ABN: 95135317145
Similar to: SNOWROCK INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD (ABN: 86078540182),
Also known as: SNOWROCK INTERNATIONA, Snowrock International Pty Ltd

60 contracts, total value $1,896,733.75
Procurement methods: Open 17 contracts, 28.33%, Open via SON 4 contracts, 6.67%, Prequalified 1 contracts, 1.67%, limited 38 contracts, 63.33%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Stationery 47 $1,578,262.40
Bookbinding 3 $65,120.00
Printing accessories 2 $56,898.60
Folders and binders and indexes 1 $30,219.75
Log books or pads 1 $31,581.00
Office supplies 1 $26,730.00
Paper pads or notebooks 1 $10,236.60
Paper products 1 $17,363.50
Picture card wallets 1 $25,537.50
Folders 1 $32,234.40


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Department of Defence 24 $1,009,805.50
Defence Materiel Organisation 36 $886,928.25


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
3453315 Books And Folders $302,674.90Department of Defence 2017-08-24 SNOWROCK INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD
3538095 Form $110,000.00Department of Defence 2018-08-22 SNOWROCK INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD
3368781 Book Record Field Message and Notebook $73,205.00Department of Defence 2016-07-27 SNOWROCK INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD
3397417 Book Record - Various (5 Items) $71,750.25Department of Defence 2016-12-22 SNOWROCK INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD
701091 book record oc076 field message note book $71,610.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2012-07-09 SNOWROCK INTERNATIONAL P/L

Book Record OC 076

$68,310.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-02-19 Snowrock International Pty Ltd
2510931 Book Record, Field Message & Notebook (OC076) $63,250.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-08-20 Snowrock International Pty Ltd
2931542 Book Record Various $57,145.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2015-03-03 SNOWROCK INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD
3532049 Form $48,950.00Department of Defence 2018-07-23 SNOWROCK INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD
3319529 Book Record Various $46,173.60Department of Defence 2015-12-17 SNOWROCK INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD
2559862 Book Record OC170 & Folder File AC991 $39,743.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-09-09 Snowrock International Pty Ltd
348877 BOOK RECORDS VARIOUS - OC095, XP003, OM026 AND PM352 $39,600.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2010-11-26 SNOWROCK INTERNATIONA
3424890 Folder Files Book Record $38,032.50Department of Defence 2017-05-08 SNOWROCK INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD
3380171 Folder File Personal Security and File Cover / Book Record Visitors Register $36,725.15Department of Defence 2016-09-13 SNOWROCK INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD

Folder, File: AC 991

$35,035.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-02-05 Snowrock International Pty Ltd
3284693 Book Record; pm175 Folder; ar213 and Form; ar163 $34,516.90Department of Defence 2015-07-28 SNOWROCK INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD
208497 FOLDER FILE AR158, 'UNCLASSIFIED' REGISTRY FILE COVER 'BUFF' $32,234.40Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-07-16 SNOWROCK INTERNATIONAL P/L
1797531 Book Record $31,625.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2013-10-04 SNOWROCK INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD
213427 BOOK RECORD GM120 RECORD BOOK FOR SERVICE EQUIPMENT $31,581.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-07-29 SNOWROCK INTERNATIONAL P/L
209948 FOLDER FILE AR1159,AR180 $30,219.75Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-07-24 SNOWROCK INTERNATIONAL P/L
465631-A1 BOOK RECORD OC095, MESSAGE LOG (LARGE) $29,040.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2012-02-15 SNOWROCK INTERNATIONAL P/L
3364664 Book Record OA066 Folder File PD103 and Binder Loose $26,730.00Department of Defence 2016-07-14 SNOWROCK INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD
209522 JACKET FILING WALLET PH368 PERSONNAL DOCUMENTS $25,537.50Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-07-21 SNOWROCK INTERNATIONAL P/L
3417030 Various Book records and Envelope Packaging Note $24,680.70Department of Defence 2017-04-06 SNOWROCK INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD
880001 FOLDER FILE AC991, UNCLASSIFIED" $23,650.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2012-09-05 SNOWROCK INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD
214675 FORM PRINTED AR163, PERSONNAL FILE COVER $22,550.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-08-07 SNOWROCK INTERNATIONAL P/L
3566916 Book Record Field Message Notebook and Tag Stock M $22,440.00Department of Defence 2018-11-09 SNOWROCK INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD
361788 BOOK RECORD GM120 $21,780.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2011-02-01 SNOWROCK INTERNATIONA
3552071 Various Files, Forms, Books and Labels $21,780.00Department of Defence 2018-11-08 SNOWROCK INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD
3323271 Folder File AC991 Unclassified" DRMS File Cover $19,635.00Department of Defence 2016-02-11 SNOWROCK INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD
569182 FORM PRINTED SQ063, RECORD OF ISSUES AND WITHDRAWALS $19,360.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2012-05-29 SNOWROCK INTERNATIONAL P/L
3553825 Book Record Field Message Notebook and Tag Stock M $17,523.00Department of Defence 2018-11-09 SNOWROCK INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD
3373357 Officer of the Watch Notebook and 'Unserviceable/Rep $17,435.00Department of Defence 2016-08-16 SNOWROCK INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD
341007 PURCHASE OF FOLDER FILES, VARIOUS $17,363.50Defence Materiel Organisation 2010-10-19 SNOWROCK INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD
1617391 VARIOUS RECORD & LOG BOOKS $17,263.40Defence Materiel Organisation 2013-07-23 SNOWROCK INTERNATIONAL P/L
3128582 Form Printed Record of Issues and Withdrawals $16,170.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2015-05-19 SNOWROCK INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD

Book Record - PH112, XG060, ON015 & AB060

$15,389.55Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-06-23 Snowrock International Pty Ltd
280098 BOOK RECORD, PM351 - QTY 250; BOOK RECORD, OC095 - QTY 3000 BOOK RECORE, OD013 - QTY 100 $14,877.50Defence Materiel Organisation 2010-04-21 SNOWROCK INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD
3542830 Book Record XC40 and Folder File AD 223 $14,635.50Department of Defence 2018-09-11 SNOWROCK INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD

Form Printed WG135;  Binder Loose-leaf AD520

$14,520.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-06-12 Snowrock International Pty Ltd
3467459 Envelope Packing Notes and Stock Marking Tags $13,483.80Department of Defence 2017-10-23 SNOWROCK INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD
3426528 Book Record xg60 & tag Stock Marking sq205-1 $13,180.20Department of Defence 2017-05-18 SNOWROCK INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD
894431 FOLDER FILE, AR180, PERSONAL SECURITY FILE, ORGANGE MANILLA $12,925.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2012-09-11 SNOWROCK INTERNATIONAL P/L
3371980 Book Records - Various $12,809.50Department of Defence 2016-08-08 SNOWROCK INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD
430942 JACKET FILING WALLET $12,650.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2011-09-19 SNOWROCK INTERNATIONAL

Form Printed SQ64 & Book Record XP3

$11,968.55Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-05-07 Snowrock International Pty Ltd
434556 FOLDER FILES PD103 CONDUCT RECORD $11,781.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2011-09-29 SNOWROCK INTERNATIONAL
3527927 Forms Various $11,341.00Department of Defence 2018-07-10 SNOWROCK INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD
1683241-A1 BOOK RECORD - VARIOUS - SA125 - TE144 - AA755 - AB060 $11,286.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2013-08-15 SNOWROCK INTERNATIONAL P/L
2816412 Book Record for Service Record Equipment $11,220.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-12-15 SNOWROCK INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD
1782001 FOLDER FILE AD032 RESTRICTED"DRMS FILE COVER $11,132.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2013-09-24 SNOWROCK INTERNATIONAL P/L
2765552 Form Printed - Personal File Cover $11,005.50Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-11-26 SNOWROCK INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD
3279144 Tag Stock Marking sq205-1 $11,000.00Department of Defence 2015-07-09 SNOWROCK INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD
3319543 Folder File PD103 Conduct Record Buff $10,725.00Department of Defence 2015-12-11 SNOWROCK INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD
2743151 Item 1 Book Record - Platoon/Section Roll Book and Item 2 Jacket Filing Wallet Attendance Record and $10,505.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-11-03 SNOWROCK INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD

Folder File AR 181

$10,494.00Defence Materiel Organisation 2014-02-19 Snowrock International Pty Ltd
3370527 Form Printed SI373 Book Record AB060 and AC585 $10,378.50Department of Defence 2016-08-02 SNOWROCK INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD
208496 BOOK RECORD OC043 & ON058 $10,236.60Defence Materiel Organisation 2009-07-21 SNOWROCK INTERNATIONAL P/L