Sandran Pty Ltd

ABN: 95053945878
Similar to: Sandran Pty Ltd (ABN: 92208913424), Sandran Pty Ltd (ABN: 94099070041),
Also known as: Sandran Pty Ltd, Sandran Property Group, Sandran Pty ltd (Previously owned by Fort Wing Pty ltd)

37 contracts, total value $326,739,353.36
Confidentialities: 1 contracts, 2.70%( 1 on the contract, 0 on the outputs)
Procurement methods: Open 14 contracts, 37.84%, Open via SON 4 contracts, 10.81%, limited 19 contracts, 51.35%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Lease and rental of property or building 30 $282,139,043.21
Real estate services 7 $44,600,310.15


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Australian Taxation Office 2 $95,800,784.00
Department of Defence 3 $90,723,067.30
Department of Human Services 15 $85,345,551.11
Centrelink 6 $30,392,855.13
Family Court of Australia 6 $12,760,654.50
Department of Social Services 1 $11,108,301.23
Australian Electoral Commission 4 $608,140.09


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
3522161-A1 DOMESTIC LEASES $70,255,464.92Department of Defence 2003-06-13 SANDRAN PTY LIMITED
2849822-A1 Property Lease - 121 - 125 Henry Street, Penrith NSW $60,016,838.00Australian Taxation Office 2016-10-01 Sandran Pty Ltd
471157-A1 Building Lease 121-123 Henry St Penrith NSW $35,783,946.00Australian Taxation Office 2011-12-08 SANDRAN PTY LTD
3522145 DOMESTIC LEASES $20,058,395.55Department of Defence 2008-05-02 SANDRAN PTY LIMITED
74140 Lease at Bendigo, VIC $14,266,681.33Centrelink 2008-03-01 Sandran Pty Ltd
94282-A2 Lease at Campbelltown, NSW (EXTS03/0376-A) $14,207,455.02Department of Human Services 2002-08-05 Sandran Pty Ltd
3478406-A1 Lease - Penrith $11,108,301.23Department of Social Services 2018-05-01 Sandran Property Group
24629-A7 Lease at Ipswich, QLD EXTS05/0393-D $9,933,962.50Department of Human Services 2006-12-16 Sandran Pty Ltd
20868-A5 Lease at Cairns 23 Alpin Street, QLD. (Centrelink) EXTS06/0660-D $8,960,705.66Department of Human Services 2006-10-28 Sandran Pty Ltd
131670-A1 Lease at Wangaratta, VIC $8,176,574.97Centrelink 1999-11-21 Sandran Pty Limited
24684-A3 Lease at cnr Currie & Maud St, Nambour, QLD (GAPS ID: 1520628) EXTS05/0320-b $6,972,831.33Department of Human Services 2008-09-22 Sandran Pty Ltd
20860-A2 Lease at Bundaberg,QLD (GAPS ID: 1639417) EXTS06/0659 $6,966,840.54Department of Human Services 2006-08-31 SANDRAN PTY LTD
20845-A8 Lease at Casuarina, NT EXTS06/0602-E $6,149,454.89Department of Human Services 2005-07-01 SANDRAN PTY LTD
20852-A3 Lease at Maroochydore, Queensland. EXTS06/0658-B $5,880,102.52Department of Human Services 2006-12-10 SANDRAN PTY LTD
20875-A5 Lease at Lismore, NSW (GAPS ID: 1639913) EXTS05/0278-D $4,825,063.16Department of Human Services 2004-12-21 SANDRAN PTY LTD
3467202 Property Lease $4,621,600.49Department of Human Services 2017-12-16 Sandran
279594 Lease at Cairns, QLD (GAPS ID: 1598364) $4,576,674.50Centrelink 2006-10-28 SANDRAN PTY LTD
3478596 Property Lease $4,456,185.02Department of Human Services 2017-12-10 Sandran
1465641 Property Lease National Support Office Canberra $4,300,362.00Family Court of Australia 2013-02-01 Sandran Pty Ltd
303017-A2 Lease renewal at 27 O'Connell Street, Gympie, Queensland EXTS10/0415 $4,232,310.95Department of Human Services 2010-07-01 Sandran Pty Ltd
823631 Property Lease Levels 2-4 15 London Circuit Canberra $3,863,585.00Family Court of Australia 2008-02-01 Sandran Pty Ltd
3467190 Property Lease $3,625,400.30Department of Human Services 2017-08-31 Sandran
3431848 Property Lease $2,913,108.95Department of Human Services 2017-11-21 Sandran
40699-A1 PROPERT LEASE - LEVEL 4 & BASEMENT, CAIRNES COMMONWEALTH CENTRE. $2,137,410.00Family Court of Australia 2003-05-05 Sandran Pty ltd (Previously owned by Fort Wing Pty ltd)
20832 Lease at 5 Maud Street Maroochydore for the Maroochydore CSC (GAPS ID: 1531195) $1,780,034.00Centrelink 2005-12-10 SANDRAN PTY LTD
1465651 Property Lease National Support Office $1,086,927.60Family Court of Australia 2013-02-01 Sandran Pty Ltd
86199 Lease at Cairns Commonwealth Centre - Cairns located onat 104 Grafton St Cairns for the Centrelink Call Centre - Cairns (GAPS ID: 1564053) $1,075,803.63Centrelink 2006-06-01 Sandran Pty Ltd
325346-A7 Lease at 104 Grafton Street, Cairns, Queensland.(Centrelink) EXTS10/0545 $1,049,150.59Department of Human Services 2010-06-01 Sandran Pty Limited
49163-A1 Property lease, Level 3 Commonwealth Centre, CAIRNES $994,015.00Family Court of Australia 2007-05-01 Sandran Pty Ltd
3472945 Property Lease $551,379.19Department of Human Services 2017-06-01 Sandran
115659 Lease at 27 O'Connell St Gympie for the Gympie CSC (GAPS ID: 1513480) $517,086.70Centrelink 2005-05-12 Sandran Pty Limited
3522217 DOMESTIC LEASING $409,206.83Department of Defence 2013-08-01 SANDRAN PTY LIMITED
823661 Property Lease Level 7 15 London Circuit Canberra $378,354.90Family Court of Australia 2010-02-01 Sandran Pty Ltd
1905511 Lease for Division of Leichhardt $190,000.00Australian Electoral Commission 2014-03-01 Sandran Pty Ltd
347016 Lease for Divisional office $184,935.00Australian Electoral Commission 2011-03-01 Sandran Pty Ltd
3392861 Lease for office accommodation - Division of Leichardt $152,725.55Australian Electoral Commission 2017-03-01 Sandran Pty Ltd
3338164 Office Premises & Pre-Poll Location $80,479.54Australian Electoral Commission 2016-05-04 Sandran Pty Ltd