ABN: 96145857334
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PTY LT (ABN: 54009255494), HONEYCOMBES SALES (ABN: 54011002556), LANCEFIELD SALES & SERVICE PTY LTD (ABN: 54058667520), Charles Darwin University (ABN: 54093513649), Mack 1 Motorcycles (ABN: 54324783564), John Charles King (ABN: 54401034507), KING & WOOD MALLESONS (ABN: 55001462299), Hastings Electrical Wholesale Pty Ltd (ABN: 55003363915), GLADE MANUFACTURING AND SALES P* (ABN: 55104459216), Pacific Scales (ABN: 55129141920), LESLIE G ROSS FUNERA (ABN: 55169589879), Dr John Charles Blaxland (ABN: 55365447275), GLENMAC SALES AND SERVICE P/L (ABN: 55547986834), PLANEX SALES PTY LTD (ABN: 55921612267), STROMAG SALES Pty Ltd (ABN: 56004375679), Aesop - Wholesale (ABN: 56007409001), HALLWELD BENNETT SALES PTY LTD (ABN: 56008123037), LES COOKE INSTRUMENT CO PTY LTD (ABN: 56008754934), SCALES, IAN ALEXANDER (ABN: 56100742195), PENTAIR SALES AUSTRALIA PTY LIM* (ABN: 56604242122), Dennis Charles Robson (ABN: 56716438834), UNIVERSITY OF NEW SOUTH WALES (ABN: 57195873179), W A PICKLES PTY LTD (ABN: 57426762551), O.C.P. SALES (ABN: 57470804265), ADAPTALIFT FORKLIFT RENTALS & SALES (ABN: 57610784285), New South Wales Local Land Services (ABN: 57876455969), GRAEME LAWLESS (ABN: 58159007805), Logic Wireless Pty Ltd (ABN: 58159248094), First Peoples Disability Network (ABN: 58169154330), Property Wholesalers of Australia Pty Ltd as trustee for The Knox Unit Trust (ABN: 58472820252), HOATSON,LESLEY (ABN: 58923200928), AUSTRALIAN REGIONAL WHOLESALERS PTY LIMITED (ABN: 59011009064), Semco Equipment Sales (ABN: 59063999842), Dockside Sales & Admin Office (ABN: 59082562963), DIRECT WHOLESALE TYRES PTY LTD (ABN: 59126438659), Events New South Wales (ABN: 59127089089), Border Stainless Steel Pty Ltd (ABN: 59130035399), MR MUMBLES PTY LTD (ABN: 59130877459), GEOGRAPHY TEACHERS ASSOCIATION OF NEW SOUTH WALES INC (ABN: 59246850128), Rail Corporation New South Wales (ABN: 59325778353), Kevin Charles Scott (ABN: 59611521178), LESLIE R & LEA I BROWNHALL T/A KIRRAMORE INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT SERVICES (ABN: 59816624001), Ace Flagpoles & Spars Pty Ltd (ABN: 60126538672), TELESIS EVENTS (ABN: 60145004593), Woodgate, Giles Geoffrey (ABN: 60241413498), GRANT LESTER (ABN: 60278043611), CONTROL CABLES PTY. LTD (ABN: 60610942535), Ecclesiastical Metalware (ABN: 60615474398), SMS Access Sales P/L (ABN: 60976180651), WATSON WHOLESALE CARS SUPERANNUATION (ABN: 61052049570), Bruck Textiles (ABN: 61074170988), OLEX CABLES (ABN: 61087542863), Alese Pty Ltd (ABN: 61106430399), KNOWLES FIONA (ABN: 61472834235), EAGLES, JULIE ANNE (ABN: 61926034581), Hillbrick Bicycles Pty Limited (ABN: 62002990105), GRIBBLES VETERNARY PATHOLOGY (ABN: 62006823089), Wales House Hotel Limited T/a Radisson Plaza Hotel Sydney (ABN: 62084097996), THE UNIVERSITY OF NEW SOUTH WALES (ABN: 62086418582), POLARIS SALES AUSTRALIA & (ABN: 62088081949), Lessor: Sandhurst Trustees Pty Ltd (16 004 030 737) Responsible Entity: Becton Investment Management Limited (Abn:62 090 939 192) (ABN: 62090939192), CNE CUSTOM CABLES PTY LTD (ABN: 62107866124), LESSLIE CONSULTING PTY LTD (ABN: 62137745852), PEOPLES STRATEGIES INTERNATIONAL (ABN: 62293558322), Alessi Aust Pty Ltd (ABN: 63001357133), BETTA LIFESTYLES (ABN: 63113128671), ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING SALES AUSTRALIA PTY LTD (ABN: 63125377513), CINEVID & AUDIO SALES (ABN: 63610614158), Regional Arts New South Wales (ABN: 64001382690), Thomas-Lee Motorcycles Pty Ltd (ABN: 64003881178), Stan Pty Ltd, Herb Investments Pty Ltd, and Miage Pty Ltd C/- Graham Rugless Superannuation Fund & Stan Superannuation Fund & The Graham Rugless Family Trust (ABN: 64039775001), King & Wood Mallesons (ABN: 64058914668), IBIS STYLES GERALDTON (ABN: 64082794278), HAWKLESS CONSULTING PTY. 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T/A Eagle Hawk (ABN: 73393807125), Burdekin Motorcycles (ABN: 73454204866), JERVIS BAY KAYAK AND PADDLESPORTS C (ABN: 73891418243), Charles O'Neill Pty Ltd (ABN: 74010329174), HINO Motor sales Australia (ABN: 74064989724), B K SALES AUSTRALIA P/L (ABN: 74087738574), Mr Simon Majteles (ABN: 74421253342), Miles Condon (ABN: 74565251643), LES CUPPER (ABN: 74817187606), Paul Knowles trading as Custom Fencing (ABN: 74840832548), Charter Hall Wholesale Management (ABN: 75006765206), WELDING EQUIPMENT SALES & SERVICE (ABN: 75008104050), BRISBANE WHOLESALE DISPOSALS (ABN: 75056490307), WHOLESOME BAKE PTY LTD (ABN: 75062606606), ULTIMATE CYCLES (ABN: 75089098126), YLESS4U PTY LTD (ABN: 75110836425), SALES BRAKES & ENGINEERING (ABN: 75331825976), Civium (ACT) Sales Trust (ABN: 75604557879), CINEVID & AUDIO SALES (ABN: 75657607702), THE TRUSTEE FOR SHARPLES FAMILY TRU (ABN: 75820442568), HUME WITTLESEA LOCAL LEARNING (ABN: 75887173102), THE HERCULES GROUP PTY LTD (ABN: 76002394498), MARIA FERNANDA MIRALLES GASPARINI TRADING AS NANDA GASPARINI (ABN: 76053620546), BENDIGO FORKLIFT SALES (ABN: 76101711326), OMBUDSMAN NEW SOUTH WALES (ABN: 76325886267), The Trustee for Gillespie Trust (ABN: 76679427038), TECHNOLOGY SALES & SUPPLIES (ABN: 76829173234), SAM ALLEN WHOLESALE (ABN: 76934712977), SPOTLESS GROUP LIMITED (ABN: 77004376514), NOONE T D SALES PTY LTD (ABN: 77004597719), WATM CRANE SALES & SERVICES WA (ABN: 77008831589), LIQUIP SALES (QLD) PTY LTD (ABN: 77011046469), JUMBO INFLATABLES (ABN: 77109571673), HEIDRICK & STRUGGLES (ABN: 77153441635), MERLIN AUSTRALIA SALES & RENTALS (ABN: 77158956871), University of New South Wales (ABN: 77257686961), COMAN TEXTILES PTY LTD (ABN: 77516645365), PHILIP DAVID LESLIE (ABN: 77726675390), ST KILDA BOAT SALES SERVICE (ABN: 77955694844), TAFE New South Wales - Western Institute (ABN: 77994891808), Heatley Sales Pty Ltd (ABN: 78009260824), Charlestown Executive Apartments Pty Limited (ABN: 78105670264), New South Wales Business Chamber Limited (ABN: 78638594704), BRAMBLES AUSTRALIA LTD (T/A RECALL) (ABN: 79000164938), GENERATOR HIRE SALES & SERVICE (ABN: 79003484777), CABLES PLUS PTY LTD (ABN: 79005632897), RUSSELL FRASER SALES PTY LTD (ABN: 79074258549), MANHEIMFOWLES PTY LTD (ABN: 79089074206), Horizon Motorcycles (ABN: 79101740505), Lesryk Environmental Pty Limited (ABN: 79169230175), Charles Aspden (ABN: 79686242985), LECKY'S ELECTRICAL WHOLESALE (ABN: 80056378619), COMESTIBLES (ABN: 80088071425), STAPLES AUST PTY LTD (ABN: 80111723829), ALLESTER JOSETTE MARY (ABN: 80339887837), THE NEW SOUTH WALES INSTITUTE OF (ABN: 80751069784), PEARCE, DENNIS CHARLES (ABN: 80841678096), NATIONAL GOLF & INDUSTRIAL VEHICLES (ABN: 81068578487), LEGAL AID COMMISSION OF NEW SOUTH WALES (ABN: 81173463438), ANDREW GILES O'DONNELL (ABN: 81204573632), PEOPLESCAPE (NSW) PTY LTD (ABN: 81610095353), NATSEM SALES (ABN: 81633873422), KLESTEEL PTY LTD (ABN: 82002112932), PARSONS, NICHOLAS CHARLES (ABN: 82015147263), OFFSET PRINTING CO PTY LTD T/A FOCUS PRESS (SALES) (ABN: 82070360762), AWE-SIM ELECTRICAL WHOLESALERS (ABN: 82080851083), Bateman & Giles Pty Ltd (ABN: 82111136513), Tank Sales Pty Ltd (ABN: 82123156178), LES RODD LOCKSMITHS (ABN: 82125680597), Mick Ffrench Wholesalers (ABN: 82393516677), NEW SOUTH WALES ABORIGINAL LAND COUNCIL (ABN: 82726507500), SPOTLESS P & F PTY LTD (ABN: 83072293880), Leslie John Bell - Contract Consultant (ABN: 83450998305), BRUCK TEXTILES (ABN: 83579362030), The Endless Aisle Pty Ltd (ABN: 83605640373), DAVE ATTWOOD INFLATABLES (ABN: 83786455485), Charles Sturt University (ABN: 83878708551), Euro-Tech Cables Pty Ltd (ABN: 84003664177), BAMBACH WIRES & CABLES PTY LTD (ABN: 84004012391), PEACOCK AND SMITH SALES Pty Ltd (ABN: 84004743097), Panelfab Sales (Aussie Hire Pty Ltd) (ABN: 84009794290), Olympia Office & Computer Consumables (ABN: 84088182861), ROGER GYLES (ABN: 84090978397), COHDA WIRELESS PTY LTD (ABN: 84107936309), Joleta Pty Limited & Leslie Raymond Bowyer (ABN: 84108119731), PETER STEVENS MOTORCYCLES PTY LTD (ABN: 84214267347), CHARLES HILLIER (ABN: 84598482845), Pumpseals Sales Technology Solutions (ABN: 84600067561), AIDS Council of New South Wales Inc (ABN: 84633910355), NetComm Wirless Pty Ltd (ABN: 85002490486), TRANSPORT TYRE SALES (ABN: 85010131567), AGL SALES (QLD) (ABN: 85121177740), WHOLESALE PROMOTIONS WARE (ABN: 85124847936), New South Wales Government (ABN: 85430594829), Perpetual Ltd as responsible entity of GPT Wholesale S/Cntr Fund No.1 (ABN: 86000431827), Volvo Commercial Vehicles (ABN: 86004352238), MERITOR HEAVY VEHICLES SYSTEMS (ABN: 86004479430), NDT EQUIPMENT SALES PTY LTD (ABN: 86050537650), ArgSoft Sales and Support Pty Ltd (ABN: 86114502902), WESTERN SALES & SERVICE (ABN: 86198440362), DUNCAN, RONALD CHARLES (ABN: 86281514232), Department of Communities (Housing and Homelessness Services) (ABN: 86504771740), The Trustee for Film & Tape Sales (ABN: 86966892573), VARLEY SPECIALISED VEHICLES (ABN: 87000005318), GRANT ELEVATOR SALES PTY LTD (ABN: 87078322728), AFLEX CABLES A DIV OF CMI OPERAT (ABN: 87088279270), AUST INFANT CHILD ADOLESCENT & (ABN: 87093479022), RHEINMETALL MAN MILITARY VEHICLES (ABN: 87114035595), Essential Wholesale NSW Pty Ltd (ABN: 87118700780), RAYMOND LESLIE CONWELL (ABN: 87415768415), DR CHARLES HAROLD NE (ABN: 87881660754), Timothy Charles Lindsey (ABN: 87955740325), AGL Sales Pty Ltd (ABN: 88090538337), Peoplesense Pty Ltd (ABN: 88103691916), Thales Australia (ABN: 88109791675), BLADE ELECTRIC VEHICLES LIMITED (ABN: 88152777565), AMI SALES (ABN: 88569498390), Phoebe Knowles (ABN: 88588501471), SATCOM HIRE & SALES (ABN: 88741853559), TERRENCE LESLIE MEAD (ABN: 88891536996), Rex Charles Russell t/a Pagex (ABN: 88991169637), THE UNIVERSITY OF NEW SOUTH WALES (ABN: 89003630984), C AND L SALES AND SERVICES PTY (ABN: 89067418080), AAA WHOLESALERS PTY LTD (ABN: 89100459130), Auria Wireless Pty Limited (ABN: 89112575185), IRWINS WHOLESALE FRUIT & VEGE (ABN: 89539684271), Border Stainless Steel Pty Ltd (ABN: 90008571195), Australian Teleservices Association (ABN: 90089791186), PAGES SALES PTY LTD (ABN: 90602995899), HELEN MA-CASTLES (ABN: 90647027117), DR DARREN CHARLES MARCHANT (ABN: 90939980249), Les Deutsch Architects (ABN: 91008613250), WESTCO TRUCK SALES PTY LTD (ABN: 91064434475), Gemini Inflatables Aust Pty (ABN: 91090949474), GREAT SOUTHERN MOTORCYCLES (ABN: 91125680131), C&L SALES PTY LTD (ABN: 91130844307), BRUCE LESLIE PETTY (ABN: 91154530856), WAYNE RICHARDSON SALES (ABN: 91331476279), Koala Wholesale Electrical Supplies (ABN: 91390879860), GLADE MANUFACTURING AND SALES PT (ABN: 92001155184), DETMOLD FLEXIBLES PTY LTD (ABN: 92004284673), HARTAC SALES & DISTRIBUTION PTY LTD (ABN: 92008733140), J A Wales Pty Ltd (ABN: 93000188054), HOSPITALITY TEXTILES (ABN: 93007778672), Helec Sales And Systems (ABN: 93009547264), STRUDDY'S SPORTS WHOLESALE (ABN: 93010369829), LESLY RADNIDGE (ABN: 93037089078), Instyle Plant Sales Pty Ltd (ABN: 93061855007), Advanced Project Principles Pty Ltd (ABN: 93256515514), Doctor Richard Gillespie (ABN: 93726317744), PROFESSOR CHRISTINE CHARLES (ABN: 93992014620), STAPLES AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITED (ABN: 94000728398), CAPE BYRON IMPORTS & WHOLESALE * (ABN: 94002077858), COLLINS AVIONICS SALES & SERV (ABN: 94076376399), ANGLESEA RECREATION CAMP (ABN: 94081270706), TOWNSVILLE WHOLESALE PAIN (ABN: 94119693579), IBIS STYLES CANBERRA (ABN: 94163597199), STEVE'S MOTORCYCLES (ABN: 94811418244), Charles Leigh Gassner (ABN: 94885918243), National Wireless (ABN: 95062526943), CABLE & WIRELESS OPTUS (ABN: 95088011536), Ibis Styles Cairns Colonial Club (ABN: 95120929115), TABLES CHAIRS and WORKSTATIONS PTY. LTD. (ABN: 95130764135), GERT A TOLLESSON PTY LTD (ABN: 95135328997), SCHOLES,JONATHAN (ABN: 95182718075), Patrick Knowles JC (ABN: 95677077583), Natalie Charlesworth (ABN: 95731540671), Charles Parsons & Co Pty Ltd (ABN: 96000008668), Australian Receivables Ltd (ABN: 96103234653), JEREMY GILES SC (ABN: 96857935975), Wells, Richard Charles (ABN: 96902544560), PEOPLESCOUT PTY LTD (ABN: 97116399690), BARNACLES ENTERPRISES (ABN: 97268026749), GLENN HENRY MOTORCYCLES (ABN: 97639169176), ANGLESEA BARRACKS OFFICERS MESS (ABN: 97702773012), Generation Lessor Corporation (ABN: 97933779309), IBIS STYLES SALAMANDER SHORES (ABN: 98014146326), Tylden Equipment Sales Pty Ltd (ABN: 98070299722), CHARLES STREET DEVELOPMENTS PTY LTD (ABN: 98126621814), QUALITY CAMERA SALES (ABN: 98592291446), The Law Society of New South Wales (ABN: 98696304966), CARPET ONE & TILES TOWNSVILLE (ABN: 98761391550), H. Polesy & Co Pty Limited (ABN: 99000572458), BEARCOM WIRELESS WORLDWIDE (ABN: 99005499721), CLARK EQUIPMENT SALES PTY LTD (ABN: 99050059419), Varley Specialised Vehicles Pty Ltd (ABN: 99086435369), Ocean Modules (ABN: 99110919590), Eileen Jean Colless (ABN: 99120724467), Digby Hyles Fine Art Services (ABN: 99402698929), PLANNING INSTITUTE AUSTRALIA INC NEW SOUTH WALES DIVISION (ABN: 99731133540), WA Hino Sales & Services (ABN: 99889768131),

65 contracts, total value $8,485,602.14
Procurement methods: Open 1 contracts, 1.54%, Open via SON 1 contracts, 1.54%, Prequalified 8 contracts, 12.31%, limited 55 contracts, 84.62%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Arms and ammunition accessories 36 $7,401,742.47
Personal safety and protection 9 $427,109.40
Face and head protection 5 $180,112.99
Clothing 3 $94,665.08
Law enforcement 2 $24,562.12
Luggage and handbags and packs and cases 2 $83,906.09
Safety apparel 1 $50,000.00
Security and control equipment 1 $54,441.61
Uniforms 1 $49,580.30
Communications Devices and Accessories 1 $15,709.25


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Department of Defence 43 $7,163,504.69
Defence Materiel Organisation 8 $707,312.10
Australian Federal Police 14 $614,785.35

Standing Offers/Panels

Standing Offer Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Supply of police equipment 1 $12,578.50


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
3406477 Deed of Supply Reversionary Sight Rifle $1,799,437.50Department of Defence 2017-02-15 LES AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3284116 Weapon Ancillaries $1,011,816.72Department of Defence 2015-07-28 LES AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
2185181 Weapon sights $599,404.04Department of Defence 2014-04-07 LES AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
2185161 NOVA beacon $507,449.25Department of Defence 2014-04-01 LES AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
2691271 Rifle Parts $504,889.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-10-14 LAW ENFORCEMENT SUPPLIES
1986212 Helmet attachments $472,173.43Department of Defence 2013-11-29 LES AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
2541851 Carbon Helmets $400,000.00Department of Defence 2013-12-17 LES AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
2021221 Carbon Helmets $400,000.00Department of Defence 2013-12-17 LES AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3418896 Weapon Spares $350,416.00Department of Defence 2017-04-19 LES AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
2021211 Carbon Helmets $213,614.97Department of Defence 2013-12-17 LES AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3454041 DEED OF SUPPLY REVERSIONARY SIGHT RIFLE $175,312.06Department of Defence 2017-08-18 LES AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3411179 Weapon Spares $147,452.80Department of Defence 2017-03-09 LES AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
546741-A2 Supply of Public Order Management equipment for training $122,623.53Australian Federal Police 2012-05-10 LES Australia Pty Ltd
3318298 Importation Charges $100,961.49Department of Defence 2016-01-19 LES AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3284121 Administration Cost - Weapon Ancillaries $100,105.68Department of Defence 2015-07-28 LES AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
1015961 Personal protection $74,398.10Australian Federal Police 2012-10-04 LES Australia Pty Ltd
1414841 Supply of Arcteryx Wet Weather Clothing $71,604.83Australian Federal Police 2013-05-17 LES Australia Pty Ltd
639761 AMMUNITION POUCHES $66,191.70Department of Defence 2012-05-12 LES AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3425924 Deed of Supply Reversionary Sight Rifle $63,417.52Department of Defence 2017-05-23 LES AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
1429532 Gunfighter Belt $62,893.66Department of Defence 2013-05-02 LES AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
1829571 Weapons accessories $61,988.08Department of Defence 2013-10-08 LES AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3311482 Supply of MP5 rail systems $58,682.20Department of Defence 2015-12-03 LES AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
626941 Protective equipment $58,384.70Australian Federal Police 2012-04-09 LES Australia Pty Ltd
471472 Ranger plates x5000 $55,152.30Department of Defence 2011-11-13 LES-LAW ENFORCEMENT SUPPL
3357924 Magazines and Cleaning Kits $54,441.61Department of Defence 2016-05-11 LES AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
1404981 Public order protective equipment $50,000.00Australian Federal Police 2013-05-13 LES Australia Pty Ltd
3285677 Supply of specialised clothing $49,580.30Australian Federal Police 2015-07-30 LES Australia Pty Ltd
1290381 Magazine, Cartridge; PMAG $48,510.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2013-03-28 Law Enforcement Supplies
627431 Safety equipment $44,479.20Australian Federal Police 2012-04-26 LES Australia Pty Ltd
1891211 Supply of protective clothing for training $41,846.99Australian Federal Police 2013-11-11 LES Australia Pty Ltd
1832731 Personal Tactical Flotation System Belt $40,908.12Defence Materiel Organisation 2013-10-08 LAW ENFORCEMENT SUPPLIES
3277541 NVG'S $36,471.14Department of Defence 2014-11-24 LES AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3302095 Weapon Ancillaries $36,419.11Department of Defence 2015-10-27 LES AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
1475581 Police equipment $32,374.50Australian Federal Police 2013-05-08 LES Australia Pty Ltd
1916911 Supply of Marine Lifesaving Equipment $32,308.75Defence Materiel Organisation 2013-12-03 Law Enforcement Supplies
2278081 Suppressors $29,412.49Department of Defence 2014-04-01 LES AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
640961 WEAPON SIGHTS $29,359.66Department of Defence 2012-04-18 LES AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
471471 Fore-plate locks x2000 $29,225.50Department of Defence 2011-02-23 LES-LAW ENFORCEMENT SUPPL
1106632 HELMET TORCH $24,571.93Department of Defence 2012-11-23 LES AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
1348081 Soldier Combat Ensemble $24,035.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2013-04-18 LAW ENFORCEMENT SUPPLIES
2403171 Weapon bags $22,775.93Department of Defence 2014-06-27 LES AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
2982022 Foreign Exchange Payment for Weapon Accessories $22,627.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2015-04-10 LES AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
2286731 Provision of training equipment $21,854.86Australian Federal Police 2014-05-14 LES Australia Pty Ltd
1325891 PERSONNEL PROTECTIVE TRAINING SUITS $20,492.46Department of Defence 2013-04-02 LES AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
2585191 Procurement of Diving Equipment $19,984.80Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-09-10 LAW ENFORCEMENT SUPPLIES
1829561 Weapons accessories $19,817.20Department of Defence 2013-10-08 LES AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3301462 Mystery Ranch RAT Packs $19,104.78Department of Defence 2015-10-13 LES AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
2001822 MPLS Switch $18,972.68Department of Defence 2013-12-09 LES AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
977301 HELMET LINERS $18,781.84Department of Defence 2012-09-11 LES AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3355548 Liberator III tactical headsets $18,341.62Department of Defence 2016-06-09 LES AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3296831 Supply of military equipment pouches $17,714.39Department of Defence 2015-09-23 LES AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3360588 Military equipment $16,210.72Department of Defence 2016-06-29 LES AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
1525951 Assault Pack $16,194.87Department of Defence 2013-06-11 LES AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3382368 Dual radio battery eliminator cable set $15,709.25Department of Defence 2016-09-22 LES AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
1429522 Gunfighter Belt $15,560.70Department of Defence 2013-05-02 LES AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
2954732 Foreign Exchange Payment for Weapon Accessories $14,049.43Defence Materiel Organisation 2015-03-16 LAW ENFORCEMENT SUPPLIES
1106622 SHROUD HELMET ATTACHMENT $13,976.25Department of Defence 2012-11-23 LES AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
1230682 Provision of ballistic helmets $13,000.00Australian Federal Police 2013-02-26 LES Australia pty Ltd
2768912 Provision of operational equipment $12,578.50Australian Federal Police 2014-11-19 LES Australia Pty Ltd
3480271 Supply of equipment $11,983.62Australian Federal Police 2018-01-15 LES Australia Pty Ltd
2001812 MPLS Switch $11,812.57Department of Defence 2013-12-10 LES AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
1106612 TYR BATTERY POUCH ATTACHMENT $10,746.31Department of Defence 2012-11-08 LES AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
1768201 Weapon accessories $10,657.63Department of Defence 2013-08-05 LES AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
2185131 MP5 Stock $10,264.65Department of Defence 2014-04-09 LES AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
631251 Weapon Accessories $10,076.22Australian Federal Police 2012-05-10 LES Australia Pty Ltd