY LTD
408963 Three Anritsu Spectrum Analysers MS2726c $225,340.86Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) 2011-07-12 Anritsu Pty Ltd
192274 Purchase of Analyzer Test Sets for TADRS $213,661.21Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-06-05 Anritsu Pty Ltd

Signal Generators

$197,552.06Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-04-11 ANRITSU
3338365 Analyser $194,706.13Department of Defence 2016-04-22 ANRITSU PTY LTD
344023 Procurement of qty 20, Test Set, Radio Frequency Power - Part Number: ML2487B-ADF/K1 - MC: Z7C27 $162,632.14Defence Materiel Organisation 2010-10-27 Anritsu Pty Ltd
1160922 Vector Signal Generator $155,393.92Department of Defence 2013-01-14 ANRITSU PTY LTD
167864 Site Master and components $125,133.13Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-03-13 ANRITSU PTY LTD
404179 Procurement of aircraft spares - test set, antenna $123,495.90Defence Materiel Organisation 2011-03-29 Anritsu Pty Ltd

Spectrum Analyzer

$108,263.41Defence Materiel Organisation 2008-05-16 ANRITSU
558742 Provision of Security Surveillance and Detection $106,179.21Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 2012-05-29 ANRITSU PTY. LTD.
377385 Vector Network Analyser $99,054.07Department of Defence 2011-03-24 ANRITSU PTY LTD
2875422 Cable Analyser $90,996.75Defence Materiel Organisation 2015-02-11 ANRITSU PTY LTD
344517 Spectrum Analyser $90,433.41Defence Materiel Organisation 2010-10-28 ANRITSU PTY LTD
382602 Anritsu Loss test sets $89,024.36Department of Defence 2011-04-14 ANRITSU
88431 Anritsu Test Set Antenna in support of HUGPH2.3 $88,347.60Defence Materiel Organisation 2008-05-12 ANRITSU
273063 6625-66-157-4210 OTDR Kits x Qty 4 $87,155.20Department of Defence 2010-03-23 ANRITSU PTY LTD
2643951 Vector Network Analyser $85,768.03Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-10-17 ANRITSU PTY LTD
1069611 Spectrum Analyser $79,465.75Department of Defence 2012-11-20 ANRITSU PTY LTD
31531 Synthesised Signal Generator $77,425.48Department of Defence 2007-08-31 ANRITSU
31564 Synthesised Signal Generator $77,425.48Department of Defence 2007-08-31 ANRITSU
141813 ANRITSU 9083 ACCESS MASTER, $73,860.60Department of Defence 2008-11-18 ANRITSU PTY LTD
1441432 Purchase of Handheld Spectrum Analysers in support of the Satellite Systems Expert $72,032.03Defence Materiel Organisation 2013-05-21 ANRITSU PTY LTD
2181331 Purchase of Microwave Site Master $70,127.88Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-04-10 ANRITSU PTY LTD
3364339 Vector Network Analyser $66,976.92Department of Defence 2016-07-15 ANRITSU PTY LTD
459934 Signal Analyzer $64,337.90Department of Defence 2012-01-11 ANRITSU PTY LTD
3341417 Vector Network Analyser and Sprectrum Analyser $63,493.08Department of Defence 2016-05-03 ANRITSU
380848 Spectrum Analyser and Time Domain $63,385.30Department of Defence 2011-04-07 ANRITSU PTY LTD
378310 Procurement of aircraft spares NSN: 01-539-4493, Test Set, Antenna, Qty: 2. $61,861.10Defence Materiel Organisation 2011-04-06 Anritsu Pty Ltd
254216 MS2028B Hand held VNA $55,748.13Department of Defence 2009-12-21 ANRITSU PTY LTD
275035 Spectrum Analyzers - Part No: MS2721B-020 $55,632.32Defence Materiel Organisation 2010-04-09 ANRITSU
3336079 RF Measurement equipment $54,506.62Department of Defence 2016-04-11 ANRITSU PTY LTD
388518 Signal Generator $52,898.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2011-05-06 ANRITSU PTY LTD
3130122 2 x Spectrum Analyser $49,778.67Bureau of Meteorology 2015-06-01 Anritsu Pty Ltd
822071 Portable Network Analyser $48,704.80Department of Defence 2012-08-01 ANRITSU PTY LTD
232042 Synthesized CW Generator $46,611.53Department of Defence 2009-09-21 ANRITSU PTY LTD
3320178 Radio frequency test instrument $46,225.74Department of Defence 2016-01-28 ANRITSU PTY LTD
381007 Spectrum Master, 9 kHz to GHz $45,222.38Department of Defence 2011-04-06 ANRITSU PTY LTD
3034372 Spectrum analyser $42,608.76Defence Materiel Organisation 2015-04-23 ANRITSU PTY LTD
171750 Transmission Analyser $41,615.20Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-03-23 ANRITSU PTY LTD
428568 Handheld Spectrum Analyzer $40,283.16Department of Defence 2011-08-17 ANRITSU PTY LTD
35134 Spectrum Analyser $39,726.26Department of Defence 2007-09-11 ANRITSU PTY LTD
456857 Calibration standards for calibrating scientific equipment $39,360.55Department of Defence 2011-12-23 ANRITSU PTY LTD
3221252 Provision of Components for Information Technology or Broadcasting or Telecommunications $38,786.75Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 2015-07-02 ANRITSU PTY LTD
1040521 Testing Equipment $38,280.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2012-11-08 ANRITSU PTY LTD
479921 Procurement of aircraft support equipment $37,063.55Defence Materiel Organisation 2012-03-08 ANRITSU Pty Ltd
82921 Microwave Broadband Site Master to support multi EW platforms. $36,222.71Defence Materiel Organisation 2008-04-23 ANRITSU PTY LTD
79907 Hand held Vector Network and Spectrum Analyser $35,659.12Defence Materiel Organisation 2008-02-14 ANRITSU
2137461 Spectrum Analyser $35,087.43Department of Defence 2014-03-21 ANRITSU PTY LTD
180522 spectrum analyzer $33,876.70Department of Defence 2009-04-22 ANRITSU PTY LTD
3493433 Signal Analyser $33,545.60Department of Defence 2018-03-10 ANRITSU PTY LTD
450544 DATA TRANSMISSION ANALYSER $33,459.80Defence Materiel Organisation 2011-11-23 ANRITSU PTY LTD
340079 Spectrum Analyser $32,950.63Department of Defence 2010-10-05 ANRITSU PTY LTD
272247 Synthesized Generator $31,891.21Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) 2010-03-16 Anritsu P/L
2939672 Optical Spectrum Analyser $31,436.90Department of Defence 2015-03-12 ANRITSU PTY LTD
3365754 Optical Spectrum analyser procurement $30,486.50Department of Defence 2016-07-19 ANRITSU PTY LTD
469270 TEST SET, RADIO FREQUENCY POWER $29,767.09Defence Materiel Organisation 2012-03-07 ANRITSU PTY LTD
1930802 vector network analyser $29,012.12Department of Defence 2013-11-29 ANRITSU PTY LTD
72489 Portable Spectrum Analyzer $27,112.05Defence Materiel Organisation 2008-04-28 ANRITSU
384710 Spectrum Master and Transit Case $25,409.19Department of Defence 2011-04-19 ANRITSU PTY LTD
2986282 Signal Generator $24,291.96Department of Defence 2015-04-01 ANRITSU PTY LTD
3339018 Provision of Components for Information Technology or Broadcasting or Telecommunications $24,185.72Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 2016-04-28 ANRITSU PTY. LTD.
2025491 Signal Generator $23,535.82Department of Defence 2014-01-23 ANRITSU PTY LTD
361130 Electronic Hardware $21,765.54Australian Crime Commission 2010-12-17 Anritsu Pty Ltd
87133 ICT Equipment $20,686.24Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 2008-03-03 Anritsu Pty. Ltd.
1388111 9kHz - 9GHz Spectrum Analyser $20,560.86Bureau of Meteorology 2013-05-01 Anritsu Pty Ltd
1039271 Electronic Test Equipment $18,885.50Department of Defence 2012-11-07 ANRITSU PTY LTD
1099682 Harmonic Mixers $18,232.49Department of Defence 2012-12-04 ANRITSU PTY LTD
171749 Connectors $16,921.32Department of Defence 2009-03-26 ANRITSU PTY LTD
107051 Refer quote Q80612T1 BOM dated 12/6/08. $14,800.31Bureau of Meteorology 2008-07-07 Anritsu Pty Ltd
3551384 Purchase of Calibration Kits $14,391.41Department of Defence 2018-10-23 ANRITSU PTY LTD

Uplink Switch (C3850) modules

$13,729.10Bureau of Meteorology 2014-05-09 Anritsu Pty Ltd
105419 Handheld Analyser $13,342.10Department of Defence 2008-06-30 ANRITSU PTY LTD
3143282 Repair of Spectrum Analyser $12,016.53Defence Materiel Organisation 2015-05-07 ANRITSU PTY LTD
708601 Precision Adapters $11,870.97Department of Defence 2012-06-29 ANRITSU PTY LTD
428601 Generator, watt meter and sensor repairs $11,817.73Defence Materiel Organisation 2011-08-09 ANRITSU PTY LTD
3361103 Repair of spectrum analysers $11,644.71Department of Defence 2016-05-25 ANRITSU PTY LTD
3306668 Test Equipment Repair $10,401.94Department of Defence 2015-11-10 ANRITSU PTY LTD

Repair and calibration of test equipment

$10,133.95Defence Materiel Organisation 2012-04-30 ANRITSU Pty Ltd