ABN: 97168723644
Similar to: FREDON TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD (ABN: 12003361297), Fredon Technology Pty Ltd (ABN: 75165145764),
Also known as: FREDON TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD, Programmed Skilled Workforce Limited

31 contracts, total value $4,599,040.72
Procurement methods: Open 4 contracts, 12.90%, Open via SON 4 contracts, 12.90%, Prequalified 1 contracts, 3.23%, limited 22 contracts, 70.97%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Audio and visual equipment 9 $225,006.15
Audio visual services 4 $432,540.68
Audio and visual presentation and composing equipment 3 $46,934.95
Exhibitions 2 $32,560.02
Computer Equipment and Accessories 2 $35,160.98
Electronic hardware and component parts and accessories 2 $26,917.64
Building construction and support and maintenance and repair services 2 $3,253,008.17
Property management services 1 $27,068.51
Components for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications 1 $30,415.84
Data Voice or Multimedia Network Equipment or Platforms and Accessories 1 $17,158.68


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Department of Defence 11 $3,752,207.91
Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet 3 $287,044.71
Department of Industry, Innovation and Science 1 $152,245.49
Royal Australian Mint 2 $103,788.13
Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission 4 $60,904.16
Department of Health 1 $50,617.29
Geoscience Australia 2 $48,244.41
Department of Communications and the Arts 1 $39,533.81
Old Parliament House 1 $33,025.34
Department of Communications 2 $31,741.18
Australian Signals Directorate 1 $18,556.01
Australian Federal Police 1 $10,853.70
Attorney-General's Department 1 $10,278.58

Standing Offers/Panels

Standing Offer Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Exhibition Services 4 $436,294.54


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
3013302 Electrical Upgrade $3,163,783.70Department of Defence 2015-04-16 FREDON TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD
3327214 Minor Building Works $368,500.00Department of Defence 2016-03-03 FREDON TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD
3582346 Adio Visual Services $251,489.03Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet 2019-03-08 FREDON TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD
3492182-A1 Purchase of Audio Visual Equipment/Services $152,245.49Department of Industry, Innovation and Science 2018-04-03 FREDON TECHNOLOGY PTY LIMITED
3324142 Electrical Upgrade $89,224.47Department of Defence 2016-02-24 FREDON TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD
3389593 Installation of Audio Visual equipment $50,617.29Department of Health 2016-07-01 Fredon Technology Pty Limited
3465553 MoG - Video Conferencing $39,533.81Department of Communications and the Arts 2016-02-25 Fredon Technology Pty Ltd
3404093 AUDION VISUAL EQUIPMENT $33,492.63Royal Australian Mint 2017-02-14 FREDON TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD
3459243 AV equipment $33,025.34Old Parliament House 2017-08-23 Fredon Technology Pty Ltd
3505506 Smartboards and TVs ISO MSN $30,415.84Department of Defence 2018-05-08 FREDON TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD
3395715-A1 Scrivener Conference Room Upgrades $27,068.51Geoscience Australia 2016-12-21 Programmed Skilled Workforce Limited
3468891-A1 Office Equipment $21,656.08Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet 2017-11-01 FREDON TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD
3438469 Audio Visual Equipment $21,175.90Geoscience Australia 2017-06-27 Fredon Technology Pty Ltd
3575665 Left Monitor for Cisco MX800 $18,556.01Australian Signals Directorate 2019-03-05 FREDON TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD
3577662 Audio Visual Services $18,480.00Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission 2019-03-13 Fredon Technology Pty Ltd
3492842 Audio Services & Maintenance $18,480.00Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission 2018-03-09 Fredon Technology Pty Ltd
2350052 Audio visual upgrade $17,158.68Department of Communications 2014-05-22 Fredon Technology Pty Ltd
3575285 Exhibition Services $16,280.01Department of Defence 2019-02-27 FREDON TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD
3575284 Exhibition Services $16,280.01Department of Defence 2019-03-01 FREDON TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD
3293588 Audio Visual equipment $14,582.50Department of Communications 2015-09-21 Fredon Technology Pty Ltd
3474357 Office Equipment $13,899.60Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet 2017-11-07 FREDON TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD
3461146 Panasonic Projector - PTRZ570W $13,796.44Department of Defence 2017-07-12 FREDON TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD
3590690 Cables $13,618.00Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission 2019-05-07 Fredon Technology Pty Ltd
3539347 Interactive display $13,504.90Department of Defence 2018-08-01 FREDON TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD
3569698 Interactive television $13,504.90Department of Defence 2018-12-18 FREDON TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD
3480788 interactive display $13,458.82Department of Defence 2017-10-27 FREDON TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD
3452813 INTERACTIVE DISPLAY $13,458.82Department of Defence 2017-08-17 FREDON TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD
3463521 Supply of audio visual equipment $10,853.70Australian Federal Police 2017-10-18 Fredon Technology Pty Limited
3556232 AV Equipment Maintenance $10,326.16Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission 2018-11-20 Fredon Technology Pty Ltd
3403164 Audio Recording Devices $10,278.58Attorney-General's Department 2017-01-25 Fredon Technology Pty Ltd