South Australia Police

ABN: 93799021552
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Also known as: South Australia Police, SOUTH AUSTRALIA POLICE DEPT

11 contracts, total value $4,223,336.42
Procurement methods: limited 11 contracts, 100.00%,


Category Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Law enforcement 2 $127,708.59
Human resources services 2 $456,280.42
Temporary personnel services 2 $426,327.99
Police services 1 $2,872,604.24
Productivity or efficiency studies or implementation 1 $48,415.46
Notebook computers 1 $12,821.61
Electronic hardware and component parts and accessories 1 $129,660.00
Computers 1 $149,518.11


Agency Contracts Count Total Contract Value
Department of Immigration and Border Protection 1 $2,872,604.24
Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission 3 $579,521.45
Australian Federal Police 4 $576,090.59
CrimTrac 1 $149,518.11
Attorney-General's Department 2 $45,602.03


Contract Notice Number Contract Description Total Contract Value Agency Contract Start Date Supplier
2253231-A2 MOU Between SA Police, the AFP and DIBP for policing services in response to incidents at IDC $2,872,604.24Department of Immigration and Border Protection 2014-03-07 SOUTH AUSTRALIA POLICE
122770 Provision of Police Services for IDG missions $423,500.00Australian Federal Police 2008-06-16 SOUTH AUSTRALIA POLICE
50450 Salary and Oncosts for Police Secondees $401,445.99Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission 2007-07-01 South Australia Police
2546051 IBIS Brasstrax 3D, IBIS Matchpoint Plus $149,518.11CrimTrac 2014-08-19 South Australia Police
3552994 Electronic Hardware $129,660.00Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission 2018-11-06 SOUTH AUSTRALIA POLICE
269537 SAPOL Investigative services $95,449.71Australian Federal Police 2010-03-03 South Australia Police
48683 Implementation plan to deliver project $48,415.46Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission 2007-06-02 South Australia Police
410162 New Zealand Earthquake $32,780.42Attorney-General's Department 2011-06-16 SOUTH AUSTRALIA POLICE DEPT
269519 Admin fee adelaide airport policing $32,258.88Australian Federal Police 2010-03-04 South Australia Police
430881 Admin Fee $24,882.00Australian Federal Police 2011-09-07 South Australia Police
71738 EQUIPMENT $12,821.61Attorney-General's Department 2008-03-12 SOUTH AUSTRALIA POLICE DEPT